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No Other Toothpaste Can Do This

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When I got to college, I was the only freshman in the senior dorm. I had planned to go to another school but at the last minute I changed my mind. Richards Institute where I had originally planned to go had a wonderful fine arts program, which was my field; but I had been accepted at Rodgers University, and when push came to shove I just couldn’t give up the opportunity to go to one of the Big League schools. So by the time I decided to go to Rodgers and applied for a room, the freshman dorms were all filled.

My father and my mother were all excited about Rodgers. It was a real prestige school, and maybe they were partially behind my decision to change my mind. Also my father was really hoping I’d go on to business school and be a businessman like he was. He wasn’t very thrilled with the whole fine arts thing.

I had to report to Rodgers on September eighth to get my room assignment and to sign up for the classes I would take. I decided on English, Ancient History, Economics, Government and for my one fun course I picked Renaissance Painting 101.

Then my parents took me over to Bolt Hall where I would be staying. Room 305. My father helped me carry my bags, and as we were climbing the stairs to my room my mother, who complained about everything, began complaining that there was no elevator in the dorm.

I opened the door with the key they had given me, and we entered the room. The first thing I saw was the big tall guy, who was obviously my new roommate, sitting with his back against the pillows on one of the beds with his feet up. He was watching a small television across the room where they seemed to be playing football. He was tall and wiry. His arms, shoulders and legs were almost too muscular, and they were very visible in the tight blue tee shirt which showed his defined chest, and I think they call it his pectoral muscles. (I’m not that up on bones, muscles, nerves. All that anatomical information.) He was wearing a pair of tight blue spandex shorts, which were very short, and outlined another prominent muscle, which I won’t go into here. This isn’t that kind of a story. This is a college story. My new roommate had a strong face. You know the kind. High cheekbones, (I think those are cheekbones,) sculptured jaw, solid chin. He was really good looking, though it bothers me when someone is better looking than I am. He had thick black hair and a little bit of five o’clock shadow. He was surveying me, and I noticed his eyes were a smoldering medium brown. He was kind of dangerous looking.

“Hi. I’m Pepper Adams,” he said, jumping up and extending his right hand.

“Gary Dean,” I introduced myself and shook his hand.

“Henry Dean,” said my father, taking his hand.

“Vicky,” said my mother, smiling at him. “Is this your first day at college too?”

“Hell, no. I’m a senior,” he answered. “This is the senior dorm. They told me I was going to have a late admission freshman in here because they had no room in the freshman dorm. “Welcome to Rodgers, Gary,” said Pepper.

“Thanks,” I said.

“Let me help you unpack, darling,” said my mother.

“No that’s okay mom, I can do it.” Pepper and I gave each other a conspiratorial look. Mothers. Yeah.

My parents invited Pepper to come to dinner with us, but he declined. He was having dinner with his girlfriend, Ingrid. So we drove into town and had a nice meal at the University Spa, which was considered to be the best restaurant in the whole area. After that my parents drove me back to the dorm, and went to their hotel room. We were going to have breakfast together the next morning before they drove home.

Back in the dorm room, I unpacked, put all my clothes into the drawers and closet (my half of the closet and the three bottom drawers) stowed my luggage on the closet shelf, got into my pajamas, and got my toothbrush and toothpaste and went down the hall to the third floor bathroom. The dorm seemed to be deserted. Pepper wasn’t around and neither was anybody else. After showering, drying, and brushing my teeth I returned to my empty room and sat back on my own bed. I turned on the lamp next to the bed and continued reading the book I had brought, Vanity Fair.

I was so engrossed in the book that I wasn’t noticing the time, and I guess it was about one a.m. when I heard Pepper’s key in the door.

“You still up?” he asked.

“I was reading. I got involved.”

“Good for you. I never read except for the stuff I have to read for classes. Did you and your folks have a nice dinner?”

“Yeah. It was great. I had broiled brook trout,” I answered.

“Oh, you went to the University Spa. That’s one of their specialties.”

“Yes,” I said.

“So do you play any sports?” he asked.

“No,” I answered. “I’m not very athletic.”

“Yeah. You are kind of a skinny little guy,” he observed. “You know what? You could go out for crew. They need skinny little light guys to be the coxswain on the boat.”

“I get seasick,” I joked.

He wasn’t the joking kind, and persisted. “But that’s a sport you could be good at.”

“I don’t really like sports that much,” I explained.

