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Linda’s Birthday Dinner

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Adele and Linda had been in chat for almost 3 hours and both were exhausted from the many orgasms they had both had. The subject then turned from sex to everyday things including Linda’s forthcoming 30th birthday. Adele asked what plans she had to celebrate it and Linda told her that she wasn’t sure as Tony, her husband, was away on a course for the week end that her birthday fell on so she was expecting to spend it quietly indoors.

It was then that the ‘Great Idea’ popped into Linda’s head. She outlined it to Adele who fell in love with it and, over the next hour, the plan was hatched and details arranged. A Birthday Dinner with Linda, Adele and their best friend Howard was the final outcome and the following week the invite went out via Yahoo.

Linda made the arrangements as far as dinner was concerned after both girls decided to make it really special and have an overnight stay at a London hotel. Adele put her mind to work as to what they would each wear and, knowing Linda’s dress size, she began her search of the shops.

The Grosvenor House Hotel in Mayfair’s plush Park Lane was chosen as the venue and 2 connecting rooms were duly booked with a dinner reservation for 3.

Although Howard had replied immediately to the invite he also telephoned the Grosvenor Hotel just to ensure that they had satellite TV in the rooms. Saturday 22nd May, the date of the dinner, was also the date for the much awaited clash between England and Germany in the Euro 2004 Championships. Yes he would have missed the match to be in the company of the two very delightful ladies but if he could also watch the match then that would be an added bonus.

The night of the dinner arrived and, as per the arrangements, the 3 guests met in the Royal Club for coffee and afternoon pastries and the 3 long time friends spent an hour chatting and reminiscing over the many adventures they had been through together; but the main topic of conversation was Adele’s recent marriage and Linda’s many Thank You’s to Howard for his support during her absence.

Linda collected the room keys from the desk and quickly nipped up to Howard’s room after checking that she still had the small screwdriver in her clutch bag. Ten minutes later she returned to the Royal Club and handed Howard his electronic room key. Laughing and joking the three guests entered the lift and ascended to their adjoining rooms. Linda and Adele gave Howard a small peck on the cheek and disappeared inside their room whilst Howard entered his. He smiled as he felt a tiny pinch to his bottom just before they closed their door; Linda or Adele? He guessed right at which one. A glance at his watch told him the match was about to start. He knew exactly what would be happening in the room next to his whilst he settled in front of the TV in readiness for the match and a smile crossed his face as he pictured the two girls getting showered and dressed ready for the evening. But before they were all due to meet back in the Royal Club in readiness to go into La Trerrazza for their Italian Dinner he had the match to look forward to before he need shower and dress. Picking out a small bottle of cool champagne from the room fridge he opened it, poured half a glass and switched on the TV.

* * * * * *

No sooner were the two girls inside their room than Linda headed for the shower whilst Adele re arranged the TV set and the armchair into just the right position for their needs. She then poured some Moet from the cool bottle in the fridge and followed her friend into the bathroom. Linda took the proffered glass as Adele raised hers in a loving smile.

“Happy 30th Birthday Princess.”

“Thank You Angel.” Linking arms they took a sip from their glasses and then kissed. The kiss was immediately followed by a second; and then a third. But the third kiss lingered on, and on, and on. Without removing their lips from each other’s they placed their glasses on the wash basin and embraced each other for the long and passionate kiss that then developed. Their breasts pushed closer together in the sensual, erotic embrace and both girls felt their passion begin to rise.

It was at that moment that the next part of ‘The Great Idea’ came to fruition. The expected knock on the connecting door materialised right on time. The kiss was broken and Adele walked to the door, flicked the lock, and opened it for Howard to enter.

“I’m sorry to disturb you Adele but the TV in my room doesn’t work. I’ve phoned downstairs but they say the engineer will be another hour before he can get to me. The match is just about to start. Any chance I can watch your TV please?”

Linda, still inside the bathroom, had to cover her mouth to muffle her giggle. ‘The Great Idea’ was working perfectly. Thank God for the small screwdriver and her limited knowledge of fuses.

“Of course you can darling.” Smiled Adele as she stepped back to allow Howard to enter.

Howard reached for the remote control resting on the armchair, sat down and pressed the button. The TV sprang to life to the cheers of 90,000 English fans as the teams strode onto the pitch. Howard settled himself comfortably just as Adele handed him a glass of Champaign.

“Oh! Thank you. Now that is what I call service. Thanks again Adele.”

“Your welcome hon. You enjoy the match while Linda and I shower.”

Adele re entered the bathroom and made sure she didn’t close the door fully. She knew that the large mirror on the wall could be seen from the lounge.

It took Howard 5 seconds to also realise this fact.

Linda moved towards Adele and the two girls re kindled their earlier embrace and soon they were kissing and hugging as if there had been no interruption. Pressing their lips tight together their tongues slid inside each other’s mouth and their nipples began to become erect beneath their clothes; pressing hard against each other’s body as their passion rose.

Slowly, without breaking the kiss, Adele removed Linda’s dress strap from off her shoulder and slowly slid her dress down until gravity took over and it fell to her ankles. The newly exposed strapless, uplift bra was flicked open from the back and it followed the dress to the bathroom floor. It took Linda 30 seconds to complete the same move on Adele’s clothing as she slowly and sensually undressed her. Both girls now stood in just their lower under garments consisting of suspenders, matching panties and sheer nylon stockings. Linda’s were a Mediterranean Tan colour to hide her pale legs whilst Adele’s were Natural and showed off her Australian tan.

Where Adele’s under garments were in a pure white; Linda’s were a silky red that matched her hair perfectly.

A roar from the football fans echoed around the next room as the referee blew his whistle but both girls knew that Howard’s eyes were not on the kick off. He probably didn’t even know who had won the toss.

Linda dropped her head, still holding Adele’s shoulders, and slowly began to lick at each nipple in turn as Adele threw her head back and savoured every touch of Linda’s lips. Adele’s hands slid down over Linda’s hips and began to unfasten the clips hanging from the suspender belt around her. Slowly and sensually each clip was unfastened until both stockings were free from support. Linda continued to suck and nip at Adele’s breasts until Adele suddenly pulled away and dropped to her knees. Linda placed her hands on her lover’s head and began to gently brush her fingers through the blonde highlighted hair whilst Adele, in turn, placed her lips on the material covering Linda’s pussy and began to suck.

Linda moaned. Her wetness had already soaked through her panties and Adele was sucking almost greedily at the scented juices that touched her mouth.

Linda moaned again. Louder this time. Without removing her mouth from Linda’s wet panties Adele’s nimble fingers slowly slid first one, then the other stocking down and off her long legs. The fastening on the red suspender belt followed until Linda stood in just her red, silk panties whilst Adele sucked lustfully at the juices seeping from deep within her partner’s pussy.

