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A New Thrill

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Jessi loved her apartment. She had been living there since she was in college, and she had made good friends with some of her neighbors. She lived in a finished apartment under a house owned by a nice older couple. Next door was a single father, Tom, with his 18 year old daughter, Beth. Beth’s mom and brother had been killed by a drunk driver shortly after Jessi moved in, and Jessi had spent a lot of time with Beth then, consoling her and just talking.

She was like the big sister she never had, talking to her about all the questions and issues she had about growing up.

Jessi is a cute 25 year old, a slender 5’5″ with a very firm ass that she felt was her best feature. She has curly brown hair that comes to her shoulders and brown eyes.. She rides her mountain bike a lot to keep her legs and butt firm. She works and goes to graduate school, getting her MBA in Finance.

It had been almost a year since Jessi and her last boy friend, Rob, had broken up. They had been together for nearly three years when Jessi found out Rob had been cheating on her, screwing a girl that he worked with. When Jessi figured it out, she kicked him out and hadn’t seen him since. She had always had bisexual tendencies, and had a couple of quick flings in college.

Lately, Jessi had been having bad luck with guys, her last two had both treated her badly. She was strong enough to recognize that they were the ones with the problems, not her. But she was tired of men and their games, so she decided to explore her bisexual feelings.

Over the course of the last year, she had a few extremely hot nights, picking up girls at dance clubs and going home with them for hot, steamy sex. She also had a short but intense relationship with Kristi, a woman she met in one of her classes, but Kristi broke it off after about a month. The sex was incredible, but Kristi couldn’t deal with how other people would think of her if she had a girl friend. They were still friends, though, and Jessi had hopes that they might get back together one day.

Beth was what you would have to call a “hottie”, blonde, 5’6″ and slender. She never had any trouble attracting attention from the boys at school. Jessi and Beth had talked about sex quite a bit, including discussing gay and bi girls in general, and Jessi being bi, and Beth had met Kristi one afternoon. Beth had a few boy friends, she wasn’t a virgin but none of her relationships were very serious. Jessi was always there to listen when (inevitably) they treated her badly and they broke up.

One Friday night, Jessi was watching TV after class when there was a knock on her door. It was Tom and Beth, and they apologized for disturbing her so late. “It’s okay, you know that if the lights are on, feel free.”

Tom said, “Jessi, my mother has been sick for a while, but she has gone down hill fast. I have to go there, back in Ohio. I’m taking a redeye flight tonight, but Beth has that big soccer game tomorrow and she can’t go with me. I was wondering if you would were going to be around, if you could keep an eye on her…”

“Of course, Tom, I would be glad to do it. I mean, it’s not like she is a little kid who needs someone around all the time.”

“I know, but I just hate to leave her alone like that. I know she is a great kid, and I totally trust her, but if she knows she can call you if she has something come up, it would be great.”

“Of course. And I don’t have anything planned this weekend, I’d be glad to do it. It can be like a girls’ vacation!”

Beth smiled and gave me a big hug. “Thanks, Jessi, you are the best!”

Tom gave them his flight info and a list of phone numbers where he could be reached, then headed for the airport. He also gave them some money to have some fun, so they sat and figured out what “the plan” would be.

Beth had a soccer game at 11 the next morning, then she had nothing else planned for the rest of the weekend. Jessi agreed to go with her to the game, then figure it out from there. They talked about maybe getting a pizza and some movies for that night. She gave Jessi another big hug and headed back to her place.

In the morning, Jessi dressed in a tank top and shorts and went over to Beth’s to ride to the game. Beth looked very cute in her uniform, and Jessi was surprised at how tight her butt was, and how muscular Beth’s legs had gotten with the running for soccer.

Beth was a good player, and her team won a close game. After the girls had showered, they decided to go for ice cream. Beth introduced Jessi to her best friend, Mandy. Mandy is a tall, slender girl with short blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Jessi noticed that the two of them sat very close and seemed to stare at each other and that their thighs brushed on more than one occasion. It seemed like there were several “pairs” of girls on the team, but Jessi didn’t say anything about it.

As they were leaving the ice cream place, Jessi asked “You still want to do pizza and movies tonight, Beth?”

Beth smiled and said, “Yeah, that sounds great!”

“What movies do you want to watch? Anything in particular?”

Beth looked at Jessi and her face turned red. “Well, can I ask you something?”

“Of course, you know you can tell me anything.”

“I’ve never seen a porno movie. The other girls talk about them all the time, and I would like to know what they are all about. Can we watch one?”

