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Exorcising Brian

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Paula Reardon, hot and bothered, placed the box into the open boot of her Honda hatchback. Most of the furniture was on its way, the rest tomorrow, and the house was half empty, and rather ghostly, now.

Tomorrow she’d be away from here. Away from the abrasive memories Brian the Bastard had left her. Set up and living with his French floozie, wasn’t he?

He had been screwing her for months without Paula knowing. But, she should have guessed when his loveless demands on her lessened. Not that she had been getting much thrill out of their meagre moments over recent years.

Cool as you like, he had upped and admitted it all. Smilingly told her he was going to live with her in France. That’s when she’d endowed him with his perfect title, Brian the Bastard.

Paula walked back to the porch. Feeling hot sun on her back, she looked up at the front of the house. A beautiful house, she’d loved it when she was alone there. Yet it was so full of bad memories involving Brian the Bastard, she had felt like burning the place down. Then, lying in bed this morning she had thought of what would have been an ideal way of exorcising all the memories of him, from the house, from her mind, and yes, from her body. It had been an exciting thought, but obviously out of the question now. Deep down, for many reasons, she knew she’d be better off without him. He’d turned into a cruel, thoughtless prick. Good luck, Francoise, or whatever your name is.

Paula looked again at the boxes. Her most important stuff; her computer, containing much of her work, her books, various packs of old manuscripts she’d written. Things she didn’t want to trust to the removal men in case of loss or damage. It was a long trek to Devon. Now, having carried a couple of small boxes she had realised that some of the boxes were going to be too heavy for her. She stood there on the porch steps, hands on hips. Hot, and fed-up.

It was at that moment that a youngish looking man, in white T-shirt and light cotton pants, appeared on the drive, clutching a piece of paper.

Eric Harton wasn’t in too great a mood as he turned into the drive of his last call. Bloody Beryl was still doing his head in. Teasing bitch, letting him get all the way to stroking her pubes, but clenching her thighs when he tried to go further. It had been like that for weeks. Then, damn it, although he’d had the frustrations, she was the one to end it all. Said he wanted too much of her—didn’t respect her enough. Hell, he’d respected her for months.

Posting circulars was a boring part time job, but all the walking helped keep him in trim, and gave plenty of time for thinking. Yet Bloody Beryl was the last person he wanted to think about. Still, just two weeks until he started university. Plenty of women there.

This last house had no curtains at the windows, he noticed. The Honda Civic on the drive had it’s boot lid up and a woman appeared from behind it, walked up to the porch, stared up at the house, before standing there with her hands on her hips. The sun seemed to light up the thin yellow dress that clung to a neatly curvaceous figure. Some rich bitch. No doubt she’d stick her nose in the air at him. He held up the circular advertising a Pizza Palace—not her kind of dining, he bet.

Paula watched as the young man approached. Tall, dark haired, quite a handsome lad, looking too fit and strong to be performing menial tasks. His upper arms bulged tightly against the T shirt sleeves. She was suddenly aware that she was wearing nothing under her thin dress. Intending to shower, she’d stripped off. Then she’d realised she’d likely be all sweated up moving the boxes on such a hot day. Accordingly, she’d pulled this old dress over her naked body, and buttoned up. The man’s eyes, or were they boy’s eyes, were burning through the thin material, as he held out the paper to her. So why wasn’t she bothered? God, he was well built.

Eric felt compelled to say something as he handed over the circular. “Not your cup of tea, I guess.” Hell, she really was a looker. Blue eyes, high cheeks bones, full mouth, and long tawny hair, the colour of late corn. No, tawny like a tigress, because there was a prowling look in her eyes. He had to take a deep breath as his eyes lingered briefly on the curves thinly disguised by her tight dress. Really, she didn’t look like a stuck up bitch—but she probably was.

Paula could tell he was liking what he was seeing. Was it right to feel so good about that?. Glancing down at the boxes yet to be packed in the car she found herself saying, “I wonder, could you give me a hand here.” She felt only slightly nervous about asking.

Eric turned back. Having stepped down from the porch his eyes were level with her waist and he was sure that, with the gentle breeze pressing the dress material against her, there was just a hint of that magical triangle visible through the thin material. Collecting himself he looked up at her face, saw she was indicating a pile of crates.

Paula wrongly defined his hesitation as reluctance. While making her request she was trying to guess his age. A manly body with a boyish face that was just reaching out for manhood. “I’m willing to pay for your time.”

What a good time to act noble, Eric thought, as he said, “No need for that. This won’t take long,” And he immediately hefted up the box that held her computer and, with a quick smile at her, he turned towards the car.

Paula, half enchanted by his pleasant smile, watched his shoulder muscles ripple beneath the shirt as he walked away. And those firm buttocks. God, what was wrong with her? This was a stranger, a complete stranger. But she couldn’t deny the physical ache deep in her belly. Engendered by long term celibacy, it had been there for months, buried, but occasionally craving attention. This appeared to be one of those occasions. Shaking her head, she picked up a smaller box, and carried it to where he was just turning back towards her.

Eric could see that the box the woman was carrying had pulled her dress taut across her breasts, and the nipples showed prominently. Hell, was she wearing anything under that dress? To disguise the lustful thoughts that came storming into his mind, he gave her what he hoped was a sweet smile and said, “Look, I’ll handle these. No point you getting all sweated up. You must have plenty to see to.”

Paula had noticed the first direction of his eyes. But he was being so considerate, she placed the box in the rear of the car and told him, “I’m just about ready.”

Eric disguised the grin that came with the thought, “Ready for what?” Oh, if only! And he watched the sway of her hips as she walked away and into the house. He got on with the task in hand. The last large box was the heaviest and he had to heave to get it suitably placed in the car. He slammed the lid down and turned back towards the porch. She was standing there, a grateful smile on her gorgeous face.

Paula had watched his final efforts with some interest. He was so good to watch, lightly tanned, muscular, but still a boy, she feared. All she was able to say as he approached her was, “Thank you so much. I’m very grateful.” But, almost unbidden, she added, “You must be hot. Could I offer you a cold beer?”

Eric could hardly contain his excitement but he was able to say, “If you’re having one.”

“Come on inside out of the sun,” Paula said, and almost on the same stroke she was chastising herself. What am I doing? Inviting a stranger into my house when I’m alone? But she turned and led him into the hall and through to the kitchen.

