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Office Kitten

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Alison sat at her desk trying to concentrate on a report in front of her. So far the meaning of it had eluding her. She squirmed in her seat as she thought of the young secretary that had bought it in; Kia was her name. Alison was the head of a large company that specialized in beauty products and she was the sole owner of the successful business.

She had gotten to the top through hard work and discipline and a strong desire to succeed, have authority of people; work her own hours and live a rich and upper class life style. Her only weakness in her character was her passionate sexual appetite for women, particularly young women; ripe and firm and there were plenty of young secretaries working for her company. Some she had already sampled.

Kia was new at the office; she had only been with the company a few weeks. She fitted in well, although she seemed very shy and self conscious; and not particularly confident in her work and had made a few errors. She blushed modestly when Alison was around; and Alison liked to think that Kia was blushing because she was attracted to her; but when she thought about it; she realized she was just a shy girl, barely twenty-one. Her modesty made Alison aroused; Kia was so timid and polite; but always trying hard to please and do well. Alison admired that; even though she had made a few mistakes in her first weeks.

Alison at the moment was fantasizing about spanking her softly on her ass for her mistakes. Kia had a fantastic body. A lot of her secretaries did; but Kia was different. She was beautiful, exotic; mysterious and well bred in an old fashioned sense. She was modest as a young woman should be; and she even turned her large and bright blue eyes downwards when spoken to. Kia had a perfect oval face and a semi full pair of lips; a dark tan and sensuous skin and a tight hourglass figure. Her breasts were medium sized and Alison imagined they were firm and perfectly shaped with a delicate pink nipple. Her round thighs looked heavenly and her ass was fantastic, shaped with two full orbs and pulled in tight around the thighs to give a perfect shape. Alison could only torture herself with what was between …

Alison snapped out of dream again and squirmed in her seat again. She couldn’t stop thinking about this incredible young woman. She loved her hair; which was long and straight and a woodland brown; and tied back neatly in a professional manner. She wore a small pair of dark rimmed glasses on her tiny little nose and always looked up shyly whenever Alison approached her for reports and inquires; which had been a lot lately.

Kia always wore professional business dress; usually a smart suit and pants which outlined her perfect figure well. She wore something different and stylish every day; which would give Alison a different fantasy every night when she went home. Tonight she would have to leave early, Kia was dominating her thoughts and she couldn’t keep her out of her mind.

Alison decided to go to the gym to let off some steam. In her late thirties she was in good shape and got a fair amount of attention from men and women; and it was wasn’t just the amount of wealth she had accumulated over the years. Alison prided herself on her appearance, figuring a lot of business was about image and she was certainly stunning to watch in a board meeting or in bed. She had dark hair and dark eyes and a very firm and voluptuous figure. Her thighs were large and round and her hips were wide and gave her a powerfully built body that was strong and sensuous. Her breast were large and full and jutted out proudly with an air of confidence that made her proud to be a woman; to have mastered her career and her body. Her lips were red and full; and her tongue was long and pointed, perfect for providing oral pleasure. Alison worked hard at the gym to keep her figure tight and trim; she wasn’t arrogant about her looks; but liked to ease her muscles by working them out hard and then having a long luxurious bath in special aroma therapy oils in her mansion. She had to keep her body relaxed and at ease; as long hours in the office would tire her out; so to compensate she would spend long hours treating herself to relaxation. She would have a facial once her week; and her skin was flawless, smooth and pure. Then she would have two massages a week, usually by a woman who would always comment on how young and perfect she looked for her age.

Alison arrived home and ran a bath. She could afford to build her own gym in her mansion but she liked the company down at the gym and she figured she would get lazy if she didn’t have another people around to motivate her. Her master bathroom was large and there was an on-suite bathroom next to it. The bathroom was made out of pure white marble and the bath itself was shaped in a large hexagon; like a spa and could certainly fit more than two people in it. It was a lover’s bath. Alison had been married and divorced years ago. The only sexual satisfaction she could find was from women. Alison loved oral sex and loved the taste of a woman’s vagina. Her thoughts again drifted to Kia and how wonderful it would be to taste the young woman, her mouth, her breasts, her skin, her ass and pussy. Alison wanted massage her with her tongue all day and all night.

There was fridge next to the bath and she poured herself a glass of sparkling apple cider. Alison didn’t like alcohol as it made her drowsy and dull witted; she liked to active, on the ball. Then she undressed out of her gym suit, happy to be naked and let her large breasts hang out naturally and her pussy to feel air on it. The bath was full and bubbling with sensuous oils. Alison stepped in, tingling with delight as the heat of the bath shot through her body and warmed her blood. Slowly she eased herself into the hot water and flinched when the water came up to her well-trimmed and yet hairy dark bush. Finally she eased the rest of her body into the water until her breasts were floating at her water level. Her nipples were hard and long, especially when aroused. Alison took one in her manicured hand and commenced relaxing and playing with the large perfect orbs of flesh. She kneaded and gently massaged the nipple until it got stiffer and stiffer, harder and harder. She thought of Kia while she was doing it. She thought of her exotic face, her large blue eyes and deeply tanned skin reaching out timidly to stroke the glorious breasts. Alison imagined herself relaxing in Kia’s arms in the bathtub, Kia delicate face on her shoulder; massaging her breasts from behind, playing with her nipples and sucking on her ear lobes.

Alison moaned softly, her eyes closed as she enjoyed her fantasy of Kia again. She raised one of her breast to her mouth and sucked delicately on her own nipple; her tongue massaging it rhythmically in her mouth and she pretended it was Kia doing it.

Alison’s moans got deeper and she couldn’t hold back any longer. She lowered her right hand into the tub and when straight for the hairy pussy between her legs. Alison kept it fairly trim; but she also liked to let it go a bit. She liked a little bit of hair around her vagina lips, she liked it on other women; it so soft and fresh; so different from hair on the head.

Alison’s pussy lips protruded a little and she loved it when her former girl lovers sucked on her pussy lips and then came back to got on her clit. Alison’s clit was now very hard and she started rubbing it in slow and deliberate circles, her timing perfect after years of practice. She moaned loudly; she had been waiting all day for it. Her pussy tingled in the water and her clit felt more sensitive with each delicate rub. She spread her pussy lips wide and then stuck a finger into her tight depths. She groaned again loudly; her pussy was well lubed from the water and her own juices that had been flowing constantly. She increased her rhythm, closing her eyes and tilting her head back in joy as she approached a wonderful orgasm that startled her in its intensity. She breathed hard, her muscles contracting violent around her finger and then gasped out loud in joy, squeezing her breasts with her free hand. For a few moments afterwards she continued to play with herself, still aroused and then relaxed and enjoyed the rest of her bath.

The next day Kia was put aside and Alison continued to get on with her work in peace, determined not to let her sexual appetite get in the way; but something happened to make her start fantasizing again. One of her secretaries who had been working on company reports said there was a lot of overtime to be done. The secretary, whose name was Alice; said that Kia had offered to stay back and work tonight and some of the girls would take the following nights. Alison felt an instant wetness in her loins at the mention of the sexy young women’s name and was back to square one. They would be alone together tonight in the office.

