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My cell phone buzzed, making me jump. My first thought was that Megan was calling me, calling me to apologize, calling to ask me to forgive her. Forgive her for screwing me over and kicking me to the curb like a dog.

I’d been dozing in the old, worn recliner in my darkened living room. The TV was on, and the baseball game I’d been watching was over now.

Long since over, judging by the late-night used car commercial that was on and the darkness outside. I checked my watch. Twelve-thirty AM. Last time I’d checked, it had been nine.

Shit, I thought, and looked around me at the empty beer cans scattered around my chair. I’d killed off a couple of six packs of Milwaukee’s Best, and my mouth tasted like a toxic waste dump. I also had to take a leak. Badly.

I worked the recliner’s lever as my phone buzzed again. It was on vibrate, sitting on the metal TV tray next to the chair along with the remains of the Hungry Man microwave dinner I’d eaten while watching the first inning. My feet dropped and the chair back pushed me upright. My head was swimming. I realized I was probably drunk, or damn near.

The thought that it was Megan calling became a near-certainty, through some kind of weird alcohol-induced magic. Shit, I thought, I’m going to rip that bitch a new asshole for what she did. She’ll wish she’d never heard of me.

I grabbed for the phone, missed, and grabbed again. Success. It buzzed again in my hand. I looked at the number – a local area code, but not a number I recognized. Not Megan’s number. Disappointment flooded through me, but I stabbed at the “answer” button on the screen anyway.

“Yeah, hello?” I said. My voice was raspy. I coughed.

“Hello,” said a woman’s voice. It made me sit up and pay attention. The voice was low, smooth as silk, and sexy as hell.

“Is this Ryan Fendelman?”

“Yeah, this is Ryan. Who’s this?”

“My name is Vivian,” the woman replied. “You don’t know me, but I hope to change that soon.”

That throaty voice penetrated my beer-fogged brain like a bright flashlight beam. For some reason, it made me think of dark chocolate drizzled over rich cappuccino. And damned if it wasn’t turning me on a little, too.

“Are you there, Ryan?”

“Yeah,” I said. “I’m here. What are you talking about? Who are you?”

“Vivian Vanderbilt,” she said, and even in my half-drunken state I thought, Right, sure it is, and mine’s Elvis Presley. But I didn’t feel like calling her out on it. I was too tired.

“That’s a nice name,” I heard myself say, and instantly felt like an asshole.

But “Vivian,” or whatever her name was, just laughed. It was a husky, chuckling sound. It was the sexiest laugh I’d ever heard. My cock suddenly shifted in my boxer shorts. Fuck me, I thought. Who IS this chick?

“That’s sweet, Ryan. YOU’RE sweet. But let me tell you a little more about myself. I’m a professional dominatrix.”

I blinked, not sure I’d heard her right.

“Uh, what did you say?”

That laugh again. “I’m a professional dominatrix, Ryan. I abuse men, and sometimes women, for money. Does that shock you?”

“No,” I said, lying through my teeth.

“It’s okay, I don’t bite,” she said, as if I’d said yes.

I shook my head, trying to clear the fog. “What are you calling me for, Vivian, or whatever your name is?”

“We have a mutual acquaintance, Ryan, she said. “Megan Lafollette? Does that name ring any bells?”

I almost dropped the phone.

“How the hell do you know Megan?” I said, suddenly angry. “Is this some kind of bullshit joke? You’re one of her slutty lesbo friends, aren’t you? Don’t fuck with me!”

Vivian spoke again, unruffled. Her voice was as silky as when I’d first answered the phone.

“No, Ryan, it’s nothing like that. In fact, just the opposite.”

I waited for her to go on, still certain that this WAS one of her lesbian pals, maybe the very one she’d been cheating on me with. But there was silence.

“Well?” I snapped. “Are you going to explain what that means?”

“It means that I know Megan very well, and have for a while now, and I know what she did to you. I know about the cheating, Ryan. And I want to help you get even with the slutty little whore.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?!”

“Calm down.” The iron tone of command in her voice startled me. She had switched from silky smooth to dominating bitch in seconds. Without thinking, I obeyed, taking a deep breath.

“Better,” she said. “Did you know Megan is into bondage, Ryan? I’m going to guess that you didn’t. BDSM, ropes, whips, handcuffs, all of it. She’s quite the naughty little thing.” She chuckled again, liquid dark chocolate issuing from my phone. My cock was definitely coming to attention now.

“How do I know you even know her?” I said. “How do I know that?”

“Well, how about this: she has a small tattoo of a pair of lips on one ass cheek, and a Playboy bunny on the other. Does that satisfy you?”

She was right. Megan did have those tattoos, in those exact places. Not only did this woman know Megan, she had seen her naked.

“So, you still might be one of her girlfriends,” I said. “Trying to mess with my head.”

“That’s true, Ryan, and there’s no way for me to prove I’m not. But I think you’re interested in what I have to say. Interested enough to keep talking, anyway. Am I right?”

I couldn’t deny that I was curious now. It didn’t hurt that her voice was turning me on so much, either.

“Yeah, I’ll listen. But how did you get my number, if you’re not one of those sluts she hangs around with?”

“You’ll understand, if you hear me out. Now, I said I called you because I want to offer you a chance to get even with the slutty whore who cheated on you. You’ll never have a better chance than this, Ryan. I guarantee it.”

She paused, and I heard noises in the background. They sounded like muffled thumps, as if someone were moving furniture around.

When she spoke again, it wasn’t to me, but to someone there with her. Her voice sounded more distant, as if she were facing away from the phone.

“Stop moving, slut! If you do that again, I’ll put the nipple clamps back on!”

What the hell? I thought.

“My apologies, Ryan. Megan is here with me now, and she’s…misbehaving.” Another chuckle. “Anyway, another thing you probably don’t know about your ex is that she is a submissive. That means-”

“I know what it means,” I said. “She’s there? Prove it. Put her on the phone.”

“Of course. She’s restrained right now, so I’ll bring the phone to her.”

I heard the sound of heels clicking on a hard floor. Then Vivian spoke again.

“I’m going to remove your gag for a moment, whore. Your ex-boyfriend is on the phone, and he’d like some kind of proof that you’re actually here.”

I heard muffled grunts, the sound of a catch being unfastened, and heavy breathing.

Then Megan’s voice spoke, and there was no mistaking it: a high-pitched little-girl voice, what I thought of as the Bimbo Barbie voice.

“Mistress, may I speak?” she said.

“Yes, my little pain slut, you may speak,” answered Vivian. “Talk to Ryan. Tell him what a filthy little submissive slut you are.”

Megan’s voice again, much closer to the phone, right in my ear. “I’m a filthy little submissive slut.”

Holy shit, I thought. That’s my ex-girlfriend on the other end of the line, saying shit about herself.

“Again, louder,” said Vivian sharply, in the background.

“I’m a filthy little submissive slut!” said Megan, loud enough to make me hold the phone away from my ear. But damned if I wasn’t enjoying this! The bitch that had cheated on me with a woman, had been seeing a dominatrix behind my back, and had dumped me, was degrading herself right here over the phone. I suddenly noticed that my cock was more than shifting in my pants now; it was fucking rock hard. My balls felt swollen, and there was a faint ache starting deep in my groin.

I smiled wickedly to myself, and said “Yeah, that’s exactly what you are, you cheating bitch. You fucked me over. I hope that Vivian chick is going to punish you good.”

After a moment, Vivian came back on.

“Megan has been my sub for almost six months now. I had no idea she had a boyfriend until I discovered your phone number in her contacts list. If I had known, I would have refused to take her on. I don’t commit to a long-term relationship with a sub if I know they are committed to someone else.”

That explained how she got my phone number.

“Well, that’s very ethical of you,” I said, wanting to sound snarky, but my voice sounded a little shaky in my own ears.

“Yes, I like to think so,” said Vivian seriously. “When I discovered her relationship with you, or rather when I forced her to confess to it, I demanded that she either break it off at once, or stop coming to me. I made her choose.”

“And she chose you,” I said gloomily.

“Yes. But it was her choice. I didn’t coerce her one way or the other. And she’s under no illusions about the need for her to be punished severely for not sharing this important detail of her life with me.”

“Punished? How?”

“Just a minute.”

I heard the click of heels again, and she came back on a minute later.

