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Baggage Claim

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A young man in jeans and a TransFlyte golf shirt watched the last piece of luggage get picked up from the baggage claim carousel by a middle-aged businessman. He saw the single remaining girl’s exasperated expression, even from a distance. When the carousel stopped, she stared at it as if trying to make it move again.

Finally, she turned and glanced around the nearly empty baggage claim area. It was late evening. Few, if any more, flights would be arriving that night. When it looked like she might leave, the young man walked out of the shadows.

She looked at him once. Then twice. She saw the logo on his shirt and turned to face him. He was close now.

“Can I help you?” he asked.

“Are there any more bags from flight 346?”

He had been told she was cute. The guys in Orlando had lied to him. She was gorgeous: light brown hair with even lighter streaks through it; a perfect tan; full breasts under a tight top; tiny waist; body-hugging jeans; and, long legs.

He found himself staring into her incredible eyes, saying, “No. That’s it, I’m afraid. Missing one?”

“Two, actually,” she said with disgust.

“Maybe they came on an earlier flight.”

Her face seemed to physically brighten at the words.

“Really? Where would they be?” she asked.

“Upstairs. Behind the ticket counter. We have an office where we store them,” he said nonchalantly.

“Can we check?”

She was nearly walking before she finished asking.

“Sure. I’ll take you,” the young man volunteered.

His leisurely pace didn’t suit her, but if he took her to her ‘lost’ luggage, it would be worth it, she supposed.

“Been on vacation?” the man asked.

“Yeah. A cruise,” she answered.

“Wow. That would be nice. It’s turning so cold up here.”

The got on an escalator.

“I’ll need to give them your name,” he said, looking back over his shoulder at her.

“Amanda Peters.”

“OK, Amanda. I’m Joel.”


At the top of the escalator, they turned left and made their way to the TransFlyte ticket counter. The near total absence of customers made the normally bustling scene seem almost eerie to Amanda. Joel led her beyond the TSA scanners and to the side of the ticket counter.

“Wait here. I’ll be right back,” Joel told her.

He closed the office door behind him and looked at the man behind the desk.

“Holy shit, Tom. This one is flat out gorgeous,” Joel said. “My cock’s throbbing already.”

“Relax,” Tom said with a smile. “We’ve got all evening. Did you see how dead it is out there?”

Joel nodded, fully realizing the consequences of the statement.

Before he could respond, a tall girl in her early twenties, about Amanda’s age, came through the office’s back door.

“Well?” she asked.

“Hey, Angie. She’s here. She’s beautiful and she’s VERY anxious to get her luggage,” Joel told her.

Angie sat on a couch and grinned. “How anxious?”

“I’m pretty sure she’d do almost anything to get those bags,” Joel said.

“OK,” Tom interrupted. “You guys know the routine. If it looks like she’s going to panic, back off. Let’s do it.”

Joel turned, opened the office door, and called for Amanda to come in.

Tom was a thirty year old supervisor for TransFlyte and had worked with Joel and Angie for nearly a year. The trio hit it off immediately and found themselves killing time during slow periods with open discussions about their sexual fantasies. Angie, being the youngest as well as an attractive blonde, was often the target of the men’s pestering; but, she took it in stride.

Tom initiated the ‘baggage diversion program’ six months earlier. It took some cooperation from his friends at the airlines in other cities, but the compensation he paid them in the form of confiscated liquor and cigarettes was well worth it.

When he saw Amanda enter the office, he knew the price would be very high. He stared at her model-like figure and stunning face while Joel closed the door behind her. Angie was equally transfixed on the couch, restlessly crossing her legs as she watched.

“Hello, Miss…um, Peters. Correct?” Tom said, staring at a piece of paper on his desk.

“Yes,” she replied.

“It seems there was a mix up with your luggage,” Tom said in a monotone voice.

“Do you have them?”

Tom looked at her intently. Without fail, this was the point where he could begin to tell if the ‘victim’ was going to cooperate. More than once, luggage was turned over to women who appeared ready to get combative.

“We do.”

“May I have them?” Amanda asked.

“It seems, Amanda, that there was a problem with some of the contents of your baggage,” Tom said.

