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A Gift That Keeps Giving

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As my wife Molly and I got into our fifties, things sort of settled down between us. Things of a sexual nature I mean. Neither of us were as slim and trim as we’d been when we’d met forty years before, and though I still considered her my best friend and sexually desirable, she, I believe, began to think she was no longer attractive. I tried to convince her otherwise (I mean, hey, I’m paunchy too!), and though she said she believed me, I knew that deep down inside, she felt somewhat ugly and unwanted.

Still, we had a great time in bed on the weekends.

Throughout the years, we’d never had any problem commenting on people we saw in the movies or on TV. Whenever there would be a particularly beautiful actress shown, Molly would always mention it to me and I’d agree or disagree, depending on my particular tastes. Mostly, we agreed however.

This didn’t bother me at all because before we’d met and fallen in love, Molly had had several lesbian lovers. She was basically bisexual, but then I was too to a certain degree, having gone to bed with a few men before I met her. But, as I told her on one of our first dates, I had always somehow ‘become’ female during those trysts, and much of the time when we were married, my feminine side would again take over; this seemed to please Molly no end. It had even gotten to the point where I kept my body shaved and smooth for her. If she missed being with a woman, perhaps I had become somewhat of a substitute.

But as the years went on, she had more and more misgivings about her appearance. And as that developed, she doubted my desire for her. It finally got to the point where I began wishing I were some beautiful twenty-year old female, just to make her happy. I think maybe a woman telling another women that she’s beautiful carries more weight than if a man tries to do the same. But having been born a man, and after years of being as such, there was no way I could ever hope to give her that.

Then one day the courier service my company uses sent over a new courier, a girl by the name of Kelly. She was beautiful—fresh and vital in a way that I knew my wife would appreciate (having had all those discussions over the years), in her early 20s—and the more I worked with her and saw her day to day, the more I liked her.

And the more I knew my wife would like her as well.

The thought kept recurring that if I couldn’t be the woman my wife needed or wanted, then maybe…a substitute would be worth checking into.

Weeks went by but I couldn’t find any reasonable way to ask this peppy, vibrant young woman (who most likely was not in need of any company) that I wanted to somehow offer her as a ‘gift’ to my wife.

—Because that’s what it would amount to!

* * *

More time went by and on a day like any other, Kelly, signing for some documents as she stood at my desk, noticed me looking at her, as I again puzzled over what, if anything, I could say.

“What’s the matter Mr. N.?” she asked in that sweet, cheerful voice of hers. I looked up at her as she stuffed documents in her delivery bag. “Got some troubles?”

Finally, after all these weeks, I gave up.

“Nothing really, Kelly,” I told her. “Just that…that I wish I knew a way to tell an incredibly lovely courier girl that I’d like her to meet my wife.”

Kelly straightened and stared at me, her big eyes unblinking. I hadn’t mentioned her by name so I was somewhat safe from a harassment lawsuit. I watched her face, and strangely, saw the corners of her pretty mouth start to curl upwards. She leaned close.

“…you mean, like in a threesome?” she whispered, and her eyes sparkled a little.

“Oh heavens no.” I said softly. “More like…well, my wife’s sort of…”

“Just your wife and the lovely courier girl?” Kelly whispered. “Is she…”

“Halfway,” I said. “…maybe more than half.”

“Well,” Kelly said in a hushed tone, “So am I, really. But…tell you the truth, I was kinda hoping for a threesome ’cause…well, I’ve been thinking about you a lot….” Then the girl zipped her bag up, handed me the paperwork and left my office. I felt certain that I’d be fired for bringing up such a thing but that day went by, the next and the third, and nothing was ever mentioned by any of my superiors.

Then Friday arrived and we needed to send some documents out pronto to the East Coast. Kelly came in for the pickup, waved at me as she hurried past my office to the boss’s office, but paused at my door before leaving.

“By the way, the courier would love to meet the person you mentioned Mr. N.,” she said poking her head in the door, and then, glancing up and down the hall, she stepped in, gave me a Post-it note and hurried out. On it was her phone number.

The very thought of this cute woman in bed with my wife gave me an erection that wouldn’t go away for nearly five minutes. I stayed seated at my desk thinking of taxes and layoffs until it softened, but at the end of the work day I made the call on my private phone.

Kelly answered as she was driving home. We chatted, and the more I talked with her—especially after hours—the more I realized how much Molly would enjoy being with her. She was clever, warm, courteous, and what was more, eager. She told me she’d been thinking about my offer for several days and that she’d become more and more thrilled with the idea as each day went by. She repeated her regret that it wouldn’t be a threesome but we ended on the fact that she would be more than willing to do as I’d proposed.

Before hanging up, there was an uncomfortable silence. I hadn’t really thought of the concept of paying her, and didn’t quite know how to bring it up now. She wasn’t exactly a friend, but to offer payment might sour the whole deal.

“Oh, and in case you’re worrying about paying me, Mr. N.,” Kelly said. “Don’t. I’m…not doing it for that reason, okay?”

