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New Carpet

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My name is Christine, I am 33 and have been married for 7 years to my wonderful husband. Both my husband and I had our share of sexual adventures before we got married and we have enjoyed a very active sex life with each other since we took our vows. The following is true and it surprised me as much as him since for the past seven years I have been faithfull to him.

I am not by any means a knockout. I am 5 foot 4 inches tall and since having our second child a year ago, still haven’t lost all my “baby weight.” I would be happy losing another 15 to 20 pounds and getting back to my size 6. I have very large breasts and despite having reduction surgery (medically required) three years ago I still am a 38D. I have mid length straight auburn hair and hazel eyes.

Since our second child came along I took on a part time job selling jewelry at a store in the local mall. A few weeks ago I was asked if I would volunteer to work a Sunday night after the mall closed as there was new carpet being installed and the insurance company required at least two employees be present during this. As we could always use some extra cash I said I would do it. I would be working the night with my manager, Heather, and she and I always had fun together. Heather is 35 and single. She is one of those women who always seem to attract the guys who screw her over. She is an attractive lady, about 5’3″ 115 pounds. She has long straight black hair and deep blue eyes. She has medium sized breasts, but the male customers are always hitting on her in the store (actually they always hit on all the girls who work there, I have come to the conclusion that men are all dogs after seeing guys come in to buy an engagement ring or something nice for their wives and try to pick one of us up in the process).

The night came along and I arrived as they were closing up the store. Heather and I sat in the office as we waited for the carpet crew to show up. I was dressed in a 3/4 length blue denim skirt with a short sleeved white ribbed sweater and knee high black boots. Heather was wearing a a button up blue silk blouse with a mid thigh paisey sarong. As the mall was closing at 7:00 PM, the crew of four guys showed up to install the carpet. They introduced them selves as James, a 41 year old white man about 5′ 10?” and 210 pounds was the supervisor, Tony, a 34 year old white guy was about 6 feet tall and 165 pounds, TJ was a nice looking 19 year old kid about 5′ 10 and 170, and Darrell was a 26 year old black guy who was 5′ 8″ and about 155. None of them were knee weakeners to look at, they were just average guys.

As the mall closed down they started their work. First they brought in the carpet and their tools so they wouldn’t have to keep tracking the security guards in the mall to let them in and out. Heather and I settled in to the back office while they went about their thing. As usual we talked a lot about our work, our co-workers and of course sex. The group of girls who work in the store are from 19 to 35. They all are reasonably attractive and whenever we all get together after work we always wind up talking about sex. Some of the girls I work are down right sluts (some of them let the customers pick them up). That night we talked about Maria who had recently told us about her and her boyfriend doing it with two other couples. Maria was proud of herself as she told how she was the only girl there to be able to take all three guys at once. Heather and I offered our comments on Maria and basically agreed that she was a slut but she was enjoying her youth (Maria is just 22). Heather asked if I had ever done anything that wild.

I told her no, not that wild. A few years earlier my husband and I had done it with another couple but it was more of a swapping thing and never a total orgy. We also had done it with a girlfriend of mine a couple of times. Also once when I was single I was with two guys. We talked about that and I told her the details of it all. (I have found that when women get together and talk sex they are far more explicit and rude then men – my husband can’t believe half of what I tell him after a night with the girls). She then told me of some of her wilder times to include one drunken experience with three guys following a rough breakup of a long time boy friend.

The whole time we were chatting, the guys were busy taking out the old carpet and putting in the new. They would walk past us and catch bits of out conversation and every now and then would make a grunt or a comment to us about it. We sort of flirted a little but nothing too serious (like one time as Tony past Heather was talking about giving two guys head and he said “that must have nice” to which she replied with a grin “Wouldn’t you like to know!”) and continued our conversation. The night went on pretty much like this as they went about their work.

Heather and I started to talk about another one of the girls, Sandra, who is 29 and married who recently confessed to us that a “cock has never passed her lips.” None of us could believe that and Heather and I started talking about how we both enjoy giving head. We both agreed that its not so much the act of it as the effect it has on the man that totally turns us on. It was nearing 3:00 AM and we were both feeling a bit giddy from lack of sleep. We started talking about our methods and she shocked me when she took out a banana and started to demonstrate her technique. She laughed at how red I got at watching her and continued with zeal to lick and suck that banana. We both jumped when we heard a voice say “That’s fine on a banana, but how about the real thing?” We were so caught up in our discussion/demonstration that we didn’t notice that James and Darrell had walked in. We looked up to see James standing there and he came closer to Heather, almost daring her to do something. She looked up at them and jokingly said, “Neither of you have the balls to whip it out now.” I was shocked at what was going on and stared as this unfolded in front me. Both James and Darrell looked at each other and shrugged then they both walked up to Heather who was sitting at the desk and one at either side of her unzipped their pants and pulled out their cocks. What happened next I still don’t believe.

