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A Gift

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The holidays had been impossible as far as them getting together with each other with out of town guests and family around at both of their homes. Added to that was that both of them were also traveling out of town during this period. This all added up to frustration for both and a period of weeks where their only method of keeping in touch was e-mail or v-mail.

They had bantered back and forth during this period about many things but it always got back to their mutual desire to be together again as soon as possible. During this long distance exchange the subject came up of gifts to each other for the holiday. They knew that the secret nature of their special relationship would not allow them to exchange gifts in the normal way. However they still both wanted to give each other something that would signify their mutual desire and need for each other.

In answer to one of his emails on this subject during this period she had written that she had come up with a few ideas for the perfect gift for him and that she would give it to him upon her return the following week. He anxiously replied seeking details for his own benefit and so he might know what he could offer her in return. No mater how much he asked/pleaded for her to answer, she would not give him even a hint. She simply said he would have to wait and that she was sure it was the perfect gift. He was stumped.

The days passed with agonizing slowness for him and he was sure for her. They had agreed by email on the time and date he was to call to set up their meeting. After everyone was gone at his home on the morning of this day, he placed the call and waited nervously for her to answer.

After several rings he heard her sexy voice, ” Hello there.”

They nervously exchanged stories of the past several weeks without each other, telling each other how much they missed the other and then he finally asked her, ” When can I see you?”

She answered, ” Oh I don’t know, I was hoping you were free now. I have that present for you.”

He said, ” Present, I thought we had decided that we were not going to do presents? That it might be too dangerous for both of us.

She said smiling to herself, ” Never mind and Not to worry. This is a very special gift from me to you. And know one will ever know except you and I. Can you come over now?”

“Yes, I um, I’ll be right there.” He stuttered dumbfounded.

“Good, I’ll leave the front door unlocked, come in and lock it behind you.” She said.

“But, where will you be? How will…” He said his words cut off by her answer.

She interrupted, “Baby, please just hurry over, I’ll find You when you get here.”

He answered excitedly, “Okay. I’ll be right there, 10 minutes tops!” And then hung up.

This was incredible. He was nervous and excited at the same time. He couldn’t wait to see her, be with her again after their too long separation. This new twist of this “special gift” only made things more intense. His mind was racing with thoughts of her, of them their last time together, and of what this gift might be. And he felt a bit awkward not having a gift for her in return.

Even though it was bitterly cold outside he didn’t notice during his short walk to her house. He had only one thing on his mind, her.

She had been as nervous as a schoolgirl having decided on this particular gift just the night before and now waiting for him to arrive in minutes to receive it. It had come to her on her return trip. The flight had been long and she had ample opportunity to let her mind wander. And wander it did. And these days it seemed that her every free moment of thought was of him. The idea came to her in a sudden flash and she instantly knew that it would be the perfect solution to their gift situation.

She had risen early and made sure everyone at her house was out the door on time and that they would be gone most of the day so she would be alone and uninterrupted. She was nonchalant about this so no one would take notice of her plans. When they were all gone she raced back upstairs throwing off her robe and getting into the shower. She quickly showered and then took extra care with her hair and makeup she wanted everything to be just right for him. As she was finishing up looking in the mirror she felt her self already getting very, very wet, in anticipation of her being with him soon.

When he called it took all of her self-control to continue her stonewalling position and not let on what she had planned. She could tell he was still puzzled and would be very excited and surprised when he saw her gift. When she finally got him off the phone and on his way she hurried downstairs to open the front door just a crack and await his arrival.

He quickly walked up to her door and as promised it was open for him. He pushed it open letting himself in and turning to lock it behind him calling out for her as he did. He heard her footsteps before he saw her. She came up behind him through the kitchen having just locked the back door.

She called out to him simply, ” Hello.”

He turned around to face the direction of her voice and was about to say something when he finally really saw her. His mouth dropped open and he was almost sure he was drooling.

She had come from the other room looking beautiful as usual. However, this time she was wearing a full-length light brown fur coat and high heels. As she approached him and was only about ten feet away she allowed the front of the coat to open only an inch or two, enough for him to notice that she was completely naked underneath. He looked from her legs up to her face and back. She was so hot. He could see just a hint of the curves of her breasts and s small patch of her close cropped bush.

