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Apology Accepted

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“Welcome home, Jane.” My wife greeted me as I walked through the door and into the warmth of our home. She was zipping up the coats of our three year old son, Andrew and our five year old daughter, Julie.

“Thanks, babe.” I replied, going over to kiss her. Then I gave kisses to my kids atop their hatted heads. “And where are you little rascals going at this time of night?”

“Auntie Kate!” Andrew shouted in that childish enthusiasm.

“We’re staying with Robbie tonight!” Julie added, not to be out done by Andy.

I was not pleased with the news. I had been working non-stop for the past week and I hadn’t really had a chance to just hang out with my wife and kids as a family. However, it was Friday and I was finally free. Then to come home and find out that the kids were spending the night at my sister-in-law’s house, well that kind of put a damper on my plans. I looked over at Ann and she must’ve seen the displeasure on my face because she just pulled me to the side to explain.

“You’re mad, I know.” Ann said. We had been together for nine years, married for seven and by now Ann could see through me like glass. “I know you wanted to do something with them and I’m sorry sweetheart, but they’re coming back on Sunday and you can do whatever you want with them then.”

“And what’s your reason for doing this?” I questioned, folding my arms under my chest.

Ann shifted on her feet as a blush rose to color her cheeks. I knew the answer before she said it. “It’s been two months, you know?”

I softened, releasing my arms to the sides. Had it really been that long? I wrapped Ann in my arms and went to kiss her but a honk outside grabbed our attention. We went to find where the kids had scurried off to and after smothering them in hugs and kisses, I ushered them outside to the car. With a wave and a thank you to Kate, they were gone.

Back in the house, I finally took off my coat, hanging it in the closet by the door and leaving me in only the skirt-suit I had worn to work. I found Ann in the kitchen, washing the small amount of dishes piled in the sink. I hugged her from behind and pulled her back into me. I moved her brown ponytail to a single side and kissed her neck. She melted.

“Jane…” Ann sighed, “Let me heat you up some dinner before we get naughty, please? You’ve been working all day.”

I spoke between kisses on her soft skin. “I’ve been… a bad… wife.”

Ann turned to face me, looking into my blues with her browns, and placed her wet hands on my waist. “Yes, you have.” She leaned up to kiss me lightly, then pulled back and held me at arm’s length. “But before you make it up to me why don’t you go shower while I heat you up dinner and then I’ll shower while you eat. After all that, I expect some serious apology lovin’, okay?”

Reluctantly, I gave in. Ann swatted my bum as I sulked out of the kitchen.

After my relatively quick shower, I bounded back downstairs where I was met with a plate of dinner, something Ann had cooked earlier for the kids. She went and grabbed herself a shower while I ate as planned. It took me about seven minutes to eat and then I played with my phone for another ten minutes before I heard Ann’s voice.

“Baby, are you finished yet?”

I looked up from what I was doing and my jaw fell to the table. Ann was standing there in a dark purple silk thong that barely hid her goods and a matching laced bra. On her legs were black thigh-highs and she had let her hair down, letting it spill around her shoulders and frame her exotic features.

“Wow,” I stood up, phone forgotten on the table, and walked to Ann, encircling my arms around her waist. “When did you buy this?” I knew every piece of lingerie she owned and this was definitely not in her inventory.

“Last week, you like it?”

I kissed her jaw line. “I love it.” My hands dropped to palm her bare cheeks and I gave them a soft squeeze. She sighed and pushed into me. “You look so sexy.” I moved my lips to Ann’s and she opened her mouth to invite me. We kissed slowly at first, but as our hands roamed, hers underneath my pajama shirt, and mine’s on the skin that was exposed to me, our kiss grew in intensity. I pulled away and breathlessly demanded, “Bed, now.”

“Actually, I was thinking we could work up to that?” Ann’s eyes had that mischievous glint in them that I had come to know over the years. She was feeling particularly naughty today. Her gaze wandered over to the kitchen counter then back at me and she raised an eyebrow. I understood immediately. We kissed again as I locked my hands under her bottom and lifted her. I wasn’t very confident in my strength, but Ann wasn’t heavy, I had carried her before and besides, the kitchen was less than ten steps away.

I walked to the counter and released her on the hard surface. Her hands went to the bottom of my shirt and she whisked it over my head in one fluid motion. Before it even hit the floor Ann’s lips had already latched onto my nipple. My Bs paled in comparison to hers which was a full two sizes larger, but Ann constantly assured me that she loved them the way they were. My head lolled back and I let out a moan as Ann’s skilled tongue worked magic on my boob. When my nipple could get no harder, she flicked it with her tongue and moved to the next one to mirror her previous actions.