“I went to another room. I don’t want Megan to hear this. Her punishment is for you to have your way with her, while she is restrained and completely helpless.” She paused, letting that sink in. “And, she will be blindfolded, so she won’t know it’s you unless you choose to reveal your identity.”

Oh, fuck me. My dick throbbed now. The thought of fucking Megan, or making her blow me, or doing any number of other things to her while she was tied up almost made me cream my jeans.

Vivian continued. “Megan will think you’re a complete stranger, brought in to use her for his own pleasure as part of her sub training. That last part is true, by the way. If you take me up on my offer, it will kill two birds with one stone. You’ll have your revenge, and I’ll be able to put her through an important stage of her training program.”

Training program, I thought. She takes this shit seriously.

I was silent for almost a minute.

“Ryan? Are you interested?” Vivian said.

“Fuck, yes, I’m interested.”

“Good! Can you come now?”

“Yeah.” I didn’t give a shit about the beer buzz; it was nearly gone now, anyway.

She gave me the address of what she called her “studio,” and told me to be there in an hour.

The address was in the industrial part of town, in a block of warehouses that seemed to stretch for miles. After some searching I finally found the right building. It was completely nondescript – no business name on the door, no signs out front, no indication that it was occupied at all.

What did you expect, I thought, a big neon sign with “dominatrix” in flashing letters?

The parking lot was nearly deserted except for a black Lexus with a vanity plate that read “whpu.” It took me a minute to realize it read “whip you.” I wondered why she hadn’t spelled “whip u,” and decided the Bureau of Motor Vehicles probably wouldn’t allow something that blatant. Clever, I thought.

I parked next to the Lexus, killed the engine, got out, and locked the car, making sure the anti-theft system was on. Then I walked to the glass door with the address Vivian had given me printed on it. It was dark inside, but by the orange light of the parking lot’s sodium arc lamps I could make out a small, disused reception office with a dusty battered desk and a broken chair. At the back of the office was a windowless door. Faint light shone from underneath it.

There was a doorbell, and I pushed the button, keeping it depressed for a good ten seconds. I didn’t hear anything from inside the building. The inner door didn’t open. I waited a bit, then hit the doorbell again. Still nothing. There was silence except for the faint buzz of the parking lot lights. I banged on the glass door, hard enough to make it rattle in its frame.

“Hey, I’m here!” I shouted. I tried the doorbell again. Nothing.

After waiting another minute or so, I muttered “Fuck this,” and turned to go back to my car. The whole goddamned thing had been a fucking joke after all. That bitch and her lesbo friends…

Then I heard something behind me, and turned around.

An overhead fluorescent light had been turned on in the reception office, and the inner door was open. Standing just inside the glass outer door, smiling warmly, was a woman that could only have been Vivian.

I almost dropped my car keys. She was easily the sexiest person I’d ever seen. My first look at her gave me the impression of authority and seductiveness wrapped in a tight and toned package.

She was tall black woman, at least five-ten, and had a voluptuous figure that was emphasized by her outfit, which consisted of a black leather corset, tight black booty shorts, and knee-length black high-heeled patent leather boots. The corset placed her boobs, which were enormous, on full display. I was surprised her nipples weren’t showing, so much tit flesh was exposed. And her face – her face was beautiful, movie-star beautiful, with big, dark eyes; high cheekbones; full, sensual lips. She had long, straight, very dark hair that was pulled back from her face into a ponytail, which was draped over one shoulder and ended just below her boobs. Her skin was a dark cocoa brown. Her age was hard to guess, but from what I could see I pegged her as a late thirty-something.

She stood there in the flickering fluorescent light of the dingy reception office, smiling, hands on hips, one leg cocked to the side as if she were about to start tapping her foot with impatience. I realized she was waiting for me to come back to the door.

I suddenly realized I had been standing there literally with my mouth hanging open. I snapped it shut, and began walking toward the glass door. My heart was racing and my mouth was suddenly dry. It occurred to me that I was nervous as hell.

When I reached the door, she unlocked it and pushed it open to let me in. I stepped inside, and she immediately closed and relocked the door behind me.

“Ryan?” she asked. Her voice was much more seductive in person. For the second time that night, my cock began to stiffen just from hearing this woman speak.

“Uh…yeah, I’m Ryan,” I said through my dry mouth. “Vivian?”

“Yes, I’m Vivian Vanderbilt. I’m so glad you came.” She sounded sincere, and offered her hand. Her fingers were long and slender, with perfectly manicured nails.

I took her hand and shook it. Her grip was very firm, bordering on hard, not weak like so many other women I’d shaken with over the years. And she took my hand fully into hers, rather than pinching my palm between her thumb and fingers, another female handshake I hated.

I also noticed, now that I was closer to her, that my guess at her age had been low, probably by ten years at least. There were very fine lines around her eyes and on her forehead, and her dark hair had a few faint flecks of gray. But these features, and what they suggested about her age, didn’t lessen her sex appeal. It did the opposite: I was in the presence of a confident, mature, experienced older woman who obviously took good physical care of herself. The word “MILF” came to mind, but her commanding presence made her more than just a sexy older woman who liked fucking young guys. Maybe an über MILF, if there was such a thing.

“Well,” she said in a businesslike tone. “Shall we?” She gestured to the open inner door.

I nodded and stepped through. Vivian came through behind me and closed the door. I heard her latch it.

We were in the main warehouse space. It was one of the smaller units, but plenty big enough for her purposes, I guessed. It was outfitted as a dungeon, with crosses, racks, stocks, and other restraint devices that I couldn’t guess the names of. There was a head-spinning array of whips, floggers, canes, and the like; these were hung from racks attached to the walls around the room. There were also a number of cabinets and armoires with plenty of drawers. I guess those held the small items, like nipple clamps. It was hard to take it all in at once; my overall first impression of Vivian Vanderbilt’s “studio” was one of seeming chaos underlain by an organization that wasn’t immediately obvious.

“Do you like my little lair?” she said from behind me.

I nodded. “Yeah, pretty fucking amazing. It looks like you have everything here.”

She laughed, that throaty sound. “No, not everything. I’m always adding to my arsenal.”

She took me gently by the shoulders and turned me to face her. Our faces were only a foot apart. This close, I could smell some sort of faint, musky perfume that my cock apparently liked, because it stiffened a bit more. I could also see how beautiful her eyes really were. They were a deep brown that was nearly black.

She looked directly into my eyes, still holding my shoulders gently.

“Don’t you want to know where Megan is?” she asked softly, with a small, wicked smile.

I nodded. “Yeah.”

“I thought so.”

Vivian let go of me and went to a metal door in one wall. She swung it open. Behind the door, in a small and dimly-lit side room, blindfolded and bound tightly to a large padded black wheel, was Megan.

She was nude, blindfolded, and pinned spread-eagled to the wheel, her arms and legs stretched to their fullest and her wrists and ankles tightly pinned in place by big leather cuffs with heavy buckles. Leather straps were buckled tightly across her arms, legs, and torso; there was even a strap across her neck and another across her forehead. Her small, pert boobs, tipped with the sweet little cherry nipples I’d enjoyed sucking and playing with many times before the bitch had betrayed me, were completely exposed. From the red stripes across them I guessed Vivian had recently paid those tits some special attention. Megan’s nipples were currently in the grip of cruel-looking metal clamps. Thin chains extended from the clamps to the index finger of each hand. The chains were pulled very taught, stretching her nipples sideways, pulling the little buds into unnaturally long stems. I realized the purpose of the clamp and chain setup: if Megan moved her fingers, even a little bit, it would tug on the clamps and cause her even more pain. Her legs, spread very wide, left her pussy completely vulnerable, open to any kind of use or abuse. To complete the scene, there was a table beside her laid out with an assortment of whips, crops, canes, dildos, and other toys.

Megan was moaning softly when the door opened, but when she heard it, she started speaking.

“Mistress? Is that you? Mistress? God, these clamps really hurt, Mistress! Will you please taken them off? Please?”

She was whining. Vivian, who was standing just behind me, said “Shut your filthy little cocksucking mouth, slut. Just for speaking without permission, you’ll endure the clamps for an extra half hour.”

Megan groaned.

“I have the guest I promised you. He’s here with me now. His identity is not for you to know, unless he chooses to tell you. It may be someone you know. It could just as easily be a complete stranger.”

