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“I can’t believe she came,” Carol hissed, her eyes following the brunette as she walked through the door.

“Dan’s biological mom?” I asked, looking where my wife was looking.

“She was with my dad just long enough to give birth to my brother and then walk out on them. I can’t believe she would show up here.” Carol shook her head in disbelief, watching the older woman break into a group of my in-law’s friends, smiling and laughing with them before they nervously broke away.

Dianne, Carol’s mother, my mother-in-law, walked over to where my wife and I were sitting. Hurt was written across her face as she approached us, eyes beginning to water with tears.

“Oh, mom,” Carol said sadly. I stood up and offered the older woman my chair. Dianne shook her head, motioning for me to sit back down.

“I can’t stay here with that woman in the room,” Dianne muttered, glaring at the brunette. Her silver-blonde hair glistened in the candle light of the room, cascading over her shoulders and falling half way down her silk-clad back.

“That’s not right, mom,” Carol hissed.

Carol’s bright yellow hair and pert features were an echo of what Dianne must have looked like when she was young. I had seen pictures of my mother-in-law as she had looked thirty years ago, when she was only 31 herself, and she and my wife could have been identical sisters. Now, smile lines next to her mouth and wrinkles next to her eyes, I imagined Dianne as an older version of my wife. The face that I would wake up to for years to come.

“He’s her son, too,’ Dianne said. “She has just as much right as I do to be here tonight.”

I looked around the room at the guests. Dan and his fiancé sat in the middle, groups of people swarming about them to congratulate them on their upcoming wedding. It was late in the party and I had already given my congratulations. Standing up, I offered Dianne my arm.

“May I escort you home, madam?” I asked politely, smiling at Dianne.

“Oh, would you mind?” Dianne asked, her dark eyes twinkling, her lips turning upwards in a smile.

“Not at all,” I said honestly. “My back is a bit sore from this morning, and I would like to go lay down.” I had spent the first part of the day in this very room with a few of Dan’s other grooms men, moving tables and hanging decorations for our friends pre-wedding party. The wedding itself wouldn’t be until the next afternoon, but I was already tired of all the people gathered there for the occasion.

“Let me go tell Harold I’m leaving, shall I meet you outside?” Dianne asked, already walking towards her husband.

“Sure,” I said after her. “I’ll be there in five minutes.” I looked down at my wife; she was smiling up at me.

“That was so gentlemanly of you,” she said, reaching up and grabbing hold of my hand. She lifted my fingers to her lips and kissed them softly, her moist flesh caressing mine. “Thank you so much for helping mom.”

“Entirely selfish reasons,” I said, smiling down at Carol. “I want her all to myself, not to share with this room of bores.”

Carol’s musical laughter filled my ears and I smiled with pleasure, happy to have cheered her up some.

“Now, try not to scratch out any eyes while I’m gone,” I teased. “I’ll see you back at the hotel after the party, all right?”

Carol nodded, still smiling up at me, and kissed my fingers again.

“You’re so great,” she murmured. “I’ll see you later.”

I bent down to kiss my wife’s head and turned to leave the room. Dianne was standing outside the door, preparing to put her coat on.

“Allow me,” I said in a soft voice, reaching up and holding the coat so that she could easily slip in to it.

“You’re so kind, Troy,” Dianne sighed, wrapping the sides of her coat around her slim body. Carol told me how hard Dianne exercised to keep herself in trim shape.

I offered my mother-in-law my arm again, and she took it, squeezing my flesh lightly with her hand.

“You know,” she said, “It wasn’t always this way. Used to be that when I walked in to a room all the eyes watched me with jealousy. Now it’s pity. Why is that?”

“No one pities you,” I said, trying to cheer her up. “I’m sorry that that woman had to ruin your evening.”

“We can’t help it,” Dianne sighed. “Some things happen. I loved every moment of raising my children, and if it hadn’t been for that woman, I wouldn’t have had my Dan. I guess I should be thankful that she didn’t want any part of his childhood.”

I remained silent, the air around me awkward, as we reached my car. I opened the door for my mother-in-law and she slipped inside, smiling at me gratefully.

“All comfy?” I asked. She nodded and I shut the door, walking over to the driver’s side to get in myself.

We rode in near silence the ten minutes to our hotel, a modest place in an inexpensive part of town. Some of the other guests were staying at the Hilton, where the wedding was taking place, but my wife and I and her family had selected this location for itÕs affordable rates so that we could stay longer than just the weekend. Pulling the car into a spot, I sighed deeply.

