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Snow Bound

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Jimmy parked his truck in front of the dorm and climbed out. Checking the name on the front of the building, he walked up the sidewalk and pulled the door open. As soon as he stepped into the building, he heard her.


He turned to the sound and barely had time to register the form of a pretty brunette before she flew into his arms.

Squeezing him tightly, she squealed. “It’s so good to see you!”

“Wow, Katy.” He stepped back slightly to see her better. As long as he’d known her, she’d kept her hair bobbed. She’d let it grow down past her shoulders, and it looked great. “I didn’t think you could get any prettier.” Her eyes still had that same beautiful sparkle he’d always loved, but she’d traded her Lennon look wire rims for a pair of black rectangular frames. He couldn’t tell if it was just the bulky winter clothes, but he thought that there was more to her than the skinny girl he’d taken to the prom last year. He wasn’t foolish enough to mention that though.

“You’re so full of it.” She smiled her devastating smile at him, nearly making him weak at the knees.

From behind Katy, he heard a female voice. “If you two are done molesting each other, then we can get going.”

Letting go, Katy turned around and introduced her roommate. “This, would be Becky.” Becky was about the same height as Katy, but with short, blonde hair and darker blue eyes.

“So you’re the famous Jimmy.” It wasn’t really much of a question.

Putting his hand out, he smiled at her, “That’s me. Nice to meet you.”

Taking the hand, she pulled him into a hug. “Anyone Katy goes that nuts for deserves more than a handshake.”

Bulky clothes couldn’t hide Becky’s body. She pressed her rather large breasts against him and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

Letting go, she turned and went to the pile of luggage behind her. “Let’s get going before the roads ice up.”

As she bent over to pick up her luggage, Jimmy tried not to notice what a fantastic ass she had. Looking past her to Katy, he started picking up bags and carrying them out to his truck.

When Becky saw what she was to spend the next five hours in, she eyed Jimmy’s beaten up old truck with doubt. Unable to resist, she had to say, “You came here in that? You’re braver than I thought.”

Once the girls’ bags were in, they closed up the camper shell, loaded up, and headed out. Jimmy drove, with Katy next to him and Becky next to the window.

As they drove, Katy and Jimmy caught up on the last several months since graduation. Not to be left out, Becky managed to be involved, but without side tracking the conversation. It soon became apparent to Jimmy that he had been the subject of a number of conversations.

“So, Jimmy, have you talked to Gina since graduation?” Since he was driving, he missed the glare that Becky got from her roommate.

“Not until she called about this trip.” Jimmy wondered where that came from. “I started classes in the summer right after graduation and had to leave town pretty quickly.”

“So you haven’t been calling her?” Katy blurted out.

“Why would I call her?”

Changing the subject, Becky asked, “So have you skied before, or are you going to be on the Bunny Slopes with me?”

The conversation continued about skiing and what the long weekend had in store. As the day passed, and the sky began to darken, snow began falling. As the temperature dropped, the snow turned to sleet, causing Jimmy to switch the truck from two to four-wheel-drive. He switched the radio on and had the girls look for a weather report.

“That sucks.” Katy spoke up. “The highway’s closed up ahead. That’s the only way to get to the lodge from here.”

“We’re almost there. Is there a different way around?” Becky couldn’t believe they were so close, but couldn’t get there.

“Not with the road closed.”

“So what do we do?” Becky whined.

“Well, I’m pulling into this rest stop.” Pulling up to a stop, Jimmy ran inside to take care of business while the girls discussed plans in the truck. When he got back, they filled him in.

Katy began, “The ice on the roads should thaw in the morning, and we can go on through. So we were thinking we’ll just wait it out here.”

“Wait it out here? Are you nuts? It’s twenty degrees outside.”

Becky picked up from there, “So we stay in the truck.”

It wasn’t long before they realized that three people sleeping in the cab of a truck wasn’t the easiest thing.

Becky spoke up again. “New plan. We take all the crap out of the back, and stuff it in here and we can stretch out in the back.”

“Well, I brought a propane heater,” Jimmy suggested. “We can use bungees to hang it from the roof and crack a window so we don’t suffocate.”