“You don’t like sports?” he cried in utter amazement. “How can that be? Every guy likes sports. I love sports. Football, baseball, basketball, hockey. Everything. And I’m on the school wrestling team. In fact this whole floor is the wrestling team. They arranged it so that we could all be together.”

Now I understood all those muscles. He was trained to pick guys up and throw them all around. “I’ll have to go over and watch you wrestle one of these days,” I said.

“Sure,” he answered. He started getting undressed, and I got to see his Michaelangelo-modeled hard round buns flexing as he walked around the room. It seemed he slept in the raw, not in pajamas like me. His beautifully shaped penis and testicles swayed in front of him, but I was a gentleman and didn’t look.

“I’d better get to sleep,” he said. “I’m knocked out. My girlfriend Ingrid really exhausted me tonight. She just can’t get enough of my dick. She keeps making me go again and again.”

“Where do you do it?” I queried.

“Up in her room. Over in the girls’ dorms. They allow guys up in the rooms till ten o’clock. Then I hide in the closet until it quiets down, and I sneak out later on.”

“Doesn’t she have a roommate?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah, sure. But it’s okay. Ellen loves to watch me fuck Ingrid. She even plays with herself a little. I offered to fuck her one night, but Ingrid gave me a dirty look and Ellen said ‘no thanks’, so she just watches.”

I was already getting an education, and classes hadn’t even started. A few days later they did start, and I began to get into a routine. I met the other guys on the floor and on the wrestling team: Marty, Pete, Jim, John, Willy, Tony, Artie, Phil and Steve. I saw them in the hall and in the showers, and they were all big strapping, heavily muscled guys. But they were all pretty nice to me. They started calling me Stringbean. All except Artie, that is. I could tell he didn’t like me. When he would pass me in the hall, he would sneer at me. I didn’t know what I had done. I hated being in the shower with him. He would stare at me in this funny way while he was soaping his crotch and whistling ‘My Country ‘Tis of Thee’. One time we were both in the shower with three of the other guys, and all of a sudden he throws the soap at me. “Here kid, catch,” he said.

The soap grazed my shoulder and dropped to the floor behind me. I stooped over to pick it up. “Hey, look, everybody,” Artie said. “He dropped the soap. Stringbean dropped the soap.” Then he walked up behind me and pressed his crotch against my ass, and everybody was laughing, but I didn’t know what that was all about. And I think he had a little bit of a stiffie because I could feel it stabbing my left cheek when he was pressing against me. After a few seconds he moved away, but everybody was still laughing at me. I dried off, put on my jockey shorts and went back to the room. I knew Artie was trying to humiliate me, but at least he was now calling me Stringbean like everybody else.

Pepper was at his desk studying for a Biology exam, and I started on Chapter 22 of The Pickwick Papers for my English class. Then Artie came into the room and he and Pepper were kidding around about Ingrid, and about Sophie, Artie’s girlfriend, whom he was banging ten times a day, so he said. And how she liked his big dick in her soft foamy pussy, and he would plunge in and out as the juices poured out of her, and all the time he was giving me funny looks out of the corner of his eye. “You got a girlfriend, Stringbean?” he asked.

“Not yet,” I answered. “I’m too busy studying for my courses.”

“Sure you are,” he said. “Well, you just keep up the good work and go get all A’s. Not like the rest of us stupid jocks on this floor. Right, Pepper?”

“Right,” said Pepper and they both laughed. I tried to read, but they were talking and talking. I was having trouble concentrating.

“Please. I’m trying to read. Could you please talk in the hall?”

“Sure,” said Pepper. And they went out the door and closed it behind them. But I could still hear them talking, and I couldn’t absorb what I was reading. Then I heard something that really upset me.

Artie said to Pepper, “I don’t know how you can stand rooming with that wimpy little faggot.”

“Oh, he’s all right,” Pepper assured him. “He’s a good kid.”

“He’s such a little fairy,” Artie insisted.

My cheeks were burning and I felt like crying. How could he say that? I had had sex with a woman a couple of years ago. My Uncle Hiram had taken me to this prostitute he knew in the city, to ‘made a man out of me’, as uncle Hiram used to say. He had made me promise not to tell my parents because he didn’t want them to know he was corrupting me.

The girl’s name was Alice. And she wasn’t really a girl. She was more like 45 years old. She had badly died yellow hair, and she was very tall and bony. When she took off her clothes, her small tits sagged down. And she was wearing this very strong cheap perfume. I had a little trouble maintaining my erection and she was getting impatient, but finally I finished. (I faked an ejaculation.) And then I couldn’t wait to get home and take a shower. It seemed like I and my clothes, just everything reeked from that perfume. I vowed next time to do it with a real girl my own age. Not some cheap old hooker. It would be better next time. I would like it.