Jessi was stunned. That was definitely NOT the answer she was expecting. “Well, sure, Beth, I guess that would be okay. I can understand how you couldn’t ask your dad to do that!”

“Cool, Jessi, you are the greatest!” Beth gave Jessi another big hug, and she could feel the younger girl’s breasts as they pressed into hers.

They looked up the address of a video store that had an “adult” section, then headed over there. Beth started to stay in the car, but Jessi said, “Oh, no you don’t, girlie… If I have to go in there, so do you. Plus you need to help me pick out which ones you want to watch.”

Beth took Jessi’s hand as they walked into the store. The greasy looking guy behind the counter leered at them as they walked to the movie section. They giggled over the titles, and the pictures on the boxes. Jessi had seen a few porno flicks in her life, but not enough to know what stars were hot or remember any titles.

“Here’s one!” squealed Beth, holding up a box titled ‘Woman’s Fantasy Island.’ From the description and the picture on the box, it was obviously an all-girl film. Jessi could feel herself start to tingle. “That one looks like there are no guys, don’t you want to see hard cocks, too?”

Beth giggled, “No, I can see those for real any time I want… I want to see girls together, I think that is SOOOOO hot.”

“Okay, that’s yours, now it’s my turn to pick!” she said. Jessi looked through the titles and found one called ‘Women of Color.’ It, too, was an all-girl film. Jessi took both movies and they went to the counter to pay for them.

The guy behind the counter looked at the titles, then at the two sexy girls in front of him. “What a waste!” he said, “You should find yourself some hot stud, like me…” and proceeded to rub his hardening cock through his pants.

“I’ve tried guys,” Jessi said, “But they never last long enough and they are never big enough. And for sure that includes you, little boy!” Beth laughed at that, and cupped Jessi’s breast through her shirt.

The clerk blushed bright red, then handed them the movies. “Enjoy these, ladies… I know I’ve enjoyed having you in my store!”

Beth and Jessi walked out hand in hand, laughing. “Can you believe him?” Jessi asked.

“What a sleazeball…” was Beth’s reply.

All the way back to Beth’s house, Jessi was tingling. She wondered about Beth’s comments and her brazen groping at the video store. She had loved the feel of Beth’s hand in hers, and Jessi’s nipples were hard inside her bra.

They called and ordered the pizza, then sat down for a few minutes. “We should probably wait to start the movie until the pizza gets here, or we might not answer the door!” Beth said. “And I want to change clothes, get more comfortable.”

Jessi ran home to change, too. She put on a little tank top but removed her bra, and kept her shorts and thong on. Her erect nipples were clearly visible through the thin material of her top.

Beth had changed into a t-shirt and nylon shorts, and she obviously had removed her bra as well, because her hard nipples could be seen through her t-shirt. The shorts Beth was wearing were very tight, and Jessi couldn’t tell whether she had panties underneath or not. Beth looked very hot, and Jessi was wondering where the evening was going to end up.

They chatted about the game, about Mandy, about the girls on the team. Finally the pizza guy got there, and he couldn’t keep his eyes off Jessi’s erect nipples. She put her hand under his chin and lifted his face so she was looking him in the eyes, “I’m up here…” she said sarcastically.

The teenage boy blushed crimson and practically ran away after Jessi paid him. She laughed, and said, “I think I can guess what he will be fantasizing about tonight!!!”

Beth laughed and said, “Oh, yeah… There was a bulge in his pants before you even touched him. You KNOW he’s going to be dreaming about you tonight, imagining himself fucking a hot older woman like you.”

“Older woman??? Am I really THAT old?” Jessi smiled at Beth.

“Oh, god, no, Jessi, you are absolutely gorgeous. Not old at all, but to have a woman like you would be a dream for a geek like that. That’s all I meant…”

“It’s okay, Beth, I know… I was just teasing you!”

The girls sat on the couch and dug into the pizza. They decided to wait until they were done eating to start the movies, so they could pay attention to them.

After they were done eating, they decided to start Beth’s movie. Beth sat on one end of the couch, and Jessi sat at the other. The first scene was very sexy, with two gorgeous nude girls kissing and touching each other. Jessi was watching the screen, but she could feel herself getting wet as she watched. She heard a soft moan from Beth, and turned to look.

The younger girl was watching the movie intently. She had one hand cupping her breast through her top, and the other was rubbing her mound through her shorts. Jessi could see a wet spot between Beth’s legs that was growing larger as she continued to rub. Beth was pinching and twisting her nipple between her fingers.

