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Renata Gets a Ride

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I don’t know where to start this story, sure it’s easy to say ‘just start at the beginning’, but this story really has multiple beginnings. I could agonize over which of the beginnings to ‘start’ with, but rather than doing that I think I’ll start right where I am now, at the end of the story. So where am I right now you ask, well I’m lying on my back, naked in a hotel room bed with a very attractive naked young lady laying on top of me her head on my chest kind of nuzzled under my chin. Who am I, well I’m a 44-year-old guy who has way more hair on his body than on the top of his head.

My beard, which fortunately still fills in nicely thank you, is unfortunately mostly gray. And finally the last couple years has seen me loose most of my bodies conditioning I had worked so hard to maintain.

So how does a 44 year old balding out of shape guy end up naked in a hotel room bed with an attractive naked young lady laying on top of him? I know what you’re thinking and no she isn’t a prostitute and no I haven’t given her a date rape drug and kidnapped her. I guess I’ll start by telling who she is. Her name is Renata and she is one of my daughter’s best friends. My daughter, Ange is an 18 year old freshman in college, Renata is the same age as my daughter and will be leaving shortly to spend a year as a foreign exchange student in France.

Now that we know who the very attractive naked young lady is I think what I’ll do now is slip back in time and tell you about the first time I saw Renata. Notice I didn’t say met, because the first time I saw her we didn’t speak I just observed her from a distance, a short distance, but still there wasn’t any personal contact. It was the last half of Ange’s senior year in high school and the event where I first saw Renata was at the schools play that my youngest daughter had a part in. My youngest daughter, Liza (pronounced Liz – ah), short for Elizabeth was 12, and she was sitting on a bench talking with Ange and another girl. The other girl was a pretty little thing and I assumed she was a friend of Liza’s. Liza at 12 years old was one of the youngest in her class so I figured her friend was 13 and I remember thinking that for 13 she was quite a looker. Later that night at home I was talking to Ange and I said to her that I thought her friend was going to come see Liza’s play. When she said that she was there I must have looked a little confused because she also said that I had seen her and that she had been sitting next to Liza. I thought to myself, well that explains the 13-year-old looker. I asked Ange if she was in the same grade as her friend, I assumed she was because Ange talked about Renata all the time and they did quite a few things together. Ange confirmed that they were, but that Renata was younger than her, Ange had been 18 in January and Renata wouldn’t be 18 till June 30th.

So that was my first encounter with the attractive young Renata, a 17-year-old siren that I mistook for a 13-year-old looker. In spite of my urges I did not spend the entire evening ogling the young temptress, but like any other red blooded American pervert I really wanted to; it made no difference if she was a hot looking 13 year old as I had initially thought; or a pretty young lady of 17 that just looked much younger than she really was. That would be why at this time I cant provide any further physical description, because I spent that first evening not staring at my oldest daughter’s friend. Well at this time I could because she’s in bed with me and naked, but at this point in the story I just don’t want to. So without even a word being exchanged, that was my first encounter with the lovely Renata. To say that I was infatuated with Renata would be a monumental understatement. My daughter Ange had a number of good-looking friends, but I’ve never obsessed over any of them. And yes, the Renata infatuation was totally a physical attraction to be sure, but like I said a number of Ange’s other friends were equally or more attractive than Renata, and all were more physically endowed than Renata. But of course it wasn’t physical endowment that lured me to Renata was it? It was the lack of physical endowment, Renata was all the more alluring because even at the age of17, her under developed physical appearance made her look to be only about 13, hell she even still had a few freckles on her incredibly cute young face. Yes, undoubtedly it was the lure of the forbidden young girl that drew me to Renata. But what did it matter, she would never be anything more than an object of my fantasies. And even that was to be limited, because I have to admit that after that night I didn’t really think that much more about her. Sure Renata had the very desirable, but taboo attraction of looking much younger than she actually was. However the other taboo of her being my daughter’s friend pretty much served to keep her out of my fantasies, she was, just too close to home.

My next contact with the lovely young Renata was no more significant than the first, possibly even less so. I was pulling out of the driveway one day and I kind of got deadlocked with this white VW Golf that had it’s turn signal on to turn in my direction. It was far enough down the road though that I thought it was going to turn into my neighbor’s driveway so I waited at the end of mine so I didn’t cut in front of them as they were turning in. Only the VW never turned so I finally went, and as I drove past I saw the blond hair in the drivers seat and I remembered that my daughter had told me what she was going to be up to for the rest of the afternoon and that she said that Renata was coming over.

As I was driving home after stopping at the bank and the store I was hoping that Renata would still be at the house when I got there. My hopes were satisfied when I saw the white Golf parked in my driveway. When I entered the house there was a little pair of white Reeboks with pale blue stripes sitting on the floor. My first thought was that my youngest daughter had a friend over, but then I realized they belonged to Renata. Such little feet she had, I knew that my 12-year-old daughter wore shoes that were larger than those. Mentally I sighed to myself, what a petite beauty the lovely Renata was.

When I got upstairs the two girls were nowhere to be seen, I assumed they were closeted away in my daughter’s room, too bad I thought to myself. I went into my den/office and started going thru my email, after about 20 minutes I heard voices in the kitchen. One was obviously Ange’s, but I had never heard the other one. Wow, I thought to myself, she sounds as young as she looks. Then I heard steps down the stairs and a short time after that a car leave the driveway, thus ended my second encounter with Renata. In this one I had heard her, but had not seen her. As opposed to the first where I had seen her, but not heard her. Like after the first though I really didn’t spend that much time dwelling on her, but that bubbling young voice of hers was still in my head when I went to sleep that night.

