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Her Assignment

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Sue walked into the bar feeling a little self-conscious. She nervously ran her hand through her shoulder length red hair, pulling on the curls slightly, and allowing the curls to spring back, looser than before. It had been a long time since she walked into a bar alone. That, and the fact that she felt both overdressed and underdressed. She was wearing the outfit he, her husband Michael, had set out for her—her black and white v-neck dress.

She knew she looked good in it, even if it was a bit much for this dive bar, especially on a Friday afternoon. The cut was flattering and the plunging neckline showed her B-sized breasts to their advantage. And the 5″ black stilettos added considerable height to her 5’5″ frame, lifted her ass and shaped her legs, not to mention she couldn’t help but swing her hips when she walked. But she stood out in this crowd of men—and it was almost entirely men. There were only two other women in the bar, and one of them was the bartender. The other was sitting in the back booth and although she couldn’t see what the woman was wearing exactly in the darkness of the bar, it looked pretty plain, maybe even flannel.

Really? Who wears flannel in public?

Feeling overdressed, and watched, she smoothed her dress as she sat on a chair in the middle of the bar as she had been instructed, hooking her heels on the footrest. The leather seat was momentarily cold against her bare bottom—definitely underdressed as well, with nothing on but the dress and the heals. Trying not to think about who or what was last on that seat, she felt the leather warm to the heat from her pussy. She smiled to herself when she realized whoever sat in this chair next would be sitting on her juices. She hoped the wet spot that was forming beneath her would not be too noticeable when she got up.

The bartender was watching her and, at the smile, raised an eyebrow as if the bartender knew what was going through her mind.

“What can I get you?”

Needing a little liquid courage, she replied, “”Tequila.”

The bartender put the shot in front of her, along with a salt shaker and a plate of lime slices. “$8.”

Handing over her card, she licked her hand, salted it and then licked the salt off, threw the shot back and, wincing, sucked on the lime, her entire body tensed from the assault of the liquor. As the warmth spread through her body, and the burning subsided, her body relaxed and she put the lime in the empty shot glass. She looked up as the bartender returned, handing back her card and the slip to sign,

“Here you are, Sue.”

Surprised that the bartender knew her name, she looked up quickly—the questions clearly in her eyes. Was the bartender who she was supposed to be meeting? She thought it was to have been a man, not a woman. Or did more people know. Had he told more people about her assignment to make sure she complied, even the bartender—was the bartender going to report back if she chickened out or failed to follow her instructions?

The question in her eyes prompted the bartender to explain, “Name’s on your card.”

“Oh,” Sue said with relief. “Thanks, another, please.” Sue turned to look at who was in the bar and noticed that several of the men were looking at her with obvious interest and curiosity in their eyes. Her big brown eyes met the brown eyes of one of the men—he was dark haired, clean shaven, well dressed, perhaps even a little overdressed in a tie, about her age, she guessed, that is in his forties. He met her gaze and pointedly looked her up and down. She smiled nervously and turned back around toward the bar. She could feel him walk up behind her. She downed her second shot.

She heard a deep throaty laugh behind her.

She turned quickly, her heart rate going up because her instructions were that she could not say “no.”

“Can I buy you a drink?”

“Yes, but not another shot, tequila on ice?” she said with just a touch of tremor in her voice.

“Two Silver Patron, on ice.” He said to the bartender. Turning to Sue, “would you like to join me and my friend at our table?’

Having no choice in the matter, Sue replied, “sure.” She turned on her stool to get down, her dress hiking up even higher. She really hoped the seat would not show just how wet she was in anticipation for whatever was going to happen this afternoon. As she got off the seat, her skirt fell into place, but not before she flashed the bar—or so Sue feared. She smiled up at him nervously. “And what should I call you?”

“I’m Frank. That’s my friend Brad,” indicating with his chin the booth he had been sitting in when she first saw him. Sue noticed Brad for the first time. He was dressed for business, in a tie and dress shirt, although he didn’t have a jacket on. Two business men apparently out for lunch and whatever else they could find.

“It’s nice to meet you,” she said as they walked toward the booth. “I guess you must know Michael.”

