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Switch-On: Mom Makes a Mistake

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NOTE: All characters in this story are over 18 years old. The term teenage still refers to people who are eighteen or nineteen years old. This story is pure fantasy! Have fun!!

–commercial begins—

Do you struggle with bad habits like smoking, drinking, or gambling? Does your spouse tell you he wants to clean, but constantly forgets? Do your kids constantly back-talk or struggle with their grades? Tired of throwing away hard earned money on tuition, just to have your son or daughter fail their classes? Then we have a solution for you!


Apply this medical device between the shoulder blades and -presto!- behaviors can instantly change. Encourage a more positive you. Promote a better marriage. And keep those sons and daughters respectful and studying. After just one week you’ll see new, permanent changes in yourself and the ones you love. Turn off the negativity and lack of motivation and Switch-On! Today!

Mom stands over her son at the table and asked with a concerned look on her face, “Hey son, how are your grades?”

The son looks up and smiles, “All A’s thanks to you, mom! And Switch-On!” He gives her a big thumbs up and she hugs him proudly.

Call 1-800-555-SWITCH or go to Switch On Devices. You’ll be so glad you did!

–commercial ends–

Switch-On hit the market with a blast from a major corporation, Vabaja, Inc. Critics complained it could be abused. Lawmakers struggled with defining and regulating the devices. Professors debated the ethical nature of tampering with a human being’s free will. And while the talking heads and lawyers and politicians flapped their gums, the Switch-On devices flew off the shelves by the tens of thousands in a matter of weeks. Some people clearly had nefarious purposes to owning one of the devices, but even the benign expectations of innocent buyers were corrupted by their basic desire to control their environment and everyone in it.


Mom Makes a Mistake

Marie fidgeted in front of the bathroom mirror wearing only her bra and a skirt. Brunette, buxom, and forty-six years old, only married once, a teenage son who was almost out of the house, Marie figured a man could do worse that find her. Her major issue –if she had to self-analyze- was her smoking. She picked up the bad habit when she was her son’s age and only stopped when she was pregnant. The day after Corey was born Marie started back up. Since the divorce she had gone up to a pack and half a day; it was a habit she didn’t want and couldn’t afford, but all attempts at quitting failed miserably.

“Not this time, though,” she thought to herself. “This time I’ll beat it.” Marie bought a Switch-On device that had been advertised as being great for getting rid of bad habits. With money tight, it would save her almost two hundred dollars a month. In a few months it would have paid for the Switch-On and by the end of the year she’d be way ahead. Some people had complained that the device took away your self-control, but Marie figured it was a lack of self-control that was causing her problems anyway. Besides, maintaining the same program consistently for thirty days allegedly allowed the user to remove the device as the new habit would be permanent. That was damn appealing.

Marie looked at the two-inch by three inch piece of plastic with patches of small needles sticking out of the flat underside. The installation was supposed to be mildly painful, but then it immediately engaged pain receptors at the site and shut them down. One second of pain and it would be on. She figured it would be a piece of cake — hell, child birth was fifteen hours. This would be nothing…

…If she could get the damn thing on. It had to go right between the shoulder blades. But try as she might, Marie could not reach it and feel comfortable that it would be installed properly. Not wanting to go to her doctor and embarrassed about asking her friends, Marie grabbed a robe, draped it over her to cover her chest, and went to get Corey.

Corey was finishing up his senior year and doing his best to get good grades. Five foot nine with a skinny build, his brown hair was longer than his mother would have preferred. Of course, his room was dirtier than Marie preferred as well. B’s and C’s were pretty common lately instead of the A’s and B’s she was seeing his junior year. Maybe it was the smaller apartment, maybe it was the girlfriend that dumped him… But at least he would graduate. Corey was typing away on his laptop when Marie interrupted him.

“Honey, can you help me with something?” she asked nicely.

“Mom, I’m working on my report,” Corey droned.

“Come on, it won’t take more than a couple minutes.”

“Do I get to borrow your car if I do?”

“Hmmm, let me think about that… NO. I can’t afford to have you getting into an accident. Just get off your ass and help your mother out. It’s important.”

Corey rolled his eyes, “Gee, I guess me passing my classes is less important.” He got up anyway and followed his mom to the bathroom. There Marie explained what she needed done and how she needed Corey to shove the device into her skin.

“Won’t you bleed?” he asked, horrified.

“It says that there might be a tiny bit of blood, but the needles are very thin and short and it will stop quickly.” Marie saw that Corey was cringing and sighed, “Stop being such wimp! I’m the one that has to wear the damn thing, not you. Just slap it on!”

“Fine!” Corey groaned.

