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Mark – The Sexiest Man

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When I first met Mark I was totally unaware that his wife, Eileen, worked at the college with my wife, Susan. It was not until a few weeks later when we all came together at a faculty party. I am Tony, age 25, and Susan is 39. We first met in college when I was 18 and she was 32. I was a horny teenage accounting major and she was in her first year at the college as an assistant professor of economics. We hit it off like an atom bomb when I took her class in advanced macroeconomics and within two weeks of class beginning I was fucking her daily. It was like every teenage boy’s dream happening to me — an older sexy woman with big tits and an unbelievable pussy for me to fuck. 

If the college had known, Susan would have been shit canned and her career destroyed; and I would probably have been kicked out of an Ivy League university with a ruinous scar on my reputation. It never happened. Susan and I were extremely discreet and I earned the A that I received in her class – whether I was fucking her or not. I was serious about earning my CPA license and one just simply cannot cheat their way to become a CPA. There are too many factors involved that require that you perform at your best, too many mathematical equations and problems to solve, and too many proctored exams. You might be able to hide your incompetence as an English major or Fine Arts major and slide by with a gentleman’s C in classes but in Accounting the course work is cumulative and a bad grade in a lower level class just means that you will flunk out of the upper level courses.

After I graduated at the top of my accounting class I went to work for a prestigious local accounting firm. Doing the grunt work for licensed CPA’s only increased my hunger to get my own. However, the CPA exam is a two day test given only at specific times of each year. Additionally, the state I live in requires a fifth year of study in order to sit for the exam. After a year of good experience, I left the firm and returned to the university to complete a Master of Accountancy degree. Within weeks of completion of my master’s degree I had passed my exam and was now a Certified Public Accountant at the ripe old age of twenty five. I accepted a position with Harrison, Pankhurst, and O’Toole, an established nationwide accounting firm, a position that would require a lot of travel but the starting pay was phenomenal. My starting salary was a little over $75,000 a year with the potential to more than double it in the coming years. Because of my stellar academic record and my CPA exam scores I was on the fast track to a senior level executive position within the firm. Personally, I was planning a future move to one of the Big Four international accounting firms but I was not about to let my new employer know that. Susan was even happier than I was because I earned almost double the salary she earned in her position. 

The first week of my job I was sent to Los Angeles, one of the company’s main offices, for training. I spent four weeks there, flying back home to be with Susan every weekend. It was on one of my visits back home during my training that Susan mentioned that the spouse of another faculty member in the School of Business also worked for the same firm. No other mention was made of this fact and I completely forgot about it. During those brief weekends while I was training the main concern I had was where in our house I was going to fuck Susan next. After completing the training I returned to my local office and began my regular assignments. My supervisor, Ed Harrison, was a man in his early 60’s, a brilliant guy who was not only a spectacular accountant but also a first rate business manager. He sent me out on a few routine assignments to different parts of the state. Then one morning he called me into his office to tell me that I was being sent to Helena, Montana to do some work for one of the company’s top clients. Because I would be working in another state and having had less than a year of experience as a CPA, I would be assisting Mark Caldwell, a more senior level accountant, a man with several years of experience with the Montana client. Ed assured me that assisting Mark would be fantastic experience and that if Mark took me under his wing I would find it much easier to perform more complex job operations. I had never met Mark and was looking forward to it. Ed told me that Mark was completing a job in Charleston, South Carolina and would be in the office the next day.

Mid-morning of the next day Ed called me into his office to introduce me to Mark Caldwell. I knew nothing about him and had no preconceived ideas. I was literally stunned when I saw Caldwell. A tall man around 6’5″ smiled at me with the most perfect teeth I have seen in a long time. He was tanned, muscular and fit, and filled out his Armani suit like Adonis. He had salt and pepper hair, mostly salt, and I figured him to be in his late forties or early fifties. His skin was taut and smooth like a young man who had gone prematurely grey. I felt a crunch in my groin. I had not been attracted to another man like this in years. I considered myself to be about 90% straight. 

I leave 10% for gay because in my entire life I had been involved with only two other males, both while in high school. I had fallen into a sexual relationship with David, the quarterback of our football team while we were travelling to compete at the state level. He and I were roomed together in our motel and on the first night David pulled out a couple of marijuana joints and we got high as a kite from them. We ended up in one bed doing almost everything two boys can do to each other in that first night of sex, sucking, rimming, fucking, masturbating. From that motel experience, David became a regular overnight guest at my house where we continued our marijuana and sex. Then David was killed in an auto accident. During my depression over David’s death I was consoled by a lineman on our team, Ryan. Ryan’s consolation included marijuana and sex and as we giggled and fucked on our high, we discovered that we both had enjoyed an active sex life with David. Ryan became my new best buddy and we continued our liaisons while dating cheerleaders. Ryan was accepted to UCLA on a football scholarship and our relationship ended. I never saw him again but I later heard he had been married and divorced three times before his twenty-fifth birthday. I still laugh about that. I thought Ryan was a fairly smart guy. Obviously, I was wrong.

Pardon my digression and let’s get back to Mark Caldwell. Mark was more handsome than any movie star I ever saw and definitely the most beautiful man I had ever personally met. His deep gravel voice just radiated control and sex. I glanced downward as Mark put his hand out to shake mine to avoid his possibly reading my quick attraction to him in my eyes. I knew that my attraction to him would go nowhere and if exposed would certainly derail my career. Mark was wearing a wedding ring on his left hand and my gaydar picked up about as much gayness in Mark Caldwell as one would probably pick up from the King of the Cowboys.

“It’s good to meet you, Tony,” Mark said. “Ed here has been telling me what a superstar he has managed to hire for us.”

“Really, do I get to meet the superstar, too, Ed?” I asked.

Mark and Ed laughed.

“This Montana client, Benson and Carlyle, is a huge mining company. I realize that you have may have limited experience with this type of client but that’s going to change quickly. I’ve been our company’s primary accountant with them for several years now and I think you’ll really enjoy the change of pace with these people. Ed’s secretary has already made arrangements for us to fly out tomorrow morning. Is that okay with you, Tony?” Mark looked at me quizzically as if he really might have expected me to say no.

“What time do I need to be at the airport?” I smiled.

