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Would She Dare?

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Margaret had long kept quiet about a desire to participate in a threesome with a man and another woman. She was no lesbian, not even really bisexual. But she did like looking at pretty girls, and she thought the site of another, naked pretty girl making love to the same man as her would be highly erotic. And, if she were honets with herself, she found the idea of a few accidental brushes of soft, silky female flesh tantalizing.

She was an attractive woman of 26, about 5’7″ with very long blonde hair, soft white skin, soft pink lips, big blue eyes, and a volumptuous figure which had full yet tight curves of smooth, soft flesh. And she was married to a man who was, alas, probably straighter than she.

Often she joked and teased about threesomes. She would waggle her eyebrows playfully at any references on TV, but her husband never responded. One day they were watching a show where a man had a chance at threesome with two soking hot twenty-somethings and passed up. Margaret howled out, “What’s wrong with him?”

Her husband, Steve, looked at her.

She said, “Well, you wouldn’t pass up on a chance to make love to me and another woman, would you?” and she couldn’t believe she did.

Steve chuckled. “You would chicket out before me, hun.”

They laughed and smiled, and that night when they went to bed, Margaret kept picturing in her mind a young Chinese woman with her, working over her husband’s body. She exploded with more violent climaxes that night than she could ever remember.

Over the next few days, the topic of threesomes wouldn’t leave her mind, but she wondered if Steve were right. Would she actually be able to go through with it? Not just to share her husband, but to be so close to another naked woman? To see her, to smell her, to feel her?

It was in a haze thinking about this question that she followed a young woman out to the parking lot one day. The young woman was not spectacularly beautiful, but she had a nice figure, and pretty hair. She was a little shorter than Margaret, a little trimmer, with a narrow waist, round hips, and a saucy ass. Margaret found her eyes glued on the movement of the young woman’s hips and rear end as they walked. She wouldn’t call it sexual, but she definitely had an appreciation for that sight.

Then it happened. The girl slipped, and started to fall. Margaret rushed forward, caught her in her arms, gently going to her knees to absorbe the momentum of the plunge. And there was silence. The two looked into one another’s eyes briefly. Margaret felt a sudden, unexpected surge inside her. Looking at the girl’s soft cheeks, pretty eyes, moist lips, small panting breasts, Margaret knew she could definitely go through with it.

In fact, as she held the girl, she found herself staring at her lips, and found butterflies in her stomach and shortness of breath.

The girl’s eyes flicked all around Margaret’s face and — at least Margaret thought so — her breasts. “Thanks,” she said simply in a voice lower than Margaret had expected, but soft and a little throaty.

It was Fairbanks in October. People were still walking around in jeans and layered shirts, but there was a good chance of ice on the ground. “Happens to us all,” Margaret assured her. She thought the girl was proably right around twenty years old, a student at the college where Margaret and Steve both worked.

The girl didn’t move to pull herself away from Margaret. The older woman had her held with one hand in the small of her back, the other around her shoulder. “My name’s Jennifer,” she said.

“I’m Margaret.” The married woman smiled, looked at the young blond’s delicate hands and saw no wedding room. Holy shit, she was checking out another woman. The realization made her heart beat even faster. She smiled, and it felt awkward, but it brought a big smileto Jennifer’s face. “You need help to your car?”

Jennifer started to say something, but stopped. “Yes,” she said, and it was clear that she had been about to decline the offer. “That would be great.” Suddenly her eyes were on Margaret’s full lips. “If you don’t mind,” she added.

Margaret squeezd the the girl’s shoulder. “Can’t have you falling and breaking a bone, Jennifer.”

The younger woman laughed, and with obvious and perhaps even over-played reluctance started to rise to her feet. “Thanks, Margaret.”

She stood, facing away, but Margaret was still on her knees. She found herself staring at Jennifer’s ass, now dampended from the ice on the sidewalk. It was framed by round hips, and it was almost pouty, like the girl’s lips. Margaret found herself thinking about reaching up and placing her hands on Jennifer’s hips and feeling her soft flesh. She blushed. It was her first conscious sexual impulse toward another woman.

Rising unsteadily, Margaret put an arm around Jennifer to balance her. “Which way is your car?”

Jennifer pointed toward a near lot. “Which way is yours?”

Margaret pointed to the farthest lot out.