I sighed, thanked her and we hung up.

* * *

The arranged ‘date’ was to be my wife’s next birthday, which was a week away. We were born in the same month, just a week apart, though Molly was two years younger than me. During the next few days I made secret calls to Kelly regarding rather private, personal matters such as what my wife was into, what pleased her most, the things she and I sometimes spoke about, even her favorite fragrances and perfumes.

—Which, because of how I am—and having personally used pretty fragrances in bed for years—I was quite familiar with.

My wife, at her own job across town, never knew anything was amiss and suspected nothing. Even when we were at home together.

I had a certain…sense of pride that I would finally be able to pull something over on the old gal!

* * *

Then the day was approaching and Kelly would constantly say how she wished I would be there with she and my wife. She seemed so happy and excited about it, that there were several times I thought of giving in. But then I would again remind her (and myself) that it was a personal gift and not to be shared. The girl would groan and finally relent, telling me instead of how thrilled she still was to be part of my little plan.

—And how excited she was getting, thinking about all the things Molly would do with her. It seemed that the girl shared all of my wife’s ‘interests’ and the more time went by, the more anxious and expectant Kelly was.

She was simply adorable!

* * *

Finally—finally—the day arrived. All deadlines were taken care of, my wife’s company had hit their deadlines, my own company was in a soft period between its own campaigns, and everything was in a relaxed, content mood. I carefully briefed Kelly about the time-table and when she should arrive at the restaurant that Molly and I always went to for birthdays and anniversary celebrations, went over what I would say to my wife and how I would excuse myself and spend the night at a nearby hotel.

Molly and I got to the place on time and I have to say I was more nervous than when I’d asked her to marry me! She still hadn’t the slightest clue as to what my special gift was; I’d only mentioned it being very special, and when I refused to go into detail, she vowed to get me back!

Fun stuff; I guess it happens when you’re married to your best friend.

We had our favorite table in the back and had wine and toasted each other as we normally did. Then out of the corner of my eye I noticed a rather small, slender woman approaching. The outline didn’t quite fit my memory of Kelly—especially dressed up as she was and with her long hair billowing behind her—but as the girl got nearer I knew it was her.

Amazing what a courier uniform can cover up!

Kelly came up smiling behind Molly, and it was only when I stood to greet Kelly, that Molly turned her head.

All in an instant, Kelly’s expression turned from warmth and gladness to abject horror. I glanced at Molly and her face showed complete bewilderment. My wife turned in her chair and looked at the girl with a slight frown on her face.

“Kelly?” she said in a puzzled tone. “You’re a week early….”

The girl’s eyes remained frozen wide as she stood there a foot or two from the table. I motioned for her to have a seat and pulled the chair out for her when she finally seemed able to move. Molly leaned close to the girl, whispered something, and then looked at me as I returned to my seat.

“Well,” my wife said. “Better early than late: Happy birthday, honey!” She glanced over at Kelly, who looked close to tears now. “What’s the matter baby-girl?” she asked gently.

“Nothing sweetheart,” I said quietly to my wife, and now I was the one receiving the confused expression from my wife as she turned to look at me. “It’s just that, well…Happy Birthday to you, sweetie….”

Molly looked faint, but just for a moment. Kelly looked as though she had already passed out and was simply waiting for gravity to take over and drop her to the floor.

* * *

It was incredibly funny in retrospect, especially when Molly and I were finally able to somewhat revive our ‘birthday gift’ to each other and let the girl know that there was no harm done. We all laughed and joked at the strange turn of events—the fact that both my wife’s company and mine used the same courier service (not something which normally comes up in after-work conversation), the secret plans now gone totally awry, and the way poor Kelly had looked when she realized she knew both of us. But as the dinner celebration went on and the cake was finally served and consumed, it began to get exciting—in a mild, rising sort of way—that directly after this, I would be bidding my wife and Kelly farewell for the night and heading off to my reserved hotel room.

The bill came and I paid it, then began to relate my plans to Molly, but was cut off short.

“Don’t be ridiculous!” she laughed. “These past two weeks or so, Kelly has been begging me to join in the little tryst I’d arranged between the two of you; haven’t you sweetie?”

Kelly just nodded, but the corners of her mouth were again curling into that cute little smile of hers.

“She kept bugging me about it too,” I said, and when I caught Kelly’s eye, her nod was almost imperceptible. My wife had no problem discerning it however.

“Then it’s agreed?” Molly asked and Kelly nodded fully. Ten minutes later we were all heading back to our house for a night that I had still could not fully comprehend.

* * *

Once home, Kelly, adorable little creature that she was, received moist kisses from my wife with no hesitation or nervousness. In fact in a matter of only five minutes or so she was completely at ease and obviously aroused beyond the point of inhibition. I knew this and could clearly see it because I was sitting right there in my favorite armchair, watching as they stood in the middle of the living room, getting ‘more closely acquainted.’

