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I had a really shitty day.

My secretary quit, to move to Texas with her new boyfriend. Somebody clipped my brand new Porsche in the parking garage, denting the hell out of the passenger side door and both fenders. One of my clients, the Avengers, tore up the hotel they were staying in. And Ozzie Schmuck, the drummer for Snakepit, got busted for coke and can’t make the Australia tour.

I’m a talent agent, although on days like this one, I wonder why. Probably it has to do with the money I make, and the chance to know and hobnob with a bunch of talented and famous people. I won’t drop a lot of names here, but a lot of them are people you know and admire.

I represent actors, musicians, and a couple of sports stars. In addition to promoting them and setting up appearances, I act as father confessor, ego stroker, and sometime psychiatrist. It’s the rock stars that give me nightmares, but they generate such huge sums of money, I put up with it.

My name is Jack Ingram. I’m forty-two years old, still single, and presently unattached, just having broken off brief relationship with an up-and-coming film starlet. She wanted marriage and babies, and that’s not in my plans right now.

I keep myself in good shape, running daily and working out in the gym three days a week. I’m 6’2″, about 180 pounds, kind of lean, but well muscled. I’ve got coal black hair that curls just a bit over my collar, blue eyes that betray my Black Irish heritage, a slightly crooked nose that I broke in a college football game, and chiseled features, with a deep cleft in my chin.

I live in a nice, rambling house in the hills above Malibu, constructed of lots of redwood and glass, with a huge deck cantilevered over the hillside that gives me a distant ocean view. It’s nice and secluded, with no neighbors in view, and I like it that way.

After the day I just had, all I wanted to do was have a drink, plop my ass in my favorite chair, and let the rest of the world go to hell. I poured myself three fingers of Chevas, kicked off my shoes and socks, flipped on my big screen TV, and sat down to watch the Dodgers play the Giants.

By the fifth inning, I’d downed a couple more Scotches, the Dodgers were kicking ass, and I had tuned out my work life for the rest of the evening. Then the phone rang.

Fuck it, I thought. Let it ring. That’s why God invented answering machines. Then I heard the voice on the machine.

“Hi, Jack, this is Nicole…”

I’d recognize that sultry voice anywhere, and I scrambled to pick up the phone.

“Hey, babe, how are you?”

Nicole and I go back a few years; ten to be exact. She will always be the love of my life. We were together for five years, and at the time we thought it would be forever. She was an intern, working in the E.R. at the UCLA Medical Center, when I dragged myself in there to get some stitches put in my leg. Some clown had cut me off when I was riding my bicycle, and some jagged metal on a guardrail had ripped an eight-inch gash in my calf.

She was beautiful; hell, she still is, with auburn hair, milk-white skin with a face that belongs on a cameo, and deep green eyes. While she was stitching me up, I memorized her nametag, and the next day I showed up on her doorstep with a limp and a dozen roses.

She was a single mom, with an eight-year-old daughter, Danielle. She’d gotten knocked-up while an undergraduate student, and broken up with her boyfriend before she ever knew she was pregnant. She never told the guy, and never saw him again.

To make a long story short, we moved in together, and I’d never been happier in my life. Danielle was a sweet child, and we’d talked about me adopting her when we got married. Then tragedy struck her family, and our life came unraveled.

Nicole had come to UCLA from a little town in Iowa, where her father, a G.P., ran a clinic that served the whole community. Doc McGinty suffered a stroke, and Nicole went back to nurse him through his recovery.

Doc never recovered enough to resume his practice. Nic ended up taking over the clinic and helping her mother take care of him. She ended our relationship when she moved back, because she knew I could never adjust to life in the Corn Belt. I don’t even like to eat the stuff.

It broke both our hearts when we split, but it never would have worked, and we both knew it. We’ve remained great friends ever since, and there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for her.

“Jack, I’ve got a big favor to ask you.”

“Ask away, you know I’m always here for you.”

“Danielle graduated from high school this year, and I promised her a summer in California for a combination graduation and eighteenth birthday present.”

“Sounds great! Maybe I could take her to dinner some night when she’s here.”

“Well, there’s a little more to it than that. She was supposed to come out with her girlfriend, but Lindsay’s parents had second thoughts and they won’t let her go. I don’t want her being in L.A. all by herself, and I was wondering if she could maybe stay with you?”

I was silent for a moment. Shit, that’s all I needed was some giggling teenager running amuck in my house all summer. This would really cramp my style. But this was Nicole, and I couldn’t say no to her.

“Sure she can, Nic. I’ve got a nice guest room. She’ll be welcome.” Welcome as ants at a picnic.

“When will she be coming?”

“In a week. I’ll email you her flight number and arrival time. And, Jack, thank you.”

I poured myself three more fingers of Chevas, and plopped back in my chair. The Dodgers had blown a four run lead in the seventh inning.

Let’s see, the last time I saw Danielle she was thirteen; a gangly pre-pubescent, with braces on her teeth, and little bitty bumps on her chest that would become breasts some day.

My car came back from the body shop the day before she arrived. I have a love affair with this set of wheels; it’s a metallic silver boxster spyder with a 325 horsepower engine and six-speed stick shift. It goes like a bat out of hell, and sticks to the road like gum on your shoe.

I got to the airport in plenty of time, and hung around the gate, waiting for her arrival. After five years, I didn’t know if I’d recognize her; maybe I should have held up a sign with her name on it.

I kept watching as people came down the concourse, but I didn’t see anyone I recognized. My attention was diverted by this pair of legs coming out of a short black skirt. My eyes roamed higher, to a pair of hips that swung provocatively when she walked. Higher yet, to a magnificent rack encased in a blue chambray blouse, unbuttoned enough to show a modest amount of cleavage, and long auburn hair that hung down almost to her waist, with a gentle curl on the ends.

As she got closer, I could see her face. It was Nicole’s! Nicole’s face on a body that would stop traffic. She was a stone fox. Actually, she looked like Megan Fox.

She glanced over the waiting crowd, and finally spotted me. Our eyes locked, and this gorgeous smile spread across her face. She broke into a run and hurled herself against me, enveloping me in a giant hug. Her firm breasts pressed against my chest, and she planted a big kiss on my cheek. I felt a little tingle in my loins, then my brain flashed a big HANDS OFF!

“Hi, Uncle Jack. Thanks so much for letting me stay with you.”

“My pleasure. Wow, you sure have grown up. And by the way, let’s drop the ‘uncle’; just call me Jack.”

“Okay, Jack. I know you’re not my uncle, anyway.”

“We didn’t fool you, huh?”

“Not with all the noises I heard coming out of Mom’s bedroom.”


She grinned at me. God, she had a sexy smile. Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad a summer after all. At least I’d have plenty of eye candy.

I took her luggage tickets and we headed for the carousel. She had brought four large suitcases that were not going to fit in the Boxster, so I hired a taxi to take them to the house.