Eric followed, and heard her apologise for the state of the place. Certainly, the hallway was bare of furniture and there were no carpets on the floor, he noticed, when his eyes were not tracking the sway of her behind. The kitchen was large, richly appointed, with a table and two chairs in the centre. He sat on one of the chairs. and watched as she stooped at a fridge door. Eric could see the groove of her backside as she bent.

Paula was thankful that there were two cans of beer left in the fridge, and lucky to have kept two glasses back from the packing. There was no way she could have foreseen this. Hell, her hands were shaking. What was the matter with her? But she knew only too well, and was trying so hard to bury the feeling. She placed a can and glass in front of Eric.

“Like to pour your own?”

“Thanks,” Eric said, as she took the other chair opposite him. He could sense that she was uneasy as she fumbled to open her can. Was she actually frightened of him? He flipped his own can open, and poured the golden liquid down the inside of the glass to prevent frothing. Immediately he saw that she was not at all used to this particular activity. He watched her struggle with the tag and then stood up and said, “Let me,” flipped open the can and poured the beer carefully into her glass.

Paula could only sit there, her body tensing as he stood over her. Turning her head towards him her eyes were level with his crotch, and she took a deep intake of breath at the bulge there.

Mission accomplished, Eric returned to his seat and gulped at the beer gratefully. He hadn’t realised how thirsty he was. He saw her sip gingerly at the liquid. There was a slight film of perspiration on her brow. He felt bold enough to ask why she was moving.

Paula was glad of the opportunity to talk. It helped her relax. There was no reason why she should, but she told this stranger about Brian the Bastard. “Married when I was twenty two. Eight years of very dubious bliss.”

“Do you always call him that?”

“I only think of him with that title. And it was in my head long before he left.”

Eric, laughed at her openness and was delighted when she laughed with him. He had made the rapid calculation that she must be thirty two. She asked his name, and he told her.

Paula felt compelled to ask, ” Is there a woman in your life?”

Eric was silent for only a moment, and then thought how open she had been with him, and burst into the whole sorry saga of bloody Beryl.

“She must be crazy!” The moment she said it, she knew she shouldn’t have.. She had revealed part of herself and he was staring at her.

Eric was thrilled by her reaction, but couldn’t think of anything to say for a moment. Then to ease the situation he asked what she did for a living.

Paula was relieved to change the subject, and told him she was a writer.

“Hey, that’s what I’m aiming for. I start University in a fortnight–want to get into journalism—-then see how that develops.”

She smiled, so he was turned eighteen. Somehow that eased her mind, yet that low ache seemed to flare, but she said, “I wish you well with that. Mine’s romantic fiction mainly—plenty of kissing but no sex.” For Paula the word seemed to hang in the air between them, and she felt awkward again. “You like writing?” she asked.

“I won a local essay competition last year.”

“Good for you.” Noticing he had finished his beer, she stood and reached for his glass. “Too much for me,” she said, taking both glasses to the sink.

As she leaned over for his glass, the front of her dress sagged, and briefly Eric was looking at the rousing curves of the valley between her breasts. There was a stirring in his pants. Standing, he picked up the empty cans from the table, “Where should these go?” he asked, thinking how she was being far too busy rinsing those glasses.

Paula knew she was being too deliberate with the washing up. Why had she become so nervous? Not because of the young man. It was because of the feelings bubbling up inside her. Feelings that she could not shake. But, as she turned to his question, her eyes could not avoid the added swelling at his crotch. And she knew she was gone.

Paula raised her hand to point at the bin, but her fingers touched his upper arm, and lingered there. She seemed to have lost control of her hand, as it traced down the muscles of his arm to mingled with his fingers. Helplessly Paula raised her eyes to look at him.

Eric stood absolutely transfixed. Was he misreading this? The touch on his arm had been like a charge of electricity. His cock felt totally restricted in his pants. He wanted to touch her. But he feared she might suddenly cry rape. As their eyes locked and he saw the clouding in hers, he knew for certain that wouldn’t be the case. His fingers closed gently around hers and he drew her slowly closer.

The moment she felt the pull of his hand, Paula stepped in to press herself against him, raising her face to receive his kiss. Instantly they were clinging together. Paula’s lips parted to welcome his tongue, while her thighs pressed to feel his hardness where she wanted it. Oh, she wanted it so badly. She was wildly aware of his hands searching frantically over the thinness of her dress. They stroked and squeezed her buttocks, tracing deeply into the crevice. That had her trembling.

Eric was overwhelmed by her eagerness to squirm against him. Their mouths meshing together with probing tongues was the natural progression, and the way she went on tiptoes, and wriggled her hips to have his bulge press between her thighs, left no doubt as to what she wanted. He happily followed her needs by squeezing at her buttocks. It roused him even more to have his fingers probe into her crack there. Christ, his balls were fit to burst. Rising passion gripped him. He shifted his mouth from hers, to kiss and tongue all over her face, to rage over her neck and her shoulders where the dress slipped away. He tried to get at her breasts but their bodies were clinging too closely. But at that moment she took a slight step away and her hands were wrestling at his belt.

It had to be this swift, Paula was sure. Edging backwards towards the table, she looked up at his startled face, as the belt loosened and her hands pushed at his pants and shorts, at the same time groping inside, eager to reach his erect penis. It took no seeking, within seconds she had her hands clasped around it, freeing it from the confines of the pants. Lovely to hear his groan of pleasure. God, it felt so good. Smooth, huge and demanding. She wanted to look at it to confirm its size, but she could only stroke and pull it gently to ensure he followed her. Breathing heavily she gasped as his hands floated over, then gently squeezed, her breasts, as her upper thighs struck the table, making the legs scrape over the floor. .

Her speed and directness in finding and freeing his cock had Eric almost bursting. Those delicate fingers clutching him made him feel he was hardening even more, and his balls felt swollen. But now, because she was moving back, his hands were able to reach her breasts. Despite his raging excitement, he tried to be gentle with them. They were exquisite firm and rounded under the thin material. As he squeezed them more firmly the top button popped and his hand slid inside to savour the incredible smooth slope, and his fingers began to tickle at the swollen nipples. He felt Paula stop as she struck against the table and she began to lie back, one arm behind him, pulling him on, the other guiding his, now pounding, cock between her raised thighs.

