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Dental Nurse Puts Smile on My Face

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Like a lot of people I never enjoyed trips to the dentist. I don’t have a phobia or anything but it certainly was not something I looked forward to coming around on the calendar. That was until my dentist recruited a new nurse.

Jenny is in her early 20s, about five foot two inches tall and has brown hair that she keeps neatly put up in a plaited ponytail.

Dressed in her dental nurse’s blue scrubs you can tell she has a good figure but the unflattering outfit doesn’t exactly give too much away.

However, nothing can hide Jenny’s most stand outstanding feature – her big, deep brown eyes that stare out sexily at you even while the rest of her pretty face is obscured by her dental nurse’s mask.

I’d had a couple of appointments since Jenny arrived before the day which is the focus of this story. Both times I’d been far more interested in the attractive young nurse than what the dentist had to say.

I had made a few flirty remarks to her on the walk from waiting area to the consulting room and elicited a smile and a giggle or two but nothing that gave me any real encouragement that I had a shot with her.

I had been scheduled an appointment for a deep teeth clean and was looking forward to seeing Jenny again and spending some quality time staring into those beautiful eyes of hers. I booked in at the reception desk and took a seat.

Soon Jenny appeared and called me through to the dentist’s room where I sat down in the treatment chair.

I’d just cracked a joke that I do not recall but which was probably not that great when the receptionist walked in.

She said the dentist had been called away on a family emergency and I could either reschedule my appointment or have Jenny do the deep clean.

The receptionist revealed Jenny had just been on a training course and my dentist was happy for her to do the treatment if I was too. Naturally I agreed readily.

No sooner had the receptionist left the room then a suddenly worried looking Jenny closed the door behind her and turned towards me. “Are you ok?” I said, “you look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

Jenny walked right up to me and whispered, “I can’t do it.”

“Can’t do what,” I replied puzzled but enjoying having the stunning brunette nurse so close to me.

“I can’t do your deep clean. I didn’t go on the course. I went for a day at a luxury spar with my best friend instead. Please don’t tell anyone. If the management find out I’ll be fired. That course cost them a lot of money,” Jenny blurted out still in a hushed tone but with an air of frantic desperation.

“Ok,” I said, “I will just tell them I’ve changed my mind and I’ll make another appointment.”

Still looking worried Jenny said, “No, no. You can’t do that now. It’ll look suspicious. I’m so sorry to put you in this position and ask you to lie for me. You hardly know me and don’t owe me anything.”

I smiled and tried to reassure her that I would not give away her secret. “I won’t say a word. We can just sit here for 10 minutes and then I will leave and act as if the clean went well ok?” I suggested.

Finally convinced that I was on her side Jenny smiled sweetly and said, “Thankyou so much. You’re a life-saver.”

“No problem,” I replied.

As I spoke I noticed Jenny’s expression had changed. Her sweet smile of gratitude had given way to an altogether more seductive look and I have to admit it made my dick begin to stiffen in my pants.

She walked to the door and turned to lock before heading back in my direction. “It seems such a waste of time to just sit here and I would really like to show you how much I appreciate what you’ve agreed to do for me.”

I gulped and, not sure what she meant but having a few ideas racing through my mind, mumbled, “Ok.”

Jenny was right next to me again and bent down with her mouth close enough to my ear that I could feel her warm breath.

She said softly, “I’ve noticed a bulge in your pants during your appointments. I’m right in thinking that’s for me?”

I nodded but did not speak. I felt Jenny’s hand on my crotch and as her fingers touched my dick it hardened further and started to pulsate.

“Good,” she said, “Then I know how I can thank you properly.”

Taking her hand away from my groin, Jenny walked round the chair I was sat in and stood still right in front of me. As I watched transfixed she untied her scrubs’ shirt and slipped it off over her head.

She was wearing a black bra that appeared to be struggling to keep her ample boobs from popping out. But that was not something the piece of clothing had to contend with for long as before I knew it Jenny had unhooked the clasp and dropped the bra to the floor.

Her breasts looked to be about 32c and she had large nipples that stood erect as if ready to be sucked.

I gulped once more as Jenny tweaked her nipples hardening them further which mirrored what was happening to me dick as it strained in my pants.

I could feel pre-cum beginning to leak from the tip of my dick as I gazed at the topless nurse. Jenny could obviously see I was enjoying the show and gave each of her nipples a lick before kicking off her shoes and slipping gracefully out of her pants.

