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No Longer Sure Ch. 01

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“I can’t believe we’re actually going on a cruise! I’ve wanted to do this for years.” Margaret announced with giddiness. Ben, her fiancée rolled his eyes as they waited in line to board. “I’ll be right back. I can’t stop looking at the ship.”

She rushed over to the window and stared in awe at the massive vessel that would be their home for the next week. She kinked her neck, trying to see the top but came back pouting when her efforts were denied.

“Will you relax.” Ben nearly snarled. “It’s just a boat. Nothing more.” Margaret sighed and looked over her shoulder where an older couple smiled. “I still can’t believe you convinced me to go on this and not on the hunting trip. That could have given us enough meat for years.”

“Ben, will you simmer down man. You’ll love this. Tina said that they take care of all your needs. We’ll be treated like Kings.” Ben scoffed and looked away, still fuming over his lost trip.

“It’s true.” The old woman piped up. Ben turned, rage in his eyes and she was forced to look away. Margaret smiled apologetically as their turn came. They handed in their papers, had pictures taken, and had their bags taken to their rooms. Ben smirked as their bag carrier struggled slightly with their luggage.

“See if he ate more meat then he would have bigger muscles.” Margaret closed her eyes and resisted the urge to unload. She loved Ben with all her heart. He had saved her from a tumultuous relationship that was on the verge of battery. She wondered if she fell into another seeing his demeanour.

“Ben, please relax. I’m sorry you couldn’t go shoot things. I really am but Tina and Claude couldn’t go so I thought it would be nice.” Ben sighed and looked over. He nodded and Margaret smiled. “Besides, it will do us some good to actually go and meet people.” Ben chuckled and pulled her close. She wrapped her arms around him and held herself close, savouring the kindness. He kissed her softly as they came to their room. He swung the door open and turned the light on. Margaret stepped in and fell back onto the bed. She sighed in comfort before rolling over. Ben stopped in the doorway when Margaret’s green eyes radiated her desires. “Let’s start this trip off right.” Ben grinned and closed the door behind them as she lifted her shirt.

“Welcome aboard. Now that you’ve done all the safety training I hope you enjoy your time as we set sail for Alaska.” Margaret rushed outside, watching Vancouver fade into the distance. Ben came up and wrapped his arms around her.

“This is amazing. It was a long flight for this but I just feel that it’s actually going to be worth it. I overheard that the views are to die for.” Ben whispered and Margaret grinned.

“Told you. I’m glad you’re going to enjoy yourself. I bet there’s even a hunters group or something on board to quench that thirst.” Ben smirked before pecking her black hair. Both jumped when the ships horn sounded when another ship passed. Margaret waved to the other ship before jumping once again when the horn sounded. Margaret and another woman further down screamed before looking at each other. Margaret froze when she saw the couple amongst a group of friends. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from the woman’s sandy blonde hair that shimmered in the open sunlight. She felt compelled to meet her and before she could stop her train of thought, her feet began taking her on a journey.

Margaret took Ben’s hand and made her way down the ship, her sight never leaving the stranger. She was pleasantly surprised when her target couldn’t move her eyes elsewhere.

“Bloody horns.” Margaret said and smiled. The group chuckled, some poking fun, while others sized up the two. The blonde closed her eyes before letting out a deep breath. Margaret studied the woman, curious why she kept her eyes closed as her face reddened. She smiled sweetly and offered to save her. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you in front of your friends.”

“Oh no need. She’s always been jumpy.” A man said behind her. Margaret didn’t notice him, instead she offered her hand.

“Margaret.” The blonde opened her eyes and both stared, unable to form any words. Margaret felt a hum in her core that she couldn’t ignore when she became lost in the stranger’s steel blue eyes. The blonde managed to lift her hand and shake the offered hand.

“Anna.” Margaret’s heart melted once her soft voice fell upon her. The hum in her chest grew and before she knew what happened, she moaned quietly. Their hands dropped and Anna looked back.

“I see your man has moved on with Mark.” Margaret blinked several times, trying to break the spell upon her. She glanced over Anna’s shoulder to see Ben and another man walking away with another two in toe. Margaret looked around and suddenly felt out of place. “This is Maria and Jennifer.” Margaret greeted the two politely. Maria’s dark brown eyes studied Margaret as she greeted Jennifer, letting her six foot frame tower over her. Jennifer smiled and briefly hugged Margaret, pressing her five foot frame in close.

“Don’t mind Maria, she’s very protective.” Jennifer whispered before parting. Margaret blushed when the feeling her Jennifer’s breasts tingled through hers once they parted. Margaret quickly composed herself before turning to Anna.

“Sorry if I interrupted. I’m only here with Ben so I thought…”

“Well it was kind of rude, just barging in. What if we didn’t want to meet new people?” Maria replied and Margaret took a step back. Anna flinched and stepped around Maria, keeping her steel blue eyes fixated on the newcomer.

“That will be enough Maria. She’s alone and wanted some company. Besides the men are going to be a while. With Mark finding the bar earlier I’m sure they’ll be well on their way talking about whatever boys talk about.” Margaret smiled as Anna defended her. “Come, let’s walk around and get to know each other.”

Margaret took the lead with Anna not leaving her side. Maria and Jennifer stepped back and shared a smirk before letting the two chat as though they’d been friends for life. Margaret was surprised that she’d opened so much to her. As she told them about herself, she felt compelled to continue. They stopped outside the sports bar to see their men laughing and drinking their fill.

“So who’s with whom?” Margaret asked. Anna sighed and looked around. Jennifer stepped forward and answered. Margaret felt a sting against her side when she looked over at the suddenly solemn face of Anna. She nearly missed that Mark was with Anna while Maria’s Mexican man named Demar sat to the right of Ben while Jennifer’s man Aaron was across the table. All four were striking young men that the female servers were keen to serve. Margaret kept her focus on Anna and smiled when Anna finally met her gaze.

Their stare broke when Jen squealed and pointed further down.

“Oh-my-god, they have a massage parlour. We so have to get booked in!” Jen took Maria’s hand and pulled hard, dragging the taller woman. Margaret snickered as she turned.

“She’s strong for a short stack.” Anna laughed and snatched Margaret’s hand. Both women instinctually stared at their sudden union before looking back into their eyes. “Call me crazy but I…”

“Feel as though there’s something between us? Like we’ve known each other forever?” Margaret nodded and sighed deeply. She never felt any connection to anyone as profoundly as the new bond being forged. She couldn’t put it into words what coursed through her soul when Anna squeezed her hand. “I don’t know what it is but I like it, a lot.” Margaret’s heart stopped momentarily when she saw a flicker of adventure cross Anna’s eyes. She felt the hum return and once again a quiet moan escaped her. Anna’s cheeks lightly reddened before looking down the hall.

“Me too.” Margaret squeaked out. What is going on here? I’ve never felt so alive. Ben doesn’t even bring out these emotions. Margaret’s brain shifted gears as she tried to understand what was happening between them.

“Are you two coming or what?” Maria shouted from the room. Margaret snapped out of her thoughts and let go of Anna’s hand.

“I wish.” Anna muttered before her eyes widened when she blatantly stared at Margaret’s firm backside. Margaret turned, feeling her eyes and Anna blushed before catching up. I knew it! She was checking me out. She’s a wildflower like Amy. She’s a perfect woman, all the curves in the right places. Bigger than Jen in the tit department but not a skyscraper like Maria. I’d turn gay for her.

“What?” Anna asked and Margaret paled when she realized she was staring down Anna’s shirt. “Yes I know my twins are big, you want some?” Margaret turned a deep crimson, averting her lusting stare.

“Sorry, I don’t know what came over me.” Anna smiled and patted Margaret on the shoulder.

“It’s okay. I get it all the time. Men drool over my chest while women glare. You’re the first to actually stare without hatred. Maria’s so jealous she calls them anchors and I take great pride in being a good swimmer.”

“Why would I hate them? They’re part of you and you’re such a sweetheart.” Anna laughed and Margaret stared at the roof in disbelief.

“You are something else Margaret. I’ve never met someone so open before. I like that.” Margaret brought her attention off the roof as Jen poked her head out.

“If you want a massage you better get your fine asses in here.” Anna stared shocked and Jen laughed.

“Jen! Such language is not ladylike. I don’t know how Aaron lives with you foul tongue.” Margaret snickered as Jen’s eyes gleamed with naughtiness.

“Oh he loves my foul tongue for more than just words Anna dear.” Anna eyes nearly fell out and Jen laughed heartily before waving. “Maria says to get in here before she makes them believe you’re a couple of fags.” Margaret instantly took offence and stepped back. She’d always defended her friends and felt compelled to do the same here.

“I can’t. I have plans that day to go see the huskies.” Anna watched as Margaret snapped at her best friend. She quickly caught the anger and closed her eyes. “I’m sorry Anna but I having friends that are gay and seeing their fight firsthand, I just don’t tolerate that.” Margaret turned and left, not wanting Anna to see her pain. Anna stormed into the massage parlour and openly slapped Maria across the face, stunning the tall woman.

“Some days I wish you would shut your big mouth.” Anna growled, handing her card to Jen. Jen filled out the papers for a massage, keeping her attention away. “She’s a kind soul and you just have to get your feathers ruffled.”

