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My Wife’s Best Friend

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Beth had been a good friend of ours ever since we had moved out to sunny Santa Monica two years earlier. My wife had met her at work when they were both receptionists at a mail order company. She and her husband Steve had often came over for dinner or met us for a movie. I had never cared for Steve as he was self-absorbed and bitter.

The last time we had seen Beth was just before she filed for divorce and she had been pretty broken up.

“That was Beth,” Sarah said as she hung up the phone. “She’ll be here about six.”

“How’s she doing?” I asked.

“Pretty good, considering. I think she’s on the mend.” Sarah moved about the table laying out placemats and setting two candles in the middle. I watched as she moved nimbly around the room. She wore a long straight dress that she knew I liked. It hugged her body and extenuated her tall form and curves. My wife is tall, 5’8″, with full C-cup breasts and large thick nipples that crinkle up like pursed lips when she’s turned on. Just thinking about it had my cock twitching.

“What’s the plan?” I asked, less because I was curious, than because it gave me something to do while I stared at her hungrily.

“Hum? Oh, just dinner I guess,” she said, brushing back a long strand of dark hair and trapping it behind her ear. “Then I figured we’d have a drink and just talk a bit. I think Beth is lonely. Since she left Steve she hasn’t really been out much. She’ll probably need to open up a bit.”

“Hmmm,” I said, still watching her. The dress was a dark shade of blue, but very thin and I could see the cheeks of her ass lift and fall as she strode into the kitchen for dishes and glasses. Although she’s tall and trim, she has a full ass set to match her large breasts. I like nothing better than to watch her cheeks lift and fall as she walks. I moved up to her; she was just lighting a match for the candles. I ran one hand lightly up her back and then reached around in front of her to cup her breast. She shivered under me. I found her nipple and gently pinched it. My cock stiffened slightly as I felt her nipple harden and the skin of her areola wrinkle in response. I could feel it easily through her thin bra.

“Tom! Stop it. Beth will be here in half an hour!”

“We’ve been quicker than that before,” I laughed.

She smiled in return and expertly extracted herself from my embrace. “Now, go do something useful. Go out and bring in a load of wood for the fireplace. I think a fire might be nice after dinner.” I grinned, but moved obediently toward the patio where we kept a stack of wood for the small fireplace in the living room.

I was sitting on the patio a little after six when I heard the doorbell and then Sarah’s exclamation of delight as she opened the door. “Tom!” She called from the front door. “Beth’s here. Come give her a hug!” I stubbed out the cigarette and moved back into the house. Sarah had just pulled Beth into the house and closed the door. “Steve doesn’t know what he’s lost,” I thought as I took in the petite figure of my wife’s best friend. Beth looked even better than I remembered. She’s small, easily no more than 5’2″, and looking even shorter beside my tall wife. But she had breasts even larger than my wife’s and an ass that curved enticingly. Short, curly brown hair framed her face as she held out her arms toward me.

I grinned. Nothing would please me more than being squeezed against those luscious melons. I gave her a tight hug and then held her at arms length as I gave her an appraising look. She was wearing a tight spaghetti strap top and a knee-length skirt. “You look great!” I said, meaning it.

“I’ve been working out. Since Steve left, I can’t stand to just sit at home all the time, but I haven’t really felt like going out and being around people, you know. Working out gives me an excuse to get out of the house without really requiring me to talk to anybody.” She looked at Sarah and me. “You guys look great too.”

“Well,” Sarah laughed, “it’s not because we’ve been working out. At least,” she winked at me, “not with weights. Come on. Dinner’s ready.”

Dinner was a nice affair. Sarah had prepared her specialty: spaghetti and meat sauce. It wasn’t anything fancy, but no one complained. We had broken out a bottle of our better red wine, and by the end of dinner we had all had a couple of glasses. Then we retired to the living room.

The girls sat on the couch and gossiped about work. I set to lighting a fire and then got the bottle of wine and refilled our glasses. Then I sat down cross-legged in front of the fire and quietly sipped my wine.

