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Suzanne’s Corset Devotion

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Hi. This is my story. My name is Suzanne and I’m 37 years old. I live in Manchester in northern England. My first husband was a steady man but unexciting and once I left him for a fling with a more exciting man. But it didn’t last and I went back to the marriage. Our marriage was our parents’ idea and we were married at 20. He just wasn’t an imaginative lover and not suggestive. Then he died after an accident at his work, so I was widowed in 2002 at the age of 28. I met Andy after about a year and we were married on my 30th birthday.

My second husband is always suggesting new ways to get pleasure and good sensations especially in bed but also in everyday life. You know, trips and places to see and nice things to buy.

I lost weight deliberately for the wedding. I had always been a size 12 but at 5ft 4in I felt tubby. I lost about 10 lbs. My bust was and is still 36B but my waist was a bit sloppy and my tummy was slack as well. I had worn girdles when I was a girl — in the early 1990s. Just little panty girdles with flower patterns (they seem to be called tummy shapers now) or else just control briefs or control tights. I always liked the feel of support stockings as well, especially when they came available in nice colours and thinner fabric. I liked suspenders with the stockings but didn’t really wear them at all during my first marriage. I had a drawer in which kept all my lingerie and corsetry over the years including two really old-style girdles I had never worn. One was a Berlei high waist with suspenders for stockings in black with a side zip. The other was a long leg high waist panty-girdle from M&S, with a front zip and suspenders inside the legs. It was white. Both were very firm and could control my waist, but I never wore them once during my first marriage.

For the second wedding day, I decided to wear the Berlei girdle but on a trip to Manchester I saw a really firm American girdle called Rago1294 and I bought it. As soon as I got home I tried it on and it was a struggle. It was about 19 inches long and fitted from under my bottom right up to my bust with a side zip over a row of hooks and eyes. I still have it. It has six suspenders and boning around the waist to stop it from rolling. And longer bones over the tummy and down the back. It is very firm over my tummy with not much stretch at all and it really holds my hips and bottom. It was brilliant white colour, when I first got it. I also bought a long line strapless bra at the same time. It has a 2-inch cuff at the waist and fastens at the back. When I put them on with some nice creamy support stockings, I felt really covered and controlled. Encased, sort of. I was excited all through the wedding and worried in case he thought they were old fashioned and matronly. The long bra over the girdle gave me a specially tight waist – and a nice shape over my hips. I felt like I had a girlish shape and I loved it. We hadn’t talked about this sort of thing at all although we’d made love and knew each other pretty well. I was worried what he would say when he saw me undressed.

I needn’t have worried because he was enchanted. In the hotel room later he lay me down and stroked me and kissed me and we made love with both of us partly dressed. Gradually he undressed completely but he left me in the tight undies and we both enjoyed the restriction they made on our movements. He lay on me and then he turned me over and lay on my back. Then he lifted me to my knees for doggy style. The tight girdle made all my feelings to much stronger. I could not believe how I had missed all this before. He let me play with myself to make sure I got the orgasm before him. He’s so thoughtful.

Afterwards, he whispered to me, “Tell me you’ll wear this sort of thing every day for the rest of our lives.”

“Yes. I will,” I whispered back to him.

From that day, I’ve always worn a girdle of some sort. Usually it is open with suspenders and often it is very firm control especially when I know he will appreciate it. Such as after a hard day at work or if we are doing something special it the evening. We sometimes meet at lunchtime and he holds me when we kiss so that we can both feel the bones and the tightness of the fabric. We have to buy them from Ebay now or old traditional corset shops if we can see one on our travels or holidays.

Quite often he will dress me in my girdle and bra in the morning before he leaves for work and I see him off in my flimsy dressing gown. I always like the sensation of him pulling the girdle up my calves and over my thighs and bottom. He’s become very good at placing it just in the right place, central and the right height. Then he does up the hooks at the side and I just love the gradually tightening feel as the hooks get higher. The last one is usually right up towards my arm pit and then he slowly carefully pulls up the zip, making sure he does not catch my skin. Then he helps me put on the stockings, which I like to be support stockings, like I said. I like him to do the suspenders. I select the bra and he helps me fasten the back. If it is an ordinary short bra, then sometimes I do it to let him watch from the front. If it is a long bra, he always wants to do it and I just delight in the extra control I can feel coming around my chest and into my waist.

Sometimes, he makes love to me just at that moment, before he leaves and I sort-of carry him around inside me for the rest of the morning. I seem to wear a panty-liner every day. Mostly, he will bend me forward against the bed or the dressing table and get me from behind, so he can hold my hips or the back suspenders, until he comes in me. Sometimes he does it near the front door where we have a shoe cupboard for me to lean on. I can just enjoy the feeling of being filled up and handled while I am inside the firm corsetry. Like I am under control but also giving him lots of pleasure.