“Are you all right?” Dianne asked, putting her hand on my leg. The touch felt good, and I shrugged my shoulders.

“Just sore,” I replied, stretching my arms behind the seat and trying to tighten some places in my back. “I think I took on too much when I offered to help move the piano.”

Dianne laughed, but looked concerned.

“You should let me give you a massage,” she suggested. “I used to do it all the time for Harold when he would come home from work. He jokes that that’s what kept him going even after he could have retired.”

I turned my face towards Dianne, smiling at her.

“Thanks,” I said. “But I should probably get to bed.”

“If you go to sleep like that you won’t have pleasant dreams,” Dianne said, her chin in a stubborn position, an expression on her face that I often saw on Carol when I knew Carol wouldn’t stop until she got her way.

“Well, if you insist,” I said softly, smiling at her. Her eyes light up just like Carol’s did whenever Carol believed she had won an argument.

“Good,” she said, nodding her head. “Let’s go, then.” She opened her door and slipped out into the parking lot. I unfastened my seat belt and left my own seat, shutting the door behind me.

Dianne took my arm again and we walked together through the lobby to our rooms, which were next to each other.

“Come inside,” Dianne offered, taking out her key and unlocking the door to our room. “Don’t be shy,” she winked as I hesitated. Smiling, I followed her in, looking about me.

Her room was much like Carol’s and mine, almost identical except for the different paintings on the wall. She started to take off her coat and I walked over to help her with it.

“Thank you again,” she said, smiling at me over her shoulder. I smiled and nodded, shrugging the compliment off my shoulders as her coat slipped into my arms.

“Should I put it in the closet for you?” I asked, walking towards the open closet.

“Please,” she said. She sat down on the bed while I put her coat on the hanger, and began to unstrap her high-heeled shoes.

I watched out of the corner of my eye as she kicked off the shoes and reached up under her dress to undo her stockings. Her legs were quite shapely, and I immediately blushed at the realization that I was watching a woman twice my age taking off her stockings.

“If you lay down on the bed,” Dianne said, standing in her skirt and blouse, “Then I can start rubbing your back for you. Sound good?”

I nodded, walking over to the bed. With a sigh I plopped down on the blankets face first, scooting myself up until I was in the center of the bed.

Dianne stood next to the bed and bent over me. I could see her breasts poking through the spaces between the buttons of her blouse, and I closed my eyes, once again ashamed at taking advantage.

Grunting, Dianne moved her hands over my back, her fingertips rubbing the space around my spine up and down, and then over to my shoulders. Awkwardly, her back arched so that she could reach me in the middle of the bed, she rubbed my shoulders for a moment. I sighed as the tension began to melt away, allowing myself to really get into the massage.

“No, no, no,” Dianne mumbled. “This won’t do. I’m sorry, Troy,” she apologized, her face looking sad. “I just can’t reach like this.”

“Do you want me to move?” I asked.

Dianne bit her bottom lip, her brow wrinkling in question.

“No,” she said. “I think that it would be easier if I straddled you…would you be too uncomfortable with that?”

A little uncomfortable with the thought, I closed my eyes again. I could still feel her fingers working into my muscle, taking the tension and pain out of my back with their small circular movements.

“Please, go ahead,” I said, motioning my head slightly for her to crawl on the bed.

“You won’t regret it. I’ll rid you of all that nasty tension I can feel.”

I felt the bed move around me as it took her weight, my body rolling slightly towards the side that she mounted before she crawled over to me. Kneeling, she put one bare leg over me, straddling my waist, and once again bent over my back to massage my muscles.

Her strong fingers worked their way into my shoulders again, and my whole body relaxed against the bed. The fabric of my shirt was becoming bunched up around my neck, and the feeling that I was being strangled disturbed my relaxation.

“Uhm, Dianne,” I said softly, cursing myself for disturbing my back rub.

“Yes?” she asked, pausing. She sat up on top of me.

“Would it be all right if I took my shirt off?” I asked.

“Actually,” she said in a sweet voice. “It would make my job easier. Do you need help?”

“Thank you, no thank you,” I replied, reaching underneath me to grab my shirt. Tugging, I pulled it over my head and set it on the bed next to me. The cool air of the room cooled my back, and I closed my eyes again as my mother-in-law bent over to begin her work again.

