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Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

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“Hon, your father and I are leaving now. We left some money on the counter if you girls want to order a pizza or something later. Your sister and Jamie are in her room studying. Be good.”

“Okay mom.”

“I love you.”

“Love you too mom, have fun.”

“Don’t stay up too late, well be back tomorrow afternoon.”

After my parents left, I went upstairs to my room. On the way, I could hear my sister and her friend Jamie giggling in her room. Sometime later, I heard the front door open, and I knew that Jamie had left.

“Whatcha watchin’?” My sister asked as she burst through my door.

“Nothing really, did you guys get any studying done in there?”

“Not really. Jamie was on about her new boyfriend.”

I didn’t say anything and just stared at the television.

“You hungry?”

“Not really.”

“Me either.” She flopped down next to me on my bed.

“I’m bored.”

Again, I ignored her.

“Are you a virgin?”


“Have you ever had sex before?”

“I know what a virgin is. Why are you asking me that?”

“Well Jamie was telling me that she had sex with her boyfriend, and I didn’t want to seem as if I didn’t know what she was talking about”

“So you told her you’re not a virgin.”

“Well not exactly, but I didn’t tell her I was either. I mean, I’m almost 19, and I didn’t want to seem lame or something.”

“There’s nothing wrong with being a virgin.”

“So you’re still a virgin too.”

“I didn’t say that.”

“So you’re not?”

“I didn’t say that either.”


She got up and stormed out of my room. I heard her slam the door to her bedroom, and turn the radio on loudly. I felt bad for dismissing her the way I had. I guess I just wasn’t used to talking to my sister about anything serious. I figured I should go and make things better.

I walked into her room and turned off the radio. She was lying on her bed, staring at the ceiling, and hugging her pillow.

“What do you want?”

“Look I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be a bitch.”

“Well you succeeded.”

“I know. Listen, there’s nothing wrong with being a virgin. You shouldn’t feel bad about it.”

“I don’t. Well at least I didn’t until Jamie told me about her boyfriend, and I just wonder, I mean I want to know what it feels like.”

I sat next to her on the bed, and she continued.

“I’m probably the only eighteen year old virgin on the planet.”

“I’m sure you’re not.”

I paused for a second, contemplating what I should say.

“It hurts like hell.” Her eyes widened, and her mouth fell open.

“You’ve done it before?”

“Just once. And it hurt real bad. It wasn’t anything like I expected.”

“Who was it with?”

“Do you remember that guy John I went out with in high school?”

“The guy with the long hair that you met at Ashley’s party?”



I nodded.

“Oh my god! He was foul! I can’t even believe that you even went out with that loser.”

“Yea well, what can I say? He was just different I guess. Besides he was kind of cute.”

“Well if you say so.”

“Alright, maybe not” We both laughed.

“I can’t believe that you did it with him.”

“Believe me, I’d much rather have forgotten all about it. I wish it never even happened.”

“So what did it feel like?”

“I told you it hurt.”

“That’s it? It hurt? Jamie said it’s like the best feeling in the world.”

“Well I mean some of it was nice, but mostly it was just, I don’t know, but it definitely wasn’t what I expected.”

“What did you like about it?”

“Well…I can’t believe we are talking about this. I don’t know. I liked when he kissed me. He kissed my breasts and…” “And what?”

“Well he…you know…”

“He went down on you?”


“What did it feel like?”

“It felt good I guess.”

“Did you have an orgasm?”

“No. He wasn’t really…I don’t know, it was kind of fast. and not really doing it right I guess. Then he just wanted to stick it in me, and it just hurt from there on out.”

“So you’ve never had an orgasm?”

“Of course I have, just not from him.”

“So with who?”

“With…well…no one…you know.”

“No. how?”

“Wait a minute. Are you telling me you’ve never…had an orgasm?”

She didn’t say anything.

“Haven’t you ever, you know, played with yourself?”

“Oh my god, you do that?”

“Oh my god you don’t?”

“No. I mean I…Once It felt…well I felt…I don’t know, and I touched it, but, I don’t know, I just felt stupid.”

“Oh sweetie. My god, you must be going crazy. There’s nothing to feel stupid about. Everybody does it.”


“Really. I can’t believe you’ve never done it. Don’t you ever think about sex?”

