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There is a long, still silence. Finally, you exhale slowly and speak.


“Yes, what?” You hear my voice beside you.

“Yes. … I surrender… to you.”

You are blindfolded and tied to your own bed, secured by each ankle and wrist to the four bedposts. You are spread-eagled on your back, naked except for the exquisitely soft blanket covering you from shoulder to ankle.

You have just given up your choice to be untied, to be free. Now there are no safe words, nothing you can do but trust me. You are completely exposed and vulnerable to me. You are trembling with excitement and anticipation.

“What are you surrendering to me?” I ask calmly. “Tell me.”

You can feel your heart pounding in your breast. He’s going to make me say it, you think. “I surrender myself to you, mind, body and soul. You control me… completely.” You can scarcely believe your own words.


“Absolutely and completely.” Suddenly you realize what I want you to say. “Even… my orgasms. I will not cum until you allow me to cum… and I will cum when you instruct me to cum.”

“Very good, my beauty,” I say softly. And now you feel my lips on yours, soft and warm. “This is a wonderful gift, and I will treasure it always.” You feel my fingertips brushing gently along your forearm, and tiny tingles ripple over your body. And now another kiss, and you feel the tip of my tongue push gently into your mouth. And then, you hear me whisper. “And I will repay your gift in a way that you will never forget.”

I kiss you again, harder this time, and you feel my hand on your shoulder, sliding down under that amazing blanket to cup your naked breast. It is the first time I have touched your bare skin under the blanket, and you gasp with pleasure as I squeeze your nipple gently with my thumb and finger. Now I kiss your ear, and your jawline, and your neck, while I caress your breasts and nipples. You can feel the blanket sliding down, exposing your breasts to me, and now my mouth is on your nipples, my tongue swirling, licking, making them rise and point straight up at me.

“You lied about your tits,” I say, resting my face on one breast while my fingers tweak the other nipple. “Not only do you have boobs, they are perfect.” You moan softly as you feel my mouth moving over your breast again, finding the nipple again, suckling on it gently. “And my god, these nipples are incredible. Look at the way they stand up for me! Well, I guess you can’t look, but you know. That is amazing. I got so excited to see those hard nipples in that picture you sent me. And it is so exciting to feel them stiff against my tongue.” I drag my tongue across one nipple, then another. I am humming with pleasure. And so are you.

My mouth is still on your breasts, but now you feel that exquisitely soft blanket sliding down your body again, pushing down to just above your hips. You are now naked and exposed to me from the waist up, your wrists firmly secured to the top corner bedposts. You feel my lips moving down your chest to your stomach, kissing your flat belly softly and sensuously, a hundred tiny kisses.

You feel my tongue tracing over your lower abs, then your hips, and you start to squirm a little, but your ankles are tied fast to the bed and you can barely move. Even still, your hips start to rock slowly up and down, almost involuntarily, as you feel my face sliding still lower, pushing the blanket farther down, my lips moving down, my face brushing against the soft curls of your pubic hair. You can feel my breath, hot between your legs, and you realize with a rush that my mouth must be just an inch or two from your pussy. You can feel yourself getting wetter and you wonder if I can see how excited you are. You push your hips up, trying to meet my lips, my tongue… when you hear my voice again.

“I want to see you.” And with that, you feel the blanket sliding down and off your legs, and you are completely exposed to me. You can’t see anything through your blindfold, but you know that all the lights are on, and that you are spread wide open, powerless to cover yourself or even move. Every inch of you is on display for me, and you can feel my eyes moving slowly over your nakedness. To your surprise, you don’t feel cold or uncomfortable… in fact, between the blanket and my mouth, you were starting to feel a little warm. Now you feel… good. Happy, even. You know how much I love your naked body, and you actually feel a little… proud? Is that the right word? You’re not sure, but you do know that you are getting even more excited being naked for me.

You feel the foot of the bed sink down a little, and then you feel my hands, one on each ankle. They start to slide independently up your calves and shins, and you blush a little when you realize I am kneeling between your legs, my hands now smoothing over your knees, up on to your thighs, massaging your muscles, moving closer together as they move further up the inside of your thighs, rubbing, sliding… your hips move up and down, your vaginal lips glistening with excitement… and I stop. I hold my hands at the top of your thighs, pressing down gently as your hips keep moving, up and down with anticipation.

“Baby, do you realize how fucking amazing you are?” You hear my voice again, and it sounds a little hoarse. My hands are still on your thighs. “All those emails you sent me… my god, Sweetheart, I’ve never been so turned on in my entire life. And then those pictures… I was walking around in a daze… or what did you call it? A sexual frenzy. I couldn’t wait to get here and see you… just like this.” And now you feel my hot breath directly on your open pussy lips, and you shudder with excitement again. “Do you know how beautiful you are? Looking at you, right now, naked for me… Jesus, it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.”

Then you hear my voice again, heavy with desire. “And speaking of beautiful… fuck. Do you know what I am looking at right now?”

You can still feel my breath on your vagina, and your own breathing quickens again. “I think so.”

“Then tell me. Tell me what I am looking at right now.”

“I think… you are looking at… between my legs.” Even after all those explicit emails, and even though you know what I want you to say, talking is different, and you still feel a little shy for some strange reason.

“Now you know that won’t do,” I say, and you can tell I am smiling. “Now from now on, you will talk dirty to me at all times, and you will not hold anything back. Now, stop being a lady and tell me what I am looking at… right now.” And as I speak, you can feel my fingers slowly moving up between your legs, stopping on either side just an inch from your pussy. Then, you gasp as I very gently pull my fingers outward, stretching your lips apart, pulling your labia open right before my eyes. There can be no doubt what I am looking at.

You take a deep breath. “You are looking right inside my hot, wet cunt, aren’t you.”

“Mmm… that’s right, Baby, your hot, wet cunt.” My voice is low and deep. “Do you like knowing I am staring right at your pussy? How does it feel having that hot, wet cunt spread wide open for me?”