Linda moaned louder still and thrust her hips forward into her lover’s face. Adele’s fingers reached for the elastic waistband of Linda’s panties and slowly and erotically slid them from her hips. Once Linda’s pussy was exposed Adele flicked her tongue over the erect clit awaiting her and the taste of the love juices sent a sensual tingle through her mouth as she began to lap eagerly at Linda’s nectar. Meanwhile her fingers pulled the panties down to the floor where she gently slid them from Linda’s feet and returned her hands to clasp at Linda’s hips. Holding them firmly she continued to lick and probe at the wet pussy now in her mouth as Linda’s moans echoed around the bathroom and drowned out the roar of the crowd as Beckham somersaulted around the pitch whilst his team mates attempted to hug him and kiss him. Howard glanced briefly at the TV as the team in white returned to the centre circle but it was just a glance. His attention was captivated elsewhere.

Linda’s hands pressed firmly onto Adele’s head in an attempt to push her face even harder into her womanhood just as her knees began to shake and her orgasm began to rise. Adele; sensing the pending climax, drove her tongue deep into her lover’s wetness and caused Linda to scream in pure pleasure as her orgasm erupted through her body and sent wave after wave of delight throughout her being. On and on Adele’s tongue flicked and licked at Linda’s clit until, eventually, her orgasm subsided and she reached down and pulled Adele to her feet.

The two girls kissed again as Linda reached down and blindly removed Adele’s stockings, suspenders and panties until both girls were naked in each other’s arms. Breaking the kiss Linda took hold of Adele’s hand and led her into the shower; intentionally neglecting to close the pink curtain that would have hidden the mirror from the eager pair of eyes that lustfully watched from within the next room.

Adele flicked on the forcet and the cool water sprayed down over the two naked female bodies as Linda picked up the shower gel and began to pour it over Adele’s tanned shoulders. Replacing the bottle on the stand Linda began to gently rub the gel into her lover’s skin creating a lather that felt soft and cool as Adele closed her eyes and extracted every ounce of pleasure that Linda’s hands were giving her.

Slowly Linda rubbed the lather over Adele’s firm breasts and smiled as she saw the pleasure that her touch was bringing to her friend’s body. Firmly she rubbed over the nipples and breast in her hands as Adele began to moan softly as she dropped her left hand down to her own slit and began to masturbate herself. Linda kissed Adele gently on the tip of her nose before going to her lips. Dropping her hands from Adele’s breasts she pushed her own erect nipples hard against Adele’s, causing a further moan to escape her lips. Sucking greedily on Linda’s tongue as it flicked in and out of her mouth Adele began to probe her finger deeper into her pussy and allowed her thumb to press firmly against her clitoris.

Suddenly Linda broke the kiss and moved behind Adele. Pressing her pussy against Adele’s firm bottom she slid her arms around her so that one hand gripped Adele’s left breast and the other pulled Adele’s fingers from her pussy and replaced them with her own. Pressing her thumb firmly against her erect clit she slid her two longest fingers into Adele’s wetness and Adele screamed.

With gentle kisses on Adele’s back Linda continued to fuck her fingers into her pussy whilst rubbing her thumb hard over Adele’s clit. Adele was in heaven as she let her lover slowly bring her to a climax that sent tingles through her body. With the warm shower water splashing over their nakedness Linda began to suck gently on tiny patches of skin on Adele’s back and neck whilst her relentless fingers drove deeper and harder into Adele’s pussy and her other hand squeezed and pulled at Adele’s breasts. Adele screamed again and her body trembled in the final throes of an almighty orgasm that caused her eyes to water and her legs to shake.

Finally the two girls turned to face each other and kissed again. Then, breaking the sensual kiss, Adele picked up the shower gel, poured some over her shoulders and breasts, and then poured the remainder over Linda’s body. Linda reached up and moved the shower head away from them and together they began to rub the gel into a lather as they washed each other; pausing when their hands moved over their breasts and pussies and then continued until they were both covered in soft, white lather.

Smiling softly at each other they both slid their hands down into each other’s pussy as they stepped closer together. Again their lips met and, while they kissed, they finger fucked each other into yet another incredible orgasm that sent echoes of pure pleasure around the bathroom.

The watching eyes from the next room almost burst their sockets. The owner of those eyes failed to hear the rapture of the crowd as the German team again returned to the centre of the pitch; heads held low.

As their orgasms subsided Linda reached for the shower head and turned it onto their hot and shaking bodies. The lather slowly washed away from their skin and trickled down the hole in the base of the shower to leave the two girls with the droplets of water glistening on their nakedness. They kissed again and stepped from the shower. Wrapping a white towel around their waists, but leaving their breasts naked, they entered the bedroom where Howard was engrossed in the TV.

“How is it going sweety?” Asked Linda as she clenched Adele’s hand tightly but directing her question at Howard.

“Umm I think England are winning 2 – 0.”

“You think?” Queried Adele smiling at him.

“Well I think I may have dozed off but I’m sure it’s 2 – 0” Stammered Howard.

Linda looked at Howard with her flirty grin and smiled. “Why have you got an enormous bulge in your trousers H?”

Howard smiled back but said nothing as he crossed his legs and picked up his glass of champagne.

“Come on Princess.” Interrupted Adele in an effort to save Howard’s embarrassment “Let’s get your hair and make up done. Sit in front of the mirror darling and let your Angel pamper you.

“Not just yet sweetheart.” Replied Linda as she flung a sexy, taunting grin at Howard. “I think I know a man who needs some attention first. Yes?”

Adele smiled back at Linda as she loosened the towel around her waist and let it slip to the floor.

“Yes Princess, I think you are right.”

Linda allowed her towel to hit the bedroom floor and, naked, both girls approached Howard as he sat grinning in the chair.

Adele went to the rear of the chair and began to rub her fingers gently over Howard’s temples in a slow, circular motion, whilst Linda went to the front and sat on Howard’s knees with her legs astride his and facing him. Her fingers dropped to Howard’s groin and before he could protest; not that he had any intention of doing so, she deftly slid the zipper to his trousers down and he physically jumped as her fingers probed inside the opening and emerged clasping his huge, hard cock. Adele continued to massage his temples whilst Linda began to massage the erection in her hand. Slowly she pulled the foreskin up and over the red head and held it there for a moment before pulling it back and taking it down towards his balls. She then repeated the movement picking up speed with each stroke until she was wanking Howard’s cock and he was jumping and moaning in the chair.

Adele stopped massaging Howard’s temples, not wanting to be left out of the exciting action happening on his lap, and moved around to the front of the chair. Dropping to her knees she slid her mouth over the head of his cock just as Linda pulled the foreskin back towards his balls. Linda made a little audible yell of delight and slid from his lap and took up a position opposite Adele. Dropping her head she began to lick hard at his balls whilst Adele allowed the length of Howard’s cock to slide into her mouth.

Howard began to moan even louder and thrust his hips upwards sending the point of his cock deep into Adele’s waiting throat. Linda began to undo Howard’s belt buckle and a moment later he was sat in just his shirt while his boxers and trousers lay on the floor at his feet. Linda grabbed the front of his shirt and tugged; sending the buttons flying across the room and opening his shirt wide to expose his hairy chest. She then nipped at his nipples whilst her hand slid under him and her finger touched the outside of his arse. When it entered the tight hole he screamed.

In and out Linda began to fuck Howard’s arse while Adele greedily took his thrusting cock deep into her sensual mouth. Her head began to bob faster and faster as Linda began to arse fuck him just as fast. Linda then returned her mouth to his balls until the moment when his cock left Adele’s mouth and she then slid her own mouth over it while Adele took a breather.

