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Professor Grey’s Anatomy

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It’s Friday afternoon and when my final class of the day ends I race back to my office to see if the email has arrived. I’ve been distracted all day in anticipation of finding out whether or not it’s finally going to happen tonight. Logging in, I go straight to my inbox. Nothing. With a frustrated sigh I lean back in my chair, a stack of homework papers on my desk in front of me just waiting for grades.

Pam and I have been teaching at this small, State University (whose name you would recognize if I said it) for the past three years. We got married young, right out of high school, and we went to the same college. She majored in Dramatic Arts and I in Biology, we both finished our Master’s inside of two years. When we were each offered teaching jobs at the same college, we jumped at the chance.

During my teen years I had often fantasized about the other guys I saw naked in the locker room. Something about the firmness of their bodies, their muscular frames, their swinging dicks, just really turned me on and I frequently masturbated thinking of them. It wasn’t until much later that I figured out it meant I was bisexual or gay. That was something I could never allow myself to be, in my family non-heterosexual was the same thing as non-human. I was always attracted to girls, and I have been very happily married to Pam despite never having acted on my desires for another man, before now.

Pam and I have an active sex life, and we had always talked about trying a ménage-à-trois. She knew that I was attracted to men, and it really turned her on, but I had always been too chicken to actually do something with a guy. One night after a bottle of wine, we decided that we trusted each other enough, that it was time to go for it. We decided to find a sexy young guy and live out our ultimate fantasy, making love to him together. And thus the plan was born.

As I nervously check my inbox again, I can’t help but wonder why it was taking her so long. The plan was simple. She was going to ask Mark, a sexy blond, green-eyed undergrad in her Drama class, rumored to be bisexual, to come by and help us paint our bedroom this afternoon, and we would seduce him. Mark was gorgeous, as standards go, 6’2″, 210 pounds, most of it rock hard muscle. He was a wrestler, and the hours he spent working on his body paid off in a physique worthy of a Greek god.

I was hardly equal by comparison, at 27 I stand right at six feet, my body much more average, lacking the definition of Mark’s. I’m told I’m quite handsome. My light brown hair and blue eyes set off by a sexy smile, as Pam always tells me. I was blessed with a larger than average penis, stretching to nearly 8 1/2 inches when fully erect, and very thick. Pam keeps my pubes neatly trimmed, she takes great pride in keeping me sexy.

Pam is a stunning 27-year-old raven-haired beauty, with voluptuous curves in all the right places. Big, beautiful breasts that rival any stripper or porn star, but hers are all natural. Shapely hourglass figure, a tiny waist, and smoldering brown eyes that could turn on even the gayest of men. She was an absolute animal in bed, she loved sex and she wasn’t shy about taking what she wanted from her partner. I know She was looking forward to this as much as me.

When I checked my inbox again, BINGO! It was here. I quickly clicked on the message to end the suspense, and my heart leapt.

“It’s on. Today at 4. – Me” was all it said.

It was definitely happening! My heart almost stopped beating. I shut down the computer, grabbed my briefcase and raced out the door. God! Could I really do this? The stirring in my pants told me I could… And happily.


I arrived back home and found Pam inside already wearing her Daisy Duke cutoffs and a sexy, skimpy tank top. Her perfect breasts straining against the thin cotton of her top, she wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples were easily visible through the fabric. It was nearly four and Mark would be here in less than an hour. I quickly changed into some shorts and a tee shirt before heading out to the garage to get the paints and brushes. As I was bringing them in, the doorbell rang.

Pam opened the door and there was Mark, flashing a broad smile of perfect, white teeth, carrying a case of beer. They exchanged pleasantries as she invited him in and offered to put the beer on ice. “Can I get you guys one?” she called back.

“Be great!” Mark said.

“Me too, babe.” I agreed.

“How ya’ doin’, Professor Grey?” he nodded in my direction.

“Great Mark! And it’s Jim and Pam, please. We’re off campus.” I replied with a smile.

“Ok, cool, Jim. Sweet crib you guys got here,” he said in his best attempt to be conversational, “I bet you guys could throw some off-the-hook parties with this kind of space!” I nodded politely.

Pam came back in the room carrying a beer for Mark and one each for us. “So Mark, why don’t we have a drink and relax a little bit before we get started in the bedroom.”

“Coolness.” Mark said with a smile, thinking she was talking about painting. He quickly popped the top and took a giant sip of his beer. We all sat down and I was so nervous I didn’t think I would be able to go through with it. Pam looked calm and collected like she always did, and I could tell she was already figuring out how to get him out of his clothes. I sipped my beer and watched her work.