She smiled in a big wide grin looking back at him and loving his reaction. She continued to open the fur coat resting her hands on her hips. She now strolled a few more steps crossing one leg in front of the other in a very provocative way. She let the fur fall slightly off her shoulders now so her tits were exposed and stood still only a few feet away showing him her full nakedness. She stood there her hands running slowly up and down her hips keeping the fur fully open for his pleasure. Now he could take it all in from her position only a foot away. He could not only see her he could smell her wonderful scent.

She said, ” Well, what do you think?” turning around slowly in place for his appraisal.

He could barely answer, ” You, you look awesome, beautiful, gorgeous, unbelievable!”

She smiled broadly as she returned to face him, ” I’m glad. I’m your gift. And this is my special wrapping” She said holding her fur wide open now.

She continued, ” I hope you will unwrap me all the way in the bedroom.”

At which point she noticed that he was cold and even so hard his hard cock was showing in his pants.

She opened her fur and said, “Baby, you need to warm up. Come in here where it’s nice and warm.” Opening her arms wide and offering her body to him.

He said nothing. Shaking his head in disbelief he readily accepted her invitation and reached inside the fur and wrapped his arms around her and kissed her open and waiting mouth. They kissed long and deep with both of them moaning in desire while his cool hands touched her warm skin causing her to shiver. He caressed and squeezed her firm ass in one hand while he ran one hand from her breasts down to the patch of short hair between her legs seeking out her pussy. He was pleasantly surprised to find her already very, very wet. She was dripping with wetness. She gasped as his fingers found her wetness. She gasped not from the coolness of his touch but from desire. Soon his hands were as hot as she was and his touch was once again setting her on fire.

She broke their kiss to lead him from the front hallway where they were standing with her almost naked, to a bedroom around the corner where they had satisfied each other before. While they walked he trailed a step behind her to admire the view as he lifted the fur to one side to admire her ass in motion and the shape of her already beautiful legs now highlighted by the slight lift of the high heels. She simply smiled and kept walking enjoying the show she was putting on for him and enjoying his hand as it ran over her ass and dipping between her legs brushing against her soaking wet pussy lips.

When they got to the room she turned closed and locked the door behind him. As she did he quickly stripped out of his clothes. He now stood naked before her with his cock hard but not fully erect. She came to him and took him in hand as she kissed him deeply telling him how much she missed him and adding a squeeze on his cock for emphasis. He moaned his desire into her mouth as he returned her passionate kiss and then took his hands and pushed the fur a little further off her shoulders so he could kiss his way down her neck to her tits. As he did so she shook in his hands as he squeezed her tits in his hands and then put one hand back between her legs to fully take advantage of her wetness. All the while she clung to his cock and balls with both hands while tilting her head back enjoying his kissing on her neck.

He sucked on her nipples while he squeezed her tits all the while working his other hand slowly down to and along her slit teasing her clit and then further teasing her by slipping one finger in and out of the entrance to her open wet pussy. She sighed her approval as she pushed his head into her chest and pushed her pelvis into his hand as he worked her pussy more and more. She was so soft and wet, waiting for him, needing him, wanting him.

He now looked up and into her eyes as he reached up and took the fur by the lapels and pushed it off of her completely throwing it aside on a chair. She inhaled deeply as he did. She stood before him now quivering in excitement and anticipation. He was almost shaking like it was their first time. He ran his hands up and down over her.

He kissed her again briefly and then took her by the shoulders and asking, but more telling her, ” Turn around.”

She complied smiling and without saying a word. As she did she knew what he would want instinctively and bent over at the waist slightly while spreading her legs about a foot apart allowing him not only a fabulous view of her ass and lovely legs bit her tits hanging heavy in front of her. She took hold of a table that was in the room to steady her self.

She was much shorter than him and now having her in high heels allowed him the wonderful opportunity to fuck her from behind standing up with ease. He didn’t waste time. Even though he was not completely hard he was able to guide himself into her hot, wet, and waiting pussy. She let out a long low moan as he entered her while holding onto her hips pulling her ass back to him. Once in, he pushed forward a little and reached up and held onto her hanging tits, just enjoying the moment and the feeling of her bent over in front of him willing and waiting for whatever came next. He caressed and played with her tits and nipples while he worked his cock around inside her. He loved the way her tits looked and felt. And she definitely loved the attention he paid them as it always made her moan and squirm when he was inside her. He pumped her a few times like this long and slow, and then felt her turning around to face him again.