They started walking towards Jennifer’s car, but the younger of the two blondes waved her hand out towards the more distant lot. “You shouldn’t fall anymore than I should,” she said. “Let’s walk to your car together, and then you can drive me back here to mine and that way we’ll both feel safe.”

With a laugh, Margaret agreed. “Safety first,” she said, shocked at the flirtatious tone that had crept into her voice. The married woman might have thought this an out of body experience were she not so keenly aware of a great variety of sensations coursing through her body at that very moment.

“Are you a student?” Jennifer asked.

“No, I work here. I graduated a while ago.”

“You look my age,” Jennifer told her, smiling.

“Well, I’m only 26,” Margaret laughed.

The other girl chuckled and smiled. Her playful smile really touched her cheeks and made her lower eyelids crinkle. It was very attractive. “Well, you look younger, just the same.”

Then, as if testing the waters, Margaret teased herself — “Nope, I’m an old, wrinkled woman.”

Jennifer looked her over sideways as they walked. Her eyes lingered on Margaret’s big blue eyes and fluttery lashes, then her large 38D breasts, then her hourglass waist and hips. “Woman, yes, old or wrinkled… no.”

Margaret felt herself almost gasp at the pleasure she felt at the younger woman’s assessment. “How about you? You a student?”

“No, I’m talking a couple of classes, but I can’t afford to be a full-time student.”

“What classes are you taking?”

When Jennifer answered, Margaret’s heart leapt. “Do you know Steve?”

“Yeah, he’s my TA.”

“He’s my husband.”

Jennifer stopped walking, looked Margaret up and down. “Cute couple,” she said almost wistfully. “You’re both very lucky.”

Margaret blushed. “Thanks, I hope we get luckier.” She blushed, unable to believe the words coming out of her mouth, but able to believe them more than the things that were running through her mind. She kept having flashes of her and this slim, young blond, naked and on their knees before Steve, one sucking on each testible. And then she kept thinking how nice it would be slide her hand over and caress that naked, slim, young blonde’s back, hips, and ass. She shivered, and realized that they were still standing still.

“My car’s right over here,” she said, pointing to the SUV.

They walked the rest of the way in silence. When she opened the passenger door for Jennifer, she watched the young girl climb in. She never realized how guys must like the view that gave of a woman’s leg muscles and ass. Chivalry indeed.

Margaret drove the short way back to Jennifer’s car, and came to a stop. “This one?”

“Yep,” Jennifer said, smiling, but not moving to get out. She was no longer smiling. Her face was pensive, her brow knit. She undid her seat belt, though, and turned to face Margaret, leaning against her door. “Thanks again for catching me.”

“My pleasure.” Margaret was still reeling inside from the memory of how the young woman’s body felt in her arms.

“I’m just glad you had your eyes open.”

“I try to pay attention.”

“I appreciate your watching so closely.”

Margaret blushed and murmured, “My pleasure.”

Jennifer’s smile returned. Her soft skin almost glowed. “I’m glad.”

The woman in the driver’s seat squirmed. “You’re just lucky, I guess.”

“Hoping to get luckier,” the girl said with a definitely flirtatious tone and expression.

Feeling very warm inside, Margaret just looked at the young girl, enjoying her pretty face. “You want to get luckier?” she said, at least, taking a deep breath to steel her nerves.

Jennifer leaned forward, towards the woman. “You have an idea how I can do that, Margaret?”

Margaret licked her lips nervously. She was bad at this sort of thing with anyone, let alone with another woman. “You really think Steve and I are a cute couple?”

“Yes.” The girl’s voice was taut.

Margaret put the car in park, unzipped the front of her jacket. “Um… So… Do you have plans with your significant other tonight?”

The younger of the two blondes was still smiling, but was appearing nervous herself. “I don’t have a significant other,” she said, her voice dry.

The driver stared into her eyes, bit her lower lip, and took the plunge. “Would you be interested in having two for the evening?”

It was Jennifer’s turn to blush. Her soft cheeks turned rosy, but her eyes didn’t waver from Margaret’s. “Do you know of two who are available?” she asked, her voice wavering.

Margaret nodded, reached up, and touched the girl’s cheek. They both gasped, in unison. The touch was electric, but gentle, both the finger and the cheek soft and cool. “We’ve talked about it before,” she said, “and I’m sure Steve finds you as attractive as I do.”