I am so glad he’s that kind of man. It means such a lot to me to have him like my clothes and be involved in my control.

Recently, I bought a firm long leg high waist panty-girdle from London. Made to measure and really tight over my tummy and round my waist. I can’t wear it for long but I like the pressure it gives all over my groin, and between my legs. Sometimes we play a game where I’ve the long leg girdle on underneath the open girdle and he has to struggle to get through to me. There is an elasticated opening between the legs. I love the way he pulls me about to be able to excite me and touch me before we get to make love. When I’m like that, he goes wild sometimes. Tugging at the girdles and putting my legs in strange positions. He always get through to me and I’m a wreck by the time he’s finished. My bra will have slipped and my hair all over the place. The stockings don’t survive — he tears them to shreds with his tugging and his need to get into me. I always get orgasm at some point, with my own fingers, and we end up exhausted and wet. He sweats with the exertion and then we get flooded with our juices. We have two big laundry sessions every week.

I’m thinking of wearing even more girdles at a time to raise his difficulty but I worry in case he would think it weird. I’d like it, I know.

It’s got so I need the excitement of dressing in tight foundation clothes, to feel restricted and controlled. I go shopping in the tightest girdle I have so that I can feel it as I move around and stretch for goods on the shelves. When we’re shopping together, I have to lean on him sometimes because of the delicious pressure. He holds me around my waist and touches me from time to time through my clothes. I often wear a girdle when I go to the gym and enjoy the tautness of my body from the girdle, before exercising, and again afterward from the exercise and the sauna. Then back into the girdle for the delicious controlled feeling.

On holiday in our first year, he bought me an outfit secretly. The complete thing from undies and some jewellery, alI the way to a blouse and skirt and a coat. He knew my Iikings really well by then. He made one request; that I should wear the undies all the time we were away, 24 hours a day except for bathing. I agreed but when I saw them I wondered how it would be. The bra was long line of course, with underwire and a cuff waist and wide straps. It was very firm around my chest and into my waist. The girdle wasn’t just firm, it was tight, really tight, it seemed even rigid in parts. It had panels of double thickness down the sides and the back under my bottom. The front was so firm that the girdle could almost stand up by itself. There were two zips, one at each side with hooks and eyes, all the way from near the bottom edge to the very top over my waist by about 4 inches. He put the bra on me first and then the girdle. It took half an hour to get everything in place and zipped up. Then the support stockings on the six suspenders. And then he put me into a pair of compression pants cut high over my thighs but with a cuff waist. They pulled at the bottom edge back and front and added to the control on my tummy and waist. I felt totally enclosed and restricted but I could move all right and there was no real discomfort. Just that I had to move in a particular way and could not bend easily. He was so sweet, apologising for any discomfort but I told him I liked it. When I looked at myself in the long mirror, I thought how feminine and lacy it looked, not at all the controlling clothes I could feel from the inside. That is what I Iike about so much of my firm underwear: they look gentle and feminine, especially in white but, really, I’m delighting at my “torment” on the inside.

That week we did everything to wear out those undies. By the time we arrived at the hotel, we were both full of lust, all because of the knowledge we had about my underwear. We travelled and danced and made love and slept with me in them. I felt used but I knew that really I was the mistress and in charge of the situation. He was the slave really and he used me every way a husband should. My orgasms were tremendous. By the end of the week we’d sort-of worn them out. They seem a little slack especially at the bottom edge of the girdle because I’d been manoeuvred into so many different positions and he had to force the fabric sometimes. The bones around the waist were coming loose in their coverings. We’ve never forgotten that weekend – every little detail of what we did and where we went and how we felt about each other. It gave the marriage a stronger basis because only we knew what was going on underneath the respectable exterior. I sometimes feel that the strength of my undies reflects the strength of our relationship: firm, sure, reliable, sexy, exciting, secret. Does that make sense to anyone else, I wonder.

We talked about it afterward and we agree that every aspect of our sexual relationship was getting better all the time. Our foreplay was more intense. I could feel the presence of the girdle all the time; pulling across my bottom and the front of my legs. Some positions put a big strain on the girdle and I felt as if I was being ‘saved by my corsetry’ as he said at the time. He had to push the girdle out of the way sometimes to be able to get at me and that increased the pull on the rest of my body. He was so strong and I felt so cared for. My orgasms came much higher up in my body and my waist seemed even more sensitive than usual. My bottom was puckering and tightening all the time we were together and I had orgasms two and three at a time.