“She’s gay Anna and she has the hots for you.” Maria replied sourly and Anna shook her head. Maria was keen in that regard and had been wrong only on the rare occasion. Anna usually avoided them when Maria pointed them out, not wanting to cause any problems between them or with Mark.

“She’s here with Ben. That’s enough proof that she’s straight Maria. I want to meet her. I like her.”

“Just watch out Anna or else Mark’s going to take his cushy job and all his money and run. He’s a great guy and you shouldn’t lose him over a fling.” Anna bit her tongue and swiped her card from the desk.

“I’ll be wherever Margaret is apologizing profusely. If you’re woman enough come find us, if not I suggest you keep busy and away from me. I’ve never been so embarrassed in all my life.” Anna snapped and stomped out. Jennifer smirked when Maria turned.

“She’s a mean one Ms Grinch.” Jennifer sung and Maria chuckled. “I think Margaret is here to stay Maria.”

Margaret stormed up to the upper decks and out onto the outdoor pool. She smiled momentarily as the sun warmed her. She marched to the bar and ordered a strawberry daiquiri before heading to the railing. She drank quickly hoping that the coolness of the drink would douse the fire of her anger. Margaret flopped down on a nearby bench and let the sounds of children playing in the water fade away. She closed her mind to the world, the same trick she did as a secretary, and took calming breaths.

“Sorry about Maria. She’s very judgemental.” Anna said, snapping Margaret from her angered stare. “May I?” Margaret nodded and slid over. Anna sat down and leaned back, letting the sun hit her face. “She’s just scared that I’ll ruin my life.”

“It’s Mark isn’t it?” Margaret blurted out. “Fuck.” Anna giggled before letting out a deep sigh.

“You’re right. Mark and I are together but she believes that I’m with him for the money. He’s a rich man with a great job at a law firm. He’s going to be wealthy but I like him for more than that. He treats me well when his eyes aren’t wandering. I cannot ask for anything more from a man.”

“He’s cheating on you? That ass..”Anna placed a finger over Margaret’s lips before continuing.

“He’s like his father and I’ll leave it at that but I believe I can change him into a one woman man. I think he loves me but you know men, they’ll never admit it.” Margaret chuckled before downing more of her drink.

“I guess I should be sorry to about my actions with Maria. I have two girlfriends that are in item and having seen their fight firsthand I admire their tenacity. I respect their courage to fight when so many call them down. I’ve stood up to so many people, it’s just become instinct.” Anna smiled and rested her hand on Margaret’s shoulder. Her fingers played with her shoulder length black hair, savouring the softness.

“It’s okay. I think she deserved every word you said.” Anna replied, leaning back once more. “I wish my friends would do that.” Margaret turned, her eyebrow raised. “Pardon my language but Maria is an opinionated spick. She believes that the world owes her a favour and rubs in continuously. Jennifer is a god damn flake that can’t see past her own nose.” Margaret’s eyes widened as Anna bashed her friends. She went to speak but Anna cut her off.

“Why am I with them you ask, because our men are high school buddies. Like it or not I’m stuck with them. I’ve wanted a friend that I can actually talk to without worrying about repercussions or class.” Margaret sighed and looked out over the ocean. Her heart went out to her. She known her for less than a day and already had her pains. “Funny how I barely know you and here I am bleeding my frustrations.”
“Anytime.” Margaret replied as Ben and Mark emerged from the ship. They sauntered over, slightly buzzed.

“Maggie I have a plan.” Margaret cringed when he called her. She hated the nickname forced upon her by Ben when he wanted to stop an argument before starting. “Mark’s told me about the groups onboard and we’ve decided to sign up for a fishing trip and you two can do whatever. Sounds great right?” Margaret was about to object when the rest of Anna’s friends came outside. “Glad you like it. It’s dinner time let’s go.” Ben took Margaret’s hand and pulled her from the bench. She looked back and smiled sadly. Anna watched her leave until the door closed behind her.

“She’s different, nothing like us.” Maria said and Anna kept her opinion to herself. Jennifer, however saw the rage boiling inside Anna.

“Let’s get some grub. There’s a show I want to watch tonight in the theatre.” The group left and Anna for once felt segregated from the group.

She toyed with her food, unable to think of anyone else but her. She looked around the buffet dining area, hoping to find her but knew better. Mark was a rich man and would treat Anna with the greatest expenses he could afford. Ben rambled on about the groups he was thinking of joining. Sports, hunting, and cars bubbled from his mouth while Margaret began slouching in her seat.

“I’m going to check out the casino.” Ben said, seeing that his partner wasn’t interested in his stories. Margaret nodded and kept her head down, wondering why she felt so down. The evening continued on and her plate was taken without her noticing. Finally she left the table and slipped into her room. She looked around at the small room with no windows and her mind faltered back to Anna.

“I got to get my act together. She’s just a girl.” As she walked into the small bathroom for a shower, she realized she wasn’t fooling anyone.

Anna rolled her eyes as Mark ploughed into her, his grunts the only sound other than her ass being slammed into. She prayed that he would finish and as soon as she finished her thought, she felt his seed splash through her. She moaned to please her drunken man. Mark rolled off her and quickly passed out beside her. Anna slipped out of bed and after cleaning up, dressed and walked out onto her balcony. She looked out into the darkness and slouched as a cold pit in her stomach formed.

“What the hell is wrong with me? She’s someone you’ve just met and you’re thinking about…” Anna looked up to see Margaret. She smiled looking up. “I mean I know you’ve fought for gay rights and all. It doesn’t mean you are one as well does it?” Anna listened and the more she heard, the less she worried.

“I think you should stop there.” Anna shouted. Margaret looked down and paled when her eyes fell upon her. “Want some company?”

“I’d love some.” Margaret said before thinking. Anna smiled and rushed through the room and out onto the top levels. Why do I want to be with her? It just feels right. Margaret exhaled deeply, calming her suddenly racing heart. Anna emerged from the ship and stood beside Margaret. A pleasant silence consumed them as both shared glances before giggling.

“Look at us. A couple of lovesick kids.” Anna said and Margaret smirked. Are we really? I don’t think so. I’m just fooling myself. She’s going to be a married woman soon. She wouldn’t have time for me.

“Coming from the woman that stinks of sex.” Margaret replied with a chuckle. Anna blushed and looked down at the water.

“I’d call it shame and defeat.” Margaret laughed before sighing. “He was plastered and wanted some action.”

“I know, Ben was the same. I told him to go to sleep. He’s so sloppy in bed that there’s more of a mess on me than in me. The other problem is that when he’s drunk he snores like thunder.” They laughed and Margaret wrapped an arm around her. “At least we have each other. I don’t think Maria or Jen would be out here in the middle of the night.”

“No, they wouldn’t. Maria’s probably playing with herself while Jen is savouring whatever Aaron has for her. Self righteous bitches.” Anna said sadly before slipping closer to Margaret. She rested her head just above Margaret’s breasts and exhaled in comfort. Margaret rested her head on hers and took in her scent. She held back her urge to grimace when the faint smell of sex lingered underneath the pleasant tones of perfume. “Look!” Margaret looked up to see a shooting star. She smiled and made a wish that surprised her. “There’s another.” Anna lifted her head and began pointing at trails of light before they became too many to count. They marvelled at the show, both gasping when a larger streak of light lit the night sky. “So pretty.”

“Not as pretty as you.” Margaret whispered instinctually. Anna turned, hearing her and Margaret lowered her head. “I really got to stop doing that or I’m going to get in…” Anna gripped Margaret’s chin, turning her before kissing her soundly. Both women quickly parted with a delicious shiver running down their spines.

“Don’t ever stop speaking your mind. We women need people like you.” Anna whispered, resting her forehead on Margaret’s. “You must think I’m a floozy or…”

“Don’t say it. I’d hate to tear a strip out of you.”Anna smiled before parting when the laughter of another couple came to their ears. Margaret looked over her shoulder and sighed when an old couple watched the stars. Margaret turned back and quickly found herself lost in the blues of her blonde counterpart. Anna sighed deeply and licked her lips. Margaret did the same, savouring the taste that she hoped as Anna and not the remnants of Mark.

“I’d better go.” Anna said, breaking Margaret from her heated stare. Anna turned and took several steps before looking back. “Are you coming?” Margaret moaned inside when Anna’s hushed, yet moving tone came to her. Margaret rushed up and took Anna’s hidden hand, concealing their bond from any eyes. Margaret became entranced with Anna’s body as she led her through the ship. Her eyes roamed down her smooth sandy blonde hair to the small of her back before diving across her luscious backside.

“Like what you see?” Anna said, startling Margaret. She cursed under her breath and Anna chuckled quietly. Margaret decided to be bold, taking a page from her friends.

“Very much so. You’ve taken good care of yourself.” Margaret pinched Anna’s butt and the blonde squealed before turning, their hands still together.

“Watch it. I’ve never lost a pinching battle.” Margaret raised an eyebrow in amusement. Anna grinned before continuing down the hall. After a couple turns, their time ended.

“Thanks for the talk.” Anna said politely. Margaret looked down the halls, seeing on one and smirked.