“A problem? Like what?”

Tom nodded at Joel, who vanished into the area Angie had come from. A few seconds later, he returned with Amanda’s bags in tow. He placed them beside Tom’s desk.

The supervisor rose from his chair and stood by the bags.

“You realize, of course, that bags are randomly checked for drugs, explosives, and so forth,” Tom said, beginning to unzip the largest of the bags. “This bag was one of those.”

Amanda’s stomach turned from anger as she watched the bag being opened.

“You know damn well there’s nothing like that in there,” she said.

“But we didn’t at the time,” Tom said, laying the bag completely open.

All eyes were on the contents. A layer of neatly folded clothes did not, on the surface, seem very unlawful. Tom dug his hands deep along the side of the bag.

“Ah ha,” he declared.

When he pulled his hand out, he was holding a large box containing a bottle of rum.

“I’m allowed to have that,” Amanda said loudly.

Tom dug on the other side of the suitcase and pulled out a second, identical box.

“You declared all this, of course,” Tom said.

Amanda scowled at him.

Tom stared back at her. “Well, maybe that’s irrelevant. The fact is, we all know about it. And it seems to me that you should reward our finding your bags by allowing us to sample it.”

“You didn’t ‘find’ my bags. You stole them,” Amanda stated, as if she was a lawyer trying to convince a jury.

“Are you really in a position to be making accusations, Amanda?”

Tom was already opening one of the boxes and letting the large bottle slide out into his hand. Joel and Angie looked on with anticipation, knowing where Tom was probably going with this one.

“Angie, would you go get us some Coke, please?” Tom said.

Amanda was resigned to the fact some, if not all, of her expensive rum was about to be dispersed among the staff members. She chose to remain calm, if not content.

Tom opened the bottle and whiffed the contents. Soon, Angie was back with three large glasses of soda. She placed them on Tom’s desk and returned to her couch.

Amanda expected him to pour her rum into the glasses. Instead, he put the bottle down and revisited the luggage.

“It’s been a long day, Amanda. I think me and the staff would like to be served,” Tom said, turning over several pieces of clothing in the suitcase. “You can act as the cocktail waitress. But we need something for you to wear. Something appropriate.”

Amanda’s throat began to tighten at the tone of his voice and the fact he was rummaging through her stuff.

“Listen,” she said. “Take the rum. Both of them if you want. Just let me go home.”

Tom pushed aside several articles of Amanda’s clothing before seeming to find what he was after. Everybody watched him pull out a single, tiny item. It was light blue and nearly fit in the palm of his hand.

Only when he held it up did it become apparent what he had: a silk thong.

“Perfect,” Tom exclaimed.

Joel smiled from ear to ear. In all the previous ‘detentions’ they had pulled off, they had never found a sexier item to be worn by a sexier girl. He saw the glee in Angie’s eyes.

“If you don’t mind…,” Amanda started to say.

“Oh, c’mon,” Tom said harshly. “Don’t act like your so modest, Amanda. The only reason you’d pack something like this is to be seen in it. So we’ll give you that opportunity.”

His meaning was obvious and Amanda considered her options. She was ready to turn and leave.

“Put this on and serve us, or never see the bags again—or any of their contents.”

Like the money-conscious girl she was, Amanda did some quick math in her head to try to calculate how much she’d lose. It was substantial. Twenty seconds passed in silence.

“You can walk out of her tonight, Amanda, with both bags and both bottles of rum. Well, what’s left of them anyway,” Tom said calmly. “Just do as I say.”

Amanda glared at him. Tom tossed her the thong.

“Put it on.”

One last thought of escape preceded Amanda unbuttoning her jeans. She pulled down the zipper and kicked off her shoes. She saw all three TransFlyte employees following the movement of her hands as she pushed down on the top of her pants.

A pair of white bikini panties emerged from under the jeans as they slid down her legs. Amanda pulled her foot out of one pant leg, and then the other. The anger inside her showed as she flung the jeans on the floor.

She reached for her panties.

“Uh huh!” Tom shouted. “Not yet. I want everything off.”

“You fucking pervert,” Amanda barked. “Is this the only way you can get your kicks?”

