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Anal Anastasia

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Sitting in the airport is never much fun, regardless of the reason behind traveling. I’m a seasoned traveler though and even despite all of the new security measures and increasing delays, it seems that I’m at the airport more often now than not. In fact, with my relatively new job, I’m traveling more now than ever. But who’s complaining, right? After all, it’s putting food on the table. I’ve never been one to complain too much anyway.

Plus, airport gates are great for people watching, as far as I’m concerned. I’m never bored especially when there’s so much activity.

It was almost seven o’clock in the evening as I continued to wait in the Charlotte Regional Airport, gate C5, for our flight back to Chicago. We had just finished up with an all-inclusive sales meeting and the energy level was rather low. And to make things a little more disappointing, the gate personnel had just announced that our flight was delayed due to weather in the surrounding area. Perfect. But I didn’t mind, there was no hurry to get back home and the people watching was actually keeping me rather interested, watching so many folks walking back and forth. I simply popped in a movie in my laptop, hit play, put my headphones on and casually leaned back in my chair and watched the screen while keeping a casual eye on the folks walking by and around.

That’s when she appeared — a short, cute brown-haired girl with red highlights. She wore tight Capri pants with high heels and a snug-fitting black, v-cut top with a high cut hem: exposing some of her mid-drift. She was about 5′-7″ or so in height. Two words: eye candy. She was more cute than pretty, but I found her very interesting just the same. She sat down about two rows from me, crossed her legs and immediately got on her cell phone. She looked over, probably feeling the weight of my stare. Our eyes met briefly, we smiled at one another and then looked away. I returned my visual attention to the movie playing on my screen, but I turned the volume down so I could listen to her speak. She spoke with a heavy accent and from what I could tell; it was Russian, Polish or some other Eastern European dialect. I was too far away to decipher it for sure.

As she continued on with her conversation, she held the phone in her right ear, thereby turning her head away from me. I took advantage of the situation and gave her a thorough look-over. She had a nice body indeed. Her legs were slim. Her stomach was tight and her breasts were firm and proportionate to the rest of her figure. She had a slight Roman nose and high cheek bones. Her hair was straight, shiny and hung just about shoulder length. Her clear-plastic high-heels and low-cut shirt gave me the inclination that she was a party girl. Something glimmered in the center of her figure. I looked a little more closely and saw the sparkle of a belly button ring. Yep, party girl. I smiled to myself. I tell you, I would be over there in a minute, had she not been on her phone. She looked pretty interesting to talk to. During the next couple of hours, I managed to get a few “check-out” looks her way, while she continued to converse on her phone. Well, I figured looking at her was better than nothing, considering the fact that I wanted to talk with her.

Before I knew it our plane had arrived and was readied for boarding. When general boarding was called, she stood and was in line so fast, I couldn’t believe it. Then again, I only had myself to blame as I had to pack up my computer. Go figure. After getting checked in with the boarding gate representative, I double-checked my seat assignment and headed down the jet way. I greeted the fight attendants and made my way down the narrow aisle to my seat, 20-A. Hunting for seat numbers in an airplane is always a challenge, isn’t it. Being over six feet tall doesn’t help much either, as I had to bend over and crank my neck to read most of the numbering system. As I got closer, to my seat, row 17, row 18…lo and behold, it looked like…it was! I couldn’t believe it…I couldn’t believe my luck! Seated right next to Seat 20A, was this cute-looking, interesting chick. I’d finally get a chance to talk with her, I figured. I tried to hide my overbearing interest and excused myself as I made my way into my seat. She smiled when I looked over at her after settling in and then, to my surprise, she closed her eyes and leaned turned away.

Shortly after the usual safety presentation and the preflight checks, we were underway, headed down the taxi way towards the runway. It was dark now and even in the dimly lit cabin, the gal seated next to me looked good as ever. During the take off and the acceleration of the jet, we looked over at one another and smiled. Her smile was intoxicating. Her teeth were bright white and her hazel eyes sparkled magically with her disarming smile. Her skin looked young and healthy. It was darker than mine and it appeared that even if she tanned in the beds, it still would have looked natural to the non-expert, like me.

When we reached cruising altitude and the plane leveled off, she took her shoes off, unbuckled her seat belt and pulled her legs up the seat and slouched a bit. This did one of two things: first, her new position pushed her breasts out a little bit, giving me some added view of her cleavage and secondly, it gave me a clearer picture of how toned her legs were beneath her pants. Looking down at her feet now on the seat, pulled close to her ass, were red-painted nails, done up just right. I also noticed a shining diamond ring and band on her left hand. Damn. She had the body of a Hooters girl. Not as much as pretty as cute and petite. Still, I knew this was too good to be true. Oh, well, I figured that I would still try to make friendly conversation if and when the time allotted.