“Don’t think I’ve had the pleasure.”

“But how did you know my name?”

“I overheard the bartender call you Sue.”


“Who’s Michael, someone you’re meeting here?”

Remembering that she was not to do or say anything that would discourage a man from approaching her or propositioning her, that would be the same as saying “no,” she thought quickly, “he recommended this bar to me so I just assumed . . . anyway, it is nice to meet you, and Brad,” she said with a smile, turning to look at Brad, who was eying the bottom of her dress speculatively. “I did flash him,” she thought.

Smiling again she sat down in the booth and slid around so she was next to Brad. Frank slid in after her, effectively sandwiching her in between them.

Frank handed her the drink, his hand lingering on hers. She felt Brad’s hand touch her leg and begin caressing her thigh, oh so softly. She looked at him and he looked back with the unspoken question in his eyes. All she could do was smile. Emboldened he continued to stroke her thigh, moving up toward the edge of her dress, widening his stroke to reach her inner thigh and then pushing the dress up ever so slightly higher.

“So tell me Sue, why are you here today?” said Frank. Sue tore her attention away from Brad to Frank and smiled at him.

“Just out to get a drink. Maybe make some new friends.”

“Nice. Here’s to friends,” said Frank as he lifted his glass to toast. Sue lifted hers and they clinked glasses before taking a drink. Sue looked into Frank’s eye. She could get lost in those eyes, brown and soft and intense, like he could see and understand more than he let on. Frank met her gaze and smiled. Sue took another sip of her tequila, a drop clinging to her lip. Frank wiped the drop from her lip, sucking it off of his own finger. Sue’s breath caught and she nearly moaned. “Brad and I are very friendly, aren’t we Brad?”

Sue realized that she had been so focused on Frank she nearly forgot about Brad. While she was distracted, Brad had worked up her skirt so high that if had any question about whether she was wearing panties, he knew the answer now. Just at that moment, Brad grazed Sue’s pussy with his pinky, sliding it between the outer lips and into the wetness. Brad lifted his pinky, stirred his drink with it and licked it off. “mmmm,” he said softly, returning his hand to the apex of her thighs and beginning to stroke her pussy. Right there in this bar where anyone could see, except no one could see other than Sue, Frank and Brad because the table blocked the view. She watched this stranger’s hand stroke her pussy and realizing that she had been staring at herself, she looked up with a start. Frank was smiling at her and leaned over to give her a kiss. Holding the back of her head with his left hand and sliding his right hand, still cold from holding his drink, to her pussy, Frank kissed her deeply, plunging his tongue into her mouth, stroking her soft tongue in rhythm with stroking her pussy. Frank and Brad both stroked her, one sinking his fingers deep in her pussy while the other stoked her clit, and then alternating back and forth.

Sue was overwhelmed by the sensations. Frank’s kiss made her dizzy, the strength of his hand holding her so she was completely in his control, anchoring her even as the sensation of two men fingering her pussy threatened to take her away. She couldn’t even think and she didn’t want to.

Frank plunged his tongue into her mouth as two fingers plunged in her pussy. She didn’t even know whose hand it was. It was just sensation, pure, vivid, passionate, forbidden sensation.

She didn’t know how long it went on when she heard someone clearing their throat. Frank broke the kiss then and slowly Sue opened her eyes. At first she couldn’t see anything, for a second she could not focus her eyes. But when her vison cleared she could see that the entire bar was staring at them. One of the men had even stood up so he could see over the table, his erection visible. Sue looked around horrified, and yet her pussy gushed with even more wetness. Brad chuckled softly to himself as her moisture covered his fingers. Frank smiled and finished his drink. The bartender signaled with her head toward the door, clearly wanting them to move on.

Frank and Brad righted her clothes, including the top of her dress. “Wait,” she thought, “the top? When had that . . .?” Blushing furiously, Sue slid out of the booth, unable to look anywhere but at the floor as Frank led her from the bar and out into the afternoon sun.

“Come with us back to my office,” said Frank.

