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Is This My Imagination?

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I see the girl from across the room. She is the most beautiful creature she has ever laid her eyes upon, tall, slender, beautiful. She stands nearly six feet tall with dark brunette hair that hangs to her ass and emerald green eyes. Her eyes are round but appear to be soft and her lips are pouty and red. I watch her as she walks towards her and it appears that she is floating on a cloud.

“Hi. I’m Melissa,” she says.

“I’m Jayda,” I answer her. “You wanna get outta here? This music is so loud?”

We walk outside to a patio and sit beneath the umbrella. I watch her as she runs her long fingers around the top of the glass that she is carrying. She places it on the table and reaches for her purse. She pulls out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

“Do you mind?” she asks.

“No, not at all,” I reply.

She fires up the bic lighter and lights her cigarette. I stare in amazement as she blows little smoke rings with her awesome mouth. I ponder what it would be like to press my lips to hers, to wrestle my tongue inside her mouth. I’m not one who usually enjoys kissing a smoker, man or woman, but Melissa is so beautiful that it really doesn’t bother me.

“You come here often?” Melissa asks.

“Nah, first time here,” I whisper back to her. “My husband is out of town for the weekend and so I came here by myself.”

“Cool,” she responds. “It’s my first time here too.”

We sit at the table a little longer not saying much. I begin to feel awkward. Butterflies dance around in my stomach as I gaze upon her. I want to ask her to come home with me but am so afraid to be rejected. A girl this beautiful has got to have someone in her life. Or, perhaps she isn’t into girls I begin to think to myself. What if I make a fool out of myself?

She sits across from me, long legs barely crossed at her ankles. Her very short, navy blue skirt has become hiked even higher to reveal a sexy black garter, holding up her stockings. As she leans over to put her lighter back into her purse, her black halter tops falls open in the front and I can see her bare tits, no bra. Her skin is tan and she has pert nipples. I look down as to avoid her noticing me watching her, but I am drawn back to her crotch. As she adjusts herself in the seat, I can see that she has on a black g-string. Her pussy is completely shaven.

“Jayda,” she asks. “Are you okay?”

“Oh, yeah. I’m fine,” I reply as I put my glass back on the table. “I was just thinking.”

“About what?” she asks.

“Well, it’s a little embarrassing really,” I start. “I can’t help but notice how beautiful you are. And I don’t know how you feel about being with a girl. But to be perfectly honest with you, I cannot stop thinking about how amazing you would be in bed!”

She giggles. That thought was funny to her I think to myself. She stands up from the table and scoots near me, sitting right next to me. She runs her hand against my face and pushes my long blonde hair off of my ear. I can feel her breath against my ear, tickling it ever so slightly.

“To be honest with you,” she says, “I was thinking the same thing.”

She gently kisses my earlobe as she runs her hand up my thigh, stopping just before my pussy. Her teeth gnaw at my earlobe, sending shivers up and down my back. With both of my hands, I reach around her head and pull her lips to mine. Her mouth opens slightly and I caress my tongue on the inside of her mouth. Her tongue is soft. My tongue halfway into her mouth, I notice something hard. I run my tongue over it. It’s a tongue ring! The ball is a little cold from the drink that has just been in her mouth, but it feels amazing rubbing against my tongue. People have been coming in and out of the club, stopping momentarily to watch us as we gently kiss each other on the patio.

“Let’s go someplace,” she begs me. “My house, your house, a hotel, I don’t care as long as we get out of here!”

“Your car or mine?” I inquire.

“Came in a cab.”

I grab her hand and lead her to the parking lot. I reach for my keys and pop the locks on my Saturn Vue and tell her to get in. Once inside she reaches across the seats and grabs my head. Pulling it towards her lips I can feel my heart beating a mile a minute. She caresses my head as I press my lips to hers. Our tongues intertwine, soft and gently at first, then a little firmer. My mirrors begin to fog up from the heat of our bodies. I pull my head back and start the car.

As I start down the road, she reaches over and touches my knee. I can feel the anticipation starting to build in myself. I grab for her hand and put it on my thigh. Her hands are so cold against my hot skin.

“Stop there!” she shouts as she points to a store.

“What for?” I ask impatiently.

“I want to get something special,” she responds as she winks.