After that I had trouble reading my book. I just couldn’t keep my attention on it. Finally it got late enough so I could go to bed, knowing Pepper wouldn’t be keeping the light on too much longer. I walked down to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and my toothpaste tube was just about squeezed out. I had been meaning to buy a new tube, but I hadn’t. Nothing was going right for me tonight.

The next day, I had to brush without toothpaste in the morning and my mouth tasted terrible. After my last class I ran over to the campus store. I decided to try something new. The old one had tasted like Spearmint which I don’t really like. I gazed at the toothpaste shelf. All the same old stuff. Then I saw one tube of a brand I had never heard of. Irresistooth. It was in a gaudy rainbow colored box which showed a mouth and a set of teeth, with sparkle and gleaming stars and strokes of lightening coming out of it. I was intrigued. I examined the box. Red, blue, green, red, yellow, orange, just every color there was, all swirling around. The box said ‘The Only Toothpaste that Can’. “Can what?” I wondered. I bought it.

That night I was in the room studying. And so was Pepper. He had already taken his Biology exam, so ordinarily he would have been over in Ingrid’s room with Ellen watching. But they had had an argument. “That cunt,” Pepper said bitterly. “I’m not giving that bitch my sweet cock. And I’m not giving it to her slutty roommate either.” He was really in a bad mood. I tried to calm him down, but he just looked at me like I was some pathetic loser who didn’t know what it was all about.

When it got close to bedtime, I took my soap, towel, toothbrush and the new toothpaste, Irresistooth, and went down the hall to the bathroom to wash up before going to sleep. I opened the Irresistooth and pressed the sharp side of the plastic top into the metal covering the end of the tube. I immediately noticed a fantastic fragrance. Cinnamon, cloves, everything. Fresh, delicious, seductive. I could barely wait to squeeze it onto my brush and get it into my mouth.

It was a bright phophorescent yellow gel. I had never seen anything like it. I squeezed a dollop onto my brush and screwed the cap back on. Then I put the brush into my mouth. My god. Heaven. I had never in my life tasted anything like this. It rushed through my air passages into my throat, into my sinuses, into my brain. This was a whole new oral experience for me. Wow! What a toothpaste!

Finally I finished brushing my teeth, even though I hated to finish. I did have to get up in the morning. I stuck my head down under the faucet and filled my mouth with cold water to rinse out. As I was walking back to me room, I was conscious of the wonderful aroma and the incredible taste in my mouth. I started licking my teeth, but I didn’t have to because my whole mouth was full of the delicious gel. I was breathing cinnamon. I was breathing cloves. I was breathing everything. This was going to be my new life-long toothpaste, and it was too bad they didn’t have any more on the shelf in the store, because I wanted to stock up as soon as possible. Get a lifetime supply. But they would always be getting more in. Little did I know.

When I got back to the room, Pepper was sitting up on his bed watching a ballgame, and I put my towel over the back of a chair, and walked over to my own bed next to his, wearing only my little white jockeys. “How’s everything going, kid?” he asked.

“Pretty good. I got a B Plus on my Ancient History paper.” I told him.

“That’s great. But remember, if you’re not into sports, you’ve got to be getting all A’s. One or the other.”

We both laughed, and it was funny, because he kept staring at my face. “There’s something different about you,” he said.

“No there isn’t,” I said.

“Yes there is,” he insisted. “I can’t put my finger on it. No. Wait. Wait. It’s your mouth”

“What about my mouth?”

“I never noticed what a great mouth you have. What beautiful teeth. Look at how white they are. How they sparkle.” He came up close to me and began staring into my mouth, almost as if he were hypnotized. “My god. It almost looks like there are stars shooting out from your teeth.” By this time his eye was barely an inch away from my open lips. Then he started sniffing. “And your mouth smells great. So sweet. So fresh. How come I never noticed before?”

“It must be my new toothpaste,” I explained.

“Yeah, sure,” he kidded, but his face was getting closer and closer, and all of a sudden he stuck his tongue out and started licking my upper lip. “My God. You taste great too. I never tasted anything so wonderful.” Now he held my shoulders and planted his whole mouth over mine, and began to ease his tongue into my mouth.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Tasting your great new toothpaste,” he said. “I really dig it!”