“We really didn’t talk about anything.” Anna smiled in reply and leaned in, pulling Margaret close.

“Oh we talked about many things. Some things do not require words.” Margaret pulled back and the two stared into each other’s eyes, trying to read the other. On impulse, both women leaned in and their lips met. Their soft union drew quiet moans from both and before long, Margaret’s tongue slipped out and fluttered against Anna’s lips. Anna openly accepted the request and their kiss intensified. Margaret’s heart thumped hard as her hands slid from Anna’s sides up to her face, caressing her neck. Anna’s hands followed their own path down Margaret’s sides, resting firmly on her hips, keeping her close. They slowly parted when their lungs commanded air.

“Wow.” Anna whispered, letting out a shuddered breath. “I’ve never done or felt that before.” Margaret only nodded in response, unable to form any words that would do what passed between them justice. “Will I see you tomorrow?”

“Definitely. I don’t think I could go a day without you.” Anna blushed and Margaret once again dropped her head. “I’ll get better I swear. I’d hate to blurt something out like that in front of Maria.”

“Yes and with that thought we need to be careful. I don’t think Maria, Ben, or Mark would approve of what we did tonight.” Margaret nodded in agreement. Them? What about you Anna? Do you approve of what’s happening between us? Do I? I’m so lost but I know one thing for sure. That humming in my chest feels so right.

“Funny thing, I don’t want to stop.” Margaret said and Anna took in a deep breath. She looked into Margaret’s jade coloured eyes and her knees bent as though she was on the verge of buckling. Margaret held her up and smiled before pecking her lips one last time. “Sleep well.” She let go of Anna and turned, believing she was being the smart one. A hard pinch on her ass spun her around and Anna stood there, grinning cheekily. “Oh it’s on girl. Your ass is going to be so sore.”

“Oh want to bet?” Margaret’s interest peaked. She was never one to back down from any challenge. “We keep tabs and the woman with the most pinches wins. The loser has to kiss each one better.”

“Wow, you really know how to up the stakes.” Margaret said, weighing her options dramatically. “Well you better get those lips ready because you’re going to be kissing this.” Margaret turned and lightly slapped her butt. Anna laughed and unlocked her door. “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight.” Anna said, looking back. Neither wanted to leave the other and it was Anna that looked around before rushing into Margaret’s arms. They held each other and both snickered before parting. “Tomorrow, me and you. We’re going to get to the bottom of this.”

“Speaking of bottoms.” Margaret pinched Anna’s butt, eliciting a squeal. She laughed before groping both cheeks.

“Hey now.” Anna whispered, parting their embrace. “I said pinches.” Anna winked before stepping back. “I’ll let you take the lead, for now. Just be ready to kiss this fine backside. Oh and we have a five day period. On the sixth day we tally.”

“Deal.” Margaret said turning. She looked back and caught Anna staring at her. She rolled her hips purposely and Anna blushed before looking away momentarily. Margaret felt her eyes eating her up and she blushed herself. You are in so much trouble Margaret.

Margaret groaned as the darkness of the room seemed everlasting. She rolled over and saw that most of the morning had past. “Shit.” She said sitting up. Ben grumbled and rolled over.

“Not so loud. Go and do something while I sleep this off.” Margaret snickered and looked over at her man. She turned on the light and quickly dimmed it enough to appease both. She rummaged through her suitcase and got dressed in jeans and a long sleeve shirt. She slipped from the room and smiled when the first workers came through.

“He’s still sleeping. Too much drink.” The man nodded with a grin and continued on. Margaret walked down the silent corridors and out into the midmorning day. A deep fog covered the sea denying her the chance to see the shoreline. She huffed in anger and continued on. She entered the buffet area and grinned when she saw Anna in line. She looked around and saw Maria and Jennifer sitting with their backs turned. She snuck up behind her and quickly pinched her bottom. Anna jumped, holding back her squeal. She spun around and met the cheeky grin of Margaret.

“Morning.” Anna glared playfully before turning back. “Oh feeling the pressure already?” Anna chuckled before handing her a plate.

“Not at all. I’m strategic. You think you’re winning but all you’re doing is falling into my clutches.”

If only you knew I was already there. Margaret stiffened as a quick pinch came to her. She looked down at Anna and was greeted by a wink before she walked to her table. Margaret composed herself before taking her breakfast. She walked over to the table and Maria quickly took offense.

“This is our table thank you.” Margaret stared in wonder at her rudeness before seeing that it only sat three. She smiled warmly to keep appearance.

“I wasn’t planning on sitting with you. I just was passing by and thought I’d say good morning.” Margaret’s rudeness met Maria’s and quickly surpassed it. She sauntered away, feeling Anna’s eyes on her.

“Seriously what the fuck woman?” Jennifer snapped suddenly. Anna averted her eyes, believing she’d been caught but relaxed when Jennifer’s attention was squarely on Maria. “She’s a nice girl. Just because you’re a homophobe doesn’t mean that the rest of us have to follow suit.” Anna barely contained her smile when Jen continued. “I’m going outside to get to know her. Coming Anna?” Anna was already standing and leaving, much to the chagrin of Maria. They walked outside to see Margaret pecking away at her breakfast.

“Hey girl, may we join you?” Margaret looked up at the two blondes and smiled.

“Of course, that’s if you don’t mind sitting with a woman that defends homosexuality.” Jen laughed while Anna smiled warmly when Margaret met her gaze. Jen sat down and began chatting up a storm, oblivious to the smiles and stares snuck between the two. After finishing eating, the fog began to clear and the first islands appeared. Margaret stood and took a blanket when a passing worker offered one. She wrapped it around herself and stared at the islands. Anna and Jennifer joined her and both women looked up at the black haired beauty.

“Your smile, it’s so serene.” Anna said and Margaret briefly broke away. She kept the smile and sighed deeply. “No need to say it. I know.”

“Know what?” Jen interrupted. Margaret turned and grinned.

“Just that I’ve wanted to see these islands for years. My father told me all about them when he took a hunting trip here.” Jen nodded and quickly looked bored.

“I’m going to find Maria. Remember Anna, we have the opera this afternoon then the formal dinner.” Anna nodded and Jen quickly left.

“Sounds like a full day.” Margaret said. Anna nodded before turning. “Look I’m sorry if I went too far yesterday. I don’t know why but when I see you I just melt.”

“Me too. I know I’m not gay but I just feel drawn to you.” Anna replied. “Like the sea, I just can’t get away from the shore.” Mark came out and wrapped his arms around Anna.

“Hi Mark, sleep well?” Margaret said, doing her best to be civil. Mark nodded, the fringes of the hangover still evident.

“Come dear we have to get ready for the show. Pleasure seeing you Margaret. Tell Ben that after dinner to meet us as the captain’s bar.” Margaret nodded, cringing that it meant another night of poor sleep. Mark pulled Anna and as she stepped back, she delivered a pinch to Margaret. She turned, barely able to hold back her surprise. Anna smirked and winked before turning.

Margaret spent the day alone to her thoughts. Ben emerged from their room with all intentions of spending time with her but quickly lost interest and ended up in the sports bar talking about his hunting exploits. Margaret changed into her swimsuit, taking a book and headed out to the pool. She lounged in the sun and sighed. She dropped the book and looked skyward, trying to figure out her life. She rolled onto her stomach and before long, fell asleep. She woke startled with a sore bum. She turned to see Anna bent down. Her gown opened enough to give a peek down her cleavage and Margaret stole a peek.

“That’s unfair.” Margaret said. Anna smirked before pinching her butt again. “Okay I’m awake.” Anna laughed as Margaret sat up. Anna moaned when she saw Margaret’s chest at eye level. She quickly composed herself and blushed when Margaret smirked confidently. “You like what you see?”

“Very much so, you’re a pretty woman. Maria and Demar have been sent off ship. I thought you should know.” Margaret’s eyes widened in shock from the news but she couldn’t hide the smile that broke through. “Something about Demar causing a disturbance, theft, and trespassing on the ship. With that would you like to join us for dinner?”

“I’d love to.” Margaret replied. Anna stood, taking her book and dry towel. Margaret stood and the two made their way back to her room. Margaret walked in to see Ben already dressed. Anna and Margaret smiled as the tuxedo was properly tailored.

“Hello Bond.” Anna remarked. Ben laughed and kissed Margaret before stepping past.

“Thank you Anna. You’re quite lovely yourself. I’ll be outside waiting.” Margaret sighed when the door closed, leaving the two alone.

“He’s right, you are gorgeous.” Margaret commented. Anna smiled and quietly locked the door. Margaret’s blood pounded in her ears as Anna stepped up and slipped her fingers between the suit at her shoulders.

“Is that right my black haired wonder that makes me rethink my entire outlook on life? Can I… I want to kiss you. Is that okay?” Margaret swallowed and nodded, searching for her strength. Anna pulled her down and planted a hard kiss on her lips. Once again Margaret moaned as the softness of the woman holding her made her body quiver. She had no doubts anymore. She was smitten with Anna.

“God the things I want to do to you.” Anna muttered as they parted. Margaret gripped Anna’s firm backside and pulled her close, pinning her arms between them.