“Yes all the time.”

“And doesn’t it get you horny?”

“I guess so. I mean, yea.”

“Let me show you something.”

I walked over to her computer and turned it on. I got on line and punched up a web site all about female masturbation. We scrolled through all the different sections. We got to a part of the site where different people would write in and describe their favorite methods. As we read through, I would comment on each one, telling her which ones I liked, and which ones to try. After a while, I started to feel really comfortable with her. I know it sounds strange, her being my sister and all, but we never talked about this stuff before, obviously. I also noticed that the topic of conversation, and the stories of all these different women pleasuring themselves was getting me in the mood for a little “self love” of my own.

“I can’t believe you’ve done all these things!” She must have said that like 10 times!

“How about this one?”

“Yea. I told you, I’ve read this before, and tried most of these things.”

She just laughed, and continued to scroll through the stories. I could tell she was intrigued by what she was reading, and judging by the way she was fidgeting in her seat, I think she was getting a little horny as well.

“Well I think my work here is done.” I stood up to leave.

“Have fun. Let me know if you get hungry, mom left money for pizza.”

“Where are you going?”

“Well I thought I would go back to my room, so you could do your homework!”

I laughed.

“Oh my god! I’m not gonna do this!”

“Why not? I think you probably should. You’ve got a lot of catching up to do. You’d better get to it or you might explode soon.”

“Very funny. I’m not doing this while you’re here.”

“Well that’s why I’m leaving…”

“No I mean…It’ll be weird. I mean you’ll be in the next room, and you would know what I was doing, and I… that would be weird.”

“Would you rather I go downstairs then?”

“NO! It won’t make a difference if you walk to Alaska, you’d still know what I was doing.”

“Okay, well suit yourself. I’ll be in my room, playing with myself!”

“SHUT UP! No you’re not!”

“Why not? this whole conversation put me in the mood. And besides, I’ve just told you everything I do. I don’t think there’s anything to be ashamed of anymore.”

“So you’re just gonna go in your room and masturbate knowing I’m right here?”

“Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. See, now you won’t know for sure, so there’s nothing to be ashamed of!”

I laughed again and turned to walk out the door.


My sister got up, ran towards me and hugged me.


“No problem. Let me know how it goes.”

She laughed and kissed me on the cheek. Just as I was about to walk out the door she stopped me again.

“Anne?” I turned to face her.

“What do you think about when you do it?”

“I don’t know. Sex stuff I guess.”

“Do you ever think about girls?”

“Sometimes, I guess. Why?”

“You do? Are you…?”

“No! I like guys! But I think about women sometimes too.”


“Yea, why not? Sometimes I’m a little curious to know what it would be like I guess.”

She didn’t say anything, and I could tell she was thinking real hard about something.

“Whatever you think about when you do it is okay. It doesn’t make you weird or anything, and the best part is that it’s just for you to know. That’s why it’s a fantasy.”

“What about me?”

“What do you mean? What about you?”

“I mean…never mind. Forget it.”

“What? Tell me. What about you?”

“Do you ever think about…me?”

I didn’t know what to say. I surely didn’t see that one coming! And the truth was that I actually had thought about her before. It was the first time I think I ever really admitted it to myself. Ever since last year, we were swimming together at some friends of our parents’ house. She looked pretty sexy in her bathing suit, and I even caught a few glimpses of her tits when her suit slipped down after diving in the pool. Ever since then, images of my sister would sneak their way into my thoughts when I was masturbating, and usually brought me over the edge, harder than ever. I just thought maybe it turned me on because it was something so wrong, and… I don’t know, “taboo.” I hated the fact that I actually had to face the fact that I did indeed think of her that way sometimes, and I hated myself for it. And to make matters worse, I realized that it was probably not just the topic of conversation that had me turned on so much that afternoon, but the fact that it was my sister who added to my sexual excitement.

I was lost in my thoughts.

“Never mind. That was a stupid question.”

“Not really” I thought to myself. “If she only knew!” There was no way I could tell her. She’d probably think I was a freak…But… then why did she ask?

“Why?…I mean why did you ask me that?”

“I don’t know. I’m sorry. It was stupid?”

“It’s not stupid. I just didn’t expect it that’s all. Why would you think that?”

