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It was 3:00 PM Wednesday afternoon before Thanksgiving and the office was empty except for Cathleen and me. The office had closed at 2:00 PM and although I had agreed to join some of my colleagues for a drink after work, I had business to take care first. Cathleen, my admin assistant, was sitting on my lap riding my cock a position that she loved.

She had removed her panties after lowering my pants and underwear to my knees. I was sitting in my desk chair and fondling her lovely smooth round buttocks as she bounced up and down on my stiff dick.

Cathleen was wearing a long dress which is what she always wore to work. She had on thigh high hose with elastic tops which gave me easy access to her panty less pussy. She had her head buried in my shoulder to muffle her cries of ecstasy. Cathleen was a moaner and very vocal when she orgasmed so she always smothered her sounds when engaged in sex. It never took her long to cum when riding my cock and today was no exception. She screamed into my shoulder and her body went stiff as another massive orgasm rocked her. I could feel the wetness of her climax on my cock and pubes.

I continued to fuck her until she gathered herself and then she got off me and took my cock in her mouth. We had a rule about not cumming in her pussy or her ass when we were at work as she did not want to have to clean up afterward. Besides she loved to suck my cock and swallow my load. Cathleen gave great head and within minutes she had me ready to blow. I told her as I always did and as always she stayed on my cock until I came in her mouth. She swallowed my seed and kept sucking me until I was drained.

She lifted her head up and smiled at me. “That got me hot again. Come here and eat my pussy,” she said as she moved to a side chair and lifted her skirt. I pulled up my shorts and pants and then knelt before her. I placed her legs on my shoulder and dove right in to give her a good licking. Cathleen moaned when my mouth covered her pussy and my tongue darted over her clit. I pushed two fingers in her and located her g-spot. Between rubbing that firm flesh and nibbling on her clit she came within minutes and drenched my face.

We both went to the restrooms and cleaned up before we left the building. Cathleen left first and then I did. She had to get home because she and her live-in boyfriend where going to his parent’s for Thanksgiving and they were leaving that evening. I decided to head to the watering hole and see who might still be there.

As I left the building and signed out the security guard said, “Putting in a little extra time today Walt.”

I smiled and replied, “Yes, Cathleen and I had to wrap up a couple of items. Have a good Thanksgiving Jim!”

“Thanks Walt, you do the same.”


Cathleen had been my assistant for the past four years and we started our affair two years earlier. We were both living with other partners but enjoyed the sex between us even more. It had started at a going away party for another executive and the admin assistants were also invited. We ended up that evening in one of those romantic interlude places where you could book a room for hours. The rooms had water beds, mirrors all over the place, a Jacuzzi tub and a TV showing porn.

If you looked at Cathleen she was not a head turner but she was not sore to the eye either. She was 5’5″ and weighed about 125 pounds. She had strawberry blonde hair that she kept cut short as it was like straw and she hated the texture. Her breasts were very small mounds on her chest but her ass was to die for. She worked out doing aerobics three times a week so her body was firm and her legs were shapely and solid. She was 34 years old when we started the affair and she was the best sex partner I ever had.

I was four years older than her and in good shape. At 6″1″ I weighed a fit 190 pounds. At that time in my life I was an avid tennis player, SCUBA diver and alpine skier. I also was involved in martial arts training a few evenings a week. My light brown hair was cut short, a habit from my four years in the Marine Corps and I had hazel eyes. The thing that Cathleen loved most about me was my 7+” cock. It was big to her but not too big.

That first night together, I attributed to us having too much to drink and both of us being horny. Cathleen knew about the interlude and we went there in a whim, not even sure they would have a room. Fortunately there was a room available and minutes later we were naked in the water bed. Cathleen wasted no time taking my cock in her mouth and she was thrilled when I told her to turn around so I could eat her pussy. She came before I did and then she mounted my cock and rode me until she had another orgasm.

I moved her to all fours and fucked her from behind. As I did I caressed her lovely ass. I marveled over the shape of it and the smoothness of her skin. I played with her nether hole and teased it as I drilled her pussy. Getting bolder I moistened a finger with her juices and eased it into her anus. She wiggled her bottom in response so I probed deeper. I soon had her loose enough for another finger.

Getting her very wet I moved my cock from her pussy to her anus. When she felt the cock head at her anal entrance she told me, “You can have my ass if you use some cream. There is lotion in my purse.”

I moved in record time to retrieve the lotion. It didn’t happen too often where I had a chance to fuck a beautiful ass and I wasn’t going to pass it up. I got behind her and lubricated her ass in preparation for my cock. Satisfied that she was ready, I knelt behind her and eased my stiff dick into her sweet ass. I took my time pausing every so often to allow her to adjust to the anal intrusion. When I was almost all the way in, I began a slow rhythmic motion fucking her ass slowly. I loved watching my cock slide in and out of her shapely bottom and I was in no hurry to cum.

Cathleen lowered her head to the mattress and turned it to the side so she could watch us in the mirrors. It was one of the most erotic images of any in my life. My balls tightened and I knew I was close. A few more strokes and I drove into her ass and pressed against her buttocks as I unleashed a sizeable load in her rectum. Cathleen moaned softly when she felt my seed fill her bottom and she clenched her sphincter around my cock. Using her sphincter muscle she milked my cock dry. I stayed in her ass until my dick softened and slipped out.

Cathleen lay face down in the water bed and I flopped down beside her. “That was great! I loved that you came in my ass,” she whispered.

“You have a beautiful ass and I loved fucking it,” I sighed.

“I’m going to run the Jacuzzi and douche myself,” she said. Cathleen turned on the water in the hot tub and then went to the bathroom to tend to her needs.

I remained in the bed until she returned and then we both sat in the Jacuzzi. The warm water felt great as we cuddled and played with each other. For me to cum twice in one night is normally a chore but that night I knew it would be easy. Cathleen told me that she douched both her pussy and her ass before getting in the hot tub. I knew she would want me to eat her pussy again but she never expected that I would lick her anus.

At one point Cathleen moved to get something nearby the tub and as she did her ass was displayed as she leaned over. I moved in behind her and planted kisses on her bottom. She wiggled her ass in response and nearly flipped out when I dipped my tongue in her crack and tickled her rosebud. No one had ever licked her bottom and she was overcome with the act. I continued to lick her anus and gently probe it with my tongue. Then I began to lick her from her clit to her anus and back to her clit. She went wild and experienced an intense orgasm that seemed to sneak up on her and catch her by surprise.

“Oh my God, that was incredible,” she cried out.