“Honey, if I get my way I’ll turn you away from men forever.” Anna’s eyes widened but the soft laughter relaxed her. Margaret kissed her softly several times, savouring the taste of her lips.

“You need to get ready.” Anna whispered between loving kisses. Margaret groaned in frustration, suddenly surprised by her libido for the woman in her arms. She looked down into her eyes, seeing the same yearning burning inside. They both fought against the inevitable. They were falling hard for one another.

“You’re right.” Margaret said before she began pinching Anna’s butt. Anna fought to get her arms free and quickly buried her screams down Margaret’s throat. Margaret took the opportunity and turned before falling onto the bed, pulling Anna on top. Their kiss lengthened and their hands began to roam. Margaret slowly hiked up Anna’s dress and kneaded her thighs and butt while Anna pulled down Margaret’s bathing suit to reveal her C cup breasts. “You have such a sweet ass.”

“And you’re one naughty girl. A sexy, naughty girl.” Anna breathed before kissing her hard. Anna’s hands rested on her chest and Margaret’s nipples hardened into pebbles. She moaned into Anna’s mouth and slipped her hands up, pulling her panties tight to her pussy. Anna broke the kiss and shuddered when Margaret slipped one hand around and felt her dampening underwear. “God I don’t know why but I want this.” Anna breathed before glancing at the door when she heard someone talking. “We can’t do this. Not now.”

“But I just want to feel you.” Margaret quietly begged. Anna smiled warmly before kissing her soundly. She got off the bed and straightened her dress. Margaret sighed before standing as well. Anna licked her lips when Margaret pulled out her white evening gown.

“Guess I get to see you naked first.” Anna said teasingly. Margaret hung her dress in the bathroom and turned. She quickly stripped down, and bravely stood in front of Anna. Anna milked the sight of Margaret, burning an image into her memory so brightly that she wanted to be blind so that Margaret was the last things she ever saw. Her eyes roamed down her tight stomach to her trimmed pussy. The musk of her sex slowly came to her and Anna covered her mouth. “Oh.” Margaret stepped close and took Anna’s hands in her hands slapped them onto her ass. Both women moaned quietly before staring into each other’s eyes.

“I showed you mine. Show me yours?” Anna stepped back and quickly pulled her dress off. Margaret stared as Anna unclasped her bra, letting her large breasts swing free. She tentatively reached down to her panties and pulled them down to her knees. “Sweet lord you’re heavenly.” Anna blushed and nearly squealed when the door was knocked upon before she could take in her details.

“I’m just jumping in the shower hun. I’ll be out in a bit. Why don’t you go meet Mark and Aaron?” Margaret smiled when Ben agreed and left. She stepped forward and Anna let her panties fall to the floor.

“We can’t do anything Margaret. We will stink and Mark knows I already had one.” Margaret sighed and nodded. Ben knocked again and Anna quickly dressed.

“We’re all here waiting for you. Let’s go!” Margaret slouched before nodding to Anna. She turned for the shower and Anna raced over and delivered several pinches. Margaret giggled and covered her butt as she high stepped into the bathroom. She pulled Anna in and kissed her hard, both women laughing as their fingers pinched each other’s backsides. They parted and continued to snicker. Anna stepped back and pulled out her lipstick and smirked.

“I guess you’ll be using mine since your lips are covered.” Margaret looked in the mirror and laughed before nodding. She showered quickly with a warm feeling in her heart. After drying, she stepped out to find herself alone. She quickly got dressed for the evening and smiled when she saw the lipstick on the bed. She emerged ready for the evening and both Ben and Anna stared.

“As usual Margaret you’re stunning.” Ben said, offering his arm. She accepted and the group went to dinner. She felt Anna’s eyes upon her once more but something else lingered when she looked away. Margaret glanced over and saw her glaring at Ben and Mark. She smiled and reached out and pulled Anna and Mark close, thus pulling the entire group closer together. They laughed and Anna took advantage and pinched her. Margaret yelped and Mark laughed.

“So you’re the one she’s been plotting against.” Anna turned and blushed as Mark looked over. “Be warned, she doesn’t give up.”

“So I’ve figured. It doesn’t matter. I’m winning and I don’t give up on anything.” The group laughed and Margaret leaned in close to Anna. “Or anyone.” Her hand slipped down and pinched Anna in return and more laughter ensued when Anna’s yelp sounded.

“I can’t believe Demar tried to steal liquor from the store. A whole Texas Mickey of rum no less.” Aaron said as they were seated. The waiter took their order, the men ordering for the women, and promptly left.

“I think it was obvious at the casino that he’s a man that lives on the edge.” Ben added. Margaret looked to her man and he filled them in that he’d bet his house in blackjack. He won thankfully before leaving the table with his new found hundreds. Margaret felt the tingle of a woman’s foot on her calf and glanced across the table to see Anna staring, her eyes glittering mischievously. Margaret, not one to be outdone, returned the favour and before long, their feet were pressing into each other’s lower thighs.

“What about Maria? I mean she’s lost out on a great trip. I bet she was furious. Oh we took her appointment and put it in your name Margaret.” Jennifer commented.

She was one judgemental bitch.” Ben quipped. The table fell silent and only Margaret smiled. “Sorry. Margaret’s a free spirit and her battles have leaked into me. She was commenting how the elderly that pay no different than us should stink up somewhere else while the few children should be at home with a nanny. This is a family cruise line.”

“To family.” Mark said, raising his wine. The group followed and while everyone sipped, Anna and Margaret stole a playful glance before inconspicuously pushing against each other’s thighs.

“I thought you weren’t coming out.” Margaret said as Anna emerged from the ship. She wrapped her light coat around her and stepped up to the black haired beauty. Margaret leaned on the railing and smiled. “Thank you for coming. It gets lonely out here.”

“No problem. I can’t sleep while someone mutters to themselves above my room.” Anna said before leaning close. “And reeks of sex.” Margaret dropped her head to the bar and Anna smirked.

“Like you, shame and defeat. Ben was relentless. He must have been drinking scotch. It makes him so horny. I’m sure if I didn’t tame him that he would fuck anything.” Anna chuckled and rested her hand on Margaret’s shoulder.

“Mark’s the same way with rum. I had a shower at least.” Margaret snickered before looking over. They shared a smiling stare before Anna coughed. “About earlier, I don’t know what to make of what happened between us.”

“I know. I’m still wondering what’s coming over us.” Margaret said before looking at her chest. “I have this hum in my chest whenever you’re around. It feels so right when it starts that I don’t want to stop being at your side.”

“Margaret. I’m worried. I want to be with you all the time too. I hate it when Mark pulls me away or when Jen nags to do something you can’t afford.” Margaret looked out over the ocean and Anna leaned on Margaret’s shoulder and sighed. “I don’t want this trip to end. I feel as though we’re connecting on a level that I can’t fathom. It scares me, but feels so.” Anna lifted as Margaret turned. “Perfect.” Margaret’s hum grew and before long, a deep moan came. Anna smiled and Margaret gently took her hand.

“There’s only one thing that’s perfect and that’s you Anna. You just light up everything you touch. I was so worried when I got on board that Ben and I would be all alone for a week. But being here with you has just…” Anna placed a finger on her lips, silencing her. They leaned against each other, savouring the company. “I think I’m falling for you.” Anna lifted from her shoulder and looked out over the water momentarily before turning.

“Think?” Margaret laughed quietly before taking Anna’s hand and kissing the top. Her stomach fluttered with nerves as her jade eyes lifted from the soft hand to the waiting steel blues.

“Falling, fallen, whatever you want to call it. I’m already there waiting for you.” Margaret whispered, her voice leaving her when Anna’s serene smile spread.

“Then catch me because I’m falling.”

“Come on baby, you know I love you.” Ben nearly whined in bed. Margaret hurried around the room getting dressed. She had forgotten about her massage appointment until it hit her. Ben pulled the sheet away, revealing his toned body and his hard cock at attention, ready to please her. Margaret stopped at the door and hesitated. “See, I know you want to be pounded. Just tell them you’ll be a bit late and I’ll give you all the pleasure in the world.”

Not likely little boy. I have a different craving. Margaret thought before smiling. She walked over to the bed and kissed her man.

“I would but these appointments are booked in advance. I’ll make it up to you tonight.” With that she gave his cock a squeeze and left. She met Jennifer and Anna at the parlour and they were taken into separate rooms. After her massage and usual chat from the masseuse, Margaret was hornier than ever. She wished that she had taken Ben up on her offer momentarily before her mind shifted into a different gear. She slipped out of the room, tiptoed to the room where Anna rested and snuck in. She locked the door behind her and smiled when her eyes met a nude Anna lying peacefully on the massage table. Margaret dropped the towel covering her and rested her warm hands on the small of Anna’s back.

“You’re supposed to be in the other room.” Anna moaned as Margaret’s fingers slid along her oiled skin.

“I need you. I’ve locked the door. Please roll over.” Anna opened her eyes and let out a shaky breath before turning over. Margaret pulled the towel off and stared at her bare apex. “And I thought I was a free spirit.”