What should she do? Her instructions were clear, she could not say no to any proposition—unless it crossed a hard limit. But Michael would not know how to find her. She did not know these men, notwithstanding the fact that she knew what Frank’s kiss tasted like, and they both know what he arousal smelled and tasted like, But her instructions were clear so after a moment’s hesitation, she looked up said, “yes.”

Frank looked at her, paused a moment, and their eyes met again. He frowned, dropping her hand. “No, you should keep looking down. I will tell you when to look up.”

Recognizing the unmistakable voice of a dom, Sue quickly lowered her eyes, “yes, sir.”

Brad took her hand and led her, both following Frank. They walked about half a block and turned into a six-story office building. The lobby was almost entirely marble, with a large replica of Rodin’s The Kiss. Frank continued past the statue without even noticing it and past the guard and to the elevator bank. Brad and Sue followed, entering the elevator just behind Frank who pressed the “6” button. When the doors closed, Brad let go of Sue’s hand and took hold of her hair, pulling her head back and Frank kissed her deeply, used both hands to squeeze her breasts just shy of the point of pain. As the elevator slowed, Frank lifted is head, turned away from Sue and faced the door. Brad kissed her then, his hand sliding down from her hair to hold her hand again, ending the brief kiss just as the door opened.

Following Frank, Brad led Sue by the hand out of the elevator. Sue took in everything, from the light wood paneling, the maroon carpet so thick their feet made no sounds, to the O’Keefes (originals!) and Monets (surely not original) on the walls, and some paintings by an artist she did not recognize. What was a man with these resources doing in the dive bar where they met? Sue asked herself. Sue noticed the receptionist was exceptionally pretty, tall, maybe as tall as six foot, blonde with striking blue eyes and full lips. Although conservatively dressed nothing could hide the figure of a former showgirl. Frank walked by, greeting the receptionist and continuing on without pausing. Passing by his secretary, Frank said, “Mary, I will be in a meeting and cannot be disturbed.”

“Of course, sir,” replied the secretary with efficiency and not an ounce of curiosity. Mary was also stunning and may very well have been a showgirl too. Were there still real showgirls? Sue wondered. And Sue found herself wondering what Frank did to have such a well-appointed office and such extraordinary staff, well at least extraordinary looking. And then she wondered for the first time that day, why had Frank picked her.

Frank indicated they should enter his office so Brad led her to the center of the room, between the desk and the leather couch. Frank closed the door behind them.

Sue turned, riveted by what Frank might say or do or tell her to do. She was so wet from what had happened in the bar and the elevator and the anticipation of what would happen next. Her pussy throbbed with need. She wished she was wearing panties, if only so something would catch the wetness now dripping down her inner thighs.

Frank smiled, “I think it’s time the dress came off.” Sue looked nervously at the door. She had heard it click, but was almost certain it was not locked. She looked from the door to Frank.

“It’s alright, Mary is too well trained to interrupt for any reason. And she won’t let anyone through. Oh, and this office is sound proofed. Brad?” Frank waived a hand in Sue’s direction.

Brad stepped toward Sue and with one hand on each shoulder pushed the dress off Sue’s shoulders and the simple knit dress fell to the ground leaving her entirely naked but for her stilettos. Brad and Frank then walked around Sue, looking at every inch of her as if she belongs to them, touching her randomly. Frank stroked her inner thigh, finding the wetness there, “eager are we?”

Frank stroked from her thigh, over her buttocks, up her back and neck and ran his fingers into her hair, closing to a fist, pulling her hair and taking control over her. “On your knees,” he demanded, even as he pulled her down by her hair. Sue dropped to her knees. Frank, still holding her hair walked around to face Sue. She could smell his musky scent, filling her senses. His trousers visibly tented.

Sue’s eyes were drawn to Frank’s erection, need filling her. She wanted to see what he looked like. She couldn’t wait to taste him, to please him. To bury her face in his crotch, his cock deep in her throat. Seeing her focus on his erection, Frank asked, “Do you want my cock?”

Sue nodded.

“You have to ask permission.”

Sue hesitated. “Beg for it,” demanded Frank.

