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Sunday with David

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Sunday with David.

My name is Jason.

I met David surfing the internet and using the chat rooms. It was probably the most significant time of my life when, at last I raised the courage to meet him.

At first exchanging on the internet was like a bit of fun. Looking back it is simply unbelievable what guys do on there with the aid of skype.

I guess, initially I was curious that’s all but I began to find something out about myself that had not budded before. That I had homosexual tendencies and each new episode, meeting complete strangers and doing things for each other, was thrilling.

I grew in confidence but eventually realised that just doing this coldly via sound and vision was just not enough. I wanted a real relationship, just a casual one would be fine so I started to talk more to guys I particularly liked and arranged a meet if they wanted too.

This was hard going because most pulled out at the last opportunity and made excuses, I guess all they wanted was the thrill of virtual sex and not a real relationship.

I almost gave up ever meeting a guy and almost resorted to the despicable act of chatting up prospective looking guys in the toilets and places like that. For a hot red blooded guy like me it was easy to take the plunge because of my severe frustration. But when I saw what turned out to be a couple of plain clothed cops sussing the area I changed my mind. My need for sexual gratification was bad but I had to consider how my wife would feel if I was caught red handed cock in hand or whatever with a guy and taken to court.

Yes I am married to darling Ann and I do love her. But the sex has gone out of our lives for many reasons, mainly health and Ann is quite happy just to do something for me and forego any sexual intercourse.

That seemed fine but it was five years since we properly made love and I wanted a more intimate pastime. Loving Ann I did not want to stir anything up which would lead to parting so I imagined that just broadening my scope and making a regular date with another guy would suffice.

It sounds horrible because it was like I was cheating on Ann in a way but such was my need for sexual; gratification – other than just masturbation willingly given orally and by hand by Ann. She wanted to make up for the real thing I guess. It still wasn’t like a real bonding satisfaction and I made up my mind, so as to stop the frustration and the bad moods I was getting, taking it out of Ann too, I just had to find someone.

The answer was David, dear David who cured all my needs big time and also made me realise that I was bisexual, although it took me sixty years to appreciate I could go with either sex.

Yes, I am sixty, but still in good stead and I need to be to keep David happy. He is twenty years younger but I love him to bits, especially his bits which have given me no end of carnal pleasure and delight.

Back to those chat rooms and attempting to find a willing guy of like mind, two possible did not turn up at the arranged venue and when I made arrangements for the third time with this guy called David I was despondent. But having exchanged lots of dark secrets online I thought maybe this guy meant business…

We exchanged pictures besides doing things on skype, but he agreed he would rather do it for real. He encouraged me lots saying he liked older men and he would just love to have some quality time alone with me.

I said the feeling was mutual. I wanted to feel the warmth of another next to me real time. He had a lovely lean body and a cock to die for and he drove me mad., teasing me and the like, showing how he likes it to be massaged. I soon realised too that when he kept wanting to see my bum in various angles, and when he asked me to stretch it apart so he could see between, he wanted to play the male part and I was happy with that, being more of a sausage toad guy so to speak, He laughed when I told him that but knew straight away what I meant because he added that he could just not wait to fuck me, that I seemed absolutely perfect for him and he thought I was a dream..

Already my life felt better. I felt better in myself too. It’s hard to explain but I guess it is just being wanted by someone like David who has it all. I was determined to make it work from day one when he met me on a prearranged Sunday in a supermarket car park.

My wife works on Sunday in the supermarket and I drop her off, so the plan was for me to drive David to my place where we could acquaint each other. It worked out well because we had six clear hours to enjoy each other and became a regular Sunday habit

I usually saw him off and drove him back to his car just before picking Ann, giving myself enough time to tidy up. I covered the duvet in a spare blanket whilst we indulged and made sure I put it back in the airing cupboard afterwards.

David liked to ravish me so the bed was well untidy, but it was simple enough to remake.