“I love the softness. Mark loves it too and we keep it low key.” Margaret ran her fingers up her legs, stopping on her inner thighs. She looked up, silently asking permission to journey into the most sensual place on her body. Anna nodded and hung her legs over the sides. Margaret ran one finger up her thigh and shivered with Anna when her fingers felt the soft skin of Anna’s sex. “Come here.” Margaret stepped closer and Anna sat up. They kissed fiercely, Anna pushing Margaret until she was upright. Margaret took charge and pushed Anna back down before crawling onto the table. Their bodies pressed together, sending jolts of pleasure through them. Their hands roamed slowly across each other’s sides, savouring the touch of soft feminine skin. Anna rubbed her large chest against Margaret’s their nipples pressed together. They broke their kiss and stared lovingly into each other’s eyes. Margaret moved a lock of hair from her cheek while Anna cupped Margaret’s face. She moaned and kissed her hand before kissing her softly.

“I love you.” They said together. They stopped their movements when a light rapping came through the door. Anna sat up and Margaret handed her a robe while she covered herself in towels. Anna unlocked the door and Jen stepped in, only in a towel that left nothing to show that she wasn’t endowed as them.

“We’re off to the sauna for some R&R.” She announced. They left, not before Margaret delivered playful pinch. Anna spun around, kicking the door shut before pouncing on her. They kissed hard before their hands groped and pinched. Both women laughed and squealed, the pinching beginning to take its toll. Margaret slipped one hand inside her robe and pinched her nipple.

“That counts as two.” She whispered as the door swung open. Margaret hastily moved her hand to Anna’s side and began tickling her.

“Hey that’s cheating!” Anna screamed in fits of laughter. Jennifer rolled her eyes but laughed as Margaret tickled Anna until her sides hurt.

“Oh come on your two. You’re acting like a pair of lovebirds.” They parted, playfully glaring, forcing Jen to walk between them. Anna sat down gingerly and Margaret smirked.

“Looking a little sore there Anna. Ready to give up?” Anna laughed and shook her head.

“Never. I see someone isn’t sitting down, too sore?” Margaret laughed and sat beside her, confident that the light flinch went unnoticed. Anna chuckled before flinching herself when she shifted. Jen snickered before leaning back.

“So when we dock what are your plans?” Jen asked. “I’m going to get myself a new engagement ring. Aaron insisted.”

“I’m going to go see some huskies and take a sled ride!” Margaret proclaimed. It was the only thing she wanted to do before she boarded. Anna laughed before nodding.

“Nothing. Mark wants to window shop and maybe catch the soccer game. He’s a diehard ManU fan.”

“Ben’s the same. He was angry that he had to go with me instead of seeing the game since that fishing trip was denied.” Margaret added before piping up. “Maybe we can convince the men to stay and you could come with me?” Anna’s interest spiked and before long, the two were dressed and rushing for the main lounge where Ben and Mark sat talking soccer.

“I have an idea.” Margaret announced. The men turned and Margaret spewed her thought. “Since you didn’t want to take a sled ride, how about you stay here with Mark and I take Anna. He’s staying to watch the ManU game.”

“Deal.” Ben proclaimed. Margaret smiled and dove into his arms. “You’re welcome. You’d better get her some winter gear. It’s going to be cold.” The two raced from the bar and luckily found the store in time. As the ship docked the two ran hand in hand off the ship. A brief helicopter ride later they raced across the snow, a team of dogs happily barking and pulling them along. Anna and Margaret laughed as they sat together, Anna in Margaret’s arms.

“This is so much fun! Faster!” Anna screamed and Margaret laughed as the driver shouted. The dogs sped up and Anna screamed in delight. Both watched the mountainous landscape, the towering beauty of the north captivating them. Anna snuggled in and sighed deeply, enjoying the trip. “This is so beautiful.”

“I know. I couldn’t pass this by.” Margaret replied before pointing off in the distance where the ship rested. They smiled as their restraints seemed miniscule in the presence of nature. As they reached the far end of the circuit, they stopped and silently stared. Neither could find the words to accurately describe the view that surrounded them. The driver let the moment sink in before turning and heading back.

“I can’t believe I didn’t fight for this.” Anna said still in awe.

“Aren’t you glad I did? This is the best trip I’ve ever had.” Margaret replied before pulling Anna close. She leaned down using Anna’s hair to shield her from the wind. “Especially with you in my arms.” Anna squeezed Margaret’s arms tightly and the two cuddled down as the driver pointed out the scenery and its history. Once they got back to camp the driver smiled as Anna and Margaret watched the dogs roam about.

“Since we’re back early, do you want to go see the puppies?” Both women screamed with delight and another ride later Margaret and Anna watched as ten puppies played. Their driver came up and explained how their system worked. How some were bred to be leaders but each animal having it’s on special purpose.

“Can we hold them?” Anna asked, almost pleading. Margaret braided her hair as the driver stepped in and picked up a pure white husky.

“This one’s Vanilla. She’s being trained as a lead dog and she’s an absolute darling.” He handed the puppy to Margaret and she laughed as her face was coated with puppy kisses. Margaret quickly distracted the puppy with her braid and she smiled as the puppy nibbled on her hair before spitting it out.

“Oh aren’t you adorable.” Anna said, petting the puppy. Vanilla licked her hands gleefully and Anna smiled before looking up at Margaret. With the workers and others around they dared not share their desires but their eyes spoke enough to tell. “Captivating, so captivating that I can’t look away.”

“I know. She’s just perfect in every way.” Margaret replied as the driver returned. He laughed when he heard the praise given to the pup.

“Don’t fluff her little ego too much.” The three laughed joyfully. “Picture for your memories?” They nodded and were handed the pictures once they developed. Anna stared at the picture as Margaret handed Vanilla back.

“I love it. Almost as much as you.” She said quietly. She hugged Margaret tightly and they sighed as the call to leave came. “Thank you so much.”

“My pleasure. Now we got to run.” Margaret pinched Anna’s backside and ran off laughing.

“Get back here!”

“God my ass hurts.” Margaret whined. Ben and Mark snickered and she rolled her eyes before continuing to eat her lunch.

“I told you, she’s relentless.” Mark replied and Margaret nodded. Anna was relentless. Her butt never felt so sore in her entire life. It was also their little way of telling each other that they cared. “I can’t believe that tomorrow we dock. It feels like we just got on board.” Margaret sunk in her seat. It had been the best six days of her life. She and Anna were barely apart and she wished every night on the stars that she could be with her forever. Was she gay? No, she wanted Anna and her alone.

“Tell me about it. It’s been a blast though. It’s nice to meet someone that loves soccer as much as me.” Mark and Ben high fived while Margaret looked onward.

“Oh, Anna wanted you to meet her at our room. She’s planned the whole day with you. Jen’s occupied with Aaron. They want to conceive onboard.” Mark explained and Margaret quickly left them. She walked briskly through the ship, weaving and apologizing through several groups. She needed to be with her. Her being demanded it. She rapped on the door and Anna unlocked it. Margaret opened the door and stood frozen when Anna emerged from her bathroom in a white silk robe. Margaret closed the door, locking it. She turned and nearly leapt back when Anna pulled her into a breathtaking kiss.

“I missed you last night. You didn’t come outside.” Anna whispered as though the walls would tattle on her.

“I was thinking.” Margaret replied sitting on the bed. Anna smiled and sat on her lap and began tracing circles on Margaret’s back. “This is the last day we have together. I don’t want…” Anna hushed her and kissed her softly.

“Then let’s make the most of it.” She leaned back and grinned. “So I pinched your butt sixty three times over the past five days.” Margaret felt a sympathy pain ride through her bum and she shifted. Anna chuckled and crossed her arms, her chest fighting to be released from the silky confines.

“Honestly, I lost count. I loved having an excuse to touch your ass.” Anna smiled warmly and lifted Margaret’s sweater off before sitting up. She undid her jeans and Margaret licked her lips as Anna pulled her jeans free.

“Commando.” She commented with lust. “You pinched me sixty five times. I admit defeat and will pay the price.” Margaret stood while Anna backed away from the bed and into the middle of the small living room. She beckoned her to follow and Margaret’s feet obeyed without question once the remainder of her garments hit the floor. Anna stopped Margaret in the center of the room and ran her finger along her shoulders, admiring her champion. “I’ve never lost a challenge before.”

“Until now.” Margaret quipped victoriously. Anna stopped behind her and untied her robe. Margaret heard the garment fall and felt Anna’s nakedness pressed into her back.

“Yes, my champion. Now savour your reward.” Anna slid down to the floor, her chest and hands gliding over every delicate inch. Margaret shivered with excitement When Anna fell to her knees and let a full breath travel down the crack of her backside. Anna planted her first kiss at the very top of her bum and Margaret shivered as Anna kissed every inch of her backside, not leaving any spot untouched.

“Sweet Anna.” Margaret moaned and reached down to where Anna’s hands rested. Anna pushed her hands away and slowly spread her cheeks. Margaret’s world spun as Anna laid light pecks on the inside of her cheeks. Anna shifted and moved Margaret’s legs open and laid a firm kiss on the last place she missed which drew a long, yet frustrated moan from the victor. Margaret spun as Anna stood and kissed her hard, their tongues rapidly dueling for supremacy. Their breaths and moans filled the room as they pawed at each other, making their way for the bed. Anna fell back, pulling Margaret on top. They resumed their kisses, neither wanting a moment apart. Margaret separated herself from Anna’s lips and laid a trail of kisses down her neck, each kiss followed by a small flick of her tongue. Anna’s hands rested on her lover’s shoulders, begging her to go lower. Margaret giggled before her lips slipped down between her grand breasts. Anna moaned loudly when her nipple was taken lovingly into her mouth.

