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“Harder Please!” – First Variation

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He is lying in her arm, she touches his face, her gentle voice is sending shivers down his spine, just like all the times. She is playing with his nipples again, they are already hurting a bit. She is talking to him with her calm voice. He had to masturbate in front of her and had to stop just before cumming. Cumming was strictly forbidden. Just using his full strength he was able to do so. She knew more about his body than he did himself. When there were only two or three moves left until his explosion he heard her gentle order: “Stop!”

Almost he had been screaming as loud as hell, aghast, that one more time he was not allowed to ejaculate. He wants to taste her, but her game with him is not over yet. He knows she wants it all from him. If she would allow him to cum after almost endless pain he would see flashlights in his mind.

But he is addicted to this game she made the rules for. The sudden end of her caresses causes this beating in his loins, the top of his cock is screaming for more and his whole dick, hard as a rock, seems to be connected directly with his nipples. The twisting of his nipples is sending beats into his cock and his head. Not really aching, pure lust, but somehow painful. He is listening to her voice: “Can you feel my fingernails at your nipples?”


“Does it hurt?”


“Do you want me to stop?”

“Ohhno, do not stop!”


He knows exactly the answer she is expecting. And he wants it, too, right? But despite of this he is afraid. And he knows what is coming up for him.

He presses the words out of his mouth: “Harder please!”

Not a second after these words have left his lips an extreme heavy hit is beating from his nipples to his loins. Although or because it hurts so much he is pressing his breast towards her. She is twisting his nipples, hard, always harder. And she knows exactly how far she can go.

She stops. But his relief will not last long as she starts to cover his hard cock with ortica juice. Following this his bulging testicles are getting tied. At last she is pulling a tight condom over his dick while grinning at him.

In a mix of pain and lust he is staring at her strap-on. Like in slow motion she sinks down on him. He feels her plastic penis moving between his lips and fucking his greedy slave mouth.

Suddenly she gets up. Breathing heavily her victim is lying in front of her.

At last she puts the ortica condom away.

He breathes deeply, but she won’t give him a break. Instead of she grabs a burning candle.

She lets hot wax dripping on his body, his nipples, his hard cock.

And he begs for more…

“You are going to lick me again, as complete and as long until I am completely satisfied with your performance!”

He is optimistic. This would not be the first time that he would lick her greedy cunt until she climaxes. And he likes that.

But this time he should not get through this that easy.

“First you will lick my ass with your dirty tongue.

Then you will lick from my ass up to my cunt. your tongue will discover my backdoor and lick it clean most intensively. Because I guess that even you can get me a little hot in this way you are going to clean my cunt with your tongue afterwards. Have I been straight and clear?”

He understands everything but can not believe it. She wants to humiliate him completely. He shall really lick her ass hole and afterwards her cunt juices.

If he could do that?

Just as she has spoken her words she is pressing her nice little ass right in his face.

Giving in to her power over him his tongue is dancing right through the tight ass hole of this dominating woman.

“Ooohhh yes, at least this you can do, Mr. Small Cock! Lick my hole clean!” Obedient he is licking stronger and stronger between her cunt lips and her anus.

Meanwhile she is moaning harder and harder. Realizing her getting hotter and hotter makes him fucking his bitch with his tongue into both holes.

Now her anus stands wide open.

Soon she feels his rock hard erected cock deep in her tight rectum. Holy shit, how great is that! The bed seems to be almost breaking down, it is squeaking and swaying under their moves heavily. She is pushing his dick into her ass as far as possible. It really hurts, but each push is sending shivers of pleasure from her head to her toes. He tries to fuck towards her moving ass as far as possible. Now he wants to squirt his cum into her rectum, for the first time ever!

“May I, may I squirt into your ass?” he moans obedient afraid of the consequences.


Suddenly she lifts her ass until his cock slides out. If he just hadn´t asked her!

Once again her ass is coming down above his face. While his obedient tongue is entering her backdoor taking the place of his cock she just can´t resist to get her lips wrapped around his throbbing rod until she is tasting her own rectal juices.

But before he is cumming she stopped the game.”Sorry Honey, we have to hurry now. You know that Nina and Cleo are coming for a visit. They´ll be here in a few minutes. Be a good boy and get dressed now.”

Oh shit, how could he forget that? Her silly girl-friends will stay for the weekend. Yes, she had told him about some weeks ago.

Some hours later in the night. He can’t sleep and discovers Nina in the bathroom. Nina is taking a shower and he has silently entered the bathroom, peeping at her and wanking his neglected cock.

He is leaning with his back at the tiled bathroom wall rubbing his fully erected dick that sticks out of his opened morning gown.

Nina is leaning under the shower also with her back at the tiled wall and starts to let her fingers stroke over her soaped cunt. Her eyes are closed in pleasure, still thinking she would be alone in the bathroom with no one watching her. While the drops of water keep rolling off from her tight skin Nina´s second hand is wandering to her tits and presses them together slightly.

Just this view at this bloody bitch – he really hated her from the beginning – is pumping more blood into his rock hard cock. She is probably dreaming about that sexy guy from the dance club she wanted to talk to but didn’t dare to one more time. In the end it is his fault of course, but that is nothing new for him.

Nina’s fingers keep rubbing her slutty cunt, tenderly stroking her pussy lips and finally open up her cunt for what should follow. Nina moistens her long and slim fingers and starts now to rub her clit gently.