“Now, Eric—Oh, please now.” Paula heard her own pleading voice without even framing the words deliberately. He leaned into and over her, as her fingers guided him to her soaked labia. Then he was in her, filling her, massive, a thick, warm pole, reaching up into her deepest core in one plunge. Had any penis ever been so fulfilling? Oh, how she had longed for this. Her legs wrapped around him. How good it was, how eagerly her vaginal walls drew at him. Drive me over the edge, Eric.

For Eric it had been all too sudden. One second his cock had been in her fingers, and then instantly it was coursing upwards into that wet, warm cavern where the walls seemed to be contracting to urge him on. He was looking down into her face. Her eyes were closed, her mouth twisted in a kind of anguished expectation. Such elation was beyond his meagre experience. Desperately he tried to suppress the mounting pressure in his balls. He concentrated on the marvellous sensation of her naked breast under his hand. But with only a partial second stroke he felt himself erupting, pushing his spewing erection deep into her, making her sigh, as surge after surge poured into her.

Paula, enraptured by this immense penis inside her, longed for the piston action that would bring her to a final ecstasy. His hand caressing her left nipple added to her delight. Unaware at first, she was thrilled by his second lunge, before she sensed his penis pulsing and realised that he was voiding his seed inside her—all too quickly. She looked up to see his mouth agape, his head thrown back. A couple of thrusts of her own hips were a vain attempt to get more from his presence inside her. No avail. His weight pressed down on her and already she felt the swell of him subside.

As the thrill of having the best ejaculation he’d ever had faded, Eric began to realise that he had left Paula stranded. Too exciting, too much build up. As he felt his shrinking cock begin to slither down out of her, he raised his head, to look at her. Her lovely face looked crestfallen.

“I’ve let you down,” he said.

“It was good having you inside me.”

She was just being kind. Eric felt like a schoolboy who has just failed an important test.

Paula struggled to sit up, as his limp penis dropped out of her, and she pointed to the bench. “Pass me some of that kitchen roll, before your stuff leaks all over the kitchen table.”

She watched him pull back, saw the droplet on the end of his shrinking penis. So, she had begun the exorcism. This had been the extremely unlikely thought that had struck her in bed that morning. To cover all the bases where Brian the Bastard had used her body, expunge them from her memory. He’d taken her on the kitchen table back when they’d been in the early throes of passion. So he had now been replaced there—not wholly satisfactorily, but it had been good. Eric was a decent replacement. Now that she had crossed the barrier of her own inhibitions, could she now consider where else should be exorcised.

As Eric drew back to get the kitchen towel, he had a brief glimpse of the tawny triangle that he had just invaded. He handed over the kitchen towel and watched as she stood up, dabbing at herself down there. Then he wiped his own rebellious cock, before flopping onto a chair.

“Tired?” Paula asked, and Eric looked at the fascinating valley of her breasts where the button had come undone, and said, “No, just disappointed that I couldn’t give you some satisfaction.”

“Ah, but you did give me—-some,” Paula said, with a laugh, and was delighted to see him laugh back. Now she had to see where they might go from here.

“What are you thinking about me, Eric?”

Eric was only slightly confused, but he knew he could answer that one honestly. “When I first saw you I thought you were a high class lady. I still think that.”

Paula took a step, leaned down and kissed the top of his head. Bless him, even if he was just being tactful.

“I’ve never done anything like this in my whole life. Believe me. Brian the Bastard was only the third man I’d ever—” Be discreet, she told herself. “—-been with.”

“Then I’m lucky,” he sighed. “Pity I couldn’t be better.” His eyes were looking at her frankly. “Before Bloody Beryl I’ve only gone all the way with one girl and that was a pathetic quickie in a doorway after a party—quicker, and not nearly as good as what we’ve just done.”

Paula had made her mind up. Despite the passion of recent minutes, she still had that ache low down inside her. “Don’t worry about that. Only your second time—you’re going to be better next time.”

“Whenever that might be,” he moaned.

“What about in half an hour?

Eric felt his heart jump. What was she saying? She wanted to do it with him again? After his failure for her last time?

Paula delighted at the startled look on his face, “Are you pushed for time?”

“No. Only I didn’t think you’d—”

Paula wondered if he thought he’d found some crazy nympho. Feeling the way she did maybe she should be wondering that herself. But she asked him.

Eric hated the very idea “No–no– You’re—you’re—” Struggling for the right word. “–special.”

“Then, come on,” she said, holding her hand out to him. “Let’s go upstairs. I need to get cleaned up.”

Stunned, Eric allowed himself to be led up the broad staircase, where he noticed the carpet had not been removed.. As though divining his thought, Paula said, “Leaving this carpet behind. I’m moving into a bungalow in Devon.”

Her head swimming with confused thoughts, yet fixed on seeing how her plan might develop, Paula opened the first door at the head of the stairs. This wild idea that had so unexpectedly possessed her might have been highly dangerous for her. Yet she was certain that, luckily, she’d found a safe, and, yes, attractive man to help her intentions resolve. It was just a case now of where any exorcisms were needed, most of tem in her own mind. To be honest, the deep pressure inside her still remained, perhaps heightened.. The bed, of course, was a must, but for now she led Eric through the bedroom, and into the en-suite.

Seeing the large bed in the centre of the room, had Eric gulping. Was this where they were going to start again? But he feared he wouldn’t be ready. Then he saw that the bed was the only furniture in the room, apart from a large fitted wardrobe, and there were no curtains. Paula had lead him into an impressive en-suite. What was going to happen here? He just wished he could be more positive, take a more leading role.

Paula moved across to the shower cubicle, drew back the sliding door, and reached in to turn the shower on. “I’ll just adjust to lukewarm,” she said. “No point in overheating on a day like this” She gave him her warmest smile as she added, “Especially if we’re sharing.”

Eric could only nod stupidly. Sharing the shower? He had to admit the cubicle was the largest he’d ever seen. It would take six people. Paula had turned her back and was unbuttoning her dress, and, as he gawped, it fell to the floor, revealing the wonderful curve of her, the lovely swell of her buttocks, and the hint of tawny as her legs parted to kick the dress to one side.

