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Night Fun

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Part 1: Parking

It’s a warm, spring, late afternoon. You’re parked in a very remote spot, overlooking the ocean, relaxing, having a beer after swimming and hanging out on the beach, and getting romantic with Rusty. You slide over on the seat next to him and start making out, getting very hot and bothered. As the sun sets, the sky lights up with fiery reds and oranges, helping to create a sense of passion. He starts running his hands up under your shirt, caressing your boobs, tweaking your nipples.

You moan, letting him know how turned on you are. He unbuttons your shirt and disconnects your bra with an easy motion. The sky calms down, but inside the truck, things are just getting heated up. He works his way down to your belly, rubbing gently, rocking your body with his. You feel his hand reach up under your short, black skirt, rubbing the outside your thighs, caressing your soft ass cheeks, stroking against the nylon of your stockings. Then in between your legs, he brushes against your hot pussy. You moan again, humping his hand. You want his fingers all around and up in you. He’s more than happy to oblige. He strokes you through your nylons, paying extra attention to your inflamed berry. He can feel it protruding even through the stockings. Before you know it, he tears the crotch of your nylons, pulls aside your panties and gets one, two, then three fingers up inside, rubbing your clit with his thumb, making you so horny that you could cum any second. He opens your shirt and suckles one nipple, then the other. He licks all around the areola, feeling everything stiffen as he goes.

You turn yourself around on the seat so that your head is against the door, and your pussy is right there for him. He gets down on the floor, working his fingers gently in and out of you, teasing your clit. He starts at your belly, licking and biting gently, then a little lower, and a little lower, till he’s licking around your inflamed bud. Your pussy juices are flowing now so that his hand is completely covered.

All of a sudden, you hear tires screeching, a door slamming, then tap, tap, tap on your window. You both panic, getting rearranged, pulling clothes back on. You roll down your window, and see me dressed in a cop uniform, standing just outside. As you look me over, you see the night stick that interrupted you in one hand, my regulation flashlight (all 18 inches) shining in on you in the other, the hand cuffs dangling from my belt and my standard issue 9mm in its holster. Fear creeps up on you, along with a heightened sense of excitement. The appeal of trouble gives you shivers, as you have a quick fantasy of ripping my uniform off, fucking me wildly, while clawing and scratching my back.

“I have to insist you both step out of the car. You’re in a heap of trouble”, I say. You open the door, stretch one long leg, then the other out onto the side runner, letting me see the torn stockings, and giving me a sly grin, then stepping to the ground.

“What’s the problem, officer?” you ask coquettishly.

“This area is off limits, and particularly for the activity being engaged in here.”

Rusty, not affected the same way, is steaming. “You have some kind of fucking nerve, coming all the way out here just to hassle us! We weren’t bothering anyone, so leave us the fuck alone!”

“Or what?” I say, eye cocked, hand on gun.

“Or I’ll have to show you how to use that thing!” shoots back Rusty.

“That’s a threat on a police officer, sir. I’m afraid I’m going to have to place you under arrest.” “We’ll see about that!” Rusty makes a move, and I give him a good thump with my night stick. He goes down with a groan, and I clap the cuffs on him. When he comes to, I hoist him into the truck and shut the door. He groans again, his head throbbing, but is much more docile.

“I’m afraid I’m going to have to search you, miss” I say, sincere in my apology. “Circumstances such as these require the utmost of precautions”.

“I object. This looks like police harassment”; you answer, with a sly smile, as you turn around to face the truck and spread eagle. “Please don’t hurt me, I think” and hands go up on the door.

Rusty is sitting inside, looking at your boobs swaying just outside the door, nipples hardening in the cool night air. You smile at him with a sexy, yearning look. He thinks, and rightly, “This guy is going to do my girlfriend right in front of me!” The idea infuriates him, but turns him on as well. He knows, based on the welt on his head, not to say anything.

I pat you down, starting with your shoulders, checking you breasts (just to be sure!) working my way to your waist, then to your hips. As I check your hips, you push your ass toward me, grinding and groaning. I can’t help but lose some of my composure, as my pants tighten. My hands seem to be stuck on your ass as you push and rotate against them. I work my way down and in between your legs from the rear, stroking and teasing as I go, losing any professionalism I might have pretended to have before. I find the tear in your stockings, and rip them all the way up the back. The violent tearing frightens you again momentarily, causing your heart to race, turning you on even more. Your ass is exposed now, skirt pulled up high, panties way up in the crack. You turn your head, giving me a look of wanton abandon, inspiring me to carry on.