Me being the spectator and letting Molly ‘go first’ as it were, was my final and only condition, really. It was in fact still Molly’s actual birthday and being the birthday-girl had its privileges. And when my wife had slowly and carefully unwrapped her ‘present,’ the fact of Kelly’s ‘birthday suit’ also had unexpected privileges—for me.

It was the first time, obviously, that I had seen the girl without any clothes on. The beautiful, sheer dress she’d worn to the restaurant had revealed an amazing amount—a stark contrast to what her work uniform concealed—but without her high heels or that dress or anything else on for that matter, I realized how stunning she actually was.

I’ve referred to her as ‘little’ and ‘small’ but in fact the girl stood 5’7″ in height. Her figure, as I’ve hinted at, was slight, but she was actually quite curvy in all the right places. I found out later what her actual measurements were, but at that point, watching her standing there while my wife kissed every part of her—front and back—I figured her to be 32-21-34 or so.

I wasn’t far off.

She was quite a bit taller than my 5’4″ wife, but over the years, Molly had always expressed admiration for taller women and so the combination was perfect. And perfect for me as well. I tucked my erection down between my thighs as I went on watching the beautiful thing happening before my eyes but then realized I didn’t have to worry about that. My wife was still fully clothed—as I was—but I knew that if I’d wanted to, I could’ve undressed right then and there and joined in.

There was no rush though; perhaps after an hour or two…just to make sure my wife had had her fill of Kelly.

At least temporarily.

Then Molly went down on her knees, gently but rather abruptly pushed Kelly’s feet further apart (Kelly gasped as she stood there, arms locked above her head, writhing where she stood), and then turned back to look at me, grinning.

“I think we could all use some coffee, baby,” she said. “Though right after this, it’s going to be your turn….”

I nodded as I stood, and just before I headed to the kitchen to make a nice pot of Yuban, Molly turned to look at the beautifully shaped bush that was at eye level to her, and then simply buried her face against it. Kelly let out a surprised but pleased moan, and then I left the two of them there while I went to make the coffee.

* * *

Usually with the coffee maker, I measure out the grounds, fill the water, replace the decanter, hit the button and go back to what I was doing. This time however, I leaned back against the counter and watched and listened to thing gurgle and bubble and hiss. Twelve minutes it usually takes, and I was prepared to stand there the whole time, wanting to give the girls those extra moments alone.

But before the coffee was completely done, I heard moans and gasps above the sounds the coffee maker was putting out. Not loud enough to disturb the neighbors, but loud—and passionate—enough to disturb my half-hard dick!

I wandered back into the living room and smiled at what I saw. Kelly was still on her feet but had been turned around, and now my wife had her face buried between the girl’s shapely ass-cheeks. I heard Molly inhale deeply and then saw her pull back and look over her shoulder as if to call to me in the kitchen. Seeing I was right there she simply smiled.

“One question:” Molly whispered. “Did you tell her to put Pikake Island Scent in her crack?” I smiled back.

“No. Just that you liked it.”

“I adore it!” Molly sighed, and then she turned again to Kelly’s butt-cheeks, spread them with her thumbs, and pushed her face between them; inhaling to fill her lungs with that sweet and fragrant scent.

Kelly, who’d turned to look over her shoulder at me, suddenly opened her mouth and gasped from what my wife had just done, then turned back to face the wall while Molly went on enjoying her. I almost felt sorry for Kelly; the poor thing had looked completely overheated and flushed with excitement.

But I knew it was only the beginning!

Then the coffee maker signaled it was done with gurgles and hisses and I headed back to the kitchen. I brought back three filled cups, sugar, cream and spoons on a tray, but nearly dropped it when I saw all that had changed in my short absence.

Molly had now gotten Kelly seated on the loveseat adjoining the sofa, right foot resting flat on the carpet, the other leg bent back at the knee. And the reason the knee was bent was that Molly knelt there right in front of the girl, holding her left foot in her hands as she gently kissed the ankle and the top of the foot.

Kelly sat there shivering whenever the pleasure became too great but she mostly held her place, writhing slightly as she remained just on the very edge of losing control. Having my feet kissed was one of my favorite things but to see my wife actually doing it to someone else was incredible. And to top it off, it was an actual female foot she was kissing and licking, and not just my shaved one.

“Coffee?” I said, and Kelly opened her eyes. Molly gave the girl’s foot a final kiss and sat back. She turned, got up and came over.

“I always knew she was beautiful,” she whispered as she took her coffee and held it between both hands to warm and steady them. “But she was for you. Now that she’s also mine…wow.” My wife gave me a peck on the cheek and then looked at Kelly.

Kelly seemed to still be floating on waves of pleasure. Her eyes finally focused and she smiled and sat up a bit.

“Coffee, honey-girl?” Molly said, and Kelly nodded. She started to get up but I intervened.

“No, you just sit there and relax,” I told her and I took a steaming fresh cup over. I turned to come back to my seat but my wife waved to catch my attention.