You start to pant a little. “Yes… so… exciting. I can feel… your breath…” And on cue, I breathe on your open lips again. “I can feel… my cunt getting wetter… so hot… knowing you can see how wet I am… mmm…”

“You are dripping wet,” I say, very softly. “Your cunt is spread wide open for me and I can see how wet you are. Mmm…”

And then you feel my tongue plunge deeply into your cunt. Your pussy lips are spread so wide open that my tongue pushes farther into you than you would have thought possible. My face presses against your entire pussy, my nose against your clit. You moan loudly as you feel my tongue, swirling and licking, sliding in and out of your pussy. I slide my tongue over every inch of your hot, wet cunt, tasting your juices dripping into my mouth. I lick up and down the length of your pussy, then push my tongue back inside and start to tongue-fuck you. Your hips buck up and down and you press your cunt hard against my face as I bury my tongue in your pussy, again and again, deeper and deeper, both of us moaning in rhythm.

My god, he’s going to make me cum right now, you think to yourself, feeling my tongue push into your cunt over and over. Does he want me to cum right now, so fast? You start to feel your orgasm building… and then, suddenly, my tongue is gone. Your pussy is still spread open, hot and wet with desire. You ache to feel my mouth again.

“So, how did you like that?” You can hear my voice again, still between your legs, my mouth still just inches from your open cunt. My hands are still resting gently on your upper thighs, and it feels… nice. Comfortable. But it’s hard to concentrate on anything other than the tingles in your pussy, moving down your legs and up your spine. You push your hips up again, your cunt reaching for my lips and tongue, but my face must be just out of reach.

“God… so… good…” Your breathing is ragged. “It felt… so… amazing… your tongue…”

“Excuse me, ma’am, but I think you’ve forgotten to talk dirty to me,” I say, scolding playfully. “If you want to feel my mouth again, you need to start talking slutty like you did in those emails. What, exactly, felt so amazing?”

This time you don’t hesitate. “Oh god, your fucking tongue in my cunt. Jesus Christ! It felt like you were fucking my pussy with your tongue… and I could feel your face pressed against my pussy… Fuck! My cunt is so wet. I can feel it dripping. Are my pussy juices all over your face? Fuck!”

“Mmm, yes, your pussy juices are all over my mouth and face,” I say, chuckling a bit. “And I must say your cunt tastes absolutely wonderful. And don’t worry, I will fuck your cunt with my tongue again in a few moments. But not right now.”

And suddenly, you feel my hands sliding underneath your bottom, my naked hands cupping your naked ass. I squeeze gently, feeling your muscles contract underneath my fingers. You can tell that my face is again very close to your open cunt and you can feel more excitement and anticipation. You know how much I love your ass and it turns you on even more to feel my hands underneath you.

Again you hear my voice from between your legs. “Now, this is a perfect ass. Tight as a fucking snare drum. And it feels so fucking good in my hands.” I squeeze and slide my hands underneath your bottom as I talk. “But you are in a rather compromising position, aren’t you? Naked, tied up, spread-eagled on your bed. Your cunt is still wide open for me, isn’t it? I bet you want me to lick your pussy some more, don’t you? Mmm… all good things to those who wait, my dear. You belong to me now, so I will do what I please with you.”

You wonder what that means, but only for a second, because then you feel my hands slide out from under your ass, and then you feel the pillow underneath your hips — you realize it’s really two small pillows — and you can feel them slowly separating under your bottom. Now you understand what is happening — by pushing the cushions apart, I am slowly spreading your ass apart at the same time. The pillows are comfortable, but they also have a strange texture, and they actually grip your cheeks as they move apart. It is not painful at all, but you could not squeeze your ass together even if you wanted to. The pillows are also a few inches thick, so now your rear end is suspended above the bed, just two or three inches. And you are completely on display now. Your legs are wide open, your cunt is wide open, and…

“Your asshole is wide open now, baby,” I say, my face close to your pussy again. “Those cushions did the trick, didn’t they? Mmm… they just stretched your ass open for me. Fuck that is hot. I am looking right at your tight little asshole right now. It’s making my dick really hard. Does that turn you on? Do you like having your cunt and asshole spread open for me like this?”

“Yes,” you say instantly. You have never been this exposed before, but you don’t feel embarrassed. You don’t even feel naked. You feel… sexy, and proud, and completely open to me. And that turns you on even more. “I love being spread wide open for you. I love showing you my tight cunt and asshole to you. They turn you on so much, don’t they?” It occurs to you that you have never been more vulnerable in your life, but yet you feel… confident, even powerful. You wish you could spread your legs even wider for me. You wish you could be even more naked.

“I love looking at you like this, two inches away from your beautiful pussy and asshole. I am so turned on right now… But what I really want to know is… are YOU turned on right now?” And then, you suck in your breath as you feel my fingertip softly graze against your asshole. And again, you inhale sharply, as I start to stroke it, back and forth, rubbing my finger purposefully over every contour, every crevice of your asshole. Reflexively, you try to close your legs, to squeeze your ass cheeks together, but it is impossible. There is nothing you can do. My finger keeps sliding, stroking, pushing, ever so slowly across the tender flesh.

“Oh my god…” you say. “That feels so amazing.” You can feel the tingles rippling down your legs, all over your body. Then you realize that our bodies are only touching in one place — my fingertip against your asshole. It feels so good, but you blush a little bit in spite of yourself.

“Just remember, you have surrendered totally to me, even your mind,” I say calmly, as my finger presses just a little bit harder against your asshole, and the tingles get just a little bit stronger. It’s hard for you to concentrate on my words. “Until I release you, you will not feel shame, or guilt, or embarrassment, or anything other than lust. You will embrace every slutty, depraved thought in your head and hold nothing back from me. You will give yourself completely to your own desire and pleasure and think of nothing else. Is that understood?”

“Yes, sir,” you say without thinking. I laugh out loud.

“Hmm, you don’t have to call me ‘sir,’ but I appreciate the sentiment,” I say, still chuckling. “Good. Now tell me what I am doing to you right now and how much you like it.”

You take another deep breath. “You are stroking my asshole with your finger and it feels so fucking amazing. Every stroke sends tingles from my asshole to my pussy, and I can feel my cunt getting even wetter, even though that seems impossible. It feels a little dirty but I don’t fucking care. I love the way you are fingering my asshole. I love the way my asshole turns you on.”