Jennifer was almost shaking. “I’ve never done anything like this before,” she whisphered.

“Me either,” Margaret assured her. “I’ve never been in any sort of situation like this with a woman before, in fact.”

The girl nodded. “Me either.”

“But there’s something about you…” Margaret shuddered. “I can’t stop thinking about this.”

Jennifer scooted forward on her seat, put a hand on Margaret’s hip. “I loved the way it felt to be caught in your arms.”

Margaret slid the hand down from the girl’s cheek to her hip. “I loved it, too.” She undid her seatbelt, turned to face the girl, and placed her other hand on the other hip.

“I couldn’t stop lookn up at your beautiful face and…” Jennifer couldn’t say it, so she just blushed, staring at Margaret’s chest.

Margaret’s hands slid under the girl’s ass and they both sighed a little at how the contact felt. “It’s 5 o’clock now. Steve’s been home for a couple hours. Should we surprise him?”

Jennifer’s lips disappeared into her mouth as she considered, then theyre-appeared, moister and softer than before, and before Margaret knew what was happening, she was leaning forward, and tasting those lips, one by one between her own. She had never intended to kiss another woman, just make love beside one, and maybe touch one.

But suddenly it was like a volcanic explosion inside her. The soft, gentle caressing of their lips became a wet and sloppy collision of forces. Lips, tongues, and teeth nashed. Both women moaned into eachother’s mouths and panted hungrily. Jennifer’s hands were on the back of Margaret’s head, her fingernails pressing in. As they kissed, she leaned back, pulling the other woman on top of her. She spread her legs slightly, and Margaret straddled her thigh, knee pressing into the younger woman’s crotch.

They paused kissing to catch their breath, Margaret raising her head, mouth open, saliva drooling down onto the girl’s face. “God you’re beautiful,” she said, moaning and leaning in to kiss her again. She sucked Jennifer’s tongue as deeply into her mouth as could. The girl squirmed underneath her.

Jennifer raked her fingernails up and down in Margaret’s long blonde hair, thrilling with the the feel of the other woman’s hair falling all over her face. “Oh, god…” she groaned into the woman’s mouth.


There was a loud tapping on the driver’s side window, and Margaret pulled off suddenly, face red, and without even looking at the parking officer she was sure was at her window, threw the car into drive and pulled off, Jennifer still sprawled back in the passenger’s seat.

Jennifer laughed. “You know they already got your plates,” she said, sitting up and pulling on her seatbealt.

“Yeah, well…” Margaret could still taste the girl’s mouth. “I’ve never kissed a girl before.”

“Me either.”

“I liked it.”

“Me too.”

They both laughed at the childish simplicity of their pleasure in one another’s bodies. “Shall we go see Steve?”

Jennifer bit down on her pinky toughtfully, and threew one foot up onto the dash, spreading her legs lewdly. “When’s he expecting you?”

“Anytime between now and seven.”

The girl rested her hand on her knee, then drew it slowly down the inside of her thigh until it was cupping her own crotch. “You think he’ll be pretty excited about this?”

Margaret nodded. “Especially with you. He’s never said anything, but I’m sure he’s attracted to you, maybe even thought about you in bed.”

Jennifer smiled, closed her eyes, squeezing herself. “What should we do when we get there?”

“I’d love to torment him, but I’m not sure how long I can hold out,” Margaret admitted, looking sidelong at the girl next to her, appreciating her slim curves and youthful beauty. She noticed a surprising maturity about her eyes that she hadn’t noticed before that made her even more attractive. “Shit,” she swore, pulling recklessly off into a parking lot. “I need you too bad to do this right for Steve.”

Jennifer squeezed herself crudely again. “Need to release a little pressure, honey?”

“But I want to explore you for the first time with Steve.”

The younger girl grinned, and unzipped her jeans partway. Before Margarett’s somewhat unbelieveing eyes she proceeded to slip her hand underneath the band of her dark grey panties. Then, looking at Margaret as she did so, she began to play with herself vigorously.

Taking the cue, Margaret turned to put herself on display, and repeated the movements. She lowered her zipper, stuffed her hand inside her red bikini cut panties, lifted herself slightly off the seat, and began going to town on her pussy.