I pull your panties up tight into the crack, pulling then loosening, massaging your pussy and asshole. You writhe and sway, thoroughly enjoying the process, while you look at Rusty and lick your lips. He smiles up at you, and strains to reach your lips. His hands are still cuffed behind him, restricting his movements. You tease by coming close, brushing him on the lips, then pulling away; then coming close again and licking his lips. He tries to reach out to get you in a full kiss, but each time you pull away. You look down at the straining lump in his jeans, and smile at him approvingly. On the next pass, you go for the full lip lock; his tongue working deep in your mouth while you suck on it hard. You stay engaged for several minutes like this, thinking what it would be like to have that engorged member in your mouth.

Meanwhile, I’ve been busy working you from behind. With one hand, I play with your panties, while the other hand reaches down between your legs to massage your pussy and clit. I pull the panties to one side, running my hand from your pussy back and around to your pucker. With each stroke, you push your ass out toward me, giving me full access.

I drop down to my knees and lick your ass cheeks. You bend over hard into the truck, kissing Rusty, forcing your boobs against the window of the truck, rubbing them hard for him to see how excited they are. As you bend over, I lick into the crack of your ass, circling your rose bud, then forward to your pussy. My fingers massage along the sides of your clit, opening and closing, stroking back and forth. I can tell you’re getting close; the perfume from your pussy is running down your ass, onto my face.

I reach into my belt pouch, and bring out a tube of AstroGlide (Who needs pepper spray? I have a much better use for that pouch). I rub a gob onto my finger, and start to rub gently around your pucker. You moan and push your ass back against my finger. It opens just a little, enough for me to get the tip of my finger in, then out again. You look around at me again, with some comment about police brutality, which I’m too absorbed to hear. You push back again, and this time the finger goes in up to the first knuckle. You pull away and squeal. I massage around the outside again, then push into the center. You push back against me, and it goes in a little further. I leave it in, turning it gently and tickling the inside. I can feel you spasming slightly as the first wave of orgasm hits. You push back onto my finger a little more, burying it to the second knuckle, moaning loudly as another wave comes across your body.

I reach into the front pocket of my uniform, and pull out a string of glass beads, warm from being against my body. I apply a little AstroGlide to your pucker, then to the beads, and gently massage your throbbing hole with the first bead. It feels different from my finger, not as forgiving, but stimulating just the same. I push gently into you, just going in a little, then let it pop back out, then back in a little, till it feels comfortable. The next attempt, and it pops all the way in. The second bead goes in much easier. Once the two are in, you can feel them moving against each other, which almost brings you to another orgasm.

I keep working each bead gently till all five are in.

Inside the truck, Rusty is about to blow his load just from watching what has been going on outside. He says, “This is completely unfair, having me locked up like some caged animal while you all are having all the fun”.

I direct myself to you,” Do you think he’s done his time?”

Your lusty answer,” I think we should let him out for bad behavior”.

“ The law doesn’t allow me to release him from the cuffs, but I suppose we can open the door to give him some fresh air”.

You open the door and give him a big smooch, putting your hand on his crotch, much to Rusty’s pleasure. You pull at the zipper, which is hard to work due to the strain it’s under, but eventually you get it down. His cock springs out and stands at attention. You can already see a droplet of pre-cum seeping from the top. As you bend over to lick and stroke his rock hard cock, you hear the zipper from my pants unzip, then you feel the nudge of something warm and rigid pushing against your clit. You take his cock into your mouth, tasting his taste, slathering him with your tongue and saliva, while I rub against you harder and faster. Rusty’s cock slides all the way down your throat as you feel me entering you from behind, slowly pushing a little, then a little more then a little more. You can’t believe how full you feel with the beads in one end and my manhood in the other. A third wave of orgasm comes over you, and this time it hangs there, causing your whole body to quiver and quake. I hold myself deep inside you, allowing the spasms to pass before slowly pulling out. You look back at me and plead,” Please! Leave it in!” But I have other thoughts in mind. I rub your engorged hooded pearl several times, bringing shudders of pleasure to you, then slowly push back into you. We fall into a steady pumping rhythm, me going at you from behind, you going down on Rusty. You can feel me pushing against that spot that makes you crazy, and every time I get in all the way, the beads do a little thing inside you. The pace picks up as all three of us reach the brink. You start shaking uncontrollably, as your entire body goes into spasm. I give the string of beads a gentle tug, popping the first one out, then the second. With each bead, your orgasm increases. By the fifth bead, you are in tears, begging me to stop.