“Very good, my darling,” I say, still stroking, stroking. Some of your cunt juices have dribbled down on to my fingertip, and it slides a little easier across your asshole now. More tingles. “And what else would you like me to do to your asshole? Tell me right now.”

“Oh god! I want you to slide your finger in my ass. I want to feel my asshole stretch open for your finger and I want you to watch. Oh, fuck! I want your finger deep in my ass.” You would never have believed you could talk like this. But you don’t fucking care. All you care about is my fingertip sliding gloriously across that one inch of you that no one has ever touched like this before.

“That all sounds very nice,” I say. “But haven’t you forgotten something?” And then, suddenly, shockingly, you feel my wet tongue slide across your asshole. You cry out in surprise and pleasure as electricity shoots up your spine, your back arches and every muscle in your body tenses. Your hips buck violently against the bed and your arms and legs pull instinctively against the restraints, but they hold fast. Then — another thunderbolt, as I lick your asshole again. You have never felt anything like it. You feel your cunt and your asshole squeeze and release, squeeze and release — and there is my tongue again, wet and soft against your open asshole. You can’t even think.

“Oh god… oh god… oh god…” you murmur repeatedly.

“Hmm? Yes?” I say, teasing. “Sounds like you like that, too. Hmm… you’ve never had your asshole licked before, have you?”

“No… never… fuck… god…”

“Well, I would say it seems like you like it. Is that true? You like the way I lick your ass?”

“God… yes… please… more… again…” You are too out of breath and too excited to laugh… or form coherent sentences.

“Hmm… more what, exactly?”

“Oh god… please lick my asshole again. Please… I want your tongue on my asshole again. Fuck! Please lick my asshole, I want to feel that wet tongue again. Please!”

And you do. You feel my tongue again, pressing flat against your asshole, swirling in a wet circle around the rim. Waves of pleasure roll up your body as I start to lick your asshole, a little faster now, lapping at it hungrily, like a dog in heat. You feel dirty, slutty, wicked — and more turned on than you’ve ever been in your life. You can hardly catch your breath. You push out against my tongue, trying to spread your ass open even wider for me, moaning with lust as my tongue presses lewdly against your asshole.

And now, you feel another burst of pleasure as my fingers slide in between the folds of your pussy, and I start to stroke your cunt as I keep tonguing your asshole. My fingers slowly push into your cunt… and now you start to feel dizzy as you realize — oh god! — that I am working my tongue INTO your ass. It sends more lightning bolts up your spine to feel my tongue slowly push your asshole open and slide wickedly inside. You feel delirious with pleasure.

My fingers keep massaging the inside of your pussy and you cannot believe the feeling as my tongue slides in and out of your ass. You can feel your cunt pulsing against my fingers and your asshole squeezing my tongue rhythmically. You can feel your orgasm building again — is this it? Is he going to make me cum this way, force me to cum like a dirty slut with his tongue in my ass? You push your hips up against my hand and face, and this time you can feel my tongue so deep in your ass that my mouth circles around your asshole. My fingers keep working in and out of your hot, dripping cunt, over and over, as I keep licking and sucking your tender asshole. You are so close to cumming, feeling my fingers, and my tongue, and my lips, exploring every inch of you. Just a few more seconds…

And then I stop again. You are fairly grinding your teeth with lust, your hips rocking up and down, and you give a little murmur of frustration.

“Not yet, my angel,” I say from between your legs. “You will not cum until I instruct you to cum. Besides, I wanted to watch your cunt and asshole squeezing and releasing from up close, just like they are right now. It is a beautiful fucking sight. Are you enjoying the way I am working on your cunt and asshole, my darling?”

“Fuck yes,” you say, forcefully. “I have never felt anything like this. I can’t believe you put your tongue in my ass. Fuck. I am going to cum so fucking hard. Fuck!”

“Yes, you will, baby. When I am ready for you to cum. But right now, I am ready for something else.” At that moment, you feel my finger against your asshole again, but this time it feels wet, slippery… and you realize that I am rubbing lubricant on your asshole. It feels luxuriant and extremely slick… much more so than the KY jelly you use when you masturbate. It feels… silky, decadent. What is it?

“I brought this lube with me as well,” I say, sliding my lubed fingers all around the rim of your asshole, sending tingles all over your body with every stroke. “It is specially designed for what I have planned for you.” And then, you feel my finger sliding into your ass, just a little, then withdrawing. Then it slides back in, a little farther this time, and you can feel just how slippery that lubricant is. And how much of it I am spreading all over your wet asshole. My finger slides effortlessly into your ass, all the way to the knuckle this time, and then smoothly out. And in again, with more lube. And now, you feel more electric tingles as my finger starts to twist as it pushes in, slowly corkscrewing its way deep into your ass. And slowly rotating out. And in again. Your head is spinning.

“Mm, baby, I love your asshole,” I say, twisting my finger in and out your ass a little faster. “It is so tight and pink and beautiful. I’ve never been anally fixated before, but after you told me about how you used your butt plug to get yourself off, I have been thinking about it constantly.” As I talk, I slide my finger out… and now I push TWO fingers into your asshole. You gasp a little as my fingers push, and slide, and twist their way into your slippery ass. Thank god for this lube, you think. Thank fucking jesus for those fingers, you think.

I keep talking to you calmly as I finger-fuck your ass. “Thinking about how I wanted to look at your asshole… to put my tongue in your asshole, and to stretch our your tight little asshole with my fingers… just like this.” And it’s working… you can feel my fingers gently pushing out, stretching your tender asshole just a bit, opening your ass to me just a bit more. “But, of course, what I really wanted to do was fuck your ass.”

You feel your heart skip a beat and a stab of fear in your stomach. You feel your asshole tighten involuntarily and contract around my fingers. It’s been a fantasy of yours for so long, but you can’t help feeling nervous… won’t it hurt?