“Please let me see your cock. Please. . . Please I want to see your cock, I want to suck it,” pleaded Sue.

“Brad?” said Frank, looking from Sue’s hands to Brad. At Frank’s signal, Brad removed his tie and took Sue’s hands, tying them behind her back. As Brad secured her hands, Frank undid his belt, and opened his pants, taking out his rock hard cock. Knowing that this beautiful wet mouth was moments from encasing his cock had him hard, precum moistening the tip already.

Sue reached for him eagerly with her tongue. Using his hold on her hair, Frank guided her toward his throbbing cock, painting her lips with his precum, making her lips glisten. Sue licked the precum off her lips. “Mmmmmmm,” she moaned.

“Did I give you permission to lick your lips?” demanded Frank.

Sue’s eyes grew wide as she realized her mistake. “No sir,” she said, her voice quaking. Frank slapped her face with his cock, smearing precum on her cheeks.

“If I mark you with my cum or even my precum, you will leave it where I put it until I tell you otherwise. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” she replied, keeping her eyes downcast. “I’m sorry sir. Can I make it up to you, sir?”

“Open your mouth and stick out your tongue flat.” Sue quickly complied and Frank thrust his cock into her mouth, using his hold on her hair to control her. He proceeded to fuck her face.

Meanwhile Brad got on his knees behind her, reach around her to squeeze her breasts, pulling on the nipples so they stood out hard, tugging at them and stretching them, enjoying the way Sue’s breasts were enough to fill his hands but small enough that he could squeeze them and pinch the nipples at the same time.

Sue sucked on Frank’s cock with visible pleasure, running her tongue along it as he pulled it out, her cheeks sucking in. “Mmmmmmmm,” she moaned, alternating with gagging when Frank thrust until he reached the back of her throat. While alternately too much and not enough, Sue struggled to control her breathing so she could take all of him without gagging and choking.

“That’s it. What a good cock sucker you are. You like that?”


Brad continued to squeeze one of Sue’s breasts. He slip his other hand from her breast, over Sue’s hip and down between her legs, fingering her pussy.

“She’s so wet!” said Brad, squeezing her breast in appreciation.

“You want it don’t you?” asked Frank.

Nodding, Sue sucked Frank’s cock and then released it with a “pop.”

Frank released her hair as Brad stood up, lifting her by her tied hands to standing. “Bend over the couch,” ordered Frank.

Sue looked at the couch with great expectation. It was just the right height to lift her ass slightly, and bent over the arm, she would be at the perfect angle to take a cock deep in her pussy or her ass. Sue walked eagerly the few steps to the couch, looking over her shoulder at the two men watching her with hungry eyes. She licked her lips as she slowly and deliberately bent over the arm, “like this?” she asked coyly.

“Huh,” grunted Frank. “Just like that,” said Frank, looking at her ass with appreciation. The lips of her sex glistening with moisture, her lefts spread and her ass in the air, Sue was open and ready and more than tempting. Frank stroked the backs of her thighs, squeezed and pulled at her ass cheeks, revealing the tight bud just waiting for him, but wait it would. Frank instead ran a finger along her sex, gathering the moisture there to taste. “mmmmmm, so sweet,” murmured Frank, even as he returned the hand to her pussy, stroking the outer lips, teasing Sue. Then slowly with deliberation, he pushed one finger into her cunt.

“So ready for me. Is this what you want?” asked Frank.

“Yes, oh yes please, more,” begged Sue.

Frank slipped a second finger into her cunt, thrusting deep and curling slightly to hit the G-spot.

“Oh, oh yes,’ moaned Sue.

While Frank fingered her cunt, Sue could hear Brad moving and looked over to see Brad stripping. She struggled against the pleasure in her cunt to keep her eyes open to watch what Brad would do and was rewarded when Brad came over to the couch. She licked her lips in anticipation and Brad chuckled at her eagerness. He sat on the sofa so Sue’s mouth was aimed at his erect cock. “Suck it,” he said.

Sue’s eyes widened at the command and a gush of moisture telling Frank just how much she wanted this, all of this. Frank took his now wet hand and spanked her ass, chuckling at her eagerness. Reaching up, he took off his tie. He leaned over Sue’s back, pressing his cock into the crack of her ass and whispered in her ear, “are you ready for anything?”