Next moment Adele returned her mouth to Howard’s cock and they began to take turns sucking on the long shaft. First Adele would give the huge cock a few sucks and then let Linda take it in her mouth for a while before handing it back to Linda.

Howard went crazy.

He began to shout and moan at the girls to suck him off.. take his spunk in their mouths.. swallow him.. fuck him.. and they did.

Linda’s finger never left his tight arse as the two girls took turns in sucking at his cock. It became a race to see which one of them would have his cock in their mouth when he erupted. On and on they sucked; knowing that he couldn’t take much more. They knew he was desperately trying to hold back his eruption for as long as possible so as to enjoy the experience even longer. Harder and harder the girls sucked. Gripping his cock tighter and tighter in their mouths as they took turns in sucking the spunk up from his balls.

Howard was arching his back as he fucked his hips upwards to meet the girl’s mouths. His hands were gripping at the arms of the chair and his knuckles were turning white. He was sweating and moaning and the girls knew that it would not be long before he would spurt his load.

Linda sucked as she arse fucked him. Then Adele sucked and Linda kissed him on the mouth sending her tongue probing into him. Then Linda returned her mouth to his cock and Adele kissed him in the same manner. Howard went crazy. Suddenly, just as Adele’s mouth wrapped itself around the head of his cock again he exploded. She felt the hot burst of spunk slam deep into the back of her throat as he began to empty himself into her.

Suddenly she pulled her mouth away just as a stream of cum shot from the tiny hole and headed upwards towards the ceiling only to drop back down and land on his own face where it slowly trickled down towards his mouth. Meanwhile Linda sunk his cock back into her mouth and she too felt the thrust of hot spunk as another wave erupted out of the thick shaft and into the back of her throat. Then Linda pulled her head away and swallowed while Adele wrapped her lips back around the throbbing cock just in time to get another load of hot cum inside her.

Eventually Howard sank back into the chair as the final drops of spunk were licked from the glistening head of his cock by the two girls. He felt the thick cum on his face trickle down to his mouth and he licked at it and swallowed.

Smiling Adele and Linda stood up and grinned down at the exhausted man in the chair. Linda reached down and ran her finger over his cheek to collect the remaining cum and slid her digit into his mouth. Howard grinned back as he licked at his own sperm and allowed it to slide to the back of his throat.

“Come on Princess. I need to dry that hair and do your make up.

Remaining naked Linda sat down, facing the mirror, and Adele reached for her hair drier. Howard grinned and returned to his room to put on his towelling robe before returning to watch the proceedings. It took him just 20 seconds.

* * * * * * * *

Adele softly passed her fingers through Linda’s hair as she gently dried it with just a warm setting on her drier, she wanted Linda’s hair to be just perfect. She stood behind her and styled her hair, looking in to her eyes via the long mirror. When Howard returned she could also watch him in the reflection, as he was sat to one side, looking on at the transformation of Linda by Adele.

From a beautiful girl to one that was jaw droppingly stunning.

Adele was styling Linda’s hair up on to the top of her head with ringlets down the side of her face, but leaving her neck bare and exposed. Linda looked very classy and elegant. Howard made small approving murmurings as he watched on from the side.

Adele wanted to do Linda’s makeup before she dressed. She had laid out her choice of make up on the dressing table and now she sat in front of Linda on a low foot stool. First she wanted to paint Linda’s nails with her favourite pale plum nail colour by Clarins. She lifted Linda’s dainty foot in to her lap and after a little preparation of her nails, Adele got down to applying the nail colour, her steady hand applied the liquid in a very thin coat and with no smudges at the edges. Pleased with her work she moved on to Linda’s other foot. Linda sat back and watched on as Adele transformer her nails.

Once her nails were finished Adele said ‘There, shall we do your fingers in the same colour?’

“Hmm yes please Angel”

She held out her right hand to Adele who took it softly between her fingers and used her emery board to sculpture the shape of Linda’s nails to a perfect shape.

Linda pressed her hands flat on the dressing table to show Adele her finished result as she prepared to apply the nail colour.

They looked in to each others eyes, there was a sparkle in Linda’s; she wasn’t used to this much pampering and she was enjoying every minute of it.

Adele applied the nail colour in slow confident detailed strokes of her brush. When she had finished Linda held up her hands and said ‘There, aren’t they so sexy’

Howard coughed, the atmosphere of watching Adele preparing her Princess was getting to him. But Adele was far from finished in her task. There was a lot more to come.

Adele applied the eye make up to Linda, some mascara to her long eye lashes and a delicate shade of colour around her eyes. She used a similar colour on her lip stick and it emphasised their fullness and desirability.

With Linda’s make up done to perfection, Adele went over to the wardrobe and selected the clothes she wanted to wear to dinner.

Howard watched on as Linda stood up from the mirror and walked behind the chair to get a clearer view of herself, she leaned forward on the chair and blew him a kiss, her breasts were pressed together giving him a lovely view of her cleavage. She could see his cock getting hard again but he would have to wait.

Adele returned with Linda’s clothes and she laid them out on the bed. She had shopped for these herself, knowing what she wanted her Princess to look like.

Her underwear was in vivid sexy red, but her outer wear was to be in a softer pink. Linda sat on a stool in front of a large mirror. Adele went down on her knees and lifted each foot in to the tiny red silk thongs. Linda smiled at Adele as she gracefully slid the knickers up her silky smooth legs she lifted her bottom and the thongs slid in to place. A narrow strip of red silk went in to the crease of her buttocks dividing the cheeks of her peach like bottom. The material at the front was just wide enough to cover her pussy lips.

Linda giggled and stood up, covered her breasts, and turned around to give Howard a show. He let out a slow breath as the sight before him took its effect. The thongs delicately outlined Linda’s sex in a delightful set of curves as they hugged her pussy lips.

Linda sat down again and Adele came forward with a bra that would give Linda a delightful up lift and fullness to her breasts, it was decorated in silk. But it wasn’t going to be hidden……

Adele had selected seamed black stockings for Linda to wear, they had a slutty quality to them and she gathered them together and then placed Linda’s foot in to the toe and then slowly encased Linda’s legs with the delicate silk. Linda’s eyes closed as Adele’s fingers brushed the inside of her thighs as she adjusted the material, to make the seam arrow straight. Each one took a couple of minutes but the end result was wonderful.

Adele stood behind Linda and wrapped the suspender belt around her body, then reached down and delicately attached the suspenders to the stockings.

Next Adele passed Linda a white silk blouse, she put it on, but Adele told her not to do up all of the buttons on the front of the blouse. Linda looked in to Adele’s eyes quizzically. Then slowly Adele started at the bottom and one by one she flicked the buttons through the button holes but stopped just before the outward curved of Linda’s breasts. She arranged the collar and pulled the blouse apart to reveal her bra and cleavage in a very show off way. Adele looked over Linda’s shoulder and could see Howard was watching with renewed interest.

Adele had selected a short wrap around skirt and it only just covered the tops of Linda’s stockings, but left the split delightfully open, so as she walked her bare legs would be revealed to who ever was watching her.