And then he was kissing me and kissing me, sucking on my mouth, and I felt I was getting a hard-on, and I started kissing him back, and I loved his mouth too, even though it didn’t taste of cloves and cinnamon. God he was so strong and forceful. He just overcame me. He eased me back on the bed, and crawled on top of me, holding me in his arms, kissing and kissing.

“Oh god. I’m getting a hard-on.” He reached down and began playing with his dick on top of my own, stroking it and stroking it as we continued kissing and he was moaning. He took my hand and brought it down below his waist, and folded my fingers over his dick. “Play with it,” he said. “Oh, yeah. That’s good. Jack it up and down a little more. That’s right.” And he kept tasting my wonderful new toothpaste.

Finally after about ten more minutes of this, he said, “I can’t stand it any more. I hate to stop kissing those gorgeous lips of yours, but I need them around my dick.

“I can’t do that,” I said. “That’s queer.”

“Please, baby. For me. For Pepper. I gotta have it. We’re pals, right?

“Yes,” I said hesitantly.

“Well your pal needs you to do something for him. You’re not gonna say no, are you?”

“I don’t know,” I resisted.

“Come on, pal. Please. For Pepper” And he started pushing me lower on the bed to bring my lips in line with his big cock. It was a mighty pole. I took it in my hand. It was so, so, so—-solid. And it was so warm. I think I almost wanted to suck it.

“Come on, baby,” he urged. And I lowered my mouth onto it slowly. I put it in without really closing my mouth down on it, because I was nervous and I thought I wouldn’t like it. But after moving my loose jaw up and down on it a few times, I decided it wasn’t so bad after all, and I closed down upon it with my lips and my tongue. Nice.

“Oh, yeah, baby,” he groaned. “Suck it. Suck it. Suck my big dick. Yeah. That’s nice. You know, you’re a lot better than Ingrid. Look at those sweet lips around my flagpole. I never noticed what beautiful delicate lips you have. Like a girl’s. You have a girl’s mouth and it’s wrapped around my big sausage. Eat it, honey. Eat it. Eat that big sausage.” And he started bucking around, raising his ass, forcing his dick deeper into my throat as he held my head with both hands and worked his own dick with my mouth.

We did this for about fifteen more minutes, and I was getting tired. I didn’t know how I felt about having him come in my mouth, but I was getting tired and wanted to go to sleep. Suddenly he pulled me off of his dick and pulled me up on the bed till he had lip-access to my mouth again. He plunged his tongue in, whispering over and over, “My God. What a sweet mouth. What a wonderful delicious mouth. I could kiss this all night. But listen, Stringbean. There’s one thing.”

“What’s that?” I asked wetly.

“I love to get sucked, and you were just great. But I can’t come like that. I need to fuck.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, refusing to accept what he was saying, even though I knew.

“I need to fuck you, baby.”

“How can you fuck another guy?” I asked in astonishment, even though deep down I knew how.

“You know,” he answered. “I need your ass.”

“But you can’t. It’ll hurt me.”

“I’ll be real easy with you. I swear to god.”

“I don’t know,” I stalled.

“I’ve got some mineral oil here that Ingrid uses when she comes over and gives me a massage. I’ll use some of that.” And he reached into the night table drawer and took out a small bottle. He put the bottle down for a minute, and after taking off my jockeys, he raised my legs and hooked them over his shoulders. After that he opened the bottle and greased up his cock, and began rubbing the oil all around and then inside my small hole. Gingerly, he eased one finger into the passage and I flinched for a second, but it got a little easier, and now he was moving it back and forth inside me. Then he poured some more oil on, and stuck two fingers in me, gradually opening me up, so that he could get his dick inside. The oil was dripping all over the sheets. I was really going to have to do a laundry tomorrow.

When he decided that I was loose enough, he positioned the tip of his big needle in front of my little eyehole and began to press it in. I could feel my back lips spreading around him and sucking him in ever so slowly. When the head was in, he sat on his haunches without moving for a few minutes, and then he eased it all the way down, until his big juicy balls were stroking mine. I felt his whole wonderful weight on top of me, as he eased my legs down around his waist and laid his muscular chest on top of my own. Now he was flexing his beautiful ass cheeks working his enormity inside my tightness, and he began to kiss me again. And he were sucking mouths as he filled my rectum with his unbelievable manhood.

“What a great mouth,” he uttered. “I could kiss this mouth forever.” And he began tonguing me needfully.