“No. It’s the only way you can get your luggage, and clothes, and liquor.”

Amanda gripped the bottom of her shirt and angrily yanked it over her head. A bra that matched her tiny panties clung closely to her ample breasts. The nipples were prominent through the thin material and even the darker ovals of her areolas were evident. The erection that began for Joel in the baggage claim area grew quickly inside his pants.

Amanda delayed the next move until looking at Tom and receiving his command to continue—a gentle nod of his head. She reached behind her back and unhooked the bra. She held it in place for a couple seconds before allowing it to drop off.

Each of the employees did a silent inspection of Amanda’s faultless tits. They envisioned themselves taking Amanda in their mouth, licking and sucking on the erect nipples. The men thought of the feel of the tits wrapped around their aching cocks.

All in due time.

The show was about to reach the final act. With youthful grace, Amanda pulled off her panties, reached for the thong, and slid it up her silky thighs. She pulled on the straps to put everything in its place. She hoped that the quick glance everybody got of her neatly shaven pussy would be the last.

“Turn around,” Tom said.

Amanda turned half way, hesitated for an instant to allow a view of her round, firm cheeks, and then faced the supervisor again.

“Well done. I think we’ll get along just fine,” Tom said. “Now, lets party. If you would please do the honors, Amanda.”

He held up the bottle of rum and Amanda walked over to the desk. She poured a generous amount of rum into each glass of Coke before setting the bottle back down. Joel took a seat in the only empty chair remaining, never taking his eyes off the nearly naked girl.

“Women first,” Tom said. “That one’s Angie’s.”

Amanda picked up a glass and went to the couch. Her eyes met Angie’s for a brief instant before Angie got her first close look at Amanda’s body. Even when Amanda turned to get another glass, Angie followed the swaying ass.

Both men were served with the same scrutiny provided. Amanda did not sense any lessening of her self-conscious feelings.

“Don’t you think Angie’s just the cutest little thing?” Tom asked Amanda.

She answered with a timid grin and a nod.

“She’d prefer that the luggage belonged to a man, but guess what? Ends up she likes beautiful women, too.”

The lust in Angie’s eyes was unmistakable. When she had Amanda’s full attention, she said, “Especially young ones in thongs. Come here, Amanda.”

Amanda’s heart pounded as she made her way across the office. She stopped a few feet in front of Angie.

“Closer,” Angie said.

Amanda stepped forward.

“Kiss me.”

The words were barely audible. They stunned Amanda into stillness. And then she bent over.

Angie leaned forward at the same time. Amanda stopped short of touching Angie’s lips, so the girl on the couch put her hand behind Amanda’s head and pulled her closer. Their lips finally came together in a soft kiss.

Standing in front of the men in a thong bothered Amanda. Bending over as she did to kiss Angie bothered her. But the kiss itself, to her surprise, was not an unpleasant experience. Certainly it was a first for Amanda, but not as dreadful as she might have expected.

Angie let the kiss continue for a few seconds before sliding her tongue across Amanda’s lips. Before she realized it, Amanda was returning the favor. Then the women’s mouths were open and the kiss was turning sensual.

Tom and Joel drank quietly as the scene on the couch unfolded. Joel was the first to stroke his cock through his pants. Tom’s hand was hidden by the desk, but was clearly doing the same.

It seemed like an eternity to Amanda before the kiss ended. When she leaned back up, her head was spinning. Angie winked at her and ran her tongue across the top of her glass. Amanda felt her pussy respond with a quiver.

“Wow,” Tom sighed. “You girls were made for each other, I think. But it was Joel that brought you to us, Amanda. How about thanking him in person.”

Joel put his glass on a nearby table and watched Amanda approach him. His eyes had trouble leaving her full breasts. And when they did, they traveled down to the tiny piece of material covering her pussy. The indentation of the fabric outlined the hole his cock craved.

Amanda started to lean over as she did for Angie.

“No,” Joel stopped her. “Sit on my lap.”

He held his legs together to form a seat and waited for Amanda to comply with his order. She eventually straddled his legs and took her place on top of his knees.