I caressed her ass as she recovered from her climax and she whispered as if people could here us. “I loved that. Come on let’s get dried off and I want you to fuck my ass again.”

We got out of the hot tub, dried off and got back in bed. Cathleen was instantly on all fours and handing me the lotion. Once again I lubricated her thoroughly before I entered her. It took a long time before I came again and it was worth every minute as I loved being in her ass. To watch my cock slide in and out of her shapely receptive ass was an incredible turn on. We rested awhile and then showered together before getting dressed and heading our separate ways. I had no idea what we would say to each other on Monday at the office, as it turned out that night was the start of a great affair.


The following Monday Cathleen went about business as usual in the morning as I had to get ready for the President’s staff meeting. That afternoon following lunch Cathleen came into my office, closed and locked the door behind her. I could tell by the gleam in her eyes that she had something on her mind. She had me stand up and she knelt in front of me and unzipped my fly. Next she fished my cock and balls out of my pants and proceeded to give me and incredible blow job. She really knew how to suck cock and in a matter of minutes I was cumming in her mouth. As she had done the last time she sucked me dry and then put my cock and balls back in my pants.

“Now I need you to eat my pussy,” she whispered.

I moved a side chair to the office door and had her sit in it. She was wearing pantyhose under her long skirt and I pulled them down to her ankles. Lifting her legs I put my head between them and began lapping at her pussy. Her legs were held together over my shoulders with the pantyhose but I was clear to work on her pussy. Cathleen orgasmed within minutes and I drank down every drop of her sweet juices.

I moved out from under her and allowed her to pull up her pantyhose. She smiled at me and I had my answer as to where our relationship was headed. Getting a blow job was easy with my cock sticking out of my fly but eating her pussy while wearing pantyhose was a bit awkward. I made up my mind that I would take her shopping for new hose and panties. Cathleen straightened her clothes and smiled again.

“I hope we can do this more often,” she whispered.

“You can count on it,” I told her.

That was the start of sex in my office and hardly a day went by that we didn’t have sex. At times I was challenged to perform at home with my girlfriend Marty. Fortunately she was a flight attendant and was often out of town during the week. For the next several months it was strictly oral sex in the office as it was the safest and least risky. Cathleen loved wearing the thigh high hose and sexy panties that I bought her and it made it so much easier for me to eat her pussy. No one in the office knew what a hot piece of ass was under those long skirts and conservative clothes.

Once we got a little carried away and although we barricaded the office door with two chairs it was still too risky. I placed one chair against the door and then a second chair next to the first one. I sat in the second chair with my pants and underwear down to my knees while Cathleen rode my cock. She came twice before getting off of me and sucking my cock until I ejaculated. We loved the sex but I was nervous about someone coming to my office while we were at it. Security and facilities had keys to all the offices and while I never expected an interruption, it wasn’t worth the risk.

Putting dead bolt lock on my door was too obvious and against company policy. I checked out alternatives at the hardware store and I was introduced to a door brace. It fit under the handle of the door and was jammed at an angle on the floor. I tested it and I couldn’t budge the door with the brace in place. That gave me a renewed sense of security and with the brace in place we were more relaxed. Cathleen loved to fuck and feel my cock in her pussy so we did it anytime my schedule permitted. On busier days we resorted to oral sex. It was an unbelievable time in my career to have a great job and a great sex partner at work.

Whenever our live in partners were both out of town or busy, Cathleen and I would visit the romantic interlude. On those occasions I was all over her hot ass. She loved the way I made love to her ass with my fingers, tongue and cock. Of course I made sure that she had multiple orgasms and was completely satisfied. Seeing her ass glisten with Jacuzzi water when she leaned over the tub was an irresistible sight and I just had to tongue her gorgeous bottom. On those occasions I had no trouble cumming two times in her ass. It was incredible sex.

We had sex in the car too but not very often. There were two memorable occasions when we did. One time she needed a ride home after work. It was winter time and it was dark by the time we left the office at 5:30 PM. We stopped for a drink first to let the traffic thin out and then headed to her home. Along the way Cathleen took off her panties and brought my hand to her pussy. I fingered her and had her juices running by the time we got to her neighborhood.

“Pull over here, I need to sit on your cock,” she said excitedly.

I pulled the car over in a dark secluded cul-de-sac and lowered my pants and underwear to my knees. Cathleen climbed over and sat on my cock. She was so horny she came almost immediately but continued to ride me until she came again. Like she had done so many other times she got off me and then sucked my cock until I came in her mouth. We later straightened up and I dropped her off at her home just blocks from where we had sex.

The other memorable time was one evening after aerobics. She joined me for a drink and afterward sat in my car sucking my cock. As she was blowing me, she pulled her spandex down to bare her pussy and ass. They were tight so she only had them down to mid thigh. I played with her pussy and fingered her anus as she sucked my dick. Then she surprised me when she said. “I wish that you could fuck me in the ass tonight.”

“Do you have lotion with you?” I asked.

“Yes, in my purse.”

“Get it for me.”

She handed me the lotion but before I lubricated her ass I lowered the car seat to a reclined position. I turned Cathleen away from me on her side and lubed her anus. I applied lotion to my rigid cock and slid in close. I eased my cock into her ass and fucked her slowly. It was winter time and the car windows fogged up quickly. No one would be able to see inside the car. I reached around with one hand and fingered her pussy as I fucked her ass. She went wild and came on my fingers. I continued to finger fuck her and then I came in her ass. Cathleen bucked all over the seat as she had another intense orgasm. We rested for a few minutes and I eased my cock out of her ass. She grabbed her workout towel and put it against her ass before she pulled her spandex back up.

“I don’t want cum stains on my outfit,” she said with a giggle.

Cathleen left my car and it took several minutes before the defroster cleared the windows. I drove off thinking about all the ways that Cathleen had great sex together. Then I thought about the upcoming business trip. Actually I was sending her to a conference and I was taking vacation days to join her. It would be the first time that we would be in the same bed overnight.


Executive conferences are always held at exclusive resorts in order to attract the attendees. This is not true with Administrative Assistant conferences, however I located one on the west coast of Florida. The conference would last three days with a welcome reception on Sunday evening. It would wrap up on Wednesday at noon. Cathleen would stay until Friday and I would return on Saturday.

The room reservation was in Cathleen’s name. I arrived just before the reception on Sunday and Cathleen gave me the extra room key. I relaxed in the room reading while she attended the reception. At 9:00 PM she returned to the room and it was obvious she was ready for sex. She quickly shed her clothes and hopped into bed naked. I had also removed my clothes and our bodies came together.

“I have been thinking about this all day,” she said.