The fire felt nice against my back and the wine was giving me a pleasant buzzing in my head. I watched the girls, only giving half an ear to what they were saying. As I sat there I found myself watching Beth and my wife. They were both beautiful women. I watched Beth’s breasts rise and fall with each breath. I could see the dark outline of her nipples against the thin white top she wore. Unable to help myself, I began imagining them bare and heaving, shiny with sweat. I felt my groin tighten at the image and I blinked and took a quick sip of my wine.

While my wife wore a dress that reached down almost to her ankles, Beth’s skirt was barely knee length and had risen even higher when she sat down. I found that if I leaned just a little to my left I could see between her golden thighs and catch a shiny glimpse of the white cotton panties covering her pubic mound.

“You know,” said Sarah suddenly, awakening me from my stupor, “I’d really like some pot.”

“Huh?” I said.

“Don’t you still have some weed tucked away somewhere, honey?”

Sarah and I occasionally enjoyed a smoke before sex. We’d usually smoke a little while watching a sexy movie, before moving on to the main event. I still had a stash hidden in a trunk upstairs. “You sure?” I said, looking from Sarah to Beth. Beth nodded. She was slightly drunk. I could tell by the glazed look in her eyes.

Adjusting myself as unobtrusively as I could so my erection wouldn’t be quite so obvious when I stood, I got up and headed up the stairs to our bedroom. I rolled us each a joint and head back to the living room. Sarah was refilling our glasses with the last of the wine as I handed out the small wrapped packages.

Beth took the lighter Sarah handed her and puffed to light the joint. Then Sarah lit up and handed the lighter to me. I settled myself back by the fire and took a deep inhalation, held it, and exhaled with a sigh. Pot has always had an almost sexual affect on me, and I could feel the heat in my groin after the first breath.

Beth let out a cloud of smoke in a cough that quickly turned into a fit of giggling, tears streaming down her face.

“Ah, it’s been so long! Not since college.” She laughed, pulling her knees up as she coughed again. As her knees came up I found I had a perfect view between her legs. I thought I could even see the dark crinkles of her pubic hair pressed against her white panties.

We sat and puffed contentedly for a few minutes. The girls started telling crude jokes and giggling uncontrollably. I loved it. Every time they laughed I could see their tits jiggle and nipples press against the cloth of their tops.

“God,” said Beth, “Pot always makes me so horny.” She giggled. “I can’t believe I just said that! Do you know I haven’t had a good fuck since I left Steven three months ago?”

“That long?” laughed Sarah. “Geez, Tom fucked me last night and already I’m feeling deprived!”

I blushed. Pot always had the effect of making Sarah completely uninhibited, but I never imagined she would act this way in front of someone else! Even worse I could feel my own hormones start to bubble and I couldn’t keep my eyes off the girls’ jiggling breasts and Beth’s smooth legs.

“This is too much,” said Beth. “I need some satisfaction!” I held my breath. This couldn’t be happening.

“Let’s watch a video,” Beth said suddenly.

A video? I thought, disappointed. After all that she wants to watch a video?

My wife seemed just as surprised. “A video?”

“Yeah, a video. A sexy video. Come on, I know you guys have some.”

“Oh,” Sarah said, realization dawning on her face. “One of ‘those’ videos.”

“Yeah,” said Beth, taking another deep drag on her joint. “Come on, it’ll be fun.”

Sarah looked at me. I shrugged. Sounded good to me. “I’ll make us a couple more smokes. You pick a movie.”

Sarah and Beth got up and went to the closet to pull out the box where we hid “those” videos. I headed back upstairs to roll a couple more joints. My dick was rock hard. I had no idea what was going on, but I wasn’t about to stop and think about it. I had never seen my wife so daring. Even in front of me she had always been rather conservative. And now, in front of someone else! Grabbing up the three new joints I raced back to join the girls.