“Closer,” he said, reaching out his hands and grabbing her by the waist.

He pulled her as she scooted forward. By the time she stopped, her breasts were just inches from his face and her pussy rested against his cock. Joel didn’t say a word as he tilted his head and put his lips on her right nipple. He licked her twice before putting the nipple between his lips. Soon, the entire end of her tit was in his mouth and he was sucking on it.

Joel put his hands on the back of her ass and pulled her even closer, forcing her to rub his cock with her pussy. She could feel him through his pants. And then she felt his teeth around her nipple and she groaned out loud.

Tom laughed quietly.

“She wants it, Joel. Try the other one,” he said.

Joel lightly bit on the other nipple and Amanda fought back a response. But her body couldn’t resist. Waves of pleasure flowed through her.

She gladly stood up when he was finished. It was Tom’s turn and she was prepared for the worst.

Tom rose from the chair and met Amanda at the side of his desk.

“That was a fine introduction to everybody,” he said. “I think everybody really likes you. I know I do.”

He moved behind Amanda and wrapped his arms around her. The palms of his hands lie flat on her breasts. Then he let his fingers take a firmer grip.

“Can you feel how hard I am, Amanda?”

Even before he pressed harder against her ass she had felt his erection.

“Joel was over there playing with himself when you and Angie were kissing. Imagine how excited he’d be if you and Angie, say, made out. Watching two women have sex is about as good as it gets,” Tom said, squeezing Amanda’s nipples and feeling her body stiffen.

“Would you do that for us?” Tom asked.

“No,” Amanda said defiantly.

Tom slid a hand inside the front of her thong and found her clit.

“I think if you got horny enough you’d do it.”

He rubbed her harder and faster. Amanda tried to pull her pussy away, but it only caused her ass to push against his cock.

“Maybe you don’t need your luggage after all,” he said, moving his hand down until he could insert a finger inside her dripping cunt.

Amanda moaned. “OK. OK. Stop.”

“You’ll do it?”

“Yes,” Amanda whimpered.

As soon as the word left her mouth, Angie was unbuttoning her blouse. Tom continued to play with Amanda while everybody in the room watched Angie strip. She had the blouse and bra off quickly, followed by her jeans. She stood to remove her panties and sat back down on the couch once she was naked.

Even Amanda had to marvel at the blonde’s scrumptious body. The tits were firm if not overly large. But everything was proportioned to perfection and the pussy, with it thin strip of hair above the clit, was very inviting.

By the time Tom let her go, Amanda could have been talked into almost anything—including sex with a girl she’d never met before.

Angie spread her legs as an invitation, and Amanda accepted; but, with reservation.

“I never…I mean…I never did this…,” Amanda stammered.

Angie smiled. “It’s OK. Do what you’d want somebody to do to you. It’s easier than you think.”

Somewhat more confident, Amanda got on her knees between Angie’s long legs. She was so concerned with Angie that Amanda didn’t hear the sounds behind her of Tom’s pants coming off. As Amanda moved forward, so did Tom—with his hard cock emerging from under his shorts.

Amanda wasn’t secure enough to head straight for Angie’s pussy, so she kissed all around the area, amazed by the delightfully soft, smooth skin of the girl’s body. Amanda worked her way up the inside of Angie’s thighs until it was inevitable that she had to contact the warm pussy.

Tom waited patiently for Amanda’s tongue and lips to settle into their place between Angie’s legs. Once he saw that Amanda was working feverishly on Angie’s clit, he moved.

His hands skimmed across Amanda’s ass, who gave the impression of being oblivious to his actions. Tom pulled aside the thin strip of thong to reveal her moist cunt. He let his cock slide up and down the crack of her ass before sliding it between her legs.

Whether resigned to her fate or too engrossed in eating Angie, Amanda did not challenge the fact Tom’s cock was sitting at the entrance to her cunt. She felt the large head enter her as she bit harder on Angie’s clit. Both girls let out muffled moans.

Tom drove his cock in until his balls smacked up against Amanda’s tight ass. He held her by the hips and started to fuck her slowly. Amanda, meanwhile, moved her mouth down to Angie’s hole and used her tongue in place of a cock. Then the pace picked up and the moans grew louder.