“Hold on, chief. I’ll meet you here at the office at 8 in the morning. You may be a shining star but that does not mean that I am gathering up all that paperwork shit on my own to take to the airport. Just don’t forget who the senior man is in this arrangement,” Mark punched my shoulder teasingly. “I won’t make you carry my attaché case but I might ask you to get the coffee for us on occasion.”

With that, Mark nodded his head at Ed and left the office. Ed grinned at me.

“Caldwell’s a good man, Tony. You can learn a lot from him and I think you’ll find that he is no more cocky and arrogant than you are yourself.”

Mark and I landed in Montana where a chauffeured car waited for us at the airport. It took us straight to the office of Benson and Carlyle, a multimillion dollar mining operation, and from the moment we walked into their main office I could see it was far more sophisticated than I had expected. We went straight in to the office and our luggage was taken to a local hotel. At the end of the day we were exhausted and I just wanted to get to the hotel. As we went up the elevator Mark asked me if I wanted to join him in the hotel gym for a workout. He assured me this hotel had a fantastic gym weight room for its patrons that could not be surpassed by an outside gym. When we got to our floor I received my first big surprise. Mark and I would be sharing a room. I don’t know what I had been thinking, perhaps that a multimillion dollar accounting firm would have gotten each a private room. I expressed my thoughts to Mark. He laughed at me.

“Tony, how do you think this company got to be a multimillion firm? They don’t waste a penny and Board of Directors randomly checks all expense accounts. They just figure that two guys who are being sent into the field to work should be working their asses off so hard that they are not going to mind sharing a hotel room together. But if it bothers you so much I’ll call the front desk and see if I can get another room.” Mark looked at me like he might be a bit insulted as if I rejected him personally instead of the company policy.

I quickly backtracked as I realized that I could be pissing off the man who could be a great mentor for me. Why should I give a damn if we shared a room together? If I got so horny that I couldn’t stand it then I could always masturbate in the shower.

“No! That’s not necessary, Mark,” I insisted. “I just was embarrassed to think that a senior level employee might not be comfortable sharing a room with a lower level grunt like me. I was primarily concerned for you.”

“Knock that shit off, Tony. It won’t wash with me. I know that you thought you were going to get to fuck a different waitress every night and with the old man in the room then all you can do is jack off in the shower.”

I went red in the face in a millisecond and Mark burst into raucous laughter.

“I was right, I knew it!” he crowed. “Well, if you find a hot waitress to fuck, then you will just going to have to share her pussy with me. We’ll both fuck her at the same time.”

I was a bit shell shocked at his language and cavalier attitude toward sex. I assumed from his ring that he was married and if he had noticed, I also wore a wedding band. Of course, I was no prude about the sex talk between guys but I guess I was thrown by locker room talk with a man that might be old enough to be my father. As we talked, Mark opened one of suitcases, took out his gym clothes and stepped into the bathroom. I decided to change while he was in there. As I changed I could hear him peeing into the toilet clearly enough that it was obvious he had not closed the bathroom door. I quickly changed into shorts, tee shirt, and tennis shoes and when I turned around I saw Mark coming through the bathroom door in the mirror. I had not realized that the mirror gave a perfect view into the entire bathroom from the angle of the beds in the bedroom. Had I only looked I could have seen Mark naked as he changed clothes. In an instant I realized that he had probably seen me naked as I changed into my jock and gym clothes. I tried to remember if I had been at an angle where he might have seen my cock. 

Mark looked like an advertisement for Gentlemen’s Quarterly or Abercrombie & Fitch or some famous designer. I normally don’t pay much attention to clothes but I could not help but notice that Mark was wearing designer label gym clothes and his leather gym shoes were by Ferragamo. It would never have registered with me had it not been the same brand of shoes worn by my father, a successful attorney/CPA who made around a half million dollars a year and dressed to kill. It was his dream that I would also attend law school and follow in his footsteps. I had been with him to buy clothes and shoes before so I knew that the pair of shoes worn by Mark cost him at least $800. His legs and forearms were covered in dark black hair and tufts of it stuck out from the neck of his tee. The man just radiated sex. He teased me about getting my ass in gear so we could work out before midnight and we left the room.

Mark walked down to the last elevator in the row and then I noticed a sign the last two indicating they opened directly into the gym. When we got to the gym I was surprised at the number of people who had the same idea as us, both male and female. The equipment was the best, gleaming silver and black metal with scarlet plastic covering seats.

“Restrooms are through that door in the back there but don’t look for a shower room here, Tony,” Mark said. “The hotel only allows its guests in here and with two private elevators to take you back to your room floor, they expect you to change and shower in your room.”

I looked around at the beautiful gym. Something seemed out of place but I could not put my finger on it and then it hit me. There was no indication of a pool or sauna in the gym. I asked Mark if I was wrong about my impression.

“No, you’re right,” he said. “The hotel doesn’t have a pool or sauna, just a weight room. Do you mind spotting me on these weights?” he asked.

Mark lay back on a weight bench and inserted the key to select his amount of weight. I nearly choked. The man was lifting 400 pounds. I was praying he was strong enough to maintain because I could never lift that much. I rarely lifted more than 250. I straddled the bench Mark was on and placed my hands where I could grab the weight should it prove too much for him. I quietly prayed that the man was capable of lifting the weight he chose because if I suddenly had to strain to hang on to 400 pounds then Mark was going to be a dead man quick.

As I stood behind him I had a bird’s eye view of his magnificent body. The musculature and skin tone was obviously not that of a 20 year old man but it was as good as or better than most men at 35. Mark was indeed a rare specimen. Again I found thinking that the man belonged in the movies or working as a model. He was more handsome than anyone I had ever seen. Those magnificent blue eyes of his were mesmerizing, almost unreal. Never in my life had I encountered a man with such deep blue coloring in his eyes, almost purple. Perhaps this was the violet color that the actress Elizabeth Taylor made so famous. I searched my memory to recall what her eyes looked like but could only bring the vaguest memories of what she had looked like to mind. She was far before my time and I had never seen one of her films. I was only acquainted with her from when she appeared on the cover of a magazine and the fact that my mother adored her. I just was not much of a filmgoer, not much into television either. I was more into an active lifestyle and sports. I could not recall the last time I had actually entered a movie theater, perhaps when a parent or friend had taken me to a movie as a child. Susan and I had never attended a film. She and I shared similar interests.

