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Wrestling Buddies Ch. 02

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It was a couple of days after our ‘wrestling match’ that I stopped by Jeff’s house. I was embarrassed and a little confused about what we had done, but when I got to the house he acted like nothing had happened.

We sat in the living room and watched TV for a while. Then Jeff took me back to his room and broke into his stash of porn. He was always picking up great stuff, and since he was six months older than me, he had been buying it legally for a while and getting it on the sly for years! We were both breast men, so anything with big boobs got us going.

After reviewing some of the newest Hustler magazines, my shorts were feeling very tight. With his mother home, there was little chance of a repeat of our first time together.

My cock was so hard it hurt, so I went down the hall to the bathroom to get some relief. I shut the door then peeled off my shorts and underwear. I stood in front of the sink, squirted some of his mom’s hand lotion in my palm and started stroking my cock. I leaned back slightly against the wall and was enjoying the motion of my fist. Suddenly the door flew open and Jeff’s mom is halfway through the door before I can make a sound of protest!

She looks at my dick, then my face, then my dick, turns red as a tomato and slams the door closed muttering something unintelligible. That took the wind out of my sail and the stiffness from my boner. I cleaned up a little and walked out of the bathroom. As I did, I heard her tell Jeff she had to run out to the store and she’d be back in a little while.

Jeff had no idea what had happened, and when I explained he laughed and said it serves her right for not knocking and for not fixing the broken lock. I was pretty embarrassed. Then he asked me if I had gotten off.

I explained that the shock deflated my hardon. Jeff pulled me next to him on the bed and offered to help me recover. I leaned back and he started to squeeze my dick through my nylon running shorts. His hands felt so good that I was hard all over again. He rolls my shorts down to my thighs and starts stroking my erection. He asked if the lotion felt good. Instantly he’d made it warm again. He stopped long enough to go get the bottle of lotion. First he pulled my shorts off and then he lubed his own cock. With me back on the bed, he lifted my hips to his and slowly rubbed the lotion into my tight asshole. After two fingers were easily accommodated, he shifted lightly and filled my ass with his cock. As he pumped back and forth into me, my own cock was being slapped back and forth between my belly and his. I was sliding off the edge of the bed and he was pushing me back up with each stroke. I looked to my left and saw the latest Hustler centerfold with a cock buried in her pussy. Just like me! After a few more thrusts, I came all over our bellies. He kept pumping away for what seems like ever.

Jeff was still working my ass when we heard the garage door open. I panicked thinking it was his mother, but he forced me down and kept fucking my ass. Then I heard keys on the counter. His dad was home. I was panicking. It was bad enough that his mom saw me stroking off — but his dad seeing me fucked… I begged him to let me up. He told me to be quiet and to let him finish. His dad walked down the hall and knocked on the door. Then he asked about Jeff’s mom. Jeff replied that she just ran out. Then he told his dad that we were just screwing around in here. All the time, he was still sliding a rock hard cock into my ass. His dad headed back down the hall and Jeff filled my ass with cum. After he pulled out and used my white underwear to clean off his cock, he threw them toward the hamper and told me not to bother wearing underwear around him anymore. As much as I wanted to tell him off, I was happy to obey him. I headed home – without undies – before his mom got back from the store.

After dinner Jeff called. He said our parents were getting together to play cards and I should come over for a swim that night. I grabbed my suit and headed over to his house around nine o’clock. His parents had already left and he was in the family room, sitting on the couch in his bathing suit. Jeff asked me why I wasn’t wearing my suit. I told him I figured I’d change before we swam. He motioned me over next to the couch, leaned over and pulled my shorts down to my ankles. My cock was already getting hard when he took it in his mouth. It felt incredible. I pulled my shirt over my head and slipped off my shoes. Then I kicked the shorts away. Jeff pulled me closer by grabbing my smooth ass. While he sucked me and licked me and tongued my balls, he spread my ass cheeks with his hands. But he wasn’t going to have my ass again, before I had his.

I stepped back and told him to stand and strip. After he undressed, I knelt before his cock and started fucking it with my mouth. This time, I slid my finger between his ass cheeks and started rubbing his tight asshole. I told him I wanted to fuck his ass. He said I could in the pool. I practically ran outside and jumped into the dark pool, without a stitch of clothes on. He was right behind me. Once we were in the pool, I swam up behind him and rubbed my very hard cock against his ass–up and down the crack until he moved to the shallower end of the pool and bent slightly at the hips. I took the hint and slowly guided my cock into his wet, tight man pussy. His ass was soooo tight. After a few minutes, of fucking, we got into a good rhythm. I was pounding away at his ass and floating up in the pool. He would tighten his ass muscles and suck my cock in to him. Finally I came and filled his ass. He tightened his ass so tight, that I couldn’t pull my cock out. After struggling for a few moments, I finally got free.

He told me that it was his turn now. I broke away and swam around the pool. He chased after me. As he swam over me, I felt his hard cock across my skin. Finally he got a hold of me. I grabbed his hard cock and started stroking it, nice and firm, slowly up and down. He moved around in front of me and leaned back. His cock was in my hand under water, but his nipples were above the water. I leaned to him and started sucking hard on his hard cold nipples. He squirmed against my hand and pumped his cock harder and faster.

Just then, we heard the screen door slide open. I looked through the deck and saw his parents walking toward the pool – with towels! We moved apart just in time for Jeff’s dad to ask if they could join us!

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