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David, Amy & I

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The desire to experience sex with another man was overwhelming. It is something I have only tried four times and none of them were really satisfactory. All had been in seedy motels and each lasted no more than a half hour. Only one involved my being fucked and I enjoyed that immensely as I did when I blew the others and swallowed their cum. I love the taste of my own and the feel of another’s cock in my hands and mouth were amazing. However, I want something long and slow.

When I mentioned these needs and dreams to you, my best friend Amy, you smiled somewhat enigmatically and were very understanding of my frustrations. That seemed to end the conversation.

Let me tell you a bit about Amy. At 53, she is 8 years my junior; she is a slender brunette with brown eyes and all natural 40B breasts. More than a champagne glass but a beautiful sight to see in a one of her tight tees without a bra! We have been best friends for years but although I have almost lusted after you, I have never wanted to jeopardize our friendship by taking a chance.

My birthday was only two weeks away and you promised me a big surprise – no matter how much I begged for details and tickled you to get them, you remained firm (as did your nipples as we wrestled on the carpet). Lord, what a temptation! All you would tell me was that I was to join you and your latest boyfriend – I hated him already – for dinner at the swankiest restaurant in town (located in the best hotel in the city) at 6:00 pm on the day of my birthday. Since the big day fell on Friday, I figured the least I could do was get plastered even though I am not a big drinker since I could sleep it off for 2 days before going back to work.

On Friday, since we were dining posh, I went home and showered and put on my best suit, a new shirt and tie and polished my loafers. Since I expected you would be dressed to the extreme, I was quite looking forward to the evening even if I was the third wheel on your date. I left for the restaurant and was greeted in the hotel lobby by you informing me that David was running a little late so we would have a drink in the bar.

You looked fabulous! You were wearing (well, almost wearing) a virtually sheer white dress with thin shoulder straps and a plunging neckline almost to your naval (no bra of course). The wide cleavage was barely containing your 40B’s and each time you moved, one could see your turgid nipples peeking out.

As I placed my hand on your back to guide you towards the bar, I felt bare skin; looking down, I saw the backless dress almost dipping to the top of your bum’s crack! Most of the material fell below the waist but then only to about 4 ” above the knees. Wearing no hose, your feet were encased in strapped 4″ spike sandals. I know you are my best friend but at that moment I was almost tempted to run to the hotel desk, rent a suite and ravage you in the elevator on the way to our floor!

We walked through the busy bar to a booth at the back; a sudden silence settled as every set of eyes (male and female) was drawn to the breathtaking beauty on my arm. As we settled in the cloth seats of the nook, you slid cross to let me in and the skirt – such as it was – rose almost to your waist displaying the tiniest and sheerest thong I think I have ever seen. Your shaven pussy lips were visible through the transparent material, made more so by the fact that you was dripping cum at the excitement of drawing so much attention.

As our drinks were ordered and delivered by an ogling waiter, you nudged me on the arm and whispered, “At the door; there’s David”

I turned to look and was greeted by the sight of this beautiful tall man about my age with silver hair and a closely trimmed grey beard. Much like me, he was slim of build and was wearing a distinguished charcoal grey suit. I stood up to greet your new love and introduced myself. After he kissed you lightly on your luscious pink lips, he spoke.

“Amy has told me a great deal about you and your friendship over the years. I feel like we have much in common and will be very close friends”

I wonder just how much you told him about me but just then the maitre d’ came to get us for our dinner reservation and we spent a very pleasant three hours over a wonderful meal, two bottles of excellent wine and after dinner drinks. The time had come for my birthday surprise; you were the bearer of the surprising news.

“Bob, you have shared so much of yourself with me and I consider that a wonderful gift. Your birthday gift from me to you is to live out that dream. A suite of rooms has been reserved for the weekend upstairs in the hotel and the three of us are spending from now until Sunday night together!”

My mouth must have hung open since you leaned over and, placing your hand under my chin, closed it and planted a warm loving and gentle kiss on my lips. You leaned in to whisper in my ear, “David is bi as well, my darling friend, and he wants to make love with you as much as I do. I want to watch you making love to another man; I have been so turned on by your story that I have had to masturbate myself to sleep every night since you told me!”

I looked over at David and he smiled as he reached over to squeeze my hand. Calling the waiter for our tab, David paid (leaving a handsome tip) and we left the dining room to cross the lobby for the elevators. I felt like everyone in the lobby was watching we three handsome people (two tall men with a barely dressed woman between them as we entered the empty car. As soon as the car doors slid shut and you pushed the button for the 15th floor, you and David moved towards me and you both exchanged kisses, first with each other and then, to my surprise and delight, with me!

David’s lips felt so light and soft on mine – not at all what I would have expected. As the car continued its uninterrupted climb upward, David drew me into his arms and, running his hands through my hair, pulled me close into another more passionate kiss as you ran her hands between us to stroke the growing bulges in our crotches. I was growing to the point of opening my mouth to a deeper kiss when the doors slid quietly open to an elderly couple waiting for the elevator. We parted, grinning, as we exited the car and watching their shocked expressions as the door closed, we all burst out laughing. What a great way to break the ice!