“Ooohhh, Ooooohhhh,” he moaned. And so did I, and I think we both were having incredible sensations. Finally my asstunnel knew that his flesh syringe was about to gush, and squeezed itself around him.

“Gggraaggghh,” he screamed. And then it was over, and I lay there luxuriating in the glorious hot liquid that filled my rectal canal as he slowly eased out, reached for a towel, (my towel), and wiped himself off.

He stood up and I was lying on the bed in contentment and bliss when the door flew open. “What’s the matter? I heard a scream in here.” It was Artie. He was standing there in these really tight white briefs which accentuated the outlines of his generous equipment.

“No. Everything’s fine,” Pepper assured him. “We were just talking.”

Artie looked at Pepper quizzically. Then he looked at me. I smiled at him. He looked at me more. He came closer and closer.

“You know, I never noticed what nice teeth you have,” he said.

“Thank you,” I told him.

“They’re really white. Your mouth really sparkles and shines. I never noticed that before. And you have really pretty lips. Like a girl’s. Really pretty.”

Oh, God. This was starting all over again. Artie hated me. He had nothing but contempt for me, and now he was sitting on the edge of my bed staring longingly into my mouth.

“Smell his mouth,” Pepper urged.

“What are you talking about?” Artie shook himself out of the spell. “Smell this fag’s mouth? Are you crazy?”

“Smell it,” Pepper insisted.

Artie turned to face me again. And the minute he looked at me he was lost. I was lost. We both were lost. He gazed and gazed at my teeth, which I guess were shooting little stars, and then he brought his nose down in front of my lips and sniffed.

“Oh, wow,” He cried. “Wow. What a great smell. So clean, so fresh. Like walking through a summer meadow, like a spice bazaar in the far east, like the Arabian nights,” he mused. I had had no idea that Artie was so poetic under that rough exterior. Maybe he used the exterior to hide how sensitive he really was. He breathed in and out happily in front of my face, and then he brought his lips to mine and began licking. And the whole thing started all over again, blow for blow, but this time with handsome, muscle-bound, blonde Artie instead of handsome muscle-bound raven-haired Pepper. Pepper sat on the edge of his own bed watching and playing with his dick as I now had my face down in Artie’s lap drawing him into my throat. He was doing an Ellen. Just watching. And I think I loved Artie’s dick even more than Pepper’s, if that were possible.

“Oh, this is so fantastic,” Artie enthused. “A talented little fag right on our own floor. It’s so convenient. And he’s such a good cocksucker.”

“He is, isn’t he? Pepper asked. “I taught him,” he said proudly.

“You did?” asked Artie. “Well, you did one hell of a good job, buddy,” he congratulated Pepper, as I slobbered over his meat, making slight choking noises, as he was forcing the head deeper and deeper into the depths of my small throat. “Oh, yeah,” encouraged Artie. “Take it. Take it, baby. Take my big cock.” Oh, yeah.” Then he turned to Pepper and said, “The other guys have to get some of this. It’s just not fair to keep it all to ourselves.”

“I guess not,” said Pepper reluctantly. He really didn’t want to share me with too many people. He wanted my sweet mouth and my sweet ass all to himself, and he wanted it whenever he wanted it, which was going to be often, now that he had discovered that cumming in me was even better than cumming in Ingrid.

“But don’t tell them yet. I want to fuck him first. Then you can go out and get them up.”

“Okay,” Pepper agreed.

And definitely having decided that he wanted to fuck me, Artie regretfully lifted my mouth off his turkey baster and began sucking at my mouth again. And like Pepper, not wanting to lose the sweet taste in my face, he positioned me facing him, so that we could kiss all the while he was screwing me. This time it was much easier. Pepper handed him the mineral oil, and after that, his dick slipped inside pretty easily. He gently hammered backwards and forwards rubbing his dick against the walls of my sensitive receptacle to get the most friction on the head of his drill. And he drilled. And he wrapped his beefy arms around me and squeezed so that there was no doubt in my mind that he was a championship wrestler. I was feeling crushed and protected at the same time. Joy.

And what heavenly kisses. His strong tight lips pressed down on my ‘girlish’ lips, and as he was moving in and out of me and kissing me, I realized there was a great tenderness in the fuck. He removed his lips from mine for a few seconds and whispered in my ear so that Pepper couldn’t hear. “I know I’ve been mean to you. I’m sorry. I like you a lot. I think I’ve always liked you, and didn’t want anyone to know. I didn’t want to know it myself, so I was nasty. I wish I could make it up to you. I know you can never forgive me.”