We moved on from then. On the way home, we decided that we would buy a proper corset, the lace-up type to give me a smaller waist. I was still sensitive about my waist and tummy when I wasn’t dressed in my tight girdles. But we did’nt know anything about real corsets except what we had seen in magazines. We didn’t know where to go until I saw an advert in “The Lady” for Rigby and Peller in London. I wrote to them but they don’t do mail order. So we decided to visit them and went one weekend as a short holiday. Their shop isn’t really a shop at all. It is a waiting salon and fitting rooms. We had to wait for over an hour. Then we got tongue-tied about describing what we wanted. But the assistant seemed to know how we were feeling and was very helpful. We ordered a nice long corset in cream satin with pink edges and laces. It stopped just at my bra line at the top and came down to the widest part of my hips at the bottom. It was made four inches less than my waist size but it would fit perfectly around my hips and bust. It had four suspenders on each leg. We waited about three weeks for the letter to say it was ready and we went to London again specially. The assistant took me alone into a fitting room and put it on me with no tightness at all. She said it was important to let my body heat get into the fabric and then it would begin to take up my shape. Then I could start to lace down gradually. She said it could take 3 or 4 weeks to get the fit right. I put on my clothes over the corset, and went out into the waiting salon. Andy could not see any difference so he came across and felt at my waist. When he felt the bones and the tension of the panels, his eyes nearly stood out and I could tell he was getting roused from his usual signs.

“It’s not tight yet. Just fitting on my skin,” I told him.

“Right. But I can tell how it will be,” he replied.

I went back inside and changed into my normal girdle, and we travelled home in a real frenzy of excitement.

That evening, I bathed, and talced myself all over. Then he put the corset round me and laced it until it just fit onto my figure. Because my tummy is a bit prominent, the bottom edge stood out a little way. He knelt down and put on my stockings for me and attached the suspenders and pulled them up a bit higher than usual. At that point the tightest things on me were the support stockings. Then he started lacing me in the way described in the booklet from Rigby and Peller. From the top to the waist first. Then from the bottom to the waist. Then he crossed over the laces and gradually put pressure on the waist. He pulled so that my waist was about two inches less than normal. I could feel it but not uncomfortably. He tied the laces and I put on my negligee. That evening I wandered around the house feeling at myself with no panties on and just loved the freedom to feel open but controlled at the same time. We made love with me laced like that. I didn’t move much and he was so gentle. I reached down and brought myself to an orgasm in just a few minutes. It was wonderful and we both knew that we’d found the real excitement of corseting for sex.

Since then, I’ve trained my waist to be eight inches less when the latest corset is tight and rigid at the waist. In my corset, my waist is 21 inches. I feel perfectly comfortable with this lacing and can move around with only the same sensations as if I wear a girdle. I quickly got a collection of corsets of various styles for different occasions. Some are short and only press on my waist. Others are really long covering me from thighs to bust including my breasts. Always the sensation of being held-in gives me the same excitement. I’m controlled and contained but also I feel very strong and feminine and purposeful. Does this make sense to other people?

I always want to know that I’ve got control of my figure. All this time I also wear girdles whenever I haven’t got a corset on. They seem loose sometimes now so I always wear the firmest and always with a cuff waist bra. Wearing two girdles at a time gives me more pressure and I find it exciting but I’m sure it’s weird. I’ve even done three girdles at once. Andy seems to think it’s wonderful and liberated of me! lsn’t that strange?

About a month ago, I bought a corset from a specialist corsetière in Nottingham. It is the same style as the first from London but it a full 12 inches less than my waist was two years ago. It has lacing at the back and at the sides, just in front of the main curve of my hips. The back lace can take in four inches and each of the side laces can take in 2 inches. The first time we put it on me, he laced ir as tight as I could go. The side laces were pulled to one inch each and the back was closed. So I had a further two inches taken off my waist to 19 inches and I felt such a pressure. It is hard to describe the control and containment that it gave me. Partly a panic but also an excitement. Over the next two days he gradually laced me fully tight so that my waist was 19 inches. I can’t explain how it fell but it was wonderful. In the mirror I looked like a 19th century mannequin and I felt to be the most desirable woman in the world. It was too tight to stay like that for long and I could not have lain down for him even if he had asked me to. I was panting and my bowels were churning a little. The downward pressure on my pubic region was intense and I felt that I was going to be pushed inside out. I reached down and got such an intense feeling when I rubbed gently. I knew then that orgasm would be possible and very good, once I got used to the pressure. Andy could reach around my waist with his fingers and he was more excited than I’ve ever seen him. After about 30 minutes he let out the laces and took it off me. I left relieved and free but also a bit sad. He dressed me in the same girdle I’d worn at our wedding and the same bra. It was so romantic.

