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Holiday Happenings

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Cathy was shivering as she hurried to her Mustang in the school parking lot. She ignored all the whistles and comments from the students as the cold wind swirled around and blew her skirt up revealing her slim legs and pink panties. After starting the car she put on the heater but it blew nothing but cold air. She wished that she lived in a warmer climate than New Jersey.

The temperature was only 12 degrees, the snow flakes and wind made it feel much colder. The 5′ 3″ blond felt some relief as she drove home when the heater started kicking out warmer air. When the 24 year old school teacher reached home she rushed inside, poured a glass of Burgundy wine, changed, and began to prepare dinner for her husband. Hank was the same age as her and worked as a mechanic at a nearby garage. Cathy and Hank had been married for three years now but had no children although they were thinking about it.

After dinner they relaxed in the living room as Cathy announced, “Oh, by the way, Mr. Burk is holding a Holiday party at the Concord lounge on route 38. He has the banquet room reserved for the faculty and their spouses so keep Saturday night open. I am looking forward to showing off my 6′, brown eyed, dark haired, handsome husband. There will be dinner, dancing, drinks, and a Santa giving out gifts so it should be lots of fun.”

“Sure Cathy, Saturday night will be fine but your fellow teachers will be jealous of me for having married the most beautiful teacher in the school.”

“Thanks but some of the other teachers are knockouts so keep your eyes to yourself. Warren Burk is the principle and one day his wife stopped by the school to meet him , she is gorgeous and I am sure that she will be the center of attention.”

“Don’t sell yourself short Cathy; you are a blue eyed, blond haired angel and when it comes to looks no one will come close to you.”

When Saturday night came around they drove to the Concord and stopped at the bar for drinks before going into the banquet room. The young couple were joined by Warren and Ann Burk. Hank was taken aback by the stunning beauty. Warren had light brown hair, muscular build, and stood 5’8″. Ann was a couple of inches taller than her husband, wore a revealing red dress with a slit up the side that showed off her long, lovely legs, and her 38D tits were spilling out of her low cut dress. Ann had long black hair, big green eyes, and was totally captivating. Cathy had to give Hank an elbow nudge to keep him from ogling the sensuous siren.

Warren bought them all another round of drinks and introductions were made. Ann shocked the young couple when she noted, “That bartender looks good enough to eat; I would like to fuck his brains out!” Cathy and Hank just looked at each other in disbelief. They couldn’t believe that the principle’s wife would talk in such a lewd fashion. Then Ann called the bartender over and asked, “What’s your name honey?”


“Well Leo, do you like what you see?” Ann smiled and flashed him her big tits.

The bartender took a long look and replied, “Very nice, very nice indeed.”

Ann asked, “So Leo are you attached?”

“Yes, yes I am.”

Ann pulled him close and gave him a big kiss and said, “That’s not going to stop me baby! You will see me again so be ready.” Leo went back to serving the other patrons at the bar so they finished their drinks, Ann insisted that Warren leave a big tip for Leo, and then they went to the banquet room. There they ate dinner, drank some more, and danced. Cathy danced with her husband and then with Warren. Cathy felt uncomfortable when Warren held her tight and she could feel his huge bulge pressing into her. She couldn’t help but marvel at the size of his mighty manhood and silently cursed her own body as she felt herself getting wet. Hank on the other hand totally enjoyed it when Ann pressed her voluptuous frame to his. Santa handed out gifts to every one and the night progressed with much merriment.

When the bash was beginning to wind down Ann suggested that they go to their place for a nightcap. On the way out Ann gave Leo a big Holiday kiss and urged Cathy to do the same. Cathy had just enough to drink so she willingly complied much to the surprise of her husband and even herself. Warren noticed the jealous look in Hank’s eyes and the concern on his face and stated, “Hey there Hank, lighten up, it’s only a kiss. I’m sure that guy gets more kisses than he cares to and it don’t mean a thing. Let your wife have a good time and enjoy the holidays.” Then Warren asked his wife to give Hank a big kiss so he wouldn’t feel so bad. While Ann and Hank were engaged in a lip-lock Warren took the opportunity to embrace Cathy and probe her mouth with his seeking tongue. He could feel the young wife tremble as his huge erection pressed into her. When they broke the kiss Cathy’s angel face was aglow with embarrassment and arousal.