“I am not going to hurt you, baby,” I say, holding my slippery fingers deep inside your ass. “I am going to be gentle. But you have surrendered to me, and since I own your asshole, I am going to fuck it.” You moan with desire and your heart flutters with anticipation. You feel my fingers slide out of your thoroughly lubricated ass and there you are, naked on your bed, blindfolded and tied at each ankle and wrist, your legs spread wide and your cunt and asshole completely open and exposed to me.

Suddenly you can sense that I am over you, holding myself up over your body but not touching you. I kiss you on the lips, lovingly and gently, then I move my mouth to your ear and whisper: “Tell me what is happening to you. Describe everything you are feeling. Talk to me.” And then I move away from your face.

You are not sure what to say, but you start talking anyway:

“God, I am so turned on. It feels like you are kneeling between my legs–OH MY GOD. Oh my god. You–that’s the head of your cock, isn’t it? You’re rubbing it up and down against my asshole. Oh my god. I have these electric tingles all over. Oh fuck, FUCK. Are you going to put your cock into my ass now? OHHHH… I can feel the head of your cock pushing past my asshole! Jesus Christ. Your cock is all lubed up too, isn’t it? It’s so slippery. OH FUCK, it’s sliding in now. Oh my god. This is really happening. You’re pushing your cock into my ass. Fuck! Oh my god, it’s all the way in, isn’t it? Your hard cock is so deep in my ass! Oh god… Oh god.”

I hold still, my cock pushed all the way into your ass. “You’ve never been fucked in the ass before, have you sweetheart?” I ask, and you can tell I am breathing hard.

“No… never… oh my god.” You feel… stretched, and open… but it doesn’t hurt. It feels good. Really good. That lube is magical, you think, and it’s everywhere. “Fuck… amazing… jesus…”

“Well, I’ve never fucked an asshole before, and I desperately wanted to make yours my first.” You can feel my dick pulsing against the walls of your ass, and you moan again. “And it is fucking incredible. I am looking at it right now. Mmm… so beautiful. The way my cock is stretching out your tight little asshole, and the way your hot wet cunt is just spread wide open for me… fucking amazing.” I start to rub your pussy with my fingers and your asshole squeezes my prick in response, and we both groan with pleasure.

“So fucking hot,” I say, panting. “So good. Do you like having my cock in your ass, baby?” You blush just a bit, but not much. I’m still stroking your cunt, pushing my fingers inside now.

“Yes… god… it feels… wonderful,” you say.

“‘Wonderful?’ That’s the word you thought of?”

“Yes… it’s…” you search for the words. “It feels so good and so hot… but what really turns me on is that it’s your cock. What I mean is… it’s wonderful that it’s you. I mean… I don’t know. I wanted to get fucked in the ass, but I REALLY wanted YOU to fuck me in the ass!”

I laugh again. “Mmm… God, you’re so romantic.” And we laugh together. “I know what you mean, baby. I have wanted this so badly, especially after all those emails. It sounds weird, but I actually feel PROUD that I’m the first man to fuck your ass!” We laugh again, but you’re keenly aware that my cock is still very stiff, and that it is still very deep in your ass.

“Now, let’s see if this thing is worth what we paid for it.” You’re a little confused, but then you hear a faint buzzing. The Rabbit 3000!

“The Rabbit 3000,” I say, chuckling a bit. “Let me know how it compares to your good friend Rabbit 1.0.” You start to reply, but then you feel me push the toy into your open cunt. “Keep telling me what’s happening to you.”

“Ohhhh…” you say, feeling the vibrations start to radiate out. “It just slid right into my pussy, didn’t it? I must be so wet… oh my god, it feels just like a real cock… oh my god… your cock is in my ass… the rabbit feels so real… it’s hard and warm and… FUCK, I can feel it throbbing in my cunt… oh my god… I can feel it vibrating in my ass… fuck… around your cock…” I hold the rabbit steady, deep in your cunt, and I hold my cock steady, deep in your ass.

“Mmm… baby, I can feel your asshole squeezing my cock,” I say, pushing the rabbit just a bit deeper into your pussy. “And I can see your cunt squeezing the rabbit. Is it truly new and improved?”

“Oh yes… fuck… it is hot… and throbbing… fuck… fuck…” Your hips are starting to rock again, and my cock slides — just a little bit — out of your ass. I immediately push it all the way back in, and you moan loudly this time. I keep the rabbit buried in your wet pussy.

“Fuck, this is so hot,” I say. “I was planning to just hold my cock in your ass, like you told me about your friend… but I can’t stand it. I’m going to fuck your ass now.” I don’t ask permission. You just feel my cock sliding all the way out of your ass, and then pushing back in. You gasp and reflexively pull hard against your restraints, and your hips buck against mine, but you can hardly move. Slowly, I pull my cock back, then push it back into your ass. The lube is still working its magic — you feel no resistance, no pain, just my hard cock, sliding in and out of your asshole. The charges are firing down your legs and up your spine, and the rabbit is still throbbing and vibrating in your cunt, multiplying the waves of pleasure.

“Fuck!” I say, breathing hard now. “I have fantasized about this so many times. Fuck, your asshole is so fucking tight. Fuck!” You can feel every inch of my cock, stretching your asshole as it slides smoothly in and out, in and out. You can tell I am going wild with lust and it turns you on even more. And it makes you want to say things you would never dare say to anyone else.

“Then just fuck it, baby. Fuck my tight little asshole,” you say. “Fuck it hard. It’s all yours. You control it. Use my asshole. Stretch it out. Make it feel good on your dick.” You squeeze your asshole as tight as you can. “Can you feel my asshole squeezing your cock? That’s right. Come on! Fuck my ass. Are you watching your hard cock slide in and out of my ass? Good! It feels so good, baby. Fuck my asshole! Fuck it!”

And as you talk, you can feel my cock getting harder as I fuck your ass, faster and faster. You don’t feel any pain, just bursts of electric pleasure with each thrust of my cock, deeper and deeper in your ass. You can feel the rabbit, throbbing and pulsing in your cunt. You feel your orgasm start to build again… but then you can feel my body start to tense, quiver, and shake. He’s going to cum, you think suddenly. A new wave of pleasure hits you as you realize what is happening.