This was incredibly erotic for Jessi. Watching this sexy young girl teasing herself, oblivious to Jessi’s presence. Beth’s hand pressed harder against her mound, and Jessi could see that she was running a finger along her slit, rubbing it through the thin nylon shorts. Beth’s moans were getting louder now, and this turned Jessi on even more.

Jessi slid her hips forward and put one leg over the arm of the couch. She slid her hand inside the leg of her shorts and started to stroke herself through her thong. She could feel that she was starting to soak through her panties.

Beth was watching the movie, Jessi was watching Beth. The girls on the screen went into a 69, and their moans could be heard. When Beth slipped her hand under her shirt to her nipple, so did Jessi. As Beth’s hand slid inside her panties, Jessi’s hand matched hers. When Beth ran a finger along her slit, Jessi could see that she was soaking wet and Beth’s fingertip slipped inside easily. Beth moaned louder, and Jessi couldn’t help it, she moaned with her.

Beth looked over at Jessi, and smiled. “I wondered when we would get to have some fun together. I know you love girls and since I have met Mandy, so do I.”

“I wondered about you and her, it sure looked to me like you two were a couple. Are there lots of bi girls on your soccer team?”

“Yeah, there are. Mandy just moved here, but I knew almost as soon as we met that I wanted her. You have always told me how good it is with a woman, and now I know.”

Beth had two fingers sliding in and out of her pussy, making little slurping noises. She had her top pushed up, and her other hand was pulling and twisting her very hard nipple. She had her legs spreaed wide, and the whole scene was incredibly hot for Jessi.

She slid across the couch, next to Beth. The younger girl put her leg over Jessi’s, then resumed her fingering. Jessi put her arm around Beth, and turned her so their faces were inches apart.

“God, baby, it is SOOOOO hot, watching you. I love seeing you touch yourself, making yourself feel good…”

“Please, Jessi, what I really want is for you to touch me. That’s what I am imagining, not the movie, but your hands and tongue teasing me until I explode!”

With that, Jessi lowered her face to Beth’s and they kissed. Lips just brushing at first, then quickly growing very passionate. Tongues dancing together wildly. The younger girl’s tongue slid all around the inside of Jessi’s mouth.

Beth’s hand was still busy between her legs. Jessi reached down and placed her hand on top of Beth’s, then whispered “Here, baby, let me help you with that. I want to make you feel good…”

Beth moaned and took her hand away, and wrapped it around Jessi’s neck. Jessi slid her hand inside Beth’s shorts, and her finger slid deep into her sopping pussy. As they kissed, Jessi was sliding her finger in and out with deep, slow strokes, fucking the younger girl.

Beth broke the kiss and said, “Let’s go to my room, this is not comfortable enough. I need to stretch out and get rid of these clothes.”

Jessi hesitantly removed her hand from between Beth’s legs, then the two girls dashed to Beth’s room. Beth stripped off what she was wearing, then flopped back on the bed with her legs spread wide. Her blonde pussy was neatly trimmed, and Jessi could see it glistening with her juices. Beth slid her finger inside herself, then rubbed it across her clit.

“Like what you see Jessi? It’s here for you…” Beth continued to slide her finger in and out of herself, and Jessi could see that a wet spot was forming under her hips.

Jessi took off her top and cupped her breasts in her hands, offering them to Beth. “You like these, baby?” Beth just purred, and said, “Let me show you how much I like them, Jessi…”

When Jessi skinned her shorts and thong off together, Beth gasped. “God, girl, I didn’t know you were shaved. That is SOOOOOO sexy!”

“Yeah, I like it a LOT! One of the few good things I got from Rob. He talked me into trying it one time and I love how it feels. I keep it that way all the time now.”

“There are a couple of girls on the team that shave, and I think it looks SOOOOO hot. No hair to worry about, so smooth, and you don’t have to worry about how high your panties or shorts or bikini are cut.”

Jessi kneeled between Beth’s thighs, then leaned forward to kiss her again. Beth returned the kiss eagerly, wrapping her arms around Jessi as their tongue again swirled together. Jessi leaned into the younger girl, their hard nipples were brushing and Jessi was pressing her mound against Beth’s.

Beth was moaning and thrusting her hips upward against Jessi. Her hands reached out and cupped Jessi’s ass, pulling their hips tight together. Jessi was in heaven, grinding into the blonde girl, loving the feeling of their soft skin together. Jessi started moving her mound in long, slow strokes, up and down across Beth’s. Almost fucking her, their clits rubbing together.