“Me too,” I said as my hands roamed over her shapely ass.

Cathleen rolled to her back and I moved down her body to lick her pussy. Within a few minutes she was pulling me up by my head. “I’m ready. Put your cock in me,” she directed with some urgency.

I moved between her legs and slid my erection into her womb. She gasped when I entered her and then wrapped her legs around my torso. Cathleen thrust her hips into me and I responded. The two of us fucked like animals in heat and I made sure that my cock was in constant contact with her clit. She was going wild and I sensed that she had a mild orgasm but that didn’t slow her down. We kept fucking until she reached her crescendo and this time she was vocal. She cried out that she was cumming and begged me to hold her tight. I held her body close to mine as she shivered and humped with the intensity of her climax.

I moved slowly in her as she gradually recovered from a massive orgasm. “That was absolutely wonderful,” she sighed and then smiled and asked, “So are you ready for my ass now?”

“I will always be ready for your ass,” I replied.

With a grin on her face she rolled over on all fours and presented her lovely ass to me. “Grease me up good,” she reminded me but I already had the lube in my hands.

I applied the lube liberally to her bottom and my cock as I was anxious to get in her. She cooed as I fingered her anus with one then two fingers. Satisfied that she was ready I slowly eased my cock in her ass. I loved the sight of my cock disappearing between her round buttocks. Cathleen had an ass made for fucking. I caressed her ass cheeks as I moved slowly in and out savoring every moment.

“Cathleen, I can’t tell you how good you look with my cock in your lovely ass,” I told her.

I took my time as I was in no hurry to end this sex act. If I could have, I would have stayed in her ass for hours. In spite of my efforts to prolong my ejaculation it caught up with me. I held her by her hips and drove my cock all the way in until my thighs were pressed against her. Holding her tight I came in her ass with a force that surprised us both. I felt my shaft pulsate as my seed shot into her rectum. Cathleen then used her talented sphincter to milk the remains from my cock. I stayed in her allowing my cock to soften and slip from her bottom.

“Wow, you must have really been turned on. I could really feel it when you came,” she said sexily.

“I guess I was more than ready for your beautiful ass,” I replied.

I noticed semen ooze from her anus and trickle over her pussy. Cathleen pushed like she was pooping and expelled more of it. I had never seen her do that before and it was very erotic. Minutes later we cleaned up and turned in for the night. It was the first time in our affair that we would spend the night together. We cuddled in the spoon position and dozed off. Sometime during the early morning hours my cock was hard between her buttocks. I ease it back in her ass and fucked her slowly. I didn’t cum again but instead dozed off with my cock in her ass.


I rolled over in the morning and bumped into another naked body in the same bed. I slowly recalled the marathon of sex the night before and then I realized that I had a raging piss hard-on. A soft hand embraced my stiff member and held it gently and I remembered that Cathleen and I were in a hotel room together.

“Good morning sleepy head. Did I wear you out last night?” she whispered in my ear as she fondled my rigid tool.

I was still groggy as I had slept soundly and had some wild dreams. I yawned, stretched and made an attempt to get out of bed. “I have to pee,” I told her.

“Not until I get to ride you. I’m going to take advantage of your condition this morning,” Cathleen remarked as she positioned herself to straddle my morning erection.

Now I would try to survive the morning as she rode my piss hard-on. She was determined to orgasm as many times as she could that morning until she could not cum anymore.

“Don’t pee in me,” she teased as she rode my shaft like a woman possessed.

“Don’t worry, that is not a possibility,” I answered remembering how difficult it was to pee with an erection.

A few times in the morning I had to pee so bad that I tried but it wasn’t until my penis softened to a semi-erect state that I could urinate. Even then it was difficult to control and I ended up missing the toilet with the first stream. I knew that my cock would stay hard as long as Cathleen rode me and that I would not accidentally pee in her pussy. She rode me hard and at times I thought that my bladder would burst but it held out. Finally after a number of mild orgasms she climaxed and collapsed on top of me. I wrapped my arms around her body and held her tight as she bucked and screamed.

Cathleen was always vocal when she orgasmed and often she would cum so hard that it was scary. I had gotten used to her orgasmic behavior and I loved to make her cum as much as I could. After a few minutes she rolled off of me and flopped over on her back.

“That was marvelous. We have to have more morning sex from now on,” she sighed.

I rolled out of bed and made my way to the bathroom with my erect cock pointing the way. I stood over the toilet and tried to aim so that when I finally urinated that I would not miss the toilet. It took several painful minutes for my erection to soften enough so that I could pee and then finally success. It seemed like I peed for at least two minutes and the pressure was extreme. Then I washed my hands and my penis before returning to the bedroom.

Cathleen was all business like and got ready for the seminar. She showered and dressed and then headed down to breakfast. “I’ll see you around 4:00 PM,” she said as she headed out of the room.

“I’ll be by the pool,” I told her.

“Behave,” she teased.

“You’re enough for me,” I called back to her as she shut the hotel room door.

I decided to go to the fitness center and work out before breakfast. After my workout I would shower, dress and go to breakfast. Then I would head to the pool and read the book that I had brought along. It was a book that I had been meaning to read and this would be a good week to do that. I knew that evening we would dine at a good restaurant and then we would have incredible sex back in the room.

That day as I sat by the pool I had a difficult time concentrating on the book that I was reading. First of all there were a number of hot looking girls in skimpy bikinis around the pool who got my attention. However the main reason was that I was thinking about Cathleen’s ass. The seminar was the first time that we stayed together for any longer than one evening and it was great having morning sex with her. It was Monday afternoon and I had four more nights and mornings of hot sex to look forward to with Cathleen. I only stayed at the pool until 3:00 PM and then I returned to my room to shower. I was dressed only in my gym shorts when she arrived.

Cathleen smiled and grabbed my cock through my shorts, “Miss me?” she teased.

“You know I did,” I replied as I grabbed her ass through her slacks.

“Let’s fuck before we go to dinner,” she said as she began to disrobe.

In a matter of minutes after she arrived we were both naked in bed and I was drilling her pussy. My cock was buried in her and I made sure that in stayed in contact with her clit. Cathleen orgasmed quickly but we kept right on fucking as I knew that she would cum at least once more. She wrapped her legs and arms around me and held me tight as she humped my cock. Then she exploded with another orgasm and it was intense. She cried out and bit softly into my shoulder to stifle her screams.

“God that was great! Did you cum?” she gasped.

“No, I can wait though. Let’s get some dinner and then we can play some more after we eat,” I answered.

“Let’s have room service,” she suggested.

