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Basketball Game

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“It’s only going to be a few guys over to watch the UK Basketball game.” I said.

“Autumn wants to come over and she is in the mood to play.” Becky whispered in my phone.

Now my libido went into overdrive. Becky had told me that Autumn had gotten some toys at a naughty wedding shower last week. My dirty mind went straight to Becky, Autumn, me and toys. But I could not tell the guys no.

UK vs Florida on the new 52 inch plasma in HD. We had been planning this for months. It was the reason I bought the damn TV to begin with.

“Baby, You both can come over and watch the game. And then we can play after the guys head out.” I asked hopefully wishing to have my cake and then eat those two.

“Ok we will come over. But we may not wait till the game is over to start playing.” and the line went dead.

Oh boy this was going to be an interesting basketball game.

The guys showed up before Becky and Autumn did. Billy and Doug are in their early 40’s like me. Brent and Jeff are in their 30’s while Troy was the youngster in his late 20s. We all had met through work or softball and got along very well. Jeff was the oddball of the bunch. He actually showed up in his Florida sweatshirt. We have to take his BS during football but this was basketball. No way UK was losing in Rupp to those ugly Gators.

About 10 minutes into the first half I hear Becky’s knock on the back door and her sweet voice “Hi Hun how is the game?”

I got up to go see my goddess and stopped dead in my tracks as the reached the door to the kitchen. Blond hair pulled back in a ponytail. Small top of her cheerleader uniform stretched over her sexy breast. That lick able tummy bare. Her long legs down to her cute feet in those cheer shoes and frilly socks. My word she was amazing. Autumn stepping out to the side was similarly dressed but her long brown hair was flowing down her bare shoulders. As the guys turned toward them the game became very unimportant.

“Well, when you said you were all going to watch the game Autumn got the idea to see if we could still wear these from high school. What do boys think? Do they fit?”

The guys all started whistling and cheering as the two beauties walked into the room and stood before the big screen. They both broke into a little cheer and couple of jumps. Autumn did a high leg kick and I saw under her skirt was not the normal cheer panties but a black thong. Becky went down in a splits as they ended the cheer and she was also in a UK blue thong. All of the guys yelled and whooped as they finished.

The game came back on at that second and then spell those two had on us seemed to be broken for just a second. Autumn slipped onto the couch between Jeff and Brent. Becky sat down in my lap and gave me a very innocent peck on the cheek.

“Love the uniforms baby. Is this the playing that Autumn wanted?” I asked.

“No she wanted to show me the toys she got and I told her you want to see them too. When you said it was a basketball game I thought about a way to keep your attention during time outs. So I got into the closet to see if they would fit” Becky smiled at me. “Autumn then said we should wear them over. She told me you would like it and by the feel of that thing poking my thigh she was right.”

“I like them a lot. And I really like the blue thong you have on under your skirt. UK Blue.”

She smiled again and turned just so I could see and she flipped up the skirt. The thong had a UK on the front of it. I let out a little chuckle and kissed her deeply.

The game was close but going UK’s way of course. Billy Donavon got T-d up at the end of the 1st half and UK led by 9 going into the locker rooms. The girls got up to go the bathroom before the guys could even get in line. Leading to a couple of moans from those who had been hitting the beer.

With them out of the room Billy looked at me and said “You know you’re going to hell for corrupting them?”

“Yeah I might be but I am not going to complain about it.” laughing.

Jeff and Brent both had cat who ate the canary looks on their faces. Doug called them on it.

” What are you two smirking about?” he asked.

Troy answered when they both did not “Autumn has been rubbing their legs during the game.”

Brent then said “Yes but she has been flashing you and Doug looks at her thong.”

Both of the older guys just laughed and went with the joshing. As the ladies returned from the bathrooms the guys started taking their turns.

Followed Becky into the kitchen to clean up the empties and get the next round ready before the second half start. She stopped short and rubbed her skirt covered butt onto my crotch. Dang that felt good. I grabbed her around the waist and buried my face into her neck. Licking and sucking on her tanned shoulder.

“So how far are you wanting to take this game baby? Autumn has the guys really worked up and I do not know if I can control them.”

“We just talked about it in your potty. I told her she can’t just be a cock tease today. So we decided that we will take care of you all but no intercourse. Pussy or ass. Fingers are ok, mouths are wanted and we want to blow you all at least once each.” she said.

“We? ” I asked.

“Yes I am going to have to help her. No way she gets all those cocks to herself.” the wicked smile comes across her face. Wow I am one lucky man.

“Do I need to tell them the rules or will you two?”