We went arm in arm down the hall way to the last door and you slid in the card key to open the suite. It was huge; a king size bed was resting against the floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the city far below with only sheer curtains to shut out spying eyes. Candles were lit and placed everywhere in the bedroom as well as in the king size bathroom I could see off to the right. I could just see the edge of the Jacuzzi tub in the corner.

Three terry robes were lying on the bed that was turned down for the night. You placed the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the outside of the door and double locked the inside handle. “OK, boys! We’re all set for some fun and games and for Bob’s birthday present. But first, I have some champagne here” indicating three bottles in ice buckets, “to celebrate the occasion”

I went over and cracked the first bottle and filled three flutes to pass around. I made the first toast to thank you for the wonderful gift from your loving heart and David for helping me live out my fantasy.

You put your glass down after taking a small drink and saying, “I might as well start the ball rolling”, you slipped the thin straps of your dress off your shoulders and, with a shrug, it slid in a pool about your feet. Kicking it aside, you stood there in all your naked magnificence clad only in the thong and the sandals. Your beautiful breasts were only slightly sagging and your nipples were obviously aroused and hard as bullets. David and I moved to you and we each bent to take a nipple in our mouths to suck and nip lightly. Your hands entwined in our hair as you pulled us harder to your yearning tits. As we sucked harder you moaned as your pussy flowed cum; the smell of your arousal was overwhelming!

You pushed us away and moving to me, you proceeded to undress me one piece at a time. As you removed an article of my clothing, you reached over and did the same to David. Soon we were both standing in front of you with only our bulging briefs hiding our erect cocks. David and I turned to face each other and we moved into each other’s arms and kissed fervently. I opened my mouth to allow his tongue to enter and we kissed for what seemed liked hours. Our hard cocks were rubbing against each other and we moved our hips to rub ourselves against the other to the point that precum was saturating our drawers. I reached around David and slipped my hands under the waistband of his briefs to grip his hard smooth ass; at the same time he reached for mine.

I was unable to wait any longer. I turned to see you sitting in the armchair facing us with your legs splayed across the arms and, with your thong now tossed aside, you were stroking your streaming wet cunt. I started kissing my way down David’s hairless chest until I was on my knees in front of him. My shaking fingers found the waistband of the barrier to his manhood and I slowly pulled them over and then down to reveal his beautiful 8″ cut and shaved cock and balls. I cupped his heavy balls in my hand and held the base of the stiff member in my other hand.

I stretched out my tongue to capture the drops of precum running almost continuously from the end of his cock and then ran my tongue around the sensitive glans or cock head. I paid special attention to his pee hole and thrust the tip of my hard pointed tongue along the slit. David’s cock twitched in response so, considering this a go ahead, I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and sucked it noisily. From your chair, we could hear you groan and whisper “Lick his shaft and balls!”

Still holding his shaft at the bottom, I ran the flat of my tongue from his ball sac up to the tip on the underside of his shaft, tracing the throbbing vein that marked the path. As I reached the tip, I was rewarded with several mouthfuls of precum – such a sweet taste – and I swallowed every drop!

I stood and pressed David back to the edge of the bed and, forcing him to lie down on the edge, I instructed him to lift his knees to his chest. This left his firm ass exposed and the brown pucker centred between the globes of his butt. With my hands, I parted the cheeks as far as possible and dove in to run my tongue along his perineum to his balls and then down towards his sphincter. As my tongue rimmed that sensitive spot, he relaxed and bore down which caused the star to bulge slightly outward in welcome. I immediately plunged my tongue into his anal opening until it would go no further.

He cried out, “Oh God! Yes! Please fuck me with your tongue!”

I moved my tongue in and out as fast as I could while I moved my hand up to grasp and stroke his throbbing cock! As I worked my magic on him, he slid further onto the bed and I followed him, never releasing my tongue from his ass.

“Please! I need to cum!” he cried out. You moved quickly from the chair to lay next to David as I removed my tongue from his ass; I immediately moved my mouth to his precum soaked cock and drove deep until it reached the back of my throat. At the same time, I thrust two fingers into his still relaxed asshole and finger fucked his as my throat muscles milked his cock.

As I could feel his cock grow in my mouth, I grabbed his balls and gently massaged them to bring forth his streams of ropey thick cum down my throat. As he filled my mouth and I swallowed burst after burst, you were kissing him passionately and tweaking his sensitive hard nipples. His screams of ecstasy of his climax were drowned in your mouth as your tongue laved the inside of his mouth. My own moans of heightened excitement and the taste of David’s cum almost drove me to orgasm but I held off for the next chapter.

I climbed up and slid along David’s perspiring body until I was lying beside him. You lay on the other side and we cradled his sated body between us. I reached over and you and I kissed deeply and then we both kissed David before we fell into a completely relaxed slumber.

I dreamt of the next stage in our exciting weekend.

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