“I don’t! It’s just that…well, when you said you were gonna go do it, I thought about you…I mean I thought about you doing it… and… it…well it kind of…I don’t know…I’m sorry. Please don’t think I’m weird, I couldn’t help it.”

“I don’t think it’s weird at all. I guess it’s pretty normal. I mean, we just spent like two hours talking about stuff with each other, I’m sure the idea of it turned you on a little bit. It’s okay, you’re not weird.”

“So thinking about my own sister while I play with myself wouldn’t be weird?”

“Okay maybe it is, but then I guess we are both freaks.”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying that you wouldn’t be alone in having those thoughts.”

No sooner had the words left my mouth that I felt my stomach jump. I thought my knees would give out and tumble me to the floor. I grabbed on to the door frame for support, and we both stood in silence for a good minute.

“Well I guess I’ll be in my room if you want me.”

We both laughed out loud, and eased the tension greatly.

“Well you know what I mean”

I turned to leave, but then stopped.


I turned around to face my sister who was now sitting on the bed.


I walked toward my sister and sat next to her on the bed. I slowly reached my hands up to my breasts, and started to pinch and squeeze my already stiff nipples through my T-shirt. I stared directly at her and watched as her eyes darted hurriedly across my chest. I quickly slid my shirt over my head, and unclasped my bra, letting my breasts bounce freely in front of her. After throwing the clothes on the floor, I resumed teasing my bare breasts. Her mouth hung slightly open, her eyes finally settled on mine. She followed my lead, and her hands began clumsily stroking her breasts through her shirt. I slid one hand down and began rubbing myself between my legs through my jeans. I was pressing hard through the thick denim, but was not getting the full effect. I stood up and quickly slid my jeans to the floor. I got back on the bed and kneeled just a foot from my sister in just my panties. I thrust my hips forward, arched my back slightly, and let my hands resume their previous positions on my body. I gasped slightly when my hand met my cotton-covered pussy.

My sisters eyes were still rushing over my body, trying to see everything at once, as her hands, now more rapidly, fondled her breasts almost as if on their own. I could see a small dark spot growing on the cotton shorts between her legs.

I slowly brought my other hand down from my breasts, and rolled my panties down, exposing the bare skin just above my pussy. I slid both hands down the front of my underwear, and moaned at the familiar feeling of my own touch. I gently stroked my throbbing clit with one hand, as the other sought out my opening and gently slipped a finger inside me. My hips began to move back and forth in rhythm, my eyes never leaving my sister’s.

My mind was spinning with lust as I masturbated for my little sister, who was frozen in her place in front of me. She was obviously enjoying the show. My breasts pressed together between my arms, as my hands busily worked on my aching pussy.

“Take your clothes off, and join me. I’ll show you what to do.”

She jumped when I spoke, and her stare moved away from me as if she was caught looking at something she shouldn’t have been.

“It’s okay, hurry.”

She moved slowly as if she were in a trance, and removed her shirt and bra. Her tits were magnificent. Soft and firm, with beautiful light pink nipples pointing straight out. They were at least a full c-cup, and shaped perfectly. She stretched her legs out in front of her, and slid off her shorts. Her feet briefly touched my legs, and we both jumped as if we had crossed over to something we shouldn’t have. She pulled her legs back quickly, and tucked her knees tightly into her chest.

“It’s okay, let me see.”

She slowly slid her legs back out, and let one clumsily slip off the bed. My heart raced as my eyes fell on her neatly shaved pussy. I almost came right there. I quickly pulled my hands out from between my legs and leaned towards her. I pulled her foot underneath me and rested my pussy against her toes. She tried to pull her foot away again, but I held it there until she gave in.

I grabbed her hand and put it over her pussy, and guiding it with my own, I began to slowly move it up and down. She gasped and twitched as her own fingers touched her clit for the first time. Her hand began to move on it’s own, and I let go.

In an almost curious manner, her other hand grabbed for my breast, and she began to squeeze lightly, and her touch sent shocks through my body. I flinched slightly, and she quickly pulled her hand away.

“It’s okay. You can touch me if you want.”

I grabbed her hand and placed in back on my tit, and her hand began to lovingly caress my nipple. The sensation was indescribable, and I immediately threw my hand back down my panties and started to rub my clit as fast as I could.