“Fine with me,” I agreed.

We looked over the room service menu and made our selections. We sat out on the balcony overlooking the pool. Twenty minutes later the food was delivered and we dined on the balcony. I had ordered two bottles of wine as well knowing that it would be a long evening.

After we ate we relaxed on the balcony finishing the first bottle of wine. Cathleen started getting frisky and she put her bare foot in my lap. Then she ran her foot over my stiffening cock as we drank our wine. I felt my cock harden under her foot but I made no moves to take the action further.

“Take your cock out,” she told me.

I fished my cock out of my shorts and it stood up in an erect position. Cathleen had slipped off her other shoe and then she placed her feet around my cock. She rubbed both feet together up and down my shaft. It was a very erotic act and I decided to let her have her fun. I felt my balls tighten as they normally did right before I ejaculated. At that very moment I decided to cum on her feet.

Cathleen had a very wanton look on her face as she jerked me off with her feet. She was really getting into it and I decided to surprise her with my ejaculation. Then without warning cum spurted out of my cock shot straight up and landed on her feet and shins. Cathleen giggled when I came but she went right on stroking my cock with her feet. She continued to rub my shaft with her feet squeezing cum from it.

Then she spoke softly, “I douched my pussy and my ass for you when I showered.”

I knew exactly what she wanted without her asking, “So are you telling me that your bottom is squeaky clean and that you would like my tongue in there.”

“Oh yes,” she said excitedly.

We then left the balcony and headed to the bed stripping off our clothes. Cathleen never bothered to wipe the semen from her feet. She was anxious to be rimmed again and I was ready and willing. Cathleen got on the bed on all fours and wiggled her ass at me in anticipation. I got behind her and ran my hands all over her lovely buttocks and then pried them apart to expose her anus. I dipped my tongue between her cheeks and tickled her pink rosebud. I pushed my tongue into her taut anus and wondered how she could take my cock in there so easily. I licked Cathleen from her anus to her pussy and she went wild. I kept that up until so orgasmed and collapsed face down on the bed.

Then I began to massage her body as she recovered. I used the body lotion supplied by the hotel and covered her back and shoulders with it. Then I worked my way down to her legs and massaged her calves and the back of her thighs. Next my hands covered her curvy buttocks and I massaged those glorious globes. I lifted Cathleen by her hips and she kept her head on the mattress and turned her face to the side. She had a dreamy look on her face as I fondled her buttocks and began to finger her anus.

Satisfied that she was well lubed, I eased my cock into her ass and began to fuck her slowly. I was determined to take my time and last as long as I could. I loved watching my cock slide in and out of her shapely ass and I felt as if I could last for hours. I don’t know how long I fucked her in her ass but by the time I ejaculated my thighs were burning. I fired several streams into her rectum and as she always did Cathleen milked my cock with her sphincter muscles. We were both exhausted so we moved into the spoon position and cuddled together. We fell asleep in that position and didn’t move until morning.


The next morning the insatiable rejuvenated Catherin was ready for morning sex. Once again I fucked her with my morning piss hard-on this time until she begged me to stop. After she showered Cathleen dressed for the seminar. I followed the same routine by working out at the fitness center and eating breakfast at the coffee shop. Later I headed to the pool with my book and hung out all day. I had lunch and a bloody mary pool side and stayed there until about 4:00 PM. Cathleen arrived back at the room around 5:00 PM and as the day before she wanted to fuck before dinner. Afterward she suggested room service again.

Cathleen and I showered together after we ate. We soaped each other up and played with each other’s bodies being careful we didn’t cum prematurely in the shower. Cathleen then would douche both her pussy and her asshole. I still remembered the first time I saw her do that and I found it to be very erotic. After showering I gave her a massage and covered her entire body with lotion. After the massage I sat up in bed and Cathleen leaned back into me and I reached around and stroked her cute titties tweaking and rolling her nipples in my fingers. I slid one of my hands down across her firm abs over her little blond tuft of hair and found her vagina. I played with the folds of her labia and then inserted my fingers in her pussy. I found her hard clit and rolled it between my fingers as I continued to tease her nipples with my other hand.

As Cathleen moved to the end of the bed and she presented her shapely ass to me. Her ass always looked good but it looked even better when it glistened with the lotion. I leaned over and licked Cathleen’s pussy from behind driving her wild as always. Then I tongued her beautiful ass as I always did when I knew that she douched. I swiped my tongue from her pussy up and over her bung hole and back to her pussy. She gasped out loud when my tongue touched her asshole. I always got into it so I grasped both of her curvy ass cheeks and pulled them slightly apart so that I could get my tongue in deeper. I probed her pink aperture with my tongue as I inserted my fingers in her pussy. She started whimpering, gasping and directing the action.

“Oh my God, do it again. Lick my asshole; stick your tongue in there. Eat my pussy, tongue my ass, rim me, oh yessssss,” she cried out, “I love it when you do those things to me.”

I placed my mouth on her, swabbing her pussy and ass in the process. I repeated this several more times until Cathleen seemed to go into convulsions with her first orgasm of the evening. She rocked back into my arms and I stroked her smallish tits as she recovered from the intensity of her orgasm.

“I love it when you tongue my ass and eat my pussy like that. It feels so naughty but so sexy too,” she uttered in an exhaustive voice.

Cathleen began to stroke my cock into an erect state and then proceeded to suck on it. She loved to stick her tongue in the little slit and nibble on my cock head.

“I love playing with your cock but it gets me so hot I have to sit on your dick,” she whispered sexily. Then she straddled me and aimed my cock in her pussy and rode me until she achieved another orgasm.

I decided it was time to fuck her in the ass so I had her kneel on all fours with her gorgeous ass in the air. She always put her head on the mattress and turned to the side so that she could watch. I broke out the lube and put an ample amount in her asshole. I fingered her ass and pussy at the same time. I put my index finger in her asshole and my middle and ring fingers in her pussy.

“I love the feel of your fingers in my ass and pussy together,” Cathleen exclaimed!

If there was one thing I liked besides fucking Cathleen’s beautiful ass it was preparing her asshole for a good reaming. After several minutes of finger fucking her pussy and asshole I couldn’t wait any longer and I had to get my cock in her beautiful ass. I removed my fingers and lined up the head of my cock at her moist puckered ring and pressed forward slowly. My cock head strained to pop through and she let out a little groan as the pressure from my iron hard dick forced her little aperture to open like a flower and suddenly my large mushroom head slipped past the ring and into her ass. Cathleen let out a groan as her rear passage was stretched to accommodate my ample girth.