The third encounter is what caused my thoughts of Renata to turn from casual interest to erotic fantasies and desires. It was Senior Prom night and my daughter Ange wanted me to take pictures of her and her boyfriend Alex at the park down by the lake. I owned a very expensive digital camera setup and had been doing photography for years and besides I didn’t charge. After I had agreed to do the pictures I found out that I was going to be getting a bonus. Ange told me that I would be shooting Renata and her boyfriend as well, I love it when a plan comes together, especially when you don’t have a plan in the first place. Each encounter with the enchanting petite beauty seemed to build on the last. First I had seen her, then I heard her and now it was to be all that and more, in addition I was going to be able to come away from the encounter with dozens of digital memories of the event.

I was already at the park when the limo arrived. The boys piled out of the car first and then extended their hands to assist their dates in exiting the vehicle. Ange looked stunning, but of course I was a little bias in my opinion, it was then that Renata followed my daughter out of the car. My breath caught in my throat and very possibly my heart stopped. My daughter Ange looked very much the young lady that evening, actually older than her 18 years. Renata on the other hand looked every bit the tempting sweet Lolita. Her dress, her hair, everything that should have made her appear more mature just seemed to accentuate her sweet, youthful innocence. Renata’s sparse use of make up and the way her dress clung to each subtle curve of her lithe body only enhanced the illusion of bewitching, untouchable youth. I wondered if Renata was naked under her dress, her enticing young girl breasts and nipples were obvious through the wisp of fabric that covered them. And try as hard as I might I never saw a panty line show through her dress that clung to the gentle curve of her hips and rump. Garters were also nowhere to be seen so I assumed that her stockings were the type that held them selves up. When I had gotten all the pictures that the kids wanted they loaded up the limo and rolled off leaving me to return home to sort the pictures and do some quick prints for Ange to hand out the next day at the class picnic. I also spent a few hours putting together some of the pictures of the Lolita like Renata to be used as my computers wallpaper.

My fantasies were renewed a few times over the summer when I had gotten a glimpse of the lovely young Renata in her bikini as my daughter Ange and her would swim in our pool. The sight of the sweet young Renata prancing around the pool deck in her different bikinis was indescribable and the highlight’s of my summer. Renata looked especially delicious in her blue bikini. The bottoms were really pretty conservative, but the top was classic string bikini, two triangular patches of cloth held in place by a string tied around her neck and another around her back. The patches of cloth weren’t that large, but they didn’t need to be, Renata’s breasts were small, perky and perfect, and easily covered by the small triangles of dark blue cloth. She was so alluring, so desirable and at the same time so unattainable.

One day in mid August I got an unexpected and special treat, Ange and Renata were swimming and sunning themselves out back. Later in the afternoon I heard my daughter calling to me through my open window. “Daddy will you take some pictures of me and Renata so we can give them to our boyfriends. Neither of the boyfriends was following the girls off to college, or France for that matter and they wanted to leave them pictures so they wouldn’t miss them. Considering that both girls were in their bathing suits I didn’t think the pictures would relieve much “missing them”.

I took some shots of both of them in the pool, sitting on the edge of the pool, laying on the deck lounges, the usual around the pool stuff. After I finished shooting the solo shots of Ange she went in to shower and change leaving me with Renata to finish up her solo shots. When I was finished and told her that I was all set she asked me something that almost made me swallow my tongue. She said, in that god awful small impossible to resist young girl voice, “Mr. Mason, could we do a few more”.

“I have quite a few already”, I replied, unaware of where this was leading.

“I was just wondering if we could do just a few that are a little more exciting”, the musical lilt of her young voice was hypnotizing me.

“Exciting?”, was all that I said.

“Ya Mr. Mason, you know, maybe some with out my top?”, even asking something like that didn’t mar the complete innocence of her voice.

For a few seconds I couldn’t speak, which was good because if I had I would have just stuttered. Composure regained at last I said, “I don’t think that’s a good ideal Renata”.

“Oh Mr. Mason, pleeeeease, pretty pleeeease Mr. Mason”, it was the siren song that drew men to crash their ships on the rocks. I remembered the scene from an old movie where Kirk Douglas played the Greek hero Ulysses only I didn’t have a loyal crew to tie me to the mast. I was alone to face the siren.

“How bout this Mr. Mason, I’ll just untie the string around my back and slide my hands up under the top of my bikini, nothing shows that way, okay Mr. Mason”, her voice continued to tempt me, she started to reach around to her back, but she stopped, noticeably waiting for me to giver her the ok.

Then she said something that just struck me as too funny, the sweet little voice said, “come on Mr. Mason, we’re both adults”. That almost got me to laugh out loud, but I didn’t. It did jolt me back to reality enough to say something like, oh go ahead. Both adults she had said, I was an old man and she was a child, in that respect, neither of us were adults.

“Thank you Mr. Mason” giggled the bewitching voice of the sweet temptress. I lifted the camera to my eye and watched through the viewfinder as Renata untied the bottom string of her bikini top and then slipped her hands under the triangles of blue fabric. Her delicate little hands covering her lusciously under developed little tits. I snapped away the images as she swayed seductively massaging her own breasts. More images captured Renata untying the top string, now she was holding the triangles of fabric over her breasts with her hands on the outside, she continued to perform her seductive sway, the movement of her body was so tantalizing and enticing. The camera continued to record the images as her hands moved away and her firm little globes, with their pink button nipples came into full view. Renata’s hands moved up her body and she cupped her breasts, forcing them to appear as large as possible, but even then she was still just the alluring little girl.

I lifted my finger from the release button and the camera’s shutter stopped firing. “That’s enough for now”, I said as I lowered the camera. I couldn’t help but continue to look at the provocatively small, invitingly firm breasts that Renata did nothing to cover. She knew I was looking at them, but she just collected her towel and bikini top and disappeared into the house leaving me literally shaking on the pool deck.