Heather looked from left to right at both cocks in front of her face. James said “Come on, we’ve had to listen to you talk about this stuff all night . . .” She looked at me, shrugged and gave me a wink. She then said, “Well it has been a while for me . . .” and reached up taking a cock in each hand she slowly started to stroke them both. She leaned forward taking James in her mouth and started to suck him with long full strokes until he was fully erect. All the while she continued to stroke Darrell’s cock. I sat there transfixed, unable to move or stop watching. Once James was fully erect she turned and started to suck on Darrell’s cock while she pumped on James 6 inches with her other hand. She was slurping loudly and sucking him in deep and quick. Once Darrell reached his fullness (about 7″) she started to alternate between sucking one then the other. She kept stroking them both and started to lick their lengths and flick her tongue quickly along them. I don’t know which of them had done it but I noticed that her blouse was ubuttoned and James was squeezing her breasts and pinching her erect nipples which were clearly visible trough her semi-opaque blue bra.

As she licked along the bottom of Darrell’s cock, she looked over at me and said, “What’s the matter Christine? Don’t you want to have some fun too?” I wasn’t sure what she meant but followed her eyes to my left and was shocked to see TJ standing next to me with his pants around his ankles stroking his cock a foot away from my face. I jumped a bit and gave a startled shriek and turned away from him only to see to my right was Tony standing in the same fashion. I looked over at Heather who was now grinning evily at me as she licked on James cock and gave her my best “What do I do?” look. She just smiled and said “Go on Christine, show us what a good cock sucker you are.” A million thoughts raced through my mind, my husband, my two little ones at home, I tried to think how I was going to get out of this. When Darrell said “Go on you know you want to, you’re nipples are practically poking through your sweater” I remembered that my husband and I had made an agreement that if either of us were ever in a sexual situation that we wanted to pursue, it was ok as long as it was a one time thing, was just sexual, and we told each other about it after. I immediately knew that the first two conditions applied here but I wasn’t sure I could tell him about this after. I looked down at my breasts and realized that indeed my nipples were practically poking through my sweater and I first realized just how incredibly damp I was. Without out really thinking about it I reached up and took them both in my hands. I leaned over and took TJ’s cock into my mouth just sucking on the head and I popped it in and out quickly as I sucked it and rolled my tongue around it. All the while I stroked on Tony’s erect member. None of the guys were huge. I think TJ was the biggest, about 7 1/2 inches with the others all right around there or just a little shorter. I started to alternate between sucking on Tony and TJ. I looked over at Heather and saw that she was now topless and going to town on Darrell’s cock while James knelt in front of her and had opend her sarong and was rubbing her through her light blue panties.

I could tell that both TJ and Tony were enjoying what my mouth was doing as each one was leaking pre-cum over my tongue as I continued to lick and suck on them both. I remember thinking that if I just kept this up it would all be over soon as they both would surely cum before long and I wouldn’t have to worry about what I would do if I were put in Heather’s position. Just as this thought went through my head I felt my arms being raised above my head and felt the guys pulling my sweater up over my head. I was amazed at myself in that I let them do this with no resistance. I shivered when TJ rubbed the tip of his cock around my clearly visible nipple. The feelings of him rubbing me through my satin bra sent tingles through me. I continued to suck on Tony. Loudly and energetically I sucked on TJ as Tony dropped down and started to fondle and kiss my breasts. My entire body felt electric as I continued to suck on TJ while fondling and tickling his balls. I felt my breats expose themselves to the air as Tony removed my bra. As he lick and nibbled on my nipples I could feel my juices flowing freely. I knew thaen that I had better make them come fast or I was in deep trouble. I stroked TJ as I heard a grunt come from Heather. I looked over and saw that she was on her knees straddling James while sucking on Darrell. I could clearly see James’ cock thrusting in and out of her wet pussy. The look on her face was of total abandon.

Seeing this must have given TJ and Tony an idea too. TJ felt ready to burst in my mouth and hands but he pulled back and turned me around so I I faced Tony. Tony sat on the desk and lowered my mouth back to his twitching cock which I hungrily slurped. I felt TJ’s hands undoing the buttons on my skirt and for the first time offered some resistance. I brushed his hand away with mine but he quickly resumed his activity after lightly setting my hand aside. I felt my skirt fall around my ankles as I continued to lick and stroke Tony. I was now there for all to see bent over in front of one aroused man while sucking on another wearing just my control top pantyhose and black knee high boots. When I wear pantyhose, I never wear panties because I hate panty lines. I remember thinking that I was glad to be wearing them because they would take longer to get off than panties and I could voice any objection I wanted if they tried to take them off. I also was glad I wore my boots because I knew that I would have to take them off before things went to far giving me another opportunity to gracefully back out.