Content to let my pain melt away like butter under her hands, I closed my eyes again and drifted into a day dreamy state. All I was thinking about were the fingers caressing my back, and the slight weight of my mother-in-law balancing around my waist. With my shirt off, I could feel the soft, smooth insides of her thighs pressed against my skin.

A tingling feeling rose inside of me, and I became aware of a discomfort underneath me. To my surprise, my eyes widening momentarily, I realized that I was becoming aroused by the massage. The pain was my cock, trapped between my body and my jeans, struggling to free itself from my tight pants.

Painfully aware of my erection now, I whimpered under my breath as Dianne moved her fingers down my back, towards the waist of my pants.

“Many people can’t do it right down here,” she said softly, softly rubbing the area. “Your kidney’s are here, and people can get seriously hurt if their partner doesn’t know what she or he is doing.”

My cock throbbed as the soft, sultry voice explained some more of what she was doing. I tried to tell myself that this was my mother-in-law, an older woman who I shouldn’t be having these thoughts about. But as her hands began to massage the muscles in my thigh, my cock argued with me that this was a handsome woman with lovely features who was caressing me in a very intimate way.

“Troy,” Dianne said softly. My heart seemed to stop beating. I tried to hold my breath, to fight the deep intakes of air that seemed to be pounding in my ears. My chest heaved up and down and my hands were clenched in fists at my side.

“Yes?” I said, my voice a higher pitch than I would have liked.

“If you want to turn over I can rub the other sides of your legs,” Dianne said.

“No,” I muttered, knowing what she would see if she flipped me over now. “It’s okay. I should get back to my room.”

“Nonsense,” Dianne scoffed. “You need the other side of your body rubbed as well. Now flip!” She shifted herself off of me, her body to the side as I flipped over.

Slowly, struggling to rid myself of the erection that I knew would be painfully obvious, I turned over on the bed. I stared at the ceiling, afraid to make eye contact with the older woman when she saw what other tensions had arisen in my body.

I heard a soft intake of breath as Dianne saw my bulging pants, my cock struggling to break out into the open.

My body tensed, waiting for her to say something embarrassing that would make me sit up and leave the room. But, instead, she said nothing. Once again, she lifted her leg and straddled my body, one thigh on either side of me, her thighs rubbing against the rough fabric of my jeans. I felt her hands begin to rub my thighs, caressing the thick muscles there, rubbing the tension out of my legs.

I gasped, my cock pushing against the zipper again and making me wince in pain.

“Are you all right?” Dianne asked, her hands stopping their soothing movements.

“Yeah,” I said. “My pants are just a bit uncomfortable.”

“You can take them off,” she suggested, nonchalantly shrugging her shoulders.

I looked at her, my eyes wide in surprise. This didn’t seem like a proper thing for my mother-in-law to suggest.

“Come on,” she teased, her whole face smiling at me. “You’re wearing underwear, aren’t you?”

I nodded and slowly moved my hands down to my pants, undoing the fly. She shifted her weight to one side so that I could pull the jeans down my body and let the fall to the floor.

Again I was aware of my erection, poking through my boxers and straight at the softly rounded belly of my mother-in-law, straddling me with her smooth thighs.

I struggled to hold in a groan as she moved down my body, her hands rubbing my bare skin. I could feel the soft pads of her fingers working their way into my sore flesh, and my cock began to throb with need.

I closed my eyes and tried to imagine that Dianne didn’t see the bulge in my underwear. She was unaware of my arousal, and I was relieved. But then her hands paused. Nervous, I opened my eyelids and looked at the woman straddling me.

Her face was locked on the bulge in my boxers. My face turned bright red with my blush, and I moved my hands down to cover my crotch, bringing even more attention than before to the erection.

“Troy,” Dianne whispered, pushing my hands away.

She continued to massage my thighs as I sat stiffly between her legs, watching as her hands and fingers drew closer to my cock. I could feel the pulsing arousal and pleasure as she tickled the hair right up near the leg of my boxers. She was so close to me that her actions moved the fabric, and my cock bulged against the button holding the flap of cloth together

Slowly, I watched, stunned, as her fingers moved upwards towards the button holding the last piece of fabric hiding my modesty.

Dianne’s fingers were becoming bolder, the massage moving up right to the place that my legs connected to my body. My cock was less than an inch from her long fingers, and I felt my hips thrusting upwards uncontrollably. Shocked, I stiffened again, my legs tense.

