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I Never Do

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His cock felt too big, too hot. It was stretching me open, invading my pussy in a way that made me feel so violated, so controlled. I was panting, trying to adjust to the intrusion, even as he started to fuck me with long brutal thrusts. My grip on the rail tightened til my knuckles were white, my pussy spasming as I tried to accommodate his girth. Oh god, why was this happening again?

It was late at night, because that’s the only time I ever saw him. Maybe he knew where I shopped, or maybe it really was random, I don’t know. He was just there, his scent making my nipples hard before I even realized he was behind me. His hand had slid down my arm before tightening around my wrist, taking my shopping basket and setting it aside before leading me towards the back of the store.

I didn’t resist.

I never do.

I gave a quiet moan as a particularly hard thrust had me rising to my toes, his cock brushing against my cervix with every stroke We were on the loading dock, the emergency exit he’d pushed me through right behind us, the door propped open. My skirt was bunched around my waist, my panties muffling the noises I made as he fucked me.

I remember the first time. Standing in the bus shelter, knowing he was staring at me, too afraid to leave the little island of light its meager glow provided. I kept waiting, hoping the bus would arrive, hoping he wouldn’t come any closer. The bus didn’t arrive, or maybe I just didn’t notice because he had his hand down my pants, his finger pressed against my clit as I came for him. He’d stifled my cries with a gloved hand, holding me against the wall of the shelter so I could see his face reflected in the glass, his fierce expression as he took me. Later, I would masturbate with a leather glove pressed against my mouth, the smell and taste of it bringing back the fear and ecstasy that I’d felt in that moment.

His hands shifted from my hips and roughly pulled my shirt and bra down, pinning the fabric under my tits so they were thrust upwards. I whimpered, the cold making my nipples ache, and I wished he would touch them, warm them with his skin. Instead he wrapped one arm around my waist, the other fisting in my hair so he could arch me back, the new angle allowing his cock to drive even deeper. I felt displayed, my tits swinging with every thrust, my pussy spread around his thick cock.

The second time he hadn’t let me come. I’d been so desperate, trying to beg him wordlessly with my eyes, my mouth wrapped around his cock as he gagged me with it. That time I’d seen him coming towards me, known what was going to happen. I could have run. I never do.

The security guard walked around the corner just as I started coming. I could feel my wetness running down my legs, my pussy spasming around the hard cock inside me, and I felt helpless as he kept fucking me, his thrusts, if anything, harder. I moaned, knowing he was about to come, and closed my eyes, not wanting to see the guard’s face as I came once more, the feel of his orgasm deep inside me prompting my own.

I kept my grip on the railing, my body sagging slightly as he withdrew, leaving me feeling empty and cold.

“You want a turn?” said a voice behind me, and I flinched as I realized this was the first time I’d heard him speak.

My eyes flew open, focused on the guard’s. His expression shifted, and his eyes looked me up and down, taking in my panty-gagged mouth, hardened nipples, and puffy, slick cunt. I felt the hand in my hair tighten, twisting slightly so I was forced onto my toes, and I whimpered, knowing how I must look.

The guard met my gaze again, and grinned. He stepped forward, his hand already going for his belt buckle. I closed my eyes again, and didn’t resist.

I never do.

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