“You know, Mark, I could never say this to you at school,” Pam began, “but you’re in amazing shape! I bet you work out a lot.”

“Two hours a day, Professor! …Uh, I mean… Pam. The Coach really works us like crazy. My girlfriend says it’s worth it, though.” Mark, preening like a peacock, leaned back slightly and pulled his tee shirt up to show off his chiseled abs.

I couldn’t stop my eyes from following the dusting of blond hair that started in the middle of his six-pack and formed a happy little trail all the way down to his crotch, where it disappeared beneath the waistband of his grey sweatpants. His big bulge was perfectly outlined by the soft, clingy fabric. When I quickly looked back up at his face, he was looking at me with a coy little smile. I pretended not to notice.

“It sure is worth it, Mark! Your girlfriend must be a very happy girl!” Pam said without missing a beat.

“Well, she was, but we actually just broke up.” Mark said. “She couldn’t hang with my thing for guys.”

So the rumors were true! “Oh, you’re bisexual then?” Pam asked. “That is, if you don’t mind my asking.” Pam tilted her head and put on that sweet little smile she gives me when she wants me to say yes. Mark’s face lit up and he smiled as he nodded.

“Yep. Pretty much.” Mark answered. “I like girls and I want to be married some day, but I enjoy getting it on with guys too. Some girls just can’t handle that.”

“I know what you mean.” Pam said as she reached out and touched Mark’s knee. “Maybe you just haven’t met the right one yet.” She purred through a sultry gaze that told Mark he wasn’t really here to paint. As she slid off her chair and sidled up next to Mark on the sofa, her hand slid gently up his thigh toward his bulging crotch. “What would you say if I told you that I want you right here, right now, Mark?”

Mark was visibly startled by her advance, and he anxiously glanced at me. “Umm, here… Now? Uh, I, uh… Don’t know.” Pam had begun cupping and massaging his big bulge and his erection was beginning to show. “What about Jim?” he asked with a note of worry in his voice.

“He can join us later, but first I want you all to myself.” Pam’s tone was low and seductive as she pulled him to her by the back of his neck. She kissed him deeply as her other hand slid underneath the waistband of his sweats and underwear. Mark let out a deep, growling moan as Pam began stroking his cock while she kissed his neck. Mark nervously eyed me as he strained not to enjoy the warm pleasure of Pam’s expert hand on his raging hard-on. I was already beginning to massage my huge boner as I watched my wife ravishing this hot, younger man.

Pam stopped abruptly and stripped off Mark’s tee shirt, revealing his muscular hairless chest. Diving for his left nipple, Pam began tonguing and teasing it all the while stroking his cock inside his sweats. Mark’s breathing was getting faster and heavier, and Pam finally began to pull his sweats down. Mark stood up and quickly stripped them off, underwear and all, finally allowing his beautiful erection to jump free.

Before he could sit back down, Pam was down on her knees before him. After a few meaty fist-strokes of his growing staff, she hungrily took him into her mouth. Mark threw his head back as he surrendered to the maddening hot pleasure of Pam’s mouth as her head quickly bobbed and pumped his cock as though she were on a mission. Pam cupped and fondled his ball sack with one hand while her other held the base of his cock as her expert mouth sucked and milked his veiny, bulging shaft. As she licked the underside of his cock all the way from the base to the tip of his piss slit, Mark began moaning as he directed his dick back into her mouth and began skullfucking my wife.

The sound of Mark’s breathing in rhythm with slick sucking noises filled me with an erotic intensity that would soon have to be satisfied. I reached into my pants and began stroking my cock as Mark face-fucked Pam while she held and teasingly fondled his balls. Mark was holding Pam’s head with both hands now as bucked his hips quickly in and out of her drooling mouth making the most delectable slurping and slobbering noises with each stroke.

Suddenly he stopped, “NO! I don’t want to cum yet…” Mark pulled his big cock out of Pam’s mouth and shoved her face down into his ball sack while he began slowly stroking his massive hard-on. Pam lapped and nuzzled his smooth sack, gingerly taking one of his heavy nuts into her mouth and rolling it around wetly on her tongue as she suckled. He jacked his hard cock while she ate his nuts.

Feasting on the display of flesh before me I pulled my shirt off and tossed it on the floor, followed by my shorts and briefs. Mark looked over his shoulder at me with a look that set my soul on fire. I got up and walked up behind Mark and pressed my body close against him. His skin was hot and smooth, with a rippling firmness of musculature underneath. My now drooling cock was pressed against the cleft of his ass as I reached around his middle and pulled him tightly against my body.