I pull into the parking lot of the local adult bookstore. I cautiously look around to be sure no one I know is there and then slide out of my car. I tug at my skirt to adjust the length and readjust my top. Melissa walks ahead of me and I watch her perfectly round ass as it saunters into the store. Just before she enters, I grab a handful of ass, just to remind her to be quick.

I have never been to a store like this before, so it is a little amazing and intriguing at the same time. I watch as Melissa walk around looking at all the different gadgets. She stops along the back wall and reaches for what appears to be a whip. It has a long black handle covered in leather with some strips of soft leather hanging from it.

“What’s that?” I question.

“It’s called a Cat-O-Nine Tails!” she responds laughing.

“Oh. Okay,” I answer her. “Does it hurt?”

“Lean forward a little and I’ll show you!”

I lean forward a little holding the back of my skirt so that not everyone gets a show. She takes the whip and smacks it against the back of my bare legs. It makes a loud noise but it doesn’t hurt, rather it turns me on.

“You like?” she inquires.

“Yeah, I do,” I answer her.

She walks a little further along the back wall staring up. She reaches up and grabs a box then quickly heads to the register. As I try to look over her shoulder at what was in the box, she puts it to the other side of her so that I cannot see. She pays the man behind the counter and heads for my car.

“What’s in the box?” I ask.

“You’ll see later tonight!” she giggles in response.

I get back in the drivers seat, start the car, and head towards my home. Again I find her with her hand on my knee, rubbing it gently and again I slide it up to my thigh, this time taking it a little further up. I look over at her to sneak a peek at what her expression might be. She is smiling. She slides her hand a little further up my leg, stopping just before she gets to my pussy. I watch her as she runs her own hand up her own thigh. Her hand disappears underneath her skirt. I take my hand off the steering wheel for a moment and pull her hand back out of her skirt.

“If I have to wait to touch you, so do you!” I laugh.

“Yes, but I don’t have to wait to tough you, do I?” she snorts in reply.

She runs her hand over the front of my already wet thong and then slides it towards the back of my pussy. My legs quiver.

“Beads? Is this a beaded thong?” she asks me in surprise.


“Oh my God! I am gonna have some gun with you tonight!” she yells out.

As I pull into my driveway, I look around to see if anyone is still awake. All the neighbors’ lights are out. We get out of the car and head for my front door. I am leading her when I feel her life the back of my skirt up.

“Nice ass!” she kids.

“Thanks!” I answer her. “Yours is really nice too, although I haven’t seen it bare yet!”

I shut the door behind her and reach for the light switch. Before I can make contact with it, I feel her hands reach around my waist, reaching for my pussy. Her tits are pressed firmly against my back, her mouth on the back of my neck. I spin her around to face me and press my lips to hers again. I stumble backwards, pulling her with me. I crash to the stairs, her body atop of mine. She gets off of me and offers me a hand back up. I take her hand and pull her up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, I point to the bathroom.

“You can take a shower if you like,” I offer.

“Thanks,” she says. “I think I will. Don’t want you to eat a dirty pussy”

I look at her in confusion for a moment and then realize by the expression on her face that she was merely joking with me. She enters my bathroom and closes the door behind her. I walk to the linen closet to grab a towel. Slowly, I open the door and sit down on the top of the toilet. I can clearly see her gorgeous body through the glass. I watch as she runs her hands over her tits, down her stomach, then her thighs, and finally back up to her pussy. She puts her back to the water and leans forward, letting the water pound against her ass.

“Are you getting is?” she asks.

“Didn’t know if you wanted me to,” I answered.

I take my clothes off and lay them on the floor. I quickly run to the closet to get another towel and lay it next to hers. I open the door and jump in. The heat and steam begin to magnify with us in the shower together. She grabs my shoulders and pushes me underneath the water. Then I watch as she gets to her knees. She spreads my legs a little and runs her hands up my thighs and over the outside of my pussy. Then she spreads my lips apart and runs her fingers up and down the inside of the slit. She spreads my lips a little further apart and slides her tongue inside, repeating the same motion as her fingers did just moments earlier.

I push her face out and pull her up off of the shower floor. I pull her underneath the water with me and watch as the beads of water roll off of her tits. I grab a tit in my hand and tweak her nipple. She leans her head back and sighs, so I put her tit in my mouth and suck on it, then switch to the other one. She reaches up behind me and shuts the water off.

