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Waiting on Paula

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“Would you like something to drink? Coffee, a soda, a glass of wine, something stronger, maybe?” I offered. “I know I could use a shot of something.”

Paula smiled, putting her purse down on the end table and taking the clip out of her hair, letting it down, shaking it out a bit before she nodded. “Coffee would be good, maybe with a bit of Bailey’s, if you have it?” I smiled and nodded, then turned to Evan.

“The usual, sweetheart?” I asked, and he nodded as he sat down on the couch. I stepped into the kitchen to start a pot of coffee, listening to Evan as he asked Paula about her job, making small talk, working on making her feel more comfortable. I was still in shock at how it had all happened, actually.

We’d gone to dinner at the local steakhouse, to celebrate Evan’s promotion at work, and had a couple of drinks each. Before the appetizer was even finished, we were having a sparring match about an age-old discussion between us — who was better at cunnilingus, women or men? He held the belief that even though men didn’t have the same equipment, it didn’t mean that they didn’t know how to lick and suck a pussy properly; I argued that a woman knows what another woman likes, simply by virtue of familiarity. Plus, men tended to not be as good about the subtleties, something that could make or break an orgasm. I knew from my own experience with him that he was good at eating pussy, and I knew from my past that women were, too. In fact, I’d been down on my fair share of women, and had never had a single complaint from any of them; many compliments, actually. We’d been arguing this point when our waitress had appeared, overheard us, and before I knew it, Evan had turned to her, asking her opinion on the matter.

There had been a very awkward pause, before she answered that she wasn’t sure, because she’d only ever had a man do it, but she’d always wondered if the rumor that women were better had any merit. I didn’t have a chance to say a word before Evan leaned over, smiled his cocky smile, and invited her to come home with us as a ‘guinea pig’ to prove it once and for all. I nearly died of embarassment and thought for sure we’d be eating McDonald’s for dinner, but was shocked when she looked at me, looked at him, smiled, and told us her shift was over in an hour.

Now here we were, back at home, Paula the Waitress in the living room making small talk while we got mildly acquainted. I carried the coffee back into the living room, Evan’s bourbon on the tray as well, and played hostess for a few minutes. I watched Paula’s body language as she talked with Evan about football, and could tell that she was nervous, but excited, as well. She was also tired — I knew from experience what being a waitress was like. Without a word, I got up and sat on the floor at her feet, reaching over to begin unlacing her shoes.

“Hey, no fair buttering her up before hand,” Evan said, laughing, knowing what I planned. I turned my head and stuck my tongue out at him, and Paula grinned.

“Be careful, I’m ticklish,” she said, and I looked up and winked at her, smiling broadly, before I began to do some deep massage on her feet. I figured this would relax her, get her used to being touched in a semi-intimate way, and let her adjust to having another woman close to her. She almost purred when my thumbs found the knot at the arch of her foot, and I kept working as she and Evan continued making small talk.

Finally, she pulled her foot away lightly, and I realized that Evan was standing behind me. “Shall we?” he asked quietly, and took her hand, then mine, helping us both up. We went down the hall towards the bedroom, and I was glad to see that Paula seemed to be ok with this. She didn’t appear, on the surface, to be the sort to be casual in bed, but looks could always be deceiving – and pleasantly surprising. I suggested a group shower, and they both quickly assented. The bathroom was one thing I’d insisted on having ‘my way’ when we remodeled the house, with a shower stall big enough for two. Or three. Or six, for that matter. With a shower head on each of the three walls, one in the ceiling, and a long string of jacuzzi-style jets, water came from many angles and it was nearly like standing outside in a storm.

I started undressing first, to take away the tension, and soon enough Evan joined me. Paula shrugged, and began unbuttoning her blouse, but once again I took the initiative and stepped over, helping her out of her clothing. I wanted her to be calm when it came time for me to work my magic on her, and knew that a feeling of friendliness with me would be critical. Evan adjusted the water and we all stepped in together, taking turns soaping one another up, the bubbles making it easier for hands to explore here, there, and everywhere. I noticed that while Paula seemed to focus mostly on Evan’s cock, her body responded very well to me as I ran my soap-slick fingers around and over her nipples and down along the curve of her hips.

Finally, we got out and dried off, then moved to the bedroom, where Evan invited her to lay down on the bed and get comfortable. He turned and kissed me, asking if I wanted to go first, and I told him to please go ahead, I wanted to watch and see how things went with him. I also thought that it would make her more comfortable, since she was ‘used to’ men, and it would be easier for me to touch her once she’d had her first orgasm.