Having prepared the shower, Paula had suddenly realised that stripping off in front of Eric would be a first for her. Totally naked in front of a stranger? In any normal circumstance she would have shrunk from the idea. Next second she was chiding herself. Idiot, Eric’s erection had been up inside her. Being naked now was just a reversal of the order of things. With that thought, she kicked her dress to one side and turned to face him, her arms spread wide to emphasise her willingness.

The sight of that delectable body in its full glory had Eric open mouthed. He had glimpsed her triangle, and, briefly, the roundness of her pink tipped breast, but here it was all in one wonderful, breathtaking package. From head to toe, hair, face and down over the curve of shoulders, breasts, flat belly to the tawny pubes and sensuous thighs, everything was perfect. And the urge to run his fingers over every inch of her delectable skin was almost unbearable. Was that a stirring in his pants? Already? Surely not. But, God, she looked so desirable.

Paula found her own inhibitions disappear as she enjoyed his eyes roaming over her body. She smiled at the look on his face. Oh, surely this would be all right. “Are you going to shower fully dressed?” she teased.

This was a living fantasy. But her words shook Eric from his stupor and he quickly hauled his T-shirt over his head, threw it to one side and unbuckled his belt. She just stood there, arms lowered, watching him. But by now he was way past any modesty, and he pushed his pants down and stepped out of them.

Paula took in his wonderfully muscled and proportioned body. The right choice, she thought again. And the penis wasn’t exactly flaccid—half mast, and as big as she had thought. “Looks like he’s waking up earlier than expected,” she laughed. “Come on. Let’s get wet.” And held out her hand.

Eric glanced down. Hell, that was a surprise. Definitely a rise there. Then he quickly moved to follow the naked Paula into the shower.

Under the semi-cool spray Paula picked up a bar of soap, and handed it to Eric, standing uncertainly, his hair plastering over his brow, rivulets running all over his fine body. “Soap me, please,” she asked him.

Momentarily shocked by the water being cooler than he had expected, Eric took the soap from her. Soap her? That meant running his hands over that luscious body. An old joke struck him. It was a tough task, but somebody had to do it. Most willingly, he lathered his hands and began rubbing gently at her shoulders and arms, noticing how her head threw back at his first touch.. The silkiness of skin under lather was pulsating, and he felt responses down in his cock.

“Everywhere,” Paula murmured, taking the soap from him and lathering her own hands. She sensed Eric’s caution, and that was nice. He shuddered as her hands began scudding over his upper chest and shoulders. In her mind was the thought that there was some exorcising to do in this cubicle, but given her own pent up state, that would wait. Her breathing faltered on intake as his hands soaped smoothly over her breasts.

Eric took the instruction to wash everywhere very much to heart. The feel of her skin was intoxicating and he had rubbed under her armpits, before allowing his hands to slide down over the delicious mounds of her breasts. Delightedly he heard her little gasp, and sensed maybe a slight tremble. Circling each breast, then caressing with his fingers in a gently tugging motion, led him to just fingering the nipples. There was no doubt he was rising down in his groin. Leaving one hand lavishing her breasts, he moved the other one to move in gentle circles over her flat abdomen. Her own hands moved down stroking his belly.

As her hands dropped lower, Paula felt her fingers clip his rising erection. “Ah,” she whispered to him. “The phoenix is rising earlier than we thought.” His hands on her breasts were a delight. She took her hands away from his belly to soap them more thickly, before reaching down and rubbing over his near erect penis and down onto his scrotum and between his legs. A gargling sound escaped his lips.

Her touch on his cock had Eric mesmerised. He could have just stood there and let her continue. When she had momentarily taken her hands off him he had feared it was over. But the vigour with which she returned to enclose his balls and beyond was mind-blowing, and reminded him that he had to reciprocate. He re-soaped his hands, ran them down her slim waist, and up the slope of her hips, before bringing them together where her thighs parted. Helpfully, encouragingly, Paula parted them further, and he was able to caress and lather between her legs where all her secrets were hidden. She whispered a hissing, “Yes.” But then added, “We need to keep our excitement for later.”

Paula had revelled in rubbing his erection, but something was winding up inside her, tighter and tighter, a pressure that had been there all day and had been heightened with the kitchen activity, was now screaming for release. Yet she didn’t want the sudden burst that had hit them then. Now she wanted to slow things down just a little. Good as the sensation of his hands and fingers working avidly between her legs were, she felt compelled to whisper, “Rinse time.”

Eric had been lost in the thrill of his hands between her legs, the silkiness of her, multiplied by what she had being doing to his cock. So he was a little disappointed at her decision to rinse. Still he was sure something special lay ahead. It was exciting the way she moved in close to him as the water washed over them and their hands continued smoothing intimately over soaking skin. .

“Bed’s the place to carry this on now, ” Paula whispered, surprised at her own huskiness, as the tensions in her lower belly became more demanding. His hands searching over her were driving her into a frenzy which needed to be subdued—-for now.

In no time they were taking equal pleasure in towelling each other dry.

Paula took his arm and led him back to the bedroom, and, quite deliberately, lay back on the duvet, her legs slightly parted, looking up at him expectantly.

For a few seconds Eric just stood there looking down at the voluptuousness of her. It was like having some sumptuous, unexpected feast laid out before him. As he eased down beside her, one hand stroking her belly and up to her breasts.

They kissed, a cool, almost formal, coming together, before Paula drew back and asked him, “We need to be slower than before. But will you follow what I ask of you?” His hands were already fondling her breasts.

Wrapped up in the feel of her, Eric said,” Of course I will.”

Paula nodded. The pressures told her that short cuts had to be made. She felt as though a massive spring was holding back a flood of pleasure for her. That spring was pressed almost flat, and had to be released.. Now she told him, ” Mouth my breasts, and your hand down between my legs.”

No problem, Eric thought, and eagerly he began kissing her breasts, circling the nipples with his tongue before sucking them gently, feeling them swell. His hand moved down over her belly, over her tawny bush, onto the silky smooth of her parted inner thigh, before returning to finger along her soaking labia. One finger probed for her inner depths. He heard the harshness of her breathing, which excited him even more. Then her hand began stroking his erection. The excitement was rising .