” I really want you. I’m glad you liked the wrapping Our gift came in. Now I really need to get started with the exchange. Please….” She said almost in a pleading voice as she gently kissed him and reached out to fondle his balls feeling to see if she could tell how close he was. She was happy that they were still slightly loose hanging in her hand. She loved the feel of them and rolled them around softly yet firmly in her hand.

He started to ask a question when she put a finger to his lips with a sly smile on her face. He knew that for now she would be in control and he didn’t mind at all.

She took him by the cock, pulling gently, and led him to the bed.

She lay down on the bed and spread her legs wide and then lifted her legs up to him. She asked him to remove her shoes. Which he did readily taking first one foot and then the other removing her shoes. He did this with her laying on her back on the bed lift her ass up to reach her foot up to him and with each leg he took in hand she spread the other leg wide so he would be drawn down to look at her pussy. She placed her hands on either side of her open pussy over her bush and spread her already open lips even wider for his pleasure. She knew he couldn’t look anywhere else now. She loved teasing him like this and thrilled at the sight of the look on his face as he stared at her gaping wet pussy.

She then told him what the gift would consist of saying to him as he joined her now laying on her and pushing his cock into her waiting pussy. She wrapped him up with her arms and legs holding him close to her.

This sudden insertion made it very difficult for her to speak but she persisted.

She said to him, ” What I want to give you is what we have wanted since we first met. I want you to fuck me in the ass just as hard as you want. But before you do I will need you to give me your gift, first.” She paused reveling in his expression.

She continued, “Your gift to me will be what you’re doing right now, fucking me. I know you can hold on and not cum for me yet. But first I want you to lick and play with my pussy until I’m ready to cum. When I’m almost there I’ll let you know. I’m sure you can tell it won’t take long.” Pausing again to look into his eyes, smiling.

Then she concluded with, “Then I want you to turn me over and put your big thick cock in my ass. I know you will be gentle at first for me. But after I’m ready you can fuck my ass and cum for me, cum in my ass while I cum with you.” As she finished she reached up to kiss him and suck in his lower lip while she summoned up all her strength to hold his cock deep in her pussy. He felt so good inside her right now.

He didn’t answer, he couldn’t. He was too amazed. He had wanted her this way badly but they had not been able to so far due to time constraints or other roadblocks. They had been together a few times now and she had assured him that they would be alone here safely for hours if they desired. He knew this would be critical for her to relax enough for them to do this. They had talked about this several times and she had said she would like him to take her this way and that she was sure they would both enjoy it very much. She had told him she was open to anything with him.

“Well, what do you say?” she asked kissing him as she did and squeezing his cock again with her pussy for an added little something.

He nodded his head and said, “Yessss” as he leaned in and kissed hard and deep.

He was in heaven. Here he was with this beautiful woman who had just met him wearing only a fur coat and heels just for him. Now he was laying here with his cock being squeezed by her pussy and having him tell her she wanted him to fuck her in the ass, wow!

He broke off their kiss and sucked and licked his way quickly down to her aching and waiting pussy taking her breath away as he did. Everywhere he kissed or touched caused her to twitch, moan her approval, or arch her body in response. As he neared her pussy he stroked her inner thighs as he slide his cock out and replaced it with his fingers.

She spread her legs wider now for him. Giving her self over to him. She welcomed his fingers with wetness and a low moan. As he lowered himself between her legs he could feel the heat and smell that erotic scent of her sexual excitement. He blew on her clit making her hips heave up and her to cry out even more.

He licked his way up from her ass gathering up her wetness as he did. She tasted great and as usual this turned him on even more. He greedily licked up as much as he could get. When he got to her pussy lips he found that they were already swollen and pushed out from his cock having been inside giving his tongue easy access to her inner pink pussy walls.

He sunk his tongue as deep as it would go and thrust it in and out, fucking her with it and quickly causing her to inhale deeply and bite her lower lip while grabbing onto the bed cover.

She cried out, ” Oh baby yesssss that’s so goood.”

She was writhing in pleasure now rolling her head from side to side. He reached up with one hand and pulled on her nipples, first one then the other. They were already very hard. He pulled them firmly up stretch them to their limit and then releasing them. Only switching when he heard her begin to cry out. While he did this he moved his tongue up her swollen pussy to her enlarged clit. He flicked his tongue rapidly up and down and across her most sensitive spot.

