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Kiki Brings Edith Home

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After the first month that Kiki moved into my home, she decided to rent her house and, after some haggling with the association president, did so. Needless to say, it was quickly snapped up, the market in our development was that good.

Every Sunday, Kiki had phoned her sister-in-law, Edith, who lived in Pennsylvania.

I couldn’t help but overhear some of the conversations from time to time, conversations that boosted my ego through the roof at times. I had always prided myself with my ability to satisfy her, sexually, and she sometimes recounted our lovemaking in vivid detail. Of course, I heard only her side of the conversation so I never knew what Edith’s responses were.

Right after her house was rented, Kiki decided that she would visit Edith for a few days. “You’ll just have to make do with your right hand while I’m gone. Just don’t get too wrapped up with it though, ” she laughed. “It’s only for a long weekend. ”

I delivered Kiki to the airport early on Thursday morning; she would be returning the following Monday afternoon. With all these new restrictions on air travel, we had to part as she went through the screening. Her last words to me were, “Now you be good and be ready for me when I get back. ” To emphasize her meaning, she gave my crotch a soft pat as she left me.

I stopped on the way home at a Dunkin Donuts for a cup of coffee and a donut, then did a little shopping. At home I caught up on some paperwork I had sadly neglected during all the enjoyable time with Kiki. Dammit, I already missed her. I must admit though, that I got a full nights sleep that night.

Somehow the weekend passed and I had only jacked-off once. Monday morning Kiki called and we talked briefly before she got ready to leave for the airport for her return. I told her that I would not be at the airport when she got in, but, for her to call me as soon as she landed and I’d drive right in, it was only a twenty minute trip. I’d pick her up curbside. “Good, it’ll probably take me that long to get my bag, ” she replied. “By the way, I’ve got a nice surprise for you. ”

Shortly after three that afternoon she called and I immediately got in the car to go pick her up. With little traffic I made it in just under the twenty minutes and as I pulled into the arrival pick-up area, I saw her standing there, waiting for me. She seemed to be in a deep conversation with another arrival, a thin, dirty blonde, dressed, like Kiki, in shorts that showed off a pair of slender legs. I pulled to the curb next to them, killed the motor and got out to open the car trunk for Kiki’s bag.

When I turned to her she smiled and said, “Hi lover man, kiss me and meet Edy, my surprise for you. ” I gawked for an instant, then smiled and foolishly, held out my hand to Edy.

“Hi, Edith, I didn’t know you were coming. This is a surprise. ” Edy laughed, ignoring my hand and, instead, held out her face for a kiss. I took the gesture and planted a kiss on her cheek, then kissed Kiki. “Welcome home, dear, and welcome to Florida, Edy. ”

I quickly stowed their bags in the car trunk and we all got in the car for the trip home. Knowing that I-95 would be bumper to bumper this time of the day and dodging the other cars exiting the airport, took the Congress Avenue exit ramp. As soon as I stopped at a red light, Kiki leaned over for a proper kiss. “Did you miss me, Honey? I missed you. ”

“Darned right I missed you, ” and patted her bare leg right below her shorts. She laughed.

“I know what you missed and we’ll have to make up for lost time. ” In the back seat, Edy was laughing right along with Kiki.

When the light turned green, Kiki said, “Let’s stop for dinner on the way, I’m famished. We haven’t had anything since breakfast and they don’t serve any meals on the planes now. ”

“Yeah, ” Edy concurred from the back seat. “I’m starving too. ”

“No problem, we’ll just join all the Early Birds. That’ll be something new for us. How about ‘Snappers?” Edy began giggling and I quickly explained to her that it was the name of the restaurant.

“Yeah, Edy, get your mind off sex for a few minutes, ” Kiki said laughingly. “And, don’t order desert or we’ll have to wait an hour after eating for ‘you know what’. ” She turned to me and said, loudly, “You’re in for a big treat, big boy. Think you can handle two horny old broads?”

That was my first inkling of what lay in store for me and abruptly my cock began to respond. “If you mean what I think you mean, I’d gladly die trying. And, I don’t see any old broads. ”

Luckily, the restaurant wasn’t crowded when we got there and we were seated immediately. True to their words, the two women ate ravenishly, while I settled for a light meal. I had eaten a late lunch. Besides, I thought that I performed better on an unfilled belly.