“Uh, it’s your turn now, yes?” she said, and I stood there smiling like an idiot for a moment before turning and going back to the ‘gift.’ I knelt where my wife had knelt and reached out to touch Kelly’s shapely leg. I hesitated. It felt really odd to be in the position of touching this woman’s body in any way. I’d avoided the prospect of it for weeks, even though it had been suggested repeatedly. This was all supposed to be for my wife and here I was about to touch the very thing I swore I wouldn’t! I looked up into the girl’s sparkling eyes. She was already smiling.

“It’s alright, you know….” she whispered but when I continued to just kneel there, she brought her leg up to touch my frozen hand. I set my coffee down and held that leg in both hands, and then let myself get lost in the moment. I leaned forward and kissed it, right on the shin, and then kissed downward to the top of the foot; one that was far prettier and sexier than I’d ever imagined! Her skin was silky smooth, warm, delicate. I heard Kelly’s soft gasps and moans and that only inflamed me more. I kissed the side of her foot and then kissed the tips of her toes.

More sighs, more shuddering inhalations and moaning sounds. I looked up and saw that the girl was enjoying what I was doing completely, but what’s more, she didn’t seem to be faking it. It hadn’t seemed that way with my wife, and it didn’t seem that way now.

“She has simply the sweetest feet….” Molly whispered from her chair. “Her skin’s like velvet and her melt is like honey. Might go good with your coffee, baby….”

I’d turned to look back at my wife (she was smiling over her cup) and then looked up into Kelly’s face. Still giving me her smiling approval, the girl then brought both her feet up on the edge of the seat cushion, spread her knees and showed me exactly where I might find my ‘sweetener.’

I couldn’t hold off anymore! Her pussy was luscious, wet and dripping. It was fully swollen and seemed to ache for any touch at all. I leaned over and put my mouth on her and felt her legs, her whole body, shudder around me.

“…oh my god, Mr. N.,” she gasped softly. “…oh my god….”

Kelly’s body jerked in a spasm of pleasure. Her legs began to go limp and sag but I placed my hands up under the backs of her thighs to keep them spread. She jerked again and I flicked the very end of her rigid clit with the very tip of my tongue. Twice more she came and then I dipped my tongue deep into her cunt and pulled it out dripping with her melt. I swallowed it and then sat back licking my lips. Reaching for my coffee, I took a gulp to wash Kelly’s dew down.

It was actually a great combination of flavors!

“Your turn,” I said to my wife, and she came and sat on the loveseat beside the girl, holding her as the fading ends of the orgasms I’d given her continued to make her shudder and squirm. Molly kissed Kelly on the mouth while her hand began to roam and enjoy the girl’s tits. I knelt there watching for awhile, feeling my own passions growing and rising within me, knowing that they matched what my wife was feeling.

Then Molly was sucking Kelly’s nipples, going from one to the other in an almost savage way. It was the same way she treated mine when the mood was right, but to see her actually groping a real woman’s breasts was more than thrilling. And now, with her hand freed from massaging the girls’ tits, my wife was now rubbing her middle finger rapidly between Kelly’s engorged labia.

I went back to sit in my chair and sip my coffee, waiting for the moment when Molly’s finger would bend and curl up into the girl’s cunt. I’d felt that same sneaky penetration many times, but now my wife would enjoy the feeling of being inside a real vagina and not the lubed ass-hole of some 50ish man.

“God baby-girl, you’re so wet!” Molly was gasping, and by the quiet intensity of her voice I knew that she was near to orgasm just from doing what she was doing. I finished my coffee, decided it was time for a refill and got up to go into the kitchen again, leaving an enticing scene of a fully clothed woman completely and utterly ravishing a writhing, totally accommodating beauty.

It put another smile on my face.

* * *

After almost two hours and a fresh pot of coffee my wife and I guided a rather frazzled looking Kelly into the bedroom. The poor thing’s legs were rubbery and weak so we both half carried her in and lay her gently on the bed. Far from satisfied, the girl continued to squirm and writhe where she lay and after just a few seconds of seeing this display of exquisite sexual anguish, Molly arrived at the next level of arousal, undressed quickly and got on the bed with the girl.

I excused myself to the bathroom and left the two of them there. I was still determined to give my wife the larger share of Kelly even though I’d been frustrated at giving her the entire portion. I took my time undressing, spritzing myself with some body splash that Molly had always found most enticing, and checking my body for stubble. I’d bathed and shaved just hours before and everything was still nice and smooth.

I kept checking however. Aside from the time-stretching factor, it sometimes felt nice just to run my hands over my skin.

Twenty minutes later I stepped out into the bedroom again, expecting to see a completely cummed-out Kelly, but instead the girl was kneeling, head-down between Molly’s spread legs, licking away. I’d rarely seen my wife squirm and thrash as much as she was just then and the sight brought me to instant erection—this time with no clothes to get in the way! I pushed my cock down between my thighs and stood there watching; retrieving my cup and taking a gulp.