“Rules what rules?” Doug asked walking into the kitchen getting another drink.

“No penis in pussy or ass but other than that all bets are off!!!” Becky yelled.

“Well that explains what’s going on on the sofa.”

We both turned to see Autumn on her knees in front of Troy and Brent sitting down. Her top was off and her bra pushed up over her breast. The guys pants were on the floor. She had Troy’s short thick cock in her mouth. Brent’s long thin staff in her left hand. Billy was standing on her right taking off his pants.

Jeff must have been the last in the bathroom cause I heard an “OH WOW!” coming down the hallway.

Becky stepped away from me and took off her top and her sexy bra that matched her thong. I picked her up and sit her on the breakfast bar. She laid on her side spreading her thighs. Doug was a step of head of me with his pants off in a flash. He walked up to her she took his rapidly hardening meat into her small hand and licked his head.

I pulled up a stool and sit down to place my face on the level of her sexy pantie covered pussy. Flipping her skirt up I buried my face into her thong. Smelling her arousal and feeling how damp she was already. I sucked on her clit and pussy lips through the panties. I knew she said fingers were ok so I slipped one into her small sexy lips. I look up at her muffled moan as I put the second finger inside her. She has her lips wrapped around Doug’s cock and he was pushing it deep into her mouth. Jeff had pulled his cock out and was stroking it slowly watching Becky swallow Doug.

“Baby, Jeff needs some help”

She opens her eyes, reaches out to grab Jeff by his tool and pulls him towards her. I then start to finger her very fast wishing it was my cock instead. I know the rules and will not break them but dang I want to fuck her while she sucks another cock. I pull my fingers out and lick them clean. I give her butt and then her pussy a hard little smack.

Taking off my pants I look over at the others going in the living room. Autumn was still on her knees but they had moved her to the middle of the room. The youngster Troy had taken the lead of the group. He had a hand full of hair pulling Autumn’s face up. She had a cock in both hands so her face was wide open. Troy then slapped his cock on her cheek. She looked very surprised but when he did it again she opened her mouth. He then shoved the head into her very roughly. I did not think the boy had that in him but Autumn knew what she was getting into when she started this.

Turning back to the sexy little woman on my breakfast bar I knew this was going to be a fun afternoon. She was flat on her back. Her head was draped off the edge. Doug had a his hands around her neck holding her still. He was using her mouth to jack off his cock. I took this as an opening to attack her breast. Those perfect globes with pert nipples just needed to be abused.

A hard pinch on both causes a yelp as Doug removes his cock from her mouth. Jeff moves to the other side and starts to work on her other breasts as I slap the one on my side. I see her hand working its way into her on panties. She is really turned on by this. I pull on her nipple stretching it as I squeeze it. Letting it snap back and then pinching it again. Jeff was sucking on her other breast. Becky reached out with her free hand and stroked my hard on. I lean down to take her nipple and as much of her breast in the my mouth as I can.

I feel her start to shiver a little. She is getting close to cumming from all of the attention and her own fingers. Not wanting her to climax too soon I tap Doug on the shoulder.

“Lets change it up a little guys.” I say.

“Noooo I about to cummm.” she moans.

“I know baby but you are going to have to work for it tonight. Get her hands Jeff and lets get her on her knees.” I order. “Better yet let’s join the others.”

I pick Becky up and carried her into the living room where we found Autumn had gained a little control of the situation. She had young Troy on his back. She was sitting on his face facing down his body. With her skirt covering his head I was not sure if he was eating her pussy or her ass but she seemed to be enjoying it either way. She was trying to get Brent and Billy’s cocks in her mouth at the same time. Going back and forth between the heads with her mouth and tongue. Her mouth could not fit around both heads but damn it looked hot with her trying. She pulled back and spit on first Brent then Billy’s wood and went back to work on them.

I laid Becky down on the sofa. Straddling her stomach I place my shaft between her breasts. Knowing what I want she pushes her breast together around my cock. Even with the sweat from all the early action I needed a little lubrication on my shaft. I moved forward to her mouth.

“Get it wet woman. Get it sloppy before I fuck your tits.”

Becky opens wide and does get it very wet and sloppy. She even spits on it to help me along. Dang I love this woman. Moving back into position I start sliding between those perfect globes. I looked up as Billy got to the end of the couch where Becky’s mouth was. He pushed her head down so he could hover over her face. She took his balls into her mouth with a very loud hard suck. His short wide cock bounced on her chin as a loud “Damn” escaped his mouth. Looking down Becky is so sexy with a cock on her face and mine between her tits. I am holding them together as I push between them. One of her hands is grabbing my ass and the other is wrapped around Brent’s cock as he joins us.