This drove her wild. She was now bucking her hips back against his tongue trying to get more pressure on her aching clit. As she lifted her hips, he slid his free hand under her ass and held it up forcing her pussy into his mouth and increasing the pressure with his tongue on her clit.

He could now tell she was very close. He slowly slid the little finger of his hand that was under her ass into the opening to her ass. It slid in easily as she was now running with wetness and about to cum. He knew this would push her to the edge if not over. And he thought he would begin to loosen her up for later.

She moaned, “ohhhhhh” as he finger fuck her ass feeling the resistance weaken with each stroke.

He then slid a few fingers from the same hand just into the opening of her pussy and no further. Running them up and down the inside of her lower lips teasing her further. As he did this she lost it and cried out loudly in pleasure, “Ohh baby, I’m cumming, Oh, so good, ohh, uhhh, noooo not yet. Please not…”

Her words trailed off, as she was realizing he would not stop his effort to make her cum. She convulsed and rocked around on the bed under his persistent attention to all her very ready and sensitive areas. She came in seconds with intensity and producing even more lubrication.

He stopped his efforts quicker than he normally would have because now he knew what he was going to do.

He would comply with her wish for a gift from him but He would determine how many times he would make her cum.

He knew her well enough from their few previous sessions that once she started cumming she could keep going probably far longer than he ever could.

She would not know when he was going to fuck her in the ass. He would keep her in suspense.

That would be his surprise gift!

He pushed himself upright smiling at the sight of her quivering and smiling from her orgasm below him. He slid up and guided his cock into her waiting pussy. Her eyes still closed, her legs instantly and instinctively went up and around him pulling him to her.

He moved very little which had the effect of teasing her more and allowing him to remain calm enough not to cum right then and there.

She pouted and pulled at his hips and said, “You didn’t stop! I thought we were going to stop so you could fuck me in the ass and cum together.”

He just smiled slyly down and said, “Oh I will, I will, just not right now.”

“What do you mean? I wanted you to cum for me in my ass. I want it.”

He kissed her and then said with a sly smile, ” I will but you are going to cum again for me.” He said pushing his cock deep into her for added emphasis.

She said with a wide eyed expression, ” What?”

“Just trust me.” He said to her and with that he rolled them over so she was on top and held her ass in both hands clamping her against him while he ground his hips and pubic bone up against her knowing this would intensify her subsiding orgasm and make her want him even more.

In this position she had a feeling of great fullness and he had the benefit of being inside her but could control their movement just enough to refrain from going any further. She wriggled and struggled trying to move more but he held her close and soon she got the idea.

They lay like this for quite a while as he sucked her tits and kissed her slowly allowing her time to come down from her orgasm and him time to get control of his urge to cum. He loved having her on top of him like this. He could hold her ass in both hands and suck on her tits or kiss her easily. He could feel her pussy leaking wetness all over them. She had been wet before but this was a lot even for her.

It was then he knew she wanted him as much as he wanted her and the anticipation was really getting her. He was now gently moving his hips so his cock was moving ever so slowly in and out of her pussy. The soft warm wetness of her there was incredible.

Eventually she calmed from her orgasm and stopped trying to move and quietly laid her head down on his shoulder kissing his neck and whispering into his ear, “Mmmm, that was soooo good. You feel so good.” Her hand stroking his face and side.

He didn’t reply. He kissed her as he gently slipped from under her keeping her laying face down. He now moved quickly around behind her.

She almost pouted as she asked, ” Where are you going? No, don’t take it out yet! You feel too good.”

She tried to turn over but he put his hand on her back and gently urged her back down. He then took her by the hips and pulled her ass up so she was resting now on her knees with her face and chest on the bed. He spread her legs wide giving him the most exciting view of her ass and her sopping wet pussy.

Her pussy was still slightly open from his cock having been inside and her wetness was evident on her thighs and matted down the hair of her bush. He easily slipped two fingers into her pussy and she gasped. He then started to slide those two fingers in and out vigorously with them curved down to just graze her g-spot. She then felt his other hand on her. He was sliding his fingers slowly into her ass. She felt her ass resisting at first and tried to focus on relaxing the muscles around the rim. It didn’t take much.

His fingers were now well inside her ass and he was moving them in and out and around stretching her out and at the same time causing her to quickly climb the ladder towards another orgasm and he knew it, damn him.

She again cried out, ” Ohhhh, ughhhhh, mmmm” but could not form any words just sounds he knew were sounds of pure pleasure.