I stood up and Tony cupped my breasts and started to nibble, lick, and suck them again. TJ knelt behind me and started to rub and lick my through my pantyhose. He told Tony, “she is so wet and ready for us . . .” and I knew he was right as he could feel my wetness that had soaked through the pantyhose. I could feel his fingers pressing along me, combined with the attention my nipples were getting I had a mini orgasm right there. Tony pushed my head back down on his cock and I began to suck for all I was worth. I could hear Heather moaning and grunting as she was getting fucked by James and Darrell. I had to make Tony cum then get TJ back in my mouth and finsh him off before this went too far. TJ’s fingers were pressing into me when I felt the nylon between my legs separate a bit as his finger pushed against it. I felt my pantyhose give way as he wiggled a finger into me and slowly started to fuck me with it. My entire body quivered as his finger fucked me, lightly rubbing over my clit as he thrust it in me. He quickened the pace and added a finger as I began to feel Tony’s balls tighten and his cock start to twitch. I sucked hard and rolled my tongue around his head as I felt electricty course through my body from TJ’s fingers. Tony erupted in my mouth as I started to cum again. I thought I had done it now I just needed to get TJ back in my mouth. I came loud and long. I tasted Tony on my tongue and swallowed most. What I didn’t swallow I had taken on my breasts and while gasping for breath I rubbed his cum into them. I looked over and saw Heather in extasy and gasped as I saw that she was fucking James while Darrell fucked her ass. She looked at me with pure pleasure in her eyes. I was transfixed watching her.

I was brought out my trance by the sound of tearing. At first I wondered what it was but I was brought fully back to reality when I realized that TJ was tearing my pantyhose open. Just as the reality hit me I felt his strong hands grasping my hips. Before I could say anything I felt the tip of his cock part my lips as he thrust in while pulling me back onto him. Two thoughts quickly went through my mind. First I couldn’t believe that I had another man’s cock in me. Second I was amazed at how easily it slipped inside of me. TJ held my my hips firmly holding himself deep inside of me. I could feel his cock swelling in me as he flexed it. I began to squirm against him as I moaned. I tried to slide forward to get a motion going but he held me tightly to him. I could feel my ass against his body as he held me there squirming with him inside of me. Finally I could take it no longer, I had to have him fuck me. I turned to look at him and told him to fuck me. He just looked at me holding me tight with his cock swelling and receeding inside of me, he asked me what I said. At this point I was about to go crazy. I moaned to him “Please fuck me now!” He kept his tight grip on me but slowly slid out of me till just the tip was in. He asked if this was what I wanted to which I practically screamed “Yes! Fuck me hard Please!” With that he slammed it back into me only to hold me once again leaving me to grind my ass against his pelvis. I looked over at Heather who now was sitting on to of James with her back to him while she stroked Tony and Darrell’s cocks in her hands. She told TJ to fuck me good and hard and fast because she couldn’t wait to get his cock. My eyes glazed over as he started to fuck me with long hard thrusts.

The back office was filled with the sounds of sex. I could hear Heather slurping on cocks next to me and the sound of my ass slapping against TJ with each thrust. I was moaning and begging to be fucked harder. TJ started to fuck me very fast and I leaned back into him as he reached around and cupped my breasts. I was cumming like I hadn’t cum in years. Between his cock pounding into me and his fingers pinching my nipples I was in heaven. I finally felt him start to tense up and felt the welcomed explosion inside of me. As he came we collapsed on the floor till he was lying on my back having little after shocks inside of me.

TJ slid off of me and I rolled over on the floor. My body was covered with sweat. I was breathless. I watched TJ crawl over to Heather who now was being fucked doggy style by Tony. She looked at me and winked, her body shimmering with sweat, her face that of a satisfied woman accented by her long black hair which now had globs of someones cum splattered in it. James was sitting next to her covered in sweat too. He was milking his semi erect cock with one hand while playing with Heather’s swaying breasts with the other. I looked around for Darrell, and found him as he straddled my chest and plopped his hard cock between my breasts. I lifted my head and he brought his cock to my mouth. I sucked him in slowly licking him first and getting him slick. I could taste Heather on him as I licked her stickiness off of him. Darrell slid down and pressed my breasts together then started to slide his cock in and out between them. I reached up and pushed my breasts tightly together freeing his hands to play with my nipples and pussy. His fingers slid into me as his cock slid between my breasts and into my open mouth. It had been quite a while since I had had a black cock in my mouth and I slurped hard as he stroke upwards between my breasts as two fingers plunged in and out of my pussy.