“Oh you always make me like this more than the regular way,” she gasped and shivered as I filled her fully and withdrew my penis slightly.

I felt her anal passage tighten around me and I continued to slowly stroke in and out of her tight bottom until all 7+ inches were tightly packed up her ass. Cathleen really began to moan and her whole body shook in anticipation of what she knew was coming. I began to slowly fuck her but soon picked up the pace as I penetrated her with long hard strokes that used the entire length of my thick cock. Cathleen was going wild as she loved the feel of my cock as it pulled out and then came crashing back in and filled her ass. Cathleen was thrashing around uncontrollably, gasping and moaning with pleasure. When I reached underneath her to stroke her clit she exploded with her third orgasm of the evening.

I continued to hammer her ass with long strokes then suddenly I felt that familiar tension in my balls and I knew I was close. I began to piston my raging cock harder into her searing ass in search of my release, which also increased the intensity of her orgasm. She was yelling and moaning, clawing and scratching at the bedcover begging me to cum.

“Give it to me, give it to me, give me your cum, cum in my ass,” she begged as she always did. Cathleen loved to feel my warm seed shoot into her rectum.

I felt powerful and dominant with my impressive dick stuffed up the beautiful ass of a woman who could not get enough of me. Cathleen lay submissively before me on all fours as I towered above her like some untamed animal with a strong sexual hold on her. I took firm hold of her hips and slammed once more full force into Cathleen’s ass. I did that three or four more times and then I let out a loud groan as I emptied my seed deep into her bowels. I surprised myself with the amount of cum I produced that time as my dick continued to hammer into her ass.

When I was finished I pulled out of her ass as Cathleen collapsed on the bed utterly spent. I slumped down next to her quivering body. That night we cuddled in the spoon position again and stayed that way until we fell asleep.


Wednesday morning after another round of sex with my piss hard-on Cathleen surprised me with a question. She told me that a girl named Suzie, also attending the conference, seemed more than just casually interested in her.

“I have never been with another woman and I thought it may be fun to try it,” Cathleen said with her sexy demur.

“Well I am all for it if you want to,” I replied as I knew that she wouldn’t just do it with any woman.

“I was thinking about asking her to join us for a drink after the conference today and see what happens,” Cathleen suggested.

“Sure why not,” I agreed.

The conference wrapped up at noon that day but Suzie wasn’t leaving until Thursday evening. I told Cathleen that I would meet them at the pool bar later. Cathleen and Suzie had lunch together and then met me at the bar. I looked her over and I liked what I saw. Suzie was in her late twenties, cute and solidly built. Cathleen had learned that Suzie dated so we guessed that she was bi-sexual. When I met Suzie I was impressed with her physical presence. Suzie was not fat but she was solid and although she didn’t have Cathleen’s curves she was somewhat appealing.

Our conversation at the bar started out with small talk but it was clear that Suzie was flirting with both of us. Cathleen eventually steered the conversation toward sex and we learned that Suzie was not as experienced as one may have thought from looking at her. She had had plenty of dates and one longer term relationship but her sexual experience seemed to be only vaginal sex in the missionary position. Suzie was surprised to hear that Cathleen and I were so sexually active and it seemed to turn her on. Cathleen convinced her to join us in our room and she told Suzie that she could always leave if she was uncomfortable. Suzie nervously accepted and agreed to meet us in our room.

Once in our room I poured wine for each of us and Cathleen took Suzie by the hand and said, “Let’s you and I get better acquainted.”

Cathleen led Suzie to the center of the room where she embraced her and kissed her and Suzie kissed her back. Cathleen began to undress Suzie. She unbuttoned Suzie’s suit jacket and removed it, then she unbuttoned Suzie’s blouse and removed it as well. Cathleen was pleased to see that Suzie did not wear a bra and she gently massaged the girl’s tits. Cathleen rolled Suzie’s nipples in between her fingers and then dipped her head down to take them one at a time in her mouth and roll them in her teeth and Suzie sighed with pleasure. One would never know that this was Cathleen’s first time with another woman.

Cathleen’s mouth left Suzie’s tits and then kissed her once again plunging her tongue deep into Suzie’s throat taking her breath away. As she kissed Suzie, Cathleen continued to caress Suzie’s tits with her hands. Cathleen trailed her kisses down Suzie’s face and throat back to her breasts. She lingered at Suzie’s breasts momentarily and then descended across her abs to her waist. Cathleen unhooked Suzie’s skirt and slowly lowered it to the floor. She lifted Suzie’s legs one at a time clear of her skirt and then ran her hands up her legs to the waistband of Suzie’s thong panty.

She caressed Suzie’s shapely buttocks before she pulled her thong down her legs. Cathleen teasingly slowly lowered Suzie’s thong down her legs and then removed it as she had her skirt. Suzie was trembling with desire but Cathleen made Suzie wait as she took her time with her. Suzie looked at me with uncertainty as she was unsure of her situation and when I may enter the seduction. Cathleen then rolled Suzie’s thigh nylons down and off her legs. Suzie was dripping with desire and her pussy was oozing her excitement. Cathleen took one swipe of Suzie’s pussy with her tongue and then stood up.

“Now you may undress me,” Cathleen said as if giving Suzie permission.

With her hands shaking due to her uncontrollable lust, Suzie began to undress her. Cathleen was wearing a black dress and it fell to the floor as Suzie unhooked and unzipped it. Cathleen stood there in her bra, panty and nylons and she was a specimen of lust. Suzie unfastened Cathleen’s bra, took Cathleen’s small tits in her hands and massaged them emitting a pleasurable moan from Cathleen. Suzie salivated over Cathleen’s cute tits with their engorged nipples. She sucked on Cathleen’s nipples as she molded the pert firm mounds in her hands. Suzie fell in love with Cathleen’s small firm tits.

Cathleen reminded Suzie that there was more and Suzie next removed the nylons. They were thigh highs with elastic tops just as Suzie had worn. Suzie remained on her knees after removing Cathleen’s nylons and stared directly at her panty covered pussy. Suzie then grabbed the panty at the waistband and slowly unveiled Cathleen’s treasure. Suzie grasped Cathleen’s firm fleshy ass and pulled Cathleen toward her face. Suzie then buried her face in Cathleen’s bush and licked frantically at her pussy. Cathleen moaned with pleasure but then she reached down and pulled Suzie to her feet.

“Let’s pleasure each other,” Cathleen said as she led Suzie to the large bed.