Alison tried to work and put it out of her mind the rest of the day; but those two pretty blue eyes invaded her mind. When it came to six thirty, Alison hadn’t left the office all day, she thought about seducing Kia but it seemed to complicated; even though it sent a such thrill of sexual excitement that she nearly came on the spot. Perhaps she should talk to her, she thought seriously. Maybe she could take her out for a drink as a show of appreciation for staying back. It wouldn’t be too obvious.

Alison picked up the phone, then with a moments thought; put it back down. I should see her in person if I going to ask her out for a drink. She stood up and stretched like a cat and then took a deep breath. The office was silence; but somewhere she could hear someone shuffling about. She knew it was Kia and walked around the large office towards her desk. And there she was. Sitting and reading a report. She was dressed in a tight black short shirt and stockings that showed her slender and shapely legs and disappeared into that wonderful firm ass that was constantly on Alison’s mind. She wore a silky crème blouse that hung softly around her delicate breasts, the fabric caressing her bra. Her beautiful straight brown hair was tied in a pony and her face was thoughtful, her legs crossed. Kia heard her approach and smiled shyly, showing a set of perfect white teeth through her moist and red lips.

‘Hi, how’s it going?’ said Alison feeling intimidated by the young woman beauty and marveled at it. Never had any girl had such an effect on her!

‘Good,’ Kia assured and nodded her head.

‘No problems?’

‘No everything fine, are you going home now?’ she asked.

‘Yes, but I thought I might offer you a drink,’ said Alison. ‘There’s a nice bar around the corner, they always reserve a table for me.’

‘Sure that’s be great,’ said Kia and they both stared at each other. A spark passed between them, Alison was sure. Kia’s eyes shined when she spoke and seemed to be in total worship of the successful woman. ‘But I don’t drink,’ she said.

‘Neither do I,’ said Alison. A rush of lust overwhelmed when she said the next line. ‘I have some non alcoholic wine in my office, would you like a glass?’

‘Okay,’ said Kia, she uncrossed her legs and stood up. Both of them stared at each other, until Kia looked away under the Alison’s powerful gaze. Alison, aware that she’d been staring; held out her arm, offering Kia to go first. Kia walked to her office in silence. Alison watch her sexy walk and noticed Kia was wearing a gstring, she could see the top of the thong outlined in the tight office mini shirt. Such a perfect ass, she thought; now wetter than ever.

Alison’s office was part office and part living room. It was adorned with expensive art and leather couches to make her business guests feel more comfortable. There was a fridge as well, so she could offer her guest drinks. Kia sat on the leather and crossed her legs, watching as Alison poured them both a glass of sparkling wine. She could think of nothing to say to the young woman, who was quiet and seemed uncomfortable in the presence of her boss. Alison smiled as she handed her the wine and sat next to her on the couch.

Kia accepted the glass gratefully and took a small sip, observing the splendor of the rich business woman’s office.

‘You have some beautiful artwork in here Miss Frazier,’ ‘Thank you, call me Alison,’ said Alison and touched her glass with hers. Kia blushed again and took another sip. ‘Do you like working here?’

‘Yes, I do,’ nodded Kia, ‘the staff here are so nice …’

‘Mmm,’ said Alison, not really listening and barely aware of what she was saying. She wanted to get to know the girl, but right now all she could think of was kissing pretty face. ‘You have beautiful hair Kia,’ she said without thinking.

Kia blushed again and looked at her shyly and admiringly. There was no mistaking it, Alison was sure that Kia was attracted to her. ‘Thank you,’ she said. ‘You real pretty too, your hair I mean,’ she added hurriedly and then turned bright red beneath her fine tan.

Kia turned away from Alison’s dominate gaze and pretended to be interested in the room but she could feel the gaze of the sexy older woman all over her.

‘I found it hard working her the first few weeks,’ Kia prattled on to break the silence, ‘it gets really busy sometimes. I think I might have made a few mistakes, but I’ve learnt quickly,’ she added, feeling stupid for talking about it.

‘A lot of people make mistakes in the there first weeks. Would you like to sit in my desk chair?’ Alison offered. ‘It could be you one day, if you work hard enough.’

‘Okay,’ said Kia and nervously got to her feet, aware that Alison gaze hadn’t left her. She walked over to Alison’s chair and set her glass on the desk with a trembling hand; as she set the glass down; she spilt some wine and then as she tried to stop it she upset the whole thing and it fell on the carpet. Alison didn’t care but then suddenly decided to be bitchy about it.

Kia was really embarrassed. ‘I’m sorry,’ she squeaked, blushing again and picked up the glass. She looked around. ‘Do you have any tissues? I’ll clean it up.’

‘Leave it,’ said Alison, her voice cold. ‘The cleaner will do it in the morning. A very clumsy mistake.’

Kia lowered her gaze at the sound of her voice, it was commanding and lacked the warmth that it had before. Alison heart beat faster as she proceeded with a desperate plan. Even though she felt mean, it would all come together soon.

‘I’m really sorry,’ said Kia, standing with her hand clasped behind her back in a girlish fashion.

‘You’ve made a lot of mistakes my secretaries told me,’ said Alison. ‘A lot of mistakes. This company only accepts hard working girls to run the office and so far you have been up to scratch. Is that why you were working late for me? To make up?’ ‘Yes,’ said Kia, her blue eyes lowered. She looked up through her long lashes, not liking the stern lecture from her boss. Alison pussy tingles as she stared at the young woman, who was a lot sexier when she was serious.

‘Do you want to keep your job here?’


‘How hard are you prepared to work?’

‘Very hard Miss Fraz – I mean Alison. Very hard.’ she said.

‘You get paid very highly to work for me don’t you?’


‘Working late doesn’t impress me. Good work done on time it what I like. Punctuality. Meeting deadlines.’


‘Look at me,’ said Alison, her voice going soft. Kia looked up, her large blue eyes were reluctant to meet Alison dark ones. Alison could sense that she was scared and hated putting her on; but she had to. She wanted her. ‘Do you want to sit in my chair?’ said Alison and nodded towards it.

‘Yes.’ ‘Alright then,’ said Alison. She stepped past the sexy young woman and sat in her luxury business reclined. ‘Proceed.’

Kia stood there awkwardly for long moments, confused. Alison held her breath.

‘I said proceed,’ said Alison sharply.

Kia looked more confused and then gave a little laugh. ‘But – you’re in it.’

‘Yes, I am,’ said Alison and leaned back with a sly smile. Her intention was out. She raised an eyebrow to the quivering young woman, who slowly began to realize what she meant. She came forward nervously, her hands were shaking. She looked at Alison and then quickly looked away. Alison couldn’t tell if she was scared out of her wits or plain excited.

Kia sat her lovely tush on Alison’s lap a little stiffly. Alison suppressed a moan of pleasure that tried to escape her lips as she felt the lovely weight of the young girl, the beautiful smell, the closeness of her tan skin and face; the texture of her hair. Alison reached out and stoked her long hair .’Now that’s not so bad is it?’ she asked. ‘Just relax.’

Kia shivered as Alison stroked her softly, like a cat. She didn’t know what to do, what to think.

‘Move closer,’ Alison said. ‘Right up on my lap. Come on, I want you right up on my lap.’