From where I stood, Kelly’s bottom was facing directly at me and I had a good, long look. I even stepped a little closer when I thought I saw a blemish on one of her ass-cheeks (not that it would’ve mattered with such a perfectly shaped ass) but it was just a shadow.

I decided that hers was probably the most perfect butt I’d ever laid eyes on.

My cock kept slipping from its confines and popping up, so I had a seat on the dressing chair and crossed my legs properly to keep the thing at bay. I glanced down at myself and smirked a little; I was perhaps ‘woman enough’ for my Molly, but the slim, trim, eager creature now eating her out was more than enough!

Then from between the girl’s slightly spread legs I saw her arm moving inward and forward, and a second later Molly gasped when the girl inserted a finger or two. Then that arm was going front to back in deep, urgent thrusts.

“Girl!” my wife moaned. “Sweet-baby! Oh my god. Oh god, woman!”

My wife jerked and thrashed for a moment—groaning low as the orgasms pushed through her—and yet Kelly remained quite still, bent over and finger-fucking my wife’s cunt in an almost serene, unhurried (but rhythmic) manner. It gave me more time to enjoy the view I was getting.

From her butt-cheeks, down her thighs and calves to the soles of her feet, Kelly was pale and smooth and beautiful. I could have gone on watching that slowly swaying butt all night long, but suddenly my wife sat up. She looked frazzled and overwrought and when her eyes came back into focus she took Kelly by the shoulders and rolled her on her side, then quickly got around and slid her crotch up between the girl’s legs. In moments the both of them had firm and slick contact between them and then the whole bed was rocking and rolling as they tribbed each other with such lust and passion it looked almost violent! It was such an erotic, sensuous and beautiful sight, I almost reached down and started playing with myself right then and there. I held off, but with such an tantalizingly erotic thing happening before my very eyes, even the pressure of my thighs around my prick seemed more than enough to bring me off!

Then a few minutes later, Kelly seemed to freeze with her one leg pointing straight up at the ceiling.

“…Mrs. N.!” she grunted in the silent room. “…oh my god, god….” Her leg shivered. Her body twitched slightly and then there was a shocked, groaning sound from her. I noticed sparkling drops flying in the air—glistening in the light from the one table-lamp we had on—and an instant later my wife’s pussy-grinding motions went into overdrive.

“Sweet baby,” she gasped. “That’s right my sweet, sweet baby-girl! Just like that…yes, yes, just let it come out….”

I was on my feet in an instant and had taken three steps toward the bed. Kelly’s whole body still seemed to be locked in place, every muscle stiff and flexed. I gazed at her beautifully pointed foot and had the impulse to reach out and touch it (since it was now so close to my face), but I held back and watched.

“…that’s right girl,” Molly panted. “Let it out…don’t be afraid….”

There was another gasp from Kelly and this time I saw the droplets squirting up and flying. It was as if the two women had squashed a water balloon between them and it was bursting. Then Molly saw me.

“Well, silly,” she laughed. “Don’t just stand there staring! Did you know I actually had Kelly take her shoes off in my office just to make sure she had the kind of feet you love?”

“You love them too,” I smirked.

“Well of course!” my wife gasped as she continued to slam her pussy between Kelly’s rigid legs, and at that, I stepped closer, took Kelly’s beautiful foot in my hands and started to kiss it. Her body shuddered but her leg remained stiff and pointed like a spire. Then all at once she breathed out and her body relaxed. Her leg began to sag and sink downward and I let it go while my wife went on cunt-banging the more-or-less limp, semi-conscious Kelly.

“Okay, okay my poor baby,” Molly gasped and moaned. “A little break. You’re all cummed-out. Wait, wait….”

Molly stopped tribbing Kelly and moved back. She looked up at me with her eyes still aflame, but with a peaceful, contented look on the rest of her face.

“I need some water I think,” my wife said, and I started to turn toward the bedroom door to go out to the kitchen to get a nice tall glass. “No, I’ll get it. You…keep this gorgeous little lady warmed up, okay?”

Then Molly got off the bed, staggered a little from what she’d been doing, got her robe on and went out to the kitchen. I looked down at Kelly and couldn’t think of anything more I would like to have done right then than to simply jerk off over her, but what the wife says, she gets. I eased down onto the bed, got my legs entwined with Kelly’s and slid closer and closer until my balls were making contact with her seething cunt. She was hot! Hot and like a melted liquid cherry chocolate! I pushed more firmly and she felt the contact and came back to her senses a little.

Kelly gasped suddenly as a ‘left-over’ orgasm shot through her, but as she continued to settle down and recuperate, her hands found—and then caressed—my right leg; the one which was more or less on top of her at the time. She raised her head weakly, her hands still absently enjoying the feel of the smooth, hairless skin passing against them, but when she finally saw it was me, her eyes widened as comprehension took over.

“Mr. N.!” she said with an amazed smile on her face. “I didn’t know that…wow…your legs are so smooth! Is…everything…?”