My car blew her away. It’s a total chick magnet, which is one of the reasons I bought it. My mother didn’t raise any foolish children. The top was off, as it usually is, because it’s a pain in the ass to put it on. It’s completely manual; you have to dig it out of the trunk and stretch it over the roll bars, and it usually leaks anyway. So I try not to drive it in the rain.

It started up with a throaty roar, and I couldn’t resist laying a little patch of rubber when I pealed out of the access road to the airport. The only difference between the men and the boys, is the size of their dick and the price of their toys.

As soon as I could, I cut over to the Pacific Coast Highway. It’s a beautiful drive, and I thought sure Danielle would enjoy it. She had pushed her hair over her back, and it was streaming in the wind. When the sun shone on it, the auburn color was streaked with red and gold.

The sun was setting as we pulled in my driveway, and we walked out on to the deck to watch it go down. A few clouds scudded across the horizon, tinged with purple and orange. We watched as the glowing red ball descended toward the horizon, then slowly dropped out of sight over the edge.

All of a sudden, there was a bright green flash that lasted about two seconds, right where the sun had gone down.

“Wow, what was that?” Danni asked.

“That was a green flash.”

“Yeah, well, that was obvious. What causes it?”

“It’s some kind of an atmospheric light refraction that only happens occasionally. I don’t remember the whole scientific explanation. This is only the third time I’ve ever seen one.”

“It was awesome.” She was standing right next to me at the railing, our arms brushing against each other. I felt a little current of electricity.

“Jimmy Buffet wrote a song about it. The native Hawaiians believe it brings you good luck.”

“Well, let’s hope it brings US good luck.” I wondered what she meant by that.

Danielle was starting to yawn. She was still on Midwest time and a bit jetlagged. Before she went to bed, she gave me another big hug, lingering just a bit longer this time. I watched her from behind and she walked down the hall toward her room. Legs. Hips. Ass. Luscious. And off limits. Sigh.

I had done up a load of laundry, and I was putting some fresh towels in the guest bathroom. It was nice to see the counter lined with girl-stuff for a change; cosmetics, body lotion, perfume, and whatever else those little vials and jars contain. And there was a light green compact-like thing that contained birth control pills.

I couldn’t resist peeking in the laundry hamper, and there was some of the sexiest underwear I’ve ever seen.

In the morning, I woke to the smell of coffee brewing, and bacon frying. I climbed out of bed and pulled on a pair of well-worn Levis, and carefully pulled up the zipper; I was going commando style, and didn’t want to get anything caught in it. I didn’t bother with a shirt or shoes.

Danni was whipping up some eggs in a bowl, with a wire whisk. She was wearing a pair of cutoff shorts and a tee shirt. SHORT shorts; so short the bottoms of her ass cheeks were hanging out. As she whomped on the eggs, her curvaceous butt was wiggling in time with her arm.

Her tee shirt was torn off at the bottom, exposing her taut belly and a cute little jeweled dangly thing hanging from a navel piercing. The tee was tight on top, clinging to her magnificent rack. She’s not huge, probably about a C cup, but they look terrific on her svelte frame. She had her hair tied off in a ponytail with a rubber band.

She turned away from the stove and gave me that

wonderful smile.

“Hey, I like the look,” she said.

“What look?”

“Bare chest, low slung jeans, tousled hair, stubble on the face. You look like a character in a Nora Roberts romance novel.” She took her hand, and ruffled it through my mat of chest hair, like you’d muss the hair on a little boy.

“You read romance novels?”

“Among other things.”

“There goes my cholesterol count,” I said eyeing the bacon on my plate. She’d made bacon, a western omelet and fresh squeezed orange juice.

“I live in Iowa; everyone in Iowa eats part of a pig for breakfast.”

It suddenly occurred to me that I didn’t have any bacon in the house. No fresh oranges either.

“Where’d you get the bacon and oranges?”

“You needed a bunch of stuff so I went to the market.” The nearest market is six miles away, down a twisty mountain road.

“How did you get to the market?”

“I took your car. The keys were on the table by the door.”

My CAR? My PORSCHE? NOBODY drives my car. I don’t even let the valet parking attendant drive my car; I park it myself. She could see my distress, but I swallowed hard and didn’t say a word.

“Don’t worry, I’ve been driving a tractor since I was ten.”

“A Porsche is not a tractor.”

“No shit. It is soo hot! I went through the S turns at eighty and didn’t slide a bit.”


I had a whole big list of touristy things to do with her, starting with Disneyland. Danielle turned out in a pair of designer jeans, that looked like they were painted on, and a low-cut crop top that displayed an ample amount of cleavage. The cleft in her butt was visible, and the seam in the crotch disappeared into a perfect camel toe.

She was aware that I was checking out her charms, and kept this sly, sexy grin on her face. She made up some excuse to bend over in front of me, so I got a great view of her succulent breasts, encased in white lace. I unconsciously wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, just in case I was drooling.

Danni skipped through the park like the eight-year-old little girl she was when I first met her. Except for the body, of course. I have to admit, I turn into a kid myself; you’re never too old for Disneyland.

She loved the thrill rides; Splash Mountain, the Matterhorn Bobsleds, and Space Mountain. She clung to my arm and shrieked, along with everyone else, then looked at me with her beautiful smile when we reached the bottom of the descent.

When the holograms popped out of the dark in the Indiana Jones adventure, she threw her arms completely around me, her firm breasts pressed into my chest. She held me like that much longer than necessary, after the scary stuff was over.

We had dinner at the Blue Bayou Restaurant, just outside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and stayed after dark for the fireworks. She stood in front of me, and I had my arms around her shoulders. One hand inadvertently fell on her boob, and I left it there.

Before we left the park, she pulled out her iPhone and took a picture of us; Danni wearing her Mickey Mouse ears, and I had on a Goofy cap with the floppy ears hanging down. We had our arms around each other’s waist.

“I had a great time, Jack,” she said when we arrived at home. She put her arms around my neck, and pulled me into a goodnight kiss. A long kiss. A delicious kiss. Her full lips are so soft and supple. I think I had dents in my chest where those delectable tits pressed into me. My dick was at half-mast.

We went out for dinner the next evening. I was taking her Spago and then to Johnny D’s, a hot new nightspot. Sure, I was showing off a little bit, but why not? I wore a pair of grey slacks, a light blue oxford cloth shirt, and a blue blazer. I topped it off with a Jerry Garcia necktie.

My heart skipped a beat when Danielle came down. She was wearing a red mini-dress that looked like she’d been poured into it. It was low cut with spaghetti straps, skin tight around the waist, with a flared skirt that stopped above mid-thigh. A strapless bra lifted those luscious tits up high, with enough cleavage to make me pant like a dog on a hot day. She was drop-dead gorgeous.

“Does the fact that your tongue is hanging out mean you like the dress?”

“Oh yeah! Almost as much as I like what’s in it.”

“Are you flirting with me?”

“A little bit.”

“Jaaaack?” Uh oh.


“Can I drive? Please, Jack? Pretty please?”

“Not with those high heels on.”