Adele had picked out some stiletto heels for Linda, who at 5′ 8″ was suddenly going to grow three inches. Linda protested a little bit, but Adele assured her that she wasn’t going to have to walk very far in them anyway… Adele bent down and slid each shoe on to her dainty feet and they fitted like a glove and when Linda stood up, she looked delicious.

Howard wiped his brow, the sight before him was something else, Linda had been transformed in the last hour, he almost wanted to call for room service and spend the evening in the room instead, but he knew that these two delightful girls wanted their night out together as well.

Linda told Howard to sit back down again. She stood behind him and massaged the tension out of his shoulders as they both watched Adele transform herself with a similar outfit. Again she took her time to dress in a very slow, sensual, manner. Looking in to Howard’s eyes as she eased her fishnet stockings up her smooth tanned legs and licking her lips seductively she pressed the silk of her thongs between her pussy lips.

When she had dressed she leaned forward, resting her hands on Howard’s knees and gave him a beautiful view of her deep cleavage as she let her hands move up his thighs and she squeezed his throbbing cock under his robe.

‘We are hungry Howard….. time for something to eat….’ and letting go of his cock Adele straightened up and sat herself in front of the mirror.

Howard excused himself to return back to his room to shower and get ready whilst the ladies put the finishing touches to their makeup. They sat and nattered and giggled together in their room, sipping champagne. Adele was keeping Linda’s glass topped up and slowly getting her slightly tipsy.

They nearly didn’t hear the tap on the connecting door and Adele rushed to open it for Howard who was dressed in a black dinner jacket and trousers, white shirt and a purple bow tie. This was complimented by a pair of black shoes that were polished like mirrors.

‘Ladies it is time to eat’

They linked arms with him and walked gracefully and slowly down the sweeping marble stair case in to the large dining room. Heads turned as they walked though the room, quiet whispers between diners were heard, and the trio were all sure it was about them.

The head waiter greeted them and showed them to their table in a quiet corner of the restaurant. They sat around one side of the table, Adele insisting that Linda sit between them as it was her birthday treat.

Howard ordered some more champagne and white wine for their meal. The waiter handed out the menus and they each gazed in to the different meals available. Adele asked Linda what various things were and Linda, being a chef herself once, was able to describe the main parts and how it was prepared with the sound of an expert.

They each struggled to make up their minds as there was so much to choose from. Howard announced that this was his treat so they could have anything they wanted, which prompted Linda to put her hand in his lap and squeeze his cock…. ‘Even some ‘Cock au Vin’ Howard?’ He trapped her hand with his so she couldn’t take it away….. ‘Yes even some of this…..’

There was a sexual look between them and Adele could tell that Howard was like a coiled spring, waiting patiently to get what he wanted. He excused himself for a moment and he walked off out of the dining room.

Adele and Linda looked at each other and giggled wondering what Howard was up to. He soon returned with a broad smile on his face as he approached the table. He stood behind Linda’s chair and ran his hands down her arms slowly. He whispered in her ear

‘I’m going to teach you a lesson young lady’

Before Linda realised it he had got her wrists behind her back and she suddenly felt the cold metal of a pair of handcuffs securing them together behind her back. Howard sat down again and Linda looked shocked…..

“So am I supposed to just sit here and watch you eat then?”

‘It’s ok Linda we will make sure you won’t starve, but the way we feed you will be interesting’

“Yes I guessed it would be”

Linda was unable to do much now to defend herself from their advances. She felt Howard’s fingers advancing up her thighs, parting them, stroking the soft skin above her stockings. He traced the outline of her slit through her moist panties.

Slowly he moved them to one side and Linda felt something round being pressed in to her pussy, it felt like an egg in shape, smooth but warm. Howard used his fingers to press it all the way in, her pussy lips closed around it, holding the object inside her. He replaced her panties and gave her pussy a gentle pat and smiled.

Howard pressed his fingers to Adele’s mouth and she licked them clean, the tension was mounting between them, as the seconds went by, Linda relaxed her muscles and the egg slid further in to her. Howard looked at her as he reached in to his pocket, it looked like a car key fob with two or three buttons on it, he passed it to Adele.

‘Press a button Adele, anyone of them will do’ he chuckled

She pressed the lower button, instantly the egg vibrated deep inside Linda’s womanhood sending her sensitive pussy in to spasm. She let out a low moan and a gasp, Adele knew straight away what she was doing, she looked at Linda and pressed another button, the egg increased it’s speed inside Linda. Her moan increased in volume.

Adele teased Linda by holding her finger over the top button and asked ‘Now?’

Linda tried to answer but her orgasm was getting closer and closer, she pressed her thighs together, the pleasure rippled down her legs, she wanted more. She hissed Noooooooooo

Howard chuckled….. ‘Press it Adele’

As she pressed the button, instead of increasing it’s speed the egg expanded inside Linda’s pussy, stretching her inner pussy walls, increasing the pressure from the vibrations and giving her even more pleasure.

She slid down in her chair, her head rolling from side to side in pleasure. She didn’t notice Howard and Adele discussing what to do next. Adele pressed the off button and the sensations inside Linda subsided slowly. Howard stood behind Linda and massaged her shoulders.

‘Did you enjoy that Linda?’

“Oh yes that was fantastic”

‘Well we will leave it inside you for now, but I will take the handcuffs off so you can eat with us’

He leaned down and turned the key releasing Linda’s wrists, she rubbed them to get her circulation going again. Her face was flushed and her eyes in a dream.

The waiter came up to their table with a dinner trolley with their food and more champagne. He served the meals and Linda couldn’t resist running her hand over his bottom. She was in that sort of cheeky mood. As if to tell her to behave, Howard pressed one of the buttons on the key fob and the love egg sprang back to life inside Linda again, she took the hint and Howard smiled at her.

They chatted whilst eating their meal, Howard watched Linda and smiled about the way she had planned the whole evening, he wondered what was in store for Adele and him afterwards. But unknown to him and Linda it was Adele that was planning the surprise. His eyes left the cleavages that were being displayed at the dinner table and turned to the sound of the small orchestra that now began to tune up on the further side of the room. A few moments later they were ready and the dance music started.

Howard returned his gaze to two of the most beautiful young ladies he had ever known and absorbed the sight before him. He wanted to dance with them both together, to feel their bodies pressing against his, but he knew that it would look odd.

He decided to ask Adele for the first dance so he could gauge his dancing pace in readiness for a crafted and sensual dance with Linda. He gestured to Adele and she came over to him and held his left hand and let his right hand fall to the natural place on her waist.

Linda watched as he led her darling Angel around the dance floor, they looked quite a picture together. Her beautiful looks, her eyes twinkling in the lights from above the dance floor as she looked in to Howard’s eyes; he was saying something, but Linda couldn’t hear what he said, but it made Adele laugh and Linda saw her beautiful smile.

As the music progressed so their bodies moved closer together. Howard’s fingers spread and slowly moved downwards cupping Adele’s bottom, pulling her tight to him. She knew what he was doing and as they danced she moved her pussy mound across the growing bulge of Howard’s cock. With their hands on view it was teasing to watch them arouse each other without using their fingers.