Suddenly, I felt a hand touch my leg, a light pinch. It was Mark.

“Earth to Tony, earth to Tony,” he laughed. “Man, you are totally zoned out here. Have you heard anything I have said to you in the last fifteen minutes? I hope your muscles are not connected to your ears or I am in deep shit.”

I went beet red. I could not believe I had totally ignored Mark. I smiled to myself wondering what he would think if he knew that my lost reverie involved my appreciation of his sexy body.

“I’m sorry, Mark, so, so sorry,” I apologized. “I was thinking of Martinez file at Benson and Carlyle. When I looked it over today something just did not seem right to me. I’m not sure exactly what is wrong with it but it just is not completely kosher. I’m sure of it.”

“Quick save,” I thought. But everything I said about the Martinez file was true. I had little bells go off in my head when I reviewed it today. It was just too perfect, almost as if it had been constructed all at one sitting.

Mark sat up and turned to me. “You know, I gave you that file because I was uncomfortable with it, too. I have been doing this too many years not to respect my instincts and I’m relieved to see that you obviously have good instincts also.” He stood up and patted me on the shoulder. “You may really have a bright future ahead of you, Tony.” Mark laughed as if he felt relief from having had someone else share his concerns without having them pointed out in detail as checkpoints for which to look.

“Your turn with the weights, man,” he said to me. “The gym is getting pretty full here. If you plan to lift any tonight you’d best do it now. If we leave this bench someone else will snap it up at once. I’ve seen six or eight people walk by checking to see if we’re done here.”

I lay down on the bench. It was warm and damp from Mark’s sweat. I told Mark to set me up for 150 pounds. I just was too tired to do anything more.

“A ninety pound weakling, huh?” he laughed and set the weights. 

“Something like that; not all of us can be Mr. Universe like you,” I smiled.

“Fuck you, shortstop,” Mark snorted.

I laid back and Mark straddled the bench over my head. I grabbed the weight bar and lifted. Then I looked up and was rewarded with a magnificent site that totally improved my day. Above me I could see directly up the legs of Mark’s shorts. They were loose from being stretched as he strained to lift his weights and I could see through the thin open weaved mesh of jock strap that seemed to exist only to tease the viewer. Mark’s cock was hanging over a big set of balls and his pubic hair stuck through the mesh wildly, thick and black. He cock looked like it was maybe six inches soft but it was the girth that was amazing, the wide huge mushroom head and the girth of the cock itself. The mesh was so thin that I could clearly make out Mark’s piss slit and it was clear that he had wet it with some precum. I wanted to rise up right there in the gym and suck his cock in front of everyone. I looked up to see Mark looking down at me. I was busted and Mark just gave me a shit eating grin as if he had arranged all this deliberately but he said nothing.

Next Mark and I ran the track that circled the entire gym on second level balcony that looked down on the people lifting weights. When we had used several other machines for leg lifts, abdominal crunches, and the like, we returned to our room. 

“Do you mind if I shower first?” Mark asked.

“Age before beauty,” I smiled. “Feel free. I’ve got some things to catch up on reading while you’re in the shower.”

Mark went into the bathroom and closed the door. “Damn,” I thought. “I’ve only just figured out that I could watch him shower naked through the mirror and he has to close the fucking door!”

I sat and read documents until suddenly Mark came out of the bathroom. He was completely naked with his head in his towel as he dried his hair. I was treated to the most beautiful body I had ever seen naked in person in my life. Black hair covered his chest and broke off in to a thin treasure trail that thickened again on his lower stomach and led into the thickest and most luxuriant bush of pubic hair I had seen. His cock was more beautiful than I had envisioned through the mesh of his jock.

Mark threw his towel and hit me in the face with it.

“Earth to Tony, earth to Tony,” he laughed. “Get your ass in the shower, man.”

Then Mark turned his back on me and knelt over to pick up his sweaty gym clothes to place in a small plastic hotel bag. This gave me a perfect view a hair covered ass that thickened into a forest in the crevice of his ass cheeks and a beautiful perfect little pink asshole that winked at me as he moved around picking up the clothes. I considered the thought that if Mark was trying to seduce me he was doing a goddamn good job of it. Mark placed his clothes into a plastic bag that had our room number on it. Shoes went into another small bag with a tie top with pictures of shoes running across the bag.

“Strip off those sweaty clothes and put them into this bag,” he said. “And grab your suit and clothes from today and put them in a hanging bag. I’ll call the porter to pick them up while you shower. This hotel is fantastic. Those clothes will be back to the room in the morning.”

I looked at him skeptically and Mark laughed at me.

“Oh, god, don’t tell me that you are too embarrassed to strip in front of me, man. Here I am butt ass naked in front of you and you’ve seen everything I’ve got and you’re afraid to be naked in front of me. Here, take the bag with you into the bathroom and just drop it outside the door when you’re finished.” Mark threw the bag at me and turned to get a white terrycloth bathrobe from the closet, compliments of the hotel.

I took off my clothes and put them into the bag. Then I walked naked across the room to my bed to gather up the suit and clothes I had worn today making sure that I leaned over to give Mark an asshole view. I was not ashamed of my body. He might be around 6’5″ but I am 6’2″ and I have a physique of which I am proud and which has received many compliments in the past. Where he has black body hair, I have wavy light brown hair and a nice covering of body hair that while not as thick and bushy as Mark’s still covers my legs, forearm, armpits, and pubic bush. My balls always have been totally hairless and my chest hair is only thick around my nipples with a thin line in the center that leads a treasure trail to thick hair surrounding my belly button with another trail down to my curly bush. I have no hair on my ass at all and my pucker is just smooth and pink like tiny pussy lips. I walked the bag over to the door and put it on the floor next to it.

“Don’t forget your shoes,” Mark said. “They’ll have them polished and ready at the door within an hour.”

I had not forgotten. I had chosen to leave them to the last so that I could parade naked in front of Mark again. I had caught a look at his face in the floor length mirror when I bent over to pick up my socks. I saw absolute lust in his eyes as he looked at my asshole and he literally licked his lips in an unconscious display of desire. I bagged and put the shoes by the door. Then closing the bathroom door I took a shower.