“I can,” I said. “I do.”

“What’s that?” asked Pepper.

“Nothing,” said Artie. “Just fuck talk.” Pepper nodded and smiled. Artie continued to kiss and screw me. I wrapped my slender legs around him, and put my hands around his hard behind and helped him to move. I clutched him into me. The minute he had said those words my back passage had fallen deeply in love with the stake which was spearing me. The walls of my rectum closed around his wide piston and hugged it, squeezed it, kissed it.

“Oh my god,” he said appreciatively and began pounding his hips into mine, and I could feel his jerking syringe getting ready to spew. And then the wonderful hot cum flooded into me and warmed up the load that Pepper had left a short while before.

“Oh, baby. That was terrific. And that mouth of yours.” As his heart stopped pounding, his kisses became less passionate and more affectionate. And I could have kissed him forever. I hated it when his cock slipped out of my ass.

“I’ll go get the other guys,” said Pepper.

“Maybe we should keep him to ourselves,” Artie reconsidered.

“No. That’s really not right. We’re a team. We should share him.” Artie shrugged and Pepper went out the door walking naked down the hall, his big cock slapping in front of him. He woke up Marty and Pete and Jim and John and Willie and Tony and Phil and Steve. And they all walked down the hall naked or in tight briefs toward our room. Nine hunky wrestlers with rippling muscles coming to share one skinny little guy, though they didn’t know yet what was about to happen. But I knew and my spicy fresh mouth was salivating in anticipation.

“What’s going on, guys?” Pete asked Pepper and Artie when they came into the room. Artie was now standing next to the bed, looking down at my naked body. What’s with Stringbean?”

“Look at him,” said Pepper. I just lay there and smiled.

“I’m looking,” said Pete. “What?” Pete looked again. “You know, I never noticed before. The kid has a great smile. Look at his teeth. They’re so white and gleaming. They’re dazzling!” he emphasized.

“They’re practically shooting little stars,” observed Jim coming closer to the bed. The others were now starting to crowd around, looking at my perfect mouth.

“He’s almost like a dental ad,” interjected Steve.

“And would you look at those lips,” Tony pointed out.

“Helen of Troy would have killed to have those lips,” Marty agreed. He, like me, was taking Ancient History.

Pete moved down, staring at my mouth, moving closer and closer. His nostrils started to quiver. “My god. Smell his breath,” said Pete to the others. “I never smelled anything like that before in my life.” One by one they stooped down and tried to inhale as much of the incense as they could. Then John firmly edged the others aside and grabbed me in his strong arms and began kissing me as if his life depended on it. “Oh, you can’t believe this,” said John. “You’ve got to try it.” The others edged in and one by one began to kiss me with real passion, adoring and mesmerized by that incredible taste. That flavor. Cloves, Cinnamon, Cardomum, Coriander,—- everything.

Pete was a little bit of a bully and he forced the others aside as he lay down upon me and began to kiss me from a more relaxed position. Then he knew that he wanted my gorgeous lips wrapped around his hefty rod. He eased my mouth down upon his raspberry popsicle. Now the taste in my mouth was clove and cinnamon and raspberry and honey, and, yes,—- everything. Before long I was drinking a thick,salty-sweet vanilla milkshake, gulping it down greedily. Pete tended to be a premature ejaculator and came in my mouth, so he didn’t get the chance to plunge his lustful cock into my back hole.

He regretfully moved aside and ceded his position to John who single-mindedly drank the precious nectar of my saliva. Then, of course, my mouth was shifted down to John’s sturdy screw machine, which he savored for about ten minutes before he decided to actually use his screw machine for screwing. Once again I was positioned so that I could be kissed and plugged at the same time. All of a sudden, Marty moved to the side of the bed and knelt on the floor. He pulled my face away from John’s hungry mouth, and turning my head to the side began to tongue thrust.

John was furious. He reached out an arm and shoved Marty away from the bed. “Wait your own fucking turn,” he yelled.

“Sorry,” Marty apologized.

John gave him a dirty look and joined his face to mine again. I had never realized that sex could be so pleasant. Kissing, and sucking cock, and having a big dick stroking in and out within my ass. What could be better? I was having a wonderful time.

Next, Marty’s patience was rewarded with my sought-after kisses, followed by a little head, followed by a long drive down the turnpike inside my sphincter muscle. That muscle I knew.