The music changed to a more Latin beat and their dancing became more adventurous. Howard now shuffled his feet until his leg pressed between Adele’s legs, as they danced closer so her pussy would be riding up and down his firm thigh. His hand was caressing her thigh, feeling the line of her suspenders, Linda could tell he was enjoying his voyage of discovery.

The band stopped and Howard kissed Adele who, as she walked towards Linda, looked slightly flushed… Linda smiled to herself as the thoughts entered her mind… ‘hmmm she had been close to an orgasm on the dance floor….. my turn now…’

Before Howard could even think of sitting down, Linda had stood up and announced…

‘My turn, I love slow dancing, it’s like vertical love making’

Howard chuckled, he loved the phrase vertical love making… yes it was a perfect description. Adele sat down with her drink and watched Howard and Linda walk on to the dance floor; Howard’s hand was already resting on Linda’s bottom, caressing it.

Linda looked in to his eyes and put both arms around Howard’s neck and let her body squeeze close to his. His hands went to her hips and he gently moved her body across his still stiff cock, Linda just smiled and licked her lips slowly and seductively. She knew what she wanted, and so did Howard.

He directed Linda around the dance floor to the side where there was a darkish corner, but Adele could just see what was going on, their hands caressed each others bodies now as they moved in time with the music, but this was no longer dancing. This was arousal. Howard’s fingers were thumbing Linda’s nipples through the material of her dress, whilst her fingers were massaging his cock through his dinner suit trousers. Howard’s eyes closed, Linda knew he couldn’t be far from orgasm, but knew she was in control and stopped.

They went back to dancing a faster number; Howard regained control and had Linda speeding across the floor backwards, totally safe in his arms, not wanting her to fall backwards.

As the number ended so they came close to the table and bowed to Adele who laughed and clapped. 5.9 5.9 5.9 she joked… You two would look lovely together on ice…

Howard smiled.

“Maybe we would Adele. But not as lovely as you two together…….”

The seed was planted. As Howard went to sit down, Adele jumped up and took Linda in her arms, jokingly she said ‘I will be the man’ and lead Linda on to the dance floor in her hands. They held each other tight, looking in to each others eyes. The chemistry was starting to come alive. Linda held Adele tightly and her head rested on Adele’s shoulder; being slightly shorter even in heels. It was a beautiful sight to watch the two ladies dance together….

Howard thought that they would just dance for a few minutes and then rejoin him but then the pace of the music changed and Adele changed her stance and pulled Linda back and around and then she moved her leg between Linda’s, and pulled her up her thigh. What had started earlier with Howard was now continuing with Adele. Adele caressed Linda’s body as if she was a china doll.

Gently but purposeful movements of her hands had Linda like putty in them. Adele had spotted the slightly darker corner of the dance floor earlier and with her face to the band Adele used her fingers to arouse Linda who’s head was resting on Adele’s shoulder now as her fingers were inside Linda’s dress and finding her pussy, moist, hot and inviting, she knew how to bring Linda to a climax so quickly that she wasted no time, her fingers rotated around Linda’s clit, squeezing the bud, twisting it between her fingers. Linda’s grip on Adele’s arms being the indicator to any one noticing them that Linda was getting closer and closer to the orgasm she was wanting.

Linda muffled her moans in to the material that covered Adele’s shoulders, but her _expression and actions were not hidden now. Adele was a fast worker and Linda had tears in her eyes as she climaxed. Adele held Linda firmly and recommenced dancing, Linda had lost sense of where she was even, but she didn’t care, she was in the arms of the person she loved……..

Howard came over and put his arms around the both of them… I think it’s time I got you two back to your room…..

Laughing and giggling the three companions mounted the staircase to their adjoining rooms. Linda turned to Howard, as Adele inserted the key card into the lock on their room door, and smiled at him as she gave him a sensual kiss on the lips.

“I know the evening was my idea but thank you for the dinner treat hon; and thank you for a wonderful evening. It looks like it’s going to be a nice day tomorrow so after breakfast we could all go boating? You sleep tight and we will see you in the morning.”

Adele also kissed Howard sensually on the lips before the two girls, grasping hands tightly and giggling, disappeared inside their room. Putting his key card into the lock on his room next door Howard smiled as he thought of what the two girls were going to get up to during the night ahead.

Closing the door behind him he removed his tie and jacket and poured himself a red wine before sinking into the deep quilted arm chair. Flicking the remote of the TV he wondered if the engineer had been to fix it. The TV burst into life and then he saw the note on the table from the hotel electrician. ‘TV Repaired. Fuse was found to be missing. New fuse inserted.’ Howard grinned as his brain put 2 and 2 together and came up with Linda. ‘That little minx.” He muttered to himself smiling.

He smiled again as he heard the giggles coming from next door and his cock began to harden as he pictured the girls slowly undressing each other in a sexy prelude to the night ahead. He wondered if he would be able to sleep…

* * * * * * *

No sooner had the door closed than Adele and Linda were kissing and hugging each other as if they had been apart for weeks. Linda’s tongue drove deep into Adele’s mouth as Adele’s hands went straight for the ties of Linda’s pink skirt and pulled them apart. No sooner had the skirt touched the floor than Adele, kissing Linda back deeply, ripped at the buttons holding her blouse and pulled the material from her body. Linda dropped her hand to find Adele’s buttons but suddenly Adele pulled away, preventing Linda from doing so.

“No sweetheart.” Adele whispered. Not just yet. I have a little something for you first. Stand there and close your eyes baby.”

Linda, smiling in anticipation, closed her eyes and stood still in the centre of the room. She could here the rustle of something.. then a zip being undone.. and then..

SNAP. SNAP Both her hands were cuffed behind her back. Opening her eyes she saw the mischievous look on her lovers face and smiled.

“What are you up to sweetness?” Linda asked cheekily as she looked into Adele’s eyes. For reply Adele moved silently to the connecting door and noisily slid the bolt back. She then took Linda and guided her to the bed and sat her down facing the connecting door.

“I’m sure that Howard heard that bolt go back Princess. And knowing Howard like we do I estimate another 30 seconds before he comes through that door. And when he does.. well you shall see my sweet Princess.. oh you shall see….”

Howard took a sip of the wine and was just about to stand up and head for the shower when he heard the bolt of the connecting door slide back. He knew the girls well enough to know that it was an invitation and 20 seconds later he entered the girl’s room to see them sat on the bed looking at him. Adele was still dressed but Linda was in her red underwear and had her hands held behind her back. A quizzical look came over his face as Adele turned to Linda..

“I was wrong Princess. 20 seconds…”

Closing the door behind him Howard stepped towards the bed as Adele stood up with a broad grin on her face.

“Hello again Howard.” She kissed him on the mouth briefly. “I have a very horny young birthday girl here. I also have a hold-all that I brought with me. A rather big hold-all actually. Will you help me unpack it please.”

It wasn’t a request.. it was an order. Linda sat motionless on the bed looking at her friend and lover with her mouth slightly open. As Howard lifted the hold-all onto the bed and helped Adele remove the contents her mouth dropped slowly open until her chin was almost touching her breasts, still held firmly by her bra, and her eyes widened with the site of each object as it was removed from the bag.

Chains, more hand cuffs, extendable metal poles, lengths of rope, nipple clamps, vibrators and dildos.. Linda uttered a loud “Oh My God” at the sight of the size of the latter two objects. She looked at Adele who only smiled even more broadly as she whispered to Howard and he, in turn, grinned back at Linda.

