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Gaining Experience

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It was just a few weeks after Linda’s 18th birthday, and her big sister Kathy was home from school.

“Are you sure that you’re ready for this?” Kathy asked.

Linda looked at her with anticipation. “Yes, I said I was. But I don’t know what to expect.”

“I don’t want you to know. But this should answer some of those questions you ask me.”

“About what?” Linda asked. “I hope it’s the sex questions!” she giggled nervously.

Kathy led her to the basement steps, motioning for Linda to go first. The steps led to a nice open recreational area. A combination game room and TV room, with soft, informal furniture. Linda got to the bottom of the stairs and took two steps into the room.

“OHH!” she cried out and immediately turned around to run out of the room but ran directly into Kathy. Kathy held her, steadying her, as if the suddenly over-stimulated girl was going to collapse.

“There’s… two… naked…guys!” Linda managed to whisper to her sister. She was still heading toward the stairs to leave, but Kathy held her still.

“I know. It’s okay,” Kathy assured her.

Linda looked at her sister with surprise and disbelief. “Huh?”

“It’s okay,” Kathy repeated. “They’re here for you.”

“Huh?” It was Linda’s turn to repeat, as she was turned around.

Linda now looked again at the two naked guys standing across the room, her eyes drawn to the bare dicks hanging in front of them. Wait, a girl was standing between them. Also naked. What the hell was going on?

Finally, Linda at last looked at the faces of these people as she struggled to control her mind. She recognized these faces. They were her sister’s friends. She had met them all. They looked different without clothes, but yes, she knew them.

“Kathy, they…” Linda had turned to speak to her sister, but was shocked again to see that her sister had removed her top. Standing there in her bra, she was also dropping her slacks, stepping out of them as Linda watched, kicking them aside, then smiling at her.

“We are all here for you,” she said to Linda. “Hopefully we can help you answer some of those questions about guys… and sex. And we can all have some fun, too!”

“Holy fuck!” was Linda’s shocked reply.

“Yes, I imagine fucking is in the plans,” Kathy laughed.

“I don’t understand,” Linda said to no one in particular, staring at the naked bodies in front of her.

Kathy motioned toward the sofa, about halfway between her and the naked people. “Just have a seat and we’ll get started.

Mostly in a trance, her senses trying to come to grips with what she was seeing and hearing, Linda allowed herself to be led over to the sofa and sat, and when she looked up the naked guys were in front of her.

“Take hold of their dicks,” Kathy said. “Let’s do that while they are still a little soft.”

Linda did that, wrapping a hand around each dick even before her sister was done speaking. The dicks had hung right in front of her face, and now were in her hands. They had been semi-hard, and were getting harder as she watched. She felt the soft, smooth skin of the semi-limp dicks, and it stayed soft and smooth as they grew stiff. She noticed for the first time that she was getting tingles between her legs.

“Feel them get hard?” Kathy asked. “I was hoping you could hold them as they got hard. I love to feel them start soft and grow.”

“Um, yeah,” Linda answered dreamily, glancing at her sister but hardly taking her eyes off the erections in front of her face.

“I’ve told these guys what you told me,” Kathy was saying as Linda felt the dicks grow and twitch. “That you are not a virgin, you have given hand jobs and blow jobs, but you’ve never really enjoyed any of it. Is that right?”

Linda was only half listening to Kathy, but suddenly she paid attention. Kathy had shared their conversations with her friends? They knew her secrets? She felt embarrassed at that, especially because it was all true. She had sex experiences, more than some of her friends, but none of it had been good. Just guys out for their own pleasure, it seemed. Or maybe, as she had asked Kathy, maybe she just didn’t enjoy sex.

Kathy saw that Linda was confused and embarrassed at this, but repeated, “Is that right?”

“Yes, that’s right,” Linda finally answered, though she wasn’t happy about it.

