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Prison Break & Storm

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Ann opened the drape and looked outside and everything was white. It took her back to her childhood when she eagerly anticipated the first snowfall. Oh, how she loved sledding, building snowmen, and snowball fights. Now the 37 year old housewife saw the snow as a nuisance; snow was something that made it difficult to drive and gave you a backache when you had to shovel it.

Ann was alone in the house with her 18 year old daughter Jill. Her husband, Steve, left on a business trip yesterday and wouldn’t be back for a week. Jill bounded down the stairs and exclaimed. “Mom, did you see the snow? Isn’t it beautiful? Don’t worry, when it stops I will help you shovel the driveway.”

Ann thought how lovely her daughter looked. Jill had her mother’s blue eyes and long blond hair. Ann was 5’7″ with 36D breasts while Jill was 5’5″ and had 32C breasts. They drank coffee and ate breakfast and peeked outside but it looked like a blizzard with no sign of letting up. They turned on the weather channel and were informed that 12″ had already fallen and snowfall was expected to last for another 24 hours.

Meanwhile, 74 miles away at the state penitentiary the inmates were busy shoveling snow. There were three men who had been waiting for just such an opportunity to escape. They were: Nate Johnson a 30 year old black man who stood 6’2″ and worked out regularly. Nate was incarcerated for three counts of murder and was serving a life term. Next there was Matt Brown, a 26 year old white man that stood 5’10”, had brown hair and brown eyes and wore thick glasses. Matt was serving 25 years for multiple counts of rape. Then there was Leon Thompson, Leon was serving 12 years for bank robbery. Leon was a black man only 20 years old, stood 5’9″, was slender and also kept fit.

Nate had stolen a cell-phone and called his girlfriend Linda and told her to steal a car and meet them outside the prison gate. Linda dealt and used drugs and was known on the street as a tough woman. Linda was black, stood 5’6″, she had perky 36D breasts, a big ass, but was otherwise slim. The 29 year old woman had a reputation as being bi-sexual but she really didn’t like women. Actually, she detested other females but enjoyed dominating and humiliating them. Linda did not care to bring other women pleasure but demanded that they worship her body or she would beat them unmercifully; it gave her the same high as the drugs did and made her feel superior to her victims.

After receiving a call from Linda, the three men rushed a state worker in a snow plow. Matt hit him on the head with a shovel, pushed him off the plow, and drove through a fence. They parked the plow so that it blocked the exit and threw the keys away and dashed through the snow to the waiting car and skidded down the road. They laughed at how the bullets bounced off the snow plow. They stayed on the back roads but even though Linda was a good driver, the vision was terrible and the roads were treacherous. Nate said, “Thanks Linda baby, you did a good job with the car and guns. I was planning to get as far away as possible but with this weather we will have to find a place to lay-low for awhile.

A couple of hours later they spotted a house off the road and decided to hide there for awhile. The men stood off to the side while Linda rang the doorbell. Jill looked through the peep-hole and saw only Linda shivering on the doorstep and figured that she got stranded and opened the door. Suddenly the men barged through the door and pushed the startled girl back inside.

Nate took command immediately saying, “Alright bitches, identify yourselves and who else is in the house?

The girls were petrified with the guns pointed at them. Ann spoke up and stated, “My name is Ann and this is my daughter Jill and our neighbor Marcy who lives alone and decided to come over here and ride out the storm with us. Who are you? What do you want? Please don’t hurt us, we will cooperate and we won’t give you any trouble!”

Matt displayed a lecherous grin and drooled, “Oh yeah baby, you will cooperate much more than you know. By the time I get done with your ass, you will be begging me to let you come with us when we leave,”

The girls looked horrified, then Nate announced, “Not now, first we have to secure the house. Leon, unplug all the telephone cords and bring them to me. Linda, collect all of the cell phones and remember, none of these bitches are ever to be out of our sight. I don’t care what they are doing, they are never to be left alone. Where is your husband bitch?”

“He… he is on a sales trip and won’t be back for a week. He should call me tonight.”

“Good, I will tell you what to say and you better do what I tell you. Linda, go with the bitch and bring back some beer and booze. One more thing, if anyone tries anything or does not do as she is told, she will get beaten and tied to a chair. You can either comply and have a good time or be tortured and killed, the choice is yours.”

Nate turned the news on the television set and they were talking about the prison break and how the three men were dangerous. The news also announced that a state worker was beaten over the head with a shovel and was brutally murdered. Pictures of the dastardly three were displayed on the screen. Linda and Ann returned to the living room with whiskey and beer. The three white women were frightened to death and were in no position to resist whatever demands that were made of them.