“Help me with her Howard.” Barked Adele; again a command.

Before Linda could utter a protest she found herself being lifted onto her back and her legs opened wide and her ankles held by Adele as Howard slid a metal bar open to the right width and fastened the cuffs at the end of it to her ankles. Her knees were then brought up to her breasts and the rope was used to tie them in place.

Hogtied and helpless Linda was then lifted bodily so that she was kneeling across the bed with her chin over the side; she waited for whatever was going to happen next. Adele came into her vision and Linda watched as she slowly, sensuously and erotically removed her skirt and blouse to leave herself in her sexy underwear and fish net stockings, just as Linda was. Adele approached the bed, with Linda’s head over the side of it, and moved her hips against Linda’s face. Linda moaned as the sweet scent of Adele’s pussy reached her nostrils and her tongue reached out and touched the silky material covering the slit that was already emitting juices and causing a damp patch to appear. Adele allowed Linda a few licks before moving her hips just out of reach of her mouth. Linda realised that if she leaned forward any further she would topple off the bed. Adele then seductively slid her long fingers down into her panties and, just centimeters in front of Linda’s gazing eyes, began to rub her own slit up and down causing the material to dampen even more. Linda strained to reach her lovers damp patch in order to taste it but she had to stop before she over balanced. Letting out a low moan Linda remained motionless and just gazed at the sexy sight in front of her.

Finally Adele pulled her fingers from her pussy and held them out to Linda who sucked greedily on them and delighted in the sweet taste of pussy juices. She then caught a movement to the side of her and turned her head. Howard was removing his clothes and now stood naked by the side of the bed. His cock was at attention. His eyes were taking in the sexy curves of the two girls encased in the sexy underwear that he so loved to see. He stepped forward and his cock touched Linda’s lips.

Up until that moment everything had been accomplished slowly, sensuously, seductively. But suddenly the mood changed as Adele suddenly barked at Howard.

“Treat her like the bitch she is Howard. Time for play is over. Fuck that cock into her mouth while I find the type of toy this slut likes.”

As Howard grabbed Linda’s head and suddenly, forcefully, rammed his hard cock deep into her mouth Adele opened the bag and drew forth a riding crop. Climbing onto the bed beside the hog tied girl she raised it above her head and brought it down hard onto Linda’s upturned, panty covered, arse.

Linda screamed onto Howard’s cock. Not so much in pain, although it had hurt, but more in shock. The next whack of the crop caused a further cry to erupt. This time it was with pain. But Linda felt her juices begin to flow and she felt her panties getting wetter as Howard thrust his cock into her mouth and Adele brought the crop down on her buttocks. This type of pain was turning her on.. she began to suck hard at Howard’s cock and moaned loudly in pleasure, as well as pain, as Adele whipped her bum over and over again.

Howard suddenly pulled his throbbing cock from Linda’s mouth and climbed onto the bed next to her. Adele handed him the crop as she slid from the bed and put the crotch of her wet panties to Linda’s mouth. She slid a finger down and opened the elastic and Linda’s tongue darted inside her just as Howard brought the crop down hard on her rump. Adele moaned with pleasure and Linda moaned with both pleasure and pain. The taste and feel of Adele’s naked pussy was pure heaven; combined with the whipping her back side was getting and she was almost at an orgasm without anyone, or anything, even touching her own pussy.

Adele moaned louder as Linda’s tongue rammed in and out of her wet slit and she began to jerk her hips forward to allow Linda better access. Howard began to run his hands over Linda’s body, delighting in the feeling of the silky material covering her, while at the same time he continued to bring the crop down onto her quivering bum.

“Suck Adele’s pussy out you little bitch. You love being treated like a whore don’t you?”

Linda murmured a rapid “yes” before plunging her tongue back into Adele’s soaking pussy.

Howard brought the crop down one last time. Hard. Linda screamed with the delightful pain and her tongue rammed into Adele’s wetness.

Adele came.

Her whole body shook as she grasped Linda’s head and held it tight to her wetness. Her eyes watered and Howard gazed at her in wonder as her orgasm ripped through her body. His cock twitched and he knew he wanted to fuck the girl now bent over and tied beneath him.. he also knew he wanted to fuck Adele.. but it was Linda who was the centre of attention at the moment. Dropping the crop he began to gently rub Linda’s bum, soothing away the stinging that the crop had caused. Linda moaned softly at the feel and Howard’s cock grew even more.

Her orgasm finally over Adele reached into the bag a pulled out a thin pair of scissors. She had thought of everything. Without a word she handed them to Howard who immediately began to cut the elastic from Linda’s red thongs until her bum and pussy were bare. He left the red suspender belt and black stockings but he cut away the straps holding her bra to her ample breasts. Linda’s tits swung beneath her as Howard climbed behind her and placed his hands on her hips. Linda knew that his cock was ready to fuck her and she delighted in the feel of his hands on her hips as he prepared himself to enter her.

Adele dropped to her knees so that her face was in front of Linda’s and she raised her hands and cupped her face. Smiling into her eyes Adele suddenly yelled..

“Fuck the bitch Howard. Fuck the birthday slut until she is about to cum. And then stop.”

Adele leaned forward, totally changing her attitude in an instant from hard, demanding mistress to tender lover. As Howard rammed his cock deep and hard into Linda’s wet pussy, so hard that it hurt her, Adele kissed her gently on the lips and whispered..

“That’s my slut. My lovely whoring little slut. Take Howard’s cock in that wet pussy of yours but you are not going to cum bitch. Oh No. Not yet.” And again she kissed her gently; sliding her tongue provocatively into her mouth as Howard pounded hard and deep into Linda’s wetness. His cock was throbbing and he desperately wanted to cum but he needed to bring Linda to the brink first without allowing her to reach an orgasm. In and out he rammed his thick shaft as Adele held Linda’s face gently.. hard and forcefully from behind yet soft and gentle in front of her. This was new. The feeling was totally new to her and she was loving it. The cock pounding her slit from behind, hard and aggressively, whilst her Angel kissed her tenderly from the front yet spoke hard and rough words in a soft and delicate voice.. Linda was going wild.

“That’s it Howard.” Muttered Adele as she withdrew her mouth from Linda’s for just a moment. “Fuck our little bitch hard. Fuck that hard cock deep into her wet cunt. She needs to be hurt. She needs to be fucked by your hard cock in readiness for what comes next.”

Linda, not knowing what Adele meant, just closed her eyes and yelled that she was going to cum.. yelled for Howard to fuck her harder.. “Yes. Yes Howard fuck your filthy slut.. make me cum. Oh my god Howard fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee.”

Howard suddenly pulled his cock from the wetness of Linda’s pussy and slid from behind her to the side.

“Oh No my little birthday girl. You are NOT cumming yet. You will cum when your master and your mistress tell you that you can cum. And NOT before bitch.”

Howard and Adele suddenly grabbed Linda’s body and pushed her over onto her back. Her knees still tied at her breasts and her ankles still bound with the bar between them. Her pussy was exposed and dripping and her red suspender belt and black stockings made her look sexy and provocative to the two pairs of eyes that gazed on her.