Both beautiful women lay down on their sides in a 69 position and began to eat each other’s delicious pussy. They tongued each other and sought out each other’s clit. Suzie was pleased that Cathleen had a large clit and it was like sucking a tiny dick. Cathleen went wild when Suzie sucked and nibbled on her clit and she strove to return the favor to Suzie. The two women brought themselves off rather quickly but continued to eat each other as the juices flowed into their mouths. Suzie and Cathleen felt the presence of my body on the bed as I got behind Cathleen.

“Don’t worry, she loves it in the ass,” I told Suzie.

I eased my lubricated cock into Cathleen’s asshole and I knew that Suzie could witness the anal penetration. Suzie and Cathleen continued to eat each other’s pussy with a fury as my dick fucked Cathleen’s ass and I raced toward my orgasm. I fired a huge amount of cum in Cathleen’s asshole just as she orgasmed and bathed Suzie’s face with female love juice. Suzie was not far behind and then she squirted her nectar all over Cathleen’s face.

That evening I got to fuck Suzie’s pussy but she didn’t want me to cum in her so Cathleen pulled my cock from her just as I was ready to cum and popped my dick in her mouth. Cathleen drank down all my seed as she had done so many times, then she caught Suzie off guard by kissing her on the mouth and allowing Suzie to taste my sperm on her lips. Later I fucked Cathleen doggy style as she ate Suzie’s pussy and then Suzie ate Cathleen as I fucked Suzie doggy style. I didn’t cum again but I was able to stay hard and satisfy the girls. Suzie stayed in our room that evening and it was odd sleeping in the king size bed with two naked women.


The next morning I was awake when Suzie rolled over on her back and subconsciously spread her legs. One of her hands found its way to her pussy and she rubbed herself slowly. I moved over to her and it seemed as if she was still sleeping as she masturbated. I had a raging morning piss hard-on so I moved between her legs and lined up my cock with her pussy. I eased my cock into Suzie’s wet pussy causing her to groan softly. Suzie then opened her eyes and saw that I had moved into position to fuck her. She smiled at me and reached up with her arms to embrace me as her legs wrapped around my torso to pull me in closer. I sank my cock all the way in her pussy and fucked her slowly. Suzie had an immediate orgasm and she covered her mouth in my shoulder to muffle her cries.

I continued to fuck Suzie and I brought her off several more times. The last orgasm was extremely intense and Suzie screamed as her body thrashed all over the bed. That was enough to finally wake up Cathleen who rolled over on her side and watched as Suzie went through her volcanic climax.

“I hope that you have something left for me this morning,” Cathleen said with a sultry smile.

“You bet I do. I was just waiting for you to wake up,” I said as I slipped my cock out of Suzie and crawled between Cathleen’s legs.

Cathleen lay on her back and opened her arms and legs to receive my body. My cock slid right in her dripping wet snatch and hit bottom in one movement. Cathleen gasped as her pussy was filled with my cock once again. I fucked her hard and fast as she raced to her first orgasm. As with Suzie I didn’t stop fucking Cathleen until she had cum so much that she begged me to stop. I pulled out of her and she collapsed next to Suzie on the bed. I went into the bathroom to finally take my morning piss.

After relieving myself I stroked my cock keeping it hard as I returned to the bedroom. Suzie was lying on her stomach with her cute butt perched in the air. Cathleen lay next to her with her head toward Suzie’s buttocks and she was stroking Suzie’s shapely ass. Cathleen was also toying with Suzie’s nether hole but she did not penetrate it. Cathleen ran her finger over Suzie’s anus and added saliva this time. Cathleen pushed her little finger into Suzie’s bung hole causing her to wiggle her shapely ass in response. She caressed Suzie’s curvy ass cheeks while she tenderly probed Suzie’s tight aperture.

I moved over to the bed and knelt between Suzie’s legs. I lifted her by the hips so that her pussy was on a level with my cock. Suzie moaned as I slipped my hard cock in her pussy again that morning and it slid in easily. I started fucking her slowly this time with the intention of getting off. Cathleen watched for a few minutes and then she decided to get underneath Suzie. Cathleen positioned herself under Suzie in a 69 position to watch my cock slide in and out of the wet pussy. Suzie tensed when I touched her asshole with a finger so I just tickled her anus instead of shoving it in.

“Walt I can’t take your cock in my ass, please don’t try,” Suzie pleaded.

“Don’t worry, I won’t. I’ll just play with your hot ass while I fuck you,” I assured her.

I continued to fuck Suzie’s pussy from behind as Cathleen fondled my balls and licked at Suzie’s clit. My first orgasm of the day was building rapidly and I knew it would be a big one. It was then that I decided to give Suzie an anal cream pie. My balls ached with the need to be emptied and just then I felt them release my seed. I pulled out of Suzie’s pussy and aimed my cock right at her tiny asshole. Ropes of cum flew out of my cock and hit Suzie’s virgin asshole. The semen bounced off her asshole and flooded the crack of her ass before running down between the cheeks of her ass over her pussy lips and into Cathleen’s waiting mouth.

“Oh man look at it all!” Cathleen cried out between swallows.

Cathleen then reached up and stroked my cock causing more spunk to shoot out and land on Suzie’s ass. Suzie’s knelt there as the warm semen coated her ass and trickled over her pussy and down her inner thighs. Cathleen’s hands flew over Suzie’s shapely ass and she massaged the semen into Suzie’s body. Cathleen continued to drink in all the spunk that flowed over Suzie’s pussy lips as she sucked on Suzie’s pussy and clit. Suzie collapsed flat on top of Cathleen who continued to massage Suzie’s shapely ass. Cathleen then reached up and pulled my softening cock into her mouth and sucked me dry. She sucked me until my thighs vibrated and chills ran through my body and I finally pulled my cock away from her sucking mouth. I lay down next to the two girls who remained in the 69 position. Cathleen lovingly stroked Suzie’s curvy ass as Suzie played with Cathleen’s clit.

“That was some wake-up call!” exclaimed Suzie.

“I’ll say,” Cathleen agreed.

Suzie showered, dressed and left our room. Before she left she gave Cathleen her contact information and thanked us for a marvelous time. Cathleen and I then showered, dressed and went to the coffee shop for breakfast. After breakfast we got to-go cups for our coffee and sat out on the patio.

“That was really something. I cannot believe that was your first time with another woman,” I told Cathleen.

“I got into it. I just did to her what I like having done to me. It was really pretty easy.”

“It was my first time with two women too. I had been in threesomes before but with a woman and another guy.”

“It was fun and since we were away from home I was more relaxed. I’m not sure I would want it getting around at home that I did girls too,” Cathleen added with a giggle.

“There is a chance of rain today. What would you like to do?” I asked.

