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High Seas Games

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This was my time, I decided. I always had to look good for him, so I stayed in shape. At 59, I regularly heard that I looked much younger, and that was always a welcome compliment. I mean, I feel younger than 59. I think of my mom at 59 and she was in housecoats, or frumpy bland clothes. I preferred vibrant colors, current trends.

He had lost interest, and had a babe on the side, I was sure. The kids were gone. They were grown, and I began working out, just toning up. Lost 15 pounds.

I went for tanning, just enough for a glow, not those leather tans. Got new swimwear, not bikinis, I’m not crazy: Even if I look good for 59, that means I look in my forties, not twenties! No bikinis, just suits that followed my natural curves.

I’m tall, 5’10, with my natural breasts, just tucked a bit to avoid a bad sag. At 36C, many women swear they aren’t originals, but who cares.

My hair is colored, but whose isn’t? Brown, shoulder-length, with highlights almost blonde, I looked in the mirror as I packed. A little makeup and not too shabby, I thought.

Some ladies from the club convinced me that a three-day cruise would be fun. They had a package deal, what with one of them a travel agent. It was mid-week, off season, and we’d share cabins, get pampered at the spa, lounge by the pool, drink, eat, and dance. And flirt with the International crew members!

There were 8 of us, all close in age, and the limo driver came in for me with Mags close behind.

“Bad news, Honey, Kimmie can’t make it, another anxiety attack! Apparently George filled her with the Guilts about something!”

That meant I didn’t have a cabin mate. Before I could say anything, Mags went on. “But Geena said it’s no problem. If you don’t mind your own room.”

Perfect! I wasn’t thrilled with cramming into one of those tiny cabins with another woman!

On board, we all unpacked, met for cocktails, each showing off new outfits, or hair style, or bling. Women my age are as catty as 12 year olds, but we all made nice-nice. We dressed for dinner, not formal the first night, mostly pants-suits, running clothes, very casual.

Dinner was your usual bland cruise food, but the wine was flowing, and the chatter provided many stares from other diners.

Afterwards we went dancing, these Cougars on the prowl, the Magnificent Seven! Men approached cautiously, intimidated by our number, but little by little we separated, dancing, some moving to other parts of the ship for privacy. It was “What happens here, stays here” for the married ones.

I was getting a refill at the bar when two young men came over, one obviously the bolder of the two. “Hi,” he yelled over the music. “You and your friends really like to shake it, huh?”

He had one of these Cheshire Cat grins, which immediately turned me off. “Yes, it’s good exercise.” He was high twenties, good-looking, but he knew it. I hated that type.

“You know what else is good exercise?” the lecher said. “The Horizontal Mambo!”

“His friend on my left yelled across, “Hey, Dick, watch your mouth, huh?”

He leered, I”m just bein’ friendly.”

“No, you’re being rude, let’s go, man.”

I smiled evilly back at him, “Yeah, Dick, go away.”

He was angry, but figured there were other fish to fry, and moved away, his friend saying as he left, “Sorry.” He was the same age, nice gentle brown eyes, thin beard, bushy brown hair, and my height with my heels, so about 6’2.

I smiled, and said thanks. Back with the few girls left and Mags wanted to know if those two had hit on me. I looked over and Dick was assaulting a 30 something, probably with the same line. His friend stood at the bar, looking over at me, then looking away when our eyes met.

Mags wanted to dance, and the music pulsed. I looked again, and Dick was gone, but his Buddy was still there, alone.

The DJ said, “We’re gonna slow it down now a bit,” and a ballad came on as we moved to the table. Buddy intercepted me.

“I can only do the slow ones? Want to?”

What the hell. I took his hand and we moved together, keeping it respectable. After all, I had him by at least 25 years.

“So, what happened to Dick?”

Buddy smiled. “Charlie? He’s annoying someone else now.”

“But you said his name was…”

“Because he was acting like a dick! That’s why he got so mad, when you called him Dick, too!”

I got the biggest kick out of that, unintentionally shutting Charlie down. I had to laugh and Buddy did too.

“And I assigned Buddy to you, Dick and his Buddy!”

“Then Buddy it is! Now, do I get to give you a name, too?”

Why not become someone else for three days? The secret cruise to nowhere, with secret identities. “Okay, who am I?”

He studied my face, smiling gently, making me self-conscious. “Let’s go with Sherry. I always thought that was a sexy name.”

“Yes, it is! Nice to meet you, Buddy, I’m Sherry!”

The song and and the beat picked up. “Can I buy you some Sherry, Sherry?”

“Maybe a white wine?” moving to the bar.

I looked him over as he ordered. Handsome chiseled features, good build, he looked like an athlete. “Cheers,” he clicked glasses with me.

I had decided that if I ran into a man my age, from Chicago or New York, I was willing to see what developed between us, and if sex happened, I wouldn’t be the first in my family to cheat. But here was this young man, who seemed happy not to know me, looking at me like he wanted me, 25 years older than him. Did he have a fantasy about older women that I could accommodate?

“So, for the sake of our game, my age?” I asked.

“Inconsequential! In fact, no, let’s make you… sixty! A wealthy divorcee. I hope you don’t mind playing older. It’s an old fantasy, being picked up and seduced.”

“Well, then, I’ll make you a college athlete, famous, except to me, trying to find some anonymity.”