“Margaret. I hate to be a burden but dinner will be soon.” Margaret snickered and abandoned her chest at Anna’s insistence.

“As you wish.” Margaret left a trail of wet kisses down Anna’s stomach and as she approached her bare pussy, she took in the deep aroma of her arousal. Margaret moaned in approval before slipping lower and planted a firm kiss on her outer lips.

“Wow.” Anna breathed, pushing her pussy outward. Margaret smiled before running her tongue along her slit, trying to find what made Anna writhe. She was rewarded with a deep moan and fingers through her hair to hold her in place. “I’ve never had this done before. Not even Mark does this.”

“Me neither. I’m lost.” Margaret replied and both laughed. “But it feels right with you. I’ll love you like I love my own.” With that Margaret’s tongue slid out and parted her pussy lips. Anna released her hair and pulled her breasts while Margaret quickly adapted to the taste flowing freely onto her tongue. She loved the taste more than the taste of Anna’s lips. The hum that never faded in Margaret’s chest burst free and a deep unrestrained desire rampaged through her. Her fingers burned with heat while her energy levels heightened. She realized that she could eat Anna’s pussy forever and never tire.

“Sweet Mother Margaret, please don’t stop.” Anna belted out and began rolling her hips. Margaret began licking her pussy furiously. She reached with her tongue for every spot she could before flicking her clit. Anna pressed herself into the bed, trying vainly to keep her screams down. Margaret took the challenge and slid in two fingers and began pumping them while she fixated her mouth on Anna’s clit. Anna let loose a piercing cry as the sensations rattled her core. She writhed and twisted on the bed, unable to understand the pleasure wreaking havoc upon her. “What are you doing to me?” She squealed before arching her back as her first orgasm struck unexpectedly. Margaret rode through her first and continued her pleasuring, not letting the vixen underneath her have any moment of reprieve. Anna’s core shook as the very foundations of her existence trembled at the joy brought to her.

“Loving you like the Goddess you are.” Margaret replied before removing her fingers only to replace them with her mouth. Her fingers rolled her clit lightly and Anna twisted abruptly onto her stomach. Margaret growled and lifted her onto her knees. Anna whined with desire as Margaret spread her knees before sliding between them. She grabbed her hips and sunk her nails in. “Sit.” Anna planted her pussy on Margaret’s waiting mouth and nearly fell forward. She slid up the bed, Margaret not releasing her sex. Anna gripped the small headboard for her life and watched as Margaret devoured her pussy with unmatched precision.

“Marg…Sweet mother of Jesus you’re going to drain me dry.” Anna squeaked out before moaning loudly. “I’m…” She cut herself off and let loose another cry. Margaret held onto her hips as Anna ground her clit against her tongue, prolonging her orgasm. Margaret tilted her head, slipping her tongue into her pulsating depths. Anna reached down and gripped her hair, pulling her tighter to her sex. “Ohhhh god.” Anna quivered before releasing her. Margaret choked when Anna’s nectar touched the back of her throat. Margaret pulled her from the headboard, slamming her onto the bed between her legs. Anna’s eyes rolled back and forth as her senses burned with delight. Margaret shifted around and slowly licked any seeping juice that appeared. Anna moaned with each lick that ended at her clit before slowly sitting up once her limbs stopped trembling. Margaret lifted from her sex and smiled, her face covered in cum. Anna kissed her before backing away in surprise.

“Yes that’s what you think it is.” Margaret said, licking her lips clean. Anna’s eyes darkened and Margaret stared back. Anna pounced and licked her face clean before mauling her mouth with her own. Margaret could barely keep up as Anna’s mouth and tongue nearly ran laps around hers. Anna broke free and quickly shifted down the bed, briefly licking Margaret’s darker nipples.

“Hang on Margaret. I don’t know what’s come over me.” Anna breathed into her lover’s sex. Margaret moaned and held her legs open, spreading herself.

“I’m about to come over you.” Anna moaned in approval before driving her face into Margaret’s wet mound. Margaret moaned loudly as Anna’s tongue lashed at everything it could. As she before, Anna left nothing untouched with her tongue but unlike her, Anna was far more merciless. Margaret squealed and gripped the bed sheets, her legs falling onto Anna’s shoulders.

“Annnna!” Margaret screamed out as her tongue found spots in her that Ben’s cock had missed. She slapped the bed as Anna took the cue and ran her tongue relentlessly deep inside her. Margaret quivered in ecstasy and when Anna slid two fingers deep inside, Margaret begged.

“Please pound me with those fingers. Make me scream baby.” Anna looked up and when Margaret met Anna’s steel blue eyes she braced herself for her request. Anna slammed her fingers as hard as she could inside her lover, her mouth capturing her clit. Margaret’s breath escaped her and only feeble gasps and squeaks slipped out. She bit her finger to keep quiet as her chest heaved and her breasts lightly swung. Margaret released her finger and screamed out, attempting to release the building pleasure.

“God I love hearing you scream.” Anna moaned before latching onto Margaret’s clit. She pressed her tongue against the nerve bud and Margaret’s hips lifted prolonging the contact. Margaret let out another belting howl as her hips rocked feverishly against Anna’s fingers. Her body clamped down hard and she sucked in one last breath before sitting up. She growled out as her orgasm spiked. Her arms gave out and her scream grew in pitch to a squeak by the time her head hit the mattress. Margaret quaked, her hands gripping her breasts. Anna pulled her fingers and slipped her mouth over Margaret’s pleasured pussy, savouring the intimate juices that arrived.

“Anna, please stop.” Margaret begged and Anna reluctantly released her sex. Margaret sighed in relief as Anna crawled up the bed and fell into Margaret’s waiting embrace. They kissed softly, letting the moment bask over them. They smiled, sighed, and began to glow as their feelings for each other grew infinitely.

“I think we should…” Margaret pulled her close, sealing her words with her mouth. Anna moaned quietly and rolled over, pulling Margaret on top. Their clits touched and both jumped in surprise. “Was that?” Margaret nodded and pressed her hips down. Another gasp escaped them and both snickered at their clumsiness. “I didn’t think they could touch.” Margaret chuckled and began rolling her hips, mashing their pussies together. Anna groaned and matched her, pulling the brunette down for another intense kiss. Their muffled moans grew as their soaked pussies glided against each other. Anna broke free and shuddered out a deep breath. Margaret buried her face in Anna’s neck, drowning her moan in the softness of her neck. “Margaret… I’m so close, cum with me hun.”

“Yessss.” Margaret hissed as she peaked. Anna gasped and pulled Margaret down, ramming her mouth onto hers. Their teeth rattled as they screamed into each other’s mouths, their orgasms cascading through them. They pressed their pussies hard against each other for the duration of their peaks, their juices mixing before sliding down Anna’s butt and onto the sheets. They collapsed together in a heap of tangled limbs. They panted and gasped for air between light kisses.

“That was amazing.” Anna gasped still glowing. Margaret rolled off and rested beside her lover. Anna rolled onto her side and kissed Margaret’s cheek. Anna slowly sat up and looked over at the clock. “We have to get ready for dinner and the captain’s ball.” Margaret groaned before getting out of bed. “Mark’s going to be here any moment.” Just as she finished, the door was unlocked. Margaret scooped her clothes and barged into the bathroom while Anna scurried into the living room with enough clothes to look respectable. Margaret was dressed in record time and washed her face before flushing the toilet to cover her tracks. She emerged from the bathroom, seeing a solemn look on Mark’s face.

“It smells like sex in here.” Mark commented and Margaret took in a deep breath and played her part.

“I don’t know how. She was showing all the different goodies she has for you.” Mark turned and glared at her. Anna’s eyes widened before she composed herself and played along. “If she got excited for the idea of pleasuring you then that’s what you smell.”

“I don’t believe you. In fact I can smell her on your breath.” Margaret remained firm in her stance and sighed before looking over at Anna.

“What we did was nothing more than what you did with Maria when she worked with you.” Anna shot in, surprising both Mark and Margaret.

“Margaret I think you should leave now.” Mark growled. Margaret paled before a deep feeling of sadness washed through her. She didn’t want her last day with Anna to end like this.

“Margaret, I’ll meet you at dinner.” Margaret took her leave, giving Anna an apologetic look. Once the door closed, Anna continued. “You’ve slept with many other women while dating me. If I wanted a little fun before I settle down, why shouldn’t I? I know you’ve been eyeing up the waitress in the sports bar. Have you banged her?” Mark lowered his eyes momentarily and Anna jumped on the guilt. “I knew it. So unless you want to be nailed for adultery I suggest you let this go.”

Margaret avoided dinner, instead sneaking into the corner of the buffet and pecking away at sweets. She sniffled as night fell upon the vessel and the couples moved on to the Captain’s Ball. She sighed deeply as Ben found her and sat down.