I pull out, cooling down for a few minutes, allowing you to regain your composure somewhat. We need to rest up for the next round.

Part two: B and D

You are still quivering slightly from all the commotion, although the sensation has settled down to a dull ache between your legs. I brush my hand gently up your back, sending shivers through you. It’s exhilarating knowing that you’re so turned on that the slightest touch, a breeze across your nipples, a nibble on your ear lobe can send you again.

I leave you to stew a few minutes, going into the back of my Trooper for supplies. When I return, you are kissing Rusty, a lover’s kiss. His cock is still hard and yearning for release. You suck it hard for a couple of minutes, then pull on it a few times and watch the cum spurt out, hitting the windshield and roof of the truck cab. You’ve never seen him cum with such force, and it pleases you to know he’s so excited.

I move around to your side, grabbing your arm, face red with anger. “That was not in the rules! There will be no release until I say so.” And with that, I toss you against the truck, bind your hands and feet with velvet rope, blindfold you and push you into the back seat of the Trooper. Confused and scared, you curl into a fetal position on the seat.

I grab Rusty out of the truck cab, forcing him around to the passenger side of the Trooper. He resists the whole way, kicking, dragging his feet, shouting “Asshole! Fucking asshole! Where the hell do you think you’re taking us?! You can’t just leave my truck out here in the middle of nowhere unattended!”

I don’t answer, but manage to force him into the car. He keeps shouting, so I grab a satin cloth, and tie it around his mouth as a gag. With his feet flailing all around, I have no choice but to bind those as well.

I get in the driver’s side, fire it up, and haul ass out of the lot, leaving a trail of dust and rocks in the air. We tear down the dirt road that accesses the beach, swerving hard around the turns. The truck feels as though it is up on two wheels, then slams down and bounces over the ruts in the road. We take a hard right off the access road, and head through the brush, up a road that wasn’t visible before, and looks as though it hasn’t been used for a long time. I crank it into 4-wheel drive, and plow up the side of a steep hill, bouncing along, deep into the woods, skidding into the corners. We narrowly miss a tree then come to a screeching halt in front of a creepy looking mansion surrounded by huge pines and darkness.

I shut off the vehicle, get out and come around to the passenger side, opening the door. Rusty is still pissed as hell, struggling against the ties and cuffs, shouting muffled shouts against the gag. I grab him and pull him out of the car, dragging him by the shoulders to the front door of the house, sitting him down on an old rickety rocking chair. I unlock the door, push against the squeaky hinges, forcing it to open. Cob webs and dust are everywhere, and just the motion of the door opening causes a disturbance in the air. Taking him by the shirt collar, I drag him into the cabin and push him down on a dusty antique couch. A mouse scurries out from inside the couch, running for cover.

Heading back out, I open the back door and pick you up off the seat gently, putting you over my shoulder. Even in your fear, you realize how strong I am, how easy it is for me to maneuver you around. The muscles in my arm and shoulder flex against your waist, warm and sinewy. Again, the fascination begins to overcome the fear. You have a basic sense that you are safe with me, no matter how dangerous the situation appears to be. And again, the thought of violent, passionate sex overwhelms you. You envision me fucking you hard from the rear, spanking your fine ass till it turns red and tingles, then entering your ass, while you kick and scream and try to get away. The idea of forced sex brings your libido into full heat.