Wouldn’t you know it; she slept almost the entire flight! Of course the trip is only about an hour and a half anyway, but still. I was hoping for some conversation with this gal. Then again, I didn’t mind her sleeping either. It gave me some keen opportunities to look at her without her knowing. As she slept, her chest expanded and contracted nicely with her breaths. More impressively, her tits seemed to blossom with each inhale and exhale action. I also admired her belly button ring, shimmering delicately in the dim light. When the beverage cart came around, she perked up a little, opened her eyes and caught my glance. Again, she smiled. Then, my eyes almost popped out of my head when she leaned forward to get her carry-on bag from underneath the seat in front of her. As she moved, her high riding shirt moved up her back, exposing a grand sight: a winged design tattoo on the small of her back and the top of a bright yellow thong. The waist band rode high on her hips, as the material piece that stretches over the privates covered the top of her ass cleft with dignified delicacy. I was transfixed. Then, of course, as she got what she was looking for and moved back, I caught the eyes of the woman sitting next to her, an older woman (probably in her 50s) who looked back at me with disgust. I just laughed to myself and looked away.

The angel sitting next to me looked over at me and smiled, offering me a piece of gum (so that’s what she was getting out of her bag). I obliged, took the foil-wrapped stick and offered a quick, “Thank you very much.”

She smiled brilliantly and in her thick accent replied, “You are welcome.”

Finally, our conversation was beginning. I had been waiting to get to this point for quite some time now. My opening had arrived. I took off my headphones and put the movie on pause.

“Do you want me to put the words on so you can see too?”

“You are very kind. No, thank you,” she smiled.

“You fly much?”

“Ah, sometimes,” she smiled again, her hazel eyes twinkling.

“Well, how many times a year?”

“About three times each year. I go to Russia to see my family and then around the states to see friends.”

“Oh, that’s cool. So, your last trip from North Carolina was to see friends?”


“Right on. How long were you away?”

“Two weeks.”

“Did you have a good visit?”

“Yes. I finally saw my friend whom I have known for…since I came to America.”

“That’s great! How long have you been in the states?”

“For five years now.”

“You like it here?”

“Very much, but I do miss my family.”

“I can certainly appreciate that.”

“What part of Russia are you from?”

“Just near to Moscow, about two hours away from the outside of the city.”

“Very cool.”

“How long have you been married?” she asked, motioning to my wedding band.

“Four years.”

“Really? Me too!”

“That’s cool. Do you like being married?”

“Yes, but my husband is not around much.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“He is in the military…the Army…and he is gone.”

“He’s not deployed in Iraq, is he?”

“Yes, he is.”

“Oh, that’s gotta be tough.”

“Sometimes it is, but I have friends in Chicago and his family is close by, so I see them a lot.”

“That’s good. Makes the distance seem shorter?”


“And thank goodness you have friends around too.”

“Yes, they are good friends.”

“You live in the city?”

“No. I live in the suburbs of Chicago.”

“So do we.”

“It is funny. I have lived here for more than four years now and have only been downtown one time.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me!”

“No,” she giggled, “just once.”

“Made that big of an impression, huh?”

She laughed delightfully, “No, I liked it, but the city is so far away and difficult to get there.”

“I agree. I do love Chicago, but it is a pain to get there when you have to rely on public transportation. Even when you drive yourself, it’s a pain, there’s so much traffic.”

“Yes. It is very inconvenient.”

I was happy to speak with her. Her English was much more refined than I thought it might be and I liked the fact that she was talking a bit more readily. I loved watching her smile and her subtle laughter was great to hear, giving evidence that her defenses were limiting.

“Well, I do hope you get to Chicago more often. It’s a shame that you live so close and don’t get many opportunities to go there.”

“Me too. It is a beautiful city.”

Desperately wanting to say, “And so are you,” or some equally cheesy line, I refrained and simply replied, “Yes, yes it is.”

We smiled at each other genuinely.

“How long is your husband deployed?”

“He will be back in one year.”

“Yikes, that’s a long time. I hope he returns safely.”

“Thank you, as well do we.”

As our conversation seemed to be winding down a bit, the timing was rather perfect as the captain came over the intercom and announced that we were on our descent to Chicago. The flight attendants came around, took our empty drink cups and napkins and checked for our seat backs, tray tables and seat belts, the usual.

I put my computer away and tucked my headphones into their case and sat back up, looking out the window at the brilliantly lit city lights below. The gal next to me (I still had no idea what her name was), looked over my shoulder and watched the city with me. We remarked how pretty it was at night. Less than what seemed ten minutes later, we were safely on the ground and taxiing to our gate. The two of us exchanged glances and smiles as we prepared to deplane.

As the plane stopped at the gate, she stood and said, “It was nice chatting with you. Good luck to you.”

I returned the kindness, “Nice to talk with you too. And good luck to you.”

