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Her wrists were tied together and secured with her own pantyhose to the headboard.

He had left the room, with her kneeling as best she could, legs spread wide, giving him a perfect view of her now glistening pink slit, and more importantly the tight pink rosebud above.

He said he wanted her ass. She thought they’d do some ass play for a little while and then he’d forget about it. But for the past two months he was persistent.

She’d wake up some mornings with him massaging her checks, nibbling her neck making her wet. As soon as he knew she was awake he’d get his finger wet and slip it down the back of her panties circling her tight hole. Hearing her moan or gasp he’d add some pressure and slip it in to the first knuckle.

She’d pull away a little and he’d whisper “no” and wrap his arm around her, holding her still. “Just relax and push down a little,” he’d whisper pushing to the next knuckle.

She’d focus on her breathing and push down, the way he had taught her. She felt him pushing in more. “How far in are you?” she’d ask. “All the way now. See, that wasn’t bad at all, you just have to relax,” he replied kissing and nibbling her neck.

That’s how it started out. After a week or two he wanted to play before they went to sleep every night. He’d start by rubbing her back then making his way down to her round ass. He’d pull her night shirt to her hips and kiss all over her perfect pink globes. She would spread her legs, getting turned on and knowing how close he was to her sex. As soon as she started writhing, he would pull her hips up and shove a pillow beneath them, spreading her cheeks more. Pulling her thong aside, he’d continue kissing along her cleft flicking his tongue down, circling her rosebud. She always squirmed when he did that and he always gave her a warning to be still or he would have to start spanking her too. He would dive in more enthusiastically, licking harder. She squirmed again and down came his hand 2 or 3 times, punctuating his command. “Don’t move.”

She stopped daydreaming and realized he was on the bed behind her now. Probably naked, getting harder at the sight of her spread for him on their bed.

He reaches to her hips and slips her underwear down her ass, down her legs and throws them to the side of the bed. Taking his hands and roughly spreading her he licks, nibbles, and finally pushes the tip of his rigid tongue into her. She moans, getting used to the sensations.

He opens his mouth wide, obscenely pushing his tongue inside as deeply as he can. She starts bucking back against him. He pulls away, knowing he can do more now she is so turned on. He can smell the womanly aroma of her pussy.

He sits back admiring her. She looks back at him, taking her face from the pillow. He smiles.

“More?” he asks.

She just shakes her head yes.

He reaches over her, his erection pressing into her back, to the bedside table, opening their drawer and grabbing the lube. He flips the cap open and squeezes a little out, taking it on his finger and spreading it on her hole, pushing a little inside. She presses her face back into the pillow and lets out a low moan.

He knows that’s his signal to keep going and he starts moving his finger in deeper. After pushing it all the way in he slides it out again, torturously. She pulls her hips into the pillow, trying to get his finger out faster. He slips his finger all the way out, adding some more lube and another finger, pushing back in to stretch her a more before he uses his cock.

She wriggles a little and he pauses, letting her open up for his fingers.

“Don’t forget to push down.”

He feels her push a little and moves his fingers in her more. He pushes all the way in slowly, then starts rhythmically fucking her with his fingers. In, out, in, out, speeding up a little with each stroke.

“How you doing baby?”

He hears her mumble “harder” into the pillow and he starts thrusting his hand back and forth a little more roughly, picking up speed as well.

He puts his other hand on her trimmed patch of pubic hair and finds her wet slit and engorged clit. He starts stroking it lightly, the way she’s taught him over the years.

She pushes back, writhes, and moans at this new sensation. Her breath gets deeper and less regular. She’s getting close to cumming and he stops.

She lets out a little whimper and looks back at him as he’s pulling his fingers from her.

“Are you ready?” he whispers softly.

“Oh yeah.”

With that he lubes up his now rock hard cock and spreads a little more on her back entrance. He moves closer to her and lines his cock up with her rosebud. Putting his hands on her hips, he pulls her back as he pushes forward slowly impaling her with his cock.

She sucks in her breath and slowly lets it out as he waits for her to adjust and get used to feeling so full. She feels him push deeper into her and in a few moments she feels his balls against her wet pussy.

He pulls back until only his head is in her and then pushes back in, quicker and a little rougher, his balls slapping against her sticky pink slit. He keeps building up speed with each thrust. Pulling her back toward him, pressing his fingers into her hips.

He grunts into her with each thrust and reaches above her head to untie her hands.

“Play with yourself,” he whispers into her ear. And she eagerly puts her hand underneath herself, rubbing her clit.

They move back and forth together, now moaning and grunting in unison. He thrusts a little too rough a couple times and she winces, but playing with her clit makes it all feel so good.

“I’m close babe,” he gasps while pushing in and out of her.

“Come in my ass baby. I want it to be just like when you’re in my pussy. I’m almost there too.”

Her blessing makes him hump her ass faster. Using short quick strokes, closing his eyes feeling her ass beckon the cum out of him. He thrusts hard, shooting cum deep in her. Another spurt comes out of him as he pushes in her again.

Beneath him, she starts moaning and howling, bucking back onto him, her climax pulsing through her, her ass squeezing down on him, milking him of his cum.

He collapses on top of her kissing her neck. “I love you.”

“I know,” she responds; pushing back against him, his now limp cock slipping from her. “We might have to do that again soon.”

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