They were both lounging on the couch. On the television screen a scene was playing out already. They hadn’t wasted any time. They had picked one of the new DVD’s we’d recently ordered and had chosen one of my favorite scenes. On the screen a man lounged on a couch as two beautiful girls peeled down his briefs, slowly licking up the insides of his thighs. Soon they had his underwear around his ankles. One of the girls, a brunette with small, pert breasts, took hold of his large cock in her hand. She slowly stroked it with one hand. Her other hand fondled his balls while the man breathed heavily through his mouth with a look of ecstasy on his face.

“Look at his cock,” Beth said huskily. “It’s huge.”

“Yeah,” said my wife, her eyes glued to the screen.

I handed out the joints and took my place back by the fire. It needed another log, so I threw two more on. I didn’t want to be bothered with it again for a while.

The girls lit up their smokes and puffed silently for a while. In the video, the brunette was slowly sucking the guy’s long cock. She licked the glistening head and then took it into her mouth a little at a time. The man groaned. Encouraged, the girl took more of it into her mouth. As always, I looked with amazement as the girl slowly took the man’s 8-incher all the way down her throat.

I turned from the screen when I heard Beth groan. In one hand she still held the joint, but her other hand was massaging her tits with hard, urgent movements. I watched as her fingers found a nipple and slowly rubbed it with circular motions. Then she pinched the nipple, twisting it between forefinger and thumb until it was standing up clearly against the thin fabric.

I glanced at my wife and felt my cock grow even harder. She had pulled her dress up and had pushed it into the crevice between her legs. Her fingers blurred as she rubbed her cunt through the thin material of the dress.

“Ah, she’s so wet!” exclaimed Sarah, and I glanced back at the screen to see the man had shifted his position and was spreading the brunette’s ass with the palms of his hands. The camera pulled in for a close-up as the man darted his tongue in and out of her dripping pussy.

The other girl in the video, a blond with large breasts and a completely shaved pussy, sat to one side and frigged her clit with two fingers.

I glanced back at the girls just in time to see Beth scoot forward slightly on the couch as she hiked her skirt up around her hips and, spreading her legs, began rubbing her fingers against the front of her panties. I could see a wet spot forming on the material between her thighs.

Suddenly Beth looked right at me. “Tom, why don’t you come up here and join us?”

I looked at Sarah, and she smiled and nodded. I noticed she had her dress pulled up around her waist and her hand was hidden from view beneath the black satin panties she wore. I slowly got up from my place at the fire.

“You looked like you’re about to burst a seam, dear,” my wife said, pointing at the raging hard on I had forgotten to reposition when I stood up.

“He looks huge,” commented Beth, eyeing my crotch. “Bring that over here before I have to go get it myself.”

I felt like I was drifting through a dream. I don’t know if it was marijuana, or just the situation I was in, but it felt completely unreal. I walked over to the couch and sat between the two girls. Sarah reached up the hand she had just had down her panties and trailed her fingers across my lips and under my nose. I could smell her strong, musky scent. Her fingers were wet with her juices and I opened my mouth to suck them in. She tasted wonderful.

I reached over and squeezed her breasts. She moaned. We had finished smoking so we all had both hands free now. It was just as well, since I had a feeling I was going to need them. I felt Sarah’s hard nipples through the smooth cloth of her dress. She had both her hands back in her lap and I saw that she had pulled her panties aside and was slipping two fingers deep into her cunt, frigging her clit with her thumb. Her eyes had moved back to the screen and I turned slightly to see what the action was.

The well hung stud had mounted the brunette from behind and was driving his cock deep into her pussy. As I watched, the blond crawled up between his legs and began licking the other girl’s stiff clit, occasionally running her tongue along the man’s shaft as it slid into her friend.

“His cock looks good slamming into her tight cunt, doesn’t it honey?” I whispered into her ear, tickling the tender side of her neck with my hot breath.