I masturbated while I took my shower and shot off a huge load while I thought of Mark’s naked body. I was hungry for sex and I felt a passion in my loins but I needed to cool my ardor before I made a fool of myself. I was not certain if the lust in Mark’s eyes was for me sexually or if he just appreciated what he saw and envied it. I had been cruised in gyms on many occasions by straight men that never made a play for me. They just liked to look and then probably jacked off to the memory afterward. But if I had made a sexual play for them, had I done anything to impugn their heterosexual pride, then I would have been crucified, possibly literally. I understood this thinking. The world is filled with voyeurs that like to look but will never touch you or permit you to touch them. I was not so sure that Mark was not just another masculine voyeur and I was not about to make the first move to find out. I finished my shower, dried off, and walked naked into the room over to the closet. I grabbed a robe and sat on the edge of my bed.

“You took long enough,” Mark grinned. “What did you do in there; jack off a couple of times?”

I could not help blushing and Mark laughed. I immediately decided the best defense is a good offense.

“Of course I did,” I replied. “I actually shot two separate loads and it felt goddamn good. I should sleep like a baby tonight.”

Mark laughed. “I should have done the same thing. I just put it off. Of course I’m not as young as you anymore and I can wait a lot longer between orgasmns.”

“You know they claim that Viagra is a good cure for that,” I teased and laughed.

“Fuck you, pretty boy; I am not that far over the hill. I do fine without any medical assistance, thank you very much,” Mark laughed back.

There was a knock on the door. Our polished shoes had arrived. I took them and tipped the attendant.

Mark sat in a chair at the table provided for the room we were in while I sat on the bed next to him. We were on the fourth floor and through the sliding glass door I could see the small balcony where one could sit and enjoy the beautiful Montana scenery when it was not snowing, as I could see it had begun to do in a soft light drop of flakes. Mark at an angle where he could see both me and the television which was tuned to CNN. As he watched the news I looked at his handsome body. He could not see me looking at him unless he looked across at me and I enjoyed the view I had. 

For the first time I was able to see that Mark had beautiful feet, long and slender with long toes. The nails were clear and seemed to be affixed to the skin like soft pearl shields. They had no white strips on the end as if his nails did not grow but were permanently in place. For such hairy legs his feet were totally hairless. All of my life I have always taken note of a person’s nails on both hands and feet but particularly feet. To me how one maintains their nail care speaks volumes about their overall hygiene and sense of self, more so than any other feature. It is like a Freudian view into them. People who have poorly kept nails have a flawed character. Some will basically maintain their hands only to have monstrous feet. As my sexual growth developed I could never be sexually attracted to someone with disastrous nails. Their hands and feet do not have to be beautiful or sensual, few people are so blessed; I just like them well kept. Perhaps it is a fetish with me although I am not one who is particularly sexually stimulated by feet unless they are as beautiful as Mark’s. I just see them as a reflection of the man. When I was playing football I knew several guys who suffered nail injuries during play, some really nasty, yet these same guys were very fastidious about the care of their feet. My dad is ex-military and cares for his feet as much as or more so than any other part of his body. He says he was taught to do so in the Marines; that it was drilled in to them that a soldier’s feet could determine whether or not he survived.

Anyway, Mark’s feet were sensual and beautiful in keeping with the rest of his body. He could have been a foot or hand model just as he could have been a man on the cover of any male fashion magazine. He would occasionally flex his feet and toes and I found myself longing to kiss and lick them, to show him how much I appreciated them. Mark turned in his chair to talk with me a spread his legs slightly. His penis hung over the edge of the chair framed by his two big testicles in their hairy sack. I could feel my cock jerk in my robe.

“Are you about ready to call it a night?” Mark asked. “It’s almost eleven and we have to be in the office at seven in the morning.”

“Yeah, what’s that all about?” I asked. “Why do we have to be in so early? I missed hearing the reason for that. You’d think we should be able to come in at our convenience, not theirs.”

As soon as the words left my lips I wished I could retract them. I sounded like a complete prick. Mark laughed at me and I could see in his eyes he knew I regretted my statement.

“Aw shucks, Tony. Will that cut into your beauty sleep or something? You have plans to be doing something else at seven in the morning?” 

Mark sat back splitting his robe open and exposing his entire crotch to me. I swallowed hard. I wanted so badly to kneel between his legs and suck him off, rim his asshole, and then fuck him.

“You have something on your mind you want to share with me, pretty boy?” Mark teased.

I cleared my throat and looked down at the floor to regain my wits.

“You never did tell me why we have to be in so early,” I dodged.

“We are going to be interviewing an attorney in the morning. She’s going to be in court most of the day tomorrow and if we don’t catch her in the morning we’ll need to put off reviewing the Sheppard depositions until later. Those depositions will shed light on why extraordinary expenses were charged to mine number eleven last year. I want to clear off that information because a hell of a lot of money was listed as tax deductible expenses, far more money than appears for the other mine shafts. If I were an IRS auditor I would go ape shit if I saw that discrepancy.” 

Mark stood up and threw off his robe and stood naked as he rummaged through his suitcase for clean underwear, a white tee shirt and boxers. I decided to get ready for bed as well and put on my underwear, the same as Mark’s except I wear boxer briefs. We got into our separate beds, Mark turned off the television and the light between our beds, we said goodnight, and settled in to sleep. The only sound was the motor of the heater in the room.

I awoke startled and looked over at the glowing digital clock on the lamp table between us. It was 1:30 in the morning. I glanced over to Mark wondering if the sound that awakened me had awakened him also. I could see him in the light from the parking lot but it cast a shadow over me and I doubted he could see me. Good thing. Mark was lying naked on the bed masturbating. He was lying on his back as his hand slipped over his cock. The sound that had awakened me was probably the occasional grunt I heard from Mark. He was about to shoot his load. Then it happened. Although the room was dark, the outside light caused the white of his cum to almost glow and I saw six ropes of it shoot out and land across his chest and stomach. Mark looked over at me as if he was checking to see if I was awake. I maintained my still silence, carefully breathing as if sleeping. Mark reached over and pulled a few tissues from the box on the lamp table and carefully wiped himself clean. Watching Mark masturbate was so stimulating for me that I nearly shot out a load myself from my own sexual excitement. Mark simply put his underwear back on, pulled his blanket over himself, and went to sleep. I could hear his breathing phase into sleep and shortly afterward I fell asleep myself.