I reached over and took her hand, then pressed it down where our two crotches met. Her face lit up in a big, weary smile.

“Oh my goodness!” she whispered. “I never felt anything like this; you’re so smooth and soft—all over….”

Then, just to keep things going and not disappoint the wife, I pulled my balls up out of the way (my cock was so stiff it was already completely out of the way!) and shoved that smooth area directly between my balls and anus against Kelly’s slick, swollen pussy. If I’d been born female we would now have been cunt-to-cunt. I wriggled my pelvis to make myself slip and slide crosswise against her pussy and her eyes rolled back. “God! Just like your wife Mr. N.!”

Then I was tribbing Kelly the same way I tribbed with Molly at times, though I have to say that after all these years of marriage, doing this with someone else was simply amazing!

* * *

After ten or fifteen minutes of crotch grinding with the girl, I felt ready to ejaculate into thin air. More than. My dick was sticking straight up between our undulating, slamming crotches and was so stiff and felt so ready, I assumed this was the way I was going to cum.

And believe me, it wouldn’t have been a bad way either!

Then I realized that my wife had come back into the room some time before and was sitting in her bathrobe, sipping coffee. When I looked, she grinned.

“My two pretty girls,” she whispered, and that alone made me almost spurt!

Molly somehow always made me feel pretty with her words and actions; made me feel as though I were actually a woman.

Except for that one part of me, which was now in danger of gushing into thin air!

“You should slide that beautiful ‘clit’ of yours into her,” Molly whispered.

“It’ll shoot before I get it even halfway in.”

“Baby, take a break then….” Molly said, and I moved back, shivering, letting go of Kelly’s foot. It had been wagging so tantalizingly in the air as we tribbed, I’d gotten to the point where I’d given in and had been sucking her toes. Now I slid back, stepped off the bed and stood there watching from the side of the bed; watching as the pleasure still swirling through Kelly made her squirm and writhe on the crumpled sheets.

Seeing that kept me at full erection but when I noticed Molly strapping her dildo-harness on, the sight of something so wonderfully full of potential carnality nearly made me spill my load right on the carpet!

But then things got even more intense when she got on the bed and had Kelly roll over onto her elbows-and-knees with that beautiful ass sticking high in the air! I moved around to the side to get a better view and when my wife pushed her dildo into the girl’s cunt, there was a shivering, moaning sound from Kelly that was so laden with (perhaps) previously unexplored sexuality and release that it changed me from being a watcher to a listener all in a second! My dick lifted up so hard I thought I was going to lose everything right then and there. But I knew that even if I spurt, hearing a repeat of that amazingly luscious, intimate sound would have gotten me hard again in moments.

I realized I was now looking at the profile of Kelly’s tossed-back head, her raised chin and half-open mouth. She had pushed herself up from her elbows and was now on her hands, and the way her back was arched, the way her body seemed so tense that it might shatter at any instant, held my gaze. I think I was waiting for her to make that incredible sound again, but then I realized she was frozen, waiting for something herself. I looked back down at where my wife’s crotch must surely be tightly pressed against Kelly’s ass by now, but when I looked there was still visible space between them; the shaft of the dildo the only thing between crotch and ass-cheeks.

I’d expected to see full insertion but Molly had pushed only halfway in, then pulled out. And as I stared, she began rubbing the now dripping-wet tip of the dildo against the girl’s bung-hole. Kelly, shivering visibly now, went down on her elbows again. She put her hands together in front of her and dropped her head down between them.

It was a position of ultimate surrender and consent.

Kelly was murmuring and sighing into her hands but held her place as my wife repeated the process twice. Pussy-goo was drooling down between those perfect, spread cheeks and there was a noticeable shiver in that gorgeous ass. Then Molly pushed the dildo all the way into Kelly’s drooling twat, fucked it in and out a few times (making the poor girl groan and claw at the sheets), and then pulled out. She aimed higher at the now melt-lubed pucker between the girl’s cheeks, and then began to penetrate her slowly and gently.

“…god! Mrs N.!”

Molly ignored what the girl was crying out and simply pushed forward further and further until the dildo was buried to the hilt. She waited for a moment, then pulled back, rammed in, and continued ass-fucking the girl until she seemed about ready to squirt again.

Then she did.

The gush was strong; it splashed all over my wife’s thighs and pelvis, but Molly just kept plunging mercilessly away—as she does with me. In and out, slamming, pushing, in and out, making Kelly’s pretty toes spread and dig into the mattress. Then abruptly, Molly stopped and pulled out. I could see how widely stretched and open the girl’s butt-hole still was, and then noticed the twinkle in my wife’s eyes.

“There honey,” she said to me. “All ready for you. Maybe you could have her lay on you, so I can ram that pretty pussy of hers from on top. She’s such a cute little thing; can’t weigh over a hundred pounds…”

I nodded and got on the bed beside Kelly, who was still frazzled looking from what had just happened to her. She saw me and smiled and then turned over and got herself positioned over me. We both reached between us to guide my dick up her ass, and as she lowered her butt down and took my length, she let out a sizzling sigh that had me almost spurting.