She never would have imagine how erotic masturbation could be. She could never have imagined watching another woman masturbate. Or letting one watch her. But even though their pussies were still concealed from view, the smell of the two women’s arousal filled the air, the movement of hands beneath underwear, and the looks of sheer passion on their face created an atmosphere of sexual electricty. The sound of fingers sliding in and out of tight, wet spaces was audible and mixed with their grunts, groans, and sighs, with the rustling of their clothes.

And, a few moments later, each came, hands inside panties, eyes making deep contact. And, as if scripted, each blonde slowly drew out her creamy hand and offered it to the other to taste. And, though neither would have other suspected themselves capable of it, each opened her mouth, extended her tongue, and accepted the gift with great groans of pleasure.

They looked up and saw a young man looking in at them through the windhsield. Smiling, they kissed, tasting their juicses in one another’s mouths, and then Margaret leaned back, put the SUV into drive, and they left the parking lot.

“Where do you live?” she asked.

“Down Chena Ridge road,” Jennifer answreed. “I have a cabin there.”

“Can we clean ourselves up there?”

The younger of the two blondes laughed. “Yes, I think so.”

They drove quickly to Jennifer’s cabin. The girl had no runing water, but there was waterless cleaner with which they could clean their hands, moutwash with which they could freshen their breath, and perform with which they could freshment their panties. “We don’t want our scent to give anything away,” Margaret commented with a sly smile. “Steve must be tormented.” She laid out at a plan, with which Jennifer eagerly complied.

Maraget waited in the SUV while Jenniferchanged clothes inside; she was insistent on exploring the girl’s body with her husband, no matter how desparately she would have loved to watch the change. Jennifer emerged wearing a white wrap-around skirt that didn’t make it to her knees, and a fluffy yellow sweater. The skirt revealed very shapely and very smooth legs. The sweater lent added softness and appeal to her attractive chest. Margaret couldn’t help licking her lips in anticipation.

“Think this will do the trick?” Jennifer asked as she got in, carefuly to keep her legs properly toether.

“If not, Steve’s not the man I think he is,” Margaret said, not waiting for the other girl to finish buckling in before she took off. She was anxious to get this underway.

They drove in silence to Margaret and Steve’s apartment, each woman casting sidelong glances at the other, smiling when caught in the act. When they arrived, they entered the apartment quite casually, but it was obvious that Steve noticed Jennifer’s outfit.

“Jennifer,” he said in surprise, his eyes on her legs as he spoke.

“We met today when she fell on the ice and I caught her,” Margaret explained, noticing that Steve’s eyes had not yet made it all the way to to Jennifer’s face. “We hit it off, then I found out she’s in the class you’re TAing for, and I thought it would be fun to have her over for dinner.”

“Sure,” he said, finally looking at Jennifer’s smiling face, then over at his wife. He gave her body a look-over quicker than that he’d given Jennifer’s, but Margaret wasn’t offended. She was dressed pretty plainly, and Jennifer was dressed with a note of slightly innocent, slightly overt sexuality.

Steve had already prepared the meal, hamburgers and salad, and it wasn’t tough for him to set a third place at the table. The whole while he worked at it, though, Jennifer hung very near to him. She drifted about in his space, occasionally brushing against him, sometimes pausing to look at something in the apartment and offering him an extra flash of leg or of her tight, shapely backside.

Margaret meanwhile kept her distance, letting Jennifer get her husband all charged up. When they sat down to eat, it was more of the same. Jennier flirted with Steve, none-too-subtly, laughing and smiling at him, reaching out to pat his hand, spearing a piece of lettuce from his salad… She was practically throwing herself at Steve, and he was certainly responding, but he kept it to looks and tones of voice as best he could.

After they had eaten, Margaret excused herself to to the bathroom, but she left the door a crack open and just watched out into the dining area. She saw Jennifer really turn the heat up. The young blonde rose from the table, stood across from Steve and stretched with a contented sigh. Her legs parted somewhat and her breasts thrust forward. That in and of itself was quite a show, but then she walked around the table, draped her arms over Steve’s shoulder, and spoke to him with her mouth very close to his ear. “That was a fantastic meal,” she told him. “Margaret is very lucky to have you.”

It was time to start the ball rolling. Margaret flushed the toilet, which she hadn’t used, and exited the restroom. She glanced at Jennifer’s ass, which looked even better in this wrap-around skirt than it had in her jeans, and then went into the bedroom. “Steve, could you come here for a second?” she called.