During the ride to the Burk’s home Cathy and Hank were silent. They were both confused and turned-on by the older couple. Once inside the huge mansion they drank and listened to holiday music. Hank inquired, “I know that you are the principle of the school but how can you afford such a home? It looks like something out of the lifestyles of the rich and famous.” Cathy scolded him for asking personal questions.

Warren answered, “No Cathy, it’s quite alright. You are correct Hank; my salary wouldn’t begin to cover the expenses of this place but fortunately Ann comes from a family with old money and they bought this place for us. I work because I like it not for the money.” They enjoyed each other’s company and the young couple learned that Warren was 39 and Ann was 37. During a news break the radio announcer told of a heavy snow storm alert and said that at least 14 inches of snow fall was predicted. Warren pulled back the curtain, looked outside and exclaimed, “Everything is white! Looks like the storm has already begun and there is no sign of it letting up.”

Cathy offered, “We better go home while we still can.”

Ann announced, “That is total nonsense; we have all been drinking too much to go driving in a blizzard. You two can just stay here and ride out the storm; I won’t take no for an answer. After all, we have more than enough room here and it is so warm and cozy. The thought of going out and driving in this weather is totally insane.” The young couple were forced to agree. They danced, chatted, drank, and got to know one another better and just when she perceived the moment was right Ann suggested, “I have a great Idea! Let’s play a simple game where we can really get better acquainted. The rules are really quite easy; we take turns asking personal questions to each other and if the person answerers the question the one that asks takes off a piece of clothing; if not then the one that refuses to answer takes off something. Come on, it will be fun, we will have a great time, and I promise that it will be wild and exciting. Are you up for it or are you cowards?”

The men quickly agreed but Cathy said, “I…I don’t know. It seems a bit dirty to me. I’m no prude but the thought of taking off my clothes and telling the most intimate parts of my life to the principal is unnerving; couldn’t we ah.. do something else?” They all told her that she was acting like an old fuddy-duddy until Cathy relented and agreed to play the game. Ann was right, the young wife had just enough to drink or otherwise she would have never consented to such a game.

With a gleam in her eyes Ann announced, “Alright then, I will go first, “Cathy how many men have you had sex with?

Cathy nervously replied, “Five but only my husband since we’ve been married.” When it was agreed that the blond was telling the truth Ann stood up and lifted her dress over her head. The young couple could not help but stare at the sexy woman. Ann wore no bra and was now clad only in black panties, stockings, and heels.

Cathy asked,” Ann How many men have you been with?”

Ann laughed and answered, “More than I could possibly count sweetheart; probably in the hundreds though!” The questions went on until the only thing that they had on was their underpants. Ann looked Cathy in the eye and questioned, “Have you ever had sex with another woman?”

“Well I… um… only one, it was when I was away at college.” Cathy turned crimson at this admission and looked down. She had never told Hank and could not force herself to look him in the eyes.

When Cathy asked Ann the same question Ann replied, “Many and they all keep coming back for more. Warren knows all about it and just loves watching me with other women, don’t you darling?”

“Yes I do; there is nothing better than watching two beautiful women go at it, don’t you think so Hank?”

“I guess so but I have only seen it on film, never in person.” By now they were all naked and lustily gazing at each other. Cathy’s eyes went from Ann’s big breasts with pointy dark nipples, then to her hairy pussy and then she gaped at Warren’s 11″ cock. It was huge, fat, and twice the size as her husband’s. She couldn’t help but wonder what that big thing would feel like inside her.

Cathy’s thoughts were broken when Warren asked, “Hank how would you like to see our wives getting it on right here and right now? The idea excites you doesn’t it Hank?”

“Well I..I guess so but Cathy probably won’t go along with it though.”