I step out of the shower and hand her a towel. Before I can wrap myself in my own towel, she covers me with hers. She dries me off, massaging every inch of my body, then pats herself dry. She follows me as I walk down the hall to my bedroom. She tells me to wait a moment and runs downstairs. Moments later she is back, this time holding the bag from the store. I turn on a little music to lighten the mood. My heart races once again as she sits on the edge of the bed.

I walk to her, tying my long blonde hair up into a bun. She sits on the end of the bed so patiently and still, almost statue like. I lean forward and press my lips to her lips, tits hanging within a hands reach. She grasps for them and pinches the nipple. As she does this, I quickly straddle her lap, resting my freshly shaven pussy against hers. As they touch, I can feel how wet her pussy has become and it excites me incredibly. We wrap our arms around each other, embracing passionately as we kiss.

Without even realizing it, our pussies are grinding against each other. Lips still pressed firmly together, I reach between us and slide two fingers deep inside her hole. It is so tight and wet. Her body naturally pressed against mine a little harder and my fingers plunged in and out of her. Suddenly she grabs my hand and pulls it away. My fingers are covered in juice. She places my middle finger in her mouth and begins to suck on it. Then she places her pointer finger in my mouth so I can taste her candy. It is sweet and sticky and it makes me want to lick every ounce out of her.

She gets up off the edge of the bed and stands in the center of the room. I watch her for a moment wondering what she is doing, She stands there a moment longer and then reaches over to the dresser where the whip was laid. She sways back and forth slapping the whip into her hand repeatedly. It makes a loud cracking noise each time she swings.

“Come here!” she commands.

I walk to her and stand facing her. She eyes my up and down then turns my body away from her. I look back at her as she sizes me up. She tosses her hair off of her shoulders and towards her back. It falls neatly, swaying from side to side.

“Ever had it rough before?” she asks me.

“No,” I tell her. “I’m a little innocent when it comes to things like this. My husband does it missionary and that’s it”

“Well, tonight things are gonna change! I am going to dominate your ass! If you like it, then you can dominate me.”

I nod my head in agreement and wait for her next orders. They came quickly. She tells me to lay on the bed, face down and do not try to look back up at her. I lay there, ass facing up, arms outstretched with the palms facing down. There is no noise. I do not even hear the radio now. The next thing I hear is a loud crack. She takes the whip and smacks my ass with it two or three times.

“You like that?” she says in a rough voice.

“Yes,” I answer her.

“It’s yes ma’am,” she snaps back.

“Yes ma’am,” I repeat.

She reaches back and swings again, and again, and again. My ass has become a little sore and I start to turn my head to look at back at her. As I look over my shoulder, she climbs up on the bed, straddles my thighs, and shoves my face back to the mattress. Using her hand, she spank my ass, leaving small welts. As much as it hurts, I enjoy it. I feel my pussy get wetter and wetter with every single slap to the cheeks.

“I told you not to look at me!” she yells.

“Sorry ma’am,” I reply.

“Do you know what happens to bad little girls when they do not listen?” she inquires. “They are punished!”

She whacks my ass a few more times then gets up off of the bed. This time I do not look to see what is going on. She walks over to my dresser and opens the top drawers, rifling inside of them. In there she finds a black bandana and a pair of black stockings. She shuts the drawer and heads back over to the bed. Once again I feel her draped over my thighs. She leans forward letting her hard nipple brush against my back. I want to flip her over and press my tits to hers, but I lay there motionless. She grabs my forehead from behind and lifts my face off of the mattress. Using my bandana, she makes a mask and slips it over my eyes and ties it securely at the back of my head.

“Can you see me?” she asks.

“No ma’am,” I respond.

She pushes my face back into the mattress as she reaches for my arms. She grabs then with some force and pulls them to behind my back. Using my stockings, she ties my hands behind my back, then grabs me up by shoulders and guides me across the room. She stops suddenly and tells me to sit down in a chair. As I sit in the chair, I press my ass all the way to the back, but she pulls me forward and forces my legs apart.

“Keep your legs spread like this until I tell you to close them!” she commands me.

It gets very quiet in the room. I realize that she has left for a moment and become a little nervous. But before I could call for her, she returned. I hear her opening a box and pulling something out. I can hear Velcro tabs being pulled apart and then secured again. The music in the room becomes slightly louder and the breeze that has been blowing in through the window has ceased. I can sense her standing in front of me again.