Linda made sure everyone had a drink and announced, “Let the party begin! I will grab a slut and put on a show for you guys. I will degrade the bitch and you guys can join in on the action when I say so. Everybody get comfortable and watch me make one of these white sluts my bitch. I will teach her how to properly worship a superior black woman!” The dominating black woman made the three women stand before selecting Jill as her victim. Nate and Matt sat on the sofa with Ann and Leon escorted Marcy to a chair and the 24 year old woman with brown eyes sat on the chair and Leon sat on the floor at her feet. Leon thought about how attractive Marcy was. She was not thin like the other two but she was far from fat. Leon preferred a woman with a little meat on her and he loved her 38DD tits.

Nate sternly warned Ann not to try to interfere with Linda and her daughter and as much as she wanted to help her girl, she realized that there was nothing that she could do. Linda led the trembling girl to the center of the room and stripped the frightened girl naked. Then the black woman discarded her own clothes and roughly pinched Jill’s nipples. Her long red fingernails traced the sparse blond pubic hair and lowered to her damp pussy. Two long black fingers were inserted into the pink love hole and Jill jumped. Linda observed, “You are all wet down there little girl! You like this don’t you? Have you ever tasted another woman’s juicy pussy before?”

“No…no never! Please don’t make me do this.”

Linda drew the blond head to her breasts and demanded, “Suck my tits bitch and do it like you love it. Then I will give you the honor of eating my delicious black cunt. Do it!” The cowed white girl submissively lowered her lips to the black nipples and kissed and sucked. Much to her surprise, she found it pleasant and arousing. She continued nursing like a thirsty baby. Jill was pushed to her knees and she just stared at the smoldering pussy, the aroma was overwhelming, the clit grew before her blue-eyes and Jill marveled at the moisture dripping from the pussy lips like dew off of a Rose.

The authoritative woman demanded, “Don’t just stare at it, you dumb bitch, worship my delicious black cunt with your mouth, kiss, lick, and suck it bitch!” Jill felt fear and desire at the same time. She tentatively moved her face closer to the woman’s sex and stuck out her tongue and tasted the honey that dripped from the black pussy lips. Linda grabbed a fist full of blond hair and pulled the white girl’s face to her worked up pussy. Jill was filled with carnal hunger and feverishly devoured the inflamed pussy. She gave no thought to her mother and the others that were intently watching her debasement. The only thing that mattered was the delectable pussy that she was consuming.

Linda was banging the girl’s face furiously and reached orgasm shouting,”Yeah, you filthy fucking slut, gobble it all up, some cum leaked down to my ass, lick it all up or I will kick the shit out of you. Do it slut!” Jill obediently complied and wormed her tongue up the dirty hole and licked and sucked it dry.

Linda kicked the girl to the floor and told Nate to show her how good a black cock felt. Nate stuffed his 9″ cock in her wet pussy and pumped hard, Jill winced and felt pain, but as her tight pussy stretched to accommodate the large cock the pain was replaced with pleasure; she wrapped her creamy legs around his firm buttocks and humped back and screamed out in passion. Linda decided to sit on her face and quiet the bitch down.

Ann was disgusted with herself for getting aroused while watching her daughter’s violation. Matt ripped off her clothes and roughly pushed three fingers in her pussy. She was appalled by Matt and wished she could get away from this vile creature. When her pussy was soaking wet he stood up and dropped his trousers revealing the largest cock that she had ever seen. In her mind she was disgusted by this filthy animal but her pussy disagreed and twitched and tingled.

The throbbing red cock in her face was 12″ long and extremely thick. The pungent smell was nauseating. Ann gagged as the bulbous head of his cock parted her red lips and forced it’s way down her throat. Saliva dripped from her chin as she attempted to fit the monster in her mouth. Her pussy was getting wetter and craved to be filled with the big dick. She couldn’t understand why her own body was betraying her.

The crude man withdrew his cock from her sucking mouth with a loud ‘plop’ sound and instructed the aroused housewife to insert it in her pussy. He hovered above her and she instinctively grabbed the thick hunk of meat, she stroked it and marveled at it’s girth, she panicked when she could not encircle it with her small hands and felt ashamed when she noticed her wedding ring rubbing against the pulsating veins on his massive cock.