Vivian walked slowly into the room until she was directly in front of Megan, her big tits pressing into Megan’s small ones, making Megan groan again as the clamps shifted. Vivian kissed Megan deeply for several seconds, running her slender ebony fingers up and down Megan’s arms and tracing across her tits with manicured fingernails. I could hear Megan whining softly during the kiss, like a small animal trying to get to a delicious piece of food that’s just out of reach.

Finally Vivian broke the kiss, leaving Megan panting.

“Our guest has my permission to use your body for the evening in any way he chooses. You will not be able to stop him. You will not be able to protect yourself. You will not even be able to see him. He will have total mastery over you until the session is complete. Do you understand, slut?”

“Yes, mistress,” Megan said softly.

Vivian gave Megan a sharp slap across the face. Megan squealed.


“Yes, mistress, I understand!”

“Good. I will turn you over to our guest now. ”

Vivian turned away from Megan and walked back to me. I was still standing in the doorway. She patted me lightly on the cheek and whispered, “Enjoy.” Then she was gone, closing the door behind her. I was left alone in the small room with Megan.

By this time, my cock was rock-hard and pulsing heavily beneath my jeans, and my balls felt swollen with cum. My heart raced and my breath had become ragged. As I stared at Megan’s helpless form strapped to the wheel, and her clamped nipples, and her pussy spread wide open, I was tempted to strip naked and fuck the shit out of her right then and there. It would have been so easy; just bend a little at the knees, position my cockhead against her pussy lips, and thrust upward.

I managed to resist this impulse. I wanted to have fun with her, toy with her, make her feel the humiliation and helplessness I had felt when I found out she’d been sleeping around behind my back. With a woman, for Christ’s sake.

“Hello” said Megan timidly. “Are you there? Who are you?” She sounded scared. Good, I thought.

I didn’t speak, but made sure she was aware of my presence by walking slowly and deliberately closer to her. The floor was bare concrete, and my footsteps sounded loud in the small room. Megan tried to turn her head to figure out how close I was, but she couldn’t; the neck and forehead straps had her head immobilized. I stopped about five feet in front of her, and just stood there for a minute, then two, then three. Megan’s fear became more intense the longer I remained still.

“Hello?” Her voice was quavering now. “Hello? Sir? Please say something! Please! Who are you?”

I said nothing, but instead inspected the “toys” on the table. After some thought, I selected a thin, flexible plastic cane, about three feet long. I bent it back and forth in my hands, getting a feel for it, then swished it loudly through the air, very close to Megan’s face. She squealed with shock and surprise. I swished the cane again, this time past her right ear. Megan let out an incoherent cry of panic followed by a flood of words.

“Oh, God, please, sir, please, I’m begging you, please don’t cane me, please don’t, oh, fuck it hurts so bad when my mistress does it, oh, please, oh fuck…”

By this point my dick was oozing precum and was trying to burst out of my zipper. I dropped the cane and stripped the jeans off, and my boxer shorts. I was now naked from the waist down. My hard-on bobbed and twitched.

I retrieved the cane and swished it past Megan’s nose, missing it by an inch, maybe less. She gasped. Then, I changed things up; I began to tickle her lightly with the end of the cane, over her entire body: her hands, arms, face, breasts, her sore nipples, her stomach, her legs. When I tickled her hands they flexed involuntarily, pulling the nipple chains and clamps. The chains made a soft jingling sound. I finished by stroking the tip across the insides of her pussy lips, making her gasp.

Okay, I thought, time to get down to it.

I waited a few seconds, letting time draw out to heighten Megan’s apprehension. Then, I struck my first real blow with the cane. It was across her thighs, and it was hard. She screamed, trying to struggle against the unyielding restraints.

“Fuck!” she yelled. Her fingers convulsed again, pulling on her nipples.

After a few seconds, I smacked her again, this time across her midsection. She shrieked; the nipple chains jingled. I watched her stretched nipples bend deliciously.

“Oh, God, please say something!” she begged. For a moment I considered speaking, then decided to make her wait a little longer.

Slowly, deliberately, I walked back and forth in front of the wheel, making my footsteps loud, swishing the cane through the air. She tried to follow my movements but her head was too tightly restrained. I stroked the tip of the cane gently across one nipple. She moaned softly. Then, without warning, I flicked the cane hard across the other nipple.

“Ahhhh, God!” she screamed. “Please! Who are you? Tell me who you are!”

I was silent. I laid the cane back on the table quietly, and picked up a red leather flogger. It consisted of a short handle with a number of leather strips hanging from it. I positioned myself to Megan’s right, as quietly as I could, so she wouldn’t know where I was. Her breath was coming in short, panicky gasps now. Sweat trickled down her face and chest. I watched with fascination as a drop of sweat rolled down her right tit and perched on the end of one pinched and swollen nipple.

After taking careful aim, I swept the flogger hard across Megan’s boobs. There was a loud, wet smack. She cried out in shock and pain. I smacked her boobs again, and she screamed louder this time. Then I waited several long seconds, enjoying the way Megan’s panting became gasping, and listening to the low keening sound that had started in her throat. She probably wasn’t even aware she was making the noise, I thought.

I began to swing the flogger rapidly in a circle. With each swing, the ends of the leather strips kissed her tits and nipples with the same wet smacking noise my first blow had made. Her keening became louder, and turned into a continuous whine, interspersed with barely intelligible pleas for mercy. Her entire body jittered in the tight restraints. Her boobs jiggled. They began to turn bright red. The chains jingled and jangled, and I watched the clamps being pulled back and forth.

Finally, I relented. I dropped the flogger to the floor, where it landed with an audible thump. Megan’s breasts were swollen and her nipples were a fiery pink. She gasped for breath. Sweat poured freely down her body. Drops of it sprinkled the concrete floor beneath her.

“Oh, fuck, please, whoever you are, please say something!” Megan begged. “I can’t fucking stand it, you can do anything you want to me, just please say something!”

I stood back and observed her. Tight, toned, athletic body; long strawberry blonde hair, now dark with sweat; cute sorority-girl face with a spray of light freckles across the nose; perfectly even, white teeth; firm B-cup tits; long, sexy legs. She’d been quite a catch, I thought, the hottest chick at the coffee shop where we’d both worked. I remembered the first time we’d fucked: it had been on our second date, and had been in the back of a movie theater. We’d fucked hard and as silently as possible, both of us getting off the on the risk of getting caught. We hadn’t been, but the sex had been incredible. We’d made fucking in public places a regular thing. Now I knew that she got off on even kinkier stuff than public sex. I looked at her shaved pussy, and noticed a wetness there that was more than sweat.

Then I realized something else: my cock was hard as a fucking rock, and was oozing precum freely.

Well, shit, I thought. I guess Megan isn’t the only one who’s enjoying this.

I moved in very close to Megan. I could feel heat baking off of her taught, sweating body. Hair hung down across her blindfolded eyes.

“Are you there?” she said suddenly. “You’re right in front of me, aren’t you? Say something! Say something!” Her voice whined.

I slapped her across the face. She drew in a sharp gasp, and her neck and cheeks began to flush. My hand left a bright red mark. She whimpered softly.

Her nipples were practically begging for attention. Very lightly, I laid one hand onto the soft flesh of her right boob, and began to brush my thumb gently across the tip of the swollen little bud. Megan gasped again, and I thought that this time, it wasn’t entirely a gasp of surprise or pain. The pad of my thumb made slow circles, rubbing the puckered skin softly. Megan began to moan under her breath.

“Oooohhhh…,” she said softly. “Ohhhmmmmm…”

I placed my other hand over her left tit, and began to give that nipple the same treatment. Only about an eighth of an inch protruded out of the nipple clamp, and after rubbing it a few times, I flicked the tiny pink nub with one fingernail. This produced a small but satisfying cry from Megan. I flicked it again, and again, and again. Her tits jiggled and bounced as her body jerked with each little flash of pain.

After a few minutes of this, I decided it was time for her to know who was tormenting her. Releasing her tits, I put my mouth very close to her right ear.

“Do you know who I am, you cheating little lesbian slut?” I whispered.

Before she had a chance to respond, I yanked hard on the chains. The clamps popped off and clattered to the floor. Megan’s scream was loud enough to hurt my ears.

Then I grabbed the edge of the wheel and gave it a good heave. It was heavy as hell, but I put everything I had into it, and sent Megan spinning around and around. She moaned loudly. Her hair flew in all directions. Abruptly, I stopped the wheel with Megan upside down.