We smiled one last time at one another and I figured that this would the last time our paths would cross, so to speak. I followed down the aisle and out onto the jet way where she disappeared from site quickly after reaching the entry of the gate. I took a deep breath, thankful for the time spent with her and focused my thoughts on getting my bag from luggage claim.

I marched down the steps to the claim area (a glorified cattle call area), and retrieved my bag after waiting for what seemed an eternity. I continued small talk with some work associates who were waiting in line with me, but it was nothing substantial. Honestly, I just wanted to get the heck out of there, really. I caught a glimpse of the gal I sat next to on the plane. She was waiting for her bag too, just a few rows of people away. Our eyes met and we smiled at one another again, just for nostalgia’s sake it seemed. When our bags arrived, we grabbed them and took off for the arrivals pick-up area. I casually approached her as she was on her cell phone again and smiled.

“Are you all set up with a ride?”

“Yes, I have called my family. They are on their way. And you…do you have a ride?”

“I was just going to hail a cab.”


“Hey, do you want to save your family’s trouble and share a cab?”

She hesitated a moment and then, to my surprise, “Yes, that sounds good. I will call and tell them not to come.”

She opened her cell phone again and was shortly on a call. I turned away to give her some privacy, but heard her say, “Yes, I am here…Good…I have met a friend…No, I do not need a ride. Thank you…No, really, I am okay…Thank you…Good night.”

She put her phone away and smiled at me. My heart felt as if it were going to stop. I couldn’t believe how this evening had transpired.

“Are you in a hurry?” she asked batting her eyes.

“No. Are you?”


“I’m sorry, you know something, and I haven’t even introduced myself. My name is Jeff.”

“Nice to meet you, Jeff,” she took my hand firmly, “My name is Anastasia.”


“Yes, very common Russian name,” she smiled.

“Well, not common here. It’s a beautiful name, and so are you, might I add.”

Anastasia giggled in response, “You are kind.”

“You know, I was thinking. I’m more thirsty than anything. Can I buy you a drink before we go home?”

“Yes, I would like that.”

I helped her grab one of her bags and walked with her back into the airport baggage claim area and then took the escalator up to the hotel floor on site. Anastasia stood in front of me, holding her bag in front of her, giving me a straight on view of her ass. She was a tiny girl, but in just perfect proportion. Her Capri pants held her curves elegantly. I’m such an ass man, it’s not even funny, as I will inevitably peer at a woman’s can no matter what they look like. It doesn’t matter how old they are, what they look like, if they are brunette, blonde, red…all of those descriptors do not hold much weight with me. From a physical standpoint, it’s the tail that matters.

As we rode the escalator in silence, Anastasia turned to meet my gaze on her hind a couple of times, smiling back at me in subtle reassurance, it seemed. She must know, all women know. If it’s an intuition thing or just a heat-related sensory nerve that gives women the wisdom to know that they are an object of lust…who knows? All I knew at the time is that I was starting to want to have Anastasia more than ever. I felt my cock begin to rise in my pants as we neared the step off point.

We walked down a short carpeted aisle and turned left into the entrance of the onsite hotel.

“This way,” I instructed, walking with Anastasia as we turned past the registration desk and entered the hotel lobby lounge. I picked a seat in the corner of the lounge and motioned to Anastasia where we settled in.

We smiled at each other and each one of us sighed. Then we laughed out loud as our simultaneous action and response connected the moment of otherwise awkwardness.

“What do you like to drink?”

“Usually beer, but tonight, I am up for something a bit more stiff,” Anastasia teased, “I think I will have a vodka sour.”

“You like stiff drinks?” I looked back at her, smiling devilishly.

“I like stiff things,” Anastasia corrected, I felt her leg move softly up and down my calf.

Just then, the lounge wait staff had appeared, asking what we would like.

“I will have a gin and tonic and she will have a vodka sour, please.”

I didn’t even look at the woman taking our drink orders; I just continued to gaze at Anastasia. She was licking her lips now in a seductive game of excitement. My dick was rousing quickly to the sexy sight of her.

“I have never cheated on my husband.”

“And I have never cheated on my wife.”

“Good, just as long as we understand one another.”

Her leg continued to massage my calf, as I eagerly leaned closer and took hold of her thigh. Moving my hand along it’s length and sliding it over her inner thigh.

“It has been over a year since I have made love.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“I just miss him a lot.”

“I certainly understand.”

“So, you’re okay with a one-night stand?”

“With a beautiful woman like you, yes, of course.”

Anastasia blushed, “You are too kind.”

“I aim to please, especially since you said you like stiff things.” I grabbed a hold of her hand under the table as she moved closer to me in response and placed her hand on the throbbing length in my pants.

“My, I do like that!”

Meanwhile, our drinks arrived. We took hold of them and I motioned for a toast.

“To us, if only for a short while.”

“Yes, to us,” she responded, clinking her glass against mine.

We took a quick sip and Anastasia noted, “Do you need to phone your wife?”