“Don’t worry, Sis,” Kathy was saying. “We have done this before. The four of us… naked, sharing secrets, seeing what we like. Some of us have had the same questions and doubts that you have told me about, and I thought you would enjoy being part of our little experimental group. At least for this one time. That is, if you want to.”

The sisters looked at each other, each one thinking of what was happening, what could happen. Linda was realizing that her sister had arranged this to help with her insecurities, her questions, her frustrations.

“Okay,” Linda said to her, nervously. Then softly asked, “What do we do?”

Kathy felt a weight lifted from her shoulders as her sister accepted what she had done. “Well, first, just keep enjoying those dicks. Slide your hands along them, see how they feel. Have you ever really felt one before?”

“Yes,” Linda said, then corrected herself. “No, not really. Just when a guy made me touch him, or jack him off. They were always in a hurry.” She decided to be honest about things. She realized that these people had stripped naked for her. That must have taken some courage.

“You can take your time with these,” Kathy answered. “Feel how spongy the head is,”

Linda did as she was told. She drew her fingers across the tip of each dick, both at once but concentrating on them one at a time. She thought spongy was a good term for it. And wet. They were both leaking some fluid. Pre cum, she knew.

Kathy continued, “And did you ever notice the ridge underneath?”

“Yeah,” Linda answered, moving her fingers to that part. She felt two ridges, really, with a space in between. She pushed harder on it, causing the dicks to twitch again and one of the guys to moan.

“No,” Linda changed her answer again. “I felt it, but not like this. I didn’t know exactly what it was like.”

That’s good,” Kathy said. “That’s what we’re here for. Explore all you want. Find out what it is really like. Feel the head. The ridge. Stroke the shaft.”

Linda did all of this, repeatedly. Her hands stroked the shaft up and down with a firm grip, then she would roll over the smooth head, and press hard on the ridge underneath. Both guys were beginning to help as they pushed forward and back, and she noticed that they were beginning to breathe heavily as well. It was a little overwhelming trying to think of two dicks at once, but she was surprised to hear her sister tell her to stop.

“They are getting too excited,” she said. “I assume you don’t want them shooting all over your face.”

Linda looked a bit confused to Kathy, so she asked, “Have you seen a guy cum?”

Linda blushed, then admitted, “Well, no, I haven’t actually seen it come out.” She was determined to be honest, no matter how embarrassing.

“Okay, we’ll get to that. They won’t hold out much longer,” Kathy said, laughing at the guys. “First, feel Dave’s balls.”

Linda seemed confused, so Kathy sat beside her on the sofa, then reached out and cupped Dave’s balls. “Like this.”

“Okay,” Linda said. “I didn’t know which one was Dave.” The girls looked at each other and laughed.

As Linda squeezed Dave’s balls gently, Kathy said, “That’s it. Firm but gentle. Roll them around a little in your fingers. Pull down on them. Gently.”

Linda followed her directions, and reached up with her other hand to grip his dick again when she was told. She stroked the shaft up and down slowly while continuing to play with his balls.

Meanwhile she noticed that the naked girl – Renee, she thought was her name – had pressed up against the other guy and reached around him. Her hands were playing with his dick and his balls from behind, though stroking him slowly and gently.

Linda was now stroking Dave’s shaft faster and faster, and her grip was tighter. Dave was rocking back and forth and beginning to moan. She noticed that his balls were starting to shrink, or rise up closer to his body.

When she mentioned that fact, Kathy reached over and pulled on Linda’s wrist, making Dave’s dick point away from her face.

“He’s about ready to shoot,” Kathy announced.

No sooner had she said that than Linda felt Dave’s dick throb, and he began moaning steadily.

“Watch him cum, Linda,” Kathy said.

Just as that was said, Linda saw the white cum shoot out of the tip of Dave’s dick. It was amazing to see the stream of stuff shoot out. She was also surprised to see that Kathy was holding her hand – and therefore his dick – so that the cum shot right onto Kathy’s face. As Linda kept stroking, Dave kept shooting, three or four times, right smack onto Kathy. One or two went into Kathy’s open mouth, the others onto her cheek or chin. A little even splashed into one eye.