Tears filled her blue-eyes when he entered her and stretched her pussy wide open. It was painful but that was not why she was crying. Her tears fell because of the shame she felt for dishonoring her loving husband. Ann reasoned that it was not her fault but she was consumed with guilt and felt dirty and wicked for enjoying the feeling that this big dick was providing her. As if her slender frame had a mind of it’s own, she trembled to orgasm and fucked back furiously. His dick was hitting places that were never touched before and filling her with sensations that she never knew existed.

Her heated response made him even hotter and she could feel his cock stiffen and become rock hard. An evil grim crossed his face and he said, “You like my big cock, don’t you bitch? Tell me how much you love it, tell me you want it and let me know how it feels up your snatch.”

“Oh god, it feels so good, don’t stop, keep fucking me with your big fat cock. I’m going to cum again. Please fuck meeeee, yessss, Oh, oh, oh, cum with me. Shoot your cum deep inside my pussy, oh yes, sooo goodddd!” Matt obliged her and filled her pussy with thick, creamy, and sticky cum! He kept his semi-hard cock inside her as they kissed passionately. She realized that his cock was bigger than her husband’s even when it was not erect.

Leon lovingly kissed up Marcy’s shapely legs, tugged down her slacks and kissed her stomach. He unclasped her lace bra and nursed on her huge boob’s. Leon kissed her neck and whispered in her ear, “I have never forced myself on a woman before and am sorry but if I don’t make love to you they will rape you. So please forgive me and I will try to be gentle.”

Marcy could sense his sincerity and answered, “I understand and do not blame you. Let’s make the best of a bad situation.” Leon worked his way to her pussy and was thrilled to find her wet and ready. He ate her pussy with fervor and then undressed. Marcy was overcome with lust when she gazed at his 8″ black dick. She reached down and fondled his manhood, her pussy oozed juices when she held his bulky cock in her hand.

Leon entered her and she immediately fucked back and moaned loudly. Her inflamed pussy could not get enough of his black cock, she shook to a rousing orgasm and told him that she loved him. He felt the same way and ejected his seed in her receptive love-hole.

The next two days were filled with lust crazed orgies. Steve made his nightly phone calls and Nate menacingly stared at Ann, she was intimated and didn’t dare risk tipping him off. After she hung up the telephone, Linda announced, “I want mom to worship my pussy tonight and then Nate can fuck her good. Jill, get your ass over to Matt and suck and fuck your mom’s new boyfriend’s big cock. Ann felt jealous when her daughter walked over to Matt, knelled, and wrapped her lips around his huge cock.

She hated herself, there she was sitting next to this vile man watching her lovely daughter slobber all over his big fat cock and all she could feel was jealously! Her thoughts were interrupted when Linda stood in front of her, placed a foot on the cushion and ordered, “Eat my black cunt bitch and make sure that you do it good, just like your little girl does. Jill has become a fantastic cunt lapper and I hope she gave you some pointers. Now gobble it up slut or you won’t get any more cock up your horny snatch.”

Ann inhaled the sensual scent of the inflamed pussy and put her tongue to the stiff clit and licked the button until it grew another inch, then she sucked it like it was a tiny dick. Ann inserted three fingers in the sloppy hole and vigorously finger-fucked the pussy as she sucked her clit. Linda soon reached an orgasm and Ann tasted the cum on her tongue. Ann did not like it but found it bearable.

Nate put Ann on her knees and entered her pussy from behind. The mother was facing her daughter and watched as Matt plowed his enormous cock into Jill’s young pussy. She pushed back at Nate’s cock while watching her lover fuck her girl. Ann yelled out in agony when the black man pulled his dick out of her pussy and jammed it up her ass-hole. Linda loved to see the mother humiliated and mocked her by saying, “That’s it slut, take that black cock up your tight little ass. Your stinking cunt is too sloppy from fucking Matt’s monster cock. Later your lover boy will fuck your ass so that it will be big and sloppy like your nasty cunt. He told me that you wanted to leave with us because you are hooked on his big cock; maybe I will let you come with us. When we need cash, we could always sell your ass and pick up some gas money. Also, you might come in handy cleaning out my cunt after Nate fills it with cum!”

Nate shot his load up Ann’s ass and Matt exploded deep inside Jill’s stretched cunt. Linda was busy watching the four of them and did not notice that Leon and Marcy were acting more like a happy couple than a captor and hostage. An evil idea crossed Linda’s mind and she announced, “Alright guys, put the tramps on the floor and sit on the sofa with me. We will watch mother and daughter get down and nasty! Look at the whore bitches with their holes gaping and dripping cum. Ann, get between your daughter’s legs and clean her pussy and ass with your slut mouth. Do it now or I will kick the shit out of both of you!”