“What heels?” She kicked the shoes off.

I can’t fucking believe I reached into my pocket and handed her the keys. Nobody drives my Porsche.

Danielle fired it up, and revved it a couple of times. I love the roar of those tuned exhausts as much as a Hell’s Angel likes the sound of his Harley. She backed out of the garage, whipped it around, and punched it. There’s about a mile of straight road before you come to the curves.

A Boxster will do zero to sixty in 4.9 seconds. It’s got enough torque to slam you back in your seat. It’s got enough torque to make your asshole pucker up.

The speedometer topped 100 when she got to the first turn, a tight 270 degrees that bent to the left. She tapped the brakes, then dropped three gears at the entrance to the curve. Heel-and-toeing the accelerator and brake pedals, she hit the apex of the turn and punched it, upshifting into the straightaway. Like she said, she barreled through the esses at eighty, with no drift at all.

She cruised through he rest of the turns, and there are a lot of them, like Danica Patrick on a road course in an Indycar. Normally, I would have shit my pants, but for some reason, I was as calm as a clam. She pulled to a halt at the stop sign at the end of the road at Highway 1, and flashed me a big smile.

“Damn, that was fun. I think I had an orgasm.”

“Do you have a lot of orgasms?”

“Only with my fingers,” she said with a cute little pout. “But I hope to change that soon.” She looked at me and batted those deep green eyes.

“Are you flirting with me?”

“Yeah.” She grinned and pulled out on the highway, laying down a good hundred feet of rubber.

As I suspected it might, Spago impressed the hell out of her; doubly so when the maitre’d addressed my by name. As he escorted us to a cozy corner table, Danielle attracted a host of admiring glances.

I ordered a bottle of Donatello Chardonnay, nodded approval, and the wine steward filled our glasses. He wasn’t about to card anyone who looked like that. We drank our wine and engaged in small talk.

“Where the hell did you learn to drive like that?”

“Video game. It’s got every road course on the Grand Prix circuit on it. I have a console with a steering wheel, pedals, the works.”

I ordered the Maine Diver Scallops, served with French black truffles and hearts of palm. Danni had the grilled Colorado lamb rack. We were in the midst of eating, when a gorgeous blonde in a cocktail dress leaned down into my face and gave me a quick kiss.

“Mmm-wah. Nice to see you, Jack.”

“Hi, Maggie. I’ll send that new contract out to you next week.”

Danielle sat there with her mouth hanging open. “My God, that’s Margaret McNeil. I just loved her in ‘The Proud Ones’. She’s one of your clients?” I nodded humbly.

Dinner finished, we moved on to Johnny D’s. It was gaudy and it was loud, just as you’d expect a hot dance club to be. We got a table and ordered a couple of margaritas. The music had a throbbing beat, and strobe lights cut through the air, flashing and freezing the dancers on the floor.

“Do you dance, Jack?”

“Sure do.” She took me by the hand and led me out on the floor. New dances change weekly, but you can make out by basically getting out there and shaking your booty. And, man, did she have a booty to shake; tits and ass, jiggling and bouncing and shaking to the frantic beat of the music. I was mesmerized just watching her.

I took her hands in mine and we boogied in and out for awhile, then I flung her out away from me and twirled her around. Her short skirt flew up in the air, revealing her slight thong and her gorgeous buns for anyone who was close enough to see. I was plenty close enough.

When the band shifted into a slow number, I took her in my arms, and we swayed to the music. We held each other tightly, and her heady perfume assaulted my senses. My hand slid down the small of her back and rested on the rise of her ass. We took a break and went back to our table.

” ‘ello, Jack,” a cockney voice spoke into my ear. My visitor had long hair, full tattoos down both arms, and large brass hoop in his ear.

“Oh my God,” Dannie gasped, “You’re Ricky Dangerous!”

Rickey was the lead singer in the Avengers, a group I was not too happy with.

” ‘ello, love,” he said to her. “Who’s the mink, Jacko?”

“This is my, uh, niece, Danielle.”

“Niece? Well, whatever you say, Jacko.”

“You’re my favorite group; I have all your CD’s.”

“Well, ‘at’s real sweet. Would you like my autograph?” He pulled a fine pointed Sharpie out of his pocket.

“I don’t seem to have anything to write on.”

” ‘ow about I sign in on one o’ them titties?” he leered, staring at her cleavage.

“Sure,” Danni gushed, pulling the top of her dress down and exposing the upper swell of her breast.

“There you go, love.” Ricky signed with a flourish.

“Wow, I’ll never take a shower again.”

The music picked up again, and she dragged me back out on the floor.

“Have you ever done any grinding, Jack?”

“Can’t say as I have.”

She flashed me a lewd grin, and as the music picked up, turned her back to me, bent forward, pressed her butt right into my groin, and started grinding away. Backing away would have been really awkward on that crowded dance floor. Besides, I didn’t really want to.

The inevitable happened. Her gorgeous ass sliding back and forth in my groin, caused my cock to get hard as a rock. She flipped the back of her skirt up and, except for the tiny strap on her thong, she was grinding her NAKED ass against my cock. I knew she felt it and, at that point, I didn’t care.

I grabbed her hips and held her tight against me. She grinded. I humped. I didn’t let go until there was a big wet stain spreading across the front of my pants. I hoped the music drowned out my primal scream when I came.

“Grinding is fun, isn’t it, Jack?” she asked looking straight at my wet spot, her hand over her mouth, suppressing a giggle.

“Uhhh, oh yeah.”

When we got home, Danni asked me help her unzip her dress. She must have been a contortionist to get the damned thing on in the first place. I pulled the zipper down, the spaghetti straps “accidently” slipped off her shoulders, and the dress pooled at her feet.

“Oops,” she said, standing there innocently, in a see-through lace bra, that did magnificent things with her tits, and a matching lace thong. She gave me an extra-long goodnight kiss, with just a little flick of her tongue before she pulled away. She sashayed down the hall, my eyes glued on that swaying naked ass.

The next night we stayed home with a couple DVD’s than Danielle picked out at the video store. One was a chick flick, the other was a slasher film. I like chick flicks, especially if there’s nudity in it. This one had it.

I nuked up a bag of Orville Redenbacher in the microwave, and pulled the cork out of a bottle of merlot. We sat down on the couch in front of the flatscreen, dressed in our nightwear; mine was a tee shirt and boxer shorts; hers was a long tee shirt of mine that she had appropriated and, I assumed, she was wearing panties under it. She was obviously not wearing a bra, and I tried hard not to focus on the jiggling boobs, or the dents her nipples made in the front of it. We chatted awhile, before starting the movies.

“So, Jack, how’s your love life? You haven’t mentioned any current girlfriends.”

“Non-existent at the moment. How about you? A boyfriend back home?”

“No, no boyfriend. I’ve had a few dates, but that’s all. I’m probably the only girl in my graduating class that’s still a virgin.”

“In this day and age, that’s something you should be proud of. Waiting for the right guy?”