I carry you into the house, past the couch where Rusty has given in to the fact that he is helpless. He watches us head down a set of creaky stairs and into a back room. Being blindfolded, you have no idea where we are, but you can feel the warmth of the air, smell the aroma of scented candles, along with a faint odor of leather and machine oil. As I prepare to set you down, you hear the jingle of chains or some metal against metal. You feel the ties on your hands released, then your feet. My warm hands gently brush the sides of your face, then your neck, working their way down to your chest. You feel me working the buttons of your shirt, popping them open one at a time, from top to bottom. With each button, a warm caress; first at your shoulders, then your chest, your breasts, waist, sides and up your back. You feel the soft fabric of your blouse moving off your shoulders, tickling as it goes, stimulating down your arms, then falling away. With deft hands, I release the clasp of your bra, and gently pull that away, allowing your beautiful breasts to sway free, nipples erect, areolas swollen. I brush the backs of my fingers across and around your breasts, then down your sides to the waist of your skirt. Unlatching the clasp, I roll the top down pushing gently against your ass. The zipper slides away as the skirt bunches up in a roll half way down. I brush the tops of your cheeks and lower back with my fingernails, causing you to shiver and squirm. Rolling the skirt a little further, it falls down, getting caught at your knees, exposing the torn stockings and panties beneath. I stroke the fronts of your hips, then work my way around to the backs of your legs, pausing behind the knees, then push the skirt down and away. For the first time, I see that you are wearing sheer black undies that allow me to see everything underneath. I can’t help but think how sexy you are.

You feel a cold metal object against your thigh, then a tearing sound as I cut down one side of the stocking using a straight razor. I remove one high-heeled shoe and pull the nylon away from your foot. I caress your foot, noticing its lines, stroke the arch and see it react to my touch. I bring it to my nose, breath in the smell of the shoe leather, and kiss along the top lightly then again, kissing my way to your toes. Each toe gets a kiss and a caress.

Beginning at the top of the other leg, I cut the stocking away, remove the other shoe, and pull the stocking away. This time, I lick the underside of your foot, causing you to try to pull away, giggling. I suck on you toes, small one first, working my way to the big toe. I suck the big toe deep into my mouth, causing you to moan.

From a closet off to the side, I bring out a pair of 8” stiletto heels in black patent leather, and slip them onto your feet. They are a perfect fit, although it takes a minute for you to get accustomed to their height and instability. The sharp pitch of the shoe causes your back to sway, forcing your ass to stick out.

The next thing you feel is something stiff and cool wrapping around your wrist. You recognize the smell of leather; feel the cuffs being cinched around your wrists. Then the sound of chains being cranked around a gear. The pull of the chains brings your arms up over your head, and out to the sides. Next your legs are cinched with cuffs. The repeated sound of chains around a gear, as your feet are slowly pulled apart. You try pulling this way and that, but are completely bound, completely exposed.

The fear begins to well up again, but is quelled by my reassuring voice, ”The fear is natural. It’s part of the thrill, part of the erotic experience. Let it exist, along with the other sensations, and it will serve to heighten your passion.”

With that, I remove the blindfold, and your eyes are treated to something special. The room is fairly large and open. It is dimly lit with ancient oil lamps jutting from the walls, which are stone. Candles burn on various table surfaces. On one wall is a rack holding various whips, paddles and spiked items. Several toys, including steel and glass dildos, bottles and an ice bucket are laid out on a table. There are small windows up high which are covered with iron bars, giving the impression of a dungeon in an ancient castle. You realize that you are strapped into a steel frame stretching devise, which could have easily been used in the 1700’s for torture. A table covered with black leather at the far end of the room appears to also be fitted with leather cuffs. The surprising warmth of the room is comforting, and the natural fire light flickering from the lamps creates an almost romantic atmosphere. The feeling of helplessness and complete exposure subsides slightly, as you realize that there’s nothing you can do but go with the events that are about to unfold.

I leave the room, heading back up the stairs to retrieve Rusty. From the shelf over the front door, I pull down a collar, hard black leather with spikes, attached to a leash. This pup Will be trained! I cinch the collar around his neck, making sure it is just tight enough that his breathing is slightly restricted. The lightest pull, and he chokes. I give a little tug, just to make sure he understands. He coughs through the gag, and breathes hard. The message has sunk in. I untie his leg ties, leaving his hands cuffed and the gag in his mouth, seeing the seething hatred in his eyes, but knowing there is nothing he can or will do about it.

With the slightest nudge, he moves toward the stairs, down into the basement, where he takes in the whole scene. Never in his life has he been in a room like this, and the novelty is slightly overwhelming. Should he be afraid? Turned on? Angry? Confusion sets in, as he realizes that he, also, is completely out of control of the situation.

I walk him over near you, so that he can take you in, all stretched out and beautiful. He tries to speak, to ask how you’re doing, concerned for your well being. But as the muffled sounds come through the gag, I give a little tug on the collar, causing him to choke slightly and cough. I keep him just far enough away that he can’t touch you. He smells the sex on you from before, and gets aroused at the memory of just a short time ago. His arousal begins to show in his jeans, and you take note.

