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Sympathetic Magic Ch. 03-04

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Part 3.

I went down to breakfast after a quick shower with my mind still working out some ideas. Dee and Kristen were already gone, probably at cheer practice since it was Saturday morning. As I ate my cereal, I was wondering what the range of the portal spell would be. I carefully lifted my book, and slowly pushed my finger into the portal. I could tell it was still working, but I felt nothing with my finger, even though I was in it over an inch. “Crap!” I said, as I realized she must not be wearing the same panties. I should have known that, since the girls often changed clothes 2 or 3 times a day.

This would not work at all. I had not thought of this problem, but my horny mind was at work on figuring out a solution immediately. I knew she probably would not wear last nights panties again soon, plus they would get washed which would almost certainly wash away my cum. That was the key to the similarity spell, and it would not work if it got washed off. Just to make sure she was not wearing them, I went into Dee’s room and sure enough, her clothes were on the floor by the bed. I picked up her panties and felt the crotch. Since I was carrying the book still, I stuck a finger into the portal and watched it come out of the fabric of the crotch. It was SO strange seeing a finger just appear like that. I wiggled it a couple times and laughed at how strange it looked. I carefully put them back just how I found them.

I thought on the problem as I headed back to my room. I could possibly get access to Kristen’s room, she only lived about a half mile from here, but how would I know which of her panties to put a portal on? I opened the spell book and read over that spell, and a few others which seemed to be similar. I finally found a paragraph which mentioned that multiple portals could be created, but each one had be completed before another could, and there did not seem to be a way to have one originating portal. That meant I would have to have one set of portals for each pair of panties. That sounded like a lot of work. If I took one book for each pair of panties, I would have to have a whole library…

I was still thinking of the problem when I decided to see if I could get access to Kristen’s room first. I went out to jump in the car, but realized Dee and Kristen must have taken it. It was only about 5 blocks to the school, but of course they could not just walk there. Shaking my head in annoyance, I opened the garage and got out my mountain bike. I spent the short ride over to Kristen’s house thinking of an excuse to get in. Although it was kinda lame, I figured it would work. I pulled up to her house and knocked on the door. I had to knock twice, and was thinking her parents must not be home when suddenly the door opened and her little brother Tony peeked out. “Hi Dan, Waz Up!”

“Oh, hey Tony, are your parents home?” I asked as a wave of relief swept over me.

“No, they’re at the store. Wanna come in? Jeff and I are playing on the Wii!”

“Actually, I was just riding my bike and needed to go to the bathroom. Would it be OK if I used yours?”

“Sure” he said a look of disappointment on his face. “I could maybe play with you guys in a few minutes when I’m done OK?”

“Great, I’ll tell Jeff. What do you want to play?” “You guys just keep playing, we’ll figure out what to play in a few minutes.”

“Ok!” he said as he scampered off. Jeff was 8 or 9 I think, and I had played with him a few times over the years. I closed the door and headed down the hall to the bathroom, which was right next to Kristen’s room. I had not been in it for a couple years, but it did not look that different. I quietly closed the door, and moved quickly to her dresser. The first drawer I opened only had socks, the second was her stash of panties. Feeling nervous, like I could get caught any second, I grabbed the bunch of them, stuffing them under my shirt, then headed for the bathroom.

Once I was in the bathroom, the rest needed to be worked out. I counted the panties I had, but there were only six. There could be lots of pairs in the laundry, but I would have to make do with these. I locked the door, and pulled out my cock. Just feeling Kristen’s panties had me hard already. I spit on my hand and started to jack off. Remembering the smell on my palm, and the feel of her pussy there was getting me close to coming. I raised my hand to my nose, and I thought I could still smell a faint odor of her pussy there. That was enough to send me over the edge, and I jacked off my load onto the bathroom counter.