The room was filled with the sounds of heavy breathing, and the wet crackling of our fingers rushing over our pussies.

I was nearing my orgasm when I had noticed my both my sister’s hands grabbing at my tits. Without thinking, I pulled her head towards me, guiding my tit into her mouth. Her lips clasped around my nipple, and sucked like a starving baby looking for milk. My other hand instinctively made its way between her legs, and sought out her clit. She screamed through a mouthful of my breasts when my fingers glided across her clit. It felt wonderful to touch another pussy.

She threw her arms around me and bucked her hips uncontrollably as I fingered us both to orgasm. I came first, and almost fell right on top of my sister, as my whole body felt like it would collapse from the most intense orgasm I’d ever experienced. My sister came moments later. I held her close to me as her body shook and bucked under my touch. I whispered words of encouragement to her as she came, all the while never releasing my tit from her eager mouth. She finally collapsed in my arms and fell backwards, pulling me on top of her.

My natural instinct kicked in, and I put my lips to hers. She met me with no resistance, and soon our tongues were swirling around one another’s in a frenzy of lust.

Our kissing became more comfortable, and more passionate. We began to lick and bite one another’s neck and ears, as if this were the most natural thing in the world. We were both obviously so caught up in the passion of the moment, that we never even had time to think that what we were doing was wrong in any way. We didn’t contemplate our actions, or the repercussions that we would most likely be faced with afterwards. We just let ourselves become consumed with the intense passion and lust filling us, and it was beautiful.

As our kissing grew more intense, we let our hands wander, and explored each other’s bodies. My hips were soon grinding against my sister’s, her hands pushing and pulling me across her bare pussy. She pulled and my panties, indicating to me to remove them. I lifted my ass in the air, and we both slid them down my legs and off. I slowly lowered myself back on top of her, and shivered as my bare pussy pressed down on her neatly trimmed mound. Our breasts mashed together as we both began grinding our hips into one another. Her hands grabbed firmly around my ass, pulling me into her, as she thrust her hips to meet mine.

We fucked hard for several minutes, but we both needed more. I worked my way down my sister’s body, until my lips were inches away from her swollen pussy. I could feel her shaking with anticipation as I teased her waiting pussy, gently running my tongue over her lips.

Momentarily unsure of myself, I gently explored every inch of her pussy with my fingers and tongue. I gently slid my finger inside her, as my tongue focused on her swollen clit. I tried to concentrate on how It would feel of she was doing the same thing to me. As she began to react, I knew I was doing something right, and I grew more confident and aggressive. The taste of her pussy was intoxicating. I can remember thinking that I never knew how guys could ever do this to a girl, and how gross it must be, but now I understand. I couldn’t get enough her. I removed my finger from inside her, and fucked her with my tongue, straining to get as deep as I could. The more I tasted, the more I wanted. I let my fingers slide across her clit, and she was soon bucking her hips and moaning loudly. I could feel her tighten around my mouth, and my tongue was soon bathing in a flood of her juice. I struggled to get every last drop, but her legs were soon clasping around my head, and she was pulling me away from her.

“Stop! I can’t take anymore!”

I knew she had become sensitive, and moved away from her begrudgingly.

She struggled to speak between gasps of air. Her chest was pounding into the air, and her head was rolling back and forth. She quickly placed her hand over her pussy as soon as I moved my head away.

“Oh my god that was fucking awesome.”

Her body tensed up, as her legs stretched out in front of her.

“It still feels like you’re there.”

She squealed as her body shook and she gasped for air.

I knelt beside her, stroking her arm in comfort, as she slowly began to settle down. I couldn’t help but feel proud of a job well done.

“That was amazing. I didn’t know anything could feel that good.”

She spoke softly, and her voice was cracking.

“Me either.” I said smiling.

“Not bad for my first time I guess.”

She tried to sit up, but I put my hand on her chest and held her down. She didn’t resist.

“Let me do you.”

“They’ll be plenty of time later. Just relax.”

I laid beside her and pulled her close to me. She rolled into me, rested her head on my chest, and began to drift off to sleep. I gently stroked my clit until I came again, trying hard not to make a sound, and soon fell asleep myself.