Ten minutes later, they’d moved everything but their combined blankets and pillows into the front of the truck and were snuggled together, stripped down to their long underwear, waiting for the heater to warm up the cargo area. Jimmy found himself pressed between Katy in front and Becky behind. He had to concentrate to keep himself under control enough not to jab a hard-on into Katy’s back. To make matter worse, when the girls had wandered off to the bathroom earlier, they must have taken off their bras. Having Becky’s huge tits mashed into his back was bad enough, but he’d dreamed of holding Katy just like this for years. Of course the dream version didn’t involve long underwear, a propane heater, a blizzard, or even a big-tittied blonde.

As they talked about whatever came up, Jimmy realized that the arm that he had around Katy was pressing up against her boobs. This helped only slightly less than when he realized that in only her thermal underwear, he could not only tell that she’d put on weight, but she’d put it on in ALL the right places.

“So, Jimmy,” Becky asked, ” Truth or dare?”

“Um, how about sleep?”

“Don’t be a chicken. It’ll be fun. You can go next.”

“It’s too cold to get out of the blankets for a dare.”

Katy agreed. “When you’re involved, dares always seem to involve me taking off clothes. No way I’m playing.”

Jimmy teased “In that case, I’m all for playing.” This earned him one of Katy’s elbows in the ribs. “I mean, how about sleep?”

“I’m bored, and I can’t sleep. So how about truth or truth?”

“You might as well go along with it. She won’t stop until she’s tired,” Katy sighed.

“Okay, ask away.”

“Is this your first time to sleep with two women?”

“I haven’t even slept with two women tonight, but when I do get to sleep, it will be.” That did it. As much as he tried to keep his cool, Becky’s question started getting a rise out of him.

“Okay, my turn.” He thought for a second, “Katy, what was the most embarrassing thing to happen to you?”

“You should know; you were there.”

Becky blurted out, “Well I wasn’t, so fess up.”

“In biology class, I bent over to pick up a pen that I’d dropped, and ripped out the ass in my pants to reveal my super-girl panties.”

“That’s awful.” Becky suppressed a giggle. Was the logo on the butt or what? How did they know?”

“It’s worse than that…” Jimmy was stopped by an elbow again.

“There wasn’t much of a back. It was a thong.”

“So you showed everyone the crack of your ass?”

“I’ll remember it to my dying day.” Jimmy said fondly.

“You ass. Just wait.” Turning over she snuggled up against him again and looked him in the eye. With a smirk she asked. “So, Becky, what’s the shortest length of time you’ve gone between fucking two different guys.”

“Well if threesome’s count, then a few seconds, otherwise I’d say about thirty minutes.”

Katy smirked at him as she felt his growing discomfort pressing against her belly.

“Back to me.” Leaning up so she could see over Jimmy, Becky asked. “When did you lose you virginity?”

Katy blushed. This was something she obviously didn’t want to bring up in front of him. “The week before classes started, I went to a party and got drunk and went home with a guy. I found out later that I’d been pretty lucky. Since he was kinda small, it didn’t hurt as much as it could have.”

Jimmy squirmed again, trying to readjust himself in order to hide his hard on. Katy eyed him knowingly. “Your turn.”

“Okay, Becky. What was your most embarrassing moment?”

“Waste of time.” Katy answered. “She has no shame.”

“That’s because you can’t be much more embarrassed than being brought home by the cops and having them tell your parents that they caught you in the park fucking your boyfriend while sucking off his best friend. On top of that, my brother blabbed it to the whole school.” If they kept this up, Jimmy would blow in his long underwear.

“Okay, Jimmy, tell us about when you lost it.”

“My roommate brought a girl home the third week of classes. She was real horny and started sucking him off right there in front of me until he blew his wad. She was still horny and he was tired, so he told her to fuck me instead. So she did, four times that night, and Todd never woke up for any of them.”

“So you lost it to some skank you never met before? All right!” Becky seemed impressed.

“Well not really. We had an English class together, so I’d met her before.”

“Wait a minute.” Katy interrupted, “Gina told me you fucked her during the band trip our senior year.”

“I played with her tits some, but I never fucked her. I may have been the only guy in the trumpet section that didn’t though.” Jimmy was surprised. “You sure she meant me, not just maybe ‘all the trumpet section?’

