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The Visit

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He wondered if this would be the day as he lay there and let her strap him down to the table. She sat down next to him when she was done, pulling a small table next to her. Silently she traced her nails across his skin. Stopping occasionally to tweak his nipples. After a few minutes she stopped and broke the silence. “Shall we begin?”

“Yes. Please Mistress, please.” His eyes were fixed upon her. Rarely though would she ever look him in the eye.

Her voice was always flat, clinical and sardonically dry. He noticed the top two buttons of her blouse were undone. As she shifted and moved her cleavage came into and out of view. He had yet to see her naked in any form. Just a glimpse of her open blouse caused his cock to stir.

“A little eager today, are we?” She slid her hand up one thigh across his lower abdomen and down the other thigh. She watched his reaction out of the corner of her eye. He, on the other hand, was riveted on her. Motionless, barely breathing. Just like last time, and the time before that and the time before that. “How long has it been now?”

“Eighteen weeks Mistress.” Each week he showed up, waiting to be unlocked. Desperate for her touch. First he was reveling in his denial, finally caving in to his desires, but now he ached for an elusive release. Each week she would torment him. Taking him only to the edge, but always past his limits.

She tapped her nails on his chastity device. “Why should I take this off today?” It was the same question every week. Every week his answer became more and more pained, more whiny, but most of all desperate.

“Mistress, you should remove it so that you can see me suffer under your skilled hand.”

“I could make you suffer without releasing you.”

“That is true Mistress, but wouldn’t please you more to see me grovel and beg for your generous gift of allowing your cock an erection.” He wanted to beg for an orgasm, but dared not ask. After three weeks in chastity he was ready to explode. However, she promised him that he would only orgasm as soon as she thought he was truly ready. He knew he could quit at any time. Cut the lock and never see her again, but he also knew that there were consequences to that action. She’d made sure of it.

“I think that’s what would please you; not me. Hygiene aside, what other reason could you give today for release?”

Silence. He began to panic as he struggled for words. She cocked an eyebrow.

“Yes, you are correct, as always, Mistress. However, the torment knowing that I would even be denied your sublime touch is too great a burden to bear.”

“Would it now?” Stroking his caged cock she smiled. “How’s that? Is that enough of my sublime touch for you? Are you suffering under my skilled hand?” His cock swelled within its confines. “Poor, poor little frustrated boy. So desperate. But I don’t think you’re ready.”

His voice cracked and trembled. “Please Mistress.” She continued to stroke his cage. Leaning in she blew into the chastity device. “Oh please, please Mistress.” Her bindings held him tight to the table. His groin burned and ached.

“I tell you what. I’ll unlock you, but you need to grant me a wish before you leave here today.”

“Yes, of course. Of course.”

“Of course.” she repeated, mocking him. “We’ll see.” She picked up a key off the table and opened the lock. Picking apart the pieces she placed them in a bowl of soapy water next to her. He was completely erect by the time she turned back around to clean him off with a rag. “Dirty little boy with a dirty little dick.” She slowly rubbed his cock with the rag. The warm soapy water cleaning him, yet also providing an impromptu lube.

He moaned as she worked in silence. Even the coarse terrycloth was ecstasy after another week of total denial. She shaped the cloth into a tube around his shaft. Up and down she let it glide. Re-wetting it every so often. “Don’t get too excited. I haven’t even started yet.” She moved her way down to his balls, gently rolling them around in the cloth. “Have you seen how swollen these things are?” Hefting them in her hand as she spoke. She washed him right up to the edge.

She then dried him off and fetched a large feather from the table. “So very hard and you didn’t even ask for permission for an erection.” She traced the feather along the length of his rigid member. “Tsk. Tsk. Very naughty.” He tensed and twitched involuntarily. “Oh my look at how sensitive it is.” Moving down between his legs she let the feather tickle his balls as she continued down his legs and then back up.

Breathing heavily as she continued he thought about how much more he could take. “Tell me how much it aches. This is what you wanted, right? Someone to tame your rouge libido.” He couldn’t even buck his hips to try and get more friction. She had quickly moved beyond his limits weeks ago, but he was held hostage. Not to her as she was fond of telling him, but rather to his own libido.