Howard’s cock was still hard and Adele smiled as she looked into his face. He so desperately needed to cum but hadn’t wanted to remain inside Linda a second longer as she too was about to orgasm and that was not the plan. Not yet anyway.

With Linda hog tied on her back Adele climbed behind the still kneeling Howard and reached around his waist. She smiled into Linda’s upturned face as her slender fingers wrapped themselves around Howard’s erection. His body physically jumped as his cock felt Adele’s smooth hand around it. Adele let it go for just long enough to run the palm of her hand over Linda’s wet pussy and coat it in her juices before returning to grip Howard’s throbbing cock. And slowly, very slowly, Adele began to wank Howard. His body stiffened as he knelt erect next to Linda and his hands dropped to the tied girl’s body. As Adele wanked his cock he fondled Linda’s breasts with one hand and her wet pussy with the other. Careful not to allow her to orgasm he roamed his hand from her pussy, down her stocking covered legs to her ankles and then back again to her pussy. He began to moan as Adele’s hand began to pick up speed and she began to plant tiny kisses on his neck. His breathing became faster and Linda watched with open eyes as she delighted in the feel of his hands on her breasts and pussy and legs. She watched as her girlfriend wanked the cock in her palm even faster. And she knew where the contents of that cock would go at any moment.

Suddenly Howard’s body stiffened; his cock stiffened and Adele gripped it even harder. Then Adele barked loudly..

“Cover the bitch in spunk Howard. Cover our slut in your hot cum like the little whore she is.”

Howard too began to yell. “Oh my God Yes Adele. Oh wank me off all over this little slut. Let her have my cum on her face, in her mouth, on her tits.. cover the bitch in my spunkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.”

Howard came. Burst after burst of thick, hot spunk erupted from his shaft as Adele wanked him over and over again. White spunk on Linda’s upturned face, in her eyes, in her mouth, over her tits and over her black stockinged legs. Wave after wave poured out until Adele finally let his cock go and began to lick the cum from her fingers while she looked deep into Linda’s eyes and smiled.

Leaving Linda where she was Howard poured Adele a glass of champagne and they drank silently as they smiled down at the helpless girl hog tied on the bed.

“Oh we haven’t finished with you yet little Miss.” Grinned Adele as she sipped her cool drink. “We are just having a break. One more minute my Princess and we will see to you.”

Linda’s eyes widened. What else had Adele planned for her. By the look on Howard’s face he was as totally in the dark as she was. All this had been planned by Adele alone for sure. Next moment she began to find out what the next part of the plan involved.

Putting her glass down Adele picked up the nipple clamps where they had been placed on the edge of the bed. Winking at Howard the couple then clipped them to Linda’s nipples and fixed a chain to each clamp. A collar with rings on it was put around her neck and two pieces of rope were then tied between the collar and her ankles. The chain from the nipple clamps was fixed to the collar. A larger piece of rope was then tied under her arms, fed over a beam above the four poster bed, and then led down to tread through the ankle cuffs before being led back over another beam. The result was that if the rope was pulled on then Linda’s whole, hogtied body, would be raised and suspended above the bed. Her nipples would be pulled tight and if she were to allow her head to drop backwards then the nipple clamps would pull even tighter.

Next moment Howard grasped the rope and pulled. Linda screamed as she was lifted upwards and the nipple clamps pulled hard against her tits.

Her naked arse was hanging below her body and she remained suspended while Adele and Howard admired their work.

Next moment Adele picked up the riding crop again and handed it to Howard.

“You thrash her bum while I get Winston and George ready.”

Linda knew that Winston and George were the dildo and vibe.. and she knew immediately what Adele now planned.

Linda moaned as Howard brought the crop down against her now naked arse and she knew that a red mark would have appeared.

Whack. Down it came again.

Whack. And again.

Linda’s arse began to go numb with the pain but both Howard and Adele knew that it was pain that Linda enjoyed. As if to verify this Howard noted that Linda’s pussy had began to show signs of her juices as they began to flow from her as she became more and more aroused both from the whipping her arse was getting and the clamps that were stretching at her nipples.

“Oh you are such a lovely slut Linda.” Howard murmured as he brought the crop down again and caused another welt mark to appear across her flesh. Linda moaned as the pain brought on the excitement of an orgasm that she knew she would have from this type of treatment.. She began to yell back at Howard.

“Yes Master. Yes I am a naughty slut. I am your slut and I am my Mistresses slut. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ouch oucchhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh”

Her cries suddenly grew in intensity. She had not seen Adele coating the vibe and dildo in KY. The first she knew was when she felt Winston enter her open pussy as Adele slid it into her. The next thing was the pain as George was thrust into her open arse. Linda screamed.

With Howard thrashing her bare arse with the crop, her nipples being pulled tight by the clamps and Adele ramming the two toys into her pussy and arse Linda did not know which pain or which pleasure was affecting her the most. Her arse hurt from the crop, her nipples were screaming in delightful pain and her pussy and arse were being fucked by giant latex cocks. Linda went crazy. She yelled for her mistress and her master to fuck her.. to abuse her.. to hurt her.. but most of all she yelled for them to let her cum. But every time Linda showed signs that she was reaching an orgasm Adele motioned to Howard and the couple stopped their torment of her body and picked up their glasses of champagne.

After a few minutes; once the suspended Linda had calmed down, Howard and Adele would swap roles and while Adele used the crop on Linda’s red arse Howard delighted in thrusting the ‘cocks’ into her arse and pussy.

After this had happened four times, and Linda was a quivering wreck, Adele looked up at her and smiled.

“I think you have had enough my Princess. I think Howard is ready to fuck that little pussy of yours until you cum.”

“Oh Yes Mistress. Oh Please Mistress Yes. Let him fuck me. Let me cummmmmm.”

Howard’s cock was already rock solid again as he climbed back onto the bed while Adele lowered the rope to bring Linda down to the level of his waist. Tying the rope to the post Adele climbed onto her knees at Linda’s head, kissed her gently and pushed her shoulders. Linda swung forward, the nipple clamps pulled, and Howard’s cock slid into her arse as he lunged forward against the swinging girl’s body.

Linda screamed quietly. Adele pulled on her shoulders and Linda felt Howard’s cock leave her arse. Then Adele pushed again and this time Howard’s cock entered her pussy. Linda moaned in pleasure.

And so it continued. Adele would push Linda forward. Howard would slide his cock into her arse, and then on the next push it entered her pussy, and so on. Linda went wild. She yelled at Adele to push her harder. She yelled at Howard to fuck her harder. She yelled at the world in general until suddenly her whole body shook and the most wonderful orgasm of her life erupted through her entire body.

Linda cried. Linda cried with pure pleasure. The wonderful pain mixed with the wonderful sex had driven her to heights that she never knew possible. As her orgasm erupted Howard’s cock was in her pussy and she felt his hot spunk as it spurted deep into her. Load after load filled her body with its hotness as Howard emptied himself into her, holding her hips tightly so she wouldn’t swing away from him.