Warren guided Hank to a chair and took one for himself. Ann quickly slid next to Cathy on the sofa and began kissing her lips, neck, and breasts. She worked her way down the young wife’s trembling body and lingered at her navel. As she licked Cathy’s thighs the young wife spread her slim legs invitingly. Groans of rapture emitted from her mouth as Ann orally assaulted her heated honey-pot. Cathy screamed out in ecstasy as the older woman devoured her blond pussy. Cathy had several orgasms on Ann’s talented tongue. Ann sat next to the young wife and kissed her passionately on the lips. Cathy could taste her own sex on the other woman’s lips and it drove her wild with carnal cravings.

Ann guided the younger woman to her ample bosom and urged, “Suck them baby; nurse on mommy’s big tits. Oh yesss, just like that.” Cathy feverishly sucked the rubbery nipples as Ann hand feed them to her. When her head was pushed down to the hairy pussy Cathy inhaled the scent of the woman’s arousal and licked and sucked with fervor. She chewed on the fat pussy lips and nibbled on her enlarged clit until she could taste the cum that oozed from Ann’s delicious cunt. Ann looked down at the blond and exclaimed, “You are a good little pussy licker! Mommy really likes you. Yes baby, that’s it, lick it all up.” Ann pushed the blond to the floor, straddled her face, lowered her sopping cunt to the girl’s mouth, then lowered her face to the waiting young pussy. They were engaged in a wild sixty-nine.

Both men had raging hard cocks as they watched the lewd display of wanton lust. Warren asked, “Don’t you just love the contrast? Your young blond wife with small tits and my older dark haired wife with huge melons is so fantastic to watch. Even the contrast from Cathy’s pink nipples to Ann’s dark nipples is such a turn-on. When they are finished please let me fuck Cathy and you can fuck Ann. The way you have looked at Ann all night tells me that you want to fuck her. What do you say?”

“Hell yes, this is the most wild thing that I have ever done and I do want to fuck Ann and even want to watch you fuck Cathy!”

“That-a-boy Hank, I knew that you were the adventurous kind by the way you ogled my wife. The four of us will become really close friends. It will be like both of us having two beautiful wives to fuck.”

Cathy and Ann were cuddling and basking in the afterglow of their steamy lesbian love making when Warren rolled the young wife on her back, spread Cathy’s legs wide and rubbed his massive man-meat all over her stomach, thighs, and pussy lips. Ann got on her hands and knees and instructed Hank to fuck her doggie-style. When Cathy felt the bulky head of Warren’s cock touch her clit she felt a mixture of shock, fear, arousal, craving, and shame. She protested but not very convincingly, “No! Please don’t, it is way too big and I just can’t do this to Hank!”

As he inched his big fat cock into her tight pussy Warren wore a wicked grin, gazed into her blue eyes, and told her, “Relax and enjoy the ride little girl. It will hurt at first but once you feel my big cock deep inside your cunt it will be like nothing else in the world. By the time that I am finished fucking you there will be a big smile on your angel face and you will be begging for more and don’t bother worrying about Hank. Your husband is busy fucking my wife so it is only fair that I fuck you.”

With each stroke his cock went deeper into Cathy’s pussy. The blond had never felt so full and grimaced at the pain but after awhile it started to feel so good and her body reacted by humping back at the penetrating prick and she even wrapped her slim legs around his waist and rested her feet on his firm buttocks, she was overwhelmed with wanton lust and cried out in ecstasy as his love-pole pounded her purring pussy. Her change in attitude and her desire for his cock did not go unnoticed by Warren. He taunted her saying, “You love my big cock don’t you whore? Tell me you want it, tell me how much you want it, beg for it bitch. Come on, talk to me you nasty little fuck-slut. Answerer me right now or I will pull out of your hungry little snatch!”

Cathy felt humiliated, embarrassed, and degraded, but her longing for this magnificent hunk of meat to keep pounding her outweighed all else and she pleaded, “Oh yes, keep fucking me. Please don’t stop; it feels sooo good, I love it, yessss fuck meeeee!” Hank filled Ann’s pussy with his cum as he watched his pretty wife fuck back hard and voice her cravings for Warren’s cock. He had never seen Cathy get that lost in lust and found that it turned him on more than he ever imagined it would.