Without waiting, Alison grabbed Kia’s thigh and pulled her right up over her thighs. Kia breath became faster and she tensed up; but tried to look relaxed. Alison face was only an inch away from hers, her dark eyes stared into her blue ones; her moist and full lips looked warm and inviting, her breath smelled sweet and warm.

‘Do you like your boss Kia?’ Alison purred, feeling like she was about to orgasm just holding the girl. My panties must be soaked, she thought. Alison had never seduced or abused power this way; but it made her hot to know that she could do it to such a beautiful young woman; whom she was sure wanted her anyway; she just needed some encouragement.

‘Yes,’ said Kia softly, her eyes exploring Alison face. Alison casually stroked Kia’s thigh, all the way up to her hip and back. Kia’s breath sped up and she tried to act relaxed.

‘You do like me don’t you,’ said Alison. ‘You like me touching you, holding you. Do you think I’m attractive?’ ‘Yes,’ breathed Kia, looking away. Alison slowly raised a finger to Kia’s chin and turned her pretty head so she was looking into her eyes again.

‘What do you like about me? Tell me.’

‘Your so powerful, so good-looking, you have control over so many people. They all like you but you don’t seem to give them the time of the day. You could have anyone, your so beautiful,’ she repeated with passion.

‘What in particularly? Do you like my breasts? My thighs? Come on tell me,’ Alison continued stroking her thigh softly and now she moved from the outside to the inside, enjoying the fabric of her stockings. Kia breath became faster. ‘I like your breasts,’ she admitted shamefully and blushed, then looked away. Alison patiently turned her head back again.

‘That’s nothing to be ashamed of young woman, nothing at all. Don’t be shy. Tell me what you like about them.’

‘The size,’ Kia hesitated and stared at Alison wonderfully large breast that her arm was rubbing against. ‘There so big and womanly. So mature and so full.’ She blushed again and felt silly. Alison smiled. ‘Have you thought about holding them?’

‘Yes,’ said Kia guilty.

‘What about playing with my nipples, squeezing them?’


‘What about sucking them? Do you ever think about sucking on my breasts?’

Kia nodded and stared at them. Starting to feel relaxed under the powerful woman’s questioning. Alison made it out to be the most natural thing in the world. ‘Put your arm around my shoulders,’ Alison commanded, ‘then you’ll be closer to them.’

Kia did as she said there breasts mashed together. Alison’s nipples were rock hard and she could sense Kia’s were as well. They both relaxed for long moments, just enjoying the warmth of each other bodies.

Alison held Kia face by the chin. ‘You have a beautiful face Kia. One of the most beautiful I have ever seen on a woman; and body as well. You’re so beautiful you shy little kitten. Just beautiful.’

They both stared into each other eyes, which were even closer now. There lips centimeters, both pair’s full and red and moist lips.

‘Would you like to kiss your boss?’ asked feeling more pussy juice flow into her already soaked panties. ‘You have such lovely lips. What about your tongue? Show me your tongue you sexy girl.’ Kia opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue slowly; it was pointed and long, but not as long as Alison.

‘Have you ever kissed another girl?’ persisted Alison. Kia shook her head, retracting her tongue. Alison drew her head closer, there breasts squashed together as Alison kissed her on the lips with her mouth closed. It was soft and moist and Kia melted and trembled at the same time. They looked at each other in the eyes again.

‘Did you like that?’ Alison asked in a soft and sexy voice. Kia nodded and moaned. They came in slowly again, this time Alison slid her tongue between Kia lips and explored the warm and wet mouth of the beautiful secretaries. Kia opened her eyes in surprise at the long tongue that probed around in her mouth, seeking her own tongue. They both opened their mouths and kissed deep, Alison getting her tongue down as far she could and played with Kia’s After a long minute, Alison finally broke they’re lip lock. They were both hot and heavy. ‘Stick your tongue out,’ Alison commanded. Kia did, and Alison began to flick over it back and forth; in true lesbian style. After a moment Kia caught on and played the little tongue game, it was sexy and playful. Alison finished by slow sucking on Kia’s tongue. Kia groaned loudly.

‘Oh, Miss Frazier your so beautiful and good,’ she cried and they both came in for another deep kiss. Alison let her hand run further up Kia’s thigh until she found the fabric of her silky panties. She could feel Kia bush through the panties and it drove her crazy, but she only lightly felt the fabric, teasing her. Kia went crazy as well, she broke out of the kiss, breathing loudly.

‘Oh, that feels so good,’ she said, her face desperate for an orgasm. Alison was reluctant to give her one yet. She withdrew her hand and Kia moaned in desperation and despair.

‘Please Miss Frazier,’ she pleaded and kissed her hard. Alison pushed her away and on to her feet.

‘Stand up,’ she said softly. Reluctantly Kia got off her lap, her breath still heavy in excitement. Alison got to her feet and gripped her arms; turning her around so she facing the desk. She pushed her hard nipples into Kia back and then reached forward to grip Kia breasts. Kia moaned and relaxed in her grip. Alison bit at her neck and then sucked on her ear.

‘Pull up your skirt,’ Alison whispered in her ear. ‘I want to see you ass.’

Kia lowered her hand slowly and pulled the tight shirt up over her thighs, revealing more and more of her beautifully tanned skin and then further till it came up over her plump cheeks revealing two perfectly shaped orbs, which were also a deep tan. A white and frilly G-string was deep in her crevasse. Alison moaned and rubbed up against it.

‘What a fantastic ass you have,’ she said. She moved her the G-string slightly. ‘And barely a tan line either.’

Alison moved her hands lovingly over the entire cheeks; feeling the smoothness of the fine skin and the explicit softness. Kia moaned and leaned over the desk to display more of her fine cheeks. Alison bought her chair over and sat on it to study the awesome ass and thighs.

‘Mmm, such an exquisite body,’ she murmured and kissed her on the cheeks. Kia flinched slightly from the wet lips and then relaxed. The thong of her panties was soaked and pubes stuck out for the edges.

‘Your pussy’s very wet,’ said Alison and kissed her cheeks again. ‘Would you like me to take you gstring off? For some air?’ ‘Oh yes,’ was all Kia could say and then moaned as Alison slowly pulled the gstring off to reveal the prettiest pussy she had seen in years. It was nice and hairy, the pubes were a light brown and were so soft they almost floated around her slit, which was a dark and small crease, barely protruding and looked almost virginal to the experienced woman. The pubes around her slit were considerably darker due to the dampness and there was a little nodule of flesh at the bottom from her bend over position, which was hard and swollen. Her clit, aching for a tongue. She could only imagine how pink her twat would be when she parted those delicious lips. There were a few pubes around her tiny little asshole, which looked like a tiny dark hole, all puckered and seem to carry a sign of no penetration possible. Alison had been dreaming of that pretty little hole for weeks now.

‘Oh Kia, you have such a sweet bum and pussy,’ Alison moaned and squeezed her own breasts and rubbed her pussy on the chair. She decided to leave Kia’s pussy for a while and get the young girl super wet and horny. She would concentrate on those two tan ass cheeks and thighs. Her long tongue lashed out as she started to lick and gorge herself Kia’s ass cheeks. She licked and then bit on it lightly and then sucked on the cheek itself, all over the entire orbs until they were wet and glistening with Alison’s saliva. Kia moaned loudly during the whole process, sometimes flinging her long hair back in ecstasy of Alison’s tongue, even tough it hadn’t touched her pussy yet.