David had a wife too. But they were separated. He found some black hairs on the sheets which couldn’t have been his of his wife’s because she was blonde and he was a red head. He worked out that she was having it away with someone when he was at work so one day took a sick note ,returned to his house about an hour after he’d left for work and found his wife and a black guy making hay in the bed.

Later I realised I was doing the same thing but worse still how would Ann feel if she knew I was with another guy using our bed!

David consoled me. We tried it on the floor and the settee on the premise that would make me feel less guilty about using the marriage bed but it just didn’t work, It was okay doing other things on the settee and in some ways it was nice, like when he had me bent over the arm of the settee for a real good hammering which was so nice – and I loved the way he liked to spank me first, and everything else he liked to do with my butt. It was so very stimulating.

I simply loved to watch him sucking me. He enjoyed it so much. As much as I did the way he moved his warm mouth around my cock, the way he drew it in so tight and then released it after a strenuous sucking, was heaven on earth. And the way he slowly parted my thighs and licked me up from my anus, over my balls and up the full length of my throbbing erection. I was to discover this was one of his specialties and I meant to reward him in a similar way.

But at the end of the day there was nothing quite like cuddling each other naked on the bed and the first time we did that was sheer heaven. It was really so wonderful to think that at last I was free to indulge in something I wanted and needed for so long. And enjoying the excitement of discovering each other in the most intimate fashion was stunning.

On arrival at my home I said maybe he ought to freshen up in the bathroom. Standing outside, I started to prime myself, taking a peak though the open door to take in the thrill of seeing him undressing – just for me.

I was thinking at last I have found someone of like mind, was it just a dream? It was a real exciting moment when I walked into the bathroom slowly. Not a word was spoken but we both knew the score.

His jeans and briefs were piled on the floor and I took then and hung them on a hook. As I bent down he gave me a hefty slap and I knew then what to expect. It stung but it didn’t matter. The excitement made it fine and I found myself pouting my bum to encourage him to slap it more or whatever. I guess I knew then too that I was wanting him as much as he was wanting me.

It felt still like a dream though as David feverishly removed my jeans and started to feel me over my boxer shorts. We just stood there facing each other as I felt his cock and balls rub mine and we did our first French kiss, all the time touching and feeling and it was so adorable and beautiful..

It was more pleasurable and thrilling because it came unannounced. I thought I was not into kissing another guy but accompanied by the job in hand, in both our hands that is – it was so inspiring and I must admit I made a pig of myself and really went for the tongue sucking.

Nice too was the way he was simply muttering all sorts of wild things he wanted to do to me, and hoped I would do with him. And that is when I found out just what his desires were – and was I aright about the spanking bit, he said he would love to if that was okay with me. He squeezed my ass, both cheeks one at a time to indicate his need and when I nodded he said I was making him the happiest guy in the world, and no problem, he would make it alright for me, as much as he would our first fuck.

He was a fairly quiet sort of guy but given the way we now were in the bathroom, locked together in a very deep kissing mode, his fingers touching my balls and rimming my anus; I felt quite comfortable with that.

He was lovely to feel, his large cock was divine, it felt so good in my hand and was so supple and gorgeous, his balls were firm and a good handful too.

He hinted that he would like to fuck me badly if that was alright.

I said it would be my first time.

“I will ne careful. Promise Jason”,

Although I wanted him badly, I was a little despondent because the large erection I massaged in may hand was throbbing and I wanted more time with foreplay, time that’s all.

“Can we just do some foreplay first David. Would you mind?”

“Foreplay is fine” he said. He was so understanding and aware of my concern. For the next hour or two we just enjoyed touching and feeling and I got to know a lot about David, and I guess he about me too.

I did love the way he was besotted with my rear end and when he lavished me with lots of wonderful oral delights; I knew what he was about, asking me if I had any lubricant and when I found some Vaseline in the bathroom cupboard he smothered my anus with it, working his fingers around and around making a funny squelching noise which made me laugh.