Amanda put her hands under Angie’s ass and lifted her from the couch to get a better angle into the juicy cunt. She was truly guessing as to what to do, but took Angie’s advice and probed every corner of the hole with her tongue. A short while later, she was back licking the clit while Tom fucked her from behind.

Angie closed her eyes and played with her own tits. She felt an orgasm quickly building. When she opened her eyes, she saw Joel pulling on his stiff cock. Angie always loved being watched and both men were getting great views.

Amanda put the clit between her lips and bit down.

“Oh God, Amanda. Yes! Just like that!” Angie cried.

Tom was playing with Amanda’s tits and driving the young woman wild with desire. His thick cock more than filled her cunt and, like Angie, she was nearing a climax. But Angie’s squeals signaled she might cum first.

“Ohhhh, yes! Harder! Please, lick me harder!”

Amanda complied. She could feel Angie’s body ready to explode. She knew what Angie was feeling and it wouldn’t be long. Amanda put the clit inside her mouth.

“Fuck. Now! Now! I’m cumming,” Angie screamed.

Amanda tried to keep licking as Angie squirmed on the couch. She wrapped her arms under Angie’s thighs and held on. The sound and sight of Angie cumming must have excited Tom, because Amanda felt the force of his thrusts increase.

Angie continued to moan even as her orgasm was subsiding. Tom waited until the girl was done, pulled out of Amanda, and said, “Turn around.”

As fast as he could, Tom put his cock on Amanda’s mouth. She spread her lips and he pushed his cock inside. She could taste her own juices, combined with his pre-cum.

Suddenly, Angie’s head was on Amanda’s shoulder and her hands were kneading Amanda’s tits.

“Get ready, babe,” Angie said softly. “He can really unload.”

Amanda continued to suck the cock without faltering. Tom groaned once as an apparent warning, and then held Amanda’s head in place with his hand.

A violent gush of cum splashed against the back of Amanda’s throat. She tried to swallow before the next one shot out. Tom continued to fill her mouth until the overflow covered Amanda’s lips. Amanda used one hand to stroke the cock and the other hand to wipe his cum off her chin.

He seemed to cum forever before pulling out, still very hard.

“God, you’re good,” Tom panted. “Joel, you have to do this.”

The young man stood, his erection pointing to the ceiling as he approached Amanda.

“I need to cum,” she begged. “Fuck me, please.”

To everyone’s surprise—maybe even Amanda’s—she fell onto her back on the couch and let Joel climb on top. As soon as he had the thong pulled out of the way and his cock was in position, he plunged it inside her, much to Amanda’s satisfaction. Angie moved over and took a breast in her mouth. The fucking began and Amanda closed her eyes.

All the events of the evening were forgotten during the near-perfect sex. Joel’s cock filled Amanda’s cunt; Angie sucked on her tit. The multitude of sensations flowing through Amanda’s body excluded any thoughts of anger she might have. She tried to prolong it, but an orgasm wouldn’t wait.

Amanda gripped the edge of the couch and cried out in bliss as she came. Over and over, her body released itself through her pussy. She begged Joel to fuck her harder and he eagerly obeyed.

A moment later, he said, “Can I cum inside?”

“Yes!” Amanda screamed. “Just keep fucking me.”

In the midst of her final orgasm, Joel started to empty his balls inside her cunt. Amanda gripped the cock with her muscles, forcing every drop out of it while Joel was still hard. His grunts joined the sound of the couch crashing against the wall with each thrust.

They finished at the same time and Joel lowered himself onto Amanda’s limp body. His cock left a trail of cum on her thigh as he rolled off the couch.

“Damn, she’s tight,” he said, staggering to his feet.

Angie and Amanda were locked in one last, passionate kiss. Tom and Joel had a drink while getting back into their clothes and watching the women.

The TransFlyte crew had one last request for Amanda. Could she leave her thong behind?

She took it off and handed it to Angie with a smile.

Minutes later as she walked out of the office trailing her two bags behind, a nearby security guard caught her eye. He smiled.

“Lost your luggage, huh?”

Amanda blushed and headed for the exit.

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