Marie disrobed and stood there in front of the mirror in her bra. Corey tried not to look — it was his mother after all. It was bad enough when she brought a guy home and he had to see her kissing some old dude. Thank God she didn’t let them stay over. He poised the device against her skin and then pressed it firmly into her.

“Ouch! Ouch! Ou- Ahhhhh…..” Marie felt the sting for a moment and then a wash of pleasure that went through her. The Switch-On released natural endorphins to combat the pain, flooding her system and filling her with a relaxed, satisfied feeling. She also felt sleepy. Very sleepy.

Corey helped his mom over to the bed where she collapsed. She managed to squeak out a smile and an assurance that she was okay before passing out.

With his mother asleep, Corey looked over the remote control and read the instructions. The thought crossed his mind that this might be an opportunity to be able to get his way a bit more at home. He quickly ran to his room and grabbed his cell phone. According to the device instructions, it would sync with any mobile device, so why not his cell?

The Switch-On already had commands programmed into it, presumably by his mother.




The screen read “LINK TO MOBILE DEVICE: SUCCESSFUL”. When he synced his cell phone the new commands didn’t show up on his cell phone, and he wondered if the reverse were true.

Corey uploaded all the apps and typed in the command, “YOU WANT TO MAKE BROWNIES.” It was a silly one but he figured if she saw it, it wouldn’t get him in as much trouble as what he wanted to put in. He had the opportunity to make it a subconscious command (meaning she would be unaware of it), a physical command (meaning she would do it and not know why, but be unable to stop it), or make it a regular occurrence of either type of command. Corey selected SUB/ONCE, figuring that it would be a good test to see if it would function as promised.

The command went through his cell phone but never showed on his mom’s remote. “Whew!” he whispered. Everything was finished just as his mother was coming out of her bedroom. He tossed the remote on the table where his mother left it.

“How long was I asleep for?” she asked.

Corey shrugged, “I don’t know… Maybe an hour?”

Marie wondered if it worked. Would she be able to kick the habit finally? She was nervous and instinctively reached for a cigarette. Right away she knew something was different. Marie wanted to hold it but had no desire to light it. She pushed herself to try her commands out, though. The cigarette tip illuminated and sure enough when the she drew in the smoke, it tasted terrible. Absolutely awful, actually. Marie made a face and put it out.

“I think it works,” she mused. “I was worried but I think it worked, son. Thanks for helping me install it.”

“No problem. Can I take the car out now?” Corey smirked.

“Uhh, no. You can’t.” Marie noticed that her son was eyeballing the controller and figured Corey might become mischievous with the Switch-On device if he got a hold of it. “And just in case you think you can try some sort of funny business, I’m going to lock this up.” She knew there was a password she could lock it with, so that would have to be a priority for her.

“Whatever,” Corey responded, turning away because he didn’t want his mother seeing the smile on his face.

“I’ll tell you what, though,” Marie told him, “How about if I make some of my famous brownies to satisfy your studious urges?”

Corey couldn’t concentrate as he sat at his laptop. It worked! He had a remote control to his mother — a chance to get away with practically anything. As his mother was mixing batter in the kitchen, Corey surreptitiously pulled his phone out and clicked on the Switch-On app. Trying it out again, he typed, “YOU WANT TO THANK YOUR SON. LET HIM BORROW THE CAR KEYS AND GIVE HIM FIFTY DOLLARS”. SUB/ONCE

Subconscious, one time. He wasn’t greedy. He just wanted a chance to see his buddies in his old neighborhood.

A half hour later a warm plate of brownies with powdered sugar was brought to Corey’s room and set at his desk. An envelope was next to it. “Mom, what’s this?”

Marie smiled, “Open it.”

Corey opened the envelope and peaked inside. Two twenties, a ten, and the car keys. He looked up at his mother, “Really? You sure?”

Marie answered guiltily, “Yeah, you’ve been a good kid. And I owe you for putting this thing on me. So, take it out and be careful!!”

Corey hugged his mom, “Thanks!” He barely had time to shove a brownie in his face before bolting out the door.

A ten days later and Marie was still cigarette free. It was a fantastic feeling to be liberated from something that had been hanging off her back for near thirty years. It was a small victory, one she needed to get through this week.

First, her boss was being a complete asshole. He was always an asshole but this week the man was completely over the top. Yelling, complaining, the man could never be happy. But as Marie got out to her Mitsubishi, she noticed a long scratch along the side. It wasn’t there yesterday and she had a pretty good idea where the scratch came from. Her son was going to get it when she got home.

Corey was sitting around playing video games when he should have already taken out the trash and done the dishes. Those were his chores and she couldn’t fathom after her lending him the car all week how he could think he could get away with it.

“Corey!” Marie snapped.

“What?” he answered, never removing his eyes from the screen.