“Yeah, I guess. I just wasn’t into giving it up to some Iowa farm boy in a hayloft. I haven’t had much experience. I let one guy feel me up a little, and I gave him a hand job. Well, sort of hand job, I guess.”

“What’s ‘sort of’ a hand job?” This way more information than I was expecting.

“Well, he unzipped his pants, and I put my hand in there, and I pulled on it about twice and he shot his load immediately. I didn’t even get to see it.”

“Well, young guys have a tendency to do that.”

“Mom says you’re a terrific lover.”

“Aw shucks.”

“Yeah, she says you give the best head she’s ever had.”

{{CHOKE}} “You and your mom talk about stuff like that?”

“Sure, we talk about everything. She gave me a vibrator for my eighteenth birthday. She said I should pop my cherry with, so when I finally get laid, it won’t hurt.”

I changed the subject, and we settled back to watch the movie. Her tee shirt hiked up a little bit, and I could see she was wearing panties under it. Tiny little panties. The lacy front piece had slipped between her fat little lips. I couldn’t tell for sure if she shaved her pussy, but there wasn’t any obvious hair down there.

“Remember how we used to cuddle when I was a little girl?”

“Yeah, I sure do.”

“Well, I want to cuddle now.” She scooted over next to me, laid her head on my chest, and I put my arm around her shoulder. We got to a romantic scene in the movie, where they were kissing passionately. She looked up into my eyes, and pulled my head down toward hers.

“I want to kiss you; I haven’t had a lot of practice, so I don’t know if I do it right.”

I knew I really shouldn’t do it, but….well, a kiss isn’t exactly…. Before I could finish my thought, her full, soft lips had engaged mine. I returned her kiss with abandon. Her tongue snicked out, and was suddenly between my lips and into my mouth. My tongue danced with hers. Her lips nibbled at mine, and I took her lower between my teeth and nipped at it. Our arms were totally wrapped around each other; her breasts mashed against my chest. I had an enormous hard-on.

“Am I a good kisser, Jack?” she asked as we moved apart. Her eyes were glued on the tent pole in my shorts.

“You’re a wonderful kisser, Danni.”

“Oh good,” she said. “I’ll see you in the morning. I have a date with my vibrator.” She skipped off down the hall.

I lay in bed, listening to the faint buzzing sound coming from her room, and I visualized her playing with her toy. My balls were blue, so I started stroking my cock. Angelina Jole was my usual jerk-off fantasy; that night it was Danielle.

We were going to the beach the next day. We waited until afternoon so the fog would burn off and the air would warm up. I had visions of Danni in her bikini, but I had probably already seen as much of her in her skimpy undies.

“I thought we’d go to Zuma Beach,” I said. “It’s got miles of sand, and is a hot spot for surfers when the waves are up.”

“I found one on the internet I’d like to try,” she said, with a sly grin.

“Okay, go for it.” I handed her the keys to my Porsche. What the fuck, she’s a better driver than I am anyway, and I like to watch the excitement on her face when she’s driving it. I also like the way the seatbelt looks between her boobs.

We drove north on the Pacific Highway. She pulled off about ten miles north of Zuma Beach, into a little turnout on the left side of the road. There were just three other cars there. She led me down a narrow dirt path between the saw grass and other coastal flora.

There was a kind of rickety set of wooden stairs that went down the bluff to the sand below. I’d lived here all my life, and I didn’t know about this place. There were only half a dozen couples down on the beach, and as we got closer, I could see they were all naked! Danielle had taken me to a nude beach!

We hit the sand and spread out our beach towels. Danni whipped off the oversized tee shirt she was wearing and, instead of the bikini I was expecting, she was stark naked underneath it.

I’m sure my mouth was hanging wide open, as I stood there taking in this voluptuous teenager, in all her naked glory. Her unencumbered breasts looked even larger, capped with light pink nipples, and quarter-sized areolas. They were round and firm, without a hint of sag. As I expected, her mound was hairless, her slit prominently displayed. I could feel a little swelling in my cock.

“Come on, Jack, aren’t you going to take them off?”

“I, er, ah….”

“You chicken? Nudity is perfectly natural. The human body is beautiful; my mom says so.”

“Well, we can’t argue with your mother, can we?” Visions of Nicole flew through my head. Her body was certainly gorgeous, although she wasn’t quite as built as her daughter.

Convinced that, although my cock was a bit inflated, it still hung down, and I wasn’t going to embarrass myself with a full-fledged erection, I dropped my drawers. Danielle’s eyes widened, and she stared unabashedly at my crotch.

“Pardon me for staring, Jack, but I’ve never seen a live penis before. Besides, turnaround is fair play; you certainly were ogling my tits. Do you like them?”

“Oh yeah!” Damn, she’s got a sexy smile.

“Come on, let’s go swimming.”

She took my hand, and we went jogging down toward the water. Cowa-fucking-bunga! do those bubbies bounce when she runs. We ran straight into the water, diving under the first wave that came in, surfacing on the other side.

Swimming out thirty yards or so, I showed her how to catch a wave and ride it in. She’s never been in the ocean before.

After a half-hour or so, we headed back toward the beach. We were standing in about knee-deep water, and Danni had her back turned to the ocean. A good-sized wave snuck up from behind, knocked her off balance, and she flew right into my arms.

There I was, standing with this drop-dead gorgeous, naked hard-bodied teenager wrapped around me, her firm round breasts slithering across my chest, my leg between hers, resting right on her pussy. My cock started to swell, to half-mast this time, before I extricated myself and ran back to the towel, staying in front of her so she couldn’t see how excited she was making me.

Once we were dried off, Danni broke out the sun block. Lying on my stomach, I watched as she applied it to her legs, then her belly, her arms, and her shoulders. Then she squirted it on her breasts. She spent a loong time rubbing it in, using both hands. She was literally caressing those luscious tits, cupping them with her hands, looking me right in the eye, like she was making a sacred offering.

Then she started rubbing it into her nipples, stroking them and rolling them between her thumb and fingers. Her eyelids dropped to half-mast, and her breath came in gasps. Still lying on my stomach, I think I was making a tunnel in the sand with my hard-on.

She applied a bunch of it on her mound, spread her legs a bit, and went to work on her nether region. I watched her apply it to her labia, that began to swell up under her hand. One finger dipped into her slit. Her eyes were locked on mine; there was a dreamy smile on her face.

She rolled over on her stomach and handed me the block to put on her backside. She wasn’t looking at me, as I straddled her, but when I leaned forward to do her shoulders, I’m sure she could feel my erection lying between her cheeks. Her skin felt so good under my hands, and I massaged and kneaded her back.

I was going to do just a quick once-over on her butt, but when those firm young globes were in my hands, I succumbed to the temptation, and gave them my full attention. Glutes are wonderful muscles to get your hands on, especially hers. I dug my hands in deep, lifting her cheeks forward and applying pressure with my thumbs.