That night we made love many times with me in the wedding outfit again. He seemed to be inspired by the memory of the 19-inch waist and my restriction. I knew deep down that I had this wonderful lover for ever because he wanted me and all that I could offer to please him through his hands, eyes and his sex. He enjoyed rubbing up against me and feeling the fabric of the girdle as if it were a new experience, all because he really wanted the tight corset on me. He ran his hands up and down the bones of the girdle, he pulled at the bottom edge front and back, and he squeezed my waist with his hands. As if I was corseted.

That night we did something new as well. He took off the girdle as the dawn was breaking, but left the stockings and the bra on me. After lying me on my front, he slowly spread my aloe-vera cream over my bottom and slipped a finger into me. And then he got me anal for the first time. I was uncertain and really I wasn’t ready for it. But he didn’t care or mind. Slowly he entered me until I could feel the head of his penis pop through my muscle. Over the next few minutes he moved and twisted gently until he was inside me to his full length. I knew he would feel my poop but he didn’t mind. After a few more minutes he left me without shooting in me. He quickly went to the bathroom and came back clean and nice-smelling, and with a warm damp towel for me. He cleaned me up and I went to the bathroom before we fell asleep. Since then, we done that many times and now we both get orgasm when he’s deep inside my bottom. And we have got a routine for exciting enema as well. Doing each other before ending up in the bedroom with me trussed up and squeezed into the perfect feminine shape.

I’ve been training myself to lace down to the minimum of 18 inches for a short time, you know. We’ve made love a few times with me laced to my limit. I’m not yet comfortable but getting pretty close. Already, 20 inches feels perfectly all right and my orgasms have started to become intense again now that I’m breathing and moving more easily inside the corset. One day soon I’ll be totally trained to 18 inches and I can hardly wait. But I know it takes time and he’s delightful with me. So caring and careful and romantic. He laces me into the earlier corsets with no rest – just straight down to 21 inches in one smooth movement. They are easy to wear and I will wear one as often as not during a normal day.

Making love in a tight corset is unlike any other experience. You can feel your own insides as if they are just under your hands. Your waist becomes partly numb but also a centre for your excitement and you can feel him moving right up against your organs. As he gets to his orgasm, the extra stiffness and the bulge at the end of his penis seems to be pressing in my throat. I know it isn’t but that’s the imagination I have. When I get to my orgasm, I feel as if my insides are going to pour out of me through my bottom or my vagina. That isn’t true either, but the sensation is powerful and full of erotic feelings.

Sometimes, I stay with a tight girdle and long bra and pull up my stockings really short so that they hold my thighs and the tops of my legs right up to my lips. I’ve a new collection of tight girdles made-to-measure with only 21-inch waists, which is the smallest they can be made. A couple of them are firm control long leg high waist styles with a front zip, just as I remember from when I was young.

It’s hard to explain why this is so important. Sometimes I wear a corset laced by my husband in the morning. At weekend, I choose what I want to wear and I change from week to week to suit my mood and to excite him with the mystery. There is nothing more important to me than pleasing Andy and he is exactly the same about me. I’m in charge, which is important. I’m not a fetish object and he loves me not my clothes. I choose the clothes and always have done. He enjoys the benefits with me. I wish other women could share this excitement with me. The words I like to use about myself are important – girlish, shapely and sensuous but also controlled, contained, restricted, constructed, enclosed, encased and also strong, powerful, causing, making. Andy says he sees all of these in me and he’s happy sharing them with me.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we decide to reduce my figure to my body minimum. I’d love to be able to put my hands down and reach round myself. We’ve tried that on a round object and it’s about 15 inches and it looks really small. I’m half scared by the idea but also I’ve become obsessed with it. That’s about 15 inches less than my normal waist when I was married. I want to know what it feels Iike. I daydream about it and sometimes imagine it when we’re making love. I’d hold myself round my waist while he a moving in me and I’d be able to feel the pressure and the movement inside the corset, through my fingers. I wonder if such a reduction is possible for a woman of my age. I think it’ll take another three years with constant tight lacing and special diet and exercises. I’m dying to start but haven’t yet mentioned it to Andy. I don’t want him to think I’m more interested in a tiny waist than in him. Do you think he’d agree and help me? When the 18 inch corset is comfortable on me and I can lead a normal life, then I’ll tell him my thoughts. That’ll be in about a year I think.

Can you see what good things we have from me wearing this underwear? If I go for the 15 inches, I’ll write again and let you know how that feels — especially in bed..

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Anna wrote

Hi Suzanne, loved your girdle story. I have been a girdle girl since I was a teen. i stopped for a few years but my ex husband was into me wearing tight long leg panty girdles and since I had put on a few pounds I didn’t mind. Actually made me feel sexy. Anna