I woke to the sound of the shower. It 5:30 in the morning and I lay quietly in bed waiting for Mark to finish. I had fallen asleep again when Mark awakened me.

“Get up, lazy bones,” he laughed. “Go get cleaned up and I’ll watch CNN while I wait.” Mark was fully dressed and ready to leave for the office. 

I shaved, showered, and dressed in record time. I tried to ignore it but I could feel Mark’s eyes following me around the room while I dressed. When I was ready we stopped by the hotel restaurant for a quick breakfast and then took a cab to the Benson and Carlyle office. We had another busy day and I began to really appreciate what an excellent worker Mark was, efficient, incredibly organized, and unrelenting in his pursuit of accuracy and factual evidence. It was clear to me that Ed had placed me with his best man and I had a sudden appreciation of how highly he must think of my skills to place me with a man of Mark’s caliber. I was damned good and I knew it but in the course of my year with my previous employer and my educational experience I had come across many who were good but would never be able to work effectively in the strata of Mark Caldwell. Mark was supportive and friendly to me but already I had seen his great white shark side, the side where he would eviscerate someone as quick as a lightning bolt if he detected deception or incompetence. The people at Benson and Carlyle obviously knew him and by noon on the second day I had already heard whispers from a few who despised Mark and ran when they saw him coming. One of those who seemed to really like Mark was old Aurelius Carlyle himself, one of the two managing partners. While Mark was with another employee, Mr. Carlyle sang the praises of Mark Caldwell and swore that Mark was responsible for the success of their company, a man who called a spade a spade and did not mind telling you to your face when he thought you were being a fool. Carlyle told me that I should consider myself lucky if Mark decided to become my mentor. Others that he had mentored had gone on to greatness.

After work that day, Mark again asked me if I wanted to join him to exercise in the gym. I declined. I was tired, sore from the previous day, and exhausted from a hectic day of work. I told all of that to Mark and he left me in the room. I showered and cleaned up, then went to bed. I figured when Mark returned we would make arrangements for dinner that night. I awakened when Mark opened the door to the room.

“I’m baaaaaaaaccccccccck!” Mark said, like the character in some film I never saw but had often heard imitated. 

I grunted a sleepy response and rolled over and went back to sleep as I heard the bathroom door close. The next sound I heard was Mark speaking to the room service waiter as he let him in the room. I rolled over to see Mark in his robe.

“You want to wake up and eat?” he asked. “I ordered room service for us both. I hope that’s okay with you.”

I tried desperately to keep the surprise from my face. Mark did not even know me that well. How could he order a meal for me? Okay, obviously he knew from the few meals together that we had shared that I was not a vegetarian. But I am a picky eater. There are lots of foods that will never cross my lips. I don’t eat seafood or fish of any kind, no liver or organ meats, no exotic foods that I am unsure of what is in them; and all the usual things that picky eaters always decline. The waiter left with a generous tip from Mark and I sat up in bed wearing only my boxer briefs. 

“I know what you’re thinking already,” he said. “How can he order for me when he doesn’t know me? Well, I already know you like your steak well done. I heard you tell Ed’s secretary that. I figure if you like steak, then you probably will eat a baked potato. Am I right?” Mark smiled at me.

I could not help but smile back. This man was just used to being in charge. He was treating me like he would a date or his wife I suppose. And the food smelled delicious. He had ordered me the best tasting filet mignon I had ever eaten, a huge baked potato with butter, sour cream, and other additions all to the side, a spinach soufflé, a tremendous Greek salad, and cheesecake for dessert. He had a meal that was the mirror image of mine except he had gotten corn. He told me he was willing to trade if I did not want my spinach. I could not help but laugh as he teased me about being a finicky eater. It again showed me how observant Mark is. He had decided I was a picky eater after being exposed to the way I eat over the course of a few meals. He had noticed how I would not eat my eggs if they were not cooked precisely as I had requested — well done — and when I had received a plate with runny eggs that soiled the other food I sent the entire meal back and refused to eat any of it. I had refused to eat a hamburger because the meat was a little pink. I had refused to eat sweet barbeque sauce. I was laughing hysterically as he made fun of me. He said that a man would have to be dense to have not picked up that I was hard to please at the dinner table. When I was obviously hungry I had refused to compromise and eat something I didn’t like, choosing instead to raid the snack machine later and eat salted peanuts. When we finished eating, Mark rang for room service to pick up the trolley and turned to me.

“How are you feeling now?” he asked. “Do your muscles still ache? I thought you exercised regularly.”

“I do,” I replied. “But I usually just run around the block. I haven’t lifted weights in a few weeks. I’ve been too busy to go to the gym and I strained a few muscles in my body that haven’t been pushed too hard lately. Don’t worry about it. I’ll be fine tomorrow. I generally only do the gym a couple of times a week anyway.”

“What hurts?” Mark asked. “I’ve been told that I am a fantastic masseur. I’ll be glad to give you a back rub.”

I thought about it quickly. Did I dare let this golden stud put his hands on my body? There would be no way I could avoid an erection. Mark saw my hesitation.

“I’m not trying to force you into it, Tony, but I can make you feel better and get a bit of a workout myself. It’s not like I haven’t given other guys massages before,” he said.

“It’s not that, Mark,” I replied. “I just hate to put you out on my account.”

“Nonsense,” Mark grinned. “What are friends for?”

His identifying us as friends swung the argument.

“Okay,” I said. “When you get ready, let me know.”

“I’m ready now,” he said. “Where do you hurt? What aches?”

I laughed. “What doesn’t? But it’s mainly my calves, shoulders, and the lower back. Man, even my ass aches but I think we can forgo that!”

Mark grinned. 

“We’ll see about that. Lay face down on the bed,” he ordered. I did as he demanded.

Mark took my left leg and began to massage it at mid thigh. He slowly worked his way down to my foot and he massaged my foot as well. He had magic fingers and I could feel the muscle relief and he pounded and pressed away. Then he did the right leg. Then he did my shoulders and neck slowly working his way down to my lower back. All without oils, just skilled strong hands and fingers that knew how to dig into muscle tissue and bring relief. He began with my feet again and worked his way up to my butt. I felt his hands press into my ass through the cotton boxers.