Ann felt sick to her stomach at the thought of performing this obscene act on her daughter. She gazed at her daughter’s pussy, it was stretched wide and oozing cum. Jill was on her back and her legs were spread as Linda directed. Ann was on her knees a few feet away but she didn’t budge, she merely stared at her daughter. Linda kicked the mother to the floor and banged her face into the rug several times, then she pulled her by the hair to her daughters cum filled snatch, Linda demanded. “Lick her clean and do it now; if she don’t cum on your face, you are fucking dead!” Her face was roughly shoved to her daughter’s pussy.

Ann could smell her daughter’s aroused pussy and Matt’s cum, she knew that Linda was serious, so she began licking her girl’s pussy. Her heart was breaking when she brought her daughter to climax. She felt more humiliated and degraded than she ever thought possible. Her pain was even greater when she reached orgasm on Jill’s tongue. She wanted to die when mother and daughter were forced to lick each others ass holes.

The news flashed and said that the search for the fugitives was severely hampered by the blizzard but snowfall was expected to diminish overnight and clear up in the morning. 37″ of snow had accumulated, making it the worst snow storm in thirty years. Ann was desperate, she had to find a way to escape. The girls were tied to the bed at night and were never left alone; they couldn’t even talk without being overheard. Their clothes were kept from them, so even if they could get out, she wondered how they could survive out in a blizzard naked. She wondered where Nate kept the car keys that he confiscated.

Ann asked permission to go to the bathroom, the others were busy so Leon went with her. She was so embarrassed taking a pee in front of this young man but at least he was polite and never tried anything with her. Linda burst in the bathroom and handed her the cell phone and told Leon to listen to the conversation carefully and not to let Ann try anything. At the end of their talk, Ann asked Steve how his sister was, Leon raised his eyebrows but did not say a word. Ann knew that Leon was aware of her little game and gratefully handed him the telephone. She kissed him before they exited the bathroom and joined the others.

Steve hung up the phone, he knew that something terrible had happened. Steve did not have a sister; he suddenly thought about the escaped convicts and called the police. He was told that the storm had made that area unaccessible, the thick forest made it difficult for even the helicopters but that they would get to work on it as soon as possible. The worried husband called the airport and booked the next flight home.

The snow had stopped falling but it was windy and very cold. Steve cleared the snow and ice off his truck as best as he could and proceeded to a gas station. He filled up, cleared the rest of the snow, and had chains put on the tires. Steve navigated the treacherous roads and wished that he could go faster but knew that more speed would likely cause an accident, so he slowly inched his way home.

Back at the house, Nate announced that they would be leaving in the morning. Linda said, “Well gang, we have time for one last orgy, let’s make it one to remember! Leon, you have been keeping Marcy all to yourself. Time for the bitch to taste my cunt and feel Matt’s huge cock up her snatch; then Nate can pound her ass with his black dick. But don’t feel bad baby, you can have a threesome with mother and daughter. Marcy, get the fuck over here now!”

Marcy tentatively moved toward the domineering black woman with fear in her heart. Leon wanted to stop the defiling of his new love but knew that one gun against three was not an option at this time. He vowed that the scum-bags would soon pay for their evil deeds. Marcy had tears in her eyes when she was forced to her knees to orally service the nasty black woman.

Steve could not drive any further and was forced to trudge the last two miles through the deep snow. His heart beat faster and he was excited when he could see the lights in his home. Steve approached the house cautiously and peered through the foggy window. Steve was shocked and outraged at what he was seeing. His wife and daughter were giving blow jobs and his neighbor was eating a black woman’s pussy!

Steve was enraged, never before had he felt such anger. He moved to the rear of the house and entered through the back door. He was relieved to see his shotgun in the shed, it was under some blankets where he had hidden it. He grabbed some extra shells and stealthily approached the living room.

The irate husband stormed in the room pointing his gun and yelled. “Freeze! Nobody make a move or I will shoot.” Nate watched his eyes and observed his hands shaking and reached for his pistol but he had misjudged the husband’s ability and was struck in the chest by the shotgun blast. Nate keeled over and crashed into the coffee table. Matt made a motion for his gun but was told not to try it. Linda took advantage of Steve’s attention on Matt and quickly got off two shots, striking Steve in the shoulder with both bullets. Matt rushed him and took away Steve’s gun and struck him on the head. Steve was rendered unconscious and collapsed to the floor in a heap.