Has anybody noticed yet that not once in this story so far have I used the words, aroused, hard on, woody, erection, etc? That would be because at this point in the story I haven’t experienced that yet. As I was sitting on the pool deck it had been almost exactly two years since a woman had given me a hard on, or in this case not a woman, but an impossibly pretty young woman that appeared as a seductively tempting Lolita. I sat on the pool deck almost visibly shaking from what I had just seen and what I undeniably desired, but the old johnson remained totally relaxed. You see I was sitting on the pool deck in my wheelchair. Well it seems this would be yet another, and the last beginning of this story. You see also almost two years before I had gone into the hospital for a non-trivial, but routine surgical procedure. In support of the surgery the anesthesiologist was supposed to administer lidocaine via an epidural catheter. However instead of placing the catheter into the epidural sack he placed it in the spinal sack. The amount of medication used for an epidural is about 6 to 7 times the amount used for a spinal, but the good doctor proceeded to inject the entire dose into my spinal sack. I later learned that the anesthesiologist was addicted to an opium-derived drug called fentanyl at the time of my surgery.

From the bottom of my ribcage down I have various degrees of nerve damage ranging from total loss of feeling to varying degrees of loss. I can move my legs, but I’ve lost about 60% of their strength. I can stand but cant walk at all because I have totally lost something they call my propositional sense. You might be able to simulate the effect if you tried to stand on one leg with your eyes closed. If I use one or more canes or can lean against a wall I can move around with the approximate speed and grace of Frankenstein’s Monster with arthritis. Something that doesn’t stand any more though is the old johnson. Three or four times in the past two years I’ve woke up in the morning with as good a hard on as I’ve ever had. I don’t know what I was dreaming about, but it must have been good. However, no matter what I fantasized about it would deflate like a balloon before I could even start jerking off. Something funny that I discovered was that if I did play with myself until I made myself cum my legs would start to spasm and the spasm matched every squirt of cum I shot out. It’s kind of like when you scratch a dogs belly in just the right spot and their hind legs start kicking, all in all pretty entertaining.

So, that’s that. I printed some pictures for Renata to giver to her boyfriend (none of the bare breast shots) and I put together a web page photo album with the titty pictures for her boyfriend to look at. The titty pictures were also used to expand my wallpaper collection of the bewitching Lolita. That was the last time I saw Renata for the remainder of the summer and in late August Ange moved away to college. Early in October I got an email from Ange asking me if I could give Renata a ride up to see her. Ange’s boyfriend Alex would give Renata a ride home at the end of the weekend. So there it was, I was supposed to give the temptress Renata a ride to visit my daughter at college, a three and one half hour drive. And because nothing ever goes according to plan I got a call from Renata on Thursday night saying that she would be ready to leave at 10a instead of 4p and did I want to get an early start.

I didn’t sleep at all that night because I was absolutely terrified. I have absolutely no ability to carry on a conversation with attractive women and the fact that in the past I had seen the pseudo Lolita’s perfectly firm young globes of flesh didn’t make it any easier. I pictured over 200 minutes of tongue-tied torture. I connected my iPod to my minivans stereo, I figured the 800 plus songs I had loaded on it would cover the time well enough if worst came to worst. At shortly after 10a the next day I pulled out of the driveway with the bewitching temptress belted into my passenger seat. She was wearing a pair of comfortable looking blue jeans, not at all tight and a sweater vest over a long sleeved white cotton blouse. A conservative outfit to be sure, but even dressed as she was Renata was indescribably exciting to look at. I had put together a play list that alternated songs from Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Supertramp and Be Bop Deluxe. Renata recognized all but the Be Bop Deluxe songs saying that her dad listened to this stuff too. Yup I thought to myself, that’s me, old dad, but not just that, wheel chair bound old dad. We talked about music for a while, but eventually the subject died out because I wasn’t up to speed on the stuff she liked and while she liked the stuff I listened to well enough it wasn’t her favorite or anything. Not being able to come up with a new subject the entire conversation died away as the miles flew past and the music played.

Then I said something, which just continues to prove that when a guy doesn’t know what to say he will say something stupid. I asked Renata where her boyfriend was going to college and then I put my foot in it. I asked her how he liked the pictures of her. That was my undoing because Renata replied that he liked them a lot, but maybe not as much as I did. My tongue immediately stuck in the back of my throat and I tried to put on a confused look, but probably it ended up just looking dumb. Then Renata continued, “Ange told me that I’m your wallpaper and screensaver. Trying to sound as casual as possible I said something about her being “in the rotation”. I didn’t mention that she was the only thing in the rotation though.

It was too early to drop off Renata at the campus because Ange was still in class, so Renata suggested that they go to the hotel so I could check in and she could help him carry the bags into the room. It sounded reasonable to me even if having a little girl carry my bags made more uncomfortable than I already was, but anyway that’s pretty much what happened. I checked in, and we unloaded the van. While Renata was using the bathroom I set up my Powerbook and started checking my email. The first thing I did after power on was to de-select the Renata wallpaper and screensaver. When she came out of the bathroom she stood behind my chair, but we could look at and talk to each other because there was a mirror over the dresser top I was using as a desk. The only thing on my screen was an email message and the swirling blue background I had selected. Renata put her hands on my shoulders and said, “Where am I?”

Always the brilliant conversationalist I replied, “huh? Whaddya mean”

“My picture, where is it?”

“Ummm, well, like I said your part of the rotation”, I said with a pretty shaky voice.

“I don’t believe you Mr. Mason, but I have to tell you that you’re really cute when you’re nervous. How come your so nervous Mr. Mason?”

“I’m not really… You know.”, I kind of stuttered.