He is grabbing his foreskin with thumb and index finger, pulls it slightly back and concentrates his moves on the scarlet top of his cock until he feels his juice rise.

He succeedes in shooting his load against the wall without her recognizing him. Silently he leaves the bathroom.

But he still hadn´t seen enough. As the night goes on he is sneaking into the guest room where Cleo should be sleeping. But she isn’t. She is awake and is already waiting for him.

Soon she is squatting on a seat in front of him spreading her fat thighs as far as she can. Like hypnotized he is staring at her so unashamedly presented paradise. He is looking at her swollen pussy lips wondering if her foolish Harry ever gave it to her like he should and for how long she hadn´t got another cock inside her. Lasciviously Cleo is squatting before him, her hand moving to her glittering cunt. At first one, then two of her thick fingers sliding into it. Wet and sticky from her horny juice Cleo is sliding her fingers into his mouth for him to lick them clean. She is tasting like pure horniness.

“Do you need a written invitation? By a look at your stick I can tell how horny you are! Your Sweetheart didn’t let you because we are here visiting her, right? Now come between my legs, down on your knees and smell my hot pussy!”

Completely spineless he does everything Cleo is demanding. The tip of his tongue is pleasing her clitty, he is squatting on the floor in front of her looking up to her in devotion. He is doing his best to be able to reach her well in this position, pressing his face closer and closer to Cleo’s twitching gap. His sweat is breaking out and demanding she grabs the back of his head pressing his face onto her greedy cunt. The tip of his tongue is nearly driving her mad. He feels how every hit of his tongue lets her get wilder.

“Yeeesssssss, suck my pearl! Don´t worry, I´m gonna let you fuck me soon, but before you’re gonna lick me until I’m cumming!”

Meanwhile Nina had entered the room. Suddenly both bitches are pressing his back to the floor opening his gown.

Helpless under the power of these two bitches he gets more and more horny while his Willie is stretching itself high pertly.

Then the naked Nina is squatting herself over him and demands: “Come on you horny peeping boy, lick my cunt until I gotta pee.” She takes his head between her thighs until his tongue gets deeply into her freshly showered cunt.

He is afraid his cock would burst into pieces as horny as he got. Insatiable he is licking Nina’s wet cent, tasting her pussy lips while Cleo is stroking herself watching them.

Finally he spreads his lips covering Nina´s cunt while pressing his tongue as deep as possible into her wet pharynx. Suddenly Nina is screaming: “Fuck me with your tongue, I gotta pee!” And already her spurt is shooting into his mouth. She seems to have drunk a lot of coffee and a little champagne…

As Nina had emptied herself completely into his mouth she finally rises herself away from him. Shortly afterwards he feels that he got turned around to lie on his belly.

Nina screams at him: “I have been licked better before!” And already he feels the beatings on his ass. Nina’s blows with a horsewhip are pattering hard and fast at his buttocks. You can hardly hear his painful gasping. The whip is drilling into his buttocks and he is imaging the traces that Nina’s beatings are leaving on his ass. How shall he be able to sit on his office chair on Monday?

But that doesn’t matter now. The wild women got him under control completely. Suddenly he realizes the sound of a digicam.

It has to be his girl-friend Sabrina taking pictures of him. Please only for her private use! He tries to turn himself away but fails. The ongoing whiplashes hitting his flesh suffocate any move to escape before he really started. His moaning gets stronger and stronger, his body is now covered in sweat. “Now look how our little piglet is transpiring!” Cleo is sounding merciless! With relief he recognizes that Nina’s hits are diminishing and finally stop completely. Silence. Gentle fingers are caressing his maltreated botty. But these fingers – they must be wrapped in latex! Nina is wearing gloves! But why? Then he feels the finger pushing forward into his sore crack. Her second hand – or maybe it wasn’t hers? – is rubbing over the welts on his ass. The pain makse him gasp. Another pair of hands is tearing his buttocks apart. The latex wrapped finger is penetrating his anus deeply.

Martin has to accept that there is no chance to escape. So he tries to relax as far as possible to avoid making it more painful than necessary. With the entry of Nina’s second and third finger the pain gets more but somehow it is also exciting in a way he didn’t know before. And he realizes how horny Sabrina gets as Nina is pushing her fingers deep in his anus letting them move in circles there. Nina’s fingers are moving faster, moving back and forth until Martin starts to scream out his horniness.

And then Nina has her flat hand completely in Martin’s botty. Her long moves forward and back almost drive him crazy. His lout is hard like never before, Sabrina has her fingers around it. Nina’s thumb joins her fingers. This is aching like hell and Martin tries desperately to escape from her but Sabrina doesn’t let him. Finally Nina’s fist is slipping completely into Martin’s ass. For a moment she doesn’t move before she begins to push back and forth. His feelings are overwhelming. Between her thrusts Nina is turning her little hand sometimes to the left, then again to the right. At the same time Sabrina is sucking his cock, very gingerly, her lips embracing it and the tip of her tongue is dancing at his acorn while Cora keeps on pleasing Sabrina’s soaking wet little cunt. All this happens while Nina keeps on fisting Martin without any mercy. Martin has no chance to hold back any longer.

Without thinking about the consequences he is shooting his load into Sabrina’s mouth.

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