I tie the far end of the leash to a steel hoop in the floor, maintaining enough lead for him to get within a few feet, but not close enough to touch you.

Casually, I head toward the table of toys, picking up first a horse whip, giving it a snap, putting it down. Then a feather duster with a black ribbed handle. I tickle the underside of my chin with the feather, and decide this will be a good place to start. With the other hand, I gingerly pick up the candlestick from the same table and head back to the stretcher. I walk around you slowly, several times, eyeing you from every angle. The candle drips wax down onto my hand, burning my skin slightly, causing me to smile. I work my way behind you, tickling the back of your neck with the feather, then down your spine to the top of your ass, where I let it rest. The sensation of the feather brushing down your vertebrae causes you to squirm, pushing your chest out, then your belly. As it reaches your low back, the sensations from our passion at the beach begin to come back. The slight ache in your groin becomes more pronounced, as you think of those beads in your ass. I remove the feather from your low back, and start again at the back of your ankle, slowly dragging it up the back of your leg. The sensation is ticklish, and arousing at the same time. As the feather brushes up your hamstring and reaches the base of your ass, your entire leg becomes sensitized. I start from the other ankle, working my way up to the inside of your leg this time, teasing the inside of one thigh, then the other. I bring it up against the fabric of your panties, and gently stroke a number of times, causing you to writhe and sigh heavily. The feather travels up your ass, tickling first the left cheek, then the right, then to the outside of your thigh.

You can feel my body heat as I come in close to your back, pushing my groin into you, pushing my chest into your back. I kiss the base of your neck lightly, nibbling up the side to your earlobe, which I gently suck into my mouth. The sensation you were feeling in your legs now seems to have traveled up your spine, and is encompassing the whole of your body. With the feather, I tickle the underside of one arm, then the other, causing goose bumps from head to toe.

I bring the candlestick over your shoulder, allowing you to see the flame in front of you. Slowly, I tip the candle so wax drips down the side. It hits my hand first, rolling slightly then congealing. I tip more, and the wax drips off onto the floor. As you begin to understand what is about to happen, your body stiffens, expecting the worst. But as the first drip hits the skin on your chest, the initial sting dissipates quickly and turns to a sensual heat. The next drip hits your nipple, which is more sensitized, but similarly the sting goes almost instantaneously, giving way to a heat which causes it to become erect. The following drips pile on top of the first, removing the stinging, leaving only the warmth. I move to the other side, and by now you have grasped that the pain is minimal, whereas the pleasure is quite nice. Your nipple becomes erect even before the first drip comes into contact.

I set the candle on the floor behind me and go back to work with the feather, teasing the underside of your breasts and your belly. You are surprised to find that the areas around your sides, which are normally very ticklish, are now sensitive in a very different way. The light touch of the feather sends tingling sensations directly to your brain, and directly to your pussy.

My next trip to the “toy store” brings me to the ice bucket. I reach in and pull out a ten-inch dildo made from ice, with a leather handle attached. I look it over thoughtfully, and make my way back to where you are. Picking up the candle again, I contemplate how to proceed. I begin by touching the side of your face with the dildo. You feel the cold immediately, and pull away. I run it down the underside of your chin, then up the other side. The immediate reaction of discomfort gives way to more of an interest. In the heat of the room, the coldness feels slightly refreshing. And besides, you know that you can’t stop me from doing what I want to do anyway, so you give in to it. Circling your lips, they part slightly. I insert the ice cock slightly into your mouth, gently massaging the insides of your lips, then out. I run the ice down the side of your neck, then to your chest. Slowly, methodically, I work it down to the right breast, circling the entire breast, then working to the center. The nipple, already hard under the wax, reacts strongly to the variances in temperature, getting harder and bigger. I drip more wax, then rub with the ice. As I rub, I set the candle down and gently pick at the wax on the left breast. It peels away, leaving the nipple exposed and slightly raw. I touch it with the ice, causing you to flinch. I circle the areola, which has become puffy now, then work my way to the outer edges of the breast, then drip wax on the nipple again. It is red now under the wax. I decide it’s time to move on.