“Oh, thank you, no. I told her that I wouldn’t be in until late this evening. I usually go out with my office mates after a trip. She’s used to that. But thanks for being concerned.”

“Certainly. I am a bit nervous though. I have never done this before.”

“Yes, I understand completely.”

We pushed back our drinks quickly and ordered another round and finished those just as fast. I paid the bar tender and we about bolted to the registration desk. Anastasia stood behind me. My hands shook as I signed the agreement and took the room key.

“Room 512, sir. Enjoy your stay.”

“We certainly will,” I smiled eagerly at Anastasia and followed her to the elevator.

When the doors closed, she moved against me and looked up at me as I met her lips with mine in unrestrained passion. My hands quickly circled behind her, working up and down her back as her small hands grabbed a hold of my back as well, pulling her tiny body closer to mine. Anastasia’s soft lips blossomed against mine, opening like a spring flower. Our tongues met and intertwined as the elevator rose. Thank goodness that it never stopped until we reached the fifth floor as our clothes started to be removed. By the time the doors opened, Anastasia had unbuttoned more than one-half of my shirt and her hair was a mess. I followed her closely down the hall until we reached our room door and after hurriedly opening it, we dragged our bags inside and slammed the door briskly behind us.

The look on Anastasia’s face was something like I’ve never seen. Gone seemed the look of innocence and sweetness. Replacing those child-like characteristics was intense passion and heavy lust: a woman in heat. She stood at the foot of the bed awaiting me to lunge at her like a wild animal romping on its prey. She kicked off her shoes, unzipped her tight Capri pants and had just about ripped her shirt off when I was doing the same. I kicked off my shoes, unbuttoned the rest of my shirt and pulled my slacks off when I was free enough to tackle her and pull her delectable body down with mine onto the bed, cushioning our fall together.

“Jeff, are you going to make love to me or are you going to fuck me?” Anastasia quietly asked, looking deeply into my eyes.

“How about a little of both?” I replied.

“Sounds good to me!” Anastasia cooed.

I had her long red-tinted hair in my hands as I ran my fingers all along the sides of her scalp, pausing to brush her hair away from her face as our tongues met and continued to dance in the darkness of the room. I pulled back and switched on the bed-side light.

“Oh, no. Lights off,” Anastasia scolded.

“Baby, I want to see you. Your sexy body and how we move together. I want to see it all.”

“Okay, I guess it is okay.”

We returned to one another, groping for one another, our arms and legs flailing spastically and then intertwining seductively upon connecting with each other’s limbs. Her body was firm and doll-like against my athletic build. The touch of her skin was like satin and silk, as her taught breasts, still housed in her yellow lace bra rubbed up and down my chest. Our loins met briefly as her mound rubbed delightfully against my hardened cock.

“Oooh, that feels nice.”

“You have no idea,” I replied, hungrily reaching for her mouth with mine. She pushed me away slightly and offered her neck to me, which I greedily accepted, planting kiss after kiss down the side of her outstretching nape. She was on top of me now, her legs spread wide like a bird, entrapping me below her as she continued to hump me through her thin panties. I grabbed a firm hold of her creamy ass and massaged each of her tight globes with my curious hands. She seemed to really like this as her gasps informed. I looked up at her and she was arching her back, pushing her pelvis into mine as her head snapped back and she began to moan.

I swiftly pulled her bra up and over her firm tits. As they fell out of their housing, I quickly palmed one of them as my mouth went over the other, tonguing her hardened nipple with pleasure.

“Oh, that feels…good!” Anastasia announced.

“Here, spin around,” I instructed, pushing her to face away from me, while pulling her hips to face me. I peeled her thong down after admiring her tight rear end and lowered her crotch over my face. Her pussy was already wet as I pulled her sopped thong down and away from her tight caverns. I got the material down to her knees when she lifted one leg and removed it from the thong. Now I had full access and pulled her ass down towards my face. I stuck my tongue out to receive her beautiful pussy lips which hovered just inches from my awaiting mouth. Her pussy was beautiful. Wisps of short brown hair surrounded her snatch and she was neatly trimmed. I loved the look of her and couldn’t wait to taste her juices. To no surprise, her pussy tasted like heaven. Her musky warm wetness surrounded me as I ran my tongue over the length of her dark slit and over her smooth taint.

Anastasia was quick to the rescue of my cock down below as I felt her open the folded fly of my boxers and pull the hardened length out of its frustrated hold.

“Oh my, I thought you might be big, but he is enormous!”

Like a fly on potato salad, she was immediately on my cock. Taking my length into her open mouth, she muffled as she began working on him. I tried to break my pleasured surprise and focus more on Anastasia’s folds, as my tongue continued to work around her tight opening.