“Keep stroking,” Kathy said, giggling through her sticky lips. “Slower. Squeeze. Squeeze the rest of his cum out.”

Linda saw some globs of the messy liquid ooze out of his hole as she squeezed, and Dave finally reached up with his hand to slowly remove her hand. Linda then gave most of her attention to Kathy.

Kathy was wiping the cum away from her eye and off her face, while licking off as much as her tongue could reach. She giggled again when she saw Linda looking at her.

“I kind of like to taste it, at least some of it. Thanks for the help.” she laughed. “Did you see him cum?” When Linda nodded, she added, “Did you like it?”

“God, yes. it was exciting!” Linda said. All of them laughed at that.

“Have you tasted anyone’s cum?”

“A little. It didn’t seem bad,” Linda answered.

“How is this?” Kathy asked as she took a glob on her finger and pushed it into Linda’s mouth.

Surprised, but learning to expect anything, she tasted it and said, “Mmmm. Sticky, but actually pretty good.”

“Cool!” Kathy was pleased. But we better get to Tommy’s dick before he explodes without us.”

They turned toward Tommy – that was his name! – and Renee backed away from him. She had been keeping him hard, though probably not much of a problem.

“Okay, do your thing,” Kathy said.

Linda reached for his balls with one hand and his dick with her other. She tried to use the techniques that Kathy had taught her. It didn’t take long before she felt his dick swelling and twitching. His balls began contracting as his moaning increased.

“Careful, he’s gonna cum!” warned Kathy.

Linda surprised her by saying, “Cum on my face, Tommy.”

He immediately moaned louder, shoved his hips forward, and in seconds began shooting his load directly onto Linda’s face. She opened her mouth and took some there. Tommy seemed to shoot more than Dave had. Linda’s entire face seemed covered with his cum, and when he was only oozing cum out the tip, Linda bent over to lick it off. She even opened her mouth and took his head inside, licking the whole head clean. When she was done she had looked so good that everyone gave her a little applause. Everyone but Tommy, who was very pleased but still recovering.

“Damn, Sis,” Kathy said. “You did that good.” She took a finger full of cum off Linda’s cheek, helping her to clean up.

“Who tasted better?” Linda asked her.

“Oh, I love them both,” she answered. “Actually, I like about all the cum I’ve tasted. Besides, it’s best not to compare guys. Makes them insecure. The taste of their cum, their dick size, anything.”

Linda hadn’t thought that much about the size of these dicks. It seemed that they were at least as big as any she had seen, or felt, but mostly her experience had been in the back of cars or dark rooms. This is the first time that she really had a chance to look carefully and appreciate them.

Linda had thoroughly enjoyed this experience. “Thanks, guys, that was really great.”

“I’m glad you had fun,” Kathy told her, “but we’ve only just begun. That is, if you’re okay.”

Linda felt her pussy throb just a little, wondering what else these people had in mind for her. It was only then that she noticed Kathy was topless. She must have taken off her top while she was jacking off Tommy. She realized that she might be next just before Kathy said it.

“You got some cum on your blouse. We’d better take it off.”

Not surprised at this, Linda made no attempt to stop Kathy from removing it. Tommy leaned over to help as well, and when his dick came so close to her face she reached up and squeezed it, and licked a drop of cum off the tip.

Kathy saw this and continued her tutoring. She took Dave’s dick in her hand and said, “Rub along that ridge under here. That milks the rest of his cum out.” And as a big glob came out she licked it off his dick. Strange, she thought, after being here with two naked dicks, jacking them off, and cumming on her face, but licking that big glob of cum off the end of his dick seemed to be the dirtiest that she felt.