After just a moment, Steve came in. Margaret shut the door behind him, twirled, and pushed him up against the wall. She smothered his mouth with a hot, wet kiss, which he returned eagerly. He was definitely keyed up from Jennifer’s performance. Margaret reached down and rubbed his crotch. He was already getting hard. Smiling, she lowered herself to her knees and started to unzip his pants and pull him out. When he was free, she placed a lingering, wet kiss on the head of his instrument. She loved the look and feel of her husband’s cock, loved its texture and its heat.

“Margaret,” he snapped suddenly, “Jennifer’s right out there. What if she hears?”

“Maybe she’ll join us,” his wife teased him, pluging down on his suddenly rock hard cock. She took it as deeply into her throat as possible, and then began to make her glottis spasm, if if she were swallowing. This massaged his head inside her throat, and always drove Steve crazy.

“Shit, Margaret, don’t stop, don’t stop,” he begged.

And then she withdrew, slowly, sliding her wet lips agonizingly down the length of his shaft. “But what if Jennifer hears?” she teased.

“Maybe she’ll join us,” he snapped back, reaching down to stroke himself.

“Let’s find out,” Margaret said with a smile. She took him back in her mouth and gave a long, loud cry of pleasure. “Oh, God, Steve, your cock tastes so good! Fill my mouth with your cum!”

Steve’s eyes went wide with disbelief at the loud outburst, and even wider when the door opened and Jennifer came in.

“what’s all the ruckous about?” she asked, smiling. “Oh… I see…” she said innocently.

Margaret started to bob her head up and down on her husband’s cock, but Jennifer got down beside her. “You have to share something like this with your friends, hon,” she said.

The two blondes leaned in, one mouth on each side of Steve’s rod, and they kissed, with his erection in the middle. The sight and the sensation were too much for him, and he blew his load right then. Jennifer moved quickly, closing her eyes so she could take a couple shots on the face. Margaret had never done that before, and didn’t feel inclined to do it now, but watching Jennifer do it was quite hot, when Steve had emptied himself, Margaret leaned in and begain to lick the other girl’s face clean.

Steve was rubbing himself, trying to get hard again. He couldn’t seem to find words to say, so he just stood there against the wall, masturbating while his wife licked his sperm of a young blonde’s face.

Once Jennifer was all cleaned up, Margaret rose and took Jennifer by the hand over to the bed. “Steve, sweetie, shall we unrap our after-dinner mint?”

Steve just nodded dumbly and walked over, increasinly erect, as his wife lay the other blonde out on the bed and began caressing her face. The two woman kissed tenderly, and Steve climbed onto the bed on the other side of Jennifer. His mouth joined theirs, and all three of them kissed for several minutes without interruption, their three tongues playing together, lips finding lips where they good, saliva pouring out on to eachother’s faces.

“Together,” Margaret finally said, tugging on one side of Jennifer’s sweater. Steve understood and started on the other side, and together they removed the sweater. Jennifer’s bra was white and thin enough that when each of married couple leaned in and began to kiss one breast, the soaked material became a little bit see-through, and they could see her nipples.

Jennifer groaned under the two mouths, arching her back, and using one hand to press each head closer into its tit.

And Margaret, who until today had never been concious of any overt sexual attraction to women, longed to touch and taste this lovely girl’s breast. She lifted the cup of Jennifer’s bra, sighed in pleasure at the perfect skin and pointy rose-colored nipples, and dove in with gusto. With her hands, she caressd and massaged the breast, and with her lips and tongue tried to achieve the same effect. Steve, meanwhile, exposed Jennifer’s right breast and began sucking on her nipples with a softness the young blonde had never exprienced before, his tongue used to add to the gentle pulls.

Steve reached under to undo her clasp, and as soon as it was free, Margaret took hold o the bra and cast it aside. “You’re beautiful, Jennifer,” she purred, returning her mouth to his loving attention of her chest.

“More than I’d imagined,” Steve added, beginning to kiss her more roughly, to love hickeys on the tender flesh of her breast. His cheek felt his wife’s, and their mouths met between the girl’s breasts. They kissed deeply, lovingly, knowingly.

As they kissed on top of her, Jennifer reached down and undid the wrap on her skirt. “Please,” she asked.