Hank was mesmerized as he watched the big cock go in and out of his young wife. Warren suddenly pulled out and shot his sticky cum all over Cathy’s stomach, breasts, and pretty face. Hank could feel his dick stirring back to life as he observed his wife on her back with a cum soaked face that was wearing a look of total contentment that he had never seen before. His eyes traveled down to her legs still spread lewdly and her gaping pussy leaking love juices. Ann laughed at Hank’s reaction to seeing his wife covered with cum, her stretched pussy on display for all to see and said, “Why you little pervert; you love watching your wife become my husband’s fuck slut. I knew that you would. Now I am going to give you some head to get you really hard again and then I want you to fuck my ass. Would you like that baby?” Hank had to admit that he had never fucked a girl in the ass but that he would love to do it for her. When the sexy older woman’s lips engulfed his cock Hank was amazed at her oral skills and soon he was rock hard once more, all 5 and 1/2 inches.

Cathy was getting all hot and bothered again while watching her husband poke Ann in the butt. Warren brushed his semi-hard cock all over her face and asked, “How would you like to feel this big thing up your sweet ass-hole?

Cathy panicked at the thought and pleaded, “Please, I implore you, don’t do it. I have never had sex that way and you are so big that you would rip me apart. Please I beg you, I will do anything you want but not that.” Tears rolled down her face as she shuddered with fear.

While continuing to rub his massive cock on her face Warren looked down at her quivering body and had pity. He told her in no uncertain terms, “You are probably right but I want you to suck my cock like you have never sucked one before and I want to cum in your mouth and when you get home I want you to let Hank fuck that sweet ass of yours to break you in. I understand that you are not ready to take my cock up your ass but we are gradually going to prepare you and when you are ready then your ass will be mine. Do you understand?”

The relieved and grateful blond readily agreed and began planting kisses on Warren’s cock. He moved the head of his cock to her lips and her mouth opened to accept the growing monster. As she licked and sucked his huge cock it grew to full erection. She found it difficult to accommodate the bulky baton with her small mouth and gagged as it went down her throat. Warren taunted her saying. “Take it all bitch until my balls are slapping your chin. I’m gonna fuck your tonsils. I want you to feel my cum slide down your throat and into your tummy. Suck that cock like it’s the last time you are ever going to suck it. Oh baby, yes, keep sucking it like that and it sure won’t be the last time. You are such a sweet little cunt lapping, cock sucking little tramp! I love it.” Much to her astonishment Cathy discovered that she loved being degraded and couldn’t get enough of his big nasty cock. Warren’s dirty talk had her little love muffin heated again and she felt her pussy tingle and twitch as she felt his hot sticky liquid squirting in her mouth and down her throat. Warren pulled the slim blond to her knees and ordered her to kiss and lick his cock and balls clean. Cathy adoringly worshiped his massive man meat with her mouth and tongue and achieved another orgasm as she licked up the last trace of his cum.

As if in a trance she kept fondling and kissing the object of her desire when she looked up to see her husband and Ann watching her intently. She blushed and was filled with shame but she did not stop. As her wedding ring brushed over Warren’s cock she felt a strange and wicked sense of pleasure and the fact that her husband and Warren’s wife were watching only intensified her feelings of perverted lust. They all slept in the master bedroom that night but got very little sleep as the orgy continued for most of the night.

The next afternoon the snow plows had cleared the roads and they were driven back to their car at the Concord lounge. The young couple were informed that they would pick them up next Friday night and take them to Atlantic City for a New Year’s Gala Celebration.

When they got home they drank coffee and Hank was trying to summon the energy to plow their drive way. He readily agreed when Cathy told him to wait until the next day. Hank looked across the kitchen table and blurted out, “You sure enjoyed Warren’s big cock. I’ve never seen you act like such a slut before. It’s hard to believe that you are the same sweet girl that I married and why didn’t you tell me about your affair with another woman?”

Cathy shot him a scornful look and said, “Listen buster! It never would have happened if you hadn’t fucked Ann and urged me to fuck Warren. Yes I did enjoy his big cock. So what did you expect? Are you trying to say that you don’t love me anymore? You have a lot of nerve after everything that you did with that woman. You loved her cunt every bit as much as I loved his cock! Go ahead and try to deny it, you son of a bitch and I did not tell you about college because I was too ashamed to share it with anyone.”