Linda did the same with Tommy, getting even more cum. She licked it off as well, and then tried to remember just when she had lost her bra. She knew she did, she felt it come off. But she was so absorbed with the two dicks again, and their cum, and the ridge that helped get more cum, that she hadn’t really thought much about it when it happened. She didn’t even feel embarrassed now, sitting topless in front of these people. Of course, they were all naked (except for Kathy’s panties) and she had just jacked two of them off and eaten their cum. Yes, she thought, that should take care of the embarrassment factor.

Kathy looked at her sister. “Alright, did you notice that the guy’s dicks never have gone completely soft? They must be excited about something.” she laughed, then swatted at Dave’s dick, making it bounce back and forth. “We made them cum first, and now they will last longer when we play with them some more. But we are going to let them rest for a bit longer and let them recover.”

Linda wasn’t sure what to think about that. What were they going to do that didn’t involve a nice, hard dick? She saw Kathy raise her hips off the couch and slip her panties off, and suddenly she felt overdressed.

“When we get together like this, we are all naked,” Kathy told her. “And right now you’re the only one dressed.”

Just partly dressed, Linda thought, but that was beside the point. She said nothing, but smiled and seemed to be fine, and she did not resist when Kathy reached for her waist. Renee then reached for the other side of her slacks and they were soon around her ankles. The guys had knelt down and were slipping her slacks and panties off her feet, leaving her naked just like the rest of them.

Instead of standing up, the guys stayed kneeling in front of her, then they both began rubbing her ankles, her calves, her knees. Linda began feeling damp in her crotch. Again.

“The guys have had all the fun so far,” Kathy began, then Linda interrupted.

“No, they haven’t. I’ve had a lot of fun!”

“Well, that’s good,” Kathy answered. “But there’s more. Has anyone ever made you cum?”

Now Linda was embarrassed. “No, never. Just myself,” she blurted out, causing another ripple of laughter through the group.

While she was thinking of that the guys had moved their hands further up, onto her thighs. Her inner thighs. And had pushed her legs apart a bit further. She was getting hot with anticipation of what she thought might be happening.

Kathy had sighed, and said, “Too often, guys are only concerned with themselves. Especially teenagers. It sounds like that’s the only kind of guys you’ve been dating.”

Linda nodded her head enthusiastically, agreeing completely but unable to speak as the hands had reached her crotch. They were brushing against her pussy. Now it was her turn to breathe heavily.

Kathy continued. “My guys are very sensitive to a girl’s needs. Aren’t you glad you trimmed your pussy last night? I can see from here that it is wet.”

Linda jumped, or felt like it, when a finger touched her hole. It didn’t go in, but rubbed at the opening and around it. Another finger was lower down, nearly to her ass hole, driving her a little crazy in an area she didn’t even know was sensitive.

“UNGHH!” she let out as a finger touched her clit. She lost her breath, and was overcome with sensations as fingers were all over her pussy. Her arms straightened and her fingers clutched at the cushions. She spread her legs wider to let those fingers go wherever they wanted.

Then she felt fingers pinching her nipple. Shock waves shot again through her body as her sensitive nipples were bigger pleasure centers than she had ever realized. She nearly lost it when she realized that it was Renee pinching her nipples and squeezing her breasts. She wouldn’t have wanted a girl to do that, but as turned on as she was at the moment all she wanted was more! As Renee leaned in and took her breast in her mouth, Kathy pinched her other nipple. At the same time a finger slipped into her pussy hole and another pinched her clit.

Linda had no chance. Her hips rose up from the sofa and her head slammed backwards as she erupted in a tremendous orgasm. Never had she come close to an orgasm of this size. A scream escaped her throat as she flailed her limbs, no longer knowing what was happening to her. Her body was nothing but nerve endings lighting up and going off.

As she calmed down a little, she realized that she had been completely out of control. She sat there with her legs splayed far out, her pussy leaking, her breasts heaving, spasms still shooting through her body – but she didn’t care. She had just had the experience of her young life.

Murmurs of approval rippled through the group as the hands on her body kept rubbing, but no longer trying to stimulate her.

“That was wonderful,” said Kathy with approval.

“Oh, shit!” Linda said haltingly. “You have no fucking idea!”