I run the ice dildo between your breasts, down to your belly, where I slowly run it along the soft center ridge, around your navel. I notice that you squirm when I get near your navel; how novel! Circling the outside, I work my way to the center, pushing gently against it, then back around the perimeter. Down the front I go, cooling your lower abdomen, to the top of your underwear, then back up again. I work my way down to your pussy which is engorged, and soaking your panties. The cold of the ice through your underwear, anything but arousing, calms the heat of your passion. The idea of ten inches of hard ice in the hands of a mad man, however, counteracts the initial chill, as you push hard into the toy, pushing it, along with your panties, inside the hot, wet folds of your pussy. The shock of that cold inside you is too much, and you pull away. Backing off, I continue to tease your thighs, then approach your pussy again. You feel the coldness, and you back against the restraints, but I keep coming. I bend down on my knee, tease with the ice, then kiss your outer lips with my hot mouth, licking and nibbling, blowing warm air onto you. I probe with the dildo again, pushing inside you through your underwear, then remove it. Pulling aside your panties, I lick all around the outside, suckling on your clit till it’s warmed up again, then push my tongue inside you as far as I can. I can feel the coolness from the ice still lingering. But as I work my tongue, face buried in your pussy, the coolness is replaced by intense heat, as you moan and writhe.

I bring the ice piece up to your nose, so that you can smell the smell of your excitement. Pushing against your lips, your mouth opens, allowing the dildo to slide in, just the head at first, then in to the shaft, then down your throat. You gag slightly on it, but suck it in, thinking of Rusty’s explosion back in the truck. I remove the ice from your mouth, and give you a deep kiss, again allowing your face and mouth to warm up.

Rusty, meanwhile, sits looking on, feeling dejected. He realizes that there’s nothing he can do to stop me from teasing and torturing; vows to get me when I’m not looking. I untie the gag, saying in a calm voice, “We are in the presence of a lady. Ultimate respect will be shown at all times”. He stretches his mouth, works his tongue in an attempt to get the saliva back flowing, and takes a deep breath.

“Respect for her I have no problem with. You, on the other hand…” I give a slight tug on the leash, just to remind him of who is in control. He coughs again, and falls quiet, although from the heavy breathing, I can tell he still has a few things he would like to say.

“ I’m going to remove the cuffs temporarily for a specific reason. Good behavior will be rewarded with more freedom from them.”

“What do you consider to be good behavior?” he growls back at me.

“Ultimate respect for the lady, myself, your circumstances”, say I, maintaining full composure. “I will not abide violence, verbal or otherwise, toward any party involved here. The first indication, and you will be banished to voyeur role for the entirety”.

Rusty thinks long and hard, realizing that if he plays along, at a minimum, he enjoys participation, and at a maximum, he gets to thoroughly kick my ass.

“I think I can go along with your rules” he states, after several minutes of internal debate.

“Good. Then we can begin. The first thing I will need you to do is remove your clothing.”
“All of it? You want me to strip in front of you? Are you some kind of perv, or what?”
“ This is not a very good way to begin our newly negotiated relationship, now is it?” I ask, and give the collar a tug.

Rusty goes into an extended coughing jag. After getting his breathing under control again, he rasps out, “Alright already, your rules”.

I unlatch the cuffs from behind his back, allowing him free movement to shrug his shoulders, and rub his wrists. “Thanks, I thought my arms would fall off there for a while”.

“So, you may begin disrobing when you are ready. Take your time; tantalize the lady” I say. I look over at you, making sure you have been attending to all that is taking place. From the concerned look on your face, I can tell that you see exactly what is going on. I reassure you that the most difficult part is over.

Rusty slowly starts unbuttoning his shirt, looking longingly at you, smiling a slight smile. You smile back, feeling compassion for his situation, wanting him more than ever to be close to you. As he works his way down his shirt, you fantasize about the way his chest feels against yours, how warm it is, how it feels as he moves against you.

He goes for the boots, untying the laces as gracefully as he can, removing them and tossing them aside. He leaves the socks on and goes for the jeans next. Unbuttoning the top button first, he starts getting into it now, gyrating his hips, fucking the air, thinking about thrusting into your hot, receptive body. His cock gets hard thinking about you as he pulls down the zipper, relieving the strain. He peals away his jeans, slowly, suggestively, putting on a show for you. As his pants get down to his ankles, he kicks them away. Standing there in his underwear, he gets self-conscious again, looking at me with daggers in his eyes. I look away in an attempt to lessen the awkwardness for him. He drops his underwear and stands there, feeling exposed.