With that Renata moved around my chair and dropped across my lap, wrapping her hands behind my neck and hanging her legs over the side of the chair. Her face was close to mine and she said, “do you think I’m pretty Mr. Mason?”, her voice had taken on a seductive tone, but it was still heavily laced with the little girl lilt.

“Very pretty”, I managed to croak in reply

She moved her face even closer to me, her soft pink lips filled my vision and they seemed to move in slow motion as she continued to speak in the seductive tenor with the little girl lilt, “why am I pretty Mr. Mason”. She didn’t really wait long enough for an answer before she continued, “it’s because I look so young isn’t it Mr. Mason”, again without waiting she went on, “it is isn’t it Mr. Mason, I look like a young girl and it’s naughty to be with such a young girl, right Mr. Mason”. Again without waiting she said, “you like me because I look so young and you want to be naughty”.

Still barely able to speak I said, “you are young and so pretty, you’re right, you do look so much younger than you are”

There was a pause because I had stopped speaking and Renata was waiting for the rest. When I didn’t say anything else she pressed me for it, “what else Mr. Mason… You want to touch me don’t you? You want to be naughty don’t you? You want to be naughty with me, right Mr. Mason?”

I nodded my head yes, but she wanted me to say it because she said, “say it Mr. Mason, tell me what you want”, she was so close that all I could see was her lips moving, I could feel her breath caressing my skin.

“I want to touch you Renata”, I said breathlessly, “I want to be naughty”

She lowered her lips so they were level with mine and I was looking right into her softly colored mouse gray eyes and I heard the little girl seductive voice say, “see that wasn’t so hard now was it Mr. Mason”, I felt her lips graze against mine as she spoke, “then kiss me and be naughty Mr. Mason”. She caressed my nose with hers and I felt her lips rest against mine. I pressed my lips back against hers and brought a hand up to the back of her neck. We had only been kissing a few seconds when she pulled back, with our lips just a breath apart she whispered, “that’s not very naughty Mr. Mason, do something with your other hand” and then she let the soft contact of our lips resume. I let my other hand come to rest on one of the soft round mounds covered by her sweater vest. Renata didn’t even act like she knew my hand was on her breast, to be honest neither did I. The smallness of her breast covered by her bra, blouse and sweater did not create much of a sensation in my hand.

Our lips parted again and Renata said to me, “come on Mr. Mason, you should be able to do better than that”, and then we were kissing again, but her hand lifted mine from her breast and pressed it between the legs of her jeans. I pressed the open palm of my hand hard against her crotch and she clamped her legs tightly together around my hand. Now her lips broke from mine and she let out a soft sigh and in a voice made slightly husky with the first stages of arousal she said, “yaaa, that’s it Mr. Mason, thaaats naughty”. Her nose eskimo kissed mine as she spoke and when she finished our lips pressed softly back together

I rocked my hand between Renata’s clenched legs and ground my hand into her crotch; all this made Renata whimper into my mouth as we kissed. I could feel the heat of my petite beauties arousal through the fabric of her jeans as she squirmed in my lap. Our kiss had become short touches of the lips interrupted by frequent partings as Renata sucked air in short sharp gasps and the pressure of my hand between her legs continued to kindle the flames of her arousal. Finally as the rapidity of her grinding hips increased Renata’s head fell back and a long loud sigh escaped from deep with in her. “Ohhh Mr. Mason, that’s so naughty” she groaned, “you’re so naughty Mr. Mason, you make me want to……”

I pressed harder into her gyrating crotch and caused her voice to trail off into another long loud sigh, which was quickly followed by an increase in the pace of her breathing. I ground my hand into Renata’s crotch harder and rocked my hand faster as her legs clenched and released which also pumped my hand against the hot fabric of her jeans. Gasping and trying to talk she crushed my face against her chest, I could feel her chest heaving as she gasped, “yes, unnh, Mr. Maa, unnh, son, unnh unnh, so, unnh, naughty”.

Renata’s legs clamped together and stayed as I felt the rest of her body stiffen against me as she squeezed me tighter with her arms. “YES” she screamed over and over in between gulps of air as here orgasm took control of her. I could feel each wave hit my petite beauty as her body twitched in my lap, my hand felt the heat of her fire through her jeans as her release burned away. The crushing grip that held my face to her chest lessened, the rate of her violent involuntary muscle contractions slowed and the depth of her breathing minimized as her orgasm spent itself. Still holding my head to her breast she whispered breathlessly, “Oh Mr. Mason you made me be so naughty, but it felt so good”.

It did feel good I thought to myself, inside anyway. It had been over 2 years since I had brought a woman to orgasm, well again in this case just a girl, but didn’t that make it all the more provocitive. But even as hot as it was to have my petite beauty cum in my lap it was still dead between my legs. Renata broke that train of thought as she pulled her sweater vest over her head. She kicked off her little pink and white Nike’s as she unbuttoned her blouse. With the blouse tossed aside she lifted her hips, undid her jeans and pushed them down; past her knees, ankles and then off on to the floor, dragging her socks off with them. Her undergarments were conservative, bright white brief style panties made of a shiny, slippery fabric with a small pink bow on the top band, front and center. The bra was of the same material and had the same small pink bow where the cups met in the front. Conservative yes, but when they covered the Lolita body of my bewitching Renata they were all the more arousing because of their conservatism. So now my sweet young temptress was now left nothing but her conservative her bra and panties, still perched in my lap and with her arms once again wrapped around my neck.