In and out I thrashed my tongue, forcing her tight doors open with my free fingers; I located her wet shiny pink inner sanctum and drilled my outstretched tongue eagerly into her shimmering folds. Her body bounced on my face with entrenched surprise as I pushed back up towards her downward pulses, meeting her delicate flesh with my accommodating tongue and mouth. Lapping her outer labia now, I enjoyed the audible sounds of her soft cries of pleasure.

“Oh that feels…so…good,” Anastasia breathed, pausing to reply.

“I’ll lick you all night, you taste so goddamn sweet!” I yelped, returning to work on her swelling pussy lips. I had her folds stretched open with my fingers now, holding her bay doors open to allow my tongue unrestrained access as I worked in and around her velvet pouch.

Simultaneously, she was working my swollen cock in and out of her tightening mouth, working my shaft with her dainty hand, while licking and sucking my cock head, devouring it deep into her throat as she bobbed up and down on my stiff rod. Her mouth felt like soft silk against my alert skin, feeling every single action of wetness and motion. Her action on me side-tracked my focus on her and I quickly had to switch positions with her, as to not loose my intention of pleasuring the hell out of Anastasia. Casually, I pulled away and rolled her gently on to her side where she realized my intention and like clockwork, had spread her legs wide so I could get in between them and return to licking her dry. She was on her back now as I maneuvered between her outstretched legs and returned my mouth and tongue to her wondrous mound. I focused on her clit now as I sucked it into my mouth and lapped her inner labia to coincide with the soft probes of my fingers as I slid in and out of her glorious hole. My cock was at full mast now and ready, as was she.

“Jeff, put it me…I am ready,” Anastasia signed ecstatically.

“Okay, baby,” I responded, pushing myself upright. I leaned back on my haunches now, and kneeled over her outstretched body. I took my hard member into my hand and placed it over her as she leaned forward and gave my mushroom head a few more licks for good measure. She then leaned back flat on the bed and awaited my entry as she circled around her clit, rubbing it seductively. Anastasia then grabbed both of her heels and pulled them towards her head, rocking back on her lower back, stretching her pussy and pelvis towards me and into the air as she spread her legs wide. Her pussy opened like a delicate flower and sparkled brilliantly with its natural juices and my recent conjoined saliva.

I instinctively ripped open the condom package I had and slipped the rubber over my hard prick. I didn’t want to get her pregnant, of course, since I had no idea what this chick’s background was, I wasn’t going to take any unnecessary risks either.

Teasing her a bit, I rubbed my latex-covered cock head over her mound now, pushing it in between her outer lips as I slid easily between her supple flesh folds. She was close to boiling point as her breathing rate increased to a soft pant and her audible moans became increasing in rate and in level.

“Get him inside, please,” she whimpered.

I didn’t respond. I just looked at her with intent and pushed my head into her outer banks and watched my length glide silently into her as my head disappeared from view.

“Oh, yes!” Anastasia cried.

“Feel good?”

“Yes, oh yes!”

I began slowly pumping in and out of her now, my cock slipping into her depths without pause. Her lips parted easily for my presence and wrapped around my girth without hesitation. As I dove in and out of Anastasia’s honey box, her pussy walls surrounded me, and clenched onto my rod like a tightening vice. In and out I rode with glory as her body arched and collapsed in front of me.

“I wish you could see this…my cock pulsing in and out of your tight box.”

Anastasia leaned forward as my dick pushed and pulled within her. She caught some action as her lips folded in on themselves with my thrusts and spread apart, milking the sides of my length with its removal.

“Doesn’t that look incredible?”

“Yes, but it feels even better,” Anastasia responded greedily.

I kept this action up for a little while more, until I felt the edge come along and wanted to go as long as possible without dumping my load into her prematurely. So, I stopped and pulled my dick out of her confines and laid back. Instinct took over and Anastasia sat up and pulled a leg over to straddle me. Lowering herself down now, she pulled her soaked labia apart as she guided her pelvis over mine, lowering herself into position eagerly.

With a simple focused push, I was back inside her as her cavern accepted my penis with unrestrained delight. She bounced on me now quickly as my rod rammed in and out of her tight honey pot, slipping between her satin ribbed pussy walls. She slowed in pace and as her motions went down, she ground her hips and gyrated them against the base of my penis, bringing untold sensation to her outer folds as well as to her inner privates simultaneously. She groaned loudly in receipt.

“Oooh. Fuck yeah…oh…oh…fuck…oh, yeah!”

I grabbed onto the sides of her delicate hips and thrust back up into her as her body slammed down on me. Her continual hip rotation was driving me crazy now as my cock was twisted up and down, side to side and back and forth deep within her pleasure cave.

“Oooh, right there…yes…Oh, God!” she screamed.