Jim was a little rough, but he was so good-looking, you had to forgive him. After he shot his load in my ass, Willie moved in. Now my ass had so much liquid in it, it was making slurping sounds on each instroke and outstroke.

When Tony finished kissing and being sucked, he plunged his meat into my now dribbling bumhole. I had enough ejaculate in me to fill a bathtub and it was starting to ooze out. He reveled in the sucking sounds coming from inside me, and kissed me even more deeply. “You taste like paradise,” breathed Tony.

I was pretty certain that Tony had never had osculation like this from any woman, since no other mouth tasted like mine, and by now I knew how to give a great blow job. By the time I got to him I had had plenty of practice. And I’m sure that no girl had ever sucked him with such enthusiasm.

“And that ass. That ass,” he rhapsodized. There wasn’t a cunt in the world that could pleasure his manly prick the way my ass was doing it. “Oh, yeah baby. Yeah. Squeeze my dick. Close your hole around my rammer. Oh, yeah. That’s the way! That’s the way! You really know how to make a boy happy,” he cried. He tried to hold off, but he could not keep from shooting his wad any longer, and after spurting into my hot caressing tunnel, he had to relinquish his position to Phil, the last in line. My asshole continued to leak spunk. Even as they were filling me, I was emptying.

Phil took his place on top of me, and after feasting on my mouth for about fifteen minutes, he allowed it to engulf his treasured protrusion. Then he allowed my clove-flavored tongue to wander all over his heavy balls, feeding each of them, one at a time, between my beautiful girl-like lips. He moved higher over my face so that my tongue could get under and behind his heavy hangers and lick the smooth flesh between the base of his cock and his asshole. He moved forward a little more and opened his cheeks, to let my tongue lap around his tight pucker. I knew Phil had to be in seventh heaven by now, since I was sure he had never been able to get even the sluttiest of his girlfriends to lick his asshole like this. And I certainly didn’t know why I was doing it, but I got carried away in the insane excitement of the whole fuckfest.

Since he was the last, I think he wanted my ass to remember him forever. He did have the longest fattest schlong of anybody in the room, and he plowed in and out of my grasping ring as if it were the fuck of all times. I knew that I was being stretched to the limit, but it felt so good, I wasn’t going to complain. I worked my ass to give Phil the greatest pleasure I could offer him. And I knew then and there that this was my mission in life. To pleasure men. Or maybe, if I were lucky, one man. Oh, it felt so good to have a thick human cock moving in and out of my ass. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. I wasn’t going to let a day go by ever again without repeating this incredible act. “Fuck me, Phil, fuck me,” I screamed. “”Give me your whole big dick. Let me feel all of it.” My words were really turning Phil on even more and he silenced my screaming mouth by planting his lips over it and enjoying more of my fragrant spit.

I knew it when Phil started feeling the starchy white cream beginning to churn in his weighty balls. Those balls whose purpose in life was to spray his singular Phil-seed out into the world. Out into me. “Yaaagggghhh,” screamed Phil as his giant bullets fired hot lead into my guts. My hands were encircling Phil’s head, holding Phil’s face to my own, as my ass reared up to accept the holy offering. Deep deep deep inside, I felt the molten lava flowing, healing all wounds and itches. We were both breathing like steam engines. Finally Phil took his face away from mine and slowly stood up.

“We’ve all got classes tomorrow. We’d better hit the sack,” said Pepper, and they all agreed and began to file into the hall, the ones who had been wearing underwear, now holding the underwear in their hands.

“Pepper,” said Artie. “I’m real stirred up again. I gotta go one more time. Would you sleep in my bed tonight and let me take yours so I can have one more go at Stringbean?”

“Oookay,” drawled Pepper slowly. He wasn’t so enthusiastic. He was used to sleeping in his own bed. But how could he say no? “Okay, sure, go ahead.” And he went down the hall to Artie’s bed which was next to Steve’s. Artie and Steve were roommates.

After they were all gone, Artie shut the door. “Ready for one more?” Artie asked me.

“I guess so,” I answered a little hesitantly. “Sure, why not.”

Artie stretched his body out on the bed alongside me. He took me into his arms again and began to kiss me. He just couldn’t get enough of my toothpaste. He would never get enough of it. Finally, though, he had to relinquish it to his cock. I moved up and down on Artie’s precious tool enjoying every millimeter of it. Then Artie said something shocking. “Okay. My turn now. I want to try sucking you.”