“God, you’re good at that.” I purred, “This may be the reason why I married you.”

“And here I am thinking it was because of my awesome personality.” She spoke around my tit. I laughed which turned to a groan as Ann used her teeth to bite my nipple.

Feeling satisfied, Ann lifted her head and we met in another passion filled kiss. My hands were on her thighs, kneading them, my thumbs pointed towards her center but not bothering to move any closer. She thrust her hips a little, letting her frustration and impatience be known. When I snickered into our kiss, she bit my lip, not to hard but hard enough to make it hurt. I winced but didn’t pull away and instead scratched on her thighs roughly in retaliation.

“Bitch.” She whispered with a smile.

I smirked, “You’re the bitch, beautiful.” I said in return. I looked between our bodies at the thong she donned. “This looks damn good on you, baby,” I put my fingers in the waistband and tugged downwards. “But it has to come off.” She obliged and slid a little closer to the edge to help with the disrobing process.

As I pulled the thin material down her thighs, Ann spoke softly, “Jane, it’s been too long, I won’t be able to hold out.”

The thong was thrown to the floor and I looked down to watch as I ran my fingers through my lover’s slit. I smiled, she was already wet. I brought my eyes back up to her clouded browns and responded to what she said. “It’s okay honey, let yourself go.”

My wife tangled her fingers in my raven hair and pulled me to her for another hot kiss. As we kissed, I softly stroked the neatly trimmed hair of her mound then moved lower to feel her puffy lips and spread her juices about. My kisses dropped to her neck and shoulder. I finally let two of my fingers delve inside of her and felt her shudder then let out a groan.

“That’s fantastic, please fuck me…” Ann sighed, her nails digging into my arm as she braced herself.

I complied and began pumping my hand, in, out, in, out. Ann rolled her hips along with the rhythm I’d established. I readjusted my hand’s position to be able to stroke her clit with my thumb as she rode my fingers.

“Harder…” She commanded. I pounded into her harder. “Faster…” I put more speed into my efforts. She wasn’t kidding about not being able to hold back. Three minutes of non-stop pumping and she was ready to burst. Her pussy muscles clamped down on my fingers as she stiffened and let out a cry.

“That was quick.” I teased, kissing on her shoulder.

Ann was catching her breath but managed to mutter a “shut up”. I chuckled and kissed her lips then I watched her shiver as I pulled my fingers from her. I brought them to my mouth and sucked them clean. She was sweet as always and I wanted to taste more of her.

“Shall we migrate to the couch?” I asked, not waiting for an answer before picking her back up and walking into the living room. I let her down on the soft cushion of the couch and climbed on top of her. As I kissed my way down her abdomen, Ann spread her legs; one foot went over the back of the couch and the other rested on the floor. In this position she was wide for me to see and I did take a moment to just enjoy her beauty. It’s a cliché but Ann’s pussy really was like a bloomed flower, opening up to me, when she was aroused. Her lips were well proportioned and folded perfectly, not a petal out of place; it made me both jealous and pleased.

I looked up at Ann from between her thighs as my tongue made its first stride. Ann’s hips jerked and she let out a sharp breath.

I smiled at her. “You like that, lover?”

She failed to answer me and only nodded.

I broke eye contact with her and focused on her delicious pussy. She was so wet it was making my mouth water. I leaned in for another lick and pulled b0ack to savor the taste. “You taste amazing, do you know that?”

“Stop playing around and just eat me… please?” Ann begged me shamelessly.

I smiled at her again. “Sorry, hon.” I replied. I made a few sweeps over her pussy before I stiffened my tongue and pressed it into her. Ann moaned my name as I tongue-fucked her. When I retracted my tongue and moved up to wrap my lips around her exposed clit, Ann put a hand in my hair and pressed herself to me, encouraging me to suck harder. I refused and backed off the little bundle of nerves. She groaned in frustration as I began slow teasing licks up and down her slit. She wiggled her hips desperately and I wrapped my arms around them to keep her steady. When I felt I had tortured her enough, I went back to her clit and lashed at it furiously. Ann started shouting obscenities in Spanish as she sometimes did when we made love. Just as she reached the peak, her words stopped and I peeked up to see her mouth in a silent “O”. She exploded and I lapped up her juices, not letting a single drop go to waste.