I pushed back up at her, pushing and pulling my dick as quickly as I could now, hoping to bring her off faster than me. My plan worked as I felt her walls tighten against my length now and her wetness became even more slick as she rode herself to the point of no return. Grabbing her ass, I pounded and pushed back at her, watching my dick continue in and out of her wet pussy at a lightning fast rate. Her pussy walls flexed and grasped at me as her climax came and thundered through her slight shuddering body. Anastasia’s back arched as her slender breasts stood away from her and her hair flowed behind her, slapping against the back of her shoulders.

“Oh God, I am going to cum!” she announced loudly, grinding her slender hips back at me, milking my cock for all it was worth.

“Fuck yeah, baby! Fuck me!”

“Oh yes, yes, yes, yes!” Anastasia hollered as her body twitched and writhed over me, her hair flailing violently above me with the snapping action of her face and torso.

Delightfully for me (and her), I was still a little ways from my pending orgasm as I pulled myself out of her. Anastasia collapsed on the bed, reeling from her incredible climax, as I rolled her onto her side and slid along side behind her. She pushed her ass towards me as I inserted my dick into her recovering pussy and began to pump her from behind. She responded gratefully and pushed her ass firmly out against me, giving me easier access to her collapsing hole as I slid into her. She laid there motionless, basking in the fever of her afterglow. This position was always a challenge for me, no matter who I was with. There never seemed to be good enough traction or leverage, so my erection was starting to subside a bit. I pulled my length out of her and rolled away.

“Mind if I fuck you from behind?”

“Not at all,” Anastasia replied, rolling over onto her hands and knees, she raised her ass high in the air and arched her back, pushing her ass even higher up. I got up behind her and pushed down on my outstretched member, guiding him into her tight slit once again.

“Goddamn, you have a nice ass.”

“You like it?” she sighed, looking back at me and smiling from the base of the mattress.

“Fuck, yeah…it looks so firm and tight.”

“It is and I am glad you like my ass,” she smirked and winked at me, as I guided my prick against her loosened glory hole. My cock glistened with her pussy juices as I pushed my mushroom head against her outer folds, watching it slide over her pussy and ass crack. I licked one of my fingers and touched it against her rosebud as she gasped in response.

“Yeah, stick your finger in my ass!”


“Yes, I love your finger in my ass while you ride me!” Anastasia heaved as she bucked her hips back against my outstretched finger. I pushed my finger into her dirt hole and watched her surprised response. She had taken a startled breath and had opened her mouth in a gasp as I pushed my digit well into her brown eye. Next I grabbed my cock with my free hand and guided it back into her well lubricated slit. I watched with delight as both extremities worked in unison in and out of her private holds. My free hand wrapped around her midsection to give me stability as I pumped my rod in and out of her slippery pussy. Anastasia moaned again in response as I slid my length in and out of her easily. With each slow entrance, I gained depth as her pussy swallowed more of my rod with each push. I felt my head hit against her cervix as my balls slapped slightly against her outer lips.

“Wow, I’m in deep,” I remarked, witnessing the unbelievable sight below me.

“Yeah, I love your cock in me,” Anastasia remarked, spreading her legs apart.

I worked my finger in and out of her asshole with ease now, as she responded in delight, breathing heavily with each of my motions. I pulled my finger out of her ass now, and moved my hands around to her ass cheeks. I then pushed her cheeks apart to watch the eye-opening action in between her legs as I stroked easily between her flesh divide. I slowed my penetrations now, as I felt my edge nearing fast. Anastasia was going wild again, breathing uncontrollably as I slid into her without much resistance. Her back arched haphazardly as she bucked her delightful hips back towards my pulsating cock.

“Oh God, I am going to cum again!” Anastasia yelped.


“Bozhe moi!”


“Fuck me!” she explained.

“Oh yeah!”

“Yes! Keep fucking me!” she growled, looking back at me with lust.

She laid down, flat on the surface of the bed now, taking my heaving body with hers as she pressed against the sheets, pulling a fistful of the cotton white material towards her aching figure. She splayed her legs apart, illuminating her tight ass and open sexy innards, as she lurched forward. I kept plummeting as deeply as I could into her tight crotch, feeling the cleft of her ass slap against me as I drove into her.

“God, you are tight!” I grunted, pushing into her with all of my might.


“Fuck!” I barked.

She lifted her ass into the air again and I followed her up as she moved, somehow maintaining intimate contact with her. I picked up the pace and pushed deep into her tight cavern, relishing in the sight of my length being swallowed eagerly by her sumptuous figure. As my cock exited her tight grasp, her inner pussy lips showed bright pink with excitement and her pussy juices oozed eagerly out of her confines, dripping down the length of her inner thighs. At the sight of this action, I doubled my pace and pushed my pulsating cock deep inside of her, forcing her walls open, while I hammered in and out of her like a crazy fool. She lifted her ass up towards me again, while I pushed down and in on her and her body went into convulsions.

“Oooh, right there!” Anastasia cried.

“Fuck, yeah!” I growled, as I stuck my finger back into her ass and twisted it wildly inside her, rotating it around and around.