“I can feel the tension in your buttocks,” he said. “Did you strain your gluteus maximus?”

I laughed to myself. The tension in my ass was from Mark being so near it and touching me.

“Hell if I know,” I said. “When I was in high school I ran the hurdles in track. I overdid it once and ended up screaming in pain in the emergency room. The doctor did an MRI and diagnosed a minor tear in the gluteus maximus muscle. Until then I was hardly aware of muscles in your ass. It took three months to recover and I never did hurdles again. My parents would not even let me participate in track until the following year. Since then I have to be careful. It doesn’t take too much leg weight lifting to remind me of the injury. Sometimes I can aggravate it by running too much.”

Mark carefully massaged my butt through my boxers.

“It was the left side, wasn’t it?” he asked.

“Yeah, how did you know?”

“Tony, I have been an athlete all my life. You’re not the only one to participate in sports. Plus, I have three brothers and we have all had our share of sports injuries, torn ligaments, separated chest muscle, broken bones, a little bit of it all. That’s how I learned how to massage. Let me help you, okay?”

“Okay,” I replied.

“Can we pull the shorts down so I can get at it?” Mark asked.

I raised my hips and Mark slipped my boxer briefs off me so that I was completely naked. I was glad he could not see my erect cock. Mark’s fingers began to probe my butt cheeks gently at first, then with more pressure as he continued. I felt air hit my asshole as he parted my cheeks and I knew that Mark was able to see my hole clearly. I could not help clenching it and I was sure he had to see it moving.

“Spread your legs so I can get to it better,” Mark asked softly.

I felt him climb completely onto the bed and I closed my eyes. I did not feel his robe touching any part of my body, only the hair from his legs as his pressed again mine. I knew that he was naked without even looking.

“How are you feeling?” Mark asked quietly.

“It feels wonderful, Mark, just wonderful,” I whispered into the bed sheet.

“Good,” he replied softly.

He kept rubbing my ass and then suddenly I felt his hot breath blowing against my hole. His face was near my ass. I shuddered. I felt the wetness of Mark’s tongue as he began to lick my asshole. He licked and then would kiss my rosebud hole and my ass cheeks, then begin it all again in a cycle. My entire body quivered.

“Oh, my god, Mark, I’ve never felt anything that felt so good,” I moaned.

“Umm, hmm,” Mark hummed as he devoured my ass.

I was delirious with the pleasure I was experiencing and I knew that I wanted more.

Mark was softly kissing my ass cheeks, licking and probing the hole with his tongue. Then I felt a wet finger inserted, then another, and another, until there were three of his fingers wiggling and probing my asshole. I almost blew my load onto the bed. 

“I want to fuck you,” Mark said quietly. “Can I do that, Tony?”

“Yes,” I nodded. “I want you to fuck me, Mark; fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before. Make my ass pussy yours.”

I was grinding my ass into his hand. Suddenly, I felt Mark’s body over my back and felt his cock head pressing at my pussy. I pushed back into it. It was wet and slick. Somehow Mark had lubricated his cock with something before entering me. Then I felt him pull back and his fingers caressing my pussy. His fingers had lubricant and they filled my hole with it. Then his cock was back at the entrance to my pussy, pressing for entry, and I pushed back and impaled myself onto his cock in one push. I felt the hair of his bush against my ass and his balls on my taint and sack. Mark lowered himself onto my back pressing his chest into it. He began to nibble on my ear and nip at my neck. He laughed softly.

“I think you were ready to be fucked, Tony,” he chuckled. “I’ve never had another man swallow my cock whole so fast like that before.”

Mark was so close to me, his hairy body enveloping me, and his cock pumping in and out of my ass like a jackhammer. 

“You like my cock in your pussy, pretty boy?” he whispered into my ear as he bit down on my neck.

I nodded into the sheet.

“Say it,” Mark said. “Tell me out loud that you like my cock in your pussy. Tell me that you like for me to fuck your ass. Tell me that you want to fuck you until you cum all over this bed. Tell me that you want me to fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.”

“Yes, yes,” I replied. “I want you cock in my ass! I want you to fuck me hard with your big cock! I want to feel your cock hair smash into my ass! Fuck me, Mark!”

Mark rolled me over and threw my legs over his shoulders. He leaned in and kissed and briefly sucked my dick and cleaned it of the precum pouring from it. Then he pressed his body into mine harder and his cock entered my pussy again. He moved forward and put his lips over mine and his tongue pushed into my mouth. He then began to assault my neck with kisses and nips with his teeth. He continued a litany of talk about fucking me, about how he loved to fuck, about how he loved to be fucked, on and on until finally I felt his body tense hard and I knew he was about to cum. It was more than I could take and I began to ejaculate ropes of cum over my chest. I don’t think I had ever cum so much in my life. As I ejaculated my asshole clenched Mark’s cock like a vise with each cum blast and that was all that was needed to push him over the edge. He began to fuck me harder and harder, pressing his cock into me as if he was trying to touch my tonsils with it, and his body began to quiver and jerk as he started to pour his love juice into my pussy. He moaned and grunted so loud and so much that I figured that whoever was in the next room had to know that I was getting fucked good.

Mark lay drained and exhausted on top of me for several minutes, holding me close. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed his neck gently.

“I hope that was as good for you as it was for me,” he laughed softly and rolled us on our sides so he could cuddle with me.

I looked at his beautiful face, still in wonder at how one person could be born with everything so perfect. Mark grinned at me and pinched my nipple between his fingers.

“What is it with you, Sunshine?” he asked. “Since I met you I keep catching you looking at me like I have grown a wart I don’t know about.”

“Screw you, Mark Caldwell,” I snorted. “As if you don’t know; you are the most beautiful man I have ever met in my life and somehow I know that I am not the first to tell you that! I can’t keep my eyes off you.”

Mark laughed and hugged me to him.

“You’re sweet, Tony,” he said and kissed my nose gently. “You make an old man feel much younger. There was a time when I thought I was a fairly handsome guy but I haven’t felt that way in a long, long time.”

I kissed him back, on the lips and on his eyelids.