“Did you forget to do the dishes? And take the trash out?”

“Yeah, I’ll get to it in a second.”

“And what about the giant gouge on the passenger side door of my car? Did you think I wasn’t going to see it?”

Corey flinched. He was pretty sure that it happened when he went to the Burger Shack with his buddies last night but couldn’t be positive. “I don’t remember getting a scratch on the car, mom.”

“Well, you’re not borrowing it again. That car is the only nice thing I own and you messed it up!”

He blamed her bad mood on the lack of cigarettes. Marie was quick to point out that her mood had nothing to do with that, she only wanted him to be responsible. She reminded him that since the Switch-On she hasn’t had a desire for a cigarette at all.

Corey, paused the game and grabbed his phone. He was trying to think of a command to give his mom to keep her from thinking the scratch on the car was his fault as she continued to complain from the kitchen.

“…One nice thing I got out of the divorce! One thing, and HIS SON screws it up for me. Great…” Marie was on a monologue, waiting for Corey to apologize.

Corey didn’t want to apologize. He wanted her to shut up. He thumbed in, “STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THE CAR, TRASH, AND DISHES.” PHYS/REC

Physical change. Recurring daily. She may want to complain but now she couldn’t. And not ever. “Let’s see how you like that,” Corey thought to himself.

Marie tried to say something else about the scratch but the words wouldn’t come. It was strange, like she couldn’t figure out how to make her mouth speak what was going through her mind. She chocked it up to being so frustrated and stormed out of the kitchen toward the bedroom to get out of her work clothes. As she did she tripped over Corey’s book bag.

‘Damn it! Corey, put your stupid backpack away! Now!” Marie snapped.

Corey, phone still in hand numbly typed, “GO FUCK YOURSELF.”

The command defaulted to a physical one-off command.

Marie barely got her skirt off when the desire to masturbate came over her. It wasn’t so much a desire as it was if her hands had a mind of their own. Her fingers danced over her clit and pinched at her nipples through her bra.

“What the hell am I doing?” Marie wondered. Had all that tension caused her to get to a point of sexual frustration? Whatever the cause, the middle-aged woman’s body was responding to the stimulation and she barely managed to get to the bed. With her panties still on, Marie pulled them to the side and slipped her fingers into her moistening fold. The door was still slightly ajar but she couldn’t get up to close it. She continued to finger herself… Fuck herself. It had to be the tension, or the lack of a man for many months, or both. But damn it felt sooo good.

Corey got up to get a drink and heard the moans emanating from his mom’s room. He carefully looked in the room and observed his mother playing with herself unabashedly on the bed. Hiding quickly, he walked away mortified, suddenly figuring out it was his command that did this to his mother. He looked at his phone and typed in “STOP PLAYING WITH YOURSELF.”

The moans stopped.

Marie stopped her actions, despite being sexually aroused. She tried finishing the job but found herself incapable. Confused and trying to regain her composure, Marie sat on the edge of the bed and used the opportunity to get some comfortable clothes on.

Corey felt a growing, wicked sense of control. He would never do anything with his mom. No, that would be wrong. But she was way too uptight lately and it didn’t sound like his mother was in any pain. In fact, he’d be doing her a favor so that she didn’t bring home any more loser guys.

Impulsively Corey typed in a series of commands…




Marie threw herself back on the bed and moaned loudly as she pleasured herself off over and over. Corey was gone and she needed the alone time. It had been weeks since she masturbated and even then it was just to get it done. Tonight was different. Whatever was stirring in her, Marie had the sensation she had to get it out of her system.

The brunettes writhed on the bed, shoving her fingers in and out of her hole and rubbing her clit. The pleasure was building and building until it quickly shook her body. It felt incredible — the best orgasm she had in months. But even so this was different. Unbelievably Marie watched as her hand continued to finger in and out of her pussy. It was so sensitive and yet she felt like there was no stopping it. Multiple orgasms weren’t doable for her, years of experience told her that. Yet here she was, stimulating herself all over again.

Corey couldn’t help it. It was his mother, true. It was wrong, true. But his cock was so hard watching her from the doorway. His mom was swept away in a moment of self-pleasure and it was something he had never seen except in pornos. This was a real woman who thought she was really alone and was doing everything she could to satisfy herself. As the minutes ticked by, the teenage boy became bolder, rubbing his cock through his pants and watching as his own mom played with her pussy. Her delicious tits swayed about, held in place only when his mom twisted her nipples.

Cum shot from the tip of his dick and soaked through his underwear and pants. “What have I done?” Corey told himself. “This is disgusting! I just jacked off looking at my own mother!”