I recovered quickly, washed myself off, and pulled my pants back up and got ready to do the spells. As I pulled out the book, I realized I had 6 pairs of panties, and only 1 book. ‘Crap!’ I thought to myself as I separated the panties on the counter. A flash of inspiration struck, as I realized I should be able to put a portal spell on different pages. Maybe if I separated the portals by a few pages? I turned to page 10, and put the soap dispenser on it to hold it open. I took the first pair of panties, dipped my finger in my come, and drew the portal symbol on the crotch. I made it as wide as the crotch would allow, and several inches long, covering most of the padded area. I repeated that on page 10, and finished the spell.

A quick test showed that it worked perfectly, with my finger disappearing into the book, and poking of the light blue pair of panties. I repeated the process with each pair in turn advancing the book 10 pages at a time, testing each one when I finished. After I did the last one, I checked all of them again to make sure they worked. I put the book carefully away in my backpack, tucked the panties under my shirt and opened the door quietly. I snuck back into Kristen’s room, and put the panties back about how I found them. I did not want Kristen thinking someone had gone through them. I walked to the living room and told Tony I could not stay to play the Wii today, but maybe we could play ball tomorrow if he wanted? That seemed to cover his disappointment well enough, and I let myself out to the sound of Sonic the hedgehog racing around some track.

Part 4.

Dee and Kristen were not back yet by the time I got home, so I put another portal spell on her swimsuit bottoms just in case. Seeing the bikini top, I put a small portal about where I thought the nipple would go on one side of that as well. I put the other half of both spells on page 70 and 71. Dee had no more panties with her, so I figured she was probably not spending the night tonight. I waited impatiently for them to come home, and finally read some more in the spell book. My mind was not focused very well on it though, and I finally put it away and went to have some lunch.

I was part way through my sandwich when the girls got home, and came chattering through the front door. I said hi as they went past. Dee absent mindedly said hi in return, and Kristen actually said “Hi Dave!” as they went up to Dee’s room. I snuck a peak at Kristen’s amazing legs as she disappeared around the corner and up the stairs. All that cheerleading practice sure pays off I thought. You could see the individual muscles move easily underneath the tan skin. I thought of the lovely shaved pussy hiding under her skirt, and immediately got hard as a rock. I finished my sandwich right before the girls came back down.

The girls had towels wrapped around them, with bikini straps showing above. “You guys want a sandwich before you go swimming?” I asked the girls.

“Oh we’re not going swimming, just laying out for a bit.” Kristen answered with a smile. “But a sandwich would be great, right Dee?”

“Sure, thanks Davey” Dee said with a pleased smile on her face. “You’re just being so nice ’cause you have a crush on Kristen right?!” she teased.

“Yeah right!” I replied, but I could feel myself blushing, and both girls laughed. I knew I had given myself away before, and definitely had a crush on Kristen, but I did not want to get teased about it. I started making them a sandwich, as Dee got some chips. Kristen got out a couple of sodas, then they sat down at the bar as I finished up. Focusing on my work had made my blushing subside, but as I was still embarrassed a bit, after I gave the girls half a sandwich each. I turned to go.

“Hey Davey, you should join us! Girls like a guy with a tan you know!”

My sister loved teasing me, but then Kristen said “Yeah, come on out. She’s right about that.”

As I looked back Kristen almost seemed to blush a little bit, but maybe that was my imagination. “OK, maybe I will in a little bit. I need to do some reading first though.” As I headed up the stairs, I was distracted from my plans by Kristen’s expression. I wondered if maybe she actually liked me a little? I wished she did of course, but I did not have that much confidence. In my room, I looked at myself in the mirror behind the door. I had changed a lot in the last couple of years. The pimples were mostly gone by now, although I never had them as bad as some. I had filled out quite a bit especially this year, and all those exercises we did in wrestling had to have helped.