She started to rock side-to-side as I ministered to her ass, and she was emitting a series of pleasure groans. I squirted some block between her cheeks, and spent more time than necessary in her cleft. My finger circled her little rosebud and she lifted her hips and moaned again.

When I got to her legs, she spread them slightly apart, and I got a good view of the south side of her cunt. I reluctantly avoided even casually brushing against it when I got to her thighs. After all, this is Nicole’s daughter, for Christ’s sake, and so far I had avoided doing anything sexual with her. Kissing is friendly. Nudity is natural. Yup.

“You sure have wonderful hands, Jack,” she purred. “Now it’s your turn.”

I hopped off of her, and lay face down, so she could do my back. I expected her to just wipe the block on me quickly, but she didn’t. She lingered. Kneaded. Massaged. It felt wonderful.

“You’ve got great buns,” she cooed, as she gave them as much attention as I had given hers. The backs of her hands most definitely ran over my balls, and lingered there.

I took the vial of sun block back from her, and having used up all of my willpower to let my inflated prick go soft, I rolled over. I slathered my self with the lotion and, as quickly as I could, ran some over my cock. I knew if I spent any time there, it would rise again. Danni was watching me intently.

“You ought to shave down there, Jack.”

“Down where?”

“Your pubes. It would really be cool. It would make it look bigger, too.”

“I think I’d be too nervous with the razor.”

“I can do it for you,” she said, with that devilish grin on her face again.

“Mmm, umm, guhunk,” I muttered unintelligibly, and quickly changed the subject.

When we were ready to leave, she stood up, then bent over to brush some sand off her knees. Her hanging breasts jiggled so invitingly. Another couple sauntered by and Danielle called them over.

“Hey, can you take our picture?” she asked, handing the guy her iPhone.

She stood beside me, leaned in close, and put her arm around my waist. Hesitantly, I put my arm around her. The guy snapped off several shots.

“Uh, what are you going to do with these?” I asked.

“Oh, I just want a souvenir of a great day.”

That evening, after we got home, Danni was huddled over her laptop, and I settled back to watch the Dodgers’ game. The phone rang. It was Nicole.

“Hi, Nic.”

“Hi, Jack, how are you and Danielle getting along?”

“Oh, fine; she’s a great kid, you’ve really done a wonderful job with her.”

“So, you’re enjoying her company?”

“Oh, yeah, but there’s, ah, one thing….”

“What’s that, Jack?”

“I, uh, uh, I think she’s trying to seduce me.” Nicole burst into that wonderful laugh of hers.

“Well judging from the picture she emailed me of you two on the beach, it looks like she’s succeeding.” She chuckled again.

“Oh well, that, ah, picture….let me explain….”

“You don’t have to explain anything; that’s the reason I sent her out there.”

“To seduce me?” I was incredulous.

“She’s of legal age, she’s ready for sex, she’s horny as hell, and I want her first time to be with an experienced lover, not some fumbling farm boy in a hayloft. And, Jack, you’re the best lover I ever had.”

“But, she’s your daughter, Nicole. I’ve known her since she was a little girl; it almost seems like incest.”

“It’s not incest. Besides, she’s always had a major crush on you.”

“Now let me get this straight. You, her mother, are telling me it’s okay to have sex with your daughter?”

“I’m encouraging you to have sex with my daughter. She’s gorgeous, isn’t she?”

“Oh God, yes, she’s beautiful.”

“So now that she’s hooked you, let her reel you in slowly. One step at a time.”

“You mean like the old first base, second base kind of thing?”

“Exactly. And I’ll have to admit, I’m a bit jealous.”

“I’ll always love you, Nicole.”

“I’ll always love you too, Jack.”

I went back to the Dodgers game, and must have nodded off a bit. My nose woke me first, with the sweet smell of Danielle’s perfume in the air. I opened one eye, and saw her approaching me with a handful of paraphernalia; a pair of scissors, a safety razor, an aerosol can of shaving cream, some lotion, and a couple of towels. She plopped them all down on the coffee table in front of me.

“What’s all that for?” I asked.

“It’s for your shave,” she grinned wickedly.

“What shave?”

“I’m going to shave your pubes, just like we talked about. So slide out of those shorts.”

I griped and grumbled a bit, but then she was so cute about it, I complied. Jesus Christ, first I hand over my car, now I’m going to let her get near my balls with a razor!

First she took the scissors and snipped off as much of the long hair as she could. Then she lathered me up, and went to work with the razor. She shaved everything off of my pubis, my balls, and even lifted my dick up to get the hairs on the underside. I think it was abject fear that kept me limp.

When she applied the lotion afterward, so that I wouldn’t get a rash, the flaccidness was over. One heartbeat at a time, my cock pulsed itself into a full erection.

“Oh boy, look what I did,” she grinned.

She squirted some lotion all over the head of my cock, and then began to stroke it. Making a fist with her hand, she let my crown slide through it, all the way down to the base, while her other hand gently fondled my balls.

Adding some more lotion, she laced her fingers together, and swirled them around and around. My hips started thrusting, until I was literally fucking her hands. My balls contracted, and I could feel that wonderful rush coming on.

“Oh, God, Danni…Danni…OHHH!” Spurt after spurt of jizz erupted from the tip of my cock, coating her hands.

“Did you like that, Jack?”

“Oh yeah!”

“Good!” she said, then gave me a deep soul kiss, and scooted off to bed.

The next night, I had scored a pair of tickets to see the Rolling Stones at the Hollywood Bowl. The Bowl only holds 18,000 people, so it’s a smaller venue than some they’re used to, like the Meadowlands. They Stones, like the Beatles, have a universal appeal, to teenagers and old farts alike. Danielle was really excited.

The show was terrific. Mick Jagger gyrates on the stage today the same way he did in his twenties. I only hope I can stand up that long when I’m seventy. The business I’m in offers a few perks, and I was able to get a backstage pass. Danni got to meet Mick and she was thrilled to the core. She laughed at Keith Richard, who looks like a cadaver.

We were both wired up when we got home, so we changed into our nightwear, and I opened a bottle of wine. After all the raucous rock we listened to earlier, I put some soft jazz on the stereo. She snuggled up next to me, and soon we were making out. It was hot and heavy.



“Will you make me come with your hand, like I did for you last night?”

She stretched out on the couch, with her head in my lap. I started rubbing her stomach, in slow, lazy circles, each revolution moving a little lower, until I reached her mons. I pulled her tee shirt up; she wasn’t wearing any panties.

Caressing her thigh, I stroked it, over her mound, and down the other side. She spread her legs apart slightly. I began to slowly fondle her lips, and watched them blush and swell under my hand.

I lightly ran my finger up and down her slit; it was wet and the sweet smell of sex filled the air. Opening her up, I caught each of her minora between my thumb and finger and massaged them lightly. Her breathing got heavy, and she was starting to squirm.

I slipped a finger into her vagina. I wanted to rip off my clothes and put my cock in there, but as her mother requested, I was going one step at a time. It took me back to my own teen years, and the anticipation and excitement of going a little farther each time, until we finally hit the home run.