Even dilated as wide as she was, her ass still fit me like a warm, trembling fist. Taking a breath, she calmed herself a little, then raised and spread her knees as Molly got on the bed between both our legs.

* * *

The hardest thing I had to do was to not cum. I don’t think I’d ever fought so hard in my life to keep from spurting because not only was this threesome thing new and exciting (my wife and I had never gone outside our marriage), and the ‘third’ was a stunningly sensuous young woman, but now, in this position, I could actually feel each and every time Kelly came; as my wife dildo-fucked her, each orgasm would make her rectum and anus squeeze the dick that was buried in it.

My dick.

Plus there was the thrashing and gasping and moaning, the sight of my wife bearing down from above (a familiar sight for me, but never with a bare, squirming body between us), and the whole idea of what was going on. It was almost as if we were simply fucking each other (or she, me actually) but then Molly would tuck her head down to suck Kelly’s nipples, or I would reach up and cup the girl’s gorgeous, small boobs, and I’d almost be gushing. It was beyond exciting, actually. I knew I couldn’t hold off for much longer, but I was trying my best.

Then the inevitable happened.

Molly and I had always enjoyed mutual foot-fetish things, as is probably obvious by now. Lots of times after I’d spurt in her, I’d continue to bring her off with either my fingers or my toes. She loved having my toes in her. Sometimes she would make love to me for hours, but with lots of attention lavished on my shaved legs and feet. I’d glance down and see her licking and kissing my legs and it was almost as though my legs really did belong to some woman (they’re actually quite unmanly legs), and I was simply a voyeur watching my wife enjoying someone else.

But now, with Kelly curled almost fetally on top of me, writhing on what I had up her rectum and my wife’s pounding dildo in her cunt, it brought her legs within easy reach of Molly—her lovely feet in particular. I was watching my wife ramming the girl with eyes opening only once in a while, but now they opened and caught sight of Kelly’s limply waving feet. The next instant she grabbed the girl’s left foot and pulled it over in front of her.

It was like everything was in slow motion, like some wonderful train wreck. I watched as my wife’s lips parted, watched her hand pulling the girl’s foot toward those open lips, then watched as Kelly’s big-toe slipped slowly between those lips. Molly began sucking that toe back and forth in the same way she sucked my ‘clit’ sometimes, and that’s when the urge deep within me began to twist and flex and move. I felt the cum moving through my balls and groin and dick like some glob of molten lava and a moment later I was spurting deep inside Kelly’s ass.

It felt so good it almost hurt.

“Mr. N.!” she cried out, and then she gasped and her whole body began to quiver and shake. I felt warmth dripping down over my balls as the girl’s pussy contracted and squirt around the dildo that was filling it. There was another hot gush, another, and Kelly was fluttering like a leaf between my wife and I, totally out of control and given completely over to her pleasure. It was as though she was being shot full of electricity instead of semen, and she continued to gasp and quiver as my pelvis rolled up and out to push every inch of my dick inside her—including the base, which being shaved smooth didn’t even have that ‘ring of fuzz’ to block it!

Molly kept ramming and thrusting and then suddenly pulled back. She yanked the dildo harness off. I got my feet together under her and a moment later she reached back and got one of my big-toes inside her, pressed down hard, rolled her bottom, and came. Hard! She came so hard I thought I was going to go through another round of ejaculation just from hearing and seeing it. I shoved up into the shivering girl on top of me, producing another gasp and another strong squirt from between her pulled-back legs. It hit my wife in the face and seemed to drive her crazy.

Molly got off my foot and came forward, taking Kelly by the hips and ass and pushing and pulling her up and down on my erection. I was still spurting in uneven ripples—I’d never cum that much in my life—but I was still hard. It felt like every bit of tension, every molecule of passion was oozing up inside the girl’s behind, to the point where the continued rubbing was getting almost painful.

But Molly was relentless. She’s quite strong physically, but at that point there was no way of telling if she was more interested in masturbating Kelly’s ass on my prong, or masturbating me with that tightly quivering pucker. The girl and I were both benefiting though!

I finally sat halfway up and grabbed my wife’s wrists to make her stop, and though she did, she was still more excited and aroused than I’d ever seen her. Still gasping and moaning in delight, Molly instantly went down on the girl and began tonguing her snatch in an almost feverish way. There were more electrifying squirts, several more in fact, and Molly took it in her mouth and swallowed what she could.

As the room began to fill with the wonderful aroma of that precious fluid—which wasn’t quite like pee but not quite unlike it either—the scent of it made my dick flex slightly within Kelly’s butt. I knew it would be awhile before I was hard again, but it was a pleasant sensation to feel the beginnings of it while I was still inserted.

But for right then, I simply lay there holding the girl’s shivering body on top of me, feeling her undulate and spasm as my wife feasted on the treasure between those gorgeous legs.