Paula revelled in what Eric was doing. She boiled inside. Needed more. His fingers were so good, but she wanted them somewhere else. “Bring your fingers back,” she gasped, and felt them move deeper. “No, no. Towards the front. My clit.” The fingers came back, seemed to be groping, then hit. “Yes, there, that’s it. Oh, yes.” The sensation was an electric shock through her lower body.

Eric was surprised by her request and had moved back towards her anus before she corrected him. It didn’t take long to find the little nub, and he was quick to gently stroke and finger it exulting in the sounds and twitching of her. He was giving her pleasure.

Paula knew for certain that she was on the verge of something big and knew exactly what she wanted next. “Now your mouth, Eric,” she panted, feeling the perspiration start on her brow. “Down there.”

Kiss her down there? This was something he’d never done. Kissing a woman there. But his own exuberance led him to leave the breasts and move his lips and tongue down over her belly, hesitating only a moment at her triangle, before moving his finger and letting his lips and tongue lavish her clit. Even the musky odour of her was stimulating. His fingers moved back to probe at the vaginal opening ‘her cunny’ as he’d heard it called. He spread his fingers, and while his index finger probed into the lusciously moist cavity, and his lips pampered her clitoris, Eric found that his middle finger came in touch with her tight little anus.

Paula was now almost out of control. There was now no more sensibility to her given instructions, as every fibre of her body screamed for release. His lips and tongue were lifting her away out of herself. That spring wanted to burst. It was going to happen. For a brief moment her swaying head turned in the direction of the wardrobes. Oh, God, how she wished she could have Brian the Bastard strung up there somehow. Watch this, you prick. This is how it should be.

That’s when she felt Eric’s daring finger gently touch her anus. That was like pulling a trigger and her whole body heaved, as the spring inside her threatened to release. She was only able to squeal, “In me, in me, Eric,” while grabbing at his penis, as he came up and rolled between her throbbing thighs.

Eric had been enjoying the licking and groping but was quite willing to plunge into her. Had touching her anus set her away? Her jerking and grunting had told him that this time he would surely satisfy her. As soon as the tip of his engorged cock touched the lips of her vagina he plunged upwards, hard. Drew back and plunged again into the delicious wet warmth of those heaving walls. He felt okay. He was going to be able to keep plunging, as, on his third stroke, he heard her gurgling squeal. She began to shudder more than ever, heaving her hips up at him, her head tossing uncontrollably from side to side.

Paula knew, before Eric entered her, that she was away. His huge erection ploughing upwards inside her, filled her. So enormous as her vaginal walls pulled at it. Immediately the spring holding back all her frustration and pressure began to uncoil. As the penis drew back, her breathing seemed to seize up. Then he plunged again, then again, and now it all burst. An uncoiled spring that spread agonising pleasure throughout her system She was gone out of herself, floating, sailing, drifting on a cloud of ecstasy. There was nothing but this wild infusion of tingling nerve ends and her vaginal walls went from warm to red hot. A blazing explosion inside her, spreading, ever spreading, through belly, breast and limbs..

Eric felt almost triumphant as Paula jerked, shook and yelped, strange sounds from a mouth that appeared locked open. Her tawny hair swung across her face, as her head swayed helplessly from side to side, and strands glued to the perspiration across her cheeks. His own pleasure was high, and mainly because he was feeling all the sensuality of her feverish burst. That extra heat. Yet, he was still strong, although pressure was rapidly building in his balls.

Paula, elated, felt herself calming, like coming down from a lascivious high that she couldn’t recall ever being on before. Her mind began functioning. Could this have been her best orgasm ever? With a complete stranger? Her memory threw nothing up. Then she felt the piston still moving inside her. God, Eric was still totally erect. Breathless, sated, she was still able to raise her hips rhythmically to match his lunging. Her vaginal walls began to glow again as they contracted round this delightful rod that was pleasuring her. Looking up into his contorted face she knew he was close. She wanted to be an important part of his coming, and ground her hips against him, enjoying his warhead touching her cervix.

Eric had been happy with the slow grind he had developed, but as soon as Paula began reacting, he knew it was time. The pull of her glorious vagina, the heave of her hips, were like a great suction pad on his cock. He plunged once more and it poured out of him like an erratic fountain, as he strained up against the pressure of her. The release was enormous and his full weight collapsed on top of her. His face buried into her damp neck.

How lovely was this after-cosiness? Paula didn’t mind his weight pressing her down into the softness of the bed. Everything was still aglow. This bed had been well and truly exorcised. It would go with her to Devon, and when she lay in it, it would be this orgasm she’d recall, and nothing that went in the years before.

“I must be heavy,” Eric mumbled, as he rolled his body to one side, and she felt his limp penis slide across her thigh, leaving a trail of wetness. She didn’t mind. To hell with everything outside the joy of the past minutes.

“Was it all right?” Eric asked. He was feeling completely spent. As weak as he’d ever felt.

All right? Was it all right? A giggle burst from Paula’s lips. “Oh, Eric. If there is perfection in being fucked, then that was it. I’ve never–” She stopped. What had made her use that word? Not a word she ever used, had always thought it cheapened the act. But there it was. Maybe that experience had broken the ice for her in more ways than one.

Eric too was a little surprised to hear the word from her lips, yet he was flattered at what she had said. He just felt so good, so lucky, so—

They lay silent for a moment before Paula asked, “Feel the need for a coffee?” There was no reply, and looking sideways she saw that his eyes were closed and there was a slight burring sound issuing from his lips. She smiled. He was asleep. Giving him a kindly peck on the cheek, she hurried through to the bathroom to mop herself up, before donning a thin silken robe and going downstairs. She would make the coffee while he rested. Would it be fair to have him help her exorcise somewhere else?.

As she prepared the coffee, her mind worked on just what other places needed the memory of Brian the Bastard eradicated. Just as well the settees and carpets had all gone. Maybe she’d replace them. Otherwise there was only the shower cubicle, her own mind, and body.

Be careful, she warned herself, you need to know just how much more Eric could give. Still he was young—and vigorous. Oh, yes—so vigorous, and she felt herself moisten. Harlot, she smiled to herself. This day had been so fulfilling, and she’d found out just how frustrating recent years had been for her. If she hadn’t been moving, she might have found herself a toy-boy.

Finding she only had ham and cheese available, she made a couple of sandwiches before carrying a tray with coffee and food up the stairs.