Renata leaned her forehead against mine and I found myself staring directly into those soft, alluring gray eyes. I’d always thought that the phrase ‘bedroom eyes’ referred to darker colored eyes, but if you couldn’t also apply the phrase to these enticing mouse gray beauties then the phrase could never be used again. Captivated by her eye’s I never saw her lips move. But I heard her enslaving little girl voice as she spoke softly to me, “I want to be naughty some more Mr. Mason, do you be naughty with me? Make me cum again Mr. Mason”. We were eskimo kissing while Renata was speaking, it was a sweet thing to do and it allowed Renata to continue to tell me what she wanted. “You need to take my bra off Mr. Mason. I want you to touch and kiss and suck on my little nipples, would you like that Mr. Mason?”

I managed to again croak out the reply of, yes baby. In between phrases Renata would brush her lips against mine, but she returned to the eskimo kisses as she spoke. The sound of her voice, the touch of her lips and nose were so incredibly seductive, I couldn’t believe a woman could be this seductive, and maybe they couldn’t, maybe it was the illusion of the young girl that made her actions all the more seductive. Whatever the reason and no matter how seductive Renata was I still showed no sign of physical arousal. Inside I was burning with desire for my petite beauty, but it made know difference, on the outside I was still dead. Renata’s voice interrupted my thought again as she continued to vocalize her desires. “And you’ll touch me while you suck my little tits, won’t you Mr. Mason, touch me through my panties, teasing me horribly and make be cum again, okay Mr. Mason”.

This time before I could even croak out my limited vocabulary she pressed her lips to mine and impelled her tongue into my mouth. I could feel the desire in her kiss and it was hot, so indescribably hot and I hoped she could feel my desire in the kiss I returned to her. It wasn’t long before my hands found there way to the clasp in the middle of Renata’s smooth silky back. Her bra was like a toy I thought, I was used to a woman with set of hanging 34c’s (well until the last couple years anyway) held up by a bra with 3 or 4 (I forget which) clasps on the back strap, definitely a 2 handed job. The straps of the petite beauties bra reminded me of curly gift wrap ribbon and the back was held together by a simple “S” hook through 2 loops. It was the easiest one handed maneuver I had ever performed and when it was complete I let my hand glide over the youthful softness of Renata’s skin, from her back to her front where I tried as gently as I could to caress the small delicate globes that were the breasts of my petite beauty.

As I was beginning to fondle Renata’s tiny breasts we continued to kiss furiously, our lips and tongues were sparing wildly; each of us attempting to devour the desire of the other. My hand clumsily attempted to toy with her breast and as ham handed as my attempts were they still produced moans and whimpers from Renata that were simply swallowed, nearly unheard by me in the tumult of our stormy kiss. From the pictures I had taken for her boyfriend the image of those little pink nipples reformed in my mind and I traced circles around one of them with my finger. The circle continued to shrink until my finger brushed against the hard little bud projecting from her lovely small breast. A second finger closed on the stiff little pink bud and I rolled it softly between them.

This caused Renata to break the kiss to let her sigh of pleasure escape, followed by deep groan of desire and then the husky words, “Ohhh Mr. Maaaaason…. Suck on my tits…. Please god let me feel your tongue on my skin”.

Her hands released from behind my neck and I pulled her bra off over her up stretched arms. Then she leaned back on her arms and looked down, she apparently wanted to watch me fondle her breasts with my mouth. I let my hands come to rest around my petite beauties waist as she arched her back to present me with her little girl breasts that drove me so wild. I covered a pretty pink erect nipple with my lips and this caused a small sigh to escape from Renata as my lips touched her skin. I lightly kissed each of her nipples with just my lips and then I let my lips part slightly for the next kiss to flick my tongue lightly across each stiff pink little peak. Then I extended my tongue and used the tip to circle each stiff little nipple, after I had painted each one with my tongue I closed my mouth around one and sucked the nipple in between my lips, pushed it out and then sucked it back in. I made her stiff little nipple fuck my lips as I kept sucking the nipple in and then releasing.

As I continued to performed these actions I was rewarded with the most seductive little sighs and I hoped each one denoted another craving for pleasure satiated. I felt Renata’s small hand lift mine from her waist and place it against her panty covered lower tummy. As she did that I heard her voice, it was gravely with lust as her thirst for pleasure was as yet unrequited. Renata said as she sighed, moaned and groaned, “tease my pussy Mr. Mason, only touch my panties, make me beg for it Mr. Mason. Make me begggggah…”

My hand moved with almost frictionless ease over the fabric of my babies panties and as it did Renata widened the spread of her legs giving my fingers free rein to play in her crotch. As my hand made it’s way to the arousal soaked crotch of Renata’s innocent white panties my mouth had inadvertently stopped providing my petite, but impatient beauty the waves of pleasure she so fervently craved. I felt her other hand at the back of my neck and she pressed my face against her naked chest, it was the voice of a small, spoiled child that cried out, “suck my tits Mr. Mason!!! Ohhh God don’t stoooop!!!”

My beard-covered cheek was mashed against the one of Renata’s small soft mounds and it was a bit of a struggle to get my mouth back around to once again minister pleasure to her small sensitive and erect pink nipple. Just as my mouth rediscovered Renata’s stiff pink bud I felt my fingers pass over her soft mound of fur covered by her warm damp panties and slip down to the hot wet fabric that covered her crotch. I started by grazing my finger over the warm wet fabric that stretched over the puffy, blood engorged lips that shielded her hot dripping juicy slit. Renata’s hips jerked at this touch, assuming I was tickling her I applied more pressure as I continued to caress her spongy lips. At the same time I was stroking my babies crotch I was rolling her nipple between the tip of my tongue and my teeth. The intensity of my petite beauties arousal was growing by leaps and bounds, hardly any time had passed compared to our first round, but the pleasure crazed Renata was just about ready to explode. I stopped rolling Renata’s nipple in my mouth and clamped the tender pink bud gingerly between my teeth while at the same time I pressed my finger between her delicate pussy lips and pushed the soaked fabric of her panties into her steamy wet crevice and over stiff bud of her aroused clit.