I toss him a cock ring, black leather with metal studs. “You won’t need help with this, I assume” I say. He gives it a quick look, pulls a couple of times on his cock, then slips it over and down to the base, pulling his balls through. The way it rides up against his body, it forces his dick to stand out, and with the restriction of blood, it gets bigger and harder.

I untie the leash from the steel hoop, and allow him to go to you. As he approaches, he immediately tries to kiss you, but I keep a good hold on the leash, and stop him just before he can reach you. He doesn’t pull; he’s learning.

“On your knees”, I command, and he drops in front of you. His face is at your crotch, and he sees your pussy, swollen and waiting inside your soaked panties. The smell of sex is strong, and a strong aphrodisiac. I release the tension from the leash, allowing his head to move forward. He kisses you down there, while looking up into your face. You look down as best you can, seeing his eyes, feeling him touch you. He kisses you again, and with all the conflicting sensations of the past hour, your body starts to shake. He reaches out with his tongue, forcing it into your panties; forcing the fabric up into you. With this, you moan loudly and shake from another impending orgasm. Taking his cue, he works his tongue in and out, up and down in your wet slit, bumping against your clit with each stroke, till you scream with passion. He grabs your ass and squeezes, forcing his tongue in deeper, pushing his nose against your clit, and moving in and out as you gyrate.

Your orgasm subsides slightly, and I tell Rusty, “It’s time to stand up.” He stands in front of you, his erection huge, the tip of his cock stretched and purple. He rubs it against you, and you can feel the heat coming off of it. You want it in you, as you pump your pussy against it. Looking into his eyes, you kiss deeply, your mouth on fire along with the rest of your body. He pulls your panties down till they won’t go any further and looks at you, seeing you more turned on than he ever has before. He rests his swollen cock against your pussy and feels the heat emanating from within. With one strong thrust, he’s in, filling you to the brink. You buck and pull against the restraints, rocking your hips, riding his prick like a bull rider gone mad. Every time you push forward, he goes in to the hilt, and the studs from the cock ring push against your pelvis. Eventually, you settle into a rhythm, him pulling back till his cock almost falls out, then pushing all the way in, then humping and grinding hard against you, then pulling back out. You can feel the swollen head of his cock as it moves in and out, hitting every nerve along the way, bringing you to the brink.

As you get into it with Rusty, you have almost forgotten my existence. I, meanwhile, have removed my clothing, and am greasing up my pole with AstroGlide. You are slightly surprised when you feel my warm hands massaging your ass, but then get into the sensation, and go back to your thrusting. My finger finds your delectable asshole, and finds its way inside. The sensation of my finger in you causes your ass and pussy to clench, then relax, then clench again. I take my finger out, and rest the tip of my rock hard dick against your flower. With the lubricant from before, along with the recent application, the tip slides in easily. Now, every time you move back, I go in a little further, then you move forward and Rusty goes in. The stimulation is almost too much to bear, so you stop for a minute. Rusty and I look at each other, and thrust slowly, evenly at the same time. The two of us in there at the same time fills you up, forcing him into your G spot, and causing you to go off like a rocket. You scream and shake violently, both holes gripping tight to their respective fillings, sucking them further in. We keep up our pumping, increasing the speed, both of us gasping and grunting. Faster, harder, all bodies moving in sync,

till there’s no way to hold back. We release, filling you with hot jism from both ends. The hot liquid, along with the tensing of bodies all around, causes you to orgasm again, deeper, more dramatic than you’ve ever felt in your life. You cum and cum uncontrollably. Then all goes black.

When you awake, you are laid out on a comfortable bed, wrapped in silk sheets and a down comforter. Looking around, you notice that the light is different, that the whole room is bright with natural sunlight coming through the windows above. You realize that you’ve been asleep for hours, dreaming dreams of being drizzled with hot oil, tied down to a bed, spanked mercilessly, fucked in every way, and cumming the entire time. Your body, although exhausted, is still vibrating from all the excitement. A quick perusal of the room, and you notice that toys are strewn around, the table with cuffs is turned on its side, the smell of almond massage oil permeates the air. Oh my god, you say to yourself. Where did reality end and the dream begin?

You recognize a familiar chuckle, and look across to the far end of the room. Your eyes adjust to the light, and see that Rusty and I are sitting across the room in robes, sipping Cognac, talking about fishing, the weather, and when we can get together to do this again.

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