“Isn’t it a shame? Everywhere you go people are having sex. Fucking their brains out. Orgasming at will. Everyone except you that is.” She shook the feather across his head as she spoke. “You can’t even pleasure yourself. Of course that’s the whole point now, isn’t it?” Moving the feather up and down his body she continued. “Look at yourself. You are possessed. You think of nothing but sex, nothing but coming. Am I right?”

He nodded yes.

“Of course I am.” She put the feather down and then squeezed out some lube onto his now dripping cock. “Now I personally know you are not ready to cum, but in the interest of being fair and humane I am granting your wish of letting you suffer under my skilled hand.” She began spreading the lube around with one finger. “Now I don’t want to hear a word from you. No begging and pleading or cries to your maker.”

Once his cock was completely coated she deftly, yet ever so slowly began making small circles with a finger on his shaft. Starting at the base and moving up to the head. She had mastered this technique of only providing enough friction to heighten his sexual tension, his frustration, but never enough to get him any closer to climax. She would get to that in time.

He futilely writhed in his bindings as she worked in silence. Her finger circling his head, sending a deep heated ache through him. His breathing exploded as she increased the pressure. Then, just as quickly as it started, his breathing subsided as she moved down to his balls. She kneaded them in her hand for a moment before moving back to his shaft. Using her thumb and index finger she slowly stroked his shaft, taking about two or three seconds to go up, then another to go down. Doing this for about twenty or so strokes then speeding up just a bit. Always moving the location of her fingers as she stroked.

His breathing increased as she the speed of her stroking. She monitored him closely, waiting for his whining to begin. She did not have to wait long as she increased the pace. “Mm, that’s what I like to hear. You’re little whimpering lets me know I’m doing a good job.” She continued, going faster still until his body started convulse as if being electrocuted. Then she stopped.

He was right at the edge, hoping she would just give him a little more. Just enough to spill over, but he knew better. She knew him probably better than he knew himself by now. She picked up the feather and traced it along his body. She would give his cock a chance to catch its breath, but not his mind. “Have you thought about my wish yet?” Her eyes sparkled and there was a slight almost imperceptible grin on her face.

His mind raced at the things she could have him do. She was very aware of all his deepest, darkest secrets. She made sure he told her everything when he first contacted her. “Nothing? Nothing comes to mind? I’m surprised. I would think that after eighteen weeks your mind would be thinking of nothing but how you could please me.”

“Mistress, I think that anything…” She stopped him by tickling his face with the feather.

“Careful.” She put the feather down and re-lubed his cock. Putting her hand above his head and extending out her fingers she lowered her hand onto him and pulled up as if she were an arcade crane reaching for a prize. “You know I once had someone say they would do anything I asked just to cum.” She concentrated on his cock as she spoke. His eyes were fixed on her large dark eyes and his ears hung on every word.

“It didn’t work out to well for him, suffice to say.” She looked at him out the corner of her eye. His eyes were the poster child of his torment. His breathing matched her slow and agonizing touch. Pre-cum flowed freely from his shaft. She swirled it around on his head and smiled as he grunted and groaned under the strain. Her fingers worked their way slowly down his shaft causing it to twitch. She then grasped it and continued her fast and slow tempo of bringing him slowly to another edge.

He was cracking under the strain. The two edges on their own were not a lot, but they were on top of eighteen weeks of being edged three or four times a session. He was lost, swimming in deep waters. He had paid for ten sessions with her, but then she refused to unlock him or let him cum after the tenth session. She also didn’t ask for any more money. He on the other hand kept coming back, never asking for the photos back or refusing to end it. He didn’t know what she was up to, then again he wasn’t sure what he was doing either.

He was snapped back to reality when she began to use only down strokes on him. This wasn’t as bad as when she would palm his head, but it ran a close second. He also knew that this was the last edge. She always ended her sessions with either an all up or all down stroke edging.

He whimpered and moaned as she slid her hands down his cock. Smiling. “Oh, How you must want to cum so very bad. You don’t have to say it. I know you do.” He thought of any perverted or pornographic thought to help him to the edge. It seemed like an eternity. His cum slowly boiling in his swollen balls. He began quivering at his pending climax. She, on the outside, seemed oblivious to his obvious signals. Could this be it, he thought. Like a volcano he felt the cum surge up like molten lava, but she stopped just in time to leave him grunting and straining against the straps.