That was it that was all she could take, the trigger had been pulled and her orgasm mushroomed through her. She was in full voice as she screamed to god how wonderful she felt. Calling out that she was cumming, for Mr. Mason not to stop, and to remind god how great this was. Over and over these exclamations were repeated as each wave of her orgasm detonated sending pleasure, hot as a flare burning through her. She spasmed and convulsed and again she clamped her legs together on my hand. Her clenched legs pushed my fingers between the puffy lips of her pussy and I could feel the hot wet waves of cum oozing from her and seeping through her innocent white panties. Renata clung to me as each wave of her release flared out and then renewed, my face was crushed against her naked breast by her willowy arms that were wrapped around my head. Stiffening and relaxing her body squirmed in my lap, her legs crushed my hand, pinning it in her slippery hot wet crotch. This orgasm was definitely lasting longer than the first and I was kind of proud of the fact that I could bring such pleasure to my petite beauty.

As she leveled off Renata released the death grip on my head, she let her legs fall open and then her body slumped in my lap, letting her head rest on my shoulder, she was silent except for the gasping for air. I was amazed and frankly a little surprised that I still couldn’t manage any wood, I had never in my life seen a woman orgasm that violently and the thought that it was me bringing her to that level should have put a tree trunk in my pants, but not anymore.

“Boy Mr. Mason, you make me do such naughty things. And you too Mr. Mason you are so naughty touching a young girl the way you do”.

I got a little chuckle out of that, but said nothing so Renata continued, “I thought the first one was good Mr. Mason, but the second one was even better”. As my petite beauty spoke I pulled the crotch of her panties to the side without asking and Renata didn’t seem to mind, so I continued. I had to feel how wet she was for myself, her panties were so wet I might be able to ring them out. As my fingers navigated the moist slippery channel between her still excited and lusciously puffed lips Renata continued to talk. “In all the time we’ve been together my boyfriend has only made me cum twice and neither of them even came close to what you’ve done to me”. Fortunately she wasn’t looking at my face because I was blushing, also I chose that moment to slip two fingers between her soft wet pillow like lips and into her flooded vagina, Renata had been about to say something else but the sinking of my fingers into her hot gushing sheath turned her words into a long satisfied groan as I slowly slipped my fingers in and out of beautiful young girl sprawled in my lap. I couldn’t believe the sensations I was experiencing through my fingers. Hot, wet, soft, slippery, tight; all of these and so much more. The walls of my petite beauties vagina were velvety soft and tight, pressing against my fingers as I moved them inside of her. And it was so wet, it was flooded with the hot juices of her arousal and they allowed my fingers to swim inside the lovely Renata with frictionless ease.

Leaning against me the young beauty was purring as I gently moved my fingers in and out of her luscious hot wet pink flower. I took advantage of the silence to say, “Thank you Renata, I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I’d be with such a beautiful woman”

“I’m just a little girl, remember Mr. mason”, she said lifting her head from my shoulder and looking at me.

I chuckled again and said, “oh that’s right, I forgot”, my fingers were still inside the beautiful Renata, but she had stopped purring because I had stopped moving them.

Her seductively sweet little girl voice was back and she asked, “lets climb in bed for a while Mr. Mason, we can get your clothes off and play some more. Your chair hasn’t been bad, but I’ll bet the bed will be better”.

“It won’t do any good Renata, incase you haven’t noticed, you’re not sitting on any big lump”

“I don’t think that makes any difference Mr. Mason, you’ve given me the two greatest orgasms of my life and we haven’t even seen what you can do with your tongue”, she replied coyly. This time she saw me blush and said, “Mr. mason, you’re so cute when your nervous”. Tongue tied again I said nothing, Renata kissed me lightly high up on my tall forehead and continued to speak, her enchanting voice made her once again the bewitching temptress as she said, “now take you finger’s out of my pussy Mr. Mason and lets get into bed”. And with that she slipped off my lap and my fingers slipped out of her flooded vagina. Renata danced around my wheelchair and started pulling down the bedding. I unlocked my chair and pivoted it to face the bed, so I could stand and if need be fall forward on to the bed while performing my Frankenstein maneuver.

Renata had already peeled of her panties and was waiting on the bed as I stood, turned and plunked down, ending up seated on the edge of the Bed. After sitting there motionless for a while Renata kneeled behind me and hugged me from behind, hanging her arms over my shoulders and putting her lips very near my ear. The bewitching temptress spoke again, her provocative voice saying, “come on Mr. Mason what are you waiting for?”

“Are you sure Renata, why do you want to do this? Even though I’m really enjoying this, pity is hard for a person my age to take when it comes from someone your age”.

Her voice lost a little of the provocative quality and took on a bit of sternness, but even still it was sweet and beguiling as Renata said, “I think it has a lot more to do with the way you made me scream earlier than it does with pity Mr. Mason”, after a short pause she continued, “now lets take your clothes off and I really want you to make me scream again”. And with that she started lifting the front of my shirt. I grabbed it by the collar and pulled it off over my head and I felt the small warm hands of my petite beauty rubbing my chest and then over my shoulders and up and down my back. With the provocative quality returning Renata said, “Mr. Mason, you are the hairiest man I’ve ever seen, you almost have fur. My boyfriend removes all his body hair, it’s going to be so much better to snuggle with you”

I finished undressing and squirmed to the middle of the king sized bed where again like Frankenstein I laid out on my back like the monster on his slab. The enchanting naked Renata crawled on top of me, her chin resting on her fists, which were resting on my chest and the rest of her body stretched out on top of my like she was sunning herself on a rock. She smiled at me and let out a contented moan of satisfaction before saying, “you’re so comfortable Mr. Mason”. I could feel her hands on my chest, but I couldn’t specifically make out the feeling of her bullet hard nipples pressing into my stomach, all I could tell was that there was a weight pressing on me from the abdomen down. Still smiling she continued, “Your skin feels so good Mr. Mason, I love how it feels against mine”.