Entering the bedroom she saw Eric was still sleeping, light snoring noises issuing from his throat. Naked, flat on his back, she fancied he could be some Greek god. His flaccid penis lay across his thigh, and even limp, it was more generous than any she’d experienced.

Not wanting to waken him, but unable to resist the impulse, she placed the tray on the floor, sat on the edge of the bed and gently ran her fingers down his cheek, over his chest and belly until she was tenderly touching his penis, knowing what she would like to do for it next. She jumped when his head suddenly jerked up. “What—?” he groaned dazedly.

Eric had been dreaming. No clear faces, but erotic things were happening to him. Fingers of a hundred angels seemed to be gently soothing him until his senses told him that the fingers on his penis were real. Startled he raised his head. The first thing that struck him was that it was real. Paula was there, beautiful as any angel. “I must have dozed off,” he said apologetically.

Paula smiled and turned away, “You certainly did. Could you eat now?” Standing up, she picked up the tray, and placed it beside him. As he scrambled to a sitting position, she sat alongside the tray.

They ate and drank, talking little. Paula delighted in watching him ravenously devour the sandwiches. Finished, they began talking. She told him all about her writing career, the thrill of her first acceptance. His hand lay on her upper thigh and seemed to naturally spread warmth through her lower body.

Eric felt a little insignificant as he told her of his first realisation that writing was what he wanted to do.

“You’ll make it,” she said, giving his hand a little squeeze. “I’m sure of it.”

“I’ll look out for your books in the shops, ” he told her.

“You won’t find them. I have a pen name. Sienna Gold.”

“Sienna,” he breathed. “What a beautiful name. It suits you so well.”

“In what way?”

“It has an earthy quality.”

“Is that a compliment?” she laughed, and he joined in.

After a little spell of talking and casually touching, she glanced down. Eric’s penis was just a little more than flaccid. She looked up into his face, “Should we get cleaned up in the shower?”

He had no objections, and soon they were stroking and soaping each other with the same pleasure as earlier. Eric was pleasantly surprised to feel his penis give a little surge.

Paula had also noticed that Eric’s penis was semi erect. Good enough to start with, she decided. She took Eric’s hands in hers. “Time to rinse off,” she said quietly, seeing the little frown of curiosity on his face. He’d know soon enough. For Paula, this was a key area for expunging a memory. An unpleasant one. Not too distant either.

Late one evening she had taken a shower after a busy cleaning up day. Enjoying the water, she jumped as the shower door burst open and Brian the Bastard stepped in, his rotund belly jutting over the erect penis beneath it. He had been drinking, heavily. A hefty man, he pressed his erection against her and told her what he wanted. She had refused. Using his superior strength he had forced her down to her knees and jammed his erection into her mouth. Paula had avoided such contact with him for a while. Given little choice, she aimed to finish him as quickly as she could and, as she had learned, get him to pour into the back of her throat so she could swallow swiftly. But Brian the Bastard had other ideas. As he was about to come, he drew her head back and to one side so that his stuff spewed around her inner cheeks and over her tongue, so she had to endure the salt/acid taste of his so bitter seed, before he released her and she was able to spit it down into the shower tray, where it drained away with the water. Laughing, he had left her there with a sarcastic ‘Thanks.’.

Now, she and Eric were completely rinsed and he was looking at her, wide eyed, as though awaiting instructions. Paula gave him a smile, reached behind him and turned off the water. “This is special,” she murmured in .his ear.

Puzzled, Eric just stood there, dripping, his hands stroking at her breasts. It didn’t shake him as her lips traced along his shoulders, although he did wonder why they weren’t stepping out of the cubicle. Then her lips and tongue continued down his chest, not stopping as she bent lower, and Eric guessed her target. She was going to kiss his cock, even though he wasn’t fully erect.

Sure enough, Paula started by just kissing the half-mast erection, holding it with one hand while she ran her lips to his scrotum, and her tongue back to the purple tip. The organ quivered in her hand. Good enough to take, Paula decided, and trying to keep her eyes on Eric’s face to gauge both his surprise and pleasure her lips completely enfolded the smooth head. Her tongue tickled at the little hole at the end. There was much joy in looking up and seeing his eyes widen and his tongue licking nervously over his lips.

As soon as she took his whole length in, she felt his legs tremble, heard his grunt. It felt so good to have his warmth over her tongue. She so wanted to give. Eric’s penis was now rock hard again. I wish you were watching this Brian, you bastard. This is my pace, my choice, and I’m going to kill my memory of you. Eric’s tip touched the back of her throat, before she drew back to halfway.

Eric just stood there, shocked, amazed and just a little nervous that he might shoot into her mouth. That would be awful for her, wouldn’t it? But she seemed to be enjoying sucking at him, looking up at him, with bright shining eyes. Hell, he felt himself touch the back of her throat. She had drawn back her head, and her eyes were on his face again. Now she turned her head slightly and he saw the bulge in her cheek as she caused his tip to invade there. He was building up with the sheer eroticism of this new experience. There was already a familiar burgeoning in his balls. He had to warn her when he was ready to shoot.

Now her head had driven up to the root of his cock, pulled back quickly, then drove over it again. How different this was from being in a vagina. Her lips found different pressure points. Her tongue could produce so many varied actions. Firstly, as she sucked her tongue and upper palette gave a great heaving pull, or her tongue would simply roll around the tip as she drew back to half way. Her lips found different pressure points, a new selection of sensations. Paula was doing it all, and he was gasping with the sheer generosity of her.

Paula was overjoyed at the pleasure she was finding in this. Eric’s face was a picture of doubt and pleasure whenever she drew back. Pushing his penis against her cheek had been fantastic, gave her whole mouth a tingle. Well, she thought, let’s see how long you last with this onslaught. With that, she sped up her gobbling along Eric’s length. Each time she drew back she viewed his face, loving his expressions, while her tongue worked on the tip. Forward, back, deep to the back of her throat back.

Eric had to warn her. The pressure had moved from his balls to somewhere back beyond the root of his cock. Paula’s head was pushing her mouth so fast now. He felt her hands tighten on his buttocks and pull him further into her. No, no, he couldn’t– he felt the release of floodgates was imminent. “Paula.” he gasped. “I’m coming.” He tried to pull back.