Adding a second finger, I sawed them in and out of her hot, wet hole. I’d totally forgotten how much fun finger-fucking could be. Danni was starting to moan. With my fingers well lubed with her juices, I ran my two fingers along both sides of her clitoral shaft, teasing, bringing her along slowly.

I rippled my fingers back and forth over her hood, then gently reached down and found her little glans as it peeked out.

“Oh, God, Jack, that feels so good… good.”

Her hips rose up, then she started bucking against my hand.

“I’m gonna come, Jack, gonna come.” Her whole body shook and shuddered. “NOW, Jack….OH GOD….JESUS….YES…YES….OOOH!”

I knew her pussy was too sensitive to touch, so I stroked her tummy again, until she calmed down.

“That was wonderful, Jack. Thank you, thank you.” She gave me a deep kiss, and walked slowly to her room. I sucked her moisture off my fingers.

No tour of southern California is complete without a visit to Venice Beach, the kook capitol of the world. The Boardwalk stretches for about one and miles, and there are hundreds of street vendors and performers. You can see everything from break dancers to broken glass walking, mimes, musicians, jugglers, jesters, and everything in between. Half naked girls throng to the place. You can get your fortune read or have your name written on a grain of rice.

“Oh, I want to get a tattoo,” Danielle said, as we passed an ink and piercing parlor.

“Your mother would kill me.”

“I’ll get it in a place where she’ll never see it.” She skipped right in to the bowels of the seedy-looking establishment.

I hung around outside watching the hardbodies on their in-line skates go streaking across the boardwalk. A trio of muscle-bound apes sauntered by, in full flex mode. Danni though Muscle Beach was “gross.” I had to agree. Finally, she came out of the joint.

“Okay, so where’s the tattoo?”

“I guess you’ll just have to find out,” she said with a sultry grin, batting her eyelashes at me.

“You’re flirting with me again.”

“Uh huh.”

We had dinner at the Urbano Pizza Bar, rated as one of the best pizza joints in L.A. They serve a Neapolitan-style pie made with a dough that develops an intense sourdough tang and a slight smokiness after it’s journey through a glowing wood-fired oven. There’s an unending variety of toppings available. We couldn’t agree on everything, so I had anchovies on my half (“eww”) and she had grilled Brussels sprouts on hers (“yuck”).

We made it home by sunset again and, arm-in-arm, we watched it from the deck. No green flash that night.

Making out on the couch had become an evening ritual, and I was enjoying it more than I did when I went parking as a teenager. That night, her hand went right into my lap, fondling me until I was hard as steel. She tugged my boxers down, and my cock pointed at the ceiling.

She grasped it in her hand and, without missing a beat, bent down and ran her tongue from the base to the crown. I don’t remember there being a specific base for oral sex; it’s somewhere between third and home.

“You’ll have to tell me what you like; I’ve never done this before. My mom gave me an article from a magazine on how to give a great blowjob, but I’m winging it.”

“Lots of lips and tongue, especially right here,” I said, showing her my favorite spot just below the head. Bless you, Nicole.

“When you come, I want you to do it in my mouth; I want to taste you.”

Her tongue went everywhere. She lifted my scrotum and licked the underneath, around the front, and nibbled the soft skin with her lips. When you have one of your balls in someone’s mouth, there’s a little balance between high anxiety and ecstasy. In this case, the latter prevailed.

She got about half my cock in her mouth, and bobbed up and down, sucking and tonguing at the same time. She didn’t try to deep-throat me, and I didn’t want her to. To me, getting deep-throated is like sticking your dick in a toilet paper tube; I like mine where the tongue is.

She did amazing things with her lips around the rim of my head, and laved the living shit out of my special place. Then she went to work in earnest, moving her head up and down over my glans, and pumping my shaft with her hands.

I felt my balls draw up, and was overwhelmed by that delicious pre-orgasmic sensation that happens before I come. Then the main event. I fisted my hands in her hair and pumped my load into her mouth.

“Oh Jesus, Danielle….OOOH GOD….AHhhhhhh….mmmm….oh yes….”

“Did I do good, Jack?”

“Oh, baby girl, you were wonderful.” I pulled her face to mine and kissed her deeply, tasting my own semen in her mouth.

“The Girl Scouts ought to have a merit badge for cocksucking,” she chuckled.

“You were a Girl Scout?” I love it when this sweet little girl talks dirty.

“Not for long; I hated those stupid uniforms.” Come to think of it, I’d never seen a porn flick with a Girl Scout uniform in it; they were always those little plaid schoolgirl skirts. Lotsa nuns habits too.

“Are you ready for your turn?”

“You mean you want to eat my pussy?”

“Oh yeah!”

I pulled her tee shirt over her head. She was naked underneath it. I found her tattoo, too. There was a tiny rose right at the top corner of one of her pussy lips.

I started kissing her again. I like to work from the top down. While kissing, I fondled her breasts. It was the first time I’d ever touched them. There’s something special about teenage tits; so young, and so firm, so new.

I cupped my hands under them and lifted them up, feeling their shape and their weight. I caressed them first with light strokes, just using my fingertips, then a gentle massage all around, tops, sides, bottoms, carefully avoiding her nipples.

My mouth moved from her lips, down her throat, across her chest, until I got to her breasts. She held my head in her hands, as my lips and my tongue moved over her beautiful orbs. I took the tip of my tongue and circled it around each nipple, watching them swell and harden. Drawing one, then the other, into my mouth, I suckled, flicking my tongue across the swollen tips.

Her breath was coming in ragged gasps. I could feel her body start to quiver, and my hand cupped her sex. I sucked harder and slipped one finger into her cunt, just as her first orgasm sped through her body.

“Jaaaack! Oh Jack Jack Jack….oh God….oh Jack, that felt so good.”

“That was a little one, baby girl, they get better from here.”

My mouth moved lower down on her body, kissing, licking, nipping with my lips. She squealed when my tongue tickled her navel. I kissed my way across her mound, and licked that little crease between her lips and her thighs. She drew her knees up and spread her legs wide.

I kept teasing her with my mouth, kissing her creamy inner thigh, across her naked mound, and down the other side. My lips caressed each of her puffy lips, now swollen and pink. When my tongue found her slit, her clitoris and minora peeked out.

I spread her lips apart, and gazed at her beautiful teenaged pussy. Her inner lips were quivering, like rose petals in a light breeze. I opened her up and looked into her tight little vagina, that was secreting a milky white fluid.

Her odor drove me crazy, and I had to taste her musky sweet nectar. I licked, kissed, and sucked, drawing each of her pink lips into my mouth, teasing them with my tongue.

“Oh God, Jack, that feels soo good. I can’t believe how

good that feels.”

I drove my tongue as far as it would go into her love hole, and ran it around and around, touching all sides of her slippery wet walls. I have a clit fetish, and the tip of her little pearl was just peeking out from its hiding place.