It was almost six by the time we got home, their bags out of the car and into the house. I was somewhat surprised as I watched Kiki lead the way for the two of them right into our bedroom. For my part, I got out some booze and mixers, made myself a drink and then sat in the livingroom to wait for them to join me.

>From time to time I heard giggling coming from the bedroom and they seemed to be taking a long time in there. “What are you two up to in there, ” I called out.

I heard a laugh, then Kiki answered. “We’re just getting out of our travel clothes and into something comfortable. Be there in a minute. ”

I nearly choked on my drink when a few minutes later they emerged from the bedroom. They were both ‘dressed’ in oversize tee shirts that hung to just below their hips. They were very obviously naked underneath. “Don’t we look better now, Jon? I know I feel much better without all that constricting stuff on, ” Kiki laughed. “Why don’t you get comfortable too?”

While Kiki mixed drinks for she and Edy, I stood up and shucked off all but my boxers, not even trying to hide the bulge that had developed in them. Kiki took one look at it and then, nudging Edy, said, “See, I told you he’d be happy to see us. ”

“To tell the truth, Kiki, I’m kind of glad to see him. I’m anxious to see just how talented Jon is and I don’t mean with that thing that’s making a tent out of those boxers. ”

“Oh he’s talented with more than that nice cock he’s hiding. Stick out your tongue, lover, and show her your other good feature. ” It was plain that Kiki had confided to Edy much more than I thought about our activities.

I turned to Edy and stuck my tongue out as far as I could, then made lapping motions as though I was licking an ice-cream cone with it. Edy got a glazed look in her eyes as she watched. “To hell with the drinks, Kiki, I need to test that out. I’ve gotten so hot, I need to cum. ”

“Don’t be in such a rush, babe, ” Kiki said softly. “Just diddle yourself for a few minutes. Show Jon how hot it’s making you. He gets really hard watching you taking care of business. ”

Edy drew her feet up onto the chair seat, revealing her bare pussy, already glinting with moisture. I put my drink down and, raising my butt off the chair, pushed my boxers down and off. My cock was standing straight up. Kiki got up and came to straddle me, facing away from me, and quickly lowered herself, guiding my cock into her also wet cunt. “Fuck me, Jon then give Edy a good licking. ” I reached around her and up under her tee shirt to cup her tits as she commenced bouncing up and down. “Oh fuck yes, lover, give it to me, ” as her movement became more vigorous. “God, but I missed this. ”

Although the sight of Edy ‘taking care of business’ was somewhat obscured, I could still see her self ministrations. She had disposed of her tee shirt and I got the first view of her tits, tiny tits that seemed to be all nipple. She was pulling on first one then the other with her left hand while her right hand was attacking her clit in a feverish rubbing motion. Her head was thrown back against the back of the chair and she seemed to be on the verge of cumming.

Apparently Kiki was watching Edy too and getting just as excited watching her sister-in-law masturbate. “Oh god, Edy, do it, make yourself cum. Come on, baby, do it now. Oh jeez, I’m gonna cum! Fuck me, Jon, fuck me hard. ” I grabbed her hips and drove into her as hard and deep as I could. My cock jerked as I unloaded my jism into her. Kiki fell back onto me, her head resting on my shoulder as she shuddered through her orgasm.

At that very instant, as though programmed, Edy let out a low growl as she brought herself off. The room reeked of sexual release. I was thankful at that moment for the Scotch-gard treatment I had given the furniture for I felt the mixture of Kiki and my juices running down my thighs and onto the chair cushion. I was sure that Edy was dripping too.

But as I watched, she continued pleasuring herself, with two fingers buried in her cunt, trying to maintain her sexual high. Amazingly, my cock, which had started to shrink, regained life and within seconds was again stiff and hard.

“My god, Jon, ” Kiki muttered, “is Edy keeping you up?”