“Yeah,” laughed Kathy, “We kind of do, but it did look awesome.”

“Ohhhh,” breathing out all of the air in her lungs, “It really was.”

“And now it seems that everyone is ready,” Kathy said, but Linda didn’t understand.

Kathy continued. “The guys have their erections nice and hard, your pussy is soaked. I think everyone is ready.”

“For what?” Linda asked, but thinking she already knew the answer.

The others seemed to think she knew, too. Each guy took a side and began to squeeze her breasts and kiss her all over, including her lips. Tongues were slipped deep inside other people’s mouths as they seemed to be simulating the fucking that they all wanted to be doing. Two hands were in her crotch, stroking her pussy, pinching her clit, reaching deep inside her vagina. She didn’t know who was doing what, nor did she care.

She was grateful when a hand reached for her hip and pulled her over. She now was sitting astride Tommy, one leg on either side of his lap. His big, thick dick stuck straight up in front of her crotch. She watched as Renee’s hand gripped the shaft and tilted it toward her crotch, while a gentle hand on her back pushed her forward. She gasped as the dick head touched her pussy. Renee guided it up and down the slit, then positioned it at her opening.

Tommy’s hands gripped her hips, pulling her forward, pushing his dick just barely into her opening. He looked up at her and as their eyes met, he said, “You do it the way you want.”

All Linda wanted at the moment to have that dick deep into her pussy. She had never wanted that before. She had always been nervous at this moment, afraid of pain or whatever was going to happen to her. The guys had always been so anxious to get their cocks into her and pump their loads out that it had never felt really good for her. But now it felt so good she could hardly stand it.

Pushing down with her hips caused the dick to be inserted into her channel, which she could feel stretch to accommodate it. She suddenly thought that this dick seemed much thicker than others she had felt. It must be thicker. She wanted it in her badly, whereas the others she basically tried to keep out. Plus she was soaking wet. And still, it seemed to push her out more than any other. But it didn’t matter. She was going to take it, all of it, and do it now!

She pushed herself down on the shaft again, and again, and again. With each push she felt some pain. Possibly just discomfort. But mostly she felt pleasure. Her insides were screaming with excitement as jolts of electricity shot from deep inside her pussy. Tommy was playing with her breasts and pinching her nipples, and the electricity from that mingled with those from her pussy.

Tommy’s dick was fully inside her now, and she pushed down sharply, impaling herself on it over and over. She was just thinking that this could feel even better than before when it stopped. Tommy held himself deep inside her, but no longer allowed her to pump. He slid them both to the edge of the sofa, then with a thud they fell onto the floor. Still deep inside her, she got a wonderful shock when they hit and his dick pushed even deeper up inside her.

He turned them around and pushed her onto the floor, staying inside her and on top of her. He began fucking her. “Missionary,” she thought to herself. The normal way. She kind of liked the man being on top, in control, as if she had no power at all. But she certainly had the cock in her. “Cock,” she thought. She must be turned on, She didn’t usually use that word, even in her thoughts.

Tommy kept pounding her pussy, driving Linda crazy. Her ass was driven into the floor, then she felt her orgasm hit. A blind explosion, stars and everything, as her vagina squeezed tight and kept him from pumping while she writhed on the floor through it all. She was done now, but to her surprise he was not. It didn’t feel good to her when he started pumping again, but soon she was enjoying herself again. Then he picked her up by her hips and guided her legs around him.

“Wrap your legs around him, cross your ankles,” Kathy told her.

Linda did as she was told, again, and began pulling her legs tight around him as he pumped his shaft into her. He could go harder and deeper with her help, and she loved it. Suddenly she felt something against her cheek. It was soft. And hot. And… When she opened her eyes she saw a penis, pushing against her lips. It was Dave’s.

She opened her lips and let it into her mouth, licking around the shaft and sucking on it when she could. She wasn’t sure what to do, but he seemed to like whatever she did. She could not even tell what she was doing half the time, though, as most of her concentration was on her poor pussy being pounded by Tommy. And she was helping him.