Sliding her hood back, I exposed her entire glans. I ran my tongue in little circles around it, then flicked it back and forth. Danni was mewling and writhing around. Crooking my finger, I slipped it into her vagina, massaging her G-spot. While still working with my finger, I sucked her entire clit into my mouth.

She arched her back, raised her hips, and fisting her hands in my hair, pushed her cunt into my face as hard as it would go.

“Oh…Oh…Jack…I’m gonna come…I’m gonna coooome, Jack….OHHHHH GOD….OH SHIT….OH FUCK…OHH…AHHHHH….Ahhhhhh….ahhhhhh….mmmmmmm. Oh God, that was so good. So good. Mom was sure right about that. Whooo.”

When she staggered off to her room, there was juice running down her leg.

We spent the next day lounging on the beach; Zuma Beach where attire is required. Danielle’s tiny thong bikini was as sexy as her nude body; it left a little bit to the imagination. And to the fantasy. We spent the whole afternoon baking in the sun and then headed back to the house. I was going to barbecue some steaks, and we’d eat outside on the deck.

It got a tad chilly out there, so we put on a couple of short terry robes over our swimwear. I did the steaks nice and rare, Danni made a Caesar salad, and I opened a nice bottle of Merlot. We had a nice conversation over dinner. She is extremely intelligent, and wise beyond her years. She wants to major in drama and theater arts in college, but has yet to choose the school she’ll attend. With her face and body, she’s a natural for either modeling, or a career in films or television.

When we finished dinner, Danielle went in to take a shower, to wash off the salt and sun block. When I walked past her bathroom, the door was open to let the steam out. The shower door was partly steamed up, but I could see a foggy view of her body. She was bending over, washing her legs, and her tits dangled invitingly.

I opened the door and stepped in behind her. She looked startled for a second, then turned and kissed me. We stood under the water for the longest time, lips and tongues merging. Her wet body pressed against mine. My cock started to swell.

“Turn around and I’ll wash your back.”

I kept the bar of soap in my hand, and worked up a good lather on her back. My hands worked lower, around the generous curves of her hips, then found her gorgeous ass. She leaned forward a little bit, thrusting her rounded globes back toward me.

She spread her legs a bit, and I washed the crack between her cheeks, lingering a lot longer than it would take to get her clean. She gasped as I ran my finger around her rosebud. I reached between her legs and soaped up the backside of her pussy, and she pushed against me even harder.

“Your hands feel wonderful, Jack.”

“Lean back against me, and let me reach around and do your front side.”

She pressed her back against me, and my erection lay in the cleft of her ass. I lathered up her chest, then my hands found her firm young breasts. I held one in each hand; they were so wet, so slippery. I found her nipples underneath the lather, and when I skimmed them with my fingers, I felt them swell and harden.

I made lazy circles around her taught stomach, reaching lower and lower toward her sleek mound. Gradually, I worked down to her pussy, and she spread her legs even farther apart, inviting me to come inside.

When my slick, soapy hands slid through all her lips and folds, then finally reached her clit, she tumbled over the precipice.

“OH GOD JACK! Hold me up, my bones have turned to jelly.”

I wrapped my arms around her waist, and held her until her body quit shaking. My turn. Her hands felt so soft, so good, as she washed my back. She spent lots of time on my ass, in my crack, teasing around my asshole.

She reached between my legs and soaped up my balls. Feeling them slip and slide through her hands was exquisite. I turned around and she lathered up my chest, moved down across my stomach, and lower and lower, carefully avoiding my groin.

She was bending over, working her way up my legs again, her luscious breasts dangling so invitingly. She finally got up to my cock, holding it in one hand, soaping it with the other. It responded appropriately.

“I love to watch your penis get hard. That’s so cool.”

Danielle started stroking my hard, slippery rod. Then she stopped, put her arms around me and kissed me deeply.

“I’m ready for you, Jack. I want to make love with you; I

want you to fuck me.”


“Not here; I want to do it in bed. Give me an hour to get ready for you, and I’ll meet you in your room.”

I retired to the living room and poured myself half a glass of Chevas. I wanted her more than I ever wanted anyone in my life. We had weeks of teasing, flirting, and intense foreplay. I’ve had almost a perpetual hard-on ever since she walked into my life.

Where, then, were these little tweaks of conscience coming from? She was Nicole’s daughter, for God’s sake. I wanted her. She wanted me. Her mother wanted me to be her first. That makes it a consensus, doesn’t it? So far, according to Bill Clinton, we hadn’t had sexual relations yet. Oral copulation is not sex. One more blast of Chevas, and my conscience flew out the window. I was ready for her. Oh God, was I ready.

I went into my bedroom, stripped the top covers off the bed, lit some candles, and put some soft jazz on the stereo. I have black satin sheets, and I could envision her gorgeous body sprawled out them. I was wearing a pair of silk boxers, nothing else.

When Danielle entered the room, she literally took my breath away. She was wearing a sheer white negligee, that showed a hint of her body through the lace. She was wearing matching lacy panties underneath. She looked like a bride on her wedding night, and that thought really tweaked my head. Her waist-length auburn hair shone in the candlelight.

“You are so beautiful, Danni, so beautiful.”

She smiled and wrapped her arms around my neck. She had some pale pink gloss on her lips, and it tasted delicious. I learned later that it was called “Brandied Apple.” Until then, I didn’t know they made gloss in flavors. Our lips and our tongues worked gently, slowly, letting the passion build until we were breathless.

I kissed across her cheek to nibble on an earlobe, and I was assaulted by her scent. She had dabbed a bit of rose essence behind her ears, low on her throat, and a lot of other places I would discover when I moved lower on her body.

I slid one strap over her shoulder and tugged it down, exposing one breast. I kissed all around it, then centered on the nipple, laving it with my tongue until it hardened, nipped it gently with my teeth and, finally, sucked it into my mouth. Her hand wrapped around my cock, through my shorts. Silk on flesh is amazing.

When I pulled off the other strap, the negligee pooled at her feet. Her high, firm breasts rose and fell with her heavy breathing. She had dabbed some rose essence in the valley between them and along the curve on the undersides. I let my mouth follow my nose.

I pulled some of long hair over her shoulders, letting it fall over her breasts. One of my great fetishes is looking at a woman’s breasts through a curtain of hair. I caressed them with her soft curls in my hands. Pulling her back into me, we kissed some more; hard, crushing each others’ lips. My hands slid down her back, then grasped her round ass cheeks, and massaged them thoroughly.

Dropping to my knees, I put my thumbs under the slender fabric on her thong and pulled it off. She had dabbed the rose scent on the top of her mound, and on the outsides of both of her puffy lips. The rose, mixed with the scent of sex flowing from her cunt, drove me crazy with lust.

Guiding her toward the bed, I gently laid her down. As I had imagined, her taught teenaged body looked exquisite on the black sheets. She looked at me with her deep green eyes, a sensual smile on her face.

I dipped into the drawer of my bedside table and pulled out a pair of “love gloves.” They’re a pair of mittens that a friend made for me out of an old mink coat.