His hand, fingering her like this was too much. She loved to show herself to him like this. She knew it really turned him on. It also, she had to admit, really turned her on to show herself off like this.

She had not really come down from her first orgasm and this intense pressure in and out of her pussy and touching her on that magic spot combined with the feeling of him playing his fingers in and out of her willing ass would soon prove to be too much. She knew it and so did he, damn him. She was so excited she couldn’t resist at all, not that she intended to.

Soon she was moaning loudly and saying, “I’m gonna cum, baby!”

Then she did cum shooting great streams of wetness from her already soaked pussy. She did not think it possible but here she was squirting more wetness than she ever imagined was in her. The more he pumped the more she squirted.

She heard her self screaming somewhere in the background as she exploded in the most fantastic orgasm. He had made her cum twice in less than fifteen minutes and this latest one was more intense than the first.

She felt him slowly withdraw his fingers from her and she collapsed onto the bed. She was in a fog but felt so good. She was aware of him on top of her now and felt the familiar touch of his cock sliding into her pussy. Oh, he felt so good. He slid it slowly all the way in and then held it there pushing it against the deepest parts of her. She was so overwhelmed all she could do was moan her pleasure. She couldn’t move and didn’t care. She was his totally.

Her body was tingling all over. She somehow figured he was now sitting up as she felt his cock change position in her. He was inside her at a deeper different angle and his hands were now running over her ass and back.

As he slid out of her he had decided that he was going to make her cum again after a short rest from her first orgasm. He heard her protest, but ignored it as he put a hand on her shoulder forcing her back face down. Then he took her by the hips. Oh man, her ass was so sweet. He lifted her up onto her knees and spread her already spread legs wider. She was now face down with her ass and pussy propped up wide open and ready for him.

She didn’t move or even say a word. Her pussy looked so hot. It was soaking wet with her juices all over her legs and bush. The lips were still parted from just having had his cock in her. Her asshole was slightly open to from his initial finger fucking. He smiled and thought to himself it would open much wider before long. He couldn’t resist any longer. He slid two fingers curved down quickly inside her slippery pussy and began a very fast rhythm.

He knew that this drove her wild. This would make her cum again for him in no time. It would be a different kind of orgasm. It would come from inside her pussy and would allow her very sensitive clit to be touched again later when he would make her rub it to a climax as he fucked her and came in her beautiful waiting ass.

While he stroked her pussy quickly with one hand he took two fingers and quickly gathered up some of her abundant wetness and slid them slowly and carefully into her upturned and waiting ass. At first he felt the reflex resistance of the outer muscles of her asshole trying to keep this intrusion out. Then he heard her moan as she wiggled under his assault and then he felt her relax the muscles and he slipped his fingers into the hilt. He slid them in and out and expanded them apart slowly stretching out her already willing ass. He loved this. The site of her pussy being worked by his one hand while her ass parted to accept his other was a real turn on.

She was so willing and ready for him. He had her totally under his fingertip control. He increased pressure on the fingers in her ass while he sped up his finger fucking of her pussy. He knew she could not hold back and would cum soon from all this stimulation.

He was soon rewarded for his efforts. She cried out she was cumming.

Then she started screaming unintelligible, unmistakable, guttural sounds of pure pleasure. As she did her pussy started to squirt great amount of wetness all over his hands and her legs and onto the bed. This turned him on so much. He had heard that women could cum like this but seeing it, feeling it like this was incredible. He pumped his fingers in and out of her pussy faster and faster. The more he pumped the more she came. She now had wetness from her ass down to her knees and his hands were soaked. There was a huge wet spot on the bed under her.

He soon thought he should let up now, and slowed his assault on her pussy, as he didn’t want to make her too sore and wanted to ensure she could recover enough to cum for him while her came in her ass. But he couldn’t resist and pumped her pussy quickly picking up the tempo again for one last try at making her cum. She didn’t disappoint him she came again and squirted more from her pussy as she shook and cried out.

He then reluctantly pulled his fingers first from her ass and then from her still quivering pussy. She collapsed onto the bed gasping for breath and murmuring and mumbling sounds of relief and pleasure. He looked down admiringly at his accomplishment. She was so beautiful when she came, completely into it to the exclusion of all else. She totally gave in to her desire with him. The sounds of her cumming, the movements, the scent of her sex, were intoxicating. And her ability to squirt and produce such wetness was such an erotic feeling for him. Like a drug he wanted more.