“Whoa, calm down honey. I didn’t mean anything by it. I was just making a comment that’s all and I enjoyed everything, fucking her, watching you, and the whole fucking scene. It was hot and I am glad we did it.” Hank took his wife by the hand and led her to the bedroom and announced with a wicked grin, “Get ready baby we are going to take a little nap but before we go to sleep I want to start breaking in that sweet little ass of yours for Warren!”

The young couple slipped into bed and after some foreplay and some mutual oral action. Hank slid his prick in her pussy. He fucked her from behind and thought to himself how much larger her pussy seemed. He pulled out and started probing her little brown puckered hole. Cathy protested and asked, “Shouldn’t you use some Vaseline or some kind of lubrication?”

Hank shoved his fingers in her cunt and spit on her butt and replied, “That won’t be necessary honey. Your pussy is sopping wet and between your pussy juice and my spit there will be more than enough lube.” Hank eased his cock into her tight, virgin ass and pumped slowly at first but then picked up speed as he rammed her butt. He loved how tight her ass was and felt a tinge of regret when he realized that after Warren got through with her it wouldn’t be tight anymore.

As her butt-hole became accustomed to her husband’s cock Cathy began to enjoy it as her ass was pounded harder and harder. The sensation it produced was overwhelming as she felt tingly all over. Cathy humped back at him as she cried out, “Oh yes cowboy, ride that ass. Fuck the shit out of me and cum up my ass baby. Oh, oh, oh. I like it like that, oh shit yessss!”

Hank was startled by her reaction and dirty talk but he found it totally arousing and he joined in the dirty talk by yelling, “I’m going to cum up your ass you filthy slut! Take it bitch, take all of my cum up your shitty, whore ass.” He pulled her head back by her hair and pumped his seed in her tight little ass-hole. After expressing how much they both enjoyed it they drifted off to sleep.

The rest of the week was spent having their most passioned sex in a long time. Hank had to work days while Cathy was on Holiday vacation but their nights were spend doing the wild thing. While relaxing in bed Cathy stated, “If anyone had told me that I would be fucking another couple, taking it up the ass, and totally enraptured by the whole thing I would have slapped them and called them insane but here I am on the road to sexual depravity and loving every minute of it. Our sex life together has never been better and my pussy tingles and floods at the mere thought of not only being with Warren but of having sex with Ann as well and you watching us and fucking her turns me on more than words can express. At first I felt guilty but not any more; now I just feel fully alive and excited all the time. I don’t fully understand it but when I am debased, humiliated, and talked dirty to it gives me such a decadent thrill. I just can’t wait for Friday night to be with them again. How about you baby?”

“I must confess, I am looking forward to it too.”

When Friday night finally rolled around they were dressed to go to the New Year’s Party but had no idea what kind of party it was. They were expecting the regular bash and had no idea that it was a group of swingers from around the country. It never occurred to them that Warren and Ann belonged to an organization called,” Alternative Life Styles.”

Ann called to make sure that they were ready and when the Lincoln pulled alongside the curb they rushed out to greet their new lovers. Ann stepped out of the car to greet, hug, and kiss them both. Cathy was surprised when Ann said, “Hank, you get in the front with us and Cathy you get in the back seat. ” Cathy didn’t know what to think when Nate Liston the school’s black football coach got out of the car and ushered her in first and then followed her in the backseat. Cathy found herself sitting between Nate and his sexy wife from Puerto Rico by the name of Carmella. The blond wife turned beet-red when Ann turned around and looked her in the eye and stated, “By the way Cathy, I told Nate and his stunning wife what a hot little slut you are, so have fun kids!” Ann took out her big tits and told Hank to suck on them while his wife entertained in the back seat.