I kissed my way back up my wife’s voluptuous body. She was covered in a light sheen of sweat and her breasts rose and fell as she attempted to regulate her breathing.

“Thanks for the meal.” I said and kissed her lips lightly.

She smiled, her eyes half-lidded. “Must you say that every time?”

I smiled back. “I must.” I ran my eyes down her body, pausing at her breasts and I cupped her Ds in my hands. “I haven’t gotten around to these quite yet.” I said as I groped them through her bra. I nuzzled my face between her tits, relishing in the plush of them. “I missed you two, how are you girls doing?”

Ann laughed at my silliness. “They still can’t hold a conversation, sweetheart.”

“No, they can, you just can’t hear them. What was that girls?” I placed my ear between her breasts like I was listening to a secret. “Oh, you’re jealous because kitty got all the love? Don’t worry; I’ll fix that right now.” I went to slip the bra off her shoulders but she stopped me.

“Sorry but the girls are gonna have to wait.” She pulled me up and we kissed with renewed passion. As her tongue worked in my mouth, Ann’s hands went to my skimpy pajama shorts. “Why do you still have these on?” She broke the kiss to ask, “You should be naked.”

I sat up and pulled off the rest of my clothes before lying back on top of her. Her tanned legs wrapped around my waist.

“That’s much better.” Ann gave me her naughty smile and we kissed some more. Her grip tightened on me and she rolled us over. Being only on the couch, this sent us falling to the carpet. The couch wasn’t too far from the floor though, luckily for me since I was now on the bottom. At least my wife had enough courtesy to ask me if I was alright. Once I assured her I was, we were back to kissing.

Ann moved her lips to just below my collarbone and I’m sure she left hickies as she always did. She liked to “mark her territory” so to speak. I didn’t mind as long as they were low enough to hide in a collared shirt. As she came back to kiss my lips, Ann positioned a leg under mine so that our pussies kissed too. I let out a moan at the electric feel of our clits touching. She smiled without moving her lips from mine and I braced myself for what was to come. It had been much too long and, like Ann, I probably wouldn’t last long.

“Don’t you dare think about trying to hold back.” Ann said sternly, looking at me with her dark eyes. She read me so easily I sometimes wondered if she could hear my thoughts.

I smiled sheepishly and nodded. “Yes ma’am.”

Ann sat up and the motion of her hips started slowly, grinding our sexes together. She held my gaze until my eyes rolled back and I closed them. Her speed increased and I tried to move my hips along with hers as best I could. I peeked at her. She had her eyes closed too, her head was thrown back and she was biting her bottom lip. Damn, she was so beautiful. Nine years of being together and I still couldn’t get enough of Ann in the throes of passion. Her eyes opened slowly and she looked down at me as a smile crept to her lips. She bent to give me a quick kiss before once again increasing her speed.

“Yessssssss,” I hissed, “Oh, Ann, oh yes, yes, fuck, yes…” My orgasm hit me unexpectedly; the fire in the pit of my stomach suddenly released to every nerve ending and left me in a puddle. Ann disentangled herself from me and lay beside me as the tremors rocked my body. When I had at least some minor control of my body, I edged my face to hers and she met me with her lips.

“I love you.” I vowed, staring into her big browns.

Ann rolled those big browns playfully. “That’s just the sex talking.”

I laughed but swatted her arm. “When your wife says she loves you, you’re supposed to say it back.”

“Oh,” Her eyebrows rose in mock surprise. “Is that how it goes?”

“Um, yeah!”

“Oh fine,” She leaned over and planted a sweet kiss on my lips. “I love you, too.”

I shrugged. “Well, I don’t believe you now.” We both giggled.

We laid there on the living room floor for a while, both regaining strength until Ann’s hands started roaming again and I suggested that we finally head to the bedroom, the floor wasn’t doing anything for my back. We stood and Ann led me by the hand up the carpeted steps. In the bedroom, she pulled me down on top of her as she fell back on the king-sized bed. More kissing ensued.

“So, how’s the fuel tank? Still got some juice left?” Ann asked, hands squeezing my bum. “I know you came from work and all so if you want to stop now I’d be okay with that.”

“Thanks but no thanks. Let’s keep going, I’m feeling oddly energized.”

She showed me her winner smile, obviously happy with my answer. “On to round two then, shall we? Ding, ding, ding.”

