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Yes, Alex Ch. 01

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Sometimes, I couldn’t stand my father. I believed it was his fault my mom killed herself. He was gorgeous and he could have anyone he wanted, and so he did. He cheated on her all the time. Men, women, she-males. And he would bring them home since mom died, not caring I was in the house. He was the dominate type, I would hear them begging for him, he told them too. I wouldn’t be surprised if I had siblings out there I never knew of.

I was going to get revenge on him.

I was good looking myself. 5’10, 140 lbs, slightly muscular and tan with brown hair and brown eyes, a gorgeous 19 year old, if I do say so my self. My dad was also tall, an inch or so taller than me, black hair, blue eyes, and a little pale. I got all my looks from my mom.

Anyway, tonight was going to be my revenge. I knew my dad liked me as more than a son. I had heard him masturbating a couple times calling out my name when he came “Oh Alex!” he would moan. So what I wanted should be easy. I set up a video camera and positioned it so it would be able to catch us no matter where in the living room we were. Once I had achieved what I wanted, I would show it to all his buddies.

My dad came home from work that night around five, as usual. He put his briefcase down and went upstairs and change into a teeshirt and sweatpants.

“What are you up to, tonight, Alex?” he asked when he came back down.

“Oh, who knows.” I smiled at him. I had put on a tight fitting shirt and tight jeans, to turn him on a bit. “Want to watch a movie with me?” I asked him.

“Yeah, sure.” he said. “Put it in, I will make some popcorn?”

“No!” I said too quick. I wanted to do this as quick as possible. “I just… not hungry…” I put in the first movie I grabbed and pressed record on the camera and sat on the couch. I didn’t care what it was, we weren’t going to be watching long. He sat next to me and I smiled. I moved closer to him. After a couple minutes I put my hand on his upper thigh and rubbed it. Great thing about sweatpants, I could see his boner immediately.

“You like that daddy? Like when your son touches you?” I asked. He wouldn’t look at me, so with my free hand I turned his face to me. He looked me in the eyes and leaned in to kiss me. “No no…” I said. I wasn’t going to let him take charge. I moved to straddle him and looked to his eyes as I moved my hips on him. “You do what I say, or you don’t get me.” I said. “Understand?” I asked him. All he did was nod and I smacked him. “Say ‘yes, Alex!'”

“Yes, Alex, my son.” he said. I couldn’t believe he was being submissive I smiled and leaned in. I wasn’t going to kiss him. Not on the mouth anyway. That was too intimate. I kissed and sucked at his neck. Hearing my dad moan from what I was doing made me smiled. And I could feel him getting harder underneath me. I tried to not let it turn me on too bad though, this was revenge after all. I pulled back and he whimpered. He wanted more.

“You like that, daddy? Want your son?” I asked. He nodded and I smacked him again,

“Yes, Alex.” he said immediately. I smiled. I got off him.

“Strip, and then lay on the floor.” He did as he was told. At first he stared slow and seductive, like a stripper. I wanted him to keep doing it, but rolled my eyes and moved my hand in a circle telling him to go faster. He looked crestfallen, and so my plan was working. He was totally naked and he got on the floor on his back. I looked at him, hard and venerable. He looked so hot. I took my clothes off slow and seductive. I tossed my shirt and pulled off my pants agonizingly slow. My dad was practically panting, and he was now rock hard. I turned my ass to him as I slowly pulled off my boxers. I saw him reach for my ass and moved away. “You are very naughty!” I told him. “I don’t know if you deserve this…” I said.

“I’m sorry, Alex.” he apologized immediately. I nodded.

“You want your son’s dick?” I asked. “You want to suck on it?”

“Yes, Alex.” he said and started to get on his knees. I pushed him back down and crawled over his face and shoved my dick down his throat. He gagged right away and I laughed I raised my hips up only to shove back down and sit on his face.

“Suck it like the dirty whore of a dad you are!” I said and I raised my hips up and down fucking his face, my balls hitting his chin. “Yeah, you are fucking sick!” I told him. “You are sucking your sons dick! Who does that? You sick whore!” I told him as I continued to thrust into his throat. My dad was doing good. His tongue swirled around my cock as he sucked it too. I tried not moaning but I couldn’t help it. So, I just kept yelling at him to try and stifle my moans. “You sick slut! All I had to do was touch you and you were begging for me to fuck you! You cant wait, can you? You want your sons dick deep up your ass fucking you good and hard!” I said. I pulled at my hair as I thrust in his mouth and bit my lip. I was sweating now, and my dad was moaning around my cock, making it harder to not moan. The vibrations combined with his tongue and lips and gagging noises, combined with the fact it had been a while since I had sex, was enough to send me over the edge. “Imma shoot my load down your throat and you are going to swallow it all like the dirty cum bucket you are!” I said. “You will like it too, wont you?” I asked. “Yeah, cuz your are so sick, loving having your sons cock in your mouth, sick dirty whore!” I moaned as I came hard onto his mouth. But I seemed to have came too hard as he started coughing and some spilled out the side. I pulled out and stood up. “Look at that! You didn’t swallow it all! You are bad!” I said and smacked him again.