“Oh yes,” said Sue, and she was. This was her fantasy come true, two men, strangers, driven crazy with desire for her, using her for their pleasure, the complete center of their attention, with her role to just feel, enjoy and give and receive pleasure. Oh yes, Sue was ready for anything these two had in mind.

Frank took his tie and wrapping it over her eyes, blindfolded her with it, the ends draped over her back. Suitably blindfolded, hands tied, bent over the sofa, Sue was completely under Frank and Brad’s control. Brad slapped Sue with a “smack,” more noise than pain but it startled Sue. “I said suck it,” growled Brad. Sue, relying solely on instinct, smell, and memory of where Brad was, opened her mouth and lowered herself unerringly to take in Brad’s cock. He cock was a rod of steel covered in velvet with that wonderful musky, salty smell of a man. She sucked and licked him, momentarily forgetting Frank. But Frank’s cock soon reminded her as he pushed open her pussy lips with the head and slowly, so slowly eased his cock in. It seemed to Sue that Frank’s cock just kept pushing in, and in, and in, so slowly, so deeply, until he was fully seated in her.

“Oh yeah, take it all,” as Frank paused slightly before pulling out, a little faster that his slow drive into her, and then deliberately, deliciously, he drove his cock back deep into her pussy, over and over he plunged into her, slowly picking up speed. Soon Brad was meeting Frank stroke for stroke, taking Sue’s head in his hands to control her, fucking her face as Frank fucked her pussy. Frank continued to increase the speed and intensity, taking Sue’s tied hands and pulling against them for additional leverage, fucking her without mercy.

As the sensation became overwhelming and she was lost in the wonder and rhythm of it all. Her entire body was a receptacle of pleasure, the salty goodness of Brad’s cock and precum, the thrust and intensity of Frank’s cock fucking her, pistoning in and out, bringing her ever closer. Her cunt began to throb and contract around Frank’s cock. She came hard and as the world faded away, and lights appeared before her eyes and her body quivered and quaked in the strength of her orgasm, she tried to keep attention on Brad’s cock but she cried out, losing control and contact with Brad’s cock and he came on her face and chest. She was completely unware that the door had opened and footsteps had crossed the room until a third man was standing next to them, watching them fuck, watching her come.

“She really is a cock-slut. Fuck, she came so hard,” said a new voice.

Sue raised her head in shock, just realizing that there had been an audience. She began to panic and would have except that Frank never let up. Never let her get completely back in her head. Frank never lost his rhythm or his control, reaching down and pulling her head back by her hair. “Stay with me, I’m not done yet,” growled Frank as he continued to thrust in and out, fucking her hard, thoroughly. Almost immediately, Sue was lost in the sensation, forgetting the audience, forgetting Brad, whose cum was still dripping off her chin, forgetting anything but the sensation of a large, hard cock hitting just the right spot on the edge of too much and way too much, and then over that edge as Frank came, thrusting even deeper, harder, past the point of comfort, past the G-spot, and she came again, milking Frank’s cock of every drop of cum he had.

As she returned to earth and Frank curled over her back, his breathing hard but slowing, Sue remembered there was someone else in the room. Someone she should know but in the disorientation of too much stimulation and multiple cocks, she couldn’t place it.

“My turn,” said the voice.

Sue felt cold air as Frank stood, his softening cock slipping from her dripping cunt, their combined fluids dripping down her thighs. A rough hand pushed her back down, pushing her into the arm of the sofa and Sue realized that at some point Brad had moved further down the sofa, where he could watch but not interfere. She felt a body move behind her and her ass get even colder as something wet and cold dribbled on her puckered rosebud. “It seems there’s just one place left for me to try,” said the voice as a finger played with her ass, spreading the lubricant over her tight bud, slipping inside to loosen and prepare her for what she knew would be a great ass fucking. Because she finally recognized the voice, “yes master,” she said to her husband, who clearly had set all this up.