“Lean forward and open your mouth!” she commands.

I lean forward and open my mouth slightly, not knowing what to expect. She places her hands on my shoulders and comes a little bit closer. I feel something hard on my lips. I open my lips a little further and that hard thing I am feeling slides into my mouth. It tastes horrible! It finally occurs to me that Melissa has placed a strap-on around her waist and is forcing me to suck on it.

I lick my lips to soften them and then run my mouth up and down on the rubber shaft. Her hands wrap tightly around my head as she forces my head farther down on the cock. It tickles the back of my throat, almost causing me to gag. But that doesn’t matter to her. She keeps me bobbing on it. After a moment, she pulls it out of my mouth and smacks my face with it. It is hard and rubber and leaves a mark on my cheek.

“Suck the cock, bitch!” she exclaimed. “You fucking suck it until I tell you to stop!”

I bear down and run my mouth up and down, time after time going deeper with every thrust. She grabs the back of my neck and forces me as far as I can go on the cock. I try to break my hands free so that I can control how deep the cock is slammed into my mouth, but the restraints are tied so tightly that I cannot even move my hands. The loss of control turns me on and I want my turn.

She pulls the cock out of my mouth. I hear the Velcro tabs come apart and the strap-on hit the floor. She reaches underneath my arms and lifts me out of the chair. I feel her hands on my back as she pushes me towards the bed. She gives me a shove and I land on my back.

“Can you please take these restraints off?” I ask her.

She unties the stockings but only for a moment. I pull my hands out from underneath my back and lay them at my sides. Before I can do anything, she straddles me and reaches for my arms. I try to fight her off, heightening my sense of arousal. She holds one arm down and with her free hand, she smacks my face. Then she grabs both hands and using the stockings, she ties my hands in front of me, tighter than before. She leans down to whisper something in my ear.

“I told you I am in control here,” she whispers. “Don’t fuck with me!”

The she kisses my lips and slides her tongue in my mouth. I swirl my tongue around on the inside until I find the tongue ring. I wrap my tongue around the top ball and give it a little yank. Her nipples get hard while they are pressed against mine. I yank on the ball again as I feel her nipples get even harder. She likes the pain.

I feel her thighs work higher and higher up on my body. They start at my waist then work their way up by my tits. Finally they are around my face. I reach the moment I have been waiting for!

She rests her ass on my chest and reaches for my head. As she lifts it forward I can smell her pussy. It smells so sweet and juicy. I take a deep breath in to absorb the smell and as I do so, I fell her juice slide down onto my neck.

“Open your mouth!” she demands.

I spread my lips wide open and stick out my tongue. She leans forward a little bit and rubs the outside of her pussy against my tongue. Her freshly shaved pussy tickles my tongue. I force my tongue up inside of her, concentrating of the clit. Using my tongue, I rub little circles all over the clit. It starts off soft but becomes harder and harder inside my mouth. With every complete circle I make I feel her hips sway around on my face. Her pussy juice runs down my chin as I tap her clit with my tongue.

“Ummmmmm,” she exclaims. “Eat my pussy you little whore!”

I slide my tongue from her clit down the inside of her slit and shove it deep inside her black hole. She begins to bounce her pussy up and down on my tongue, riding it like it is a huge cock and she wants it all. I begin to make the same circular motions inside her pussy. She rubs herself back and forth on my face letting her clit hit my nose and then coming up a bit so that I can breathe. Keeping my tongue erect, she pounds her pussy up and down, letting all of my tongue go deep inside of her. I feel her hand brush across my nose. She places a finger on her clit and rubs it in circles as I fuck her pussy.

“Let my hands free,” I beg her. “I promise you’ll like this!”

She reaches behind her and unties my hands. I grab her ass and life it every so slightly, just enough that I can get a finger on the outside of her asshole.

“Sit back down!” I instruct her.

She rests her ass on my finger as I massage her asshole. I push her hands away from her own clit and place my other finger on it. I massage the clit as my tongue plunges in and out of her pussy faster and faster. She relaxes her body and lets me take control. As I wiggle my tongue on her inside, I gently press my finger deeper into her ass, and then pull it out a bit. I repeat this action several times. Her ass has become just as juicy as her pussy. Her thighs tighten around my face and I can tell that she is going to explode. As much as I want her to cum for me, I want her to wait.