“Ryan?” she managed to gasp. “Ryan?”

“Yeah, it’s me, bitch.”

“What the fuck?” she said. “What the fuck? Why are you here?”

I didn’t answer.

“Ryan? How did you…?”

“Quiet,” I said, and made sure she obeyed by kneeling with her head upside down in my crotch, and shoving my sweaty balls against her mouth.

“Mmmmppphh!” she cried. The vibrations felt exquisite against my sensitive ball sack. “Mmmpphhhh!”

“Yeah?” I said, laughing. “Yeah? Keep talking, slut. It feels fucking great. How do those balls taste?”

I squirmed my balls tighter against her mouth, closed my knees against the sides of her head, and reached down and pinched her nose shut. Immediately she began to struggle, and I felt panicky gasping against my testicles. She sucked them involuntarily in and out of her mouth as she tried to pull air in.

“That’s right, baby, breathe my balls. Breathe my balls. You don’t need any air. Just breathe those big balls.”


Her hands were jerking open and closed in fast spasms. Her feet wriggled like trapped little animals.

I counted out fifteen more seconds, then released my grip on her nose. She sucked in a huge breath through her nostrils, making them flare out. I kept my balls pressed tightly against her mouth.

I allowed her twenty seconds of air, then pinched her nose shut again. Panic set in immediately. The suction of her mouth around my balls as she tried frantically to pull air in felt fucking amazing. My cock was throbbing and quivering.

I counted fifteen seconds again, then released her nose. I also moved my balls an inch or so away from her mouth. Megan sucked air in whooping gasps, her chest heaving. Her face was red from hanging upside down.

“Do you like being smothered with my balls, Megan? Do they smell good? Do they taste good? You’d better give me a nice answer. Remember, I control whether or not you breathe.”

“Why are you here?” she pleaded again, once she had enough breath.

I pressed my balls back against her mouth and pinched off her nose. I counted twenty seconds this time, enjoying the feel of her mouth working. Then I released. More whooping gasps. Her chest heaved, making her titties jiggle nicely.

“Don’t ask me any questions, slut. If I want you to know something, I’ll tell you. Understand?”

Still panting, Megan nodded.

“Good. Now, do you like the way my sweaty balls taste?”

She nodded. “Yes.”

“I thought so. Now you’re going to suck my cock.”

I stood up and rotated the wheel a short distance until her mouth was level with my cockhead, which was swollen and purple now. I shoved two fingers into her mouth and forced it open, then shoved my shaft in. Her warm wetness felt amazing. She couldn’t move her head; I had total control. I slid my length all the way in, touching the back of her throat and making her retch and cough.

“Take it,” I said in a threatening voice. “Take it all.”

I let my cock stay buried in her throat for a minute, savoring the tightness. Then I withdrew until just the head was between her lips.

“Suck my dickhead,” I ordered.

After a second’s hesitation, Megan complied, licking and sucking at the engorged head like a big lollipop.

“Yeah, that’s right. You like my cock, don’t you? You gave me some great fucking head when we were together, didn’t you? Before you dyked out on me. You haven’t lost your cocksucking skills, though.”

I began to thrust in and out, face-fucking her. She was helpless to resist it. Her cheeks bulged out with each thrust in. Every time my cockhead pulled out of her throat, there was a little “gluck” sound. I fucked her faster, enjoying the “gluck gluck gluck” coming from her throat. All the time this was happening, Megan was whimpering from deep in her chest, whimpering in humiliation at being strapped to a bondage wheel and helpless to defend herself against getting skull-fucked by her pissed-off ex-boyfriend.

I reached over and slid two fingers between her pussy lips, which were parted because her legs were spread so wide on the wheel. She was oozing slick warmth there. I began to massage and tease her clit and vag. Soon she was moaning with pleasure instead of humiliation.

“God damn, you are loving every minute of this, aren’t you, bitch?” I said. “Every fucking minute! Your pussy is fucking sopping!”

Her mouth was still stuffed with my hard cock, so she was unable to answer. But the dampness between her legs was all the answer I needed.

I withdrew my dick. Megan panted heavily, her mouth hanging open, and drool fell to the floor in long strings.

“This is only temporary, you bitch,” I said. “My cock will be right back in there in a second.”

I went to the table and picked up a Hitachi wand, which was already plugged into a nearby wall socket. I returned to Megan.

“Open,” I ordered. She stretched her mouth as wide as it would go. I shoved back in and resumed the face-fucking. Damn, but her little mouth felt fucking amazing. I had to make an effort not to blow my load down her throat.

I placed the head of the wand against her inner thigh, close to but not quite touching her cunt. I switched it on. The buzzing produced an immediate reaction. Megan hadn’t been able to see what I’d brought back from the table, but she definitely knew what it was now. She squirmed and struggled and made squealing noises that were muffled by my thrusting dick. I saw her leg muscles working hard, muscles toned by many hours in the gym and many miles of running, and realized she was trying to bring her legs together, trying to force the buzzing wand onto her cunt and clit.

“Oh, no, baby,” I said. “Not yet. I’m going to make you beg for it.”

I began to trace the wand slowly up and down her both of her inner thighs, coming close to her cunt lips and clit several times, then backing away. I moved it lightly across her lower belly and shaved pubic mound. Megan whimpered around my dick as I face-fucked her. Very slowly, I moved the wand in a circle around her clit, making the circle a little smaller each time around, until the cruelly buzzing head was moving in a tight little “O” with her engorged little clitty at the center. The hard little nub was bright pink, sticking out from its little hood of flesh like a tiny cock. The muffled cries became more urgent, and I saw her try to force her pussy and clit to move so they would touch the wand. It was no use; the restraints were far too tight.

After a few minutes of teasing Megan’s clit, I turned off the wand. She cried out in disappointment and frustration, a sound that felt incredible as it passed through my cock and balls. I continued fucking her mouth for a few more minutes, enjoying her helplessness, then withdrew. My cock was shiny with her salvia and my precum. Strings of spit hung from her lips. She breathed heavily.

“Did you enjoy getting face-fucked, baby?” I said.

“Yes,” she said immediately. I was a little surprised. I had expected more protest. “I loved it.”

I spun the wheel until Megan was completely upside down again. Her cunt was just below my chin as I stood in front of her, and my hard cock pressed against her tits. Her hair hung in a sweaty mess down onto the floor. I lowered my mouth until it was just above her clit. I breathed warm air across her clit and pussy.

“Oooohhhhhh…” she moaned. “Oh, that feels so good…”

I blew on her cunt a few more times, enjoying her moans, then began to kiss and lick and nibble her inner thighs. Her muscles quivered under my lips, and she began to beg.

“Oh, fuck, please eat my pussy, please, please, please,” she whispered.

“What did you say, bitch?” I said loudly.

“Please eat my pussy! Please! I’m so fucking horny, oh, God…”

Very delicately, I flicked my tongue across her clit. Fuck, but the little thing was hard! Megan squealed with pleasure. I flicked it again, and again. Heat baked off her pussy like an oven.

With no warning, I clamped my mouth over her clit and began to nibble and suck on it vigorously. Megan screamed with pleasure. Sucking, biting, licking, my hands massaging her thighs, my cock rubbing between her tits – the sensory overload drove her crazy. She moaned and whimpered and shrieked over and over, her body taught as a bowstring, her cunt muscles pulsing, her juices seeping from between her spread cunt lips.

I stepped away for a moment and picked up a thick dildo from the table. It was black and veiny, with a large head, and had a vibrator built in. I returned to eating her clit, and slid the dildo halfway into her vag.

“Oh, fuck!” she yelled. “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, please fuck me with that fucking thing!”

I obliged her. I pushed the dildo in to the hilt, then withdrew it, then pushed it back in, this time turning on the vibration. Her pussy lips were stretched tight around the dildo, which was probably at least four inches around. Incoherent babbling issued from Megan’s mouth; I doubted she even knew what she was saying anymore. I fucked her with the dildo while my mouth worked her clit.

Soon the noises she was making changed, and her thighs began to quiver. I knew she was close. I slowly backed her off, slowing down gradually, then stopping. I pulled the dildo out and spun the wheel, turning her right-side up.

Her face was deeply flushed, both from pleasure and from hanging upside down for so long. She was moaning softly.