The next words spoken by Renata were in her enticingly sweet, provocative childlike voice she had. She picked up her head and said, ““Mr. Mason, would it be naughty for you to lick my pussy?”

“Very naughty baby”, I replied quickly, smiling at her as I said it.

“I’ve heard that some guys like to lick a girls pussy”, said the provocative child’s voice.

“Especially a pretty little girls pussy like yours”, I cut in.

Renata chimed back with “So you do think I’m pretty, don’t you Mr. Mason”

“Yes baby I think you’re pretty”, I chuckled.

“And do you want to lick my pussy Mr. Mason?”

“Yes baby, I want to lick your pussy”, I replied.

Renata slinked over me like a predator cat moving through the grass, when our lips were less than a sliver apart my petite beauty whispered, “Mr. Mason, you are so naughty”. The sliver of space disappeared and we kissed, Renata definitely had other plans for my tongue, because the kiss was fleeting and Renata was moving to bring her pussy into range of my mouth. I expected her to kneel over my face, but she planted one of her tiny feet on each side of my head, her hands gripped the top of the headboard and squatted, slowly lowering her crotch to me, my eyes were locked on her pink sweetness as it got closer and closer to me. The bouquet of my petite beauties arousal hung heavy in the air as her moist lips of love lowered to meet my reaching tongue.

I could feel her shiver when my tongue first touched her skin. I worked my way up the length of her dripping slit with quick short flicks of my tongue. The tip of my tongue darted out, dove between her lips to sample the juices of her arousal and then pulled back. Starting low and working up, my tongue repeated its quick stabs between the luscious lips of Renata’s pink, moist sweetness. I felt the tip of my tongue pass the opening of her vagina and then push the fleshy hood away from her quivering and aroused clitoris. I stopped the stabbing motion and started pushing her clit around with the tip of my tongue. Mildly at first but rapidly increasing in tempo and force.

My tongue touching her clit almost immediately set my petite beauty off. The first touches of my tongue to her clit brought repeated ‘callings to God’, when my tongue started pushing her clit around the action brought forth endless repeated screaming of ‘YES’ and finally as my tongue pressed harder but slower she started demanding in a lower and huskier voice that I not stop, that I keep licking her. All of this seemed to go past in a moment and the words were replaced by a long loud series of rasping grunts and gasps as her orgasm consumed her.

I loved it that I had made this beautiful young girl cum so quickly. Her leaning forward towards the head board let me see up the front of her body. I watched as her fresh young body was trembling and shuddering with the force of her arousal reaching its explosive climax. Renata’s small but hanging breasts jiggled from the movement of her body and the muscles in her arms were locked tight with her hands gripping tightly to the headboard of the bed. Even more liquid arousal flowed from her pink sweetness as her petite body was wracked with waves of pleasure.

As Renata’s orgasm lessened in duration and intensity from rolling waves of pleasure to little ripples of delight her body relaxed and she started sinking and pushing her crotch harder against my face. Unable to keep stabbing her engorged clit with the tip of my tongue I reached up; put my hands on her hips and pulled her pussy harder to my mouth. I mashed my tongue flat against her clit and pressed her stiff little nub between my tongue and her crotch. To keep the sweet young things level of arousal high I was grinding my tongue in a circle to roll her clit around under it.

This brought a long loud gasp from my impassioned young beauty. She followed that up by yelling out a demand that I suck her clit. I’m sure she would have made the demand more than once, but I was already starting to pull the aroused nub between my lips. I didn’t bother to start off slowly and Renata skipped over her appeal to God and her screaming affirmation that I was doing it right. She skipped over any additional demands and went right to the rasping, grunting and gasping. The pace of my pumping of her little bud through my lips matched exactly the pace of her grunts, groans, moans and gasps. It took me longer this time than it had the first time, but it wasn’t long before I heard that provocative, low husky voice to say, “ohhh yeaaaah Mr. Mason…. I’m gonna cum again”. I knew that already, the initial signs of it happening were already obvious. I could feel the small twitches and convulsions of her body as she ground her hot sweet crotch into my face. One more outburst could be heard before she let go, not the husky voice, but the childlike scream of “SUCK MY CLIT MR. MASON”. My petite beauty was a loud one, that’s for sure, it’s very likely the people in both adjacent rooms and the one above us knew that Mr. Mason was sucking some woman’s clit.

Raging through her like a wildfire, Renata’s orgasm consumed her once more, turning her into a convulsing, twisting shaking mass of flesh pressed against my face. More of her hot juice flowed; her breathing was a struggle to suck in air as her chest heaved desperately while her lungs struggled to provide her quaking body enough air. She wasn’t really holding the headboard anymore so the full weight of this small woman was pressing her pussy against my face and I loved it. I sucked her in and out of my mouth letting her erect nub fuck my lips like they were a pussy. I pulled her clit in and held it so I could so I could bat it around with the tip of my tongue. I let my teeth touch her delicate nub ever so lightly. It was had to tell if the pleasure crazed Renata was having peaks and valleys in one long orgasm or if it might have been two or even three more. I was concentrating on keeping her at the frenzied peak of arousal that I had brought her to.