“Yes, you should punish me.” he said. I looked at him.

“Did you just tell me what to do?” I asked. “You like pain… I see. Well, my job is not to pleasure you.” I said and grabbed my dick, stroking it, thinking of how to punish him with out smacking him, suddenly, it came to me. I smiled With my dick in my hands I aimed at him and peed. I acted as though I was watering a garden. I moved my stream of piss from his stomach up to his face and back. I kicked him in the ribs making him roll over and smiled when he yelped in pain. I kept the piss going, saturating his hair. Finally I stopped and smiled. “Talk back to me again, and thats what happens. In fact, I may use you as my toilet now, I have marked you, you are mine.” I said to him. In all honesty, peeing on my dad actually turned me on. He lay there, whimpering. I wasn’t sure if from being peed on or the kick in the ribs. So I kicked him again. “Stop crying!” I said. “Or I will pee on you again!” I said.

“I’m sorry Alex, just please don’t kick me.” he said. So it was the kick.

“You sick fuck,” i said, “Get in all fours like the slut you are so you can get impaled by your son. I know you have wanted your son for a while. I hear you call my name out at night.” I said and stroked my cock as he slowly got to his hands and knees. “I know you want this. You want your sons dick deep inside your ass, don’t you?” I said and put the tip against his crack running it up and down. At first he didn’t answer. “I asked you a question, daddy!” I said and pulled on his urine saturated hair.

“Yes, Alex,” he said.

“Tell me what a sick, dirty, old many you are.”

“I am so sick and dirty. All I have ever wanted is my sons dick in me. I am a sick dirty fuck for wanting this. I need my sons dick, I need him to fuck me.” he said and moaned. I knew what he was saying was true. And it was turning me on so bad. I took my hard dick and shoved it in his ass, lube free, and he yelped in pain. To my surprise, my dad was very tight. I pushed hard to get in him as his breathing became shallow and ragged. I bit my lips grabbing his hips shoving my 10 inches in him finally getting it all the way in.

“Oh daddy, you are so tight!Oh daddy, you like this? You like your son’s cock in you?” I asked. I thrust into him and smelled my piss all over him and decided that turned me on even more. “Mmm, yeah, you sick fuck, you love this. You love having your sons dick in you because you are a disgusting whore. A slut that wants his son inside him.” I moaned and moved in him. Soon it got easier as his ass got used to my dick and I pounded in him faster and harder. I wanted to impale him, make him feel this humiliation.

He moved his hand to his dick and began to stroke it. “Hey!” I yelled at him. “You don’t get to do that.” I said.

“Yes, ” he said. “Yes, Alex…” he said.I was mad. He couldn’t do things with out asking me first. I grabbed his dick and at first he moaned but then I dug my nails into it. He screamed and I smiled. That should teach him. I moved my hand to his soaked hair and pulled at it as I thrust hard into him. My balls were hitting his ass as I moved harder. Despite the pain he must be feeling, he was moaning. I pulled all the way out and saw some blood trickle out his ass. I smiled and shoved myself all the way back in and he screamed. I laughed a bit and moved more in my dad and let go of his hair, but shoved my hand, now with pee on it in his face.

“Suck my fingers, daddy,” I said and pushed two fingers in his mouth. Like a hungry baby he sucked my fingers hard. I smiled and couldn’t help but moan. “Oh daddy…. daddy….” I moaned out as my dick buried itself deep into my dads ass.

“Alex… I am so hard… I need to cum soon.” he moaned. I reached around and pinched his nipple and twisted it.

“I did not say you could speak.” I said. I thought. “You may cum, and when were are done here, you will clean it up, with your tongue.” I said.

“Yes Alex.” he moaned and I knew neither of us were going to last much longer. I was hitting his prostate and he was moaning out my name, his hands curling into firsts. I thrust a couple more times and moaned out.

“Oh daddy! Yes daddy!” as I came into him. I grabbed his dick and stroked a couple times and he came all over the floor. I pulled out and he collapsed. “Dad! Now how are you going to clean the cum up? Its on you!” I said and kicked him. “You leave me no choice…” I left the room for a minute and came back chugging water. Bottle after bottle. My dad tried to move and I kicked him again, I drank till my bladder hurt and got up. I walked to him and pissed all over him again. I got it in his hair and told him to roll over and he did. I smiled and pissed in his face. It wouldn’t stop so I covered his body in my pee. Every inch of him covered in my pee. When I was done I smiled and leaned into him. “You are mine now… daddy.” I said and got up turning the tape off.

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