“Please, please, don’t stop baby, please make me cum, oh fuck, please make me cum,” she begged softly. The blindfold was still secure, I saw; Megan was trapped in a dark world of pain and pleasure and sexual frustration.

I slapped her lightly across the face. She gasped and was silent.

“That’s better,” I said. “You’ll cum when I let you cum.”

I lowered my face to her boobs and went to work on those. I’d always loved Megan’s tits. They weren’t large, but they were perfectly proportioned, and stuck out in a sassy and sexy way that drove me nuts. I buried my face in one, then the other, motorboating them like crazy, biting the warm flesh, sucking the nipples, massaging them roughly with both hands.

“You like having your titties manhandled?” I said. “You like having these little boobies roughed up?”

“Oh, fuck, yes,” she groaned. “Yes, yes, yes…”

I showed her tits no mercy. I squeezed and pinched her nipples between my fingers while my mouth continued to feast on her breast flesh. Soon her titties were covered with red welts and bite marks, and her little nipples were swollen again, like they had been when I’d taken off the clamps.

When I’d had my fill, and Megan was panting like a racehorse, I stopped.

“Are you ready to cum now, you little lesbo slut?”

“Oh fuck yes!” she nearly screamed. “Oh, please please please, I’m so goddamned horny!”


I removed the blindfold. She squinted and blinked, even though the room wasn’t brightly lit. She looked at me with the green eyes I had found so bewitching when we’d first met. I saw a kind of desperate lust in them.

I unbuckled her arms and legs and head from the wheel. She almost fell forward onto the hard concrete floor. I caught her.

“Fuck, my arms and legs are asleep!”

“Get down on all fours,” I ordered, not giving a shit about her arms and legs.

She submitted, kneeling slowly down onto the cold concrete, then leaning forward until her forearms were on the floor also. I pushed her head down onto the concrete between her hands.

“Raise your ass.”

Obediently, she pushed her tight little tush higher into the air. Her two ass tats, the lips and the bunny, got me even hornier than I already was. I had almost forgotten about them, but seeing them reminded me how much I’d always enjoyed taking Megan from behind. And of how much she’d loved being taken that way, at least before going lesbian. I was going to find out if she still liked it; my money was on yes.

I went over to where I had dropped the flogger earlier and picked it up. I stripped off my shirt, leaving myself naked. It was warm in the little room now, and I was sweating. My cock bobbed in front of me as I walked. I couldn’t wait to bury it into Megan’s tight cunt, but I forced myself to be patient. I had to properly prep the little whore first.

Positioning myself behind her, I began to flog her ass, lower back, and upper thighs with smooth, regular strokes.


The leather welted her flesh and made her cry out against the concrete floor. But her cries now were a mix of pain and pleasure, every wet smack making her squirm her legs and pussy, and I didn’t need her to tell me how much she was enjoying it.


“God! Fuck! Oh, fuck!” she shrieked.

I continued flogging her until her entire backside was a lovely glowing red, and her skin was crisscrossed with stripes. Then I tossed the flogger aside.

“Liked that, didn’t you, bitch?” I said.

Megan, her cheek still pressed against the floor, said “Oh, God yes, yes, it was fucking amazing!”

Just then, I heard the door to the room open behind me. I turned, and there was Vivian, still done up in her dominatrix outfit and looking fine as hell. She stood in the doorway, booted legs spread, hands on hips, looking at the scene with an amused smile.

“Is it pussyfucking time, Ryan?” she asked sweetly. “I see little Megan has assumed the position.”

“Yeah, it is,” I said. “And about damn time, too.” I massaged my swollen cock. Vivian looked down at it, and arched her eyebrows appreciatively.

“Very nice, baby,” she cooed. “I think Megan will appreciate what you have to offer. Isn’t that right, slut?”

Without moving, Megan said “Yes, mistress.”

“Yes, you will.” Vivian walked slowly over to where I stood. Her bootheels clicked loudly on the floor. I couldn’t take my eyes off her huge tits as they bounced inside her leather corset. Of course, Vivian noticed me staring.

“Do you like my tits, Ryan?” she asked bluntly, looking me in the face.

I flushed, suddenly embarrassed by this authoritative woman’s direct stare. “Uh, yeah, they’re really nice.”

“Really nice,” she said with a lightly mocking tone. I flushed even more deeply. “Boy, these are the best pair of boobs you’ve seen in a long time. Admit it.”

I nodded. “Yeah, they are. They’re fucking fantastic.”

“That’s better.” She patted my cheek, trailing her long nails down my skin and making me shiver. “Now, shall we take care of our little slut here? I think so. But we should do it properly. Wait here.”

Without waiting for an answer, she left the room. Megan remained prostrate on the floor. I stared at her upraised ass and pussy with raging desire. But I didn’t want to fuck her, not until I saw what Vivian had in store.

A few minutes later she returned, pushing some kind of low, padded bench on wheels. The bench was about four feet long and two feet wide, and was maybe three feet high. The top was cushioned with riveted black leather. Along both sides of the bench, nearly at floor level, were narrow runners. These runners had cuff restraints at each end.

“Come here, slut,” Vivian said sternly. At once Megan rose and went to the bench. She seemed to be very familiar with it, because she immediately crawled onto it, laying face down and placing her arms and legs on the runners. Vivian went around the bench and pinned Megan’s ankles and wrists in place with the restraints. Megan was now bound in a doggy-style position with her legs apart and her pussy and asshole exposed. I saw where this was going, and practically came just thinking about it.

“Ryan, which end would you like?” asked Vivian, standing over Megan.

“I want to fuck her pussy and ass,” I said immediately, my voice a little hoarse with lust.

Vivian chuckled. “I had a feeling you would say that. By all means, please help yourself.” She gestured to Megan’s backside. “She’s ready for you. Aren’t you, you little whore? You’re going to be a good slut for Ryan, right?”

“Oh, yes, mistress, I am,” Megan said eagerly. Her pussy squirmed against the soft leather beneath it. “Oh, I’m so horny,” she said plaintively.

Vivian’s eyes narrowed. “Quiet. We aren’t interested in what you want. This is for our pleasure, not yours.”

“Yes, mistress. I’m sorry, mistress.”

I moved around behind Megan, massaging my burning cock, smearing precum all over the head. Her little holes looked inviting. She continued to squirm, making her pussy open and close a little. I stepped in closer, placing one foot on the end of one of the runners and my hands on the small of Megan’s back. I saw the trampy little tattoos again, and gave each one a hard smack with my hand. Megan yelped. Then I positioned my cockhead between her wet pussy lips and slowly, slowly eased myself in.

And oh, fuck me, it was heavenly. Her cunt was tighter than I remembered; she must have been doing exercises to tone it up. It felt like a thick and slippery rubber band clenched around my shaft. I pushed all the way in, listening to Megan groan loudly with pleasure. I pushed in until I was balls deep, and I worked my hips around in a small circle so my balls would brush against the little slut’s hard clit. I could feel her nub tickling my ball sack. She whimpered in response.

“Fuck, yes, you love it, bitch, tell me you love it,” I grunted at her.

“I love it, I love it, oh fuck, I love it!” Megan shrieked. “Please, please, please fuck me!”

Then I noticed that Vivian had moved around to Megan’s front and was standing directly in front of her upturned face. She was now wearing an enormous strap-on dildo. It was bright red, made of some kind of hard but flexible material, at least ten inches long. I couldn’t see Megan’s face from where I was, but what Vivian said next told me everything I needed to know.

“That’s right, little slut, you’re going to get spit roasted,” she said sweetly. “Your ex-boyfriend on one end and your mistress on the other. And you’re going to take it like a good whore.”

Megan nodded frantically, her strawberry blonde hair flying up and down. I reached out and grabbed a handful of it and yanked back, hard. Megan cried out in pain. Her head was now tilted back at an uncomfortable angle, but it gave Vivian full access to Megan’s mouth.

Vivian looked at me. “Thank you, baby! What a nice gesture. Chivalry isn’t dead after all. Keep her head just like that.”

“No problem,” I said. I twisted a loop of hair through my fist and held onto it as I began to fuck Megan in earnest, ramming my shaft in and out of her stretched pussy, feeling my balls slap her clit every time I pushed in. Megan arched her hips into each thrust, greedily trying to get even more of me inside her slutty little cunt. I buried my cock as deep inside her as it would go, forcing little screams from her mouth with every thrust.