I took off my shirt and flexed my muscles a bit, striking a pose. I laughed at myself, but at the same time wondered if maybe Kristen might like how I look now. I could use a tan though, so maybe I would join them. First things first though. I looked out my bedroom window to see if they were out by the pool. I could not see the lounge chairs very well because they were almost right below my window, but they were empty.

I got my portal book out, opened it and locked the door. I checked outside again, and Dee and Kristen were just getting into the lounge chairs. They were putting lotion on their legs and arms, and I watched as well as I could from this angle. They talked a lot as they rubbed the lotion on, but I could not hear what they were saying without opening my window, and I did not want them to know I was watching. After they settled back on the chairs, they mostly stopped talking, and relaxed in the sun. I watched for a few minutes, just drinking in the view of those glorious bodies. Yes, I looked at Dee too, since she was about as hot as Kristen, but my focus was mostly on Kristen.

My hardening dick was quickly becoming uncomfortable in my pants, so I stepped back from the window and took off the rest of my clothes. One problem with being 18 is you get hard with almost no provocation, and I had lots of provocation with Kristen around. The girls had been lying quietly for several minutes by the time I was ready. I glanced out the window again, and then opened the book to page 70. I sniffed the book at the portal, but could not smell anything. I knew from my reading that this was mostly a one-way portal, although Kristen’s juices coating my hand last night had come back through it.

Holding the book open carefully, I did the same thing as last night, very slowly pushing my open palm against the portal. I gradually felt warmth against my palm, more than I had last night. It felt slightly different, somehow but I did not think much of it. The girls were lying in the sun of course, so the heat made sense. I put slightly more pressure onto my palm, reveling in that heat. I looked down as I did, to see if Kristen was moving, but there was no sign she had. I thought maybe she had fallen asleep in the sun, that would make sense. The idea that she might be sleeping gave me more courage, and I pulled my hand off the portal and smelled it. I detected nothing, but then again, I had just started.

I repeated the process, slowly touching her pussy with my palm, increasing the pressure slightly. I looked again, but Kristen had not moved. Dee was rolling over onto her stomach, but although I was focused on Kristen, I still admired her ass and legs for a minute. I rubbed some more, very gently, as I did not want to wake her up, but I really wanted to get some more of that wonderful liquid on my hand. Several minutes went by, with my cock hard as a rock, and dripping pre-come onto the floor as I rubbed at her pussy. I thought I could feel some moisture finally, and slowly took my hand away to smell it.

It was wet just in the center of my palm, and I could smell that amazing aroma again, although it seemed different somehow. I did not really notice in the horny haze enveloping my brain though. The stimulation was too much, and my common sense was gone. I licked my palm, but then though why not lick directly at the source! I had heard of doing that to girls, and it sounded really good right now. I glanced down again, but both girls were still. I lifted the book to my face, and slowly extended my tongue into the portal. My nose touched the book just above the portal, as my tongue touched something.

My mind was almost completely disconnected at this point, and I slowly and gently licked upward. I pulled my tongue back, and licked further down, feeling a slickness on my tongue that was not there the first time. I pulled away just long enough to glance out the window seeing that Kristen was still asleep, or lying still anyway. I turned my face back to the book and again licked further down, feeling my tongue go slightly between something. I repeated the motion again more forcefully, feeling my tongue enter something very warm, and very slick. I licked again and again, tasting the tangy slippery pussy lips, and dragging my tongue up to where the sensitive part was supposed to be.

I was totally into this now, and plunged my tongue as far as it would go, feeling the lips envelope it, and the sensation and taste as I dragged my tongue between them, to the clit and beyond, until I felt the coarseness of hair. One hand left the book, and grabbed my cock, just in time to gather the pre-come drizzling off the end. I rubbed it onto my cock, and came with just 2 strokes. My mouth left the book as I doubled partway over in pleasure. My legs nearly collapsed as jet after jet of come shot onto the wall under the window. My mind was totally blank as I experienced the euphoria that came from each shot.