I sat down in the chair in the corner of the room, where I had a clear view of the bed and everything Evan was doing. I watched as he went over and knelt beside the bed, leaning in to touch her face lightly, speaking quietly to her, helping her to relax. His fingers drifted down over her chest and stomach, then back up to circle her nipples lightly. Reading her body language, I knew that she wanted more, but I didn’t say a word, letting him have his own chance without my input or distraction.

Evan joined her on the bed, then, kissing her throat, her shoulder, and then taking her nipple into his mouth, making her sigh. He brought his hand up to her free breast, kneading it and toying with the nipple, before sliding his hand down along her stomach and finally cupping her furry mound. Her hips arched up at his touch, and he kissed his way down until he was nibbling and sucking at the flesh just above her cleft. He moved, then, so that he was between her legs, and laid down.

“Are you ready?” he asked, and she nodded, and he began to kiss and lick at her pussy as Paula’s knees spread. I heard her moan, and watched as her hands came up to play with her now-hard nipples, her hips starting to move gently as his tongue found a sensitive spot here or there. I draped one of my legs over the arm of the chair, smelling my excitement at watching my husband with another woman. I teased my nipples lightly, then let my fingers dip into my own wetness as Evan worked, getting more and more turned on as Paula sighed, moaned, and encouraged him to do more, harder, here, yes, now, now.

It wasn’t long before Paula’s heels were digging into the mattress, her toes curling and a deep moan escaping her lips as Evan’s tongue went wild on her clit, bringing her to an orgasam. I knew from my own time with him how it felt, what he was probably doing, and my fingers flicked rapidly over my clit as I came along with her, gasping.

As she recovered, Evan sat up, his cock hard, a smile on his face. “How was it?” he asked, and she could only smile and try to catch her breath, nodding.

“Good,” she finally gasped out. “Really good. Wow, you’re good at that.”

He laughed, thanking her. “But now, if you don’t mind, I think I’m going to see if I can get an orgasm myself. I know that Tammy already came, too, didn’t you?” he asked, looking over at me. I smiled, nodding, as he continued, “So if you don’t mind, I think I’ll let you recover a bit before she sees what she can do, and see if I can’t have a little fun. Come here, baby,” he said, holding out his hand, and I got up and joined him on the bed. As Paula lay beside us, watching, I leaned over and took Evan’s cock in my mouth, what I knew he wanted. I sucked and licked at it for awhile, then lay back on the bed as he got between my knees and slid his dick inside me.

Paula rolled to her side, reaching over to play with my nipples, caressing them at first, then lightly pinching them, as Evan braced his hands on the back of my upthrust knees and pounded his cock into me. I couldn’t help the groan of pleasure as I felt my juices dripping down the crack of my ass, knowing how wet I was and how good it had to feel for him being inside me. It didn’t take much before he threw his head back and gasped, nearly growling, shooting a load deep inside me. I arched my hips up to bring him as deeply inside as I could, and Paula added to the pleasure by twisting my more sensitive nipple as I did, causing me to come again.

We all went back to the living room for awhile, now naked but comfortable with one another, to have another drink and let our bodies cool down a bit. Paula and I chatted like old friends, while Evan built a fire to keep the chill away. But soon enough, I knew that it was time to get back to the bedroom, and we moved back to the bed so that I could prove my point, once and for all.

Paula took her place on the bed again, this time with Evan in the chair in the corner as I moved to lay on the bed next to our guest. I moved slowly, taking my time, caressing her skin, kissing her lightly on the arm, moving down to kiss and suck on her fingers. I then kissed her stomach, and her side, studiously avoiding her breasts completely, teasing her until her hips were moving, wanting, making her wet. At last I moved up and let my tongue slide along the under side of one breast, and then the other, making her gasp. It was a place that most men didn’t know was erotic, and I enjoyed her pleasurable noises. Finally, I moved to take her nipple into my mouth, sucking at it lightly, listening, letting my teeth graze it. Her moan told me she liked it, and I nibbled lightly, listening to her exhale and knowing I was doing the right thing.

I spent a long time working on her breasts and nipples, until finally she was moaning steadily. I kissed down her stomach, and her ass came off the bed, pushing her pussy up, and I knew she wanted me to touch her, taste her — but I wasn’t ready yet. Everything I was doing was intentional, and quite frankly, with my competitive nature, I was determined I was going to win this little argument. Taking my time, I moved down between her legs, her knees spread wide, knowing that she expected me to dive right in right away.