“She’s enjoying your cock!” said Vivian. “Very nice work, Ryan.”

I didn’t answer; I was too busy wallowing in the intense pleasure of having my cock squeezed and massaged by those tightly toned cunt muscles. It was taking all of my willpower not to cum; I wanted to make sure I had a chance at her asshole, too.

Vivian had inserted her strap-on into Megan’s willing mouth, and was face-fucking her in earnest now. I heard the same “gluck” sound now that I’d heard during our earlier face-fucking session on the wheel, only this was even louder and accompanied by a small retching noise every time Vivian thrust her hips and shoved the dildo in. I imagined this was because Megan’s head was yanked so far back. The bitch probably gagged every time the big fake cock went in. Vivian had Megan’s head between her hands, holding it perfectly still, making her a passive receptacle, completely helpless to resist having her mouth violated. But I could tell by the flowing wetness around my cock that my slutty ex-girlfriend loved being treated like this.

Vivian and I got a nice rhythm going, so that Megan had a cock, fake or real, deeply inserted into her at all times. She rocked her body back and forth on the padded bench, as much as the restraints would allow, trying to maximize the pleasure of each thrust into her pussy and mouth.

“I think she’s enjoying this a little too much,” I said to Vivian.

“You’re right, baby,” said Vivian, and retrieved a riding crop from the table, which was within easy reach of where she stood. She handed it to me. “You do the honors.”

I took the crop and began to smack Megan’s ass, thighs, back, and shoulders with it. Each blow produced a flat crack that seemed loud in the small room. Megan’s moans turned into screams of ecstasy, combined with whimpered pleadings to fuck her harder and faster. I was deliberately fucking at only a moderate pace, to keep her from cumming. I also wasn’t touching her clit, except for the slapping it was receiving from my swollen balls. It must have been driving her fucking crazy. I knew how badly she needed to cum.

In the middle of working Megan over with the crop I saw Vivian begin to strip off the leather corset. Without breaking her face-fucking rhythm, she undid the ties and loosened it, then let it fall to the floor. I was treated to the gorgeous sight of Vivian topless, a light sheen of sweat covering her delectable ebony skin, her large tits bouncing as she moved. Her nipples were huge – long puckered buds the color of dark chocolate. Her areolas were huge, too, the size of small saucers. I practically started drooling, and had to focus every ounce of my willpower not to blast my load into Megan’s pussy.

Vivian saw me staring at her boobs, smiled, and began to play with them. She cupped one in each hand and lifted them, and squeezed them together. She lifted a nipple to her mouth and sucked on it sensually. Then she pinched both nipples between the thumb and index finger of each hand and began to roll them gently back and forth.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned, feeling my balls and cock throbbing. “Oh, fuck, you have fucking great tits.”

“I know,” she said wickedly. “Want to play with them?”

“Fuck, yes,” I said.

“Then come over here.”

She pulled the dildo out of Megan’s mouth. Megan made a disappointed whining sound, and Vivian gave her a sharp slap across the cheek for it. Vivian gestured for me to come to her. With some regret, I slid my dick out of Megan’s pussy (she was silent this time) and walked around the bench to Vivian.

Immediately, Vivian grabbed my head between her strong hands and pressed my face into those glorious tits. I was enveloped in coffee-colored flesh, smelling of some intoxicating perfume mixed with a light aroma of her sweat. She ground her boobs against the sides of my face, keeping my head pressed firmly in between them. It was fucking heavenly. I started getting dizzy, needing air, but not wanting to come out from between those boobs.

Then she released me, and I drew in a gasping breath. After a moment, she pulled me in again, but this time not between them. She pushed my face directly into her left tit, so the nipple was squarely in my mouth. Without thinking I began to suck at it greedily, and I vaguely heard Vivian making low noises of pleasure. The long nipple was deliciously stiff and sweaty. After a minute, she switched me to the other tit and I gave it the same treatment.

Finally, she pushed my head away with a gentle shove. I was panting.

“Oh, fuck me, that was amazing,” I managed to say.

“I know,” Vivian said. “I think Megan enjoyed it too.”

I turned to look at Megan, who was only a few feet away from us. Her face was turned up to look; she’d been watching the whole thing. A look of furious jealousy mixed with lust was on her pretty face.

“Didn’t you, little slut? You liked watching your ex-boyfriend play with your mistress’s titties, didn’t you?”

“Yes, mistress,” Megan said sullenly.

“I thought so. If you liked that, you’ll like this even more.”

Vivian grabbed my shoulders and pushed me to the floor on my back. I was still naked, and the concrete was icy cold against my sweaty skin. My cock jutted up at an obscene angle. She stripped out of the little booty shorts, revealing no panties underneath – just a clean-shaven brown pubic mound and a small dark slit. She left the boots on, and stood over me, planting one spiked heel on either side of my torso. Looking up, I could see her pink cunt between her slightly open pussy lips. I groaned with pure lust.

“Megan, I’m going to ride your ex like a cowgirl now. He’s going to give me as many orgasms as I demand, and you’re going to watch. You will not be able to get any sexual relief; you will be left frustrated. You will not even be permitted to masturbate.”

Megan wailed at this, tears streaming from her eyes.

“But mistress, please, I’m so horny, I can’t stand it, please…”

“Quiet, whore.”

With that, Vivian slowly lowered herself down until her pussy lips hovered less than an inch from my cock. She grasped my shaft with her slender but strong fingers, and I groaned again. It felt so fucking good. Then, ever so slowly, she eased my cockhead between her pussy lips, and knelt astride me, pushing herself all the way down on my shaft.

I became lost in delirious pleasure. The exquisite sweet wet tightness made Megan’s cunt seem only average. This woman knew exactly how to use her pussy; every muscle seemed trained to deliver maximum pleasure. With frustrating slowness she rose up again, then sat back down, then rose, then sat. Her cunt passage dragged at my sensitive cock flesh, sending electric tingles up and down my spine. I tried to thrust upward, but Vivian just rose with me, denying me the extra friction I wanted.

“Fuck!” I cried out in frustration. “Fuck me! Fuck me!”

“No, no, baby. We do this my way. I’m in charge. You lay still.”

There was no disobeying that silky, commanding voice. I lay as still as I could, the cold concrete against my back, the mind-blowing warmth enveloping my cock. I looked over at Megan; she was staring at us with her mouth hanging open and tears of frustration running freely down her cheeks. She looked like a whipped puppy. I smiled at her.

“Damn, your dominatrix is a good fuck,” I said to Megan in short, panting gasps. Her only response was a whimpering moan.

Vivian gradually began to increase the pace, and she finally allowed me to thrust up into her in rhythm with her movements. The pleasure tripled instantly. My poor, aching balls were so full of cum I thought they would burst. Her pussy lips pulled and sucked at my cock skin, and her vag muscles worked the shaft expertly. I closed my eyes and began to groan loudly. I couldn’t help myself. I felt Vivian’s hands close around mine and lift them to her boobs. I grabbed them and started to squeeze and grope and massage with frantic lust.

“Pinch my goddamn nipples!” she commanded.

I obeyed instantly, rolling and squeezing them between my fingers. Vivian cried out with combined pain and pleasure. She reached down and returned the favor, scratching and clawing my own nipples with her manicured nails. I shrieked. It fucking hurt like hell but felt incredible at the same time.

Suddenly her fucking became more urgent. She threw her head back and screamed at the ceiling. Her pussy contracted into an impossibly tight little tunnel, crushing my dick. I screamed too. There was a spasm, and my cock was bathed in a slick wetness that hadn’t been there before.

Vivian wailed for what seemed like forever, clenching my dick with her cunt. Then, finally, the pressure relented and Vivian looked down at me, panting and gasping.

“That was orgasm number one for me, baby,” she said. “I want three more. Then you are allowed to cum.” She looked over at Megan with a cruel smile. “And little miss slut here gets to watch. But no cumming for her. No, no, no.”

Megan whined deep in her throat. I could see her backside squirming frantically as she tried to rub her cunt against the leather of the bench. I knew it was no use. The setup was deliberately designed to prevent the slave from gaining any sexual relief without permission.