Kelly soon lapsed into a state of semi-consciousness with her arms and legs drooping down to the bed. Molly sensed the girl’s unresponsiveness and eventually stopped licking and tonguing and sat back. I raised my head to look and Molly was all smiles.

“Let the poor thing rest, baby,” she said to me. “Come…come, eat me now….”

I gently rolled Kelly off me, pulled my soggy, soft prick out of her trembling pucker, and with my wife, carefully positioned the girl on her side. Then we got completely off the bed, grabbed the comforter and bedspread (they were both mostly off the bed already), and spread them on the carpet. My wife lay back with her legs wide open and I lay on my front as I normally do, but this time when I began to eat her out and she began to cum, it was…almost like the first time.

I made my wife cum perhaps a dozen times with tongue, then fingers, then toes, and by the time she finally pushed my thrusting foot away to allow her time to catch her breath, I was already hard again.

Just like the first time!

But now, unlike that first encounter decades before, there was a fully recovered, happily smiling 22 year old beauty sitting cross-legged on the bed, watching us.

* * *

Molly, Kelly and I made love together several more times that night, going on and on till nearly sunrise. Every combination of cock, dildo, fingers, toes, mouth, ass and cunt were explored, and though I’m technically the only one who can ‘leave a load’ in someone else, everyone’s load was somewhat relieved by the time we fell asleep together.

Of course, just to bolster my male side, I did ‘leave a load’ in each of the ‘main’ openings in both of my two ladies, though in all honesty I have to admit that the ‘loads’ did diminish in quantity as each was ejaculated.

Still, it was wonderful: the most incredible love-making I’d experienced in years. It went on all through that Saturday—with lots of coffee and some quick breaks for a late breakfast and an even later lunch—and by the time dinner rolled around there wasn’t a single speck of Kelly’s gorgeous body that Molly and I hadn’t explored in detail. Mind you, the girl had been quite eager to let us explore, but that just made things more fun.

We all lazed around in the hot tub right before I started up the grill for our Saturday night barbecue and though I could clearly see both my wife’s and Kelly’s face above the roiling water, it still seemed as though I was locked in some wonderful dream. Even when the two girls started necking and petting it seemed unreal.

I think, and I’m only estimating, that I only snapped out of the daze when two pairs of delicate feet reached out under the water and started rubbing and playing with my cock. The girls gave me a foot-job like no other but it was only after we’d all jumped out of the tub and gone back inside. And it’s also my estimation that Molly got almost more enjoyment from playing footsie with Kelly around my cock than I did. I spurt after twenty minutes of being touched like that and then watched those same pretty feet rubbing my cum all over each other for another ten, with the finale being my wife suddenly lunging for Kelly’s slimy feet and licking them clean and dry. That turned into a whole ‘foot-69’ episode between them, whereupon I left them to their own devices and went to get the grill going.

I remember day-dreaming so deeply about what was going on in the living room that as I laid out and prepared the meat, I got close to sticking a fork into a rather large, rather firm ‘sausage’ that appeared out of nowhere. It was one of those ‘almost senior moments’ and I quickly went back in the house (my ‘sausage’ bouncing stiffly in front of me), tiptoed around the two writhing naked female shapes on the carpet (they were fucking each other with their big-toes), then went into the bedroom to slip on a pair of my ‘gaffs.’ These are very feminine briefs which have a special pocket into which a man can tuck his ‘business’ up and back so no ‘manly bulge’ shows.

In this case it was also so that the ‘sausage’ incessantly sticking from my crotch wouldn’t get in the way of forks and fires and whatnot. I then came back out (feeling quite feminine, I might add) put the apron on for even more safety, and left the two moaning ladies while I got things started.

Since they’d already gotten other things ‘started.’

After a leisurely dinner, we again took a nice soak in the tub where things started all over again—the girls having not been able to finish completely by the time I rang the dinner bell—and this time things were relaxed and leisurely instead of intense and anxious as they’d been the first few times.

Molly and I made love to Kelly for hours, both of us simultaneously, and when that was done, Kelly, looking surprisingly invigorated and turned-on, teamed up with yours truly to make love to my wife for just about as long.

* * *

That first weekend turned into a weekly thing, though I have to add that when my birthday arrived the week after that first get-together, I was the one being treated as the ‘birthday girl.’ I mean, having such a sweet, pretty thing as Kelly ass-fucking me with a strap-on dildo while I crouched over my wife as we enjoyed 69 was absolutely astounding! Especially when that deep prostate massage afforded by the dildo made me ‘cum like a girl’ into Molly’s open, expectant mouth. She wasn’t even sucking me when I exploded!

It was awesome, to coin a phrase!

But it’s been nearly eight months now, and Kelly has become a constant addition to our private times. There are always a few weekends and weekdays missed due to various ‘female things,’ but even during those times, when it’s just myself and Molly, it seems that the spark has been reignited.

That makes me glad.

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