Alison leaned back slightly and massaged the wonderful ass with her hands and checked out the pussy again. It had gotten even more moist, little beads of moisture had run down her slit and were hanging off her pubes and clit. Alison reached out a finger and touched the pink hood of her clit; taking a bead of moisture when she pulled her finger away. Kia gasped loudly, her bum jolted and she clawed at the desk in ecstasy. Alison sucked the caviar off her finger marveling at her pure taste.

‘Please Miss Frazier, touch me there!’ the young woman cried pushed her bum back further for more.

‘Not yet kitten,’ said Alison, even though she could barely refrain from it. She continued kissing Kia ass, this time working her way inwards to the diving crack that separated the two cheeks and hid her tight little asshole. With reverence she parted the juicy cheeks and revealed the tiny hole again. It was dark and puckered.

‘You have such a sweet and tight looking little asshole Kia,’ Alison purred inspecting it closely. ‘Has it even been penetrated before?’

‘Ohno Miss Frazier, never,’ Kia moaned.

‘Has anyone ever eaten it? Put there tongue in those sweet cheeks?’

‘No, Miss Frazier, no one,’ Kia moaned again in desperate need of an orgasm.

‘Well your boss would like to stick her long tongue in that tight little hole. If it will fit. You don’t mind do you?’ asked Alison, kneading her butt cheeks some.

‘Ohh …’ was Kia only response. Alison presumed it was a yes and set to work on that exquisite ass. She opened the cheeks ass far as they would go, until the tiny puckered rim stretched a little but still looked stubborn against any kind of penetration. Alison came in closer to her ass slowly, inhaling the strong perfume of Kia’s pussy and blew slightly on the little rim. Kia quivered under the warm breath. Alison then proceeded to kiss the rim, feeling the rough texture and tracks of the little ring and then opened her mouth and caressed it slowly and softly with her long and wet tongue. Kia groaned in delight at the sensation, scraping her nail along the desk. Alison continued licking her most secret whole, running her tongue up and back the length of the whole crack, enjoying herself thoroughly while Kia squirmed in delight. Finally Alison came back to the little asshole and tried sticking her long tongue into dark depths. She pushed hard with her tongue and stretched the ass cheeks wider but could only slightly get the tip inside the extremely hot hole.

‘Hold your cheeks for me,’ Alison commanded and Kia did so right away, sensing she wanted to get her tongue in deeper. Kia placed her red nails on her ass and held them open.

‘That’s good kitten,’ Alison purred and then stuck her tongue in her asshole again, this time she pushed hard and got a little bit more than the tip in the warm tunnel. Kia clenched her tight ass hole around the probing tongue, almost cutting the circulation of Alison’s tongue it was so tight. Alison held Kia round thighs and pushed her tongue in the puckered rim, slow at first then harder and harder until she was fucking her ass with her long tongue. Kia cried out in joy and started to push back with rhythm, clenching her puckered little rim around the long and hot tongue. Alison pulled out of it and licked up and down the entire crack, exploring her entire sacred area; enjoying every second of the thorough ass eating.

‘Such a beautiful ass,’ she said as she licked. ‘I suppose your pussy will need some attention too.’

‘Oh please Miss Frazier,’ Kia begged. ‘Please eat me.’

Alison didn’t tease her anymore. She opened up her slit with two fingers exposing the almost fluorescent pinkness of Kia’s pussy. Bright pink and thoroughly soaked in juices. Heat was coming from the tight little pink hole. Alison went for the little clit. Kia moaned in ecstasy as Alison began licking and sucking on it with her full lips. She couldn’t believe how sweet the girl tasted, so sweet and pure.

‘Oh Kia you taste so good,’ Alison licked and sucked on her clit and then stuck her tongue in her honey pot pussy for more juices. Kia began to come; she bucked against the desk as Alison’s tongue became too intense and then yelled out in orgasm. As she did Alison stuck a finger deep in her pussy, probing around inside it, feeling how incredibly tight it was. Kia’s muscles clamped on the intruding finger, so tightly that Alison couldn’t remove it until the powerful orgasm had subsided.

Alison stood up while she calmed down, her finger still in her pussy and continued fingering her while rubbing herself again Kia, desperate for relief herself.

‘Was that good kitten?’ she whispered in her ear.

‘Oh yes,’ said Kia and reached back to feel Alison thigh. She found it and Alison took her hand, inviting her to go right up to her crotch. Kia began rubbing Alison’s pussy through the fabric of her panties, both of them rubbing against each other.

‘Oh yes, rub me you sexy little bitch,’ Alison murmured as they picked up the pace and rhythm. Finally Alison came; her eyes closed in ecstasy and she stuck another finger into Kia’s pussy as she did so.

They both slumped over the desk, exhausted from the tension but both very happy. Alison removed her finger from Kia pussy and sucked on them like it was sweet candy. She stood up and turned Kia around; who was still breathing heavy and had a glint of a need for more in her eyes. Alison pulled her pretty face close and looked deep into her blue eyes and kissed her softly on her pert little nose. Kia closed her eyes and they both kissed again, closed at first and then both of them opened their mouths wide and played with each others tongue for another minute. When they broke if off they were both hot and horny again. Kia squeezed Alison’s ass cheeks and kissed down her neck, towards those full breasts that were busting to come out and be sucked on.

‘Your not so shy now are you?’ Alison smiled at the horny young woman.

‘I want you again, Miss Frazier. I want to suck on your nipples and your pussy. I need to see them,’ she said earnestly and licked at her neck.

‘I haven’t seen your pretty little nipples yet,’ commented Alison and brushed her hands along Kia’s soft breast, feeling the hard nipple through white blouse. They kissed again, Alison sucked on Kia’s tongue and the pulled back with a slurping sound. Kia licked at her lips, seeking to invade. Alison kissed her back and then allowed her entry into the warm depth of her mouth again. They lip locked for another minutes, lashing tongues and exchanging saliva, both of them getting hotter and hotter; until reluctantly Alison broke it off.

‘We have to go now,’ she said. ‘The cleaner will be here soon.’

‘Oh please, I need you,’ Kia whispered kissing her again. Alison held the horny girl back gently.

‘Come over to my place tonight,’ said Alison and opened her draw. She wrote down the address. ‘And bring your overnight stuff. You’ll definitely be staying. Eight o’clock.’

Kia shuddered in delight at the words, thinking of all the wonderful things they would do. ‘I don’t think I can wait,’ she said, adjusting her clothes. She was about to replace her panties when she changed her mind; and just lowered her dress. Alison pussy juices began flowing at the sexy notion. Kia stuffed the soiled panties in her handbag. ‘I’ll see you,’ said Kia with a shy sexy smile and then exited; her eyes lingering on the busty brunette like she didn’t want the image of her out of her head. She quietly closed the office door behind her. Alison sighed, happy and content and then sucked on her fingers again.

Alison arrived at home around seven thirty. She was still dizzy after her sexual encounter with the young secretary whom she had been fantasizing about for weeks and even though she had thoroughly licked her fingers cleans of the young foxes musk; she could smell it all over her and could barely hold a thought in her head other than Kia.