Autumn is now draped over my big foot stool at the end of the love seat. Her butt in the air being smacked by Doug as he is working finger into her pussy and ass. The thong is still there but pulled very tight in her crack giving him access to her holes. I notice her hands are now tied behind her back with her own bra. She does not seem to mind but I need to make sure we are still following the rules.

“Remember the rules guys. No dicks in anywhere but their mouths.”

“Hey she said fingers and mouths where wanted. I promise no penetration with anything else.” Doug laughs as he spanks the helpless brunette.

Jeff is at Autumns head. She is taking a cue from Becky sucking on his sack. His face is half way between pain and pleasure as she must be biting on them. Brent taps me on the shoulder and I look down. I slide off Becky and let her up. She slides all the way to the floor and we swarm around her. On her knees her breast gleaming from saliva and my pre cum. Her face a mess from all the cocks she has been sucking. So sexy I almost cum right then, Those eyes look right into my soul as she takes Troy’s cock into her mouth.

She remembers from watching Autumn early what the young man wants. She goes deep and gags on it. Then pulling it out of her mouth she takes it in her hand and smacks her tongue with the wet head. Never breaking eye contact with me she shifts to the next hard on. Doing the same with Brent. She takes him all the way in burying her face in his pubic hair. He groans again very close to being the first to lose it. He backs away trying to slow it down. She turns on her knees to Billy. Taking just the tip in her mouth she starts the suction again just like on his balls. His knees buckle a little and she lets him go with a load pop. She turns now to Jeff who has joined to swarm around the blond. She goes for the deep throat again. Wet sloppy and very hot. She is in control and loving it.

A scream of pleasure gets all our attention. Autumn is coming from Doug’s fingers. She is helpless from his assault of her pussy and ass. He has his thumb in her ass and his two middle fingers in her pussy. His other hand has been rhythmically smacking her young tight cheeks. So the one to start this is the first one to gain release.

“Troy, go shut her up. Stick your thick cock down her throat so I can take care of these guys.” Becky says with a wonderful smirk. Damn I love this woman.

Troy follows orders and it sends Autumn over the edge again.

Becky turns to me and reaches for my hard cock. I grab her wrist “Just your mouth lover. And now you can play with your clit. I want you to cum for me as I fuck your face.”

Her eyes get wide knowing that its time. My hand goes to her ponytail and pull it hard. She opens her mouth wide for my cock head. Her hands are in her thong rubbing her clit. I push my cock in further than any of the rest. She gags and I push just a little more. She then sticks out her tongue under my shaft and tickles my balls just a touch. I hold her head still with her pony tail. I am in heaven. She looks up barely able to. I see her eyes and withdraw myself slowly. Leaving just the head in her mouth. She runs her tongue across my piss hole. This is my signal she is ready. I now go hard and fast into her mouth. Rougher than Troy did earlier with her or Autumn. I push in deep one stroke then shallow the next. I push my cock into her cheek. Then all the way out. I slap her face with my wet hard on. A line of spit running from her mouth to the underside of me to her cheek. It is so hot. I keep changing depth and speed as I abuse her mouth. She starts to cum moaning around my hardness. This sends me over the edge.

I let go of her ponytail as I start to cum. Becky stopped playing with herself and her hands reach my ass. She holds me still as I cum down her throat. Time stops as I feel her hot wet mouth take it all. When I stop and finally open my eyes she is looking up at me. She pulls out my softening cock from her sexy mouth. She looks me in the eye and opens her mouth. She had held the last my cum in her mouth. She swallowed then.

Licked her lips and said “Ok boys its time to glaze our faces.”

Autumn had been untied. The girls sat on the floor hands together in just their cheerleading skirts. The guys stood around them jacking off. Autumn leaned in and licked the little bit of my cum on Becky’s chin. This started the flood gates. The guys stepped up and sprayed them both with more cum than I would have believed. It all covered their lovely faces. It dripped down onto all 4 of those perfect breasts. They were cum covered and looked so sexy.

Autumn started collecting the cum with her fingers and feeding it to Becky. Becky did the same. Autumn was not swallowing it just hold it in her mouth. When her mouth was full she grabbed Becky’s head and kissed her pushing the cum into Becky’s mouth. The guys cheered this it was so hot. Becky did not swallow it all either. She pulled Autumn’s head back and let the cum roll out of her mouth into Autumn’s. Autumn then swallowed it all.

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