“Oh fuck, you’re going to cum in my ass, aren’t you?” you say, boldly and loudly. “You’re just going to fuck my asshole until you cum, and there’s nothing I can do about it. You just tied me down so you could fuck my tight little asshole, didn’t you? And now you’re going to squirt your cum in my ass. Mmm… No one’s ever cum in my ass before, you know that. You want to be first, don’t you? Good. I love that. I want you to be first. Fuck my ass just like you want to. I want to feel your cum deep in my ass. Do it. It’s yours. Come on. Just keep fucking my tight little asshole. Come on. Shoot that hot cum in my ass. Come on…”

And then, you hear me scream with joy, ecstasy, and unbridled lust. My hands grab underneath your ass and pull your hips toward mine. You feel my cock push all the way into your ass and pulse against your asshole, and then you feel the hot ropes of cum, squirting deep into your ass. You squeeze your asshole hard around my cock as I pound it into your ass, slippery with the lube and now my cum. My body shakes violently as I thrust into your asshole, again and again, while the cum keeps spurting out of my dick.

Finally, you can feel the throbbing subside, and I lay heavily on top of you, my breath hot and fast in your ear, my body hot and glistening against yours, my cock still buried deep in your ass. You can still feel it throbbing.

“Oh god oh god oh god…” Now it is my turn to babble incoherently. You smile and kiss my cheek. The Rabbit 3000 is still buried inside your pussy, but it seems to have stopped vibrating. It’s just as well, you think to yourself, because that might have been sensory overload.

“So, is it safe to say that you are an anal fan?” you say, giggling still.

I am still breathing hard, resting against you. “Mmm… don’t forget the dirty talk, baby,” I say softly.

You whisper in my ear now. “Right… what I meant to say was, did you like fucking my tight little asshole?” You can feel my cock twitch in your ass.

“Oh, my god yes. Fucking incredible,” I whisper back. “I almost couldn’t believe it was happening. Did you like it?”

“So fucking hot,” you whisper. “I could feel your cock pulsing against my asshole. I could feel that fucking hot cum shooting in my ass. God damn. It was one of the most erotic things I’ve ever felt.”

“Jesus. I almost passed out when I came,” I whisper. “When you started talking dirty to me, telling me to cum in your ass… fuck. That was magnificent.”

You giggle again. “You DO like the dirty talk, don’t you? I thought you might like that. Plus I felt dirty and hot talking like that while you were fucking my ass. And um… by the way, the Rabbit 3000 is still in my pussy.”

“Oh yeah! I forgot about it for a minute.” You feel me raise up and then the rabbit slides out of your cunt, making you shiver. “Hmm… looks like it got turned off with all my thrusting.” You can hear me laugh a little too.

“I’m not surprised the rabbit got switched off, because you really fucked my ass hard, didn’t you?” you say. “I thought you were just going to hold your cock inside me, and not thrust in and out? What happened to that plan?” You’re teasing me now.

“Hmm, I just couldn’t help myself. That tight little asshole was just too beautiful. I had to fuck it. I didn’t hurt you, did I?” You feel me slide my softening cock out of your slippery ass, and new tingles dance over your body.

“Not at all. That lube is amazing. And your dick is pretty amazing too. I loved feeling your hard cock in my ass.” You’re surprised to realize how dirty you are talking, and how easy it is. And you realize how safe you feel, how comfortable, even though you’re naked and tied to your own bed and you’ve just been ass fucked. Hard. And you smile again. “Actually, I can’t wait for you to fuck my tight little asshole again.”

“Mm… I love the way you talk dirty to me. That is so fucking hot. And that’s good to know, because I plan on fucking your tight little asshole a lot during the remainder of the week. Fuck.”

“I plan on holding you to that. So, are you going to untie me now?” You haven’t cum, but you’ve been really close three times, and you’re no longer an anal virgin. That’s a pretty good time, you think to yourself, and giggle again.

“Untie you? Oh no ma’am, I’m not done with you yet.” You can hear me chuckling also.

“Oh really? What else could you possibly do with me now, especially in your… condition?” You’re still smiling.

“Limp dick jokes, huh? Interesting. You’re talking pretty smart for someone who’s still tied to her own bed with her cunt and asshole spread wide open.”

“Well, what are you going to do to me then? What do you have planned for my cunt and asshole?” You wiggle your hips at me a little bit.

There is a long silence. You squirm a little on the bed. And then, suddenly, my mouth is on yours again, kissing you roughly. My tongue pushes into your mouth, my hands squeeze your breasts, pinch your nipples. “I told you,” I say, soft and low. “I will do whatever the fuck I want to you.” And then you gasp as you feel the rabbit pushed into your cunt, still wet from before.

I turn it on and the buzzing starts again, slower this time, and you feel the warmth and the throbbing and the pleasure start all over again. You moan and lean up to kiss me again… but I am gone, leaving the rabbit vibrating in your pussy. I draw that exquisitely soft blanket over you, and it covers you again from shoulder to ankle, delicately caressing your body while the sex toy massages your cunt. You can feel the wetness start to drip out of your pussy again and you sigh contentedly. But where have I gone? It doesn’t seem like I am still in the room. And you’re not sure, but you think you can hear water running. You’re a little confused.

“Where are you?” No answer. The rabbit keeps vibrating deep in your pussy. It is set at a speed that is too fast to ignore — in fact, you can feel your pussy getting wetter every minute — but too slow to make you cum. Minutes pass. The blanket feels so good on your skin. The rabbit feels so good in your cunt. But you want me back. Where am I?

“Here I am,” I say, and at the same moment, you feel the blanket whisked away. You are stark naked again, fully exposed to me. You feel the cooler air and your nipples rise again in response. You hear me murmur in approval.

“Hmm… so nice to see you again,” I say. “I guess you like that Rabbit 3000, huh? It has made your cunt so wet. I can see your juices dripping out of your pussy right now. Very nice. Let me see how you’re doing here…” And then you feel the rabbit start to slide in and out of your cunt. I am not touching you at all, just holding the end of the rabbit and pushing it in your wet pussy. You moan and shiver with excitement again.