Leon had his arms around Marcy in a protective manner. Ann and Jill rushed to Steve and attempted to revive him. As Steve was coming around, Matt exclaimed, “Time for this son of a bitch to die!”

Linda said, “No not yet, I want the mother fucker to suffer first for what he did to Nate. Grab some rope and tie his hands and fuck his wife and daughter right in front of him. I want him to see how much they love your big cock before he dies!”

Tears ran down Steve’s face when Matt made his wife and daughter suck his cock to get him hard again. When Matt shoved his monster cock into Ann’s pussy, Leon grabbed the gun from the unsuspecting Linda and knocked her out with a thundering right hand to the face. Blood spurted from her nose as she fell to the floor unconscious. Matt looked back just in time to see the butt of the shotgun descending on his head. Leon untied Steve and bound Matt and Linda.

Jill had retrieved her mother’s cell phone from Linda’s purse and called the police only to discover that they were already on the way. Twenty minutes later they heard the police outside and opened the door. When the cops recognizedly Leon as one of the escaped convicts, they pointed their guns at him. The guns were lowered when everyone told how Leon had helped them and was responsible for saving their lives.

The next day Ann and her daughter were in Steve’s hospital room and were relived to learn that he would be released in a few days and a full recovery was expected. They were asked by the nurse to let Steve get some sleep and went out for a bite to eat. Ann was disturbed when her daughter asked, “Do you want to visit Matt while we are in the hospital? Do you love him more than daddy and would you really have gone off with him?”

“What the hell are you talking about? I never want to see that bastard again. I never intended to go anywhere with that vile man but I couldn’t say that in front of him unless I had a death wish. I love your father and only him.”

“You sure fooled me, it was plain to see how much pleasure he gave you and how much you adored his big dick.”

“He is the only man, other than your father, that I have ever been with. I will never cheat on your father, I love him very much. Yes his big dick did turn me on but I have no feelings for him whatsoever, except contempt. My body betrayed me and I did experience lust but I will chose love over lust any time that I have a choice. I would not trade one-hundred of him for your father. Do you understand?”

“Well, I think so but I have never been in love so I am not sure.”

“Oh baby, please wait until you fall for a good man and don’t get involved with the likes of that scum. Promise me that you will give love a chance. Don’t sell yourself short and throw away your life.”

“OK mom, but it was thrilling.” Ann just gave her daughter a look of disapproval and dropped the subject. They finished eating and went back to see Steve but he was still sleeping. Mom and daughter decided to go home and get some sleep themselves and return in the morning.

Ann and Jill were drinking their morning coffee when Marcy came by and joined them. Marcy exclaimed, “I went to the prison yesterday and saw Leon. His lawyer would like you to all fill out statements attesting to his bravery and good deeds. We are hoping it will help when he comes up for parole. Please help him!”

Ann answered, “Certainly, he did more than good deeds, he saved our lives and we will gladly do anything we can to help him. Please give him our regards and tell him that we will visit him when Steve recovers.”

“Oh, thank you, I knew I could count on you. Leon will be pleased to know that you care. By the way, when are you going to plow your drive way?”

Ann chuckled and said, “It’s too damn deep and there are so many things more important to do right now. Maybe it will get warmer and just melt away.”

A couple of weeks passed and Steve was recovering nicely. Leon and his attorney were optimistic about him getting out on parole. Matt was released from the hospital and sent back to prison. Linda was in jail awaiting trial but Nate never recovered and passed away in the hospital.

Ann was in bed with her husband and was grateful to be with him again, but she could not get to sleep. She was worried about Jill; the mother noticed that Jill was staring at the crotches of the men and had lust in her eyes. Deep inside she knew that her daughter would never be the same. Then there was the matter of testifying against Linda at her trial, also there was talk of a trial for Matt and Ann was filled with dread at the prospect of facing them again.

Ann tried to sleep but when she closed her eyes visions of Matt’s massive cock appeared and her pussy got very wet. The loving wife felt guilt and shame but her hand’s went between her legs and she masturbated thinking of her well endowed captor. Fear filled her entire being as she doubted herself and wondered if she could remain a faithful wife. She vowed to avoid tempting situations as she painfully realized that the carnal craving in her loins could not be denied. Ann finally drifted off to sleep realizing that her daughter was not the only one that had changed.


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