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Single again and with more time on my hands than commitments, I had decided to hit the open road for a while. I didn’t pack an itinerary and only packed the clothes I thought I couldn’t do without. After all, this trip would be atop my old Harley and there wasn’t but so much room for stuff. In the past few years I’d come to live doing the things I want to do and like doing, which meant odd jobs, some consulting now and then, and lots more time to shoot outdoor images, something I’d not done in earnest since the film days of the 80’s.

So, with the essentials packed, the motor serviced, I was prepared to head out first thing in the morning to wherever the front wheel took me.

The next morning was bright, clear and crisp and as I pulled out onto the interstate the only thoughts and plans were to head west hard and fast for a couple of days before slowing down. The miles clicked off quickly and easily and I rode well into the darkness that first day before taking a room for the night. I usually try to find a motel where I can take a room on the ground floor so I can roll my motor into the room for the night. It’s an old habit from years ago. After hitting the free breakfast at the motel I was back on the road. I’d already passed through the mountains of North Carolina and into Tennessee, and wanted to cross the Mississippi before stopping again. As I rode I began to notice, as I often do, the cars travelling in the grouping around me. Some fall out while others are added and I often think about where other folks might be going if I’ve noticed them for long stretches. One such sedan caught my attention midway through the second day out, having seen it all morning long.

Around noon I pulled into one of those mega-convenience store/gas station/fast food places to fuel up, grab a bite and hit the men’s room. Besides, after riding all day the day before and all morning today my legs really could use a stretch. As I was fueling up I noticed the silver sedan pull up to the pumps three islands away. At first I didn’t think too much of it, but a few moments later when I saw the curvy brunette start fueling the car it got my attention. She appeared to be about my age and I muttered to myself that her husband must be a jerk for making her do the fueling duties while he was no doubt inside. I hadn’t seen him, mind you, just an assumption. I got finished gassing up, rolled the motor to a spot in front of the store and made my way to the restrooms and then to find something to eat, all the while hoping to see the brunette come inside.

Sitting at a booth and finishing my lunch I spied her at the counter ordering something to eat. There was no man around and I decided to sit and watch what she did. All she got was a drink and some fries and I watched as she made her way back to her car, got in alone, and started to pull out. No dude after all. I hurriedly tossed the table scraps in the trash, hopped on the motor while trying to keep an eye on the sedan to make sure it resumed the same direction on the interstate, which it did, and got myself underway as quickly as I could. Out on the road it didn’t take me long to catch up to within eyesight of the silver sedan and I adjusted my speed to pace with her for a while, being in no hurry myself. We rode on like that into the afternoon sun and I can tell you that I was for sure happy when I saw her signal and merge over into the off ramp at rest area. That tea had gone through me, and apparently through her too.

The rest area was busy but as it turns out one of the last empty parking spots was right beside the silver sedan. She’d already made her way inside, no doubt in real need to pee, so I parked and made my way to the men’s room. I figured I’d get done faster than her, and figured right, and as it happened we were walking back towards our parking spaces at just about the same time. I got there first, swung a leg over the seat and just sat there cleaning my sunglasses. When she walked to her car she stopped and said, “Where you headed?”

“I don’t know, just following the front tire. How about you?” She chuckled and took a step in my direction before she began to speak.

“I’ve been seeing you for hundreds of miles now. You really don’t know where you’re going to wind up?” At this point she was only a few feet from me and her smile was sweet, her skin lovely and mellow, her hair wisping in the breeze, her shirt straining to fit around her ample boobs and her hips and legs displayed perfectly by the skirt, and a face that was like the innocent girl next door that should have won the beauty contest. I explained that I was on an extended outing of sorts, out to purely enjoy the ride, enjoy the sights, take some images along the way, and go wherever it seemed right to go. She knodded more in a way of agreement than anything, stood quietly for a moment, then smiled and said, “I’ll see you in the breeze then.”

I cranked up and pulled out before she did, trying to keep sight of her car in my mirror all the while wondering what she meant by “see you in the breeze.” She hung back a good ways for several miles but as the traffic began to thin I noticed her coming closer. As she approached I was slightly surprised to see her pull out into the passing lane and begin to move up along side me. I normally ride in the right side of the travel lane but when she began to pull out I drifted towards the left side of the lane. Another old habit when a babe is suspected to come alongside. As she got right beside me her car slowed to match my speed and I glanced over. WOW. My eyes about popped out of their sockets. She had removed her top and was riding there topless with a huge grin on her face and a magnificent set of tits standing pert and proud.