“Ahh… you’re seem to be doing very well,” I say, pushing the rabbit deep inside you and leaving it there, still vibrating and throbbing at that medium speed. Then, unexpectedly, you feel my finger against your asshole again, pushing firmly into your ass. As my finger slides in, your asshole makes a little ‘squish’ noise and you start to feel embarrassed, but then you think to yourself, why the fuck would I EVER be embarrassed around him, after everything we’ve said and done? Plus, you think to yourself, he said I could fart on his tongue if I wanted to! This makes you giggle to yourself again.

“Now you’re giggling with my finger up your ass,” I say. “I guess you’re feeling pretty relaxed, huh?”

You laugh and grip my finger with your asshole. “No, it’s just nice to meet you, sailor.” We both laugh some more, and I wiggle my finger in your asshole before I slide it out.

“It’s nice to meet you, too, ma’am,” I say, “and I’m glad to see that you still have plenty of lubrication — and my cum — in your ass. That may come in handy.”

“Yes, my asshole definitely feels very slippery… and stretched out, too.” You are still grinning. “Are you planning to fuck my little asshole again soon?”

“We’ll see,” I say, and now you can feel my hand under the back of your head, raising it up to slide a pillow underneath, propping up your head a little higher.

“Wow, thanks,” you say sarcastically. “Now I can see the TV… or I could, if I wasn’t blindfolded. And if the TV were on.”

“Mmm-hmm… you’re still feeling pretty smart, aren’t you?” You can feel me climbing on to the bed, straddling you, my knees pressing down on the bed just underneath your shoulders. “Stop talking and open your mouth.”

You are taken aback just a little, but you remember that you have surrendered to me, and that I control you. So you obey instantly. As soon as you open your mouth, you are surprised to feel the head of my cock against your lips.

“Don’t worry, I just washed my dick,” I say from above you, chuckling. “It’s nice and clean.” So that’s what the running water was, you think.

“Now… take my cock in your mouth,” I say, and I push the head of my cock past your lips.

Now you realize why I propped up your head. My cock is mostly limp and you have to suck on it to pull it into your mouth. As you suck my penis, I help you by pushing my hips forward gently, and soon my entire shaft is in your mouth. You feel my balls, shaved as smooth as eggs, resting against your chin. You hold my soft dick in your mouth, breathing slowly through your nose. Far away, you feel the rabbit still throbbing slowly in your cunt. You await your next instructions. After a moment, you swallow involuntarily, and you hear me groan above you. My cock starts to grow and stiffen in your mouth.

“You like sucking my cock, don’t you baby?” I say softly. You realize you can’t talk, so you just hum. “Mm-hmm…” You feel my cock twitch in response and you can imagine the vibrations traveling from your mouth to my cock and down into my balls.

“Baby, you said you would suck my cock every day for the rest of my life,” I say, my cock growing harder as I talk. “Do you mean that?”

“Mmmm…” you hum around my cock, then you pull back, pulling your mouth off my dick with a little wet pop. “Yes, I do,” you say. You look up at me even though you are blindfolded. “I would suck this beautiful cock every day, every way I could think of, any way you would ask me. I would be your own personal cocksucker and cum swallower.” You feel my cock, fully erect now, throbbing against your cheek. “No matter what… I would do everything I could to make sure I could suck all the cum out of your balls every. single. day. Would that be okay with you?” You smile sweetly up at me, my prick resting against your face.

“Jesus fucking Christ.” My voice is hoarse with lust, my breathing ragged.

And then you swirl your tongue, hot and wet, over my balls. “Mmmm…” you moan as you lick my balls. You feel my fingers curling around the shaft of my cock and I start to stroke it, jacking myself off as you tongue my balls. Just like an ice cream cone. You smile as you lick wetly up between my balls, feeling them bounce up and down against your chin as I jerk my dick against your face.

“Mmm… I love sucking your cock so much,” you say. “I have surrendered to you, baby. I have to do whatever you tell me to do. What do you want to do with me? Do you want to fuck my mouth and shoot your hot cum down my throat? Do you want me to lick your asshole while you jack off, and then cum all over my face? You control me. You can do whatever you want to me. I am yours. I have surrendered to you. Use me as your fuck toy. Fuck my mouth. Fuck my cunt. Fuck my asshole again. Just use me to make your cock explode. Do whatever you want.”

“Fuck.” I say, in a desperate whisper. I am still stroking my cock and rubbing it against your soft face. “That is the hottest fucking thing I have ever heard. Baby, you are so fucking amazing. And yes, I want to do all that with you. Very soon. But not right now. Right now, I want to do something else.”

And suddenly, I climb off you, off the bed. You are surprised. “What–”

“Shh, baby, be quiet. You’ll see.” And so you obey. You lie there, still. And naked. And spread-eagled on your bed, still unable to move your wrists or ankles more than an inch or two. You are still completely exposed to me. Your asshole is still spread open, freshly fucked and slippery with lubricant, and my cum. You feel another wave of tingles, remembering how I fucked your asshole and came right in your ass just a few minutes earlier.

Your pussy is still wide open, still hot and wet, the rabbit still deep inside. You had almost forgotten about the rabbit, but without the distraction of my cock in your mouth, you feel it all again — vibrating slowly and steadily against the walls of your cunt, throbbing and pulsing in a way that feels almost exactly like a real live cock.

And then, just as suddenly, it is gone, as I pull the rabbit out of your cunt. Juice drips obscenely out of your pussy, dribbling down on to your asshole. Your body wants to be touched. Your hips buck up and down. You squeeze your pussy and asshole involuntarily, trying to feel more of those tingles. You hear a soft, wet slapping noise, and you realize that I am still masturbating. It sounds like I am standing at the foot of the bed again, watching you as I jack myself off. You start to speak, but then you remember my command, so you lie quietly. Moments pass, and the room is silent except for the unmistakable sound of my hand rapidly stroking my cock. You imagine what it looks like, my fist around my cock, pumping it up and down, up and down.

“Jesus, you are so fucking beautiful,” I say softly, almost a whisper. “So beautiful, and sexy, and honest, and strong, and vulnerable, and everything else I can’t even put into words.” You can hear me jerking off as I talk — slap, slap, slap.