I felt him remove his fingers and almost came when I felt my hips being raised up over someones legs and another hard cock position itself in front of my pussy. This one entered me slow and took long slow strokes, pausing at both ends before continuing its delicious invasion of me. As his pace began to pick up I wondered who it was that was fucking me. I couldn’t see around Darrell who kept up his pace while fucking my tits. I was moaning around his cock when Heather leaned over, draping her hair across my breasts and Darrell’s cock. I looed over and saw that she was right next to me riding I believe TJ. She looked down on me and said, “Doesn’t he have a beautiful cock?” I licked around it nodding my head as she leaned down and started to lick the top of his cock while I licked the bottom. Darrell picked up his pace and I was in absolute nirvana. I still didn’t know who was fucking me but it felt good. Plus Darrell was throughly enjoying the two tongues on his cock as he fucked my tits. He finally stiffened and Heather gripped his cock and stroked it as he came into both of our mouths and on my breasts. With that, Darrell sat there on my chest catching his breath while Heather hovered over me looking down on me. She opened her mouth and Darrell’s cum dribbled out and into my mouth. She leaned down and kissed me full on the mouth, our tongues quickly entertwining as we both tasted Darrell in each others mouths. I felt the guy who was fucking me tense and start to take rapid shallow strokes before I felt the warm release of his cum in me.

Heather broke our kiss and started to lick down my neck, following the trail of cum left by Darrell. She licked it all up and started to nibble and lick my nipples. I came quickly from that and the warmth between my legs. I felt Darrell climb off of me and Heather crawled on top of me before I could move. Kneeling with her pussy inches above my face she looked down at me ans said “Oh my Christine, you look like such a slut with your legs spread, pantyhose torn and your boots on.” With that she positioned herself on all fours over me and lowered her tongue to my pussy. I looked up at her trimmed pussy as I gasped at her touch. I reached up and pulled her down to me sticking my tongue out and slowly licking along her wet slit. I began to grind my hips against her face as she also started to gyrate over mine. I tasted someone’s cum as a large glod oozed out onto my probing tongue. My hands cupping her ass pulling her into me as i tasted her and the guys who had fucked her.

I felt a pair of hands grab her over mine and then saw a cock over my face start to slide along her opening. I lowered my head as the cock pushed into her. I licked along her outer lips as the cock began to pump in and out of her. My tongue continued to probe her, licking both her and the cock that was fucking her. I gasped when I once again felt a strong pair of hands grip my legs behind my knees, pulling them up and pushing them back. I moaned loudly as I felt a cock press its way into me. Between Heather licking me and the cock fucking me I soon was totally out of control. I licked her for all I was worth and licked the cock that fucked her as well as his balls. We all were bucking and Heather and I were practically screaming with pleasure. The guys practically came together for as I felt the explosion in me I soon tasted fresh cum oozing out of her. We all collapsed in an exhausted heap.

When Heather rolled off of me I saw that TJ had fucked her while James had just fucked me. We both were covered in sweat . James and TJ exclaimed how much fun that was and Tony and Darrell said it was their turn. Heather and I looked at each other, exhausted but shrugged. This time she lay on her back and got over her on all fours. Darrell got behind me and Tony lifted her thighs over his. None of us wasted any time in getting down to business. Darrrell was soon pumping in and out of me with quick hard strokes as Heather licked me. Occaisionally Darrell would slap my ass which sent chills through my body. Tony was pumping into Heather. He would alternate between sliding into her and then sliding into my mouth. I gasped as I felt Darrell pull out and then press his cock against my ass hole. He put it there with a little pressure then stopped. I turned to him and just said no, then reached back and guided him back into my pussy. He started pumping me hard and I was gasping for breath as I came yet again. Heather soon followed and then Tony and James came not far behind. We all collapsed again. When we got up, we looked at the clock and saw that it was just after 5:00 AM. The guys said they had a little to finish up with. Heather and I lay together arm in arm on the floor and watched them dress.

Once they were back at work, she kissed me and said that she had had a lot of fun. We looked at ourselves and laughed. I pointed out her stuck together hair and she got a good laugh at my torn hose and boots. She slid down and peeled off my boots and then my shredded hose, which we used to clean up droplets of cum that had dripped or sprayed on the tile floor of the back office. Not bothering to dress yet, we both cleaned ourselves with some baby wipes that all mothers have in their purses then fixed our makeup. As I was applying my lipstick, I felt Heather behind me and felt her gingerly kiss first one then the other ass cheek. I turned around and she said she hoped we can have fun together again. We hugged then got dressed just as the guys said they were finished.

I drove home not believing what had just happened. It felt like it was a dream, but my pleasently sore pussy assured me that it wasn’t. I got home just after 6:00 AM. My husband had taken the day off to take care of the kids for me, so I got home and quietly took off my skirt and collapsed on the bed next to him still wearing my shirt. As I was settling in I felt him snuggle up to me and felt his hand carress my bare ass. He asked how my night was and I said it was OK. Then he sat up and said “What’s this?” He turned the light on and then asked me explain the two deep burgandy lipstick kisses on either cheek. I swalowed hard and said, “Honey, you’re not going to believe this . . .”

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