Cathy felt nervous and excited as four hands traveled up and down her inflamed frame. Her dress was hiked above her waist and hands slid up her leg and into her smoldering honey-pot. Cathy’s top was pulled down, Nate suckled her right breast, Carmella mouthed her left breast while fingers found their way into her dripping pussy and puckered brown hole. Because of the long fingernails Cathy knew that it was the woman’s fingers in her pussy and Nate’s in her ass. One of her small white hands was placed up the Latin woman’s dress and the other was placed on the black man’s throbbing cock. Nate’s cock was bigger than Hank’s but not as large as Warren’s. It was somewhere in the middle and Carmella’s pussy was bald and moist. The lusty Latin bombshell turned, leaned back against the window, spread her caramel legs wide, lifted up her dress, grabbed a fistful of blond hair, shoved Cathy’s face to her pussy and demanded, “Eat my cunt you white trash whore. Ann tells me that you are a good little cunt lapper; well let’s see what you can do with my spicy cinnamon treat and it’s all for you baby so suck and lick until your fucking tongue falls off. Gobble it all up baby; oh yeah, just like that.”

While Cathy was feasting on the demanding woman’s tasty cunt Nate was eating her out from behind as he fingered her ass-hole. A muffled moan escaped her lips as Cathy felt Nate’s black dick slip into her horny pussy. After about ten minutes of steady pounding the dick withdrew from her pussy and was roughly shoved up her ass. Carmella fucked her face as hard as Nate fucked her butt. Nate pulled out and ejected his slimy seed all over her buttocks. Cathy could feel the gooey substance leaking down her ass, pussy and down her creamy legs.

The white wife was roughly turned around so that her face was in Nate’s lap. She sucked the black cock while Carmella licked the cum from her buttocks, ass hole and dripping cunt. Before Cathy realized it they were in the parking lot of an Atlantic City casino. She was told to get herself together before the attendant came to park the car. She only half way succeeded and caught a knowing glance from the parking attendant and the laughs from her traveling companions.

Cathy felt so self conscious as they walked through the casino and took the elevator to a large luxurious suite; she felt that every one was staring at her. Ann showed Hank and Cathy their room and gave them costumes to wear to the ball. They were told to come out for room service in three hours wearing their costumes. Cathy was aghast when she opened the box to find a school-girl outfit with a super short black skirt, white socks, and plain black buckle shoes. There was also a note that stated, “Don’t you dare try to wear panties with your school uniform. Your a naughty, nasty, little schoolgirl.” Hank was pleased to open his box containing a French Navy uniform. They took a little nap, showered, and then went to dinner.

Both of the other men were also dressed in the same Navy uniform as Hank but Ann and Carmella wore long black skirts with a slit up the side, white blouses, black stockings, heels and wore glasses. Cathy eyed them and inquired, “What are you two supposed to be?”

Ann answered, “We are strict school teachers my dear. Your teachers to be exact and before we leave this room we are going to remove your makeup and put your hair in a pony-tail so you really look the part.” A hotel employee is a gold and black uniform served them steak dinners and when they were finished eating Cathy was whisked into the bathroom by her two teachers for a makeover. When the finally emerged from the bathroom the 24 year old wife looked like a 15 year old student. The other two woman got a big kick out of how the school teacher looked like a schoolgirl.

They entered the convention area, they huge hall had a stage, large dance floor, several bars, and there were many doors that led to more private areas. They sat at a bar and the young couple watched the stage spellbound as the band played. “Rawhide”, there was a man and woman on stage and the man was whipping her. This freaky sight gave a whole new meaning to the old western song.

While Ann and the others chatted with friends a tall Chinese woman dressed in leather approached Cathy, spun her around, and boldly stated, “Little school girl, me and the rest of my Hong Kong Dirty Dikes Gang are going to take you somewhere more private and fuck the shit out of you! Are you going to come peacefully or am I going to have to slap you around and drag you by your blond hair kicking and screaming? The choice is yours bitch but I want you to know that I if you resist it will be a pleasure fucking your white ass up.”

Cathy was frightened and confused, didn’t know what to say and could only whimper, “I..I don’t want to fight you.”

The woman introduced herself as Lin and asked, “Who owns this bitch?”

Ann looked around and answered, “That would be me.”

Lin asked, “I want permission for me and my gang to teach this nasty school girl a lesson that she will never forget.”

Ann smiled and replied, “Only if we can come and watch.”