Michael pushed a thumb past the tight sphincter, lubricating it, loosening it up, readying it for him. Continuing to rub her tight rosebud, pushing and spreading the lube until he felt the moment when the sphincter relaxed, and he pushed his entire thumb in, stretching her, and she gasped.

“That’s what you want, isn’t it?” said Michael.

“Yes,” moaned Sue.

“Say it,” demanded Michael. But Sue hesitated. “Say it!”

“I . . . I want . . . ” hesitated Sue.

“Oh no, that’s not gonna do it. Say it, admit what a slut you are,” growled Michael in the tone that told Sue he would accept no half measures. This was the voice that caused her stomach to tense and her juices to flow. There would be no ambiguity, not hesitancy allowed. She had to admit what she wanted, here with witnesses, witnesses whose cum was still in her and on her, witnesses to her need. Michael continued to play with her ass, caressing her bud, working the lube deep into her, readying her, but always just short of what she needed, never more than one finger, never more than one joint, just enough to ready her not enough to satisfy her need. She knew he would wait, continue to ready her but would not provide the relief she needed, the release she needed until she confessed what she wanted.

“Fuck my ass, please fuck my ass,” begged Sue.

Chuckling, Michael pushed the head of his cock against her bud, promising the more she needed. Instantly her face relaxed in anticipation. Frank laughed, “God she’s eager.”

But Sue was lost in the sensation, pushing her ass against the head of Michael’s cock, wanting it, needing it. And Michael obliged pushing past the head, stretching her, filling her. “God, you’re so tight. Oh, yesss,” exclaimed Michael, pulling back out only to push in again, a little further.

It was almost too much. The burning sensation filling her as her ass was spread past the point she was ready for. Burning and hurting but oh, so good, too. Each thrust deeper, each thrust too much, burning and building the sensation inside her until her body was ready and needed more, needed it harder and faster.

“Yes, yes, more,” she begged. Michael obliged thrusting balls deep in her ass, filling her completely. Michael’s hips pumped, thrusting deep inside her, his balls slapping against her cunt, hitting her clitoris.

SLAP! Michael slapped her ass, leaving his handprint and earning a hiss and moan from Sue. SLAP! A matching print appeared on the other butt cheek. Frank watched with envy as Michael fucked Sue’s ass with abandon, her ass growing pinker with every strike of Michael’s hand and Frank grew hard again. Walking around the sofa, Frank caught Michael’s eye and silently asked to join. Michael just smiled.

Frank stood next to Sue and taking her head in his hands, guided her to suck his cock again. Sue did not know whose cock was pushing against her lips. “Is there a fourth guy here?” she asked herself, unable to imagine that either Frank or Brad would be ready against so soon. She hesitated and didn’t open for the cock seeking entrance to her mouth, her throat.

“Suck it,” demanded Michael.

Sue opened her mouth obediently and began to suck the cock before her but she had trouble concentrating with Michael fucking her ass and Frank took control, holding her head by her hair and fucking her face, reaching her throat, loving the warmth and softness of her mouth wrapped around his cock. Sue focused on not gagging and just enjoying having two men fuck her from either end.

“I’m coming,” grunted Michael thrusting so deeply that Sue gasped, opening her mouth and throat so that Frank could thrust balls deep, hitting her throat and sending a stream of cum down her throat. Sue lost all awareness of the men and her surroundings, lost in a sea of warmth and sensation and darkness.

The next thing Sue was aware of was someone untying her hands and wrapping her in a blanket while another pair of hands rubbed out her shoulders. She was in Michael’s lap—she recognized his smell. As the blindfold was taken off, she could see that her feet were draped across Brad and behind her, Frank was rubbing her shoulders.

“Wow,” was all she could say as she lay her head on Michael’s shoulder and relaxed into Frank’s hands. As Brad began to run her feet, she moaned.

“Not again,” laughed Frank.

“No,” said Michael with a laugh, “fastest way to get her to moan is to rub her feet. But unless I am very much mistaken, I think she’s done for now.”

Smiling like the Cheshire cat, Sue responded, “for now, but I don’t know for how long.” And all three men laughed.

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