But I was feeling sensations I had never known before, and they were absolutely out of this world.

He laughed too complimenting me that for my age I had a very fuckable ass and I knew what all this was leading up to.

He kissed me deep again and I felt two fingers slide inside me which made me catch my breath, But he kept on kissing like he was in a fever and I felt him working his fingers deeper and deeper and moving apart so as to stretch me inside.

I felt he would like me to be the submissive and treat him as .the master. Soon I was panting and he assumed I was ready for intercourse.

“Best bend over the edge of the bath” he suggested. “That will be best.” and I did. Gingerly at first but then I had come this far and thought that if I rejected him now, that could be the end of a really wonderful new loving relationship, so I perched my rear up for him as high as I could so he could reach me standing behind..

It did feel strange though being the object of submission likened to a woman expecting intercourse doggie fashion. That is how Ann wanted it generally, but later she wanted to be on top so that she could take charge and for other reasons too, that she could restrain me from getting too rough under the influence of my passion. But we had some joyful intercourse for years until she could not indulge anymore. I don’t know whether she is just trying to be kind when she tells me that she will always relish and remember those times so not to think too ill of her now, because it is not that she does not want to.

So as I readied myself for Davis my mind flashed back and I realised that time moves on.

Now I could relish the feel of David’s passion instead and hopefully give him the gratification he desires of me.

I felt the sheer strength of his hands gripping my hips as he had me part my legs wide so as to maneuver himself into me.

“For a guy your age I absolutely love your ass Jason” he said beginning to poke his cock into the desired position. It felt misplaced at first and I thought about taking hold of it and guiding it to the spot, but I guess he was just rubbing it up between my crack and glancing around I saw he had the foreskin stretched back and I smelt his scent, The scent I would grow familiarity later when it would come to the time he would want me to suck him. I had geared myself up for that and had expected he would want some of that before he fucked me ,I had even found myself wanting that, but first time I would close my eyes before I took the plunge.

It was nice and I was growing to like the idea of being all ass for David. Bent over for his service of me. Then I felt it. I gritted my teeth and closed my eyes. He knew I was virgin ass and said he would take it slowly, but I felt the heat of his passion as he plunged it into me and gave my ass a severe slapping as he aimed for a full penetration.

It hurt a lot. My ass too was. It was different to how I imagined. I thought once inside me I could squeeze and mold it to feel its throb inside. But it was so tight wedged into me that I could not do anything. I was completely at David’s mercy as he indulged in his fuck of me. His sounds were sublime and he really gave me the full works and to be truthful didn’t enjoy that first time at all. But David assured that after the initiation it would be better next time and he was right

He was quick to reach a climax, asked afterwards was it alright that he spunked into me but I laughed, saying it was too late new!

“Sorry if I hurt you Jason, but you do have a very ravishing s ass you know and once inside you I could not stop myself. You will find therewith me, sometimes I enjoy it rough and others gentle, is that okay?”

“It will have to be” I smiled just to let him know it was alright.

“Let me help make it better, I could really go for that now.”

His cock was deflated so I was happy I had served him sell. But for all the hurt what he did next as he had me on all fours on the bed was well worth it.

I felt the smoothness of his mouth and tongue licking me between and it felt heavenly.

“Is that nice Jason that should ease the discomfort?”

“It is wonderfully soothing, don’t stop.”

“I won’t. I love to eat prime fucked ass” he whispered and the things he said too made me feel so wanted and special, Sucking me there he gave me the most gorgeous slow massage of my cock and balls and it was so lovely, feeling my cock rise to that certain way he jerked it off and I knew it would not be long before came,

When I did I felt a huge relieve that made up for all the first time pain. With that and David’s passionate sucking I was at peace with the world and felt I was his forever and whatever.

That first Sunday with David was perfection and I longed for the next Sunday to seek out new ventures Davis had spoken about, and which I wanted to gear myself up for, especially his spanking specialty, He said he had lots of ideas how to make that special for both of us.

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