What came next was a haze of pleasure and frustration that seemed to last an eternity. Vivian’s tight cunt, her bouncing tits, her nipple play, my hands all over her smooth brown skin: these were the sensations I would remember for a long time afterward. It was punctuated occasionally by a savage orgasm on Vivian’s part. They didn’t seem to diminish in intensity no matter how many she had. And she ended up having six more while riding me, not three. I didn’t dare protest when the third orgasm came and went and she showed no signs of allowing me to cum. I was afraid if I did, she would get up off my cock and the whole thing would be over.

Finally, I heard the words I’d been waiting for.

“You may cum now, Ryan.”

Thank God, I thought, and started to fuck Vivian harder.

But suddenly she lifted herself off my dick and stood up, leaving me bobbing and twitching in the cool air.

“What the fuck?” I yelled, staring at her. I’d temporarily forgotten all about Megan.

“Don’t worry baby, I always keep my promises. You can cum now. But I want you to do it in our little slut’s ass.”

Realization dawned on me. This was my ultimate revenge on Megan – to violate her anally and deposit my sperm deep in her rectum. She had never consented to anal sex during our relationship, saying it wasn’t her thing or that it was “gross.” Vivian must have known this, must have gotten it out of Megan at some point, because this had obviously been her plan all along.

I stood up slowly, a wicked smile spreading across my lips. I looked at Megan, helpless, strapped to the bench. She looked back at me with wide eyes. Her makeup was streaked down her face. She shook her head violently.

“No, no, no, not in the ass, please…”

Vivian smacked her hard across the ass with her open hand. Megan shrieked.

“Be quiet, bitch. Ryan has my permission to ass-fuck you, and you will take it. And you will thank him afterward. And, you’ll remain quiet while he does it.”

To ensure this, Vivian took a black ball gag from the table of toys and fixed it firmly into Megan’s mouth. It was huge, and forced her small mouth to stretch open wider than I would have thought possible. Megan’s eyes bulged and drool almost immediately began to leak from around the gag. I could hear her trying to make noise, but the gag muffled it almost completely.

“There,” said Vivian, admiring her handiwork. “That should keep the little slut from bothering you. Now, take her asshole while I watch.”

She didn’t need to tell me twice. I moved around behind Megan. She tried to follow me with her eyes but I was quickly out of her line of sight. I stood directly behind her, legs on either side of hers, my cock just inches from her asshole. Her little rosebud was pink and clean, puckered like a tiny mouth that has just eaten something sour.

“Has she ever been ass-fucked before?” I asked Vivian. I knew I hadn’t taken her anal cherry.

“No, she hasn’t” said Vivian with satisfaction. “I was saving it for a…special occasion. I’d say this qualifies, wouldn’t you?”

“Yeah,” I agreed. “It does.”

I got the pad of my thumb wet by slipping it into her cunt. Then, I pressed the thumb against her anus gently, and began to massage it softly, trying to loosen it up a little. It was locked up tighter than a bank vault. After a few minutes, I began to feel her sphincter muscle relax a tiny bit.

“That’s right, you little lesbian whore, open up that sweet ass for me,” I said. I pushed a little harder with my thumb, and heard Megan gasp through the ball gag.

“Here,” said Vivian. “This might help.”

She handed me a narrow, cone-shaped butt plug. It was hard red rubber. She had smeared the end with some kind of lube like Vaseline.

I took it and pressed the end against Megan’s asshole. Almost immediately, the tip of the plug slipped into her ass. The narrow cone shape combined with the lube made it virtually impossible for her to keep it out. It worked much better than my thumb.

I nodded. “Nice.”

Vivian gave me a friendly swat on my own ass and walked around to the side of the bench. She stepped up onto one of the runners, avoiding Megan’s arm, and planted her bare ass on Megan’s back. Megan grunted. Vivian crossed her booted legs and clasped her hands around her knee.

“She does make a wonderful chair,” Vivian said. “Don’t you, slut?” She patted Megan on the head. Megan nodded.

I continued to force the butt plug deeper and deeper into Megan’s tight little hole. I felt her trying to put up resistance, but it didn’t work. Soon I had the plug buried in her rectum all the way to its flared base. I pressed this flat against her ass and left it there.

Vivian nodded her approval. “Let’s leave her like this for a few minutes. That plug needs time to work.”

Immediately Megan began to make noises of protest around the gag, her head shaking back and forth frantically, her eyes wide. She kept saying two indistinct words over and over again, I noticed.

“What’s she saying?” I asked Vivian.

“I don’t know. Let’s find out.”

She loosened the gag and pulled the ball partway out of Megan’s mouth.

“What are you trying to say, little slut?”

“It hurts!” Megan cried. “The plug! It really hurts!”

“Don’t worry, whore,” Vivian said with a sweet smile, and patted Megan’s cheek. “Not that either of us gives a fuck whether it hurts or not, but it’s only temporary. It will stop hurting once your asshole is properly stretched out, as any good whore’s should be.” Then she fixed the gag back into place.

“Come with me, baby,” Vivian said, gesturing for me to follow her. We walked out of the little room, Vivian in the lead, and me following, watching her delectable ass the entire time. We left the room, and Vivian closed the door on Megan’s muffled protests.

Outside in the main warehouse space it was much cooler, and my naked, sweaty skin immediately broke out in goosebumps. Vivian noticed this.

“Baby, are you cold? Let me warm you up.”

She dropped to her knees in front of me. My cock was level with her chest. I hardly dared to hope, but was she going to…

“Would you like a nice little titty fuck, Ryan?” she cooed, lifting her boobs as if offering them to me. “Would you like to feel that hard dick sliding between these gorgeous girls?”

“Oh, God, yes,” I whispered hoarsely.

Vivian smiled up at me. Her eyes, a deep brown color, glinted mischievously. “Good. We can have a little fun while our slut is enjoying her ass stretching. No sense wasting the time, is there?”

“Uh, no,” I said.

“That’s right, no, there isn’t.”

With that, she dipped three fingers between her legs and coated them in her pussy juices. She wrapped the glistening fingers around my hot shaft and smeared the juices up and down its length. I squeezed my eyes closed, willing myself not to cum as she stroked me. Then she dipped her fingers again, and smeared her natural lube between her breasts. I looked at the slick, inviting canyon of her cleavage, her exquisite brown skin gleaming, her amazingly long nipples as stiff as my cock was.

“Come on, baby. I think you know what to do.” She lifted her boobs up, toying with the nipples with her forefingers, flicking them back and forth. “Just remember: no cumming allowed. Save that for Megan.”

I nodded, unable to speak. Without hesitation, I slipped my engorged cock up and into the sweet warm firmness.

The tit fucking lasted about ten minutes, I think, and was pure heaven. Vivian slowed me down whenever she sensed I was close to orgasm, even making me withdraw a few times. But I didn’t care. I was delirious with pleasure. Her sensual lips, glossed a liquid red, snapped playfully at my cock head when it popped up through her cleavage. A few times she managed to capture it and give it a quick suck.

“Okay, I think that’s enough,” she finally said, in her most commanding voice. She stood up, leaving my dick dripping with precum and bobbing in the air. “That looks like it’s ready for Megan’s ass. The question is, is her ass ready for you.”

She opened to door to the small side room. Megan was still bound to the padded bench. Her head hung down weakly, and there was a puddle of drool beneath her mouth. Stringers of it hung down from around the ball gag. Her sweaty hair hung in a tangled mass around her face. She managed to look up at us as we entered.

“How is that sweet little rosebud, slut?” said Vivian, walking over to Megan and giving her ass a little slap. “Does it still hurt? Or has it been nicely stretched now?” She looked at me. “Come over here and take the plug out.”

I obeyed, sliding it out, slowly at first until suddenly it popped out as Megan’s anus snapped closed.

Vivian walked around and stood in front of Megan’s head, so close that Megan’s head was almost between Vivian’s leather-clad legs. “He’s going to ass-fuck you now,” she said matter-of-factly. “For as long as he likes. He is going to blow his load into your ass. When this is done, you will thank him for it. If he tells me that you didn’t, you’ll pay the price. Understood?”

Megan nodded weakly.

“Good. Ryan, she is all yours.” Vivian turned and left the room, bootheels clicking, and closed the door. Megan and I were alone.