“Yeah, that woman is really turning me on. ”

“Why don’t we go to bed and you can give her pussy a good licking now, get her off good. Then fuck her hard. Show her I haven’t been stretching the truth when I told her what a stud you are. ”

Kiki got off my lap, freeing my cock, and walked over to the chair Edy was now sitting up in. “Come on girl, it’s time for your ‘treatment’ Let’s get on the bed so we can all be more comfortable. ”

Once in the bedroom, the two of them stretched out, side by side over two large bath towels, apparently placed there when the two of them had been ‘getting comfortable’. As I crawled over the foot of the bed to between Edy’s open legs, I got my first good look at her cunt, her swollen lips covered with her milky white cum juice. “Ummm, ” I said to them, “looks like my dessert is ready for me. ” Her legs went straight up in the air as I plunged my face towards my target. I licked up as much of her juices as I could before concentrating on her joy spot. As my tongue touched her engorged clit, she brought both legs down, to rest on my shoulders, giving me the chance to reach up with both hands to fondle her nipples.

My lips circled her clit and I began to lovingly tease it with the tip of my tongue. “Oh yes, yesss, ” she sobbed. I felt one of my hands pulled from her tit and I looked up over Edy’s slightly rounded tummy to see Kiki lower her mouth onto that nipple and suck it into her mouth. At that very instant, Edy let out a low moan and came.

I kept her at her peak for a minute or two, then let up on her clit to let her come down from her high. When her body had relaxed, I returned to sucking and licking the now swollen nub. Her heals were dug into my back as she strove to force her pussy harder to my mouth. Over and over, she began muttering, “Ohmygod, ohmygod, oh god, oh god, ohmygod, ” then, “Oh god, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, ” as her heals began a drum beat on my back. I felt her body tense as she screamed at me, “DON’T STOP, oh god, DON’T STOP”. Of course, I had no intention of stopping. Her cunt was gushing more of her cum juices onto my chin as her cum seemed to go on and on, until obviously, exhausted, she collapsed.

Although both Edy and I were still, I felt the bed moving and as I rose up onto my knees I found the reason why. Kiki was on her belly, one hand under her, at her pussy, humping like crazy. The sight of my licking Edy’s pussy apparently had been too much for her and she was determined to not be left out of all the pleasuring.

My cock, already at full staff, became even stiffer and I took hold of it and slowly stroked it. “Hey! No fair, ” I heard Edy exclaim. “That’s supposed to be for me. “.

There she was, knees up, legs spread, her cunt still glistening with the mixture of my saliva and her cum. I moved forward, aiming my cock at her juicey hole and lowered myself. She grabbed my prick and guided it into her hot hole. “Come on, Jon, fuck me, fuck me fast and hard. ”

There was no resistance as I buried my prick deep and began thrusting. “Jeez, Edy, I really need to cum and it’s not going to take me long. ”

“Just shut up and fuck me. ”

With the moans of Kiki beside me, bringing herself to orgasm and the ‘unh…. unh… unh” from Edy each time I drove my prick into her, I was at fevers pitch to get myself off. It seemed I was just on the edge but couldn’t get over. I began to sweat, my perspiration dripping on Edy’s small tits.

Suddenly she screamed out, “FOR GODS SAKE DON’T STOP! OHMYGOD, OHMYGOD, YESSSS!”, as her whole body tensed up and she clung to me, trying to keep me prick deep in her cunt. “Oooohhh, ” she moaned as she came, her cunt convulsing on my cock. Her cum seemed to just go on and on for several minutes until, finally she completely relaxed, letting go of me and throwing her arms outstretched to either side. As I tried to resume pumping, she cried out, “Oh Jon, no more, please, no more., ” pushing me away

When I was back up on my knees, my prick was still stiff as a board and beginning to ache. My god, I thought, I’m priaptic. I’ve got a perpetual hard-on. I grasped it and began jacking off, I had to relieve the pressure. I kept pumping until my arm began to get tired and I was about to stop when that familiar feeling started in my groin and after a few more desperate strokes, a long rope of thick white cum squirted out to land on Edy’s belly, followed by two more, less forceful squirts. I milked a last few drops as my prick finally began to soften until it was hang limp, the pain gone from it.

As I sat back on my heels, Edy began twirling her fingers in the deposit I had made, then, with her fingers coated with my cum, she brought her hand to her mouth and licked her fingers clean. “Uumm, Jon, you taste as good as you fuck. Next time I’m going straight to the well. ”

Kiki, having satisfied herself, watched as Edy cleaned up all the cum she could. “Edy, ” she said laughingly, “you’re a pig. You could have offered me a little of that. ”

I was exhausted. “Your both going to have to wait quite a while before there’s anymore. “

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