Now she dressed in only socks and a pair of black panties. I longed to touch her firm breasts but I would have to wait a little longer as Jenny was not quite finished with her impromptu strip show.

As my heart raced in my chest the dental nurse did a little twirl and then reached for the waistband on her panties.

I watched open-mouthed as she slipped the material over her thighs and down her legs before standing up straight and giving me my first sight of her neatly trimmed pussy.

Stepping out of the panties Jenny said, “Now it’s your turn.”

I got up from the chair and quickly took off my pants and underwear. My dick was fully erect by this point and twitching with longing to get to work.

Jenny kneeled down in front of me and took my shaft in her hand. Her skin felt soft and cool which made my dick strain yet further.

The veins in my member pulsated as the nurse started to stroke. Fondling my balls with her other hand she tugged away rhythmically as more pre-cum dripped out of my dick and onto her fingers.

Suddenly she stopped. I looked down and she smiled playfully. Neither of us spoke. Then Jenny began licking my rock hard dick from tip to base. Then sensation of her tongue as it glided along my shaft was one of pure pleasure.

After a couple more tweaks of my balls she put her lips around the tip of my dick. Then, all the time with her stunning brown eyes looking up at me, she began to take my shaft deeper into her mouth.

I put my hand on the back of her head as her my dick almost disappeared into her mouth and she started to suck. Jenny’s head bobbed back and forth sucking firmly but gently on my dick.

It felt as if she were actually sucking cum up from my balls and into my shaft and I was not sure how much I could take before I would explode.

Perhaps aware at the affect she was having on me and not wanting to make me cum just yet, Jenny stopped sucking. My dick longed to be back in her mouth and throbbed as the nurse stood up.

“I don’t have any protection and I don’t want to risk getting pregnant so you’ll have to do me in my ass. Is that ok?” came the unexpected comment from Jenny as I gazed into her eyes once more.

Again unable to speak I simply nodded. Jenny took my still throbbing dick in her hand once more and gave it a few more tugs before letting go and turning away from me.

She bent over and, making as if to touch her toes, presented her well-rounded and firm rear to me. I stroked my hands across her butt cheeks felling her soft, smooth skin before positioning my dick at the entrance to her anus.

It was still moist from its time in Jenny’s mouth and as I pushed the tip against her hole it began to slip right in. Not wanting to hurt her I was gently pushing my shaft into her anus when the nurse spoke.

“Stick it right in as hard as you like and fuck me. I want you deep in my ass now!” Jenny said lustfully.

Needing no further encouragement I thrust as hard as I could submerging my dick in her glorious hole. It felt tight and warm as my shaft pulsated in her anus. I started to pump as Jenny moaned softly at first and then a little louder as my movements became more rapid.

I reached over and, resting my chest on her back, squeezed her breasts still maintaining my rhythm before standing up for the big finish.

Jenny’s moaning was rising in volume as I pounded her ass. I could feel the cum hurtling up my shaft towards its final destination and with one last thrust I plunged my dick as far into her as I could.

Jenny let out a low scream as cum fired out of my dick and up inside her. My dick throbbed with pleasure as the juices thrust out and into her anus.

With my heart feeling as if it were about to burst through my chest I took a deep breath and looked down at Jenny’s ass with my dick still rammed inside it.

I pulled out of her anus and as I did so my sticky white cum began to drip out of her hole and onto the floor.

Jenny sank to her knees seemingly exhausted. Gathering her senses, and with my cum dripping down the inside of her now slightly wobbly legs, she made her way over to the bench and picked up a box of tissues.

Making her way back to me she kneeled down and wiped my slowly softening dick until it was clean.

“That was some thankyou,” I said.

Now wiping herself off, Jenny smiled and gave a little chuckle. “My pleasure,” she responded.

When we were both cleaned up, we got dressed and Jenny unlocked the door.

Promising her one more time that I would not reveal her spa day secret I made my way out of the treatment room leaving her mopping up the cum off the floor.

Back in the waiting area I made a point of telling the receptionist how impressed I was with Jenny’s work before settling my bill and scheduling an appointment for my next check-up.

Then I made my way out with the biggest smile on my face I have ever had after a visit to the dentist although one thing is for sure – my grin was definitely nothing to do with my teeth!

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