“Perfect! I just hope Charlie doesn’t come back and ruin it.”

“You mean, Dick? He dies in a horrible accident, and we just ignore his ghost!” I laughed.

Our chat went on, Dick never returned, but we were both feeling our oats. Buddy had danced closely and bent to kiss me, and I let him. Briefly at first, then with tongue and roaming hands.

The DJ went off, leaving loops of songs, and the bar was empty. “So, can I walk you home, Sherry?”

“I’d like that.”

At my cabin door, I said, “Thanks for a wonderful evening, Buddy, can I offer you a nightcap?”

“I really shouldn’t, curfew and all, but sure!”

He followed me in. “So, Buddy, when is the game over?”

He came up behind me, hands on my hips, and pulled me back to him, then whispered in my ear. “When we’re both satisfied.” He kissed my neck and I felt a chill.

I turned to face him. “Honey, that could take all night!”

“Luckily, I’m a college athlete, in my prime!” He kissed me and my tongue darted out. I hadn’t been this excited in years, and Buddy seemed thrilled as well, especially when I was bold and felt for him, his cock already hard. And massive!

He wasted no time, unzipping my pants-suit top, stopping to nod approvingly at my 36C’s in the red lace bra, then digging in, finding my nipples and tweaking them.

Our kisses were rushed but hot, he was on my neck, mumbling something about fantasies, and I got his slacks open, reached in, and drew him out, a hefty piece of equipment. I massaged it as he tossed my bra and jacket, then lifted his own shirt off. His muscles rippled and I bit at his nipples while he undid his belt and stepped out of his slacks.

I watched him, and marvelled how natural his cock sat in my hand. It was over eight inches, much bigger than I am used to. The head was much thicker than the shaft, and the large pink head seemed too smooth to be real.

We kissed again, and his hands slid into my waistband, propelling them down, enough for them to fall. He held me as I stepped out. With heels, I was the perfect height, and I took his head and spread enough to wipe him up my trimmed bush, through my juiced lips, making his head glisten. He moaned and I did, too.

“Fuck, Sherry, you’re the sexiest woman I ever met, and that’s no game!”

I wanted to please him, far beyond my own sexual desires. I had seen enough porn to know what young men like, so I knelt before him, taking his goo-covered cock in my mouth, slurping around, while he held my head, steadying himself. The taste of my own juices added to my fervor.

His grunting told me he liked it, and his throbbing said he’d be coming soon, I remembered that much!

He began pushing and pulling on my head, all the way in, until I gagged, then back out, faster, basically fucking my head!

My clit was pulsing, and I lowered a hand, pinching it, as he went at it, and right there, I orgasmed, without him even entering me!

I thought I couldn’t make it much longer, but he couldn’t either. He roared, “Fuck!” and I coughed as the first shot almost choked me. I swallowed quickly, knowing more was due, and it sure was, the second more powerful than the first! I tried again to take it, but too much! I coughed and pulled off and Buddy came again, this time on my tits as the cum ran from my lips.

I grabbed at my panties, wiping the cum from my chin as he stood over me, smiling, completely spent, his half-hard cock sagging.

He helped me up, taking my panties, sniffing them, enjoying my scent, then he kissed me, some of his jism still in my mouth.

He was whispering how great I was as he lowered me onto the bed. I was ready for sleep, after having my first orgasm in 15 years! If the night ended then, it would have been memorable, but Buddy had other plans.

On my back now, my head swam as he kissed my neck, while his fingers toyed with my nipples which softened after orgasm, but were uber-sensitive. His mouth encircled one, and he sucked at it greedily. His other hand was petting my bush, like a furry little pet.

He moved lower, and I knew his final goal. I’m too old for this, I thought! He was down there now, lifting my legs, my bare privates exposed

to his gaze, and then his lips. He caught my clit, fully engorged, and sucked at it, sending my head spinning.

It seemed like forever! I finally had to pull him away to breathe! Me, not him! “No more, please!” I gasped as I pulled him up to kiss him, his face covered in my juices. He wiped it with the pillow and I realized he was hard, again!

He moved up over me, and I stared, and said, “Again?”

“Oh, Yeah!” he responded, hoisting himself into position just outside me. I gasped and grabbed him, leading him into me. It was pure pleasure!

Deeper and deeper he went, and I felt like he was bust me open. He was all the way, then ground his hips, stirring the pot, measuring me. Then he was leaving, and I almost cried out, but he got to just my lips, then back inside he came, teasing me with his rod.

I found myself grunting with each push, then gasping at withdrawal, I tried to move under him to help. We were like a machine, the pistons pounding away at me. I felt another orgasm, larger than the first, just a few more thrusts, one more, one more! “UNGHHHH!” I released, not knowing he had crested, too. He arched and held inside me, unloading again and we both cried out.

We slumped together, his cock still filling me, now limp. We both were lifeless, except for breathing. We kissed, touching each other.

I felt fulfilled, more than I can remember, and didn’t feel an ounce of remorse. Slowly, he slid out. “Thanks,” he whispered as he dressed.

“My pleasure, Buddy.”

He bent and kissed me before he left. “Can we continue our game tomorrow?”

“Love to, just keep it low-key in front of my friends.”

“You’re really married, then? Even more exciting!”

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