“Don’t be silly,” I replied. “You can shovel that shit to the kids in Peoria but I know better.” And I giggled at his expression of surprise.

“No, really,” he protested. “There was a time when I was conscious of turning heads when I walked into a room and I could have sex with almost anyone I desired, male or female, but those days have passed. Now about eighty percent of the room may look at me but when they see the grey hair they think about fucking their grandfather and want to throw up.”

He looked serious about his comment.

“This bothers you?” I asked. “Don’t be ridiculous. That eighty percent of the room is goddamned stupid. You are the sexiest man I have ever met and grey hair does not have anything to do with it. Sexy is not just how you look, it’s an attitude, a force that you exude from within and baby, you have really got the force with you.”

Mark laughed at me. “Tony, I knew when I first saw you that I was going to fuck you. You just don’t realize how gorgeous you are yourself.”

I groaned. “Not like you, handsome, not even in your league.”

“Then that shows how little you see when you look in the mirror. Haven’t you noticed all those eyes following you at Benson and Carlyle and back at the home office?” Mark eyebrows rose in mock surprise.

I pinched his nipple and pulled the hair on his chest.

“Ouch!” he yelled. “You want me to beat the shit of you, Tony?”

Mark giggled and grabbed my throat with his hand choking me lightly.

“Well, all those people can look at you but I’m the one who fucked you. And I’m the one who’s going to keep fucking you as long as you’ll let me.”

He kissed me and pulled me close to him. He held me in his arms and rocked me slowly as if I needed comforting. We fell asleep that way and the next thing I heard was the front desk telephone wake up call. Mark jumped and answered the phone, then turned to me to request the first shower.

“I’d ask you to shower with me but we’re running later than usual and if I get you in the shower I’ll have to fuck you. We wouldn’t get out of here before 10 o’clock.” He leaned over and kissed me lightly on the lips and then ran naked into the bathroom.

I got up and got our clothes ready. I took the liberty of picking out Mark’s outfit for the day. I smiled to myself as I thought that if he could take charge and order me dinner then I could do the same and choose his clothes. I had not looked in his closet at his clothes before. His suits were all designer label, some with tags that said ‘Made for Mark Caldwell’. I chose a beautiful black silk suit and underwear made by Anderson and Sheppard and a tie from Gieves and Hawkes, both design houses of Savile Row in London; and shoes by Berluti of Paris. I recognized all of the labels from having seen them in my father’s closet. Mark Caldwell was a classy dresser who wore clothes casually as if everything was just something to wear on the ranch. I wondered suddenly if Mark owned or had grown up on a ranch. He just gave off that macho cowboy horseman aura.

Lost in my reverie, I heard the shower stop and raced to get my own clothes together. My clothes were nice and new but were all off the rack from shops in the local malls at home. I had never given much thought to my own wardrobe but I felt a bit shabby and cheap after sneaking a look at Mark’s wardrobe. My father’s advice about clothes making the man came back to me. Dad did not really give a damn about wearing anything other marine camouflage gear at home but when he was at work or entertaining he dressed like royalty. He always drove the latest Mercedes and cautioned me that in his line of work he needed to look successful and established. I realized he was right.

Mark came naked out of the shower. He had blown his hair dry already. He was surprised to see his clothes on his bed.

“You taking care of me now, Mark?” he asked and kissed me tenderly.

“I just thought I would help since we’re running behind,” I replied.

“Ummmmmm, hmmmmmmm,” he grinned. “Well, thanks, anyway. Now get that gorgeous ass into the shower before I lose control here.”

Mark slapped my ass hard with his bare and then pointed as his cock which was rising in a slow erection.

“You see this?” he laughed. “He wants to fuck right now and if you don’t get in the shower immediately, I’m going to have to rape you.”

I put my hands up defensively and laughed back, then shaved, showered, and got dressed.

That day at Benson and Carlyle I had a major breakthrough, what some might call a career maker. I found a box of records that had not been entered onto the computer. In reviewing them I immediately recognized entries that mirrored those in the Martinez file, just with different numbers. I didn’t say anything to anyone, just got busy reviewing all the files as if it was just a normal set of paperwork. I noticed a senior manager and his secretary who were looking harried and distressed over being unable to locate some paperwork. To make a long story short, the paperwork they were looking for was what was in the office I was using, the duplicate Martinez files. I uncovered a massive twenty million dollar fraud and embezzlement of company funds and supplies perpetrated by the nervous manager and his secretary. By four o’clock that day, the two of them had been arrested and booked in the local jail. The staff at Benson and Carlyle looked at me with new respect and surprise. Most importantly, Mark looked at me with pride.

When we ate dinner that night, Mark was especially kind to me. He treated me as if I were his lover even though in the restaurant he was discreet.

“Carlyle and I called Ed and told him about you and the Martinez file. Ed was very happy and wanted to know if he could bill Benson and Carlyle an extra $500,000.” Mark laughed. “Carlyle told him he could do it only if he splits it all between you and me.”

I nearly choked on my salad. Mark thought that was even funnier.

“Relax, Chief,” he said, “the only way you would get a $250,000 bonus from Ed Harrison would be if you discovered the Holy Grail and Ed was going to make $250 million off it. The company is not real big on giving huge bonuses for doing what is expected of you in your job.”

“So, there’s no bonus for us, huh?” I asked.

“Oh, now I didn’t say that! I said no bonus of a quarter million dollars. The company always likes to reward extraordinarily diligent performance. I don’t know how much money it will be but for a significant find like the embezzlement of twenty million dollars I would expect that you will find a nice little check of around $25,000. I may get a bit more since I’m the senior accountant.” 

Mark looked at me closely as if he feared that I would be pissed since I actually found the fraud files. I wasn’t angry in the least. Mark had steered the Martinez file to me to get a second pair of eyes on it. It was only luck that I had been given the box of paper duplicate records even though it was my skill that pulled the fraud into the light of day.

“I’m not mad, not in the least,” I answered. “We worked as a team. You’ve been an athlete all your life. In team sports, it’s not the man who runs in the winning touchdown that won the game. It’s the entire team who pulled together so that he could make that final touchdown. You’re the senior man. If I had fucked things up you would have been handed your ass on a silver platter for not watching my work product more closely. Since I delivered the goods, you deserve the credit for leading the way.”