“No, she said you talked her into it and she spent the night in your room.”

“Well, she did spend one night in my room, but she was fucking Rob, not me.”

A look of understanding filled her eyes. “Oh! That bitch!”

“What?” Becky was looking at her like she was crazy.

“Did you ask her to the prom before you asked me?”

“What?” Jimmy was confused. “I asked you in March.”

“She told me you asked her while you guys were doing it, but she told you to ask me instead.”

“We never ‘did it.’ How could I have asked her while we were doing it, if we didn’t do it?”

“So this friend of yours lied about fucking your boyfriend?” Becky was confused.

“Well we were just friends.” Katy sighed. “Not that I wanted it that way.”

“Gina told me that you just wanted to be friends,” Jimmy was finally catching on.

“What a bitch,” Becky added. “So, all that time you two had the hots for each other?” She started laughing, “You guys even went to the prom together. Nothing happened there either?”

Jimmy tried to see the humor in it, “Well, I was convinced she just wanted to be friends. But I did kiss her good night.”

“It was like you’d kiss your mom.” Katy, was clearly getting worked up over the whole thing. “It was over in two seconds.”

“I don’t know about you, but it was long enough to make me nearly shoot a load in my pants.” Trying to add a little humor, he added, “After holding you that close most of the night, I was ready to burst anyway.”

“Kinda like now?” She pressed herself against him harder, and leaned over him so she could see Becky. “Gina lied about something else too.” Jimmy couldn’t see her eyes, but from the motion of her head, she was signaling toward their crotches.

“Oh, really?”

More than slightly embarrassed, Jimmy asked, “Do I even want to know?”

“Probably not,” Katy giggled and told him anyway, “but Gina said you had a really small dick.”

“So how much of a lie are we talking about?” Becky asked in her best Marylin voice.

“I can’t tell exactly.” Grinding her body against his, she whispered in his ear, “But I plan on finding out as soon as I can.”

Sitting up, Becky grabbed her coat, “I gotta pee. It may take me a while, so why don’t you two do some catching up.” They could see clearly that the conversation had gotten to her too, by the fact that her nipples were at attention and visible through the fabric of her thermal top. As she struggled to get into her snow boots, Jimmy didn’t even pretend not to take in her body in the skin tight fabric, though he’d already began exploring her roommate under the covers. Finally ready, she leaned over them and kissed them both on the cheek. “Have fun.”

As soon as she’d climbed out and closed the hatch, they were all over each other. Jimmy kissed her like he’d wanted to for years. While they kissed, their hands roamed over each other’s bodies. Jimmy wasted no time wrapping his hands around the ass he’d been fantasizing about since their freshman year.

As soon as she felt both hands on her ass, Katy rolled on top of him, planting her crotch on the lump in his pants. As he kneaded her cheeks in his hands, she began grinding her crotch into his.

Confident she wouldn’t mind, Jimmy took the opportunity to slip one hand, and then the other inside the waistband of her thermal underwear. When she felt his hands caressing her bare ass, she gave a slight groan and ground into him harder.

Keeping a firm grip on her ass with one hand, he slid the other up her back, inside her top, until he was caressing her back, between the shoulder blades. As he slid his hand around to her front, she lifted up off of him enough to let a hand between them.

When his hand finally slid across her breast, she stopped kissing him and groaned loudly. As he began gently caressing her chest, closing his hand around her tit, she sat up as best she could, grabbed the hem of her top and pulled it off.

As soon as he realized what she was doing, Jimmy let go of her chest, not wanting anything to spoil the view of his first look at her naked tits. Though he’d never seen her naked, he’d been around her in swimsuits often enough to know that while they were in high school, skinny Katy had been at biggest a small A cup. Now that she’d put on a little weight, she was a heavy B cup. As she started to lay back down on top of him, he grabbed her waist and stopped her.

“I’ve fantasized about what you looked like naked for over four years. I always dreamed you would look beautiful, but even then it wasn’t as good as this.” The dim light put out by the propane heater revealed the most beautiful tits he’d ever seen. They were firm, with gravity barely tugging them, unable to make them sag. Her nipples were hard, and her areolas, about as big around as a half dollar. Her body was tanned, but triangles of white showed where her swimsuit usually covered.