As Danielle lay sprawled out on my bed, I began to stroke her whole body with the soft fur. This is a sensation that everybody should experience. She was cooing with pleasure as I ran the gloves over her belly, up over her breasts, down to her mound, and back again. Her nipples stood up at full attention.

When I moved the fur up her legs, she pulled her knees up, and spread them apart, giving me full access to her pussy. I went up one thigh, across her mons, and down the other, each time dipping a little lower toward her swollen lips.

She reached down and spread herself open, and I dipped the mitten deep into her treasures. I teased, tickled, and tormented her with the blond mink.

When I thought she had been teased enough, I dropped my mouth down to her cunt. I plunged my tongue into her vagina, then pulled it out, ran it over her clit, and plunged it back in again. Her hips rose up to meet my mouth and her whole body shuddered.

“I’m coming, Jack, coming, coming….OH GOD….NOW….OOOO! Oh God, Jack, I’m ready…so ready….put your cock in me, Jack….fuck me….fuck me, please, fuck me…”

“Hold your pussy open for me, baby girl…wide open…”

She held herself open, and I ran my cock back and forth up her slit, pausing and rubbing it over her clit. I eased the tip of my head between her lips, and pushed slowly. When I got my whole crown inside her, her vagina spasmed around me, and she gasped.

“Ohh, it’s big, Jack. It feels so big in me.”

“Are you okay?”

“Yes…yes…just go slow.”

I pushed another inch in side her. She was so hot and so wet. I could feel her vagina stretch to accommodate me. Another inch. Then another one. Before long I was balls deep, and I felt like I was being gripped by a wet velvet fist.

“So big, Jack, so big. You fill me up…fill me up. Oh, feels so good…so good. I’m a whole woman, now…”

I pulled back and went in again slowly. And again. And again. We began to establish a rhythm, and her hips rose to meet my thrusts. After we had been going at it for awhile, I rolled over on my back and, still inside her, pulled her on top of me.

She scooted up on her knees and began to fuck me, cowboy style. I loved watching her breasts bob up and down as she moved. Her long auburn hair with the corkscrew curls on the ends, made a tent around my head.

I buried my hands in her ass cheeks and pulled her toward me, rocking back and forth. Her smooth pussy, wet with her juices, slid across my smooth pubis, that she had shaved for me. The head of her clitoris had poked way out from under its hood and was shiny and wet when it rubbed against me.

Then she started to gasp. She sat straight up, arching her back.

“Oh God, Jack, what’s happening to meeeee….OH GOD….OH FUCK…AHHH…”

She’d just had her first vaginal orgasm. Her inner muscles contracted, squeezing me, milking me, until I shot my whole wad of cum deep into her cunt, shouting her name as I came.

She stretched out on top of me for the longest time. Her head rested on my chest, and I stroked her back until she quieted down and her breathing returned to normal. She kissed me gently, sweetly.

“I want to sleep here with you tonight, Jack.”

“I’d like that a lot, sweet thing.” She’s never slept anywhere else, since that night. It’s not my bed, it’s our bed.

She cradled her self beside me, spoon-style, and I pulled the covers over us. Sometime in the middle of the night, I woke to find that Danielle had reached behind me and was fondling my penis. It was hard and throbbing.

I reached over her thigh, and found her pussy was soaking wet. Lifting her upper leg, I slipped my cock into her creamy tight vagina and buried myself to the hilt. I love to fuck from the rear; I love to feel her soft round cheeks pressing into my groin.

Half asleep we fucked slowly, gently. I reached around and massaged her clit. She murmured something I couldn’t understand, but kept making little pleasure groans deep in her throat, every time I pumped myself into her.

We both came, but it was quiet and gentle. Her cunt contracted around my cock again, and held me there. We drifted back to sleep. When I woke in the morning, my cock was still inside her, and I started to slowly fuck her again.

We spent a weekend of absolute bliss. Now that Danielle had lost her virginity, she was insatiable. I felt like a horny teenager again, and I could get erection after erection, which both surprised and delightedly me.

Danni really got off on fucking in the shower. All slippery and slidy, she braced her arms against the wall, and I entered her from the rear again. Another time, she wrapped her legs around me and, still standing, we fucked each other face to face. We did it outside, on the deck, in the sunshine.

We went back to the nude beach. Our sun block application got really amorous. Normally, I’d be embarrassed to be in a public place with a hard-on, but this time, I didn’t care.

“Fuck me, Jack.”

“Right here?”


“People will see us.”

“So what?” I think she was becoming an exhibitionist.

She laid back on the beach towel, drew her knees up, and spread her pussy wide open. My cock throbbed just looking at her beautiful flower, and I quickly fell upon her, entering her hard and deep. She wrapped her legs around my back and we fucked each other, fast and hard.

“OH GOD….JESUS…SHITFUCK….AHHH,” she shouted.

“YES, YES, YES….OOOOO…ahhh…mmmmm,” I shouted.

The group of people who surrounded us burst into applause. My face was red, and not from sunburn. Danielle just had a shit-eating grin on her face.

A few nights later, we were making out–God, I love kissing her sweet mouth–on the couch, and the phone rang.

“Hi, Jack.” I’d recognize that voice anywhere.

“Hi, Nicole.”

“How are you doing with my little girl?”

“Uh, she’s not so little anymore, Nic.”

“I know. She emailed me a pretty graphic description of your last weekend.”

“Uh oh. How do you feel about that?”

“First of all, I’m a little jealous. But Danielle is ecstatic, and I’m happy for her.”

“I’m glad you feel that way.”

“She’s in love with you, Jack.”

“I guessed as much.”

“This isn’t what I’d planned.”

“I know.”

“My question is, how do you feel about her?”

“This is crazy, Nic; I’m twenty-four years older than she is, but I’ve never loved anybody this much since I fell in love with you. I treasure her. She’s beautiful, she’s intelligent, she’s very talented, and I am totally besotted.”

“Don’t hurt her, Jack.”

“I could never hurt her. She might break my heart someday and decide she wants a younger guy, but I promise you, I’ll never hurt her.”

“She’s talking about going to UCLA, so she can live with you. She wants to major in drama and theater arts.”

“I can get her into the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, here in L.A. It’ the best in the world.” I rattled off the names of some famous alumni, including Paul Newman, Al Pacino, Marilyn Monroe, Jane Fonda, James Dean, Dustin Hoffman, Eli Wallach, Eva Marie Saint, Robert DeNiro, Jill Clayburgh, Jack Nicholson, and Steve McQueen.

“God, that would be wonderful. How does Danni feel about that?”

“I haven’t sprung it on her yet. I was going to talk to her about it tonight.” I’ll do that if we can ever get our tongues out of each other’s mouths long enough to have a conversation, I thought to myself. But I didn’t say that to her mother.

“Do you love her enough to marry her, Jack?”

“I’d marry her tomorrow, if it were just up to me, but I want to see how she feels a year or two from now.”

Right now I’m happier than a pig in shit.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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