“Yes,” she breathed, pushing her fingers deep into her cunt. “His cock looks so good fucking her. I bet that feels so good!”

“And look at the other girl licking her clit while he fucks her.”

“Hmmmm,” she groaned.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you sweetie? Having some girl flicking her tongue against your sensitive clit while I fucked you? Wouldn’t you like that?”

“Yes, oh yes! That would feel so good!”

I unbuttoned the front of her dress, exposing her lacey bra. It was one of those made entirely of lacey, see-through material, so I could see the dark pink of her nipples jutting out against the material.

As I rubbed her hardened nipples through the lace I felt fingers tugging at the button to my pants. I glanced down and was surprised to see Beth had already slipped the button free and was drawing down my fly. I had almost forgotten about her in the rapture of the titillating conversation with my wife. But I couldn’t forget her now. Sometime since I had sat down she had pulled her shirt over her head and unsnapped her bra. The bra hung from one shoulder as if she’d been in too much of a hurry to pull it all the way off. But it was her gorgeous tits that held my gaze. Bent down as she was, tugging at my trousers, her breasts had fallen forward until they were cradled between her arms. Sweat shone on the smooth skin and I could see a drop glisten on the tip on one dark nipple.

I was so enraptured by those luscious globes that I didn’t notice she had freed my cock until I felt the warmth of her hand encircle the base. I gasped. I looked at Sarah and saw her eyes staring hungrily at my freed member as Beth slowly stroked it up and down. My wife raised her head and kissed me, pushing her tongue urgently into my mouth. I shuddered from the dual pleasure of my wife’s passionate kiss and the excitement of her best friend stroking my cock.

“You want her, don’t you Tom?” Sarah said, pulling back slightly and grinning at me wickedly.

“I -”

“It’s okay. Did you think I didn’t know what we were getting into when I suggested you go get some weed?” She smiled again. “All Beth has been talking about for the last week is how badly she needs a hard cock. So I gave in and invited her over. You don’t mind, do you sweetheart?”

Before I could answer, I felt Beth engulf me in her hot mouth. I grunted and closed my eyes. “Oh, God,” I said.

“And guess what?” Sarah said, leaning close and whispering in my ear. “She likes it in the ass, Tom. She wants you to fuck her hard in the ass!”

I almost came right then. I had always wanted to fuck Sarah in the ass, but the few times we had tried had been unsuccessful. Now here she was encouraging me to do just that to her best friend! I slipped my right hand down Beth’s back until I reached her ass. I squeezed her cheek, exhilarating in their firmness, and then slid my hand down beneath the band of her panties and into her crack. I felt her wetness long before I reached the opening to her pussy. Since she was leaning forward in order to suck my cock, her ass was lifted slightly off the couch, giving me just enough room to slide one finger into her sopping wet cunt. She groaned against my shaft when I entered her with one finger and began to slowly finger-fuck her.

When my finger was slick from her juices, I shifted my hand slightly until I could feel her tight anus against my fingertips. I rubbed it hesitantly, then harder as I heard her moan around my cock. I felt one of her hands leave my shaft and I knew she was slipping it down between her legs to rub her pussy.

That turned me on so intensely that I had to clamp my teeth together to keep from filling her mouth with my hot sperm. I increased my pressure on her anus until I felt one of my fingers slip inside. She squealed and pulled off my cock.

“Oh, God! That feels so good. Fuck my ass!”

I was dimly aware of Sarah shifting position to take Beth’s place on my cock. Beth was still leaning forward, her head in my lap so that I had access to her incredibly hot ass.

Suddenly I felt an extra tightness around my finger and I knew Beth was close to orgasm. I glided another finger into her ass as she cried out in rapture and collapsed into me. She shuddered as I removed first one finger and then the other from her. My cock was starting to spasm as Sarah continued her administrations and I knew I was going to cum soon.

Sarah must have realized the same thing and suddenly slowed her assault. She turned her face toward me.

“Do you want to fuck her ass, Tom? Hmm, would you?”