Alison had a quick shower as soon as she got to her mansion. She stripped out of her office clothes and thoroughly washed all the perspiration and pussy juice she’d produced from the hot little encounter; and paid particular attention to the dark bush between her legs and before she knew it she was masturbating at the thought of the sexy young secretary again. It didn’t take her long; she only had to rub her clit for about a minute before she came again; remembering the softness of Kia’s ass, the smell of her hair and the taste of her mouth.

She stepped out of shower; feeling relieved to have come again and quickly dried off. She eyed her large bath across the room and shivered in delight at the thought of the two of them having a bubble bath together. It would be glorious. She then threw on a pair of casual slacks and a loose cotton sweater, letting her full breasts go free; figuring she wouldn’t need a bra once Kia was here.

The mansion was a little cool and in her haste to have a shower, Alison had forgotten to turn on the central heating. She padded softly in bare feet on the luxurious white carpet and flicked on the switch and then headed to the kitchen to make a meal. Alison hadn’t eaten since lunch and her stomach growled at the thought of food. She made up an exquisite risotto dish that took little time to prepare and was nourishing and filling; she would need energy to handle this little hottie. She cooked plenty for two, figuring that Kia wouldn’t have had time to eat.

Then the doorbell rang. Alison heart leapt in her chest at the sound and she barely restrained herself from running to the door like a schoolgirl. Kia made her feel young and exciting; like she was having her first lover all over again even though she was an experienced lesbian. She opened the door; once more in command of herself and there she was. Her new little kitten, Kia.

Kia had changed her clothes. She wore a pair of tight black slacks that emphasized the perfect roundness of her thighs and legs, drawing in tightly around her hips. She wore a cut off red tank top that exposed her abdomen, which was trim and flat; the skin tan. Her nipples poked against the tank top and Alison could tell they were already hard at the sight of her; and she noticed that she also didn’t wear a bra. Kia had her hand stuffed in a little black jacket; her long and straight brown hair was loose and flowed around her pretty face that gave a nervous and happy smile, her big blue eyes shining in the porch light.

‘Hi,’ she said, her eyes absorbing Alison’s body that was so greedily emphasized by her casual clothes in comparison to her office garb.

‘Come on in,’ said Alison, holding the door open for her then added, ‘Kitten.’

They both looked at each other and laughed. Kia was nervous again around the sensuous and commanding employer, still feeling a little uncertain about the situation. Alison sensed this and closed the door; then quietly she came over and gave the young woman a hug, squashing her lovingly to her breast. Kia hesitated at first and then relaxed in the loving embrace; feeling the softness of the mature body against hers and the wonderful feel of holding Alison in her arms.

Alison held on to her for long moments then they broke their embrace; Alison’s eyes roamed her body and outfit.

‘You look cute, kitten,’ she remarked and reached out to touch Kia’s exposed stomach. She ran a little circle around her belly button. ‘You have such beautiful skin.’

‘You look incredible,’ said Kia, her eyes exploring the generous curves of Alison’s body and enjoying the sensation of Alison’s finger on her skin. Both of them were already highly aroused.

‘Have you eaten? I have some food for both of us,’ Alison said, breaking the sexual tension. She took Kia’s hand and led her down the hallway and into the kitchen.

‘No, I didn’t even think of it,’ said Kia and she smell of food reminded her of how hungry she was. Alison smiled at this and could only imagine what she had been thinking about.

‘Come and taste it,’ Alison offered and took her over to the stove where the risotto was almost ready. She lifted the lid on the saucepan and a small cloud of steam arose and a tasty smell. Alison opened a draw and took out a spoon, then reached in the pot. The risotto was hot. When she pulled the spoon away a little trail of steam rose from the spoon. The busty brunette held it close to her full lips and blew on it softly, cooling it down. Kia stood next to her, watching those luscious lips. Alison offered the spoonful.

‘Careful,’ she warned. ‘It’s hot.’

Kia smiled and gingerly leaned forward to taste the spoonful. Her soft lips closed around on the spoonful slowly, her eyes lingering on Alison more than the food. She drew back from the spoon, chewing.

‘It’s not too hot?’ asked Alison.

Kia shook her head. ‘It’s beautiful, mmm,’ she said.

‘You have a bit of food on you lip,’ said Alison. She stuck her finger up to Kia’s lower lip and wiped off the bit of food. She pushed her finger into Kia moist lips.

‘Oh,’ said Kia and sucked the bit of food off her finger, lingering on it a little with her tongue. Alison retracted her finger and sucked on it thoroughly, both of them staring into each others eyes.

The food was cooked. They both sat at the small kitchen table and ate the food heartily. They chatted while they ate; Alison was interested in her kitten’s life; what she did outside of work; where and when she went out. They got past the preliminaries and Kia started to relax around the experienced older woman and was surprised to find out that Alison was outgoing. She always thought her to be a workaholic. They finished their meals, feeling refreshed and re-energized.

‘That was very good,’ said Kia, ‘You’re a good cook.’

‘It doesn’t taste as good as you, kitten,’ Alison winked at her. ‘I wish I had the recipe for that taste.’

Kia blushed and laughed. Alison smiled and stood up and moved over to the fridge. Kia watched her voluptuous figure move, her gaze needy and excited by the older woman’s casual attitude to sex. It made her hot to know that she had so much control and restraint on her desires and could unleash them with such passion when she wanted. Kia wanted to be like her, successful and powerful and so in control.

‘Drink?’ Alison offered.

‘Sure,’ said Kia. Alison poured them both a glass of mineral water and then gave the glass to Kia.

‘I guess you know what’s for dessert,’ said Alison and pulled Kia to her feet.

‘What?’ asked Kia, even though she knew. She wanted to hear Alison say it.

‘Me,’ said Alison sexily and touched her glass with hers. ‘As much as you like.’

Kia almost melted in her shoes and even though she had expected the answer she couldn’t think of an intelligent response. Instead she stared at the lovely brunette in front of her; overwhelmed with desire.

‘Come on,’ said Alison, taking her hand. ‘Let me show you around.’

Alison walked her around the mansion, their fingers interlocked and gave her a tour of her expensive domain. She showed her art collection, her study and the overlook that had a spectacular view of the garden. Alison was proud of her home, Kia could tell by the way she spoke about. She clasped Alison’s hand, feeling its smoothness

The tour ended at the master bedroom, where once inside; Alison closed the door behind her and leaned on it; while Kia innocently look around at the huge queen size bed with silk sheets. When she turned around, Alison was starting at her hungrily. She came over slowly to Kia and pushed her backwards towards the bed. Kia stepped back, her eyes never leaving Alison and bumped into the base of the bed, forcing her to sit on the end of the bed. Alison didn’t stop, she put her knees around Kia’s hips and sat on her lap. Kia gasped in delight as she felt the weight of incredible woman on top of her and held on to her hips, looking up into her dark eyes. Alison reached out her hand and stroked the hair out of Kia’s face. Then she pushed the small jacket off so she only had on her tank top. She felt the smooth skin of her bare arms and shoulders, she liked her rich tan.

‘I’m all yours,’ she said.