Paula heard his warning, and, if her mouth had not been full, she would have laughed joyously. Sensing his efforts to pull his penis away, she edged one hand between his buttocks and one finger stretched to touch his tight anal ring. He jerked forward sending his heaving penis back to reach her tonsils and she knew he was coming as she heard his desperate, “Oh, God.” Immediately she was aware of fluid in her throat. She swallowed.

Eric touched her head with both hands as he held back from the urge to thrust, but he couldn’t stop his balls from emptying into her mouth. Quickly he realised that there wasn’t so much output, and he was thankful for that.

Paula also realised that there had been only a small discharge of semen. Not surprising really. Contentedly she let what there was glide down her throat. Hoping it had given Eric some satisfaction. It had surely cleared her head of what Brian the Bastard had done to her. This had been enjoyable. He had been eradicated.

Eric’s penis was softening quickly, so Paula drew her head back to allow it to slip from her mouth. A thin trail of semen ran from his drooping tip to her lip, and she wiped it away. The trail must have left residue on her tongue. She smacked her lips, noticing the vague taste, which, surprisingly was not so unpleasant. Standing up, she put her arms around him, and he bowed his head to kiss her.

Eric was in a state of confusion. He couldn’t believe she’d really wanted to swallow his cum. Yet all her actions had shown that was her intent. It had been a fantastic experience, though. A first for him. Later he might analyse just what the sensation had been like. For now, he kissed her gratefully before breaking away to say, “You did that for me.”

“Didn’t you enjoy it?” His face looked so forlorn that Paula to think that he hadn’t.

“More than just enjoy—I’ve never had that before. But you can’t have got much out of it.”

“You’d be surprised. I’m glad it was a new experience for you. It was almost all for you. Come on, let’s take a rest.”

They dried quickly, and then lay side by side on the bed. Hands and fingers, lightly caressed, wherever they could reach, and their mouths came together in warm brief kisses. In between kisses they talked small talk. Paula eventually decided she had to make a confession. “In truth, Eric, I’ve used you.”

“Treated me, you mean,” he replied with a laugh.

Paula squeezed his arm, “I’ve enjoyed it more than I deserve, but I had a motive.” Openly, she went on to tell him how bad Brian the Bastard had been for her. She didn’t shrink from telling him about the shower incident, and his attempt to have anal sex in this very bed.

“He failed, I’m pleased to say. But there were other things—his drunken satisfying himself on me when I wasn’t in the mood. So you taking me in this bed has been an exorcism. When I’m away and lie in this bed it will be you I’m remembering”

Eric had listened with some horror, yet felt highly gratified by her last remark. “That’s a nice thought. I can see why you gave him the title. Why didn’t you leave him?”

Paula had often considered taking that course of action, “But I loved this house, and he started paying me less attention. Some French bird. Then, doesn’t he tell me he’s leaving me? Ironic eh?”

Eric’s hand had been circling her breast with gentle strokes that spread down over her belly. Hearing her story, and following his treatment to this point, there had been a growing compulsion in him to give to her. He wanted to treat her as she deserved, to say thank you in the only way he could. Up to this point she had been the leader.

Now could he take control? It would all depend on how much strength his cock could muster. He leaned over her, kissed her warmly, his tongue searching hers, and he let his fingers slip between her thighs. She was still fairly moist down there and he rubbed gently at the front of her closed cleft.

Paula had enjoyed the talking, and the settled closeness. The touching and intimacy had been a bonus. The sheer luck of someone like Eric turning up to assuage all the frustrations astounded her. Poor Eric must be drained now. His hands on her were so comforting, so soothing. The fervour of his kiss took her by surprise, and when she felt his fingers stroke along her labia she was both thrilled and uncertain. Could he accomplish anything now? She reached down to feel for his penis. Her fingers encountered the beginnings of a recovery. Certainly it was a degree or two better than flaccid. Now he had drawn back from the kiss and looked down at her. His look, warm but with a firm determination in his eyes.

He had no resentment of her touching his soft cock but he was going to be in charge. “This is for you,” he whispered. “Please let me try to be the leader.”

Paula’s heart skipped a beat. In her present unreal state of mind the idea of him being in charge was fascinating. “I won’t stop you. I promise.” She lay back, the work of his fingers already warming her down there.

For a moment, he removed his hand from between her thighs and just sat back letting his eyes caress up and down her body.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Nothing’s wrong,” he told her. “I’m taking a photograph. To store up here.” He tapped the side of his head, before returning his hand to her soft, moist cleft. After kissing her face, her neck, each lip separately, he slid his tongue down her neck, her shoulders, and slowly licked along the edge of her breast. Under his fingers her labia opened, and the clit came up like a small seedling. He was determined to be all gradual, even slightly teasing.

The utter gentility of his approach was a joy to Paula. She felt almost sad as so many ‘if onlys’ filled her mind. She was so relaxed by his ministrations. He made her feel sensually lazy. Take, just take, she was telling herself, absorbing every movement of his fingers over and around her clitoris, every caress of his tongue and lips over her breast and nipples.

Eric spent a long time on her breasts, sucking the lovely pink nipples until they swelled. Under his fingers her clitoris felt erect. He moved his fingers away from it and then back, loving the responses it provoked, hearing her breathing become heavier and more rapid. Playing for time, that’s what he was doing, actually. He was waiting for the signs from her breathing, from the movements of her body, to tell him when to start the last stage. No last minute entries this time. But time was also dictated by the condition of his reluctant penis. There was some feeling down there but he wasn’t sure. Maybe Paula could help if there was too slow a response. At the moment he was lying so that his penis was out of her reach.

Paula was feeling guilty, all warm and tingling down below, but unable to do anything for him except ruffle his hair and stroke his back. Once she had reached down but could not get near his penis. Oh God, he was going down on her now, as she saw his head drop away from her breast, and felt his tongue tracing a line down her belly.

Eric had it all planned like a general on the battlefield, but had there ever been a more delectable battlefield than this. Deliberately, his tongue moved down to replace the fingers, which moved back into the luscious wetness of her. The muskiness of her filled his senses, as he licked and probed.

On impulse he drew his head back from the exciting operation, and, placing a hand on either upper thigh, he parted her labia with his thumbs, opening her like some ripe fruit. What lay before him was more the delicate pink of layered rose petals. Delectable. In these few hours he felt he had experienced a complete lesson in the geography of a woman’s body. Readily he returned to the task in hand. But, how ready was he?