A few seconds later as my mind began to function again, I looked out the window to see what I had done to Kristen. She was still lying in the same position, unbelievably asleep it seemed. How someone could sleep when getting their pussy licked I did not know, but I had a lot to learn about girls I figured. I idly glanced at my sister, also still lying in the same position, except her legs were parted a lot more than they had been. I also saw that one arm seemed to be tucked underneath her, which seemed odd, but I shrugged it off. My mind was obviously not working all that well yet. I cleaned up, and though I should probably go join the girls, since Kristen seemed to like the idea. I also really wanted to see if she was sleeping, or if I had had some affect on her. Throwing my soiled clothes in the hamper, I pulled on my swim trunks and headed downstairs. Just before I got to the sliding glass door that led out to the pool, Dee opened it, and came in. Her face was kind of red, and she had a funny look on her face, almost a guilty look really.

“Are you OK?” I asked at the odd expression.

“Oh, fine!” she kind of squeaked out. As she stepped away from the door, her hands swung down to cover her crotch, like she was afraid I would see something. “Just headed to go pee you know!” I saw the too casual look on her face, the one she had when she was trying to lie about something.

It made no sense to me, so I said, “OK, See you out there.” She walked by, and I opened the door and stepped out. As I closed the door, I caught a faint whiff of something that brought my mind back to my room. Something made me turn back and look as Dee rounded the corner to the bathroom, and I saw the color of her bikini bottoms. Red with a white band around the top. I looked over at Kristen on the lounge chair and saw her bottoms were red too, but with no white band.

It struck me like a ton of bricks. I had put the portal spell on the bikini bottoms that had a white border on top, thinking they were Kristen’s. Either I got that wrong, or they switched. I had just LICKED MY OWN SISTERS PUSSY! It’s a good thing nobody was watching right then to see the look on my face, plus I’m sure I blushed bright red. I remembered seeing that she had an arm tucked under herself. I wondered… Was she touching herself as I licked her? Maybe that would explain the shift in her position, and her blushing when she came in the house and saw me? It would certainly explain what I thought I had smelled as she passed me, and the way she covered herself as she closed the door.

I stood there thinking about this for almost a minute, trying to recover from the shock. I finally decided I should pretend I noticed nothing, and lie down on the other chair. I quietly walked to the lounge chairs, watching Kristen’s body come into view. I did not want to get caught staring, so I grabbed my sisters sunglasses and sat down. I let my eyes rove over Kristen’s glistening body as I put on some lotion. The tiny beads of sweat from the sun showed up clearly on the swell of her breasts exposed to my lustful view. It was good I had just come, or I would be getting a boner again just from looking at her.

I finally dragged my gaze away before my sister came back, and moved to settle into the lounge chair. The fabric of the chair in the middle had a faint outline from my sisters body, where she was sweating onto it. I saw a small darker spot in the middle, right where her crotch would have been. More proof (if I had needed it) that she had been aroused enough to leak through her bottoms. I wondered if she had come? I was too lost in my own mind-blowing orgasm to have paid attention at that point, so I did not know. I wondered if maybe she went into the bathroom to finish? In spite of myself, I began to get an erection. I tried to put my mind on something else, but was only partly successful. I could feel my cock snug against my shorts, not completely hard, but fairly big still.

I must have made some noise, or else Kristen woke up on her own, because I heard her move, and then “Oh, Hi Davey! When did you get here? Where is Dee?”

“Hey Kristen, I got here just a few minutes ago. Dee went inside to go pee she said.” I was letting my eyes wander as we spoke, fairly sure she could not see me looking behind the glasses.

“Could you do me a favor?”


“Could you put some suntan lotion on me? I don’t want to get burned.”

“OK, no problem” I reached for the lotion and got up, expecting her to turn over onto her back. “Um, where do you want it?”