Kia’s breath became shallower and for long moments she just held woman, feeling up her back, enjoying the sensation of her large breast pressing into her collarbone. Alison played with Kia’s hair and traced a line around her face, on her nose and around her lips. Kia lifted up the back of Alison’s cotton sweater and felt the skin underneath; it felt smooth and creamy. She ran both hands up her back feeling and rubbing the fine skin in a sensuous fashion and getting a moan of approval from Alison.

‘Do you want me to take this off?’ asked Alison, indicating her sweater. Kia nodded, still feeling the skin on her back. In one fluent motion, Alison pulled the sweater over her head; both of her breasts came out, glad to be free of the restrictive sweater and hung right in front of Kia face. Kia stared at the full orbs in wonder, they were large and firm, so big and round and so upright for their age. The skin was creamy white and well looked after, not a freckle or even a mole on the skin. Her nipples were pink and bullet like and were getting harder under Kia’s warm breath and worshiping gaze. A strong smell of musk was in the air as the powerful smell of woman filled the room.

Kia leaned forward and began kissing her magnificent cleavage. She did this gently, her soft lips presses lightly on the skin and gave Alison a faint hint of her hot tongue. She kissed her way slowly around each breast and on to her neck; at the same time massaging her back with her hands. Alison had taken her time with her, so she figured she would do the same. She left the hard nipples and breasts that were crying for attention and paid attention to every other part of her magnificent upper body, feeling it and stroking, kissing it.

Alison loved the treatment and Kia could tell she was really enjoying it. Alison wrapped her thighs closer and tighter around Kia’s hips, and then ground her own hips down on her legs, her moaning increasing as Kia licked at her soft flesh.

‘Oh kitten, your such a natural,’ Alison murmured as Kia kissed and bit lightly on her neck. Then she licked her way down from her neck, to her left breast, licking around the nipple, teasing it and then moved to the right one. Alison nipples were rock hard, but still Kia resisted touching them until she was ready to. Alison hung onto Kia’s arms, moaning softly and getting louder as Kia came closer to her swollen nipples.

Finally Kia gave in and set to work on her left nipple. She touched it playfully with the end of her tongue. Alison jolted slightly, the sensation shooting through her highly aroused body and moaned loudly. She looked down at Kia who was smiling.

‘Oh kitten, I’m going to make you come so hard for that,’ she said and then moaned loudly again as Kia finally took her nipple in her mouth and sucked on it softly. Alison pressed herself closer to Kia mouth and cradled her pretty head to her chest. Kia sucked on her nipple, flicking it with her tongue, feeling it’s hardness against her hot tongue. She removed her right hand from Alison’s back and massaged Alison’s right breast as she continued sucking. She loved the feel of large breast in her hand; its firmness and weight and the fact that it was more than a handful. She squeezed the nipple and played with it with her fingertips. Then she changed sides, giving the right breast some attention with her lips and tongue.

Kia continued her breast sucking for a good five minutes while Alison got hotter and hotter, grinding her hips down on the young woman. Kia continued sucking and squeezed her ass cheeks and pulling Alison even closer to her. She licked up her cleavage and up to her chin. Alison kissed on the lips and then rose off her and began taking off her slacks. Kia watched in wonder and felt her own hard nipples as Alison slowly unbuttoned her pants and slid them past her dark bush and voluptuous round thighs. Kia moaned and played with nipples as Alison stepped out of her pants. Kia had never seen anymore more beautiful that those silky black pubes that carefully but not quite hid the two pink lips that were moist and ready to be eaten.

Alison came over and sat next to her on the bed; smiling as Kia’s lustful gaze never left that dark bush of silky hair. Alison took Kia’s hand and placed it on her creamy thigh. Kia stroked it softly, staring into Alison face.

‘Do you like my pussy?’ said Alison. ‘Do you want to play with it?’

Kia nodded and moaned. Alison kissed her lightly on the lips and then moved Kia’s hand up her thigh and onto her dark bush, moaning as Kia ran her hand through the pubes. Alison moaned loudly. She took Kia’s hand from her pussy and licked and sucked on her finger and then placed in back on her pussy. Kia found Alison hard clit and rubbed it in a slow circular motion, the moisture of Alison saliva making the friction smooth like a tongue. Alison arched her back in delight and opened her legs a little wider. Kia kissed her neck and squeezed her breasts with her free hand. Then she went lower and felt the two pussy lips that were incredibly soft and moist and parted them with her fingers, playing with the raw flesh.

‘Mmm, giving me your finger,’ Alison said, gyrating on her hand. Kia needed no encouragement. She pressed her long middle finger between the slick lips. After a slight resistance, the finger slipped into the tight depths. Both of them moaned in unison. Kia couldn’t believe how wonderful she felt inside; so warm and slick and so tight. Alison’s muscles gripped at the finger as it began to slide in back and forth. Kia put her finger in as far as it would go and Alison thrust her hips forward on the finger in ecstasy.

‘Mmm, that so good,’ said Alison. ‘Give me another.’

Kia eagerly withdrew and this time pushed two fingers inside. Alison was so wet that slipped in easily into the tight depths and she twisted her fingers around a little, exploring the tight vagina of the busty brunette. Kia groaned as much as Alison, thrusting her fingers in and out, loving having her hand between those smooth thighs, invading her boss’s most intimate area and squeezing and sucking on her breasts at the same time. Kia continued fingering her for a few minutes, enjoying Alison wonderful body and then finally Alison redrew Kia’s dripping fingers and licked on her own juices. Kia joined in and they both licked the caviar of the older woman off Kia’s hand, cleaning all the juice off it. Kia loved the taste and longed for more. Alison tongue caught hers as the licked the sticky hand and engaged in a hot and deep kiss of passion, Alison sucking on the young woman tongue it a frenzy having been taken to an orgasm twice and then carefully restraining herself; as she wanted to come on Kia’s face. Kia eagerly kissed her back, swapping the saliva and pussy juice between them and enjoying the dark beauty’s soft and full lips. She loved it when Alison sucked on her tongue.

‘Now eat me,’ Alison commanded and pushed her off the bed and onto knees. Kia kneeled hungrily between the wondrous and creamy thighs and proceeded to lick the inside on them, working her way up to the dark bush; which looked huge and a world of it own with beautiful lips that protruded slightly and glistened with juices; and the hard little nodule of flesh at the top; her clit ready to be eaten and sucked on. The wonderful forest of silky black pubes around it. Kia couldn’t wait anymore. She buried her face in that forest and inhaled the wonderful smell and then reached out her tongue and attacked the hard clit with a flicking motion and then finally sucking on it with soft lips; then repeating the process. Alison cried out and squeezed her large breasts, throwing her head back in delight.

‘Oh yes, that’s it kitten. A bit slower, take your time. Yes that’s it. Suck on it softly, rotate your tongue. Mmm, do it evenly and in time, keep the rhythm, yesssss -‘ Alison instructed holding the back of Kia’s head. Kia ate her like she wished, her tongue slowed down and she rotated her tongue on the juicy clit in circles and then after about ten rotations she sucked on it and then began again. Alison watched her beautiful blue eyes look up at her innocently as she ate her; trying so hard to please the experience woman. She was doing well, Alison was building up to a monstrous orgasm.