I nodded. Beth stood up and slid her dress and panties off and tossed them on the end of the couch with her bra. She gripped my cock in her hand and grinned at me. “I want you to cum in my ass, Tom. I want to feel your cum leaking out of my ass and dripping over my pussy.”

Beth got up on her knees on the couch and raised her ass in the air. I could see the fine hairs glistening around her anus from the cum that had soaked her crotch after her recent orgasm. From her position, her ass cheeks were naturally spread wide and the puffy lips of her sopping pussy peeked out from between her thighs. I got down behind her and slowly licked up one shiny thigh, tasting her cum where it had leaked down her legs. I traced her pussy with my tongue until I got to the dripping opening. I sucked the juices from it and I had never tasted anything so wonderful.

“Lick my ass,” Beth said hungrily.

How could I not comply? I ran my tongue up between her cheeks until I felt her puckered anus under the tip of my tongue. She groaned again and pushed her ass against my face. I fucked her ass with my tongue, knowing in a few moments it would be my cock fucking her, opening her up, shooting streams of cum into her ass.

Sensing she was ready, I stood up on my knees, rubbing my cock in the crack of her ass. Her cheeks hugged me and I had to breathe deeply to calm my racing heart. I wanted this to last.

I wanted to fuck her ass. I could barely wait. But first I positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy and slowly slid my length into her wet opening. She was so incredibly hot! I looked down and saw Sarah sitting a few feet in front of Beth, leaning back against the arm of the couch. She had her legs spread wide and was furiously rubbing her clit as she watched us.

After a few more strokes, I slipped myself out of Beth’s dripping snatch and positioned it at the opening to her ass. This was the moment I had been waiting for. Her ass seemed so tight that I didn’t see how my cock could possible fit inside. I pressed the head against her opening and slowly increased pressure. Hesitantly, almost unnoticeable at first, I felt my cock slide into her. The head of my cock slipped past the first sphincter muscle and I was engulfed in a world of heat and tightness. It felt as though her ass was sucking me in and would never let go. I pushed my full length into her and she gasped with pleasure. I had never felt anything so powerful before.

Sarah was watching me with an expression of rapt attention on her face. Her mouth hung open and she breathed in deep, gasping breaths. In her excitement she had slipped lower on the couch and now her pussy was almost rubbing against Beth’s forehead where she lay against the cushion. Beth must have sensed something at the same time because she raised her head slightly and looked straight into my wife’s soaked crevice. I almost shot my load as Beth lifted her head further and I watched as her tongue reached out. It was as if the world has slowed down. I could see Beth’s tongue, wet with her saliva, move toward my wife’s dripping pussy; I could feel Beth’s tight ass gripping my cock as I rode her. I will never forget that image of Beth’s pink tongue gliding toward my wife’s pink slit, dripping with her juices.

Then Sarah cried out as Beth made contact. Suddenly the world speeded up. Beth’s face was buried in my wife’s cunt. Sarah gasped again. Her head was thrown back, eyes closed and mouth slightly open. Then she began to breathe faster and I could tell she was approaching orgasm. She gripped the edge of the couch with one hand so tightly her knuckles turned white. Her other hand massaged her breasts, pulling and tugging on her thick, pink nipples. Suddenly she cried out again and grabbed Beth’s head with both hands, pushing her face into her streaming cunt. She was cumming.

The feel of Beth’s tight ass around my cock as I pushed in and out, and the sight of my wife cumming, sweat dripping between her heaving breasts and her best friend nestled between her thighs was too much for me. I lost control.

Beth gasped as my hot cum exploded into her ass. I had never cum so much in my life. I shot and shot. Chills ran up my body and I felt goose bumps sprout along my skin. My whole body shook.

With one last thrust into her ass, I regretfully extracted my spent cock. Beth sighed from her place between Sarah’s thighs. She smiled at me. “Thanks,” she said. “I think I’m feeling better now.”

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