“Let’s go into town and look at the shops. We can have lunch there and then come back later and get naked,” she suggested.

“Sounds like a plan,” I agreed.

We went back to the room briefly and then headed into town. Cathleen loved looking in the quaint shops and about 1:00 PM we had lunch. We decided to make that our main meal that day and grab a snack in the room later. It rained all day but only with occasional downpours that we were able to avoid. We got back to the room about 6:00 PM and immediately had sex together. Cathleen then got the bright idea of hitting the hotel Jacuzzi.

It was still raining but it was a slow steady pitter patter and it was warm. Obviously we were the only ones at the outdoor Jacuzzi and there was no one in sight. It was actually kind of cool being in the Jacuzzi with the light rain falling. Cathleen was wearing her bikini and I had on my swimsuit. She was sitting close to me when we decided to have some fun. I dropped my hand to her bikini bottom and slipped it underneath through one of the leg openings. My finger slipped in her pussy and Cathleen gasped aloud when she felt the penetration. I reached down with my other hand and pulled my swimsuit to the side freeing my cock and balls. Then I guided Cathleen into my lap and onto my cock.

I began to fuck her slowly and she cooed as my cock slid in and out of her hot pussy. She still had on the bikini and I still had on my bathing suit. If anyone was to come by and see us in the hot tub they would think we were just making out. It was night time and the rain and Jacuzzi jets masked our coupling so no one would know that we were fucking. The only time we had to stop was when the timer on the Jacuzzi expired every 30 minutes. I would pull my bathing suit over my cock and balls, get out of the Jacuzzi, reset the timer and then get back in where we resumed fucking.

Cathleen was close to her first orgasm when she whispered, “Oh this is so hot!”

I just smiled and kept fucking her until she came, “Oh here it is,” she said as her body tensed and she orgasmed. I just held her on kept moving my cock in and out as she climaxed. It was the first time that we had ever had sex in an outdoor Jacuzzi and it was kind of a turn on.

“I wonder how many people have cum in this hot tub,” Cathleen giggled and then asked, “Are you close?”

“Very,” I replied.

I kept moving in Cathleen’s pussy and I felt my balls tighten. “If I had another mouth it would be wrapped around your balls right now,” Cathleen whispered between kisses.

Then I felt my surge and I spewed cum deep into Cathleen’s womb. As I filled her pussy with my seed I felt her body tense again and I knew that she had cum again too. She held me tight and drove her face into my shoulder. My hands found her firm tits again and held them as she rocked in my lap. Cathleen buried her face between my neck and shoulder as she shuddered with her second orgasm.

We separated in the Jacuzzi just as the timer expired. Then we went into the swimming pool and cooled off before returning to our room. We took a hot shower together and then crawled in bed naked. As we did every night we cuddled in the spoon position and fell asleep. Cathleen would be leaving the next day and I knew we would have hot sex in the morning before she departed.


After what had become our morning ritual of Cathleen riding my piss hard-on, I relived myself and then I was ready to take her ass one more time before she left for home. I came out of the bathroom and she was waiting for me in bed. She reached for my cock as I crawled back in bed with her. Holding my rod with her hand she sank her open mouth down onto my cock. Her lips closed around it and I felt her hot, wet tongue go to work. She sucked me hard and her cheeks hollowed as she worked her head back and forth. I gasped and put my fingers into her hair to guide her head back and forth. Cathleen knew what she was doing as her pace slowly quickened and her right hand worked my shaft. Her left hand cradled my balls and softly stroked them. She then ran her finger along my perineum and scratched me gently. Cathleen took my cock from her mouth and blew on the head of it. I felt her breath cool the saliva on my cock and I clenched my butt in pleasure. My large cock bulged in her firm grip and felt even larger than normal. Cathleen worked her hand back and forth letting it glide smoothly around my cock then she looked up at me and smiled. She knew the effect she was having on me and she seemed to enjoy every moment of my torment.

I moaned again as her tongue snaked forward and tickled the tip of my cock. Her tongue found the pee hole and she licked the pre-cum as it oozed out of my slit. She worked her tongue in circles around the tip of my cock and took my length deeply into her mouth again. I watched as almost the full length of my cock vanished into her mouth. Cathleen then swirled her tongue around the shaft of my cock that was buried in her mouth. I closed my eyes and groaned in pleasure as her head worked back and forth more quickly clasping my shaft with both hands as her head vigorously bobbed up and down.

Her pace was relentless and I held her head gently as I felt my orgasm building in my testicles. This was definitely the best blow job I’d ever had in my life, bar none. Cathleen allowed my cock to plop out of her mouth again and a thin trail of saliva stretched from my cock to her lips. She smiled again and caught the saliva in her hand as her eyes fixed on my cock. Her hand wrapped tightly around it again and she proceeded to jerk me off me at a steady pace occasionally licking the head of my cock and nibbling it with her teeth. I threw my head back. Closed my eyes and groaned out loud. Cathleen jerked me off as fast as she could as her hand almost became a blur as it moved up and down my shaft. There was a distinct look of lust in her eyes as she stared at my cock

“Are you going to cum for me? Or do you want to cum in my ass?” she asked in a raspy voice.

“I want your ass again,” I managed to get out.

She got on all fours and pushed her butt back toward me, and then she moved forward. She did this for awhile and it seemed as if she were accepting and rejecting my cock at the same time. Finally my cock was buried to the hilt in her ass and we began moving together. I felt my balls slap against her pussy each time I thrust into her hot ass. Cathleen’s lust took over and she rolled her ass in tiny circles as she was consumed with the anal fuck. I looked down at her firm buttocks and I marveled at the way my thick shaft stretched her nether hole

Cathleen reached between her legs and put her fingers into her puffy cunt. Her juice was oozing from it and she rubbed her stiff and aroused clit. I picked up the pace and began to fuck Cathleen’s ass with steady full thrusts. She gasped at the almost unbearable sensation surging through her rectum. I was trying to hold off my pending ejaculation as Cathleen’s movements intensified. We were both perspiring and I held to Cathleen’s shapely buttocks as I slowed my pace slightly in an effort to slow my ejaculation. Cathleen groaned loudly as her head dipped down to look between her legs and she pushed back in an effort to get more of my cock in her.

“Oh Walt, fuck me. Fuck me in my ass, it’s so good, so naughty, so wicked, I love it,” Cathleen cried out.