I woke up a few hours later. The room was dark and I was alone. It took a few seconds for me to remember why I was there and what had happened earlier. As I thought about it, my stomach jumped, and I couldn’t help but smile. I picked my head up to see where my sister could have gone. I pulled myself out of the bed. My muscles ached. I didn’t bother to dress, as I headed out of the room looking to see where my sister could be.

The house was dark and quiet. I realized I was starving, and went to the kitchen to order a pizza. When I got there, I noticed that the money mom left was missing. I really wanted to be mad at my sister, but for some reason, I couldn’t bring myself to be upset, so I just shrugged it off, and decided to take a shower.

I had just got under the hot water when I heard the front door slam shut. A few minutes later, my sister walked into the bathroom.

“I got dinner. Hurry down before it gets cold.”

She shut the door before I could answer. I was a little put off by her abruptness, and wondered if she was regretting what had happened. As I washed up, I also wondered why I wasn’t. I thought that it was probably to be expected that we would feel ashamed about the things that happened, but I didn’t. On the contrary, I felt amazing, almost invigorated, and I started to feel that maybe she didn’t feel the same way. I hurried out of the shower, to find out.

As I opened the bathroom door, I heard my sister’s voice as if she was speaking to someone, and familiar giggles coming from the kitchen. I instantly felt a wave of relief wash over me as I recognized that she was with Jamie. Most likely, it was the reason for her abruptness. I quickly threw on some shorts and a shirt and headed downstairs.

“Hey Anne. I went to get us some pizza, but Jamie talked me into Chinese.”

She gave me a little smile, assuring me that everything was okay.

“Sounds good to me.”

“I hope you don’t mind that I invited myself along.” Jamie said.

“The more the merrier.” I said.

My sister quickly rolled her eyes in my direction to indicate that she had no choice in the matter. I had already figured that out for myself.

Jamie has been friends with my sister ever since they were young. She’s a nice girl, but she’s always been a little, pushy, shall we say? She’s the kind of girl who has always “been there and done that”, and knows everything about everything. Other than that though, she’s okay.

I sat myself down and dug into a box of lo-mein, as we listened to Jamie go on, seemingly without breathing, about how her boyfriend stood her up that evening to go hang out with his friends. My sister and I pretended to be listening, as we exchanged smiles across the table. Jamie continued, not missing a detail, as I buried my foot in my sister’s crotch under the table, delighting in her obvious lack of comfort. She glared at me across the table, telling me with her eyes to cut it out, and I just smiled back at her with a mouth full of noodles.

“…And I would probably just forget about him, but he’s really good in bed. He’s got the biggest cock I’ve ever seen!”

This seemed to catch our attention.

“Yea? He’s that good?” I asked.

“Oh my god, he’s amazing!”

“Does he make you cum every time?”


“What? She said he was amazing. I just wanted to know!”

“The other night I came like four times in a row!”

“Four times! Wow, that’s pretty good! How big is he?”

She gestured with her hands to indicate he was about six or seven inches long.

“Not bad.” I said.

“Why don’t you loan him to my sister, she could use a good man to fuck her. She’s still a virgin.”



“Jamie was silent for the first time since I’ve known her.”

“I can’t believe you!”

I could tell she was mad, but not really. I think she also found it tough to get mad at me the way she used to.

“What? It’s no big deal!”

She didn’t say anything, and Jamie took it as an opportunity to jump in.

“You can fuck him if you want. I know he wouldn’t mind. He’s always asking me if you would be into having a threesome.”

“See there you go.”

“Eeeew… are you serious? He wants to us to have a threesome?”

“Well of course! He’s a guy! Every guy’s fantasy is to have two chicks at once.”

“She’s right about that sis!”

“Well I’m flattered, but I think I’ll pass. That would just be too weird.”

I laughed so hard, I almost shot noodles out my nose. They both just stared at me.

“Besides, I get all the sex I need.”

“I thought you were a virgin?” Jamie asked.

“Well technically I guess, but I’m satisfied.”

“Playing with yourself in the bathroom doesn’t count you know. Although it is fun!”

“I’m not talking about that. In fact I don’t do that either.”

“So then how are you satisfied? What are you gonna tell me you’re a lesbo?”