She lays back pressing her back to my tits and giving me a better view of her pussy. I ram my finger deeper into her ass. My tongue is no longer inside of her, rather it is in that little spot between the pussy and asshole, massaging it gently. She moans louder and louder.

“I am gonna cum!” she screams.

She rolls herself off of me and slides to the end of the bed. I remove the bandana from my eyes and get off of the bed. I walk over to my closet and reach into a box labeled “toys”.

“I wasn’t completely honest before when I said that I had never been to a store like that before,” I confessed to her. “This has been my fantasy for a very long time!”

I pull from the box a pair off handcuffs and a huge green vibrator. I instruct her to get back on the bed and to lay on her back. Once she is on the bed, I put myself in the 69 position with her. She grabs a hold of my hips and presses my pussy to her lips. She splits my pussy open and sticks her tongue deep in my hole, tongue ring and all! As she uses her tongue to fuck me, the ball of her ring rubs against the inside of my hole, hitting my g-spot very quickly. From time to time she smacks my ass with her hands and every time she does, I burry my face deeper into her pussy.

“Use this,” I instruct her as I hand her the vibrator.

She takes it in her hands and rams it with force deep into my black hole. Every time she pulls it out, I thrust my ass back towards it letting her know just how badly I want it inside of me. Once it is covered with my pussy juice, I feel her massage the outside of my asshole with it. I take a deep breath and continue to force my tongue inside of her, trying to keep my mind off of her getting ready to fuck me in the ass.

I take a deep breath as she wriggles the vibrator inside my ass and turns the switch on. It giggles around inside my ass and she sucks on my clit. It feels so amazing that I forget what I am doing and raise my body up from off of hers. She rams it in, deeper and deeper and deeper, going faster and harder with every shove.

“Ahhhh!” I scream out. “Don’t stop fucking me you little bitch. Don’t you dare stop!”

But she stops. She pulls the vibrator out and removes her tongue from inside my pussy. She climbs up on the bed and gets in the doggy position. I grab the strap-on and attach it to my waist, then climb up on the bed with her. I gently rub it inside of her soaking wet hole and get it ready. I grab her hips and force her deep hole back onto my rubber cock. I slam it in her so hard and so fast that her tits are nearly smacking her own face.

“I’m gonna fuck you bitch! I’m gonna tear your pussy up and when I am done with that, I’m gonna fuck you in your ass!” I scream at the top of my lungs.

“Yeah! Yeah!” she screams out. “Fuck me. Make me your whore. Show me who’s my boss!”

I continue to fuck her with a ton of force. I slide my finger onto the top of my clit and rub it around. I see her bent over playing with her own clit as well. My cock slides in and out of her with much ease. I pull it out of her pussy and slide it against her clit and rub it in a circle. Then I bring it back and tease the outside of her hole. She begs me to put it back in her. So, I comply with her desire, only I shove it into her asshole.

She screams out. I spread her ass cheeks wider so that I can get all of my cock inside of her. I shove it in her, going slowly at first and then just ramming it inside of her. She is begging me not to stop. She arches her back and lets out a glorious scream of pleasure!

“Ohhhh…FUCK!” she gasps. “Here I cum!”

She arches her back and tilts her head back and I grab a handful of her hair as I make one final plunge into her asshole. I see her pussy shoot juice out and land on the mattress in the middle of the bed. She drops to her knees and rolls over onto her back and I quickly straddle her face.

I hand her my vibrator and tell her to go to town. With a tongue on my clit, a vibrator deep in my pussy, and a finger in my ass, I circle my hips around on her face. Moments later I look down at her and smile. I feel my clit pulsating against her tongue.

“Are you ready for me?” I ask.

With one final thrust of my pussy against the vibrator, my pussy shot out its juice into her wide open mouth. My body collapses on top of her with exhaustion. I have never felt so satisfied in my life. I lay my body at the top of my bed and she lies next to me. My eyes close and I drift off to sleep, vividly dreaming of what had just transpired. In the morning I look to the other side of the bed for the woman who has rocked my world, but she is gone. Had this just been a fantastic dream or would we meet again? Only time will tell.

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