I chuckled, leaned down and kissed her. My hands ran down her thigh-high clad legs then traveled back up to cup her breasts. They had been severely underappreciated the whole love making session and I wanted to change that. “I do believe I owe these girls some attention.”

“Who said I was done with you?” Ann rolled us over, assuming the top position again.

“I say you are.” I rolled us back over and pinned her hands above her head.

She challenged me with her stare. “Let’s rock-paper-scissors for it.”

I burst out laughing, leave it to Ann to come up with something like that. I let her up and we did best out of 3. She won 2-0, I swear she cheated somehow.

“I didn’t cheat, if that’s what you’re thinking.” She said, kissing her way down my body. How does she do that?

Between my legs, Ann kissed my tattoo of a butterfly. It was in that tender area where my thigh and pussy met. It isn’t my only tattoo either; I have one of Ann’s full first name, Annabelle. It’s on my right side, under my ribs, placed in a red rose. She didn’t want me to get it when I first pitched the idea to her but as soon as she saw it, she loved it immediately.

Coherent thought left me as I felt Ann’s mouth cover me. She worked her nimble tongue well; expertly hitting the places she knew made me tingle. Her nose nudged my clit as she penetrated me with her tongue, twisting it to taste inside of me. She sucked, drinking me in and then moved to gently nibble my labia.

My hands were on my breasts, pinching my nipples as I watched her. God, what an erotic sight it was to watch Ann give head. Her mane was wild, a few strands falling into her face, some droplets of sweat played on her brow as her lust-filled eyes occasionally flickered up to hold my stare and study my expression. I’ve said it before, but my wife is beautiful.

The breath left my lungs when her lips covered my clit and my hips jumped off the bed when her tongue lashed at it. I babbled something unintelligent and a hand went to grab the back of her head, not too nicely either I’d admit. She backed off out of some cruel revenge for earlier, I’m sure, and moved to kiss my thighs.

“Ann,” I groaned, “You’re killing me here.”

I felt her snicker more than heard it. “You’ll live.”

Ann brought two fingers to my entrance and slowly slid them in. I moaned as she began sawing them in and out. Her lips went back to my clit and my back arched like a bow. She kept me on edge as she played my body like an instrument. I pleaded for release, hands squeezing at swollen nipples desperately, and hips frantically slamming against her fingers. My legs clamped reflexively on her head as I felt the orgasmic waves wash over me. She replaced her fingers with her mouth, taking me in.

“That was sexy.” Ann said, now kissing on my thighs. “I love it when you cum in my mouth.”

Through staggered breathing I managed to joke, “If your mom knew the things you said, she’d have a heart attack.”

“If my mom knew the things I ate…” She didn’t finish her sentence and just gave my slit a long lick. I winced. “Sensitive?” she asked, looking up at me.

I nodded. “Yeah, so come kiss me and give her a break, will ya?”

Ann crawled up my body, pausing to give both of my nipples pecks before coming to kiss my lips. My strength returned while we kissed, as if her tongue had lent me power. I pulled away from her fully rejuvenated and reached for the bedside table drawer which served as a toy box for us. The harness was grabbed first and Ann helped me with the straps. Then I picked up our 7″ and 9″ and held them out to Ann.

“Which one are you feeling tonight, babe?”

Ann’s eyes flashed from one phallus to the other, pretending to give it serious thought. Finally she pointed to the 9″. “Well, this puppy’s looking particularly nice tonight.”

I smiled, put the rejected toy back and then attached Ann’s choice in. I was on my knees when Ann scooted to me and gave the faux cock a few strokes, making sure to press the base against me so I could feel it. Then she took it into her mouth and gave me a blowjob. It was arousing to watch but like always it made me feel a bit jealous about the ex-boyfriends I knew she had. There were four of them, she told me, because unlike me who realized I was gay in my teens, Ann realized it at 23. We met three years later.

The cock made an audible pop when Ann let it slip from her lips. She gave it a few strokes, spreading her saliva up and down its length. “All lubed and ready to go.” She beckoned me with a finger as she lay back on the pillows. I went to her and we kissed, the toy teasing her between us. My hand went behind her and I unhooked her bra with my fingers. I broke our kiss to pull it off her body then my hands and lips were on her beautiful breasts. She reached down between us and placed the dildo at her entrance.