“Oh! Oh, my God!” she yelped again, helplessly.

I pushed two more times into her folds and my dick twitched as my balls retracted and with a few violent squirts and spasms, my load was planted well inside her as I pulled my convulsing cock out of her depths, ripping off the condom, and spewing the remainder of my cum onto her ass checks.

“Excellent!” I exclaimed as I collapsed on top of her. The saltiness of our sweat was bitter as I licked the back of her neck. My sweat had dripped without pause onto her back, as her own primal cooling system had engaged and was beading droplets of her own down the base of her neck, along her forehead and down the long side of her back. We were, in a word, a dripping mess. I paused a moment, rubbing my softening penis into the crevice of her ass globes, watching my purple headed monster twitch with delight as I slid it around her cheeks, stopping to slap it against her outstretched ass flesh.

“Wow that was fantastic!” Anastasia sighed, as I rolled over and collapsed into the soft mattress supporting us below.

She leaned over and kissed me gently as I returned her advances. Our lips met and hungrily worked over one another’s salty orifices.

“Think you will be ready to go again, soon?” she slithered.

“With you? Yes, certainly,” I whispered, feeling the weight of my eyelids grow increasingly heavy.

“Good,” was the last word I heard her speak.


I awoke to a strange buzzing sound.

“What the…?” I opened my eyes to see Anastasia slowly insert a thin vibrating dildo into the base of her ass. She sat in front of me and eagerly pushed the plastic tool in and out of her tight back door as I watched in complete awe.

“Where did you…?”

“No questions…just watch,” Anastasia instructed, as my eyes grew wild and then focused on the intense action taking place before me.

Anastasia bucked her hips as she squatted in a prone position before me. Her feet and her outstretched hand were the only extremities in play to keep her balance as she heaved her incredible formed figure up and down on the buzzing stick stretching her tight bung hole. She worked it in and out of her tight rear hole like a pro, pausing to relish its effect every now and then as she kept a piercing watch on my reaction and looked into my eyes with increasing desire.

“I hope you like what you are seeing.”

“Yes,” I choked, still in awe of the sight of her in front of me, working her dildo in and out of her rosebud.

“I like it in my ass and before we go, I want you to nail me there, if you don not mind,” Anastasia sighed, the vibrator obtaining its desired heightened affect within her.

“‘If I don’t mind?’ Hell, no. It’s just that not many chicks have wanted it there.”

“They do not know what they are missing,” Anastasia gritted.

As she worked the tool in her tightness, I took hold of my cock and pulled it, pumping it with my hand, bringing it back to life. I thought of all of the previous girlfriends and one-night stands I had fucked in the past and not one of them wanted me to fuck them in the backdoor. I was so disappointed for so long. Even my current wife would not allow me anywhere near her rectum, even after we had discussed the option and she agreed to try it before we were married. I couldn’t blame her though. She was willing to try just about anything besides that. She also gave me incredible blow jobs whenever I wanted and she swallowed to boot. Like I said, I didn’t have much room to complain. But Anastasia was a different story. She WANTED it and wanted it bad.

“When I am ready, I don not want you to use a condom, okay?”

“Sure,” I gleamed.

“I want to…feel…every drop of your load…deep in my ass…okay?”

“All right!” I exclaimed, feeling my dick come to full attention again, wanting to plant my rod deep into her awaiting ass crack.

“I am almost there!” she squealed. Moving the humming dildo in and out of her asshole faster now as she began to moan and sigh like before.

My dick was rock hard again as I continued to watch her move the enviable soft rubber in and out of her tightly gripping hole.

“I see that you are ready too,” Anastasia smiled, eying my rigid member with a lustful gaze of desire and accomplishment.

“Yeah,” I huffed, eager to plant her in the ass.

“Have you ever fucked a woman in the ass before?” Anastasia questioned, looking back to analyze my response.

“No, unfortunately, not.”

“That is too bad…for them, I mean…you are in for a treat,” she giggled.

“That, I am!” I replied with new found energy.

“Follow me,” she commanded, jumping off the bed, walking towards the adjacent bathroom.

Like a minding puppy dog, I was right behind her, watching her tight ass flex in the dimly lit hotel room. When we got to the threshold of the bath, she turned on the bright light and our eyes took a moment to adjust to the brightness. Anastasia went immediately to the vanity and took hold of the edge of the sink and leaned forward, exposing her well-formed ass to my wandering eye.

“Now, get that shampoo and smear it all over my little hole and on your cock,” she instructed. I obeyed immediately and tore into the shampoo, spilling a heaping amount into my hand. I greedily rubbed it on my dick and then put more into my hand and worked it into her ass crack as she directed.

“That is good…Just keep…working it…into me.” She heaved, my fingers stretching into her muscular tight-clenched hole now. Her dildo had opened her up quite a bit to my surprise, as she asked how her asshole had looked.