Mark reached back with his free hand and began to stroke my cock while he jacked his own, and Pam worked diligently on his balls. The feeling of his body was incredible! Never before had I experienced the pleasure of another man’s flesh against my own. I began kissing and nibbling at his neck while my hands explored the firm mounds of muscular flesh of his torso.

“Why don’t we take this into the bedroom?” Pam said with his nuts still resting on her chin.

“Yeah, why don’t we?” Mark whispered.

We made our way into the bedroom and Pam grabbed Mark and pulled him onto the bed on his back beside her. Then she looked at me with that look in her eye and said, “Alright, you know what to do!”

With that I crawled up on the bed between Mark’s muscular thighs and lay down on my stomach. His big cock and smooth balls were laid out before me like three course meal for a starving man. I took his massive dick in my hand and began stroking it. It felt good, so hard and warm to the touch, I had never felt another man’s erection before. I cupped his balls and rolled them gently in my hand, really savoring the feeling of his smooth, soft skin.

Pam was lying beside him, watching me as I took my time drinking in the sight of this young stallion. Mark was rubbing her pussy while she played with his nipples, she was breathing heavier now, and I knew that sound. Watching my wife get so turned on with another man filled me with a desire I’ve never known before.

Slowly stroking his cock, I began working up a few drops of glistening, clear pre-cum that puddled at his piss slit. Feeling all the fear leave my body for the last time, I took his cock head into my mouth and tasted him for the first time. The salty warmth of his pre-cum invaded my awareness but was quickly snuffed out by an all-consuming lust. I began sucking his throbbing cock with a hunger that surprised even me. The feeling of his hard cock sliding wetly in my mouth, the friction of my tongue against the underside of his shaft, I wanted to consume him utterly.

“Suck him, baby, eat his big cock!” Pam cooed as Mark fingerfucked her into the first orgasm of many.

With one hand playing with his hairless balls and the other smoothly following my mouth as I simultaneously sucked and jacked his cock, Mark’s breath began to come in short pants. He was oozing pre-cum now and I was delirious with the scent of him.

“I’m… gonna’… CUM SOOOOON!” he grunted. I quickened my pace, desperately wanting him to explode in my mouth. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was at the thought of tasting his cum. Suddenly, I could feel his cock get really hard, and then the first spasm started. A jolt of molten, hot salty cum shot straight down my throat, nearly gagging me. I swallowed and kept sucking as jolt after jolt after jolt of his thick, viscous cum filled my mouth and ran down the sides of his cock.

Savoring the salty sweetness I swallowed as much as I could before lapping up the rest that had spilled. The rush of having a man shoot off in my mouth had me so turned on, I didn’t dare touch my own cock, I would surely explode if I did.

I climbed up and straddled Mark’s heaving chest and slid my cock into his waiting mouth. He easily let my massive eight inches slide down his experienced throat and looked me right in the eye. That coy little smile flashed briefly across his face and he just closed his eyes, as if inviting the inevitable. Running my fingers through his fine, blond hair, I grabbed a handful and held on tight. Marks’ eyes popped open with a sudden, surprised look that transformed into something else, something that said “Yes, GO FOR IT!”

I shoved my cock in all the way to the hilt, sliding all the way down Mark’s soft, warm gullet. Fully inserted I began fucking his deep throat with full abandon. Mark’s throat was so wet and warm, it was smoother and softer than anything else I had ever felt. When I could take no more I shoved in as far as I could and shot the biggest load of my life down Mark’s hot throat.

Mark accepted every drop I gave him and by this time had worked up another erection. Spent, I collapsed on the bed beside them, and Pam took over.

She climbed on top of him, guiding his hard, wet cock inside her easily. She began riding him like the hot young stud he was, wildly grinding and gyrating her hips into him. He clutched at her hips and writhed in ecstasy as she fucked him cowgirl style, taking from him what she wanted. As her breathy pants turned into moans and gasps, her body began to convulse as the wave of her orgasm swept over her. As her pussy began to contract with the spasm of her release, Mark gave in to the pleasure and again erupted deep inside her.

We all lay there on the bed, basking the glow of a very intense experience for what seemed like hours. All the fear and worry I had built up about being with another man was just a memory now. The experience was better than I could have ever imagined.

When he was finally able to speak again, Mark looked around the room and got a puzzled look on his face.

“What is it?” Pam asked.

“The walls have wallpaper on them. How are we supposed paint them?” he said.

Pam and I just looked at each other and began to laugh. We hadn’t really thought that far ahead.

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