Mark smiled at me. “Tony, I think you and I are going to make a great team together.”

I smiled back at him. I was in heaven having pleased this gorgeous man.

“By the way, dude,” Mark said as he lifted his wine glass, “Benson and Carlyle will probably be sending us a little extra for our success, a bonus from them to us alone.”

I looked at him in total surprise.

“Carlyle was so impressed with you that he wanted to know if I thought you would accept an offer to go to work for them full time if he asked. I diplomatically told him that he would have to ask you that question. A word to the wise, though; I’ve known these guys for a long time. Periodic reviews and keeping their accounting records from the main office is one thing. Putting up with their Machiavellian bullshit on a daily basis is a completely different thing. Working for Benson and Carlyle on a regular basis is like trying to maintain the peace in the state of Israel. But it’s all up to you.”

For the next hour or so, Mark regaled me with stories of the companies HPO represented and of the intricacies of accounting war politics. I had a wonderful time listening to him. It was like he really opened up to me for the first time since I had known him, letting me see a more intimate side of him and his personal opinions. It was an area more intimate than being fucked by him. Men will often sex with a partner but will reveal almost nothing of their inner emotions and personal life. To get into the inner world of a man is more of an accomplishment. It means there is trust between the two of you.

When we got back to the hotel room I was aching for sex with Mark but I wanted to be the top tonight. I wanted to make his ass mine tonight. I wanted to taste his cock. I had not yet gotten to suck it. I think Mark knew where my sexual thoughts were leading tonight and he was a willing participant. I slowly undressed him as if he were a helpless child, kissing and caressing each body part as I exposed it to nakedness. I took his shoes and socks off and began to kiss and lick his feet, to suck his toes, and Mark groaned in appreciation. Then I removed his shirt and pants, lovingly caressing his hairy legs and arms before taking off his tee shirt. Before removing his boxers, I pulled his cock through the fly and kissed and sucked it.

“Goddamn, Tony,” he whimpered, “you’re fucking killing me here. I need you to fuck me now!”

I pulled his boxers off and began to suck his beautiful cock. I never thought I would really encounter a penis so thick that I would truly be able to say that I had to stretch my lips to fit around it and take it into my mouth. My nose was buried in the mass of black pubes. Mark used his soft feet to press onto my back and ass as I sucked him. I could feel the hair on his legs rub my body. Then Mark was literally bouncing on the bed as he pushed his ass up into my face pumping his cock in and out of my throat. I was rewarded with a hot cum on my tongue within seconds. Mark was moaning and thrashing about, yelling for me to suck his big hot cock, to eat his cum, to fuck him. I had a sudden thought where I hoped the person in the next room didn’t know us. There was no doubt that we were having great sex but neither of us would have been too happy if that information got relayed back to our office and our wives.

After Mark came in my mouth, he raised his ass for me to eat his pussy. It was so beautiful; a pink rosebud nestled in a forest of smooth black hair. I began to lick it and push my tongue in it, forcing it to open. I kept it up for about twenty minutes with Mark urging me on continuously in a litany of private dirty sex talk. After his ass had opened so wide for me that I could see the pink tunnel inside, Mark reached into the night stand next to us and handed me the lube. I squirted a huge portion into his hole and then poured a similar amount onto my cock. Mark threw his legs up over my shoulders and I entered him completely in one quick motion. Mark shuddered as I pulled out completely and entered again, spearing him with my dick. Our lovemaking became frantic as Mark clung to me with his arms around my neck and shoulders, pulling me into him to kiss me with passionate ardor. His hairy legs wrapped around my back and ass, his feet pulling the cheeks apart and exposing my asshole to the air. I felt his big toe as he tickled and pressed my hole with it, driving me almost insane with passion. I was almost in tears as I felt my climax building and I pumped in and out of his pussy harder and harder. 

I was surprised when Mark cried out again in passion as his cock started to spew another load of his cum onto our stomachs which were pressed together. His asshole squeezed my cock hard and I started to ejaculate my load into his pussy. Mark seemed to almost go wild with passion and I felt his fingers pressing into my back so hard I could feel his nails pushing into the skin; his legs and feet pressed my cock into his pussy like a vise so that I could not remove it. I collapsed onto his body in an emotional mass of spent muscle and nerves. After a few minutes, I rolled us over onto our sides and held him close to me, kissing his face and neck gently. We fell asleep like that, two lovers in each others’ arms, content in our passion.

Mark and I fucked each other the remainder of that trip. We knew every crevice and nuance of each other’s bodies by the end of the trip. Mark was a fantastic lover, gentle and forceful at the same time. He demanded a lot of sex, more than any other partner in my experience and that suited me perfectly. Before Mark, I had never found a partner prepared to have sex as much as I truly would have enjoyed. We flew back home with an entirely new relationship. 

We carefully entered the office at separate times, finally being called into Ed’s office for a celebration. Mark and I adopted the behavior we had before we ever left the office for Montana, the experienced pro and his inexperienced sidekick. It seemed to work since no one seemed to pick up on the change in our relationship. As it turned out, Mark and I both received generous bonuses from both our home office and also from Benson and Carlyle. The latter company did offer me a job with a handsome pay increase which I politely declined. 

Susan seemed oblivious to my having had a sexual affair as I picked up with my fucking her as if nothing had changed. The Saturday of my first weekend home Susan and I attended a faculty party at the university library after closing hours. I was making my way through the crowd when Susan pulled me over to introduce me to her friend Eileen’s husband. I received a pleasant shock when I discovered that her husband was none other than Mark. He and I acknowledged that we knew each other and had travelled together to Montana which seemed to please Susan and Eileen. Then Mark pulled me into a restroom on the second floor of the library and proceeded to drop his tuxedo pants to the floor so that I could suck his hard dick. I went back into the party smiling with the taste of my lover’s cum in my mouth. After about half an hour, Mark pulled me into another restroom and proceeded to suck my dick dry. All in all, a very successful faculty party was enjoyed by all, particularly Mark and me.

I was extremely pleased with my life. A successful career, a decent marriage, and a lover on the side, a man who fulfilled every fantasy I could ever have. Mark and I later realized that we were meant only for each other, divorced our wives, and moved in with each other. But that’s another story, a story of even more passionate and demanding love.

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