The fingers switched over to one side of me, both hands working on one spot. I shut my eyes tightly, imagining things that I hoped would bring my erection down, but with no success. Dianne’s hands switched sides, her palms brushing my swollen cock as they went to the other thigh to begin massaging muscles there.

A whimper escaped my lips and I opened my eyes, anxiously looking at Dianne. I tried to plead with her with my eyes to stop, but I didn’t want her to stop. I wanted her to relieve the tension she was causing in my loins.

Her face unreadable, her eyes looking down at my boxers, Dianne’s fingers moved slowly towards the button holding the boxers together. Slowly, carefully, she undid the button.

I swallowed deeply as I felt the button come undone, and my cock bob out, exposed to the room.

Dianne laughed softly under her breath and moved her face down towards my cock. I stiffened again, feeling her warm mouth lock around my member, and her tongue began to lap of me.

I struggled, trying to think about something other than the woman sucking on my cock, trying to get the arousal out of my body so that she would stop. This was wrong; I should not be enjoying this. What would Carol think?

Somehow, thinking about the wrongness of it, the disapproval my wife would show if she walked in at the moment, only aided my cock in becoming harder in the soft mouth. I looked down at the silvery hair falling down around my waist, and I moved my hand up to take a handful of the silky stuff.

Dianne moaned softly as I took her hair in my hand and slowly caressed her head. Her lips moved over my cock slowly, pulling her warm mouth up and down it’s length, caressing it with her tongue and the roof of her mouth. I could feel the head of my cock pressed against the back of her throat as she swallowed me down, and then moments later my head was poking against the roof of her mouth again.

A sound of pleasure escaped my lips and I closed my eyes again, resting back on the bed, my hand still in the older woman’s hair. She was an expert, her mouth causing a wonderful feeling to rush through my body. I was in no hurry but rather allowed her to take her time at the slow, casual pace as she sucked up and down on my cock.

My mother-in-law’s hands ran up the bare sides of my body, smoothing the skin and rubbing the muscles in my sides. I moaned again, helpless to stop her as she continued her work on my cock, licking with her thick tongue up the back of me and down again.

One of her hands left my side and found it’s way under my mother-in-law’s body. I turned my head to the side and watched as the hand disappeared under Dianne’s skirt, and she began to moan as her arm moved. She was playing with herself, masturbating while she sucked on my cock! Shocked, I felt another rush of arousal flow through my body and my spine, recently freed of the pain of that morning, seemed electrified with the pleasure coursing through me.

I could feel Dianne’s hot breath on my groin as she panted, sucking on me more desperately with less rhythmic thrusts, her arm wildly moving underneath her body. She began to shake, her mouth stopping it’s movements completely.

My body ached for more of her throat, and my grip in her hair tightened. Securely, but gently at the same time, I directed Dianne’s head up and down my cock, requiring only that she keep her mouth open.

Apparently aware that I was close to orgasm, Dianne tried to lick at me with her tongue as I pushed her head up and down on my cock. She lapped at me rapidly as her head moved up and down, her lips struggling to lock around me. The shaking in her body stopped and her hand now hung limply at her side, her other hand still caressing my bare skin.

A moan escaped her lips around my cock again, and I again felt her hot breath against my body. My movements, my hand pulling and tugging her head, became more rapid. I could feel a frantic burst of energy wash through my body, coursing through my veins, and all my muscles seemed to tighten in ever crevice of my body. I cried out, throwing my head back, my hand tangled in Dianne’s hair but unmoving as I came. My hot cum shot into my mother-in-law’s mouth. I could feel the salty fluid around my cock on her tongue.

Falling back, relaxing finally, my hand leaving Dianne’s silvery hair, I opened my eyes and looked at her.

A drop of my cum was dripping down my mother-in-law’s chin, and her talented tongue darted out of her mouth to lick it off before it fell to the floor.

Dianne looked me in the eyes, her own eyes twinkling with the after-orgasm pleasure I knew so well from Carol’s face.

“You are wonderful,” I whispered, my face turning red from embarrassment.

“Thank you,” Dianne whispered, her eyes never leaving mine.

“I should probably go now,” I said, sitting up.

Dianne` stood, watching as I fastened my fly back up and slipped my shirt over my head.

“Troy,” Dianne whispered. I looked over at her, my cheeks red and my face hot. “Please don’t tell Carol.”

“As long as you don’t tell Harold!” I said, smiling slightly.

Dianne nodded and I left. I needed a cold shower.

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