Pushing down on top of him, she looked him in the eye. “I’m only half naked. Why don’t you take care of that?”

Not one to need to be asked twice, Jimmy rolled her off of her, grabbed her long underwear by the waistband, and pulled them down her legs, as she lifted her butt up to make it easier for him to strip her. Down only to her socks, which Jimmy never noticed, she was even more amazing. He paused to take in her body, nearly shooting his load in his pants when he saw the dark patch of hair between her legs. He didn’t mind a shaved pussy, but he preferred trimmed hair between a woman’s legs.

Lying down between her inviting legs, he pressed his hard-on against her pussy and kissed her again. She immediately grabbed his shirt and started pulling it off. He stopped kissing her only long enough to let the shirt pass over his head, and went right back to kissing her as they both started pulling his long underwear off of him.

Stripped down to their socks, they writhed together, with his cock pressing against her lips. He kissed his way down her body, stopping at her beautiful tits. Taking one nipple in his mouth, he caressed the opposite breast with his hand, causing Katy to moan loudly. He alternated between breasts for a while, as Katy’s breathing got heavier and heavier. Kissing his way past her belly, Jimmy slid her legs up over his shoulders as he kissed down her pelvis and started nibbling the soft flesh on the insides of her thighs. When he started kissing around her lips, she moaned again, and grabbed his hair with both hands. She all but screamed as his tongue parted her lips and began exploring her pussy.

While his tongue searched out her clit, Jimmy reached up with one hand and started caressing a breast. As his tongue found her clit, her body began writhing under his face, grinding her crotch into him.

Suddenly she pushed his head away from her pussy. “We’ve got all weekend to do this,” she panted. “Fuck me. Please.”

Not one to be told twice, Jimmy kissed his way up her belly to her tits. He paused only long enough to circle each nipple once or twice with his tongue.

As soon as she could reach his lips, she kissed him deeply, tasting herself on his lips. Reaching down, he guided his cock to her soaked lips and slowly slid the head between them. Looking into her eyes as he entered her, he slowly pressed himself further. Given, he hadn’t had much experience, but she was by far the tightest.

Each time he pressed a bit farther in, Katy gasped, until the fattest part finally slipped in and she started groaning. Finally, he slowly began pulling out again, causing a whole new wave of pleasure as he pulled out as slowly as he’d started. As he pressed back into her, she relaxed slightly, allowing him to slide in even easier. When she thought she felt him reach the end, she arched her back and wrapped her legs around his waist. “Oh god, that thing’s huge.”

Leaning down, he kissed her tenderly, whispered softly, “It’s not all the way in yet,” and slowly slid the last couple of inches inside her.

All Katy could say in response was, “NNGH!” When she felt his balls resting against her ass, she held him in tight with her legs to get used to the size.

Jimmy was thankful for the break, since he didn’t want to shoot his load yet. He held her, kissing her neck until she unhooked her legs from around him and started rocking her hips back and forth. Taking the hint, Jimmy matched her rhythm as they slowly made love.

Jimmy started to relax, and soon that familiar pressure that told him he was about to explode receded enough that he could really enjoy being inside her. He pulled as far out as he could, with out slipping out of her with each stroke, and slowly slid back into her, until she started panting heavily and began bucking her hips into him more rapidly.

As he matched her pace, he felt himself on the edge of exploding when she suddenly started bucking wildly beneath him. She screamed every time he slammed into her until finally, he slammed in one last time and pumped her full of his cum.

Rolling off of her, they managed to keep his slowly softening dick inside her and arrange her on top of him.

As they snuggled together in the aftermath of wadded up blankets, Jimmy broke the silence. “It was worth it.”

Picking her head up from his chest, Katy asked, “What was worth it? Sex?”

“It was worth waiting all the extra time to finally get into your pants.”

Laying her head back down, her only response was, “Yeah, it was.”

They would have slept like that, had a blast of cold air not filled the truck bed.

Crawling in, Becky all but ignored the condition they were in. “I hope you two are finished, cause it’s fucking cold out there.”