‘Put your tongue in my pussy,’ said Alison after she had been working on the clit for a few minutes. Kia complied and stuck her tongue into the pink depths. She put her fingers on the slick lips and pried them open wide, they were so slick they slipped. Patiently she tried again and held them open, amazed at how pink and juicy it looked. Alison stroked the back of Kia’s head softly and pushed her into her steamy sweet center. Kia gorged herself on the juicy pink hole, pushes her tongue in and fucking it. Alison loved it.

‘Now suck on my lips you sweet little kitten. Suck on them,’ she repeated. Kia let the pussy lips fall back and took the left between her soft lips, and sucked on the soft flesh. Alison moan in approval.

‘Yesss. That’s so good. No pull on it with your lips, let it snap back,’ she said. Kia pulled on the juicy pussy lips, stretching it back and then let it go; then repeated in with the other lip, her own breath getting faster. She reached back between her own legs and began to stroke herself through her pants.

‘Now come back to my clit,’ Alison gasped, about to explode. Kia ate her clit again and sucked on it hard, feeling that she was about to come. Alison clamped her thighs around Kia’s head and as cried out loudly; orgasming powerfully in the secretaries face. She felt a flood of juice leave her body and Kia received on her mouth and chin but kept licking and sucking on the sexy woman dark pussy, enjoying every part of it. Alison was still rigid for a long minute in the throes of orgasm and then finally she began to calm down; Kia kept licking her but began to slow down as Alison relaxed on the bed after the powerful orgasm. Kia stood up, pussy juice all over her chin and lips and she was flushed and heated, her nipples poking stiffly on her tank top and rubbed her own pussy through her pants, her breath swallow and needy.

Alison reached out and pulled on top of her. ‘Don’t you dare play with yourself,’ she said. ‘Leave that for me.’

Kia moaned softly as she lay on top of the naked woman, enjoying lying breast to breast on the busy brunette. Alison proceed to lick the pussy juice of her beautiful tan face, starting with chin which had the most and finishing on the lips which were covered in her own sticky juice. She licked and sucked and kissed the young woman and then rolled on top off her so she was pinned beneath her. Alison voluptuous large breast and thighs bared down on her, with a delicious weight that Kia loved and she wanted to rip her clothes off and feel her naked flesh against hers. Alison continued kissed her deeply and cleaning up all the juices off her face and then slowly got off the bed. Kia raised herself on her elbows, disappointed.

‘Aren’t you going to eat me?’ she asked.

‘Of course I am,’ smiled Alison. ‘I’m going to devour you.’

Alison offered her hand and Kia clasped it. Alison then pulled her to her feet, surprising Kia with her strength. They hugged each other, Kia loved feeling Alison’s naked body against her; the large breasts pressing into her smaller ones. Alison put her arm around her trim waist and let them into the on suite bathroom. Then turned on the water for her large bathtub, which was also a spa. The high-pressure taps roared and began filling up the large tub. Kia loved the sight of Alison’s firm ass bending over the tub, the large and firm cheeks exposed her puckered asshole and her luscious pussy lips. Kia came over and squeezed her left ass cheek, feeling the soft and pure skin. Alison turned around and smiled, then kissed her on the lips. She sat on edge of the large tub and crossed her legs in a sexy fashion.

‘Now strip kitten, I want to see you naked,’ said Alison.

Kia was only too happy, dying to get out of her clothes. She stared with her pants first and unbuttoned them slowly, teasing Alison with a sexy and playful display. She took unzipped them, revealing a small portion of a lace pair of black panties; Alison smiled in satisfaction, feeling incredibly horny again. Kia wiggled out of tight pants revealing her perfect long legs that were made of pure bronze skin, her thighs round and supple and pulled in tight around the V of her panties; which were soaked with juices. The panties were suspended on her pelvis, displaying a lot of her fine thighs right up to the cheeks and hiding the most intimate parts. She turned around and displayed her ass, the panties were wedged into her crack and Alison wanted to pull them off with her teeth. Kia turned around again, kicking aside her pants and then proceeded with the red tank top. She peeled it off, her breasts came out, the small nipples rock hard and eager to be pleasured; the breasts were perfect, no tan lines, just beautiful bronze skin and were firm and hung evenly. She smiled at Alison’s appreciative gaze and held her hands behind her back in a girlish fashion. Her shoulders were delicate and small, she was very delicate and lovely young woman.

‘Kitten you are beautiful,’ said Alison. ‘Were did you get such a fine tan? Let me take your panties off, you look so sexy in them; but you really didn’t need to wear them.’

Kia came over and stood next to Alison, who placed her hands on her hips and starting kissing her abdomen, enjoying the feel of the tight and firm skin. She ran her tongue around her belly button and kissed it softly and the stuck her tongue in it. Kia held her head while she kissed her; moaning softly under the hot tongue. Alison took her panties off, peeling then from the hips and exposing the triangle of light brown pubes of Kia vagina, which was moist; the pubic hair darker around her glistening slit. Alison put her nose into the soft bush and inhaled her wonderful smell, it intoxicated her with lust and she stuck her long tongue on the stiff clit that was poking out at the top of her slit. Kia stiffened and gasped and gripped Alison head to her mound. Alison greedily sucked on the clit quickly bringing the young woman to a powerful orgasm on her feet. Kia cried out in joy she had only ever experienced once and that was in her bosses’ office barely a few hours ago.

‘You bad kitten,’ said Alison while licking the sweet juice. ‘You were meant to wait until the bath was ready.’

Kia sat on her lap and put her arms around her, like they were in the office. ‘I can go all night,’ she said happily and kissed her on the lips and felt the wonderful large breasts again.

‘Can you?’ said Alison, kissing her back. ‘I’m going to eat you all night, until your pretty little pussy is so raw you’ll be screaming for mercy. Eating pussy can be tiring for the inexperienced, your jaw muscles will be so sore I’ll have to do all the work.’

‘Sounds good,’ said Kia.

Alison laughed and felt her up and down. ‘You don’t know what your in for, kitten. I’m insatiable.’

‘I’m insatiably horny around you Miss Frazier,’ said Kia.

‘Kitten you can call me Alison,’ said Alison kissing her on the lips and biting on her chin. ‘Don’t be so formal.’

‘I like calling you Miss Frazier; I like taking your orders and fulfilling your needs,’ said Kia. ‘Perhaps you can be my mistress?’

‘No thanks. I don’t like latex and whips and plastic dildos; it’s nasty,’ said Alison, ‘But I do like bossing you around kitten.’

Kia leaned in for another hot kiss and they both began to play with each other’s tongues. Kia caught Alison’s and sucked on it hard, then Alison did the same to her; catching the slippery serpent with her full lips and sucking on it. She then kissed her along her delicate shoulders and then rubbed her large breasts against her smaller ones, nipple to nipple.

‘The bath ready,’ said Kia, reluctant to her off her lap. Alison put her hand in the water; it was hot.

‘It’s quite hot kitten,’ she said. ‘Come on, this’ll be nice and steamy. Let’s go in together.’

They both stepped over into the bathtub, lowering their legs slowly into the bubble bath; getting used to the heat. The water level came up to their thighs, not quite touching they moist pussies. Kia held onto Alison while they both lowered their bodies into the water, flinching as the water hit their sensitive areas.