Cathleen was going wild with my cock in her ass and I had never seen anyone take to anal intercourse with such abandon as she did. Cathleen balanced herself on both hands as she thrust backward impaling her ass on my thick cock. I knew that I could not hold out much longer. I reached around with one hand and found Cathleen’s pussy and engorged clit. With the other hand I squeezed the rock hard nipples sticking out from her chest. Her clit throbbed as it clamored for attention and her pussy clenched my fingers as it released her warm love juice. The points of her nipples were excited beyond desire and my cock was clamped in her well stuffed bottom.

She was on the verge of her an intense orgasm ever and she struggled frantically seeking her climax. A few more seconds of rubbing her stiff clit sent Cathleen into a mind blowing orgasm. Her body stiffened and then spasmed out of control as she moaned loudly and struggled to breathe. The intensity of her climax was too much for me and I grunted as I shot my spunk into her forbidden tunnel. Cathleen moaned sexily as she felt my hot thick semen rush into her rectum and splash off her bowels. Her face was pure ecstasy as she turned to look at me as my cock continued to spurt its sticky fluid up into her.

“Give it to me, cum in my ass, oh I can feel it. it’s so good,” Cathleen cooed as she was overcome with passion

Cathleen fell forward on the bed as I continued to marvel at the beautiful ass that I had fucked for the fifth day in a row. As she lay before me she clenched and unclenched her ass muscles causing cum to ooze out of her asshole. It looked like a small spring as the semen intermittently bubbled up and trickled out of her ass between her ass cheeks and over her puffy pussy lips. I stayed hard and stroked my cock as the last tiny drops landed on her ass. I then realized that I was going to stay hard and I decided to try and fuck her ass again.

I told Cathleen that I wanted to fuck her ass again and in an almost business like fashion she pushed her self back up on her knees. She turned her head to the side and smiled at me waiting for the second penetration. I pushed my still erect slippery cock into Cathleen’s now gooey asshole. As I pushed inside her my spunk from the previous ejaculation was squelched almost obscenely with my cock. My previous deposit squeezed out around my shaft and oozed from Cathleen’s asshole running down between her buttocks and plopping on the bed sheets.

Cathleen was an extremely hot woman and her fucking technique was incredible. I stayed crouched behind her and placed my hands back on her hips as I fed my long thick cock deep into Cathleen’s accommodating back passage for a second time that morning. Cathleen pushed her hips back at me and her bodies slapped loudly together.

“Yes, yes, oh I love it. Fuck my ass with your hot cock,” Cathleen yelled to me and then she cried out, “Make me cum again, fuck my ass with that big cock.”

As before Cathleen lowered her head to the bed and turned it to the side as she grasped the bed sheets. I could feel her taut muscles massaging my shaft in her ass as I held on to her slim waist and I caressed her curvy firm ass cheeks. Her sphincter grabbed the base of my cock as she worked her athletic body. Cathleen was an incredible sex partner who was a fantastic ass fuck. I knew that I was getting close to losing it again as Cathleen manipulated my pecker with her undulations and muscles and that I would soon be adding more semen to join my previous load in her ass.

Cathleen had her hand back on her clit and rubbed herself frantically as she panted wildly. I felt my seed travel along my scrotum and then spurt into the recesses of her ass. Cathleen felt the second ejaculation shoot into her bottom and she wallowed in the feeling of the warm liquid once again soothing her ravaged ass. Cathleen squeezed her ass muscles extracting every drop of cum from my cock until I went soft and slipped from her hot gooey ass with an audible pop. Cathleen collapsed face down on the bed and savored the moment. I flopped next to her and held her to me as we cuddled and rested.

Checking the time Cathleen realized that she needed to get going. I called room service and ordered a continental breakfast while she was in the shower. We ate together and then she packed, dressed and we left the room. I carried her bag down to the lobby and she caught the shuttle to the airport. I waited for the shuttle to leave and then I went to the coffee bar and got a café latte. I brought the latte back to the room and sat on the balcony reading the morning paper. My mind kept drifting back to the incredible week of sex that I had with Cathleen. It was a dream come true to have her ass every day for five consecutive days. It was an ass that I would never tire of, how could I?

For the rest of the day I hung out by the pool where I also had lunch. I also got to finish my book. It was a hot day and there were a lot of people at the pool. There were some hot looking chicks in bikinis but none of them could stir my juices as I was totally drained. That evening I dined in the main restaurant and I had an enjoyable dinner and excellent wine. The waiter asked if I had any plans for the evening and I told him no since I was leaving in the morning. He gave me the name of a few clubs that were hot spots in case I changed my mind.

After dinner I returned to the room. Normally I would have checked out the clubs but I was exhausted and sexually sated. The one thing about Cathleen was that she was the best sex partner ever and I felt the best another woman could do was equal her. There might have been prettier women than Cathleen but I doubted many could match her in bed. I slept soundly that night and the next morning when I woke up with an erection I missed Cathleen’s presence in bed.


In the morning I ate breakfast in the coffee shop, packed, checked out and took the shuttle to the airport. All morning I felt the void of Cathleen’s absence and I knew that sometime in the future we would have to spend a week together again. On the flight home I was totally relaxed and enjoyed the airline snack and cocktails. I arrived at my home airport at 6:00 PM and I called Marty. She was not at home so I decided to pick up Chinese for dinner on the way. I knew what she liked and she could always heat it up later.

Marty got home about 8:00 PM after being out that day with her girlfriends. She was thankful for the Chinese and we ate in front of the TV. Later she was anxious to have sex so we went to bed. She noticed my tan body and commented.

“It looks like you had a tough week,” she said almost sarcastically.

“You know how these conferences go. We work in the morning and have the afternoons free and then get together again at dinner time. I used the time to hang by the pool and read the book that I was anxious to finish,” I explained.

“You must have had good weather.”

“Yes it was perfect, just one rainy day,” I told her.

“Miss me,” she said sexily as she lay back in bed and displayed her lovely body.

“You know I did,” I replied stroking my stiffening cock.

I was glad that I had more than 24 hours to recuperate. Marty was a good partner and she preferred missionary style intercourse. She would suck my cock but only to get it hard and forbade me to cum in her mouth. She occasionally agreed to doggy style but anal was out of the question. I moved between her legs and eased my cock into her pussy. She moaned softly and cooed. She came quickly but I kept on fucking her through a few more orgasms. We next cuddled in the spoon position and I fucked her until I came. Then we fell asleep until morning. I dreamt that I was still with Cathleen but fortunately I didn’t subconsciously try to put my cock in Marty’s ass.

Marty and I would make love in the morning, go out to breakfast and spend the day relaxing in the condo. On Monday it would be back to the office and the start of another business week with Cathleen. She was the best Administrative Assistant any guy could hope for.

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