Pulling the blankets up around them they both looked at Becky with that very content look that comes from some really good sex.

Slipping out of her coat and boots, Becky crawled back into the covers and snuggled into them, causing immediate protests as she pressed her very cold self into their warm bodies. Due to the small confines of the truck bed, and their lack of interest in untangling, themselves, Becky won out and they simply had to deal with being her heating system for a bit.

Once she was settled in, she looked over at them. “Are you two getting dressed? I’m fine with naked, but if naked is okay, all this is coming off. I hate sleeping in anything.”

Turning her head toward her roommate, Katy simply said, “Naked.”

Not one to pass up an opportunity, Jimmy turned his head to watch.

Without missing a beat, Becky sat up and pulled her thermal top over her head, revealing a fantastic pair of tits. They looked to be at least a d cup, possibly more. While he admired them, she laid back, hooked her thumbs in her waistband, lifted her hips, and slid them down her legs. Interestingly enough, she turned out to be a natural blond.

Turning his head back the woman on top of him, he was busted. She’d caught him looking at her naked roommate. Before he could say anything, she said, “It’s okay. I was watching too. She looks great naked.”

As Becky snuggled back into them, Jimmy felt himself getting hard again. Since he never fully pulled out, it just took a little shifting to slide fully back into Katy.

As she felt him stiffening, Katy let out a quite, “Mmmm.”

“Dammit! I’m not going back out there. If you two wanna keep going at it, fine, but you’ll have an audience.”

Katy responded by pushing up slightly with her hands and grinding her hips and sliding Jimmy deeper into her.

If he hadn’t just busted a nut, Jimmy would have when Becky reached between her legs. Apparently Katy felt the same, because her second orgasm came so suddenly that she bumped her head on the roof of the camper shell.

Finally spent, she rolled off of him and collapsed, leaving him with a raging hard-on. As she slid off of him, and his dick came into view, Becky blurted out, “Damn!”

Crawling halfway across him, Becky begged, “Can I finish him up for you? Please?”

When she’d sprawled across him, mashing those beautiful tits into his chest, Jimmy had already managed to get a handful of her beautiful ass. As soon as he heard Katy’s weak, “Okay,” he pulled Becky’s head over and kissed her.

It was nothing like when he’d kissed Katy. This time is was pure lust.

As her huge tits mashed into him, he filled his hands by grabbing her ass. Her humping against his hard cock was nearly too much for him. Wanting to prolong the fun, he guided her back off of him and lifted up so she could slide under him. Positioned between her legs, he guided his length to her pussy and pushed forward into her in one long, slow, push.

“Aaagh!” Becky was much louder than her roommate. Every thrust into her caused a loud moan or other noise of pleasure. There was no love making. There was simply breeding. Fucking Becky was purely physical. He held himself up and so he could watch her tits bounce as they fucked. Becky’s head was thrown back, her back was arched, and she was screaming, “Oh, God! Oh, God! OH, GOD!” until she was no longer able to form words and just screamed.

He started to slow down after she came, to let her catch her breath, but she moaned, “Keep going. Cum in me.” He closed his eyes and became oblivious to his surroundings, almost forgetting that they were being watched, until suddenly the screaming stopped and the moaning was suddenly muffled.

He nearly stopped completely when he opened his eyes and found Becky playing tonsil hockey with Katy. When they broke their kiss, and Becky’s lips found Katy’s nipple, Katy moaned and brought his attention back to the task at hand. Putting an arm around Katy, he pulled her closer to them, allowing the girls better access to each other; he started aggressively fucking Becky again.

While Becky was teasing Katy’s nipples with her tongue, Katy took the chance to finally play with Becky’s big, bouncing tits. Once Becky let go of her nipple, Katy took one plump, pink nipple between her lips which suddenly him inspired to do likewise with the other. Becky, started quivering and screaming again, which made it all too much for him and he unloaded inside her, pumping his hot, sticky mess into her pussy.

He’d expected to find himself sandwiched between them again, but as they snuggled back into bed, finally, he found himself spooning Katy, who was, in turn, spooning, Becky. All three kissed each other good night, and they snuggled under the covers until morning.

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