“I forgot to put some on my legs if you don’t mind” she answered. I remembered watching her and Dee put on the lotion, and I know she got her legs. That was the first part she covered. I moved slowly toward the foot of the chair, looking at her legs. I squeezed some lotion onto her lower legs, watching carefully through the sunglasses.

“Thanks Davey” she said with a slight smile. I put my hands onto her left leg, smearing the lotion around. I rubbed more firmly, with growing courage as I realized she must want me to touch her, since sun block lotion does not wear off in half an hour. I rubbed my hands around the sides of her calf, feeling the smooth firm muscles there. I lifted her leg a little bit, and rubbed down to her foot, starting to massage slightly, and letting her feel the strength in my hands. I moved from there up to her knee, and then put on some more lotion.

As I rubbed it in, moving halfway up her thigh, I wondered how for up to go? Surely she would tell me I thought. I rubbed it in, watching my hands massage the lotion into her thigh, rubbing up and down on that smooth, tanned expanse of skin, and getting more excited by the second. I used a little more lotion, letting some spill down the inside of her thigh, and then catching it with my fingers. As I touched her other thigh, she slid her other leg away slightly, leaving more of her thigh exposed to my touch.

I kept my hands circling around on her thigh working slightly higher with every few seconds, getting closer to her bikini area. I got to within about an inch of her crotch, before I lost my courage. I grabbed the lotion, and started on the other leg. Down at her calf again, to her foot, and slowly around to the bigger muscles. I lifted her leg to rub it, and she made a slight sound.

“Mmmm, that feels good Davey! You should be a masseuse.” After rubbing and massaging the muscle another minute or so, I put her leg back down, moving it slightly outward more. Then I got more lotion, and headed to her thigh. This time, I was more confident, especially after that remark, so I started rubbing firmly right away by her knee, and slowly worked my way up her thigh. I again put on more lotion, this time deliberately squirting some closer to her pussy, where it oozed down her leg toward the chair. I slid my right hand on the inside of her thigh from her knee, to within about half an inch of her pussy, with my heart pounding in my chest, and my cock totally hard again.

I captured the lotion, and spread it evenly around her inner thigh, and up by her bikini line. I massaged firmly, up and down her leg, feeling those strong cheerleader muscles under my hands. I finally let my fingers reach toward the inside of her thigh, down by the chair, and curled my fingers. This brought the knuckle of my index finger just brushing against the middle of her swimsuit, right where her pussy was. I heard a slight gasp, whether it was from her or me, I’m not sure, because at that moment, my sister opened the patio door and came out. I stood up rather quickly as Dee said “Hey Kristen, you want something to drink?”

She came walking toward us, as I stood there awkwardly, looking at me strangely. “Sure Dee, thanks! Your brother was just rubbing some lotion on me, almost like a massage. He has great hands!” she said with a big smile.

Dee smiled back, and said “Good to know, I guess” as she handed another soda to Kristen. She looked down at my shorts, then back up to me with that strange look on her face.

“I’d better get something to drink too.” I said as I stepped over the legs of the chair. As I did, I felt the tightness of my shorts, and realized that I was sporting an enormous hard-on, that had been pointed right at Dee and Kristen as I stood there. I felt the familiar blush come on, as I walked back into the house.

Just before the door closed, I heard Dee say “Oh my God, did you see that?”

I stopped the door from closing all the way, mortified that Dee had seen that, even more embarrassed maybe that Kristen had. “How could I not! It looked huge!”

I heard giggling as I slumped against the wall, thinking my face might catch fire I was blushing so much. “What did you do that made that happen you little slut!” More giggling happened as I strained to hear the response.

“Well, I asked him to put some lotion on my legs, and well, maybe I moved around a little too.”

“Were you actually flirting with him?”

“Maybe, what’s so wrong with that? He’s pretty cute you know!” “Well yeah, I guess so, but he’s my brother!”

“So? He’s really your step-brother though, right?” There was more giggling at that point, so I moved into the kitchen to get a drink.

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