Lin threw a collar around Cathy’s neck, pulled her off the chair then stated, “Come on then and follow us. Having an audience will only make the defiling of this young rose all the sweeter.” Cathy felt so humiliated being pulled by the collar leash through the room. What she didn’t know was that the rules were that no one could be made to have sex against their will but then again, Ann consented for her and this was just a game that was being played out.

They entered a room with nothing but a padded table in the center. Cathy was roughly placed on the table and put on her hands and knees. The mistress and her dike gang quickly removed their clothes and as the mistress sat in front of Cathy and pulled her head to her clammy cunt another got behind her and fucked the blond with a two pronged dildo; one for her pussy and the other for her ass. The more her pussy and ass were reamed the more passioned her pussy eating became. Cathy came to realize that the more she was used and abused the better she liked it. When one woman was finished she was quickly replaced by another and it wasn’t until she was fucked and made to eat-out every single gang member that she collapsed on the table totally spent. She could not recall how many orgasms she had while submitting to the demanding dikes and their mistress.

Cathy was then guided back to their suite and thought the night was over but she was mistaken. She was taken in the master bedroom and watched as Hank, Ann, and Carmella went at it on the big bed. The two aggressive women took turns riding her husband’s cock and face. Watching these two woman dominating her husband aroused her and once more her pussy was twitching and itching. As she slipped her fingers into her slippery snatch two dicks began rubbing all over her pretty face. Warren and Nate were naked and the sight and feel of their throbbing cocks sent shivers down her spine. Without being told she started stroking and sucking the two horny men. She was thrown to the floor and they both fucked her missionary style. Then the dicks were once more brought to her lips and she sucked them both hard again. While she had her sweet lips wrapped around Warren’s massive organ Nate lifted her creamy white legs and probed her anal passage with his black cock. When he deposited his seed deep up her butt Warren shoved his big fat cock up her ass and announced. “This is the moment that I have been waiting for slut. I am going to tear you a new ass-hole and you are going to love every minute of it. From now on you will be begging for it and every day at school I am going to call you to my office and fuck your mouth, cunt, and ass. You love it don’t you my little fuck slut?”

The blond’s legs rested on Warren’s shoulders as he ravished her sweet ass. Cathy realized that she did indeed love it and would be available to her well hung boss whenever he demanded her to service him. To further her humiliation Cathy was made to eat her husband’s cum out of the two dominate woman’s sopping cunts. Ann then opened a bottle of champaign for them to drink to celebrate the new year. Cathy inquired, “When are we going to go home?”

Ann replied, “Not until Sunday; we have much more planned for you. This will be one New Year that you will never forget. When we get home the six of us will be getting together regularly plus I will be taking you to some womens groups that I belong to. Now that we all know how much you enjoy lapping cunt I will provide you an endless supply of horny pussy for you to munch on!”

Warren told Cathy. “At school there are some other teachers that will be joining us for sexual romps. You will be surprised to find out how many swingers there are at school. The men and the women will all want to have you and there is one woman, I won’t tell you her name now but you will be shocked, anyway, she is more of a submissive slut than you are so if you want a change of pace you can dominate her.”

Nate added, “I think that you can provide our football team some incentive to play better. All the players that excel on the field will be rewarded with access to your white slut body. I would be willing to wager that being gang banged by a bunch of horny college studs would be a dream come true for your white ass. Am I right?

Cathy blushed and shyly cooed, “Well I am dedicated to the school and if it will help the team win more games then I suppose that it would be alright.” Cathy didn’t want to admit it but the thought of being taken by the entire football team was one of her secret fantasies but she never dreamed of really living it out; until now that is.

Hank felt left out and asked, “Hey, what about me? You have all of these plans for my wife but where do I fit in?”

Ann laughed and told the worried husband, “You will not be forgotten my little stud muffin, we will provide more pussy for you than you could ever handle. They say that variety is the spice of life so you should both be happy because you both will be getting more than your share of it.”

They all drifted off to sleep with visions of group sex dancing in their heads. Cathy had the most difficult time going to sleep; she couldn’t stop thinking about the football team and all of the horny young studs.


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