It crossed her mind how depraved she must look, being pounded on the floor while sucking another dick at the same time. It certainly made her feel depraved. This was dirtier than anything she thought that she would ever do. And her own sister had made her do it! Yes – she definitely had to thank her sister! Definitely.

Her mind was drawn back to her pussy as she felt Tommy change his motion. His shaft seemed to swell, his thrusts were ragged, he moaned- no yelled – and then she felt what must be his cum shooting inside of her. It was more than she could take, and she let loose with another orgasm of her own. Out of control, she had no idea what happened to Dave’s dick in her mouth. By the time she was done cumming Tommy was getting off her, rolling over onto his side. She could only lay there on the floor, feeling even more exposed and spread out than she had been before, and feeling happier about it, too.

When her aftershocks were just about over, she felt a strange, wet feeling in her pussy. Afraid that she leaking copiously and obscenely, she pulled her legs together, but found that they wouldn’t go. She looked down to her crotch and was shocked to see her sister’s head there. Kathy was licking her pussy! And holy shit did it feel good!

She spread her legs apart again to give her all the room she needed. Linda liked this, and wanted her to do whatever it was she wanted. Linda couldn’t hold her head up to watch any longer, but she laid back and enjoyed the sensations. She couldn’t believe that it was her sister between her legs, but her mind couldn’t linger on that fact for long.

She opened her eyes when she heard, or felt, something strange around her head. She was just in time to see what looked like a pussy coming down onto her face. Shit! She had heard of this but never knew anyone to do it. Then she thought that was really what her sister was doing to her, so she supposed she could do it to someone else. Renee, that is. It must be Renee’s pussy settling onto her face.

Linda opened her mouth and slid out her tongue, touching the totally shaven pussy of another girl. Fuck! Could this get any crazier? She was hesitant, not knowing what to do.

Renee knew that Linda had little idea how to proceed. “Just do what feels good,” she told Linda. When that didn’t seem to help, she said, “Copy what Kathy is doing to you.”

That was good advice. Linda began to copy the feelings in her own pussy. She threw in a few things of her own, especially when the feelings were too strong to control herself. She felt some mini-orgasms ripple through her. She actually was enjoying licking a pussy, very much to her surprise. And certainly she liked getting hers licked.

When Renee bounced on her a few times, Linda could see down to Kathy and was shocked to see what must have been Dave kneeling behind her. She thought he must be fucking her. “He is fucking her while she is eating my pussy!” Oh, damn! Well, that explained why Kathy’s face kept banging so hard into her snatch!

Renee had a great view of this, and it excited her to almost an orgasm. She pushed down onto Linda’s face, leaving the girl no choice but to take Renee’s clit into her mouth. Linda knew a little of what to do, and bit down on her clit. Renee howled in orgasm, nearly suffocating Linda before she finally collapsed onto the floor.

Linda then went into her own orgasm, exploding once more, this time almost painfully. It had just been too much for her tender body to take. Kathy had nothing on her mind but getting fucked and eating her sister, but Linda could take no more. With the last of her energy she pushed her heels to the floor and eased her body away from her sister’s mouth. Kathy’s face hit the floor as Dave drove down into her.

The others sat around in amazement as Dave did her doggie style for a couple of minutes more. Kathy cried out as she came loudly and dropped her hips to floor, but Dave caught them and pulled her to him. He was not yet done. It took another minute of pumping until he shot his load deep into Kathy’s pussy. He shot several streams in her, then held her up as he spasmed a bit more. Finally, he dropped her to the floor and fell over her. They were both completely spent.

As the five naked bodies slowly began stirring, they looked at each other and could only smile. And laugh, too. It had been an amazing night for them all.

“I hope you will invite me to another one of these,” Linda said.

“Did you get your questions answered?” Kathy asked.

“No,” Linda laughed. “I can come up with some more if I have to.”

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