He quickly straddled her ass and guided his cock down and into her soaked pussy. As he did he rubbed his hands in her wetness and squeezed her ass and ran his hands all over her.

Her pussy felt incredible. It was hot, wet, and wide open and welcoming. He heard her moan softly at his entry. He pushed his cock deep into her open pussy holding it against the end of her sex. He just wanted to hold still and enjoy the hot wet feeling of being one with her.

He didn’t want the moment to end. But he wanted her ass badly. He needed to cum, to feel her cum as he came deep in her ass.

He held still like this for several minutes gently rocking back and forth every so often to feel the wonderful soft wetness of her. He waited for her to come back to her senses as he gazed down on her and stroked and caressed her, feeling his cock deep inside her. The first sign she was coming back around was her pussy squeezing down on his cock the next time he tried to move back slightly.

He looked down at her and smiled noticing her eyes were now blinking open.

He asked her softly, “Feel good baby?” While enjoying her intimate massage of his cock.

She closed her eyes as she said with a big smile, ” Good? I feel way better than good.”

He said, “I’m glad” As he pulled his cock back and pushed t into her causing her to groan.

She said to him as she pushed back into his cock with her soaking wet ass and pussy, ” I can’t believe how easily you can do that to me. My God, I’m soaking wet.”

He asked her softly as he leaned forward pushing deep into her holding his cock still and slipping a thumb into her ass, ” Um, do you have anything left? Will you cum again for me while I cum in your ass?”

She wriggled under his pressure. She would do anything for him to please him. He was so big and hard inside her. She wanted him badly.

When she felt him slip his thumb in her ass she felt like a bolt of lightening struck her pussy, more specifically her aching clit. He had started her back up towards another climax.

She inhaled deeply and let it out as she answered, ” Oh yeah. I will for you baby. Anything, for you baby. I want you to feel good. I want to feel your cock in my ass. I want to feel you cum inside me while I cum with you.” There was a sound of urgency in her voice and she was squirming underneath him.

“Mmmm, goood baby. Are you ready to try now?” he asked as he reluctantly pulled his cock back out of her pussy.

He leaned up next to her face and kissed her deeply. She turned to take him into her arms pulling him to her desperately. She clung to him to his kiss. He let his hands wander over her body caressing her tits and ever so gently touching her pussy working the tip of his fingers across her sensitive clit.

As he did she responded by kissing him back with greater intensity and involuntarily moaning into his mouth while her pussy quivered under his touch. He wanted to see if her pussy was ready, really her clit, to withstand one more assault.

He was thrilled with her response. He slowly broke off their kiss only to quickly start another on her other lips. He needed lick her now. He wanted to taste her, to feel her build towards another orgasm under the gentle attentions of his tongue.

She was returning to her senses and blinked her eyes as she felt him trying to pull his cock slightly back. She squeezed her pussy down onto his wonderful big cock. She heard him asking her if she felt good and she told how great she felt and realized how much she had come and how wet she had made everything. It was unbelievable how much he could make her cum. And when she came like this she never wanted it to stop.

She could tell by the tone of his voice when he spoke and the fullness of his cock that he would be cumming soon. She felt the pressure of his thumb in her open and ready ass and felt herself sliding again towards another orgasm. She gasped for breath as she told him she wanted him in her ass. Then she felt him pulling his big wonderful cock from within her.

She turned to find him beside her. She clung to him taking him into her arms and kissing him passionately. She felt his hands knowingly touch her breasts, her nipples, and now down to her electrified and aching pussy. She felt him graze her clit and as his hand swept over her wide spreading pussy. She kissed him deeper now hearing herself moaning in desire as she did. She felt him slipping away from her kiss and opened her eyes feeling a sense of loss. Soon she saw and felt him between her legs.

His mouth now on her electrified pussy. His tongue now gently probed her clit and pussy lips causing her to shake and arch her back up. This felt so good. He knew just how much pressure she could take. He was so gentle yet so firm and insistent with his tongue that she felt her self quickly on the way to cumming yet again.

She cried out to him, ” Oh baby, easy I’m gonna cum again! Oh mmmm…” her voice trailing off as she did. She felt him stopping his tongue lashing of her pussy and gently felt him roll her over onto her stomach. It was like she was in a trance or a dream.