“My, my that was close. Is that the closest you’ve come to cumming?” He was still trying to catch his breath and contemplating ending this all. Pictures be damned. “I bet you’ve got a big load just jammed up in that rock hard shaft of yours.” She lightly traced a finger up the length of his cock, causing it to twitch. “You need a chance to think about how far you’ve come and how far I’m going to take you.” He prayed she would let him get soft and lock him back up. She had other plans.

She got up and he watched her leave the room. Her black skirt fitting tight against her shapely frame. Thinking of the last he’d seen a woman naked, let alone had sex with one. He lay there staring at the ceiling, his balls feeling like two supernovas, wanting to implode. The aching pressure becoming to much to bear. His cum began to ooze out of his softening cock as he lay there waiting for her. He began to panic. He hadn’t come. What was going on? His balls really began to ache. What did she do? It wasn’t a lot, but it was the first time in over five months he had even seen his own cum.

He heard her footsteps approach. No matter how many times he’d seen her he was captivated just by the sight of her. She sat back down and without a word cleaned up his cum with a rag. She then dripped lube on his perineum and then slowly circled her finger there.

“You got lucky today, do you know that?”

“No, Mistress.”

“Well, you did. Usually I only give that out after six months of denial. It’s my own special ruined orgasm. I time it so that your cum sits in your cock and wont come out until you get soft. I’m sure your really feeling it in your swollen balls.”

“I do Mistress, I really do.” The tone of his voice begged for sympathy.

“Well, just you wait. It’s only going to get worse.”

By now his cock was almost erect again. She was right, he thought to himself as he was almost in tears, the pressure and aching was intensifying as her feather light touch was driving him mad. She stopped only when he was fully erect and he was dripping a mix of left over cum and fresh pre-cum. She then held his dick firm and pulled down with one hand, stretching the skin taught. With the other she used her palm to lightly rub the head, using the mix of fluids as lube.

The crushing pressure in his balls combined with the burning heat that was engulfing his cock head was too much. His head thrashed about and he was alternating between hyperventilating and not breathing at all. She, however, was indifferent to his plight and her only action was to slowly increase the pressure she put on his head. His body began to convulse and spasm, yet he still didn’t say a word.

That’s not to say he was quiet. The sounds he made were barely human. By now she was firmly pressing down on his head, rubbing for all she was worth. It wasn’t until a tear fell from his eye that she stopped.

Giving him a minute or two to compose himself she waited, silently observing him. She dried his eyes and he looked back, his eyes spoke for him. Filled with desperation as to figure out what was happening and how to end it.

She sat back and wrapped her index finger and thumb around his cock just below the head and slow began pulsing it. “You should enjoy this a bit more than the palming that I prefer.”

He was thankful that she stopped when she did. “Well, I hope I didn’t disappoint you today. I mean it did seem as though you were suffering under my skilled hand. Were you not?”

“Yes, Mistress. I did. I mean I am.” The pulsing of her fingers was starting to affect him. He wanted so bad to buck his hips or do anything that would create a stroking sensation on his cock, but he couldn’t. All he could is watch as pre-cum bubbled up occasionally from his cock. His cock that he had not touched in almost five months.

“Are you ready to grant me my wish?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Want to guess what it is?”

He hesitated. “No, Mistress.”


His voice cracked as he felt an orgasm building. “N..n…n…no, Mistress.”

She paused. “OK. How about this? You can either grant me my wish or stay on the table for some more suffering under my skilled hand.”

He didn’t think he could take another edge, but then again he also thought about the depraved things she could make him do.

“Should I choose for you?” She said breaking his concentration.

“No Mistress. I think you’ve been more than generous to me over the past four months and I would like to show my appreciation by granting you your wish.” He’d hoped the flattery would cause her to be lenient on him.

“Why thank you. What I’d like you to do is contact somebody from the contacts on your phone, a female preferably. Have them contact me. They should tell me that you’ve informed them of your kinky tease and denial fetish and your love of chastity devices.” She traced a finger up and down his shaft. “I’m sure there’s at least one person you’re just dying to tell.” She stopped playing with him and dried off his cage. As she put it back on and snapped the lock close she finished speaking. “And trust me, if you can’t find someone to tell I’m sure I can.”

She untied his binds and let him get off the table. He got dressed, clearly distressed by what he had to do. “As usual, I should wait for your call, Mistress.”

“Of course. Oh, and you won’t get one until I get a call. With that she walked out of the room.

Just as the weeks before he let himself out. His cage reminding him of his status. By tomorrow morning he would be aching for her presence.

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