He resigned to his room to clean up, still listening as Marie continued to play with herself in the bedroom across the hall. As he cleaned up to the sounds of his mother cumming a third time he swore he would never do anything like that again. But he also had to cover his tracks. Once the session was over, his mom would figure out that somehow the Switch-On device was responsible.

“FORGET THAT YOU ARE WEARING THE SWITCH-ON DEVICE. IF YOU SEE IT YOU WILL THINK IT IS JUST A NORMAL PART OF YOUR BODY. YOU WILL WEAR CLOTHES THAT HIDE IT WHEN YOU GO OUT OF THE HOUSE.” Corey thought the command would help. He then snuck down the hallway and out the apartment to make it seem like he just got home. Hopefully his mom would be so disoriented that she wouldn’t question when he left.

Corey stepped into the apartment an hour later and walked to his room. His journey was interrupted with his mother standing there tapping her foot.

Marie snarled, “What, son? Did you think you could get away with this?”

Corey froze, the blood draining from his face. “W- w- with what?”

Marie pointed to the backpack, “How many times do I need to ask you to pick this damned thing up?! We live in a small apartment and you need to keep YOUR things in YOUR room.”

Corey exhaled in relief as he grabbed his bag and apologized to his mother profusely. “Never again,” he told himself a second time, convincing himself that controlling somebody else was never a good idea.

Marie had been cigarette free for two months and everybody around her congratulated her efforts. She just got a raise, she was smiling all the time, she had lost ten pounds, she was dressing sexier, and her girlfriends were convinced that there was a new man in her life. There wasn’t, of course. She was simply a new woman.

As she got home her whole body shook with pleasure. The horniness was a regular thing for her, a new characteristic that she didn’t mind at all. In fact, she stopped wearing panties a month ago, enjoying instead the naughty sensation of her pussy being hidden and bare just on the underside of her skirt.

She peeked into her son’s room and noticed he was taking a nap in a t-shirt and sweat shorts. The poor kid was tired after baseball practice and clearly needed a break. But mommies need breaks too. She walked into his room and kicked off her high heels, hiking up her skirt to straddle Corey’s sleeping frame. Lowering her hips she began grinding her shaved pussy against her son’s crotch as she undid her blouse. The lacy bra she wore matched the garter belt and stockings she was wearing and Marie felt incredibly sexy. Sexy and naughty. Naughty and hot.

Her teenage son’s cock was responding as it always did as Corey slowly woke up to his mom’s figure looming over him, her hair dangling down, her lips wet from her tongue licking them.

“How’s my big boy today?” Marie cooed.

Corey stretched before running his hands up his mother’s stocking clad legs, “Mmmm, good. Tired. How’s my slutty mother?”

“Great, now that I’m home.” She tossed her blouse to the side, having it land on another set of her clothing she left in his room the night before. “Since you are so tired, how about I do all the work today?”

Corey smiled, “That sounds great, mom.” He managed to slide his shorts and underwear off, releasing his young cock straight up into the air so that Marie could settle down onto it.

Her pussy was so hot and wet… She must have been thinking about sex all day. “Of course she was!” Corey considered, “That’s how I programmed her.” It took a couple of weeks for Marie to be practiced enough, but soon Corey had her reading all the taboo incest stories he could find on the internet. Once the seed had been planted in his mind, the young son couldn’t stop thinking about his mother and everything he could do with her…. And to her. After watching perverted videos and reading perverted stories, Corey made sure his mother did the same thing. More so, he made sure she wanted it more than anything. Now with over a month into the same program, the Switch-On device was no longer needed. Marie was permanently reprogrammed.

Her body was bouncing up and down on his stiffness lustily, moaning wickedly as she did, “You like that, son? You like fucking your mommy’s cunt? Yes, you dirty boy you… I can’t wait to feel you shoot your hot white cum up inside me…”

It was so wrong, so completely wrong. Incest with her own son, and yet every time she remembered the sinful act from the day before, it made her crave the next act even more. No ordinary man could take care of her. No gentle act of lovemaking could satisfy Marie any longer. It had to be fucking. FUCKING her son’s nice young dick, knowing her taboo act was something no good mother should do. But she wasn’t a good mother. She had to tell her son exactly what she was.

As Corey climbed on top of her and pumped lustfully into her pussy, her fourth orgasm was building. She wanted him to cum at the same time and encouraged him, “More son! More! Fuck your slutty mommy’s cunt! Ohhh, it’s sooo dirty having INCESTUOUS sex with your mommy, isn’t it? That gets you so hot, doesn’t it, son? OOOhh, gonna cum! I’M CUMMING, SON!!!”

As the taboo pair came at the same time, their tongues swirled in each other’s mouths, locking the mother and son on top and on bottom in an embrace that would come again the next night. And the next.

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