Without hesitation, the married couple advanced their oral adoration of her body. Both mouths slid down from her chest to her tummy, their tongues dancing together inside her belly-button. Jennifer raised her bottom from the bed, presenting her stained grey panties to them. “Please,” she repeated, more hunger in her voice this time.

“Together,” Margaret said, her blue eyes sparkling with desire. Steve was rock hard at this point and seeing the fire in his wife only increased his own. They each reached underneath the young blonde and slowly, together, they drew down her panties.

Margaret gasped. “Oh my god, Jennifer, you’re beautiful.” She’d never seen a shaved pussy before. She knew that some women shaved, of course, but she’d never seen it. Never realized how it would make a woman look. So clean, so soft, so youthful… Margaret reached between her own legs and started to play with herself, watching as Steve bent down and begin kissing Jennifer’s smooth thighs while his fingers explored inside her hairless cunt.

Did she dare? She caught Jennifer’s scent increasing in the air. Did she dare not?

Taking the plung, literally, Margaret bent over and began kissing around Jennifer’s bare mound. The sight must have pleased Steve, because she saw a plop of precum shoot lightly out of once-again fully-erect cock. The married woman loved the feel of the shaved pussy beneath her mouth, and she even loved the scent of it. She slowly worked up her nerve, and then parted Jennifer’s lower lips with her tongue, tasted the sweet tang of the girl’s juice, directly from the source.

“Mmmmmpppphhhhh…” she moaned into the blonde’s cunt. “You taste so good,” she said, tongue-fucking her outright and gobbling her up between her lips. She loved everything about eating this girl’s pussy — the taste, the warmth, the wetness, the pulsing of her inner muscles, the scent… And Jennifer responded in kind. She started to scream with pleasure from the contact of the married woman’s tongue. And then she grew insistent, even while at a loss for words. Panting and grunting, she grabbed and tugged at Margaret’s body, until Steve’s wife got the message and moved on top of Jennier in a 69 position.

The sounds and sights were incredible, far too much for Steve to take laying down. The two beautiful blondes entangled with one another, sucking and slurping noisely, voicing their passion and pleasure, the bed creaking beneath them. He moved around to the side where Jennifer’s head was as she lay on her back, muching Margaret’s muff. Steve, fully lubed with his precum, rubbed his cock over Jennifer’s forehead, poked it at his wife’s love hole, but found no enterance. Jennifer’s mouth would not relinquish its claim.

Fuck it, he thought. As long as we’re breaking down barriers tonight. He raised himself up, rubbing his slick cock through the crease between his wife’s smooth, well-shaped ass cheeks. They’de never done this before, but damned if they weren’t about to. He slowly positioned the tip of his cock on her rosy asshole and began pressing slowly in.

He heard Margaret scream, saw her finger nails scratch bloodily at Jennifer’s thighs, and he pushhed in a bit further, parting her warm, tight back door.

“God, it hurts, but don’t stop!” Margaret begged, her face still making love to the shaved cunt beneath it.

“Fuck your wife in the ass!” Jennifer encouraged him. “Butt-fuck Margie while I eat her pussy!”

Steve pushed further, and further, and further, and then began working in and out, in and out. His wife’s ass was tight around his cock, and her cheeks were soft around him. She screamed out words of encouragement as she ate Jennifer out as best she could.

He looked down and saw the beautiful young girl eating his wife’s pussy as he felt his wife’s ass underneath him, and he came without warning. He clenches at Margaret’s ass cheeks as he leaned forward, pumping his load inside her.

When he collapsed back, his cum seeping out of his wife’s asshole, Jennifer slid up until Margaret’s asshole was right beneath her face. She inserted her tongue, scooping out Steve’s seed while she fingered Margaret’s clit from underneath. It put Margaret over the top, and she came. As soon as her own explosion had subsided, she rolled onto her back and pulled Jennifer’s cunt to her face. With Jennifer riding her, grinding her bald pussy against the still-hungry mouth, it didn’t take long before the young blonde too had hit her limit. She came without a sound, but her whole body bucked with the force of her muscle spasms. Her cunt dumped a bucketload of of juice all over Margaret’s face.

And then Jennifer collapsed onto the bed.

The three of them lay there, exhausted, sweaty, covered in one another’s fluids.

And Jennifer reached out, touched Steve’s cock. “And I haven’t even gotten a piece of this yet.”

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