Jamie laughed to herself. My sister raised her eyebrows and shoveled some food into her mouth.

“Oh please! You are so full of shit! I’ve known you forever! I think I’d know if you were a lesbo! Who could you possibly be fucking that I wouldn’t know about? There’s no one we even know who would be into anything like that…”

“Well if you must know, I fucked Anne just this afternoon, and it was awesome. My sister ate my pussy so good I almost passed out! As a matter of fact, I was planning on returning the favor after we ate.”

I was completely shocked! I couldn’t believe she just said that to her best friend, as if it was the most natural thing in the world!

“You’re fucked up!” Jamie said. “That’s just gross!’

My sister laughed. “You asked!”

“Oh right! I’m supposed to believe you and your sister fuck each other!”

“First of all, she is not gross, and if you don’t believe me, ask her.”

She grabbed my foot, and I pulled away immediately, banging my knee hard on the table.

“She’s had her foot buried in my pussy for the past fifteen minutes, rubbing my clit with her toes! And I probably would have came if she kept it there!”

She reached under the table and grabbed my leg, almost pulling me out of my chair and stuffing my foot back into her crotch.

Jamie sat speechless once again, as it became obvious to her that my sister wasn’t lying. My sister just kept on eating as if nothing ever happened. I sat in disbelief, staring directly into my container of food, pretending as if nothing was happening. I couldn’t help but smile at the situation, and struggled to keep from laughing. Jamie just looked back and forth at both of us in disbelief, waiting for a sign that we were kidding.

“Oh please. You are so full of shit! You actually almost had me believing you fuck your own sister!”

“Suite yourself. You don’t have to believe me.”

“Cut it out already! You’re grossing me out!”

No one spoke.

“Okay then. If I’m supposed to believe you and Anne are lovers, then prove it!”

Jamie sat back with a knowing smirk on her face.

“I have nothing to prove to you. I don’t care if you believe me or not!”

“That’s what I thought!” Jamie said. “Now cut it out.”

I looked up across the table at my sister and smiled, as Jamie went back to her food. My sister caught my eye and smiled. I quickly threw myself over the table and planted my lips firmly on my sister’s. We were soon making out, obviously swirling our tongues around one another’s, and putting on a hell of a show. My sister grabbed me firmly by the back of my head, as I reached across and gave her tits a firm squeeze with both my hands.

“OH MY GOD!” Jamie said.

We ignored her as she quickly jumped up from the table.


My sister broke our kiss and turned to face Jamie.

“I told you I wasn’t lying.”

Jamie stood there with her mouth open in disbelief.

“You should stick around, and we could have a threesome. I’m sure my sister won’t mind.”

“The more the merrier!” We both laughed.

“C’mon Jamie. She’s amazing! Let her eat your pussy while I eat hers. It’ll be fun!”

Jamie ran out of the house so fast, we barely saw her go. We both laughed so hard we almost passed out.

“I can’t believe you told her all that!”

“Well I didn’t expect her to actually believe it! And I really didn’t expect you to attack me! I was only bluffing!”

“So what are we gonna do now? She’ll probably never talk to you again!”

“I’m not worried.”

“Well what if she goes and tells all your friends.”

“She won’t. And besides, who’s really gonna believe her?”

“So what do we do now?”

My sister smiled and pulled me into the living room by the hand and threw me on the couch. She pulled my shorts off, and my pussy buzzed with anticipation. She quickly spread my legs apart and dove her tongue into my pussy. I had never felt anything so amazing in my life. She licked and sucked my clit until I couldn’t stand it anymore. I grabbed two fists of her hair, and my ass flew off the couch slamming into her mouth as I exploded hard. It felt as if her tongue was in my belly, working to get every last drop out of me.

I opened my eyes briefly, and caught a glimpse of Jamie out of the corner of my eye, standing behind my sister. Her eyes widened, and I noticed that her hand was furiously working between her legs underneath her pants. I pulled my sister’s head up from between my legs, and turned her around in Jamie’s direction.

“That was so fucking hot..uuugh.” Jamie came, and fell down to her knees, as she continued to rub herself for all she was worth. My sister and I got up and pulled her up. She looked up at both of us and smiled as we hurried upstairs to the bedroom.

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