My next motion was to lift her leg, and I began by kissing the arch of her foot, then the bone on the inside of her ankle. I let my tongue dance lightly over it before I moved up, kissing up to the inside of her knee, then pushing her leg further up until I was kissing, licking, sucking at the patch of skin at the back of that knee. I heard her breath catch, and saw, from the corner of my eye, her hands ball into fists in the sheets beneath her. I repeated the process on the other leg, then continued up, kissing the inside of her thighs, once again avoiding the “prize” until I heard her moan out, “Oh, god, Tammy. Lick me, please?”

I smiled, bringing my hand up, caressing the downy hairs over her pussy, feeling how wet she was. I drifted one finger up through the crevice, intentionally avoiding her clit, even though she pushed her hips down, trying for contact. My other hand came up and made the same path, then I spread her pussy lips wide. My tongue came out to lightly slide along those outer lips, and finally, I brought my face in, and my lips made contact with her swollen clit. I heard a choked gasp as I did, and felt her whole body spasm, then I went to work, sucking her hood lightly as my tongue circled the hard bud.

I moved my tongue to each side, then over the top of it, listening carefully to her breathing until I found out where the most pleasureful feelings for her were concentrated. I licked at her dripping hole as well, occasionally, tasting her juices, hearing her moan and knowing she liked that, too. I brought my hand up as she thrust her pussy down against my face, and slid two fingers inside her. Most women, especially straight women, could easily accomodate 2 fingers… hell, they’d had a cock in there, and I’d not yet seen a cock thinner than my two fingers side by side. Immediately, she cried out a “Yes!” and I kept my hand moving as I licked.

Now it was time for the coup de grace, so to speak, and I hooked my fingers upwards as I stroked them in and out, feeling for her g-spot. Finding it, I started to suck at her clit while I massaged inside, and felt her tense up.

“Whoa, whoa… uhm… too much coffee, I think,” I heard her mumble, tentatively. “I need to… uh… go.”

I stopped long enough with my mouth to raise my head. “No, you don’t. Just relax, beautiful, and let it happen.”

“Are you sure?” she asked, and I smiled, nodded, and resumed my sucking. It didn’t take long for the pleasure to overwhelm her reluctance, and she laid back again, relaxing and letting me work. My fingers continued their motions inside her pussy, and I heard her starting to talk, and knew what was coming…

“Oh god, it’s good. I’ve never… that feels… don’t stop… oh… what… what are you… oh…” and she shuddered hard, then I heard her give a strangled cry as her clit began to spasm under my tongue and suddenly she squirted, fluids gushing from her pussy and coating my face, my chest, and the bed. The heat of it was intense, both in temperature and eroticism, and my neck craned to keep my mouth in contact as her body arched until only her head, shoulders, and heels were touching the bed. I kept thrusting with my fingers, sucking, and she cried out, almost screaming, as it happened again, fluids pouring from her like a fountain as she came, ejaculating milky cream everywhere.

I heard Evan moan behind me, a vague sound from far away, and knew that he was shooting another load himself. Paula finally collapsed against the bed, mumbling, gasping, and I slowed my movements to allow her to catch her breath, not stopping my hands, but removing my face and tongue from her clit. Once she’d started to breathe normally again, I suddenly speeded up my fingers, thrusting in hard and fast, and her whole body quaked as I felt her pussy clamp down, another orgasm wracking her body.

“Stop, stop, please, oh Tammy, please,” she began to beg, and I reluctantly slid my fingers from her, then moved up the bed, kissing her skin lightly as I went, keeping contact. Her arms came up instinctively, holding me, and I reached out to grab the corner of the sheet and pull it up over her, over us. I wrapped my arms around her, drawing her tightly against me, waiting for the trembling to stop, feeling Evan join us on the bed, laying down behind her and taking us both in his arms.

“Are you ok?” I finally whispered, and heard her chuckle against my shoulder.

“Yeah,” she said, and then turned her head slightly to look at Evan. “I’m sorry, handsome, but your lady wins the prize.” Evan smiled, laughing himself, and then kissed me on the forehead.

“That’s ok,” he said. “Next time, we’ll see who’s better at a blow job…” It was a challenge I looked forward to trying to win.

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