We played a game of cat and mouse for a bunch of miles where we’d alternately slow down and speed up, passing back and forth with me getting a great show. I motioned for her to pull up the skirt, and she did just far enough to catch a glimpse of some red lacy panties. As we passed a few semi’s she would stay exposed but would pass them just slow enough for them to catch a quick glimpse then she’d move on. After a bit we began to approach a town and more traffic began to accumulate and she pulled her top back on and fell in behind me as we motored on down the highway. When I exited to refuel I was happy to see her follow my lead. I pulled to a fueling island and she parked at the island beside mine but stayed in her car. As I was fueling I asked her, “To what do I owe that awesome pleasure back on the interstate?” to which she simply smiled and said, “Consider it chapter 1 of things that may come.”

We chatted as I fueled, laughed about the expressions on some of those truckers’ faces, and then I mentioned that there was another town about 75 miles up the road that might make a good place to stop, eat and find a place to stay for the night. She, thought about it, grinned and said, “You lead the way, Harley.” “Actually, my name is Harley” I replied, but she thought I was just kidding and laughed out, “Yeah, and your last name must me Davidson!” I just grined, finished fueling and we were back out on the road making our way westward Knowing she was in tow I kicked up the pace. Not impatient to get there or anything like that, you know. Guess I should fill you in on my situation a little. Like I said, I’m single again and decided to live a life of chosen tasks and stresses, which is to say much simpler and rewarding. I’m past some guys’ prime, age wise, but make it to the gym to pump iron and get enough cardio exercise that I’m in much better shape than I’ve been for most of my life and better than any guy my age that I know of. I stand about 6’1″, weigh a solid 225, and have let my hair grow down to my shoulders like it was in my college days. I miss a lot of my past life, for sure, but am happy now too.

Anyway, another hour or so down the interstate and I see the signs denoting the available accommodations, eateries, etc, and pick an exit to explore. This isn’t a large town and being in the middle of the week the roads aren’t crowded off the interstate. I spy a motel nearby and head that way, sedan right behind me. As I park in front of the office she parks beside me, and she walks in with me as if we’re together. The clerk asked how he can help me, I request a room in the ground floor, preferably on the back side of the building, I pay for the room, get my keycards, and as I turn to walk out she grins at me, takes my arm and walks out with me. I ask, “You not getting a room?” “Just got one, Mr. Davidson” was all she said as we walk out the door.

Around back we found the room and the parking lot was empty back there. Fine with me. I opened the door but as she was about to walk in I put my arm across the doorway and said, “At least tell me your name.” “Diedre” is all she said, ducked under my arm and into the room, straight to the bathroom and shut the door. Okay, this ought to be interesting, I thought to myself. I grabbed a few things out of the saddlebags and put them on the countertop, sat down on the end of the bed and kicked my boots off then sprawled back on the bed. Man it felt good to relax there. All I needed was a cold beer and things would be fine. About the time that thought had run through my mind she came out of the bathroom. I half expected, desired, her to come out half naked but she was still in the top and skirt, but was just about as happy when she laid down on the bed beside me. I handed her my drivers’ license to show her my name really was Harley, Harley Dawkins in fact. She laughed and thanked me but then offered that she wouldn’t be showing her license…preservation of age, you know. That’s fine, Diedre would suffice.

After laughing and talking for a few minutes Diedre leaned up and over me, then gently kissed me. Her lips were sweet and soft, with a warmth that foretold of a firey passion beneath. She lay back down with her head on my chest and apologized for acting that way, for intruding on me, and for being so forward. I assured her that an apology was neither warranted nor needed, that she was not an intrusion but rather a welcome addition, and that I didn’t see her as forward as much as brave enough to do as she felt and as she pleased. That brought another kiss, but this one broken in laughter by the roar from my empty stomach! Diedre hopped up from the bad and said, “OK, you look like you could use a hot shower. I’ll pop down the road and bring us back something to eat. You want a beer with your supper?” This was too good. As I started stripping out of my clothes she smiled and shut the door on her way out.

The shower felt great and I took the time to shave and groom before slipping back into my jeans and a t-shirt just as Diedre was coming in the door with a sack of food and drink. She’d found some BBQ ribs and fries and stopped and got us a some cold beers to wash it down with. It was a great meal and as I was about finished she looked over at me with a grin on her face and said, “I hope you are able to eat dessert!” I hadn’t seen anything else in the bag but grabbed it and looked again into the emptiness inside. When I looked back at her she just had a big wide grin on her face and giggled as she moved her knees in and out a couple of times. This was surely going to be a good night.