“So Mark’s in a tizzy over something. Do you know what?” Margaret kept her head down. She knew that if she met his eyes that she would cave in. She’d cheated on the man she loved with a woman, a wonderful woman that she would gladly choose any day. “He and Anna are walking on eggshells. I’m so glad we’re not like them richies. Money ruins everything.”

“It only ruins if you let it. I know we could use some extra money.” Ben sighed and slouched. The trip was one in a lifetime but it had put them behind on their plans of gaining a home and a better life. Margaret knew their accounts better than him and it would be a long time before they emerged from the debt they were in.

“Look, I know my job doesn’t pay well but in time I’ll have a good wage.” Margaret nodded and Ben stood. “Come on, the Ball awaits and I want to dance with my beauty. Margaret reluctantly stood and followed Ben out. She was on the cruise for a good time with her man. She could have that before leaving.

The ball was a hit with everyone. Margaret smiled at the many couples that danced together, some rotating partners while others kept to their own. Margaret danced several times with Ben and admired his footwork. She smiled and rested her head on his chest when a slow song began.

“I thought our friends were supposed to be here.” Ben said, looking around. Margaret sighed and closed her eyes.

“I ruined that. I don’t think they’ll be coming tonight.” Ben looked down and as she looked up into his eyes, Ben’s face reddened. “I’m sorry.”

“What did you do?”

“Nothing.” Anna announced from behind them. Margaret turned, her eyes shimmering with tears to see her standing with the others. Mark kept his composure around her but Margaret caught the anger deep in his hazel eyes. “Couples always have moments right? I was talking with Margaret about one when I should have talked to Mark.” Ben nodded, not believing her for a second but couldn’t prove otherwise. “Now let’s dance!” Mark slipped out from Anna and took Margaret away from the group. He pulled her close and stared down with contempt.

“She told me everything. You’re one fucked up woman.” Margaret kept her eyes averted, instead watching the band play. “I think you should leave Anna alone tonight. Whatever happened between you two ends now.” Margaret turned and her saddened look flared into rage. She broke free from his grip and gritted her teeth to keep her voice down.

“We are grown women. If she wants some fun, at least it’s with someone clean.” With that Margaret marched off the floor, stopping only to hug the Captain as he arrived. The tall broad German followed her out onto the upper balcony, away from the dozens of people.

“Why you so sad?” The man asked in a deep voice. Margaret chuckled before looking into the wise eyes of the man. She broke down and balled. The captain pulled her into his arms and Margaret sniffled between sobs.

“I’ve been a bad girl Captain. I’ve given my heart to two people and I love them both but with that I’m chancing never seeing one while destroying the other.” The Captain nodded before lifting her chin.

“You need to decide what’s best for you dearest. Is it worth ruining the relationship for the other?”

“Yes.” Margaret replied without thought. He smirked before continuing.

“Think it through. This is not something based on instinct.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a silver key. “This key will let you onto the highest point on the ship. No one but me is allowed up there. Go there and think about it.”Margaret nodded and quickly passed by.

“Please tell Anna where I am. She’s a dear friend of mine.” The Captain turned and nodded before straightening. She read his mind and nodded. The Captain sighed, seeing the full predicament unfold. Margaret left the ball and with direction from a worker, stood out on top of the ship. She leaned on the railing and let her silent tears fall to the concrete.

Better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. Margaret’s thoughts heightened her sadness to the point where her sobs grew.

“Don’t cry baby.” Anna said from behind her. Margaret turned and rushed to her. She leapt into her arms and both women cried their hearts out. “We knew this moment was coming.”

“I know but I just can’t let you go. I love you too much.” Margaret replied through her sniffles. Anna sighed deeply and broke their embrace and held her face. They kissed lightly and Margaret wiped the tears from her ruined makeup.

“I love you too. But you’re not going to where I live and I can’t go to you. We are at an impasse. Mark would take me for everything I have and my family would send me away. It’s the times we live in. Yes your friends and many others have won a great battle but it will take time for the effects of that victory to spread.” Anna explained.

“So that’s it? You’re giving up.” Margaret said bluntly, her heart breaking. Anna shook her head adamantly, her long earrings chiming together.

“Never. I will miss you forever my love. You’ve shown me what true love really is. I’ll never find that with Mark. I would give anything to be with you but you know as well as I do that the war your friends wage hasn’t ended.”

“Why don’t we join them in the fight? Stand alongside them to keep what we have.” Margaret replied, trying everything she could think of to stay with her blonde goddess. Anna smiled and kissed her softly before parting.

“If it were only that simple love. I hail from England and I know you’re American. That distance alone is nearly insurmountable in our current states.” Margaret felt her knees shaking, her muscles weakening, expecting the final blow.

“This is it? We just pretend this never happened and live miserable for the rest of our lives.” Margaret turned away, unable to look her in the eyes. Anna stepped up beside her and slowly spun her around.

“Dearest look at me please.” Anna’s pleading lifted Margaret’s spirits slightly. Anna reached into her purse and pulled out the picture of them. “I will never pretend anything that happened on this ship. I love you so much that I want to jump off this ship so I don’t feel any more pain and regret. I’m keeping this keepsake with me forever. When it fades I’m going to get it redone. Most of all.” Anna said, placing her hand over Margaret’s heart before taking her hand and placing it on hers. “You will be here inside me forever.” Margaret shattered at the seams. She fell to the ground and curled into a ball. Anna sat down beside her and held her close, sharing their pain.

“I’ll never get over you. If I ever have a daughter I’m naming her after you.” Anna chuckled and held her close. “I love you.”

“And I you. Whenever you’re feeling down think of this week. Think of the courage you had to meet me out of the blue. Think of the power you had when you took me to heights that I never knew existed. Think of this moment where our love buckles down to endure.” Margaret wailed into the night and Anna spun her into her arms. Margaret wailed into her shoulder while Anna broke down and did the same.

“No! I won’t have it. There has to be a way.” Margaret proclaimed, lifting from her shoulder.

“I’ve been thinking about it since I kissed you. I’ve looked through books and books two days ago. I asked several crew members that Maria said were gay. They all agreed that there would be no way unless we dropped into money of our own. Mark has my future, yours is tied with Ben. We are doomed women Margaret. That’s why I chose to live the moment with you knowing that it may never come again.”

“I could ask my friends. They could help us I’m sure.” Margaret scrambled for any lose threads that she could pull, hoping a miracle would prevail. Anna smiled and rested her head on Margaret’s shoulder.

“Hold me my love. We have until the Captain comes.” Margaret gripped her as tight as she could. They kissed many times, their tears mixing together before falling down. At midnight, the Captain emerged from the shadows of the ship. He smiled as the two women were fast asleep, their warmth and desire to be together overpowering the temperature. Margaret opened her eyes and smiled sadly before gripping Anna tighter.

“Come, this isn’t a good place to sleep. Your partners know of your relationship and have decided to give you this night together. They’ve also agreed to let the matter slide and try to press on with you.” Margaret looked down and Anna smiled. They stood and followed the Captain into his chambers.

“We cannot accept your chambers Captain. Where will you sleep?” Anna said in awe. The man laughed heartily and walked past.

“It’s my night to keep watch. The fog will be thick and no one knows these waters better than me.” He closed the door behind them and Margaret sighed before spotting the large tub. Just then captain opened the door. “Don’t be afraid to use the amenities.”

“That man is a saint.” Margaret whispered as the door closed. Anna smiled and went over to the tub. “Just what I was thinking.”

“One request.” Anna asked as she turned on the water. She turned and wrapped her arms around her love. “Just hold me through the bath. I want to bask in our love before consummating it.” Margaret nodded and Anna undressed her before sliding her gown down. They stepped into the water and both moaned when the hot water sapped the cold that had sunk in earlier. Anna sat down in the largest corner, pulling Margaret into her arms. They sat together, Anna’s arms firmly wrapped around Margaret’s shoulders, occasionally kissing the side of her neck. Margaret sighed as she rubbed Anna’s thighs before leaning back. They rested in the water until it cooled. They dried each other off, giggling when they spent more than enough time drying each other’s breasts and sexes. As they turned to the grand king sized bed, Margaret choked up. Anna slid onto the silk sheets and opened her arms and legs.

“Come my love, let’s not waste any time.” Margaret found her resolve and rested on top of Anna. They kissed lovingly their tears falling once more with the realization that it was indeed their last night together. Margaret sniffled and cried as she rubbed her pussy along Anna’s while her love wept below, holding Margaret as tightly as she could to her chest.

“I love you my sweet dearest Margaret. Don’t you ever forget that.” Anna whispered before they came together. Margaret’s orgasmic wail was one that she never saw coming. A pure mixture of sadness and love intertwined to make a scream that melded into her memories. Anna rolled her off and quickly ran her hand over Margaret’s pussy, sliding two fingers deep. Margaret did the same and they serenely pushed each other over the edge, their gasps the only testament to their pleasure.

“Roll onto your stomach.” Margaret whispered. Anna smiled and rolled over and sighed when Margaret pressed her lips on the back of her neck. Anna sighed as Margaret trailed kisses down her spine while her fingers traced the outline of her breasts before sliding down her sides. Margaret let out a deep breath as she passed over Anna’s backside, savouring the feminine arousal.