Before I started on her ass, I wanted to do something else first. I walked slowly around the bench, trailing my fingers lightly across her naked, sweaty body. She shivered. I stopped directly in front of her face. Her eyes looked up at me with that whipped puppy expression. Without a word, I began to flog her face with my hard dick. It didn’t hurt her, but it was humiliating, and she had no choice but to take it. She couldn’t even protest, with the big ball gag in her mouth. She just took it without moving, the wet slap of flesh on flesh, over and over, across her entire face, on her neck, across her eyes.

When I decided I was finished, I moved back around to her rear. I slapped her anus a few times with my dick, enjoying the way she jerked with each smack. Then, stealing a trick from Vivian, I slid three fingers deep into Megan’s sopping pussy. She moaned trough the gag and bucked against the restraints. I worked my fingers around a little, then pulled them out and smeared her fluid all over my cockhead and around her anus. Then I placed my swollen cockhead against her asshole, and began to push.

It only took a few moments before her ass relaxed a bit and my head popped in. When it did, I heard what was probably a scream but came out as a faint whine thanks to the gag. The feel of her sphincter clenched tight around the base of my cockhead was absolutely incredible. Goddamn but she was tight! No wonder the butt plug had been necessary. Her asshole was virgin.

Slowly, gently, I continued to push. The lube reduced the friction a lot, but I could still feel that tight ring of muscle gripping my shaft as it went in deeper. Megan’s screams turned to moans, and her hips squirmed.

I slapped her ass hard. “Stop moving.”

She obeyed immediately. I kept pushing until my shaft was buried in her rectum all the way to the balls. Then I slipped it back out until the head was the only part still inside her. After waiting a few seconds, letting the time drag out, letting Megan’s apprehension build, I shoved back in with a sharp thrust. Megan’s head jerked back in response, making her hair fly. I slapped her ass again, and again. I alternated cheeks, each time aiming at one of the slutty little tattoos.

A savage rhythm established itself. Thrust in, smack, pull out, smack, repeat. The pleasure coursing through my cock was beyond belief. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep this up for long before cumming.

Fuck it, I thought. That’s what I’m here for, isn’t it?

I began to thrust harder and faster, and I realized Megan was moving her hips in sync with me. Every time I pushed in, she arched her hip upward as much as her restraints would allow. I realized she was trying to let me in even deeper. She wanted more of me in her ass. She was loving it!

Knowing that my bitchy lesbian ex-girlfriend was actually getting off on having her anal cherry popped against her will, and by me no less, finally pushed me over the edge. My balls tightened suddenly, and a muscle at the root of my cock pulsed hard. Fireworks exploded in my head and I was dimly aware of having stopped my thrusting, leaving my cock buried deep in Megan’s ass. Warm wetness flooded the tight little space occupied by my cockhead. My dick throbbed and pulsed with intense pleasure.

“Aaaahhhhh, fuuuuuck!” I screamed, my head thrown back. I grabbed Megan’s ass cheeks roughly, as if they were handles on a wild amusement park ride. Which, as far as I was concerned at that moment, is exactly what they were.

Slowly, gradually, the ecstasy faded into a warm glow. I felt my cock begin to soften, and pulled it out of Megan’s asshole. As I did, I noticed a big pool of juices on the black leather below her pussy. The little bitch had cum too!

Shaking my head briefly to clear it a little, I said, “You came without permission, didn’t you? I don’t think your mistress will be very happy about that.”

“Gauuuuuuuuugggg! Haaaaaaarrrrrrgggghhh!” Megan was trying to scream something but the enormous gag butchered her words.

I had just decided to remove the gag so I could enjoy hearing her protests when the door opened and Vivian entered. She was fully dressed now, in a sharp business suit and high heels. Megan and I both looked at her.

“Did you break her in?” Vivian asked me.

“Yeah, I did,” I replied with satisfaction. “She’s officially an anal whore now.”

“Good, good.” She smiled down at Megan. “How was it, little slut? Did Ryan do a good job popping your asshole?”

Megan nodded vigorously.

“I think the slut wants to speak, Ryan. Remove her gag.”

I did so, unstrapping it and dropping it to the floor. Megan’s breath came through her mouth in loud, harsh pants. Drool slicked her chin.

“Oh, God, yes, mistress, it was wonderful! It really hurt at first until I just gave up and stopped fighting! Then it felt incredible.” Megan looked at me, and lowered her eyes. “Thank you for ass-fucking me,” she said softly. “I never imagined it could feel so good.”

“Hmm.” Vivian didn’t seem to care about this one way or another. She turned to me, and took me by the shoulders, and looked me straight in the face. Her deep eyes captured me.

“Ryan,” she said. Her scent was in my nostrils, making my head a little swimmy. “I have a proposal. Do you want to know what it is?”

“Yes,” I said, a little unsteadily. “Of course.”

“My proposal is that ownership of little slave Megan here be transferred to you.”

There was dead silence in the room. From far away, I could hear water dripping, from a leaky faucet or a broken pipe. Megan was the first to speak.

“But mistress! I belong to you! You can’t do this! I’m not even straight! I only enjoyed his cock because I knew you were in control of the scene!”

Vivian went down on one knee and took Megan’s chin in her hand. She raised Megan’s face to hers. She planted a deep, passionate kiss on Megan’s lips, lingering over it, savoring it. When she broke the kiss, Megan’s eyes were shut and she was panting.

“Little whore, you don’t understand. You are my slave, which means I am free to do anything I want with you. Including giving you to another mistress. Or master, in this case. You have no say in the matter.”

Understanding dawned on Megan’s face. “This was the plan all along, wasn’t it? You told me this was just another stage in my training, but it wasn’t. You tricked me!”

Vivian slapped her lightly, reprimanding her. “No, slut. I never play tricks. This was indeed another stage in your training. You have now learned to submit to another person no matter who that person is, if your mistress orders you to do so. You have also learned that true submission means doing anything – anything – you are told. Including being transferred to another dominant.”

While this conversation was happening, I was trying to get my mind around the idea of myself as a dom. As a master. As Megan’s owner. I wasn’t sure I could do it, as much as I had enjoyed tonight’s experience. The idea had never even occurred to me.

Vivian asked me, “Ryan, what do you think? Does this notion have any appeal for you?” She regarded me with her bewitching eyes, eyes that seemed to see right into my core.

I looked from Vivian to Megan, bound and helpless on the bench, and realized just how much I had enjoyed the evening. Being in total control of Megan not only got me off, but it made me feel fulfilled, somehow. In my mind I heard her cries of pain and pleasure, saw her eyes wide with apprehension and her mouth gagged, felt her submissiveness radiating from her like a beacon. And I knew how much Megan had enjoyed being dominated by me, lesbian or not.

I didn’t answer directly, but instead said, “You should know she had an orgasm without permission while being ass-fucked. I’m assuming this is a no-no.”

Vivian frowned at Megan. “Oh, yes, that is most definitely a no-no. And she knows it perfectly well.” Then Vivian turned to me again. “But the question is: do you want to become her dom? If so, then the question of punishment for this transgression is yours to decide. What will it be, Ryan?”

I took one more look down at Megan’s sweaty, restrained body, and knew my answer.

“Oh, hell yes,” I said softly, never taking my eyes from Megan. She had her head tilted up as far as she could, and was looking at me with mascara-smeared eyes. “I want this little slut to submit to me.”

Vivian sighed with satisfaction. “I’m glad. For a few minutes I was beginning to doubt whether you would step up, Ryan.” She patted Megan’s head. “Do with her as you will. She is now your slave.”

Megan didn’t say a word. Her eyes flicked back and forth between Vivian and me.

Vivian walked to the door, then turned to look at Megan a final time. “Goodbye, Megan, my little whore. Be a good little sub for your new master.” Then she was gone.

Megan and I stared at each other for a long time then. But, naturally, she was the first to drop her gaze. When she did, I laughed.

“We are going to have a lot of fun together, slave,” I said, raising my leg and using her back as a footrest. “The first order of business is to come up with an appropriate punishment for you. You came without permission, after all. Some of the rules you’re familiar with will change, but not that one. You will not have an orgasm unless you ask for and receive permission from me. Is that clear, slave?” I nudged her in the ribs with my foot for emphasis.

A low mumble came from Megan’s mouth. Her head was hanging down.

I grabbed her hair and yanked her head up. Her eyes flew open. Her mouth opened too, and a small, strangled “gawk” sound came out of it.

“I said, is that clear?”

After a moment, and another jerk on her hair, she finally submitted. I smiled with satisfaction at her answer.

“Yes, master.”

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