‘Ahh,’ Kia sighed in contentment when the water was up to her neck. Her whole body was relaxed and sexually satisfied; but still hungered for more; especially when the busty brunette was on the opposite side of the large tub; her large breast sticking out of the water level. ‘You so lucky to have a big bath,’ said Kia.

‘Especially with you in it,’ said Alison and floated over to her to give her a kiss. Kia wrapped her soapy arms around her and kissed her deep and passionately. Alison kissed her back and felt her breasts under the warm water and then further down to her pussy and slipped two fingers inside its tight depths. Kia moaned and broke their kiss for some air.

‘Kitten your so tight,’ Alison purred, her face close to Kia’s, ‘so lovely and moist, put you fingers in me kitten.’

Kia did. Feeling down her soft body until her found the dark bush and slipped a finger inside her sexy boss. Alison moaned and they both fingered each other vigorously, until they both came. When they calmed down, Alison floated onto her back and then sat on Kia’s lap. Kia wrapped her arms around her waist, loving the feel of her butt on her lap; she felt both of the large breasts with her hands and kissed Alison on the neck; just like Alison had fantasized. Both of them relaxed for long minutes; enjoying the heat of the bath and each other.

‘I have some chocolate in the fridge,’ said Alison. She floated to the other side and reached out of the little fridge. ‘Want some?’

‘Okay,’ said Kia and floated over next to her. Alison put a piece in her mouth and sucked on it.

‘You’ll have to get it,’ she said with her mouth full and smiled.

‘Alright,’ said Kia and closed in on her mouth. She kissed her on the lips, burying her tongue in Alison’s mouth as far as it would go to retrieve the chocolate. Alison cleverly moved it around in her mouth as Kia’s hot tongue probed around but couldn’t get it. Kia rubbed her dark bush and Alison opened her mouth in surprise, the chocolate falling out of her mouth and into Kia’s. Kia grinned in triumph eating the exotic chocolate.

‘You cheat kitten,’ said Alison grabbing her playfully. Kia floated away and Alison came over and grabbed her both of the laughing and feeling each other.

‘I’m horny again, when are we going to bed?’ said Kia, her blue eyes shining.

‘Let’s go now,’ said Alison, standing up. The soapy water dripping off her soft curves. ‘I haven’t eaten you properly yet.’

They both dreid each other off slowly, feeling each other’s body with the towel and then naked they went back to the bedroom and climbed under the silk sheets. The feel of the sheets was wonderful and sexy to Kia; but not as wonderful as Alison silky skin next to her.

Alison lay on her stomach and Kia sat on the cushiony ass, her light brown bush rubbing against the large and firm cheeks. She gave her a massage all down her back and kissed all the way along her back and down to her ass.

‘Yes kitten, lick my ass,’ moaned Alison. Kia rubbed the juicy buttocks and then opened up her cheeks, exposing her puckered asshole. She licked her way down the crack with her hot tongue and ran her tongue around the tight rim, feeling it’s texture and testing it’s tightness with a few thrusts of her tongue.

‘Mmm, that’s good,’ sighed Alison and opened her legs a little. Kia could see the juice all over her lovely slit and licked from her asshole to her dripping pussy, savoring the juices once more. Then she licked her way back to the asshole, sticking her tongue in like Alison had done to her earlier. Alison loved it and moaned eagerly as Kia explored the tight whole.

‘Put you finger in it,’ Alison urged. ‘Put your finger in my ass.’

Kia pressed her index finger on the tight asshole and gradually the resistance began to break and suddenly she was in its tight depths, feeling how hot and incredibly tight it was. The ring clamped around her finger, making a white circle where the circulation was cut off from its tightness. Kia worked her finger back and forth in the asshole slowly; enjoying the feel of its tight resistance. Alison moaned and turned on side, lifting her knees up to her chest, opening her rim more and allowing Kia access to her dark bush. She fingered the tight ass and lapped up her pussy juices and then finally clamped down on her clit, sucking on the little bud. She worked on her pussy and ass for about five minutes before bringing the busty brunette to another powerful orgasm.

Kia withdrew her finger from the tight ass and went to wash her hands. Alison lay on the sheets naked and thrilled went Kia came back, the sight of her hot lithe body making her instantly horny again. She instructed Kia to lie on her back, with her knees in the air.

Kia did so eagerly, her pussy-sopping wet as the voluptuous brunette lay in front it, her dark eyes looking up at hers. Alison stared into the wonderful pussy of the young woman, opening up the lips to reveal the fluorescent pinks depth and strong smell of female honey. She stuck her long tongue into the pussy, expertly mopping up the excess honey with her experience tongue and was surprised and delighted to find that is was quickly replaced with a few batch.

‘Mmm, kitten your so juicy, tight and tasty,’ Alison said between licks. Kia couldn’t respond but arched her back on the bed, her nipples poking stiffly into the air and she grabbed them as played with them as Alison lapped up her juices. Alison sucked on the lips and bit them lightly with her teeth, nibbling and sucking and then occasionally working on the small bud of her clit. Kia screamed in delight as she was eaten for the next hour. Alison was merciless and insatiable like she said and she couldn’t get enough of Kia’s sweet pussy juice. Kia had orgasm after orgasm, her body reaching peaks she never thought were possible. Alison sucked on her pink clit, licked her asshole, fingered her pussy and sucked her like she was trying to steal the essence of the young woman.

Finally she gave the young woman a brief break by climbing on top her and playing with her breasts and tongue; but it only aroused Kia again; so Alison insisted on eating her again to another powerful orgasm.

‘My turn,’ said Alison and lay on the bed. ‘Your not tired are you kitten?’

‘No, Miss Frazier,’ said Kia, kneeling between her legs and opening up the juicy lips.

‘Good,’ purred Alison, ‘because I very far from satisfied and your performance with your tongue is not quite up to scratch to satisfied my pussy. You need a lot of practice. Every night here and lunchtime at the office, right?’

‘Yes Miss Frazier,’ said Kia tasting her boss’s sweet nectar. ‘I want to eat as well as you do.’

‘It takes time dear, it take time,’ said Alison smiling. ‘Don’t talk just eat, just eat as I tell you to. It’s a nice dessert like I promised isn’t it?’

‘Mmpfhmmm,’ was Kia could say, her mouth full. Her big and blue innocent eyes stared up at Alison as she tried to satisfy, carrying out the experience orders as best she could. She did perfectly, bringing the older woman to orgasm time and time again, but Alison liked pretending that it wasn’t good enough, because the young woman was so eager to try and try again. Then Alison would have to clean out Kia honey pot as it started to overflow again from the rigorous training. She would suck on the pink and young lips and lap up the juice that had run on to her asshole. Kia would cry out loudly in orgasm and mentally take notes of where Alison’s tongue was and try and do the same for her.

This went on long into the night until finally Kia’s young body gave out in exhaustion. Alison pretended to be disappointed with her; even though she was more than satisfied herself. Before Kia went to sleep, her pretty face resting on Alison’s large breasts, she made her promise that she’d worker harder first thing when they woke up. Kia said ‘yes, Miss Frazier,’ in a sleepy voice and kissed her breasts goodnight. Alison smiled at her new kitten and lay awake for a while stroking her hair and feeling the smooth skin on her back.

Then with a contented sigh, went to sleep with her kitten in her arms.

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