I lay back, my head on the pillow, as Artie scootched down on the bed and hovered over my own penis. He moved it back and forth and all around, trying to get used to handling another guy’s equipment. Then he charily put his mouth on it. It wasn’t so bad. He started moving his head up and down on it. And I could tell he liked it. He liked the feeling of hot hard flesh moving over his tongue. He was really getting into it now. He told me that my cock was pretty large for a little kid, but actually he had noticed in the showers over the years, that somehow slim trim little guys had really big dicks. Bigger than the big guys. And he said that mine tasted kind of nice. Sweet. And when a little big of my pre-cum oozed out, I could tell he was savoring the slight saltiness of it, as I had been doing all night long. “It’s nice. Really nice,” he assured me. I wondered if Artie wanted me to shoot off in his mouth. But he didn’t. He wanted something else.

“Now, I want you to fuck me,” he told me.

“You do?” I asked. I was stunned.

“Yes. I want to feel your cock in my ass. Okay?”

“Okay,” I agreed.

Artie turned over on his belly, his gorgeous solid rear end looked so inviting. I had never seen anything so beautiful. Artie was a Greek god. Artie was Apollo. And I was about to slip my penis between those perfect round cheeks into the hot untouched opening. I was about to pierce the beautiful rosebud which I was now admiring, having parted Artie’s muscular asscheeks.

“Put it in, Stringbean. Go ahead. Use some of the mineral oil. But go ahead. I want to feel what it’s like to have a cock in my ass.”

I followed his instructions and after oiling his prick, lay on top of Artie, resting my hips on those bouncy mounds as I slowly eased my cock through the tight hole. Very slowly. Artie was taking little short breaths. It was hurting a little. He reached his hand back and pushed on my abdomen, telling me to ease out a little. After a few minutes he relaxed. “Go ahead.” He said.

I gently pressed forward and finally the knob was inside. Artie worked his internal flesh around it, getting used to it. Then he humped his ass up a little to draw a little more of the stick inside. Finally it was all in, and it felt pretty damn good. I just lay there, resting on Artie’s strong back and ass, as Artie worked his pouch around my crazed dick. Yeah. It felt pretty damn good. He turned his face to the side now so that I could kiss him while we were fucking. He wanted more of my matchless mouth.

“How does it feel?” Artie asked.

“Oh, it feels so good. I never dreamed anything could feel this good. ”

“I’m happy you’re happy,” Artie said hunching his ass around the smooth invader. “But don’t get to like it too much. It’s not gonna happen very often.”

“I love you, Artie,” I admitted.

“Me too,” said Artie succinctly. I now began to take a more active role. I was feeling an unbelievable tickling in my testicles, and I knew I wanted to come. I started stroking up and down inside Artie’s sweet rectum, trying to get myself off. To cum inside that incredible ass. To shoot my first real person-to-person load. And now the moment was here and the hot climax was rushing through my loins, down my prick and my own liquid was shooting somewhere deep inside Artie’s belly. I collapsed on top of Artie’s strong back. We were both sweating a little.

“That was great,” I said. I had finally shot a big load into another person, and I was a man now. Uncle Hiram had wanted the hooker to make a man out of me, but Artie had actually done it.

“Yes, it was great. I liked it a lot,” said Artie. “I never thought I’d like having a dick in my ass, but look at me now.” He paused a second, then continued. “But remember, I told you only once in a while. I’d still rather fuck.”

“Suits me,” I answered.

And then I knew that even though I loved Pepper, I loved Artie even more, and I would spend the rest of my life with Artie.

In the days that followed, I went to every drugstore in town looking for a tube of Irresistooth, but nobody had ever heard of it. I was running very low and I wanted more. But the product simply didn’t exist. “You must have gotten hold of a test tube,” one druggist told me. “Maybe it’s something they’re working on, and they were test marketing it”

Finally I had no choice but to buy one of the regular brands. I settled on ‘Brightly’ because at least it was peppermint, not spearmint. In the meantime Artie had talked Pepper into switching rooms and we were together every night in my bed with Artie’s cock up my ass, sometimes the whole night long.

I would have loved to get another tube of the remarkable stuff, but I really didn’t need it anymore. I had my man now, and I would have him forever. Still, I would advise anyone seeking eternal happiness to go out to a drug store. If you want to find the love of your life, somewhere in this world there may be a tube of special toothpaste that can bring him to you. It’s called Irresistooth. And no other toothpaste than can do this.

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