Paula was in a high state of rapture. Nowhere near exploding, not wanting to explode. Just wanting all the sensations that coursed through her lower body to go on and on. His body had shuffled round and she found she could reach out a hand, touch his belly and slide down to find his penis. Oh, yes, it was growing—he was amazing. She gripped the organ and pulled at it, feeling it grow in her hand.

Her hand had clearly done the trick. Had confirmed that at least he was ready. He sucked on her clitoris and his fingers went into action on something he had been close to earlier. His index finger explored her vaginal opening, and he spread his fingers so that his middle finger, found and circled her anus. Last step, he told himself. Didn’t want her to be driven too far, but, as his index finger continued its probing, he pushed his middle finger into the tightness of her anus. For a brief ten seconds or so he thrust both fingers back and forth, enjoying the way Paula stiffened and groaned.

Paula couldn’t believe the trembling that his fingers brought on. Her whole body was his in whatever way he wanted. The invasion of her anus was surprisingly rousing. Her breath was coming in little gasps, and her earlier confidence that she wasn’t near exploding was fading.

At that moment, Eric removed his fingers and lips from her femininity, and he had turned to roll between her thighs, so that Paula had to release his fully erect penis, which was suddenly thrust at her entrance..

Perfect timing, Eric told himself. His penis was in a good state, and Paula was clearly ready for it. Looking into those lovely eyes, a smile on his face, he whispered, “Thank you for letting me lead.” And plunged his penis into the now familiar deepness of her. Oh, how deep and welcoming she felt. Her vagina was a series of clawing rings, accepting his plunge.

Paula had been just a little disappointed when Eric’s intimate caresses had stopped, but now she was able to read his intention. Suddenly she was a lift shaft taking this full solid penetration, the wonder of his penis inside her. She raised her hips to meet him as he began to hump at her with increasing pace. Her whole being was becoming a mass of tingling nerve ends.

This was the conclusion Eric had intended. Treating her with pure coitus. Nothing else but the thrust of him and the pull of her. So in charge now, he was able to tease, and he allowed his penis to fall back towards her entrance.

No, no, no. Paula couldn’t believe that he had gone. Rising on a great head of steam, she had felt no desperate pulsing from him, yet he was slowly coming out. Then, even as she despaired, the solid length of him was tearing up into her once more, the head hitting against her cervix. The thrill of that followed by just two more mutual thrusts, and she was being lifted out of herself. Heat spread like a wildfire from where they were joined together, to her lower limbs, up and everywhere. She heard herself scream out at the force of the orgasm. It had never been like this. She squealed again as Eric continued to heave back and forth into her, until every nerve end in her body was sending out flashes to the surface of her skin.

Hearing those sounds from her, drove Eric on. The exultation of knowing he had driven her to such heights was only shaded by the fact that they hadn’t come at the same time. But, oh, it was close. It was so close. One easing back and a final mighty push deep to the heart of her and he felt the release, the gush, not a massive deluge, but enough to have him grunting madly, but delighting to hear her give an extra squawking gurgle.

Lying side by side, they gradually came down from their high. She turned her perspiring face to him and said, “That was a wonderful farewell gift.”

Her words lifted him, but instantly came the depression of what those words inferred. He was going to have to leave. Home in time for evening dinner with his mother. Like a nervous schoolboy. Looking at Paula’s face he could tell by the pull on the corners of her mouth that her thoughts were dealing with the same unavoidable conclusion.

They lay for a while, kissing gently, and then she said, “One last shower–you can’t go in that state.”

Minutes later they were standing in that familiar cascade of water. Paula picked up a sponge, soaped it and rubbed it over his flaccid genitalia. No, she needed to be closer to him than that, and she cast the sponge aside and caressed the soap into the limpness of him with her hands. Not something she would have done for any man. But his softness was a tribute to what they had accomplished. She bent to give her final gesture of gratitude. .

For an unsettling moment Eric had thought she was trying to arouse him again. Yet the soaping and the touch of her hands on him made him so thankful. And as the water washed the soap away, and she bent to kiss him quickly on the penis, Eric felt such a warmth towards her, so that when she stood he kissed her deeply.

A few minutes later she stood watching him climbing into his pants, the sadness pressed in against her. “I’d better go and put something on.”

“No,” Eric said. “Would you do me a favour and wear the same dress. That’s how I first saw you.”

Paula had no objections, loving his reasons. All too soon they were at the front door, where Eric held her at arms length, and let his eyes wander up and down the shapeliness of her in that dress.

Paula leaned in, kissed him and expressed something that had been playing in her mind, “I’ve thought that we could exchange phone numbers, but, Eric, I think it would only add to any frustrations.”

Eric was about to object since it seemed like a good idea. Then as he thought about it, he realised that she was right. Just talking would have been such remote contact from what they had experienced together.

Paula squeezed his body close, “Go out. Get your degree and become a great writer. Then find yourself a good loving lady.”

Despite the heaviness inside him, he gave a light laugh as he said, “She will have a lot to live up to.”

As she opened the door she asked, “Will you talk about this?”

He chuckled despite his sadness, ” Who on earth is going to believe me?”

In spite of herself she laughed, kissed him, and he stepped away

Eric’s eyes were fixed on her as she stood there on the porch. This was where it had all started. That tight yellow dress with nothing underneath. He sighed, and turned away.

“Be happy, Eric. I’ll never forget you.”

He turned back, “Think I’ll ever forget this day?” And to ease the ache inside him he added, “Maybe the fates have a plan that out paths will cross someday”

“That’s something to hope for,” Paula replied, but her heart telling her how unlikely that was, caused her eyes to moisten.

“I’ll be looking for your books, Sienna.” He saw her wipe at her cheek, and then he turned away, deliberately ignored the heaving urge to rush back into her arms. One glance back, a wave towards that adored figure in yellow, before the hedging blocked her out.

When he called her Sienna, Paula felt tears start, and run on her cheeks. This one, all too brief, episode was over. Yet it was stored so large inside her. She wiped away the tears again, as he disappeared from sight. She turned back into the house, slammed the door behind her, stood in the hallway facing the staircase, held her arms in the air and yelled, “You’re out of me, out of this place, out of my mind, Brian, you Bastard!”

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