Eventually Renata just let herself fall off of me and she flopped on to the bed breathing hard and trying, I think, not to pass out. After a while she curled up next to me and rested her head on my chest facing away from me. I let my hand caress her back as she lay there and when she was calm again she found her voice with the seductive tenor and little girl lilt again and said, “You’re the naughtiest man I’ve ever met Mr. Mason”. I didn’t say anything and with her facing away she didn’t see me smile, I just continued to stroke the long subtle curves of her back. Renata continued, “I can’t believe you could be so naughty with a sweet little girl like me Mr. Mason”. Well that brought out a chuckle and she turned to me and with a very convincing act of outrage said, “Mr. Mason what are you laughing at, I am a sweet little girl and you’ve been very naughty, doing all those things to me and making me act so crazy”. I was still just giving her the same big smile when she did her impression of the feline predator again so that we could kiss.

Our mouths had only danced for a short period of time when my petite beauty started licking and then sucking on my lips. My lips, beard and mustache were covered the juices that I had caused to flow out from between the sweet lips of Renata’s pussy and she obviously enjoyed her taste as much as I did. In between attempts to clean all her pussy nectar from my face we continued to enjoy each other’s kisses. During one of her cleaning spells I felt her place her hand on my stomach and then start to move down. I felt a small wave of apprehension, possibly even actual fear. I had been pretty certain all along that there was little hope of getting the old johnson to work again and if this afternoon hadn’t done it then I was pretty sure my only hope was gone and that a crane would be needed.

I could tell, mostly by the pressure of her hand and not from her actual touch that her fingers were playing with my limp noodle. During the few times I had played with myself and gotten myself off I wondered where my brain was getting it signals from. Were they from my limp johnson being touched or was it from my fingers touching my limp johnson. It was pretty clear right at this minute that it was from my fingers, because while I knew Renata was touching me I had to base that on what I could see and the pressure I felt as she pushed or the stretching I felt when she pulled, the actual sensation of being touched by this beautiful young girls fingers was lost on me. While she was fondling me we had gone back to kissing, but something in this kiss was different and when it broke she stayed very close to me and said, “its not fair Mr. Mason, you should have some fun too”, I could tell by the movements that she was fondling me more aggressively as she spoke, thinking the if she worked it harder, it would get harder.

All I got out was a rather long sigh before she continued, “wouldn’t you like to cum Mr. Mason”, she was jerking my limp member harder now. I reached over her and put my hand on her arm, a touch which she correctly interpreted as my request for her to stop pulling on me. It might not work that well, but I didn’t want it ripped off either. Renata actually looked like she might start to cry at any moment as I looked at her. After a pause I said to her that she didn’t have to worry that I had more fun that afternoon than she could imagine. I told her it did my old male ego good to know I could drive such a pretty young girl so crazy.

“You did drive me crazy Mr. Mason, god but you are a naughty man” she said. Remembering back to her comment about me being naughty with a sweet little girl like her I said to her, “well I think it was that I was provoked”.

“Provoked Mr. Mason!!!!, I cant imagine what you could be talking about”. And with that she slinked down my body and knelt between my legs. As I watched her bend over me, she held her pony tail back with one hand and lifted my prone flopping member with the other. She took my entire cock into her mouth with no effort at all. It wouldn’t stand up she couldn’t actually bounce her head up and down because if she did I would have popped out of her mouth. She did the best she could to simulate the effect though and I could tell by the sounds that she was sucking on me hard. I also thought I could just barely make out the feeling of her tongue pressing on my cock and batting it around inside her mouth. I couldn’t even imagine how good it must have felt to have this young beauty sucking on me, I just leaned my head back against the pillow and tried to imagine.

I’m not sure how much time passed but I was suddenly aware of Renata moving and a new sensation of pressure on my groin. By the time I looked Renata’s crotch and mine were pressed together and she was leaning with her hands on my chest. Just like when she was giving me the blowjob she wasn’t riding up and down but rather grinding her crotch into mine, she alternated between pushing her trim young hips forward and back and gyrating them around like a child belly dancer. This was so weird, had I gotten hard, half hard, was I inside her or was she just grinding her pussy into my flopped over johnson. Somehow none of those questions really seemed appropriate at this minute, whatever the answer was my petite beauty seemed to be enjoying her self.

I thought about trying to pump my hips to match her movement, but it probably wouldn’t have worked. Instead I reached up and started caressing the perfectly firm little breasts that were hanging in front of me. The sight of my petite beauty pumping and revolving her hips against my groin was one of the most erotic sights I had ever seen. Her head was thrown back, her nails were digging into my chest and I could feel her nipples stiffening to my touch. I was simply riveted by the sight before me; the movement of Renata’s body was hypnotizing. I watched her, listened to her and savored the feeling of her clawing my chest. I tried to loose myself in the sensations I could experience. The afternoon’s experiences had taught me the auditory clues that preceded my young beauties orgasms and I was hearing all of them. Somehow or another, weather I was in her or not my petite beauty was going to have another orgasm. This one was coming slowly to a boil unlike the others that exploded through her. And as this one reached a rolling boil she was screaming yes to god and yelling for Mr. Mason to keep fucking her, which as I think back on it was pretty humorous and then lastly that she was cumming again.

She was coming down from her latest peak of arousal when I felt my leg twitch. It was my turn to call out, I yelled to Renata that I was going to cum and that she needed to get off. By the time she finished gasping that it was ok for me to cum in her, both my legs were spasming and I assumed I was pumping my warm wet load someplace, but I had no idea where. I knew my orgasm was over when my legs stopped jerking, I think Renata knew it was over because of the long sigh I let escape. She released the grip on my chest and she smiled at me and said, “that was really naughty of you Mr. Mason” and then she lay down on top of me and nuzzled her head under my chin.

So here I am right back where we started, lying on my back, naked in a hotel room bed with a very attractive naked young lady laying on top of me her head on my chest kind of nuzzled under my chin. And maybe some day I’ll find out if I actually had a hard on or not.

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