After eating and sipping a cool brew we laid back on the bed and I clicked on the TV to see what might be of interest. Some nature program came up as I flipped through the stations and there were two animals about to mate. Diedre sprang up and said “That looks interesting!” I pulled her back and feigned a growl as I moved to kiss her. As I reached to caress her breast I felt one of her hands move over my cock and grab at it through my jeans. We broke out kiss long enough for me to pull her top up over her head, once again freeing those wonderful boobs. As I worked at once on the tits and the other hand down to find the warm dampness of her crotch I felt her hand slip down the front of my jeans and find my cock. In short order I stood and removed my jeans and t-shirt as she slipped the skirt off but kept the red panties on. I knelt at the foot of the bed and kissed up her legs, paying close attention to her inner thighs, nipping her skin with my lips and kissing just firm enough to bring a shiver of delight to her. I kept kissing all the way to the fold where her leg and hip join, switched to the other side and back down to her knee. When I got back up to her pussy this time I nuzzled her moist mound through those lacy panties, grasped them at the waist above her hips, and slid them down and off her ankles. She made no effort to close her legs as I moved back up to her pussy, kissing her thighs then kissing that hard and slightly protruding clit. Her aroma was intoxicating and as I ran my tongue down the crevice I could taste her sweetness. As I pleasured her with my tongue I ran my hands up her side and grasped a nipple in each hand, gently pinching the nipples between two fingers. Diedre rose to meet my tongue and rolled slightly side to side in response to my pinching of her nipples. As her back began to arch and her head tilt back I sucked on her clit while flicking my tongue back and forth across it, bringing her to a strong climax with her legs clamped against my head and her hands finding my hair to pull me closer into her. Her taste was sweet and was the perfect dessert, for sure.

Diedre motioned for me to come up beside her and as I did she bent down towards my now very hard cock, slipping it smoothly into her mouth a little at first then deeper with each insertion. She took me deep and with warmth, gently caressing my balls as I drove deeper into her mouth and throat. It had been a very long time since I’d been with anyone and this sensation was too much for me to hold out very long. I signaled to her that I was about to cum, but she never pulled away, instead taking every drop of my cream into her mouth and swallowing without breaking her hold. When I was spent and my firmness diminished she moved back up beside me, with me pulling her atop me. We laid there like that for long quiet moments, listening to each others’ heartbeat and breaths, feeling each other with the full length of our bodies, savoring the skin to skin contact of the moment.

As she gently kissed my neck the stirrings began again anew in my cock, and I turned her head and kissed her deeply, passionately, strongly. Our tongues danced against each other, our lips engaged, our hands roamed and caressed and stimulated, and as my limp cock began to rise I felt Diedre shift slightly and position the head right against her pussy. Then, with a subtle motion she slid my cock up into her tunnel, a warm and inviting passage salved well with her own passion juices. I went slowly at first then the pace quickened in unison. Our positions changed and we resumed the motions, first slowly then with speed and force. Having had release I was able to pace my own orgasm but Diedre was not of that mind. She came to several orgasms with a slight pause between each but the timing becoming more frantic and the energies stronger each time. I could hold myself no longer, the contractions of her fiery pussy and the stimulation of her juices and her aroma in my senses driving me to a powerful and driving climax, deeper and faster into her than any before and bringing her to a roaring climax of her own.

We laid there, cuddled and secure, kissing from time to time but without too much conversation. The hour had grown late and we both drifted off to a peaceful sleep in a comfortable embrace. It was one of those times when you really don’t want the moment to end, and you go to sleep thinking of how it might be in the morning.

I guess I’d been a bit more tired from the road and wind that I thought, and the activities of the night had taken more out of me than I thought, and the bed was comfortable which all added up to me sleeping far longer than I usually do. By the time I woke up Diedre was already out of bed. In fact, she had already showered, dressed, and was nowhere to be found. I pulled back the drapes and looked out at the parking lot only to see my motor sitting there where I’d left it last night. I looked over at the countertop and my wallet and things were still there. Then I saw a note laying on top of my boots, a simple folded piece of motel stationary that you always find in the rooms. On the outside it was addressed, “Harley”

I opened the note and it read: “Harley, thank you for a wonder day and a wonderful night. I left home looking for something but didn’t know what it was. I found it. Thank you. I have to go my own way now, but I have your name and address. Look for me someday. D”

I then noticed my camera was sitting out on the counter, not where I’d left it. I picked it up, turned it on and hit the monitor button to review the images recorded. There it was. Diedre had held the camera up at arms length and taken a self portrait. Awesome.

My trip was easier now. No pressure. No expectations. But I did pay close attention to every silver sedan I saw from there on until I got back home. Saw one then, too. Parked right there in my driveway beside my old pickup.

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