“Eager, are we?” I said, playfully, pinching a nipple. Her response was to squeeze my bum, attempting to push me into her. “You’ve been keeping the girls from me all night, can I just enjoy them for a bit?” She tightened her grip and pouted at me. I rolled my eyes. “Oh, fine.” I sat up and placed my hands on her knees. “You’re lucky you’re so damn adorable when you make that face.” I pushed into her until our hips met, hearing her moans of obvious pleasure. I started slowly but as Ann moved her hips faster, I got the message and sped up my thrusts.

“God, Jane that’s… mmm…” She purred, eyes shutting tightly. I grabbed the back of her knees, spread her wider and pumped into her harder. It wasn’t long until the Spanish cursing started, warning me of her impeding climax. Before she had the chance to cum however, I pulled out of her.

Ann’s eyes flew open. “What the fuck?”

I rolled over and lied down next to her, and then I gestured to the toy, glistening with her juices. Understanding filled her face and she quickly mounted me, sighing as its length slid back into her. As she rode me, I played with her breasts, pinching her nipples and kneading her flesh. Ann was approaching her sexual peak once more when the bedside phone rang. She didn’t even bother slowing her movements but I managed to look right and check the caller ID.

“It’s Kate,” I informed, “It could be something about the kids.”

She slowed the motion of her hips to a stop with a grumble. “Answer it.”

I grabbed the phone and pressed talk, making an effort to sound normal as I said, “Hello?”

“Hi, it’s Kate. I didn’t want to bother you but Andy had some sort of bad dream and begged me to call you two. I’ll give him the phone.”

A few seconds later his small voice came on the line. “Mommy?”

“Hi baby, it’s mama.”

Ann looked at me questioningly and I mouthed that Andrew had a bad dream.

My son cried on the other end, “The monster gonna get me, mama, I wanna go home.”

“Andy, baby, nothing is going to get you. Why don’t you ask Kate to keep the light on and the door open?”

“No, I wanna go home.” He repeated.

“What’s going on?” Ann whispered, I could tell she was getting antsy to start again.

I moved the phone away from my face. “He wants to come home.”

She ran her hands down my body and tweaked my nipples. “He can’t.” I reached up and tweaked her nipple in return. She moaned softly and rolled her hips once.

I brought the phone back to my ear. “Listen, Andy, if you come home you can’t go have fun with Robbie and Julie tomorrow, they’re going to Chuck ‘E’ Cheese, you know?”

The silence told me he was making a decision. Finally he said, “Okay, mama, I’ll stay.”

“That’s my boy, your mommies love you. Now give the phone back to Kate.”

I waited for a moment. “Hey?”

“Yeah, can you just cut the light on and sit with him until he falls back to sleep? I hope he didn’t wake Robbie.”

“That’s not a problem and no Robbie is still sound asleep.”

“Also can you take them to Chuck ‘E’ Cheese tomorrow? We’ll pay you back; I just had to bribe him so he’d want to stay.”

“Well it’s no secret what you two are doing right now.” Kate laughed. “Sure I’ll take them, not a problem. You two have a good night.”

I smiled, “Thanks, Kate, night.” I hung up and put the phone back. Then I placed my hands on Ann’s hips. “Now, where were we?”

“What did my sister say?” Ann asked, her hips resuming their delicious circles again.

“She said she’d take them to Chuck ‘E’ Cheese.” I moved my hips in time with hers. “She also said she knows what we’re doing right now.”

“She is so…” her words trailed off as her eyes closed and she groaned softly. “Fuck, this is driving me crazy… it feels so good.”

I sat up and brought my lips to hers. Our tongues met and we kissed with vigor. My arms encircled her waist, encouraging her movements as her hands tangled themselves in my dark tresses, holding me in our kiss. I felt that feeling in my belly grow and began helping Ann move with more speed. We came together, our moans joining together in some sort of sexual melody.

“Damn, that was incredible.” I mused, falling back into the pillows.

Ann collapsed on top of me, the toy still inside of her. She kissed my cheek and nuzzled my neck. “You’re incredible.”

“Oh, that’s just the sex talking.” We both laughed.

After a few minutes had passed, I finally took the harness off and threw it to the side. Ann took off her thigh-highs, the only garment of clothing that survived the night, then grabbed my wrist and said, “Come cuddle me.” I did so without complaints.

The sun that entered through the crack in the curtain woke me the next morning. I opened my eyes slowly and was met with those brown eyes I love so much. We smiled simultaneously.

“Hey, beautiful.” I spoke first.

“Hi, gorgeous.” She replied.

My smile grew as I asked, “Apology accepted?”

She leaned over and gave me a lingering kiss. “Definitely.”

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