“What are you doing?” Anna said, looking down. Margaret smiled between kisses down her thighs to her calves before stopping at her ankles. Margaret closed her eyes and started her journey back up her ankles.

“Memorizing every part of you. I don’t want to miss a single soft piece of you.” Anna sighed as Margaret’s hands slid up slowly, caressing her inner thighs. Anna spread her legs, letting out a staggered breath when Margaret’s lips rested tenderly on the back of her knee. “If I’m going to lose you then I’m going to make love to.” Her lips pressed lovingly into her inside of Anna’s thighs. “Every part of you.” Anna moaned loudly and lifted her hips, spreading her legs wider.

“You don’t- oh wow.”Anna gasped as Margaret exhaled deeply, her breath travelling up her inner thighs. Margaret continued to kiss up her calves, her tongue licking lightly between each sensual kiss she placed. Anna mewed when Margaret’s hands rested on her hips. She looked back, her eyes burning with desire. Margaret slowly opened hers and when she rested her gaze upon Anna’s pussy, she moaned deeply.

“Just lay there and enjoy.” Margaret said with a deep yearning. Anna looked ahead and gripped the bed sheets. She jumped when Margaret’s lips lightly met her pussy. Margaret savoured the texture against her mouth, memorizing the feeling of Anna’s sex. She took in her scent, hoping it would burn into her memories. Her tongue flicked her lover’s clit, loving the taste that touched the tip of her tongue.

“Please Margaret. You know me well.” Anna begged, closing her eyes. Margaret looked up and kissed up the swells of her ass, her hands following with gentle presses. Anna whined when Margaret moved back up her back, stopping when her fingertips brushed against the small hairs on the back of her neck. She moved back down the quivering body beneath her, relishing each tender touch and smell that cemented itself in her memories. Margaret slid down between Anna’s thighs and pressed her lips on the smooth backside before sliding her tongue to the small dimple above valley of her ass. Margaret swirled her tongue gently before sliding down between her cheeks. Margaret quickly slid past her star, then dipped into her depths. Anna exhaled loudly and gripped the bed spread while lifting her hips once more, offering herself for the taking. Margaret didn’t disappoint and slid her tongue deep into her love. Anna’s eyelids clamped shut and braced for the coming onslaught.

“Margaret… sweet.” Anna hissed as Margaret slid her tongue around, coaxing every heavenly drop of nectar she could from Anna. Both women moaned as Margaret’s hands slapped Anna’s backside. Anna’s moan ended with a gasp as Margaret ramped her pace. Her tongue lashed Anna’s clit before diving deep into her sopping depths.

“I…god…ohhhh.” Anna breathed, clenching the covers for her life. Margaret growled and began devouring her pussy, leaving nothing untouched. Anna moaned and gasped as Margaret slid close, her tongue piercing into her depths before sucking her clit. Her attention shifted back to Anna’s dripping sex and her tongue lapped up the seeping honey before thrusting in deep. Anna’s hips rolled with Margaret’s tongue, keeping their union as tight as possible. Margaret groaned when more of Anna’s juice slipped into her mouth. Pressing her mouth harder on her sex, Margaret managed to get a little further inside Anna, eliciting a long moan from the prone Anna.

“God I love your taste.” Margaret moaned before suckling on Anna’s clit. “I can’t get enough of it.”

“I know I can feel your tongue inside me.” Anna groaned. Her legs began quivering and Margaret, feeling the shaking on the bed, doubled her efforts. Anna moaned deeply, trying everything she could to slow the pleasure that cascaded through her. The quivering travelled up her thighs into her hips and Anna sucked in one last breath before screaming into the bed spread. Anna fell to the bed in an attempt to break free but Margaret followed her down. Anna screamed again, her frame writhing under Margaret’s ministrations. Margaret watched as Anna’s head tossed and turned, her mind disoriented with ecstasy. Margaret reluctantly separated herself from Anna, letting her partner quake as her pleasure coursed through her muscles. Anna collapsed further onto the bed breathing heavily, her eyelids fluttering wildly. Margaret rolled her over and moved several sweat drenched locks from her face before rubbing her nose against Anna’s.

“You are insatiable.” Anna gasped as Margaret’s fingers teased her nipples. “And if you say you’re memorizing them I will…” Margaret cut her off with a deep kiss. Anna muffled her words into Margaret’s mouth before moaning when Margaret pressed harder on her mouth. They parted and Anna chuckled before rubbing noses. They giggled and Anna rolled them over. She pinned Margaret’s hands above her head. “And now you’re mine.”

“I was always yours.” Anna smiled sweetly before kissing her. As they parted, Anna slid down Margaret’s taller frame, her steel blues glimmering with love with undertones of a forbidden conquest. Margaret bit her bottom lip as Anna kissed just above her clit before trailing her tongue down the sides of her pink pussy lips. She swirled her tongue across her sex before coming back up. Margaret chuckled, seeing that the game was afoot. “Plan on teasing me into oblivion?” Anna smirked confidently and Margaret smirked back. “Well I’ll just lay here and savour the wonderful taste in my mouth while you take your time.”

“Oh you little.” Anna growled before pouncing. Margaret screamed and laughed while Anna quickly pinned her arms to her sides with her knees. She tried to get free and Anna smiled deviously before tweaking the outstretched nipples. Her fingers quickly tickled Margaret’s tummy and the brunette screamed.

“Not fair!” Margaret laughed, squirming to get free. Anna laughed and rode her through her efforts, turning slightly to rub Margaret’s clit while slowing her tickling. Margaret moaned and laughed as Anna manipulated her. Margaret couldn’t believe what was happening to her. She felt her pleasure growing but with the tickling, kept it in the background as a bubbling treat. Anna quickly slid two fingers deep into Margaret and as her fingers bottomed out, she halted her tickling. Margaret’s pleasure trampled through the fading tickling into the forefront and Anna grinned as Margaret’s eyes flared open.

“Shit.” Margaret growled, barely able to conquer the rush. Anna pulled her fingers free and licked the juices before sliding them back deep.

“You’re right. I could get used to tasting you. Maybe I’ll just sit on you all night taking delectable licks.” Margaret lifted an eyebrow in disbelief. Anna smiled before leaning in close. “Do you think I’m that mean? I don’t tease. I conquer.” Margaret’s eyes widened as Anna lifted up and spread Margaret’s legs wide. With Margaret’s pussy open and exposed, Anna rammed her tongue into the sopping sex before her. Margaret let out a sharp yelp as Anna devoured every inch of her, leaving nothing pleasantly unmolested by her tongue. Margaret couldn’t keep up and fell back into the bed, letting her have her way. Anna felt the relaxation and laughed victoriously before delving back between the spread legs.

“Damn girl you were holding back.” Margaret hissed. Anna ignored her comment but doubled her efforts, driving Margaret into seventh heaven. She’s perfect in every way. No one else can drive me this high so quickly.

“Come on sweet thing. I want your best tasting juice.” Anna growled, sapping any reserves Margaret had. She covered mouth and screamed, her toes curling. Anna moaned and sucked hard, getting everything she could. Margaret’s hands slapped the bed, her voice leaving her once Anna latched onto her nerve bud.

“I can’t please I can’t take it.” Margaret gasped quietly. Anna continued her assault and Margaret legs shook as her climax grew. “Pllleease.” Anna chuckled with her clit in her mouth and the vibrations sending her over the edge. Margaret let out a piercing howl, staring blankly at the roof. Her thoughts fell apart, her world spun, and the only thing she knew was that Anna was the best thing for her. Anna released her and Margaret sucked in a breath, keeping her senses. Anna crawled up with a well earned victorious grin. Margaret reached out and cupped her cheek. Anna moaned and kissed her palm before holding her hand to her cheek. They cuddled together under the blankets and held one another tightly before sleep captured them.

Margaret woke the later to the call that they had arrived in Vancouver. She reluctantly opened her eyes to a rainy day and fell back onto the bed. She glanced over and saw Anna stirring awake.

“I was having this wonderful dream that we had our own place and lived happily ever after.” Anna said as her eyes opened. Margaret smiled and kissed her passionately. “I guess this is it.” Margaret slouched but nodded. They got out of bed and saw their suitcases in the room. They dressed in jeans and shirts before packing their last belongings. They looked at each other and quickly embraced one last time. They parted and kissed before Margaret opened the door.

“I will never get over you, ever.” Margaret said, turning back to her one and only. “I’ll always love you and will never forget you.”

“And I you love. If love is true then in time we will be together and when it happens I will never let go.” Margaret kissed her and as their tongues met, the ship lurched to a halt, breaking their union.

“How does one say goodbye?” Anna whispered as their foreheads touched. Margaret sniffled and wiped her tears away. “Thanks.” Anna added with a saddened chuckle.

“No goodbyes, never goodbye. I’ll see you later, in my dreams.” Anna smiled lovingly and kissed her soundly before pinching Margaret’s bum. Margaret yelped before laughing. She returned the pinch and both laughed before Anna stepped away.

“Then I’ll see you later my sweet for another love filled evening.” Margaret leaned against the door as Anna walked out into the rain. She looked back one last time before disappearing below deck.

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