Beth wrapped her legs around jessi’s waist then began to move with her. The two girls were moving and grinding together, when beth moaned into Jessi’s ear, “Yes, Jessi, yesssss…. Fuck me, Jessi, I have wanted this for SOOOO long… Fuck me Jessi, fuck me…”

Beth’s body arched and stiffened, then she screamed, “Oh, fuck!” and held Jessi as tight as she could. Jessi could feel the younger girl’s spasms as her orgasm hit, Beth was moaning and had her tongue stuck deep down Jessi’s throat. The spasm continued for a while, and Jessi kept rubbing against her, fucking her clit-to-clit.

Finally, Beth collapsed back on the bed and moaned, “No more, baby, please stop…”

Jessi rolled over so the tow girls were facing each other, holding each other close. “Did you really mean that? Have you wanted me for a long time?”

“Oh, god, yes, since even before I met Mandy. The way you talked about being with a woman made me want to try it, and I couldn’t think of anyone I would rather do this with than you…”

“That is soooo sweet, Beth, I have always thought you were very sexy but had no idea you liked girls or that you wanted me. Or I wouldn’t have wasted all that time.”

“Well, I think we need to make up for that lost time, starting NOW!” And with that, Beth rolled on top of Jessi, straddling her waist. She lowered her head and took Jessi’s erect nipple between her teeth, and started sucking and chewing on it.

“Mmmmmm, Beth, something tells me you’ve done this before.”

“Oh, yeah. Mandy and I have been a couple since right after she moved here six months ago. We get together after practice quite a bit, plus we ‘study’ together in the evenings some times. Some times that girl is insatiable, we have spent an entire weekend doing nothing but fucking. And in the locker room after practice, it’s soooo hot! Some times there are four or five pairs of girls fucking in the shower.”

“God, baby, I had no idea… But I don’t want to come between you and Mandy.”

“Oh, it’s not a problem at all. In fact, we discussed it at ice cream and she told me to ‘go for it’. She thinks you are hot and wants the three of us to get together some time, too!”

“Ohhhhhh… She is such a hottie, I think I would love that!”

Afer sucking Jessi’s nipples for a while, Beth started licking her way down her stomach. Beth kept running her hand all over Jessi’s bare mound, and teasing her obviously erect clit. Jessi was getting very wet and when Beth dipped a fingertip into Jessi’s pussy, it came out dripping.

Beth spread Jessi’s lips with her fingers then slid her tongue deep inside. She started darting her tongue in and out, fucking the older girl with her tongue and teasing her clit with her fingertip. Jessi’s hand went to Beth’s hair, and she pulled the cute blonde face tighter to her pussy.

“Okay, Jessi, now its your turn!” Beth smiled up at Jessi from between her open thighs.

“You go, girl!” said Jessi, smiling back and running her tongue around her lips. “Show me what Mandy has taught you, show me how good you can lick me…”

Beth slid her finger back into Jessi’s wet pussy, then added a second one. She wrapped her mouth around Jessi’s mound and started to suck harder. As the fingers slid in and out of her wet pussy, Jessi’s hips started moving by themsleves. Up and back, thrusting to meet the fingers as they probed inside her.

“Yeah, baby, that’s it, fuck me good, baby…” moaned Jessi.

Beth made a V out of her fingers and began to twist them inside Jessi, at the same time taking Jessi’s erect clit between her teeth and fluttering her tongue across the very tip with light fast strokes. Jessi’s hand was clutching Beth’s hair, pulling the younger girl’s face tight to her hips.

Jessi moaned and arched her back, then screamed, “Oh, God, baby, fuck fuck fuck …”

Beth could feel Jessi’s pussy throbbing around her fingers, and kept sucking and licking at the older girl’s clit. Her finger swere still pistoning in and out as Jessi thrashed all over the bed. Her juices were coating Beth’s face and hand. Finally Beth could feel the spasms start to slow, and Jessi’s breathing start to return to normal. She removed her fingers from Jessi’s pussy gently, hearing the gasp when they came clear.

Beth licked her fingers clean then kissed her way back up Jessi’s sweaty body untl they were lying close again. Jessi put her arms around Beth and kissed her tenderly.

They just lay there for a while, relishing the feeling and gently kissing and stroking each other.

“God, baby, that was amazing… Mandy is a lucky girl if she gets THAT all the time!”

“Well, it’s yours now if you want it. And Mandy is incredible, too. She actually has a strapon that we have used a few times. The feeling is amazing, feeling her moving inside me while we kiss or I suck her nipples. You need to experience that, baby…”

And Jessi knew that she would, and very very soon!

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