She couldn’t believe how fast he had brought her to the brink. She ached for him. She wanted him. And she wanted to cum again and feel that incredible rush she felt every time she came when she was with him. She sensed him behind her now feeling him, she spread her legs slightly and raised her ass up making sure she left room to slip her hands between her legs to her aching pussy.

He had slipped his face down to her pussy expecting to enjoy the taste and slowly build her desire back towards a climax. He didn’t expect it to come so quickly. He had only licked her lips and teased her clit for a few minutes when she had told him she was ready to cum again. He was surprised but pleased that she was so close. It made him feel good that he excited her this much.

He pulled away admiring the look of ecstasy on her face and the beauty of her sexy body lain out before him. He gently but firmly rolled her over now onto her stomach. He was so hard and felt his cock throb at the site of her as she spread her legs and pushed her ass back and up for him to enter. He was dripping in pre cum now.

He then took his cock in his hands as he positioned himself between her legs and rubbed the head and shaft against her pussy to lubricate himself. This caused her to shiver and moan. He saw her reach her hands under her self and he knew if he didn’t pull away that the touch of her hands would be to much for him.

He now pulled his cock back with his hand and positioned it at the opening to her ass. He pressed slightly forward putting a light pressure on the entry to her back door.

He said to her, ” Ok baby, I’m ready. You push back whenever you’re close and ready. I’ll hold it steady and wait for you.”

She replied by saying, “Mmm yes.” As she began to work her pussy and clit with both hands while pushing back against his huge cock ever so slowly. She wanted him in her now. But he was so big and she had tightened up being so close to cumming herself. She took a deep breath and pushed back hard against his cock while furiously working her self right up to and now over the edge and into a glorious climax.

She heard him yelling his pleasure as she screamed hers into the sheets. He was now totally inside her as and was beginning to pump her ass fast and hard. The feeling of fullness was overwhelming.

Then the sensation of being fucked in the ass pushed her over the edge and her orgasm began exploding causing her to scream with pleasure and push back against him wanting him deep in her ass.

Then she felt his cock get bigger, thicker as he pushed deep into her and then she felt it. He exploded deep inside her ass. His hot cum came shooting, searing into her ass causing her another violent wave of shuddering orgasmic spasms to wrack her body. He kept pumping as she felt his cock jerk and throb as it shot loads of hot sticky wonderful cum in her ass.

She was cumming and he heard her voice start out low and rise in pitch and volume as she did moaning ” mmmmm, ughhhhhh, ohhhh….”

As soon as he had said he was ready she began to push back onto his throbbing cock. He held her by her hips guiding her onto his rigid pole. Her ass readily accepted his full length and width with little resistance and she cried out in pleasure as he pushed in and pulled her back until he was all the way in. Her ass was so tight yet accommodating.

He would not last, he knew this to be true. He saw her hands working her pussy fast and could feel the occasional brush of her fingertips on his balls as she did. This only pushed him closer. He was about to tell he was going to cum when he heard her cry out and felt her whole body clench.

He knew she was cumming and this caused his own orgasm to explode. The combination of the anticipation, the site of her below him his cock buried deep in her ass, the taste and smell of her sex still on his lips, and her cries of desire and pleasure pushed him to an incredible orgasm. His whole body shook involuntarily as he now slammed in and out of her ass. He heard him self moaning in pleasure as he pumped his load of cum into her hot and waiting ass. The harder he fucked her as the more she came and the more she pushed back against him wanting more. He came what felt like gallons, her ass sucking his cock dry.

Finally he couldn’t hold him self up any more and collapsed on top of her reveling in the feeling of being in her, on her, near her. He could hear her moaning/whimpering below him as she came back from her own most intense orgasm of the day.

She was mumbling to him softly, ” mmm, baby, ohhh, hmmm.” She was still trembling slightly reeling from the aftershocks of their very intense joint climax.

He was doing the same while his now softening cock was still in her ass and slowly slipping out of her. As it did he rolled off her to lie next to her gasping for breath his heart pounding.

She looked to him and then lifted her self slightly and put her arms around him and pulled him near. She looked into his eyes. She smiled and kissed him gently as he held her caressing her.

She said to him smiling and looking deep into his eyes, ” That was the best gift I have ever, ever received.”

Then she kissed him long and softly. He too thought this was by far the best gift he had ever received and what wrapping paper.

He didn’t reply, he couldn’t he was far beyond words. He simply kissed her back and held her closer.

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