Finally he slid his dripping cock from Linda’s wet slit and motioned to Adele to join him at that end. Grinning she licked at his shrinking shaft before they took turns in licking his cum from out of Linda’s womanhood, along with her own sweet juices. The feel of the two fighting to get their tongues into her brought on another orgasm and she screamed as her body writhed above the bed. Adele managed to fill her mouth with Howard’s spunk and she went around to Linda’s head and kissed her. Once Linda tasted the still warm cum she sucked at Adele’s mouth until it was finished.

A short while later Howard lowered the rope and Linda’s back felt the soft mattress beneath it. She was waiting for Adele and Howard to untie her when she caught a look of mischief in Adele’s eyes. A hurried whisper to Howard and next thing she knew she was being turned over onto her tummy, the ropes were re juggled and she suddenly felt her whole body being lifted above the bed again.

No nipple clamps. Just ropes suspending her above the bed looking down on it.

“What are you up to sweetheart?” She asked Adele slowly. “What have you got in mind now?”

“For you Princess, nothing. Other than for you to watch. For Howard.. hmmmmmmmmm for Howard I have something.”

Howard, sipping at his glass, looked at Adele with a query on his face and an eagerness that showed by his limp cock jumping slightly..

Adele had gone over to the dresser and had touched up her hair and make up and put some more perfume on her slim, tanned body. Seductively, still wearing her fish net stockings and suspender belt, she lay on her back on the bed, with Linda hanging above her, looked over to Howard and beckoned her finger..

“Cum and get me Howard. My body is yours you sweet and sexy man.”

Howard had cum twice already but the sight of Adele’s shapely figure, encased in the sexy underwear, along with her seductive pose on the bed was enough for his cock to start stirring again. Taking his glass onto the bed he knelt beside Adele and looked into her eyes. Linda, looking down from above, saw the look of passion and expectations come into her Angel’s eyes. Adele knew that she was in for a good time.

She uttered a short OHHH as the cool champagne hit her nipples and trickled down between her breasts before running down into her naval and on towards her panty covered pussy. Howard dropped his head and his warm tongue licked at the liquid and followed it down it’s course until he reached where her panties had begun to soak it up. He flicked his tongue over the dampness and Adele moaned softly. She expected her pussy to feel the warmth of his tongue but instead Howard moved back up her body until his mouth met hers. They kissed. A long, slow kiss that had their tongues flicking around at each other’s before the kiss was broken and Howard wrapped his lips around Adele’s nipples. A few sucks on each one; a few nips with his teeth and then he began to kiss her skin gently as he roamed down her body. Her naval felt the softness of his lips; then her hips and then downwards to her feet. Gently, lovingly Howard kissed each of Adele’s stocking covered legs from toes to thigh. Slowly his kisses inched upwards on the insides of her legs as his hand caressed the thin material.

Slowly he returned his kisses to her breasts while his hands continued to stroke the insides of her legs without actually touching the area that she so desperately needed him to touch.

Another moan escaped Adele’s throat as Howard began to suck and play first with one nipple and then the other. Slowly and gently he sucked and flicked until the nipples in his mouth were both hard and erect. Adele’s body began to writhe on the bed and her eyes were closed as she felt every touch of Howard’s tongue and lips. His hand continued to run up and down her long, stocking covered legs, first on the outside and then on the inside. Slowly working upwards, as he sucked and flicked on her breasts, his probing fingers suddenly touched the moist patch around her covered pussy.

Adele moaned louder as she opened her eyes and looked upwards. Her gaze met Linda’s and the two girls smiled at each other. She noted the look in Linda’s eyes and could see that the sight beneath her was arousing her own passion again.

Howard, meanwhile, had slid his finger beneath the elastic on Adele’s thong and pulled the material to one side. Suddenly he slid downwards until his hot breath touched her womanhood. His tongue tasted the sweet juices that were bubbling up and Adele almost screamed as he entered her.

His tongue was stiff as he thrust it deep into her wetness, probed a few times, and then loosened as he began to lick at her lips.

Slowly, gently, he licked and probed but ensuring that he didn’t touch the tiny bud that was poking from its sheath. In and out, up and down. Adele was in heaven as she received his tongue greedily. She could wait no longer and reached down to Howard’s head. She pushed it into her and his lips touched her waiting clit. Not wishing to torment her further Howard used his tongue to lick over the bud before pressing against it and licking hard.

Adele screamed.

Her body shook and Howard held it tightly as her orgasm erupted beneath him. He kept his tongue pressed firmly onto her clit as he rubbed it back and forth whilst her orgasm ripped through her. Her hips thrust up and down, her eyes watered and her juices flowed onto Howard’s waiting tongue. He felt the spurt as they erupted from her. His cock grew instantly as he shared in her excitement and shared in her pleasure.

Finally Adele’s body ceased it’s shaking and Howard gently parted her legs. Slowly he knelt between them and lifted Adele’s ankles onto his shoulder. His cock poised on the outside of her wet and waiting pussy he leaned down between her knees and whispered to her.

“Adele. You look absolutely ravishing. And I’m going to ravish you.”

He kissed her softly on the lips, pulled his hips away from her body and then lunged.

Adele screamed again.

The force of Howard’s cock as it thrust into her sent waves of pleasure hurtling around her body and she immediately gripped her legs about his waist and pulled him into her.

Howard fucked her. Linda’s pussy began to moisten, Adele screamed over and over with each thrust and Howard went wild as he felt Adele’s pussy muscles tighten around his throbbing cock. In and out he rammed the lovely girl beneath him as she prepared herself for the orgasm that she knew would erupt again at any moment.

Howard began to yell. “Oh Adele. Oh Baby. I’m going to fill your sweet pussy so full of spunk. Oh God yes. Ohh! Ohh.. Oh baby I’m going to pump my spunk into your very depthsssssssssss aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.”

Howard erupted just as Adele’s body trembled in another orgasm and he felt her cum cover his thick cock as he began to slow down inside her. Finally, exhausted, he collapsed between Adele’s legs and onto her breasts as she put her arms around him to hug him. Not just for his sake but to calm herself down along with Howard’s still trembling body.

Howard suddenly pulled up from between Adele’s legs and looked up. He had felt a drop of a warm, sticky, liquid on his back. He smiled when he saw Linda, still hanging above the bed. Somehow she had released her wrists from the cuffs (unknown to him Adele had given her a little help by opening one of the cuffs) and while he had been making love to Adele Linda had been ramming her fingers between her hogtied knees and into her pussy. Linda had also cum again.

* * * * * * *

Ten minutes later Linda had been released from her bonds and the trio were standing together beneath the warm waters of the shower as it sprayed over their now tired bodies.

Another couple of glasses of champagne followed before Howard picked up his clothes and headed for the connecting door.

Linda looked up. “Where you going Hon.”

“Back to my room Tiger.”

“Oh No you don’t” Interrupted Adele. This bed is big enough for the three of us. Besides; Linda and I will need a horny cock to wake up too…”

Howard smiled as he dropped his clothes on the floor and nipped out to the bathroom. On his return he found Linda and Adele kissing and hugging each other like the lovers they were. Linda broke the kiss as they said goodnight and motioned for Howard to climb between them.

Thirty minutes later, with Linda and Adele gripping each other’s hand tightly as they rested them on Howard’s hairy chest, all three fell into a dream filled sleep.


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