As I say these words, I am climbing up on to the bed again, this time kneeling between your legs. You sense that I am leaning down over you, and then you breathe in sharply as my lips press softly against the lips of your pussy. I kiss all around your cunt, gently and firmly, my tongue pushing inside briefly, but mostly I just kiss your pussy, over and over again, like I would kiss your mouth. You moan softly with every kiss.

After a few moments, I press my lips against your pussy and hold them there, licking up and down with my tongue, and then you moan loudly as you feel the tip of the rabbit against your asshole. I continue to lick your cunt as I slowly push the vibrating rabbit into your ass, centimeter by centimeter, twisting it gently as I slide it all the way into your ass, still slick with lube and cum. My tongue laps against your pussy as I turn the rabbit up, and it vibrates and throbs faster in your ass, sending more tingles into your cunt and down your legs and more little bolts of electricity up your spine. The feeling is indescribable as I tongue your cunt and the rabbit vibrates insistently in your ass.

Now my mouth is gone but the rabbit is still deep in your asshole, throbbing and pulsing like a real cock. And then you cry out as you feel a real cock — my real cock — against your cunt. You gasp and shudder with pleasure and excitement as the head of my cock rubs up and down your pussy lips, teasing your clit and sliding against all that wetness.

“This is what I want,” I say, and you feel my cock pushing slowly into your cunt.

“OH MY GOD!” you scream as you realize what is happening. I am gentle and slow, but I do not stop. I slide my cock, hard as a fucking rock, inch by inch into your hot, wet pussy. All the way in. You feel my hips press against yours and my balls against your asshole as I push my dick as far as I can into your cunt. For a moment I hold my prick deep inside you, and then you feel the rabbit, twisting and rotating in your ass. I keep my cock buried in your pussy as I pull and tug and twist on the rabbit, sending more and more charges through your asshole, your cunt, everywhere. Your hips rise to meet mine and you pull against the restraints with all your might, wanting to grab me, hold me. But you can’t. You can only lay there, naked, as I start to slide my cock, very slowly, in and out of your pussy.

I lay my body down on top of yours, my chest pressing against yours. I kiss you on the mouth and trace my tongue around your lips. You moan softly as my cock slides smoothly in, and out, and in, and out of your hot, wet, cunt. I slide my hands under your back and then up over your shoulders, and as I push my dick into your pussy, I pull down on your shoulders, pulling your entire body down onto my hard cock.

I whisper in your ear as I thrust in your pussy. “Fuck… baby… tell me what I am doing to you right now.”

You whisper back. “You’re just fucking me, you’re fucking my hot, wet cunt, aren’t you? I can feel your beautiful hard cock sliding in and out of my pussy… can you feel how wet you’ve made me? Does my cunt feel good on your dick? Is this what you thought about when you jacked off, just fucking my wet pussy like this? Mmm… fuck. Fuck it harder, baby. Do you want to cum in my pussy? Are you going to use my little pink cunt to make you cum? Are you going to fuck me hard until you shoot that hot cum deep in my cunt? Just fuck me. Fuck me.”

As you talk to me, you can feel my cock grow even harder in your pussy. I moan in your ear as you talk dirty to me. I start to fuck into your pussy faster and faster — but then, unexpectedly, I stop. I push my cock all the way into you and hold it there, and I hold you tight, breathing heavily in your ear, almost as if I am trying to regain control of myself. My cock pulses in your pussy and the rabbit vibrates in your ass, and you can’t help but squirm underneath me as I hold you close.

After a moment, I whisper again. “Yes, this is what I have dreamed of for so long. I have imagined this moment so many times. And soon, very soon, I am going to fuck your tight little cunt until I shoot all my cum deep inside you. But right now, I am going to do something else.”

And I gently pull the blindfold away from your eyes. You blink once or twice in surprise at the brightness of the room, but then you see my face, close to yours, and you look in my eyes. And I look back, and smile.

“Right now, I am going to make YOU cum,” I say, and I start to fuck your pussy again. You gasp with pleasure as my cock slides in and out of your cunt, so smooth with your wetness dripping out. “Look into my eyes. Feel my hard cock fucking your beautiful cunt. Feel the vibrations in your asshole. You are going to cum. And you are going to cum on my cock. I want to feel your sweet cunt squeezing my cock when you cum.”

You moan with lust and pleasure at my words. And then I kiss you, slowly and gently, on the lips, while I fuck you, hard and fast. I kiss your mouth, your cheek, your jaw, and your earlobe.

And now, my voice again, low and sweet in your ear. “Hold on to me, and let go of everything else.”

Suddenly, you hear a faint click — and your wrists and ankles are free! The restraints pop loose, all at once. Instantly, you throw your arms around my shoulders and wrap your legs around my hips, holding me tighter, pulling me closer. I never stop or slow my rhythm, I just keep thrusting my cock deep into your pussy with every stroke. You steal a look down between your legs and for the first time, you see my prick, swollen red, looking as if it will burst, pumping in and out of your glistening cunt. You moan and close your eyes, and you can feel your hips rocking back and forth in time with my quick, steady thrusting. The rabbit throbs and vibrates in your asshole, multiplying the tingles in your cunt and sending wave after wave of pleasure rolling over your naked body.

“Look at me.” You open your eyes and see my face, earnest, focused. My brow is slightly furrowed as I concentrate on fucking you, steadily, relentlessly. I look into your eyes with a ferocious intensity.

“It is time for you to cum,” I say, breathing heavily and fucking you steadily as I talk. “You have surrendered to me, and I control you, mind, body and soul. You have given yourself to me, even your cunt and asshole. And right now, I want you to cum. Feel my cock in your pussy, the rabbit in your asshole, and my body against yours. Hold on to me, and surrender this last part of yourself to me. Cum for me. Cum for me now.”

And with that, I pull you close to me and I kiss your mouth, your face, your neck. You close your eyes and grab on to me as tightly as you can. You feel my cock, the rabbit, and my body, but more than anything, you feel ME — everywhere. You can feel the tension building in your body, just like before, but more intense, more focused. You can feel the wave, building, swelling, growing, like the entire ocean is about to crash down on you, on me, on everything. You open your eyes again and I am smiling down at you. I whisper one word:


And you surrender. The wave thunders over you as the most intense, powerful orgasm of your life rips through your entire body. It feels like a tidal wave of pleasure, radiating out from your cunt and asshole and rolling down your legs, up your spine, everywhere. You scream in my ear, you claw at my back, you grip your legs around my hips, you thrash wildly on the bed as I hold you and keep fucking you, keep pushing my cock into your cunt over and over again as you cum, and cum, and cum, longer and harder than you ever have before. I feel your pussy explode with juices, gripping and milking my cock and then the wave hits me, and I shove my prick as deep as I can into your cunt and shoot my cum deep inside you, crying out myself as I cum with you. We push our hips together and fuck each other wildly, frantically, madly. You feel my cock pulsing in your cunt and I feel your cunt grabbing and squeezing my cock, over and over, milking every drop of cum from my cock. It seems to last forever, as we hold each other and cum, and cum, and cum.

Finally you feel the waves begin to subside, and you start to return to the world. I collapse heavily on top of you, my eyes closed, my breathing fast. Sweat glistens off my body, and yours. Your pussy keeps milking my cock, instinctively, and my cock keeps pulsing, instinctively. We hold each other tightly for a very long time.

Finally, you open your eyes and I am smiling at you mischievously. I roll you over on top of me, making sure to keep my cock deep inside your cunt. Now on my back, I look up at you and kiss you deeply. My hands drift down your back and slide around the curve of your rear end. You feel my fingers in the crack of your ass — again — and then you realize the rabbit is still deep in your ass, still buzzing. You giggle as I slide the rabbit out of your asshole and turn it off. Then I cup your bottom with my hands again and squeeze. You look up at me.

“Well, now that wasn’t so hard, was it?” I say, grinning.

You laugh and shake your head a little. “Wow. I have never felt anything like that in my entire life. The way you got me close all those times, I couldn’t wait to cum. And then when you told me to cum, I couldn’t have stopped even if I wanted to.”

“Hmm, well now you know how I feel.”

“Mmm… I would love to do make you feel that way right now,” you say, squeezing my cock again with your pussy. “Can I suck your cock? Please? I want your hot cum in my mouth again. Please?”

“Fuck, you are so sexy.” I say. “I actually can’t wait to put my cock in your mouth again, but I’m afraid biology is conspiring against us! I just came twice in about 15 minutes, so I’m going to need a little time to recover. Plus I could really use that nap now…”

“Uh-huh, I think I’ve heard that one before,” you say, smiling at me. “Last time you pretended to fall asleep, I woke up tied to the bed!”

I laugh again. “Well, this time I can assure you that my sleepiness is genuine. But I’m looking forward to another of your expert blowjobs when I wake up… plus whatever else you can think of for the rest of the week. I want to make sure you get everything you need, baby.” My hands are still on your ass, and one of my fingers wanders over between your cheeks to trace a slow circle around your asshole. Your ass and pussy are a slippery, sticky mess from all that lube and all of my cum.

My finger pushes gently against your asshole, the tip sliding in just ever so slightly. “Is there anything you need right now, my sweet?” I grin at you and wiggle my fingertip in your asshole. You think to yourself that I seem to like putting things in your ass. And you grin as you think you yourself that you like it too.

But then you look me right in the eye, very intently and seriously. ” , there is one more thing I need right now, but I’m not sure if I should bring it up.”

I stop grinning and look back at you earnestly. “My god, after everything we’ve been through, I hope you can be totally honest with me. What do you need? Whatever you need, I will do everything I can to get it for you. What do you need?”

“I need…” You pause, looking uncertain. “I need to go wipe my ass!”

I throw back my head and my laughter echoes off the walls. You laugh too, giggling as you jump up and tiptoe, barefooted and bare-assed, across the bedroom to the bathroom. You can hear me still laughing from the bed.

“How is everything… down under?” I call from the bedroom.

“Doing just fine, thank you,” you say, still laughing. “My cunt is still tingling from that tsunami of an orgasm you just gave me, and my asshole feels… really good, actually. It feels well-fucked and stretched out, for sure, but really not sore at all. I have to say, that lube is pretty amazing. I bet you could even fuck my ass again right after our nap.” You smile as you think of how easy it is to talk dirty to me, and you realize that for the first time in your life, you feel completely uninhibited to say or do anything you want. “What do you say? After we wake up, do you want me to bend over and spread my ass apart for you? Do you want to watch your beautiful hard cock slide into my tight little asshole again?”

There is no response. Puzzled, you walk back to the bedroom doorway and see me sprawled on the bed, still completely naked and now definitely asleep. My cock is soft now, sloping to one side and glistening with your juices. You smile and turn off the light, then quietly climb back on to the bed without waking me. You lean over and kiss my balls gently, right in the middle. Then, looking up at me, you take your tongue and make one very slow, very wet lick up the entire length of my penis, sliding your tongue ever so tantalizingly from the base to the tip, and you hear me make a very soft moan of pleasure. Then, finally, you gently kiss the head of my cock, and I am awake now for sure.

“Mmm…. wow,” I say, stroking your hair and smiling down at you. “That was so nice. Come here, baby.”

You crawl up beside me and snuggle up close, pressing your naked body against mine. I kiss you on the lips, and as my tongue meets yours, you slide your hand down between my legs and your delicate little hand cups my balls gently.

“That feels nice,” I say. “Comfortable, safe.” My eyes are closed again and I seem to be drifting.

You kiss me on the mouth again. “Go to sleep. You’re going to need it.”

I kiss you back, smiling. “Okay.” I murmur softly in your ear. “Will you hold my balls like that until I fall asleep? That feels really nice.”

You smile and caress my balls gently with your fingers. “Sure, baby. Anything you want.”

I close my eyes and lay my head back on the pillow. You close your eyes and rest your head on my shoulder, curling your body around mine and your fingers around my balls, holding me. I wrap my arms around your shoulders, holding you. You feel my breathing slow and my body relax, and at the same time, you feel yourself starting to float, drift, sleep.

We are naked, exposed, intertwined, at peace.

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