“It feels open. Is it?”

I looked down at the tiny hole accepting my two fingers now; her flexing entry was now wrapped tightly but elegantly against my invading digits. The soap had slicked her awaiting hole up a bit, allowing my fingers to glide in and out of her winking eye hole nicely. It was a dirty, but incredible sight to see, as my fingers worked in and out of her, loosening her tight muscle in the process.

“Yeah, it’s getting there,” I coached, maintaining a watchful eye on her taboo hole as it stretched open with my continued probes.

“God, it feels good,” she sighed, “I cannot wait until you put your dick in my ass.”

“I can’t wait either, baby,” my penis growing even larger in eager response to her delightful words.

Anastasia’s ass was now stretched wide open as I peered up into her seam. Her hole was around the diameter of a nickel now. I imagined that my cock head would do the rest as I pushed it into her dirt box.

“Put it in when you are ready,” Anastasia coached, leaning up against the side of the sink, bracing her tight body against the front of the vanity. She brought her arms around her sides as her body lurched forward and she pulled her ass cheeks apart seductively, revealing her stretched awaiting entry hole. Her taboo hole was deep and dark, surrounded by a pink-colored rim of soft flesh. Her cavern’s side walls were ribbed with firm muscle tissue, pulled wide open to accommodate my organ.

“I’m going to love this!” I exclaimed as I watched her outstretched dark hole, flexing in front of me, patiently waiting to be ravaged by my hungry cock.

“Stick it in me deep,” Anastasia commanded, watching me in the mirror as I rubbed up against her. She was on her tip toes now, her waist resting firmly against the top of the sink counter as she longed for the impalement of my hard member.

I pushed up against her and grabbed my pulsing cock and pushed my mushroom head into the opening of her stretched cavern. With a little shifting, I had implanted the top portion of my cock head into her outer ring.

“That is it,” she sneered, her reflection peering with great anticipation at me.

I pushed a little harder and watched as the front end of my dick was swallowed slowly by Anastasia’s tight ass.

“Oh my God,” I whispered, watching the sight of my penis disappearing into Anastasia’s intimate doorway. Her ass muscles gripped me and held me in place with incredible strength, wrapping a firm hold around my impaling staff.

“Yes,” she cooed, “Get it all the way in.”

I pushed into her more and felt the soap help slip my cock further into her gaping ass. I felt her muscles balk a bit and flex to accommodate more of my length as I continue to thrust my dick into her.

“This is amazing,” I stated, watching more of my cock inch slightly into her bowels.

“I like watching you fuck my ass,” Anastasia grunted, staring intently at me through the mirror as I pushed further.

A few more pushes and my dick was fully inside of her rectum now as I began to rock back and forth inside of her clenching sphincter. It felt amazingly tight and close as I inched my way in and out of her tight hole with easing resistance. As I moved, her ass opened more and more as I pushed and pulled my way in and out of her.

“Do you like fucking my ass?” Anastasia asked, glaring intently.

“Fuck, yeah!” I replied, watching my rigid pole more quickly in and out of her dilating tail pipe. I held on to her hips for a while as I adjusted my angle and penetration speed, then I moved up to her breasts and held firmly to her subtle firm globes as I continued to pound slowly into her depths, tweaking her nipples from time to time as my cock rocketed into her.

“Your cock…it…feels…so good!” she stammered, as my thrusts continued.

“I’m glad,” I responded, “Your ass is gripping me like a fist!”

“You like it?”

“Goddamn yeah! It’s nice and tight!”

“Ooh, I thought you would like my tight asshole.”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t think otherwise,” I breathed, trying to once again prolong my inevitable sperm dump.

“Fuck, it feels nice!” she whimpered as I continued to drive deep into her squeezing hold.

I was pulling her cheeks apart now, meeting her hands in the process, watching with continued desire as my dick pummeled into her. She glared at me through the mirror, watching every motion as I looked back at her. Our eyes met and focused on one another as our passion built to untold levels. Anastasia’s breathing was unbridled as my cock thundered in and out of her now. I continued to stare deeply into her lusting hazel eyes as her mouth made wide open ‘O’ formations and her body shook with intensity. She bucked her hips back at me, meeting my inward driving thrusts with outward ones of her own. My cock was fully buried deep inside her ass opening now as my nuts slapped lightly against her outer pussy lips. I moved my hands around and in-between her outstretched legs, running them up and down her slender inner thighs. I then grabbed solid hold of her legs and pushed my member deeply into her asshole and pulled it out slowly. She yelped at my motions now as I pulled slowly and pushed abruptly, watching my dick slide quickly back inside of her fully stretched one eye. I looked at her reflection and she sneered and hissed with devil-like intensity as I continued to plow her ass.

I took strong hold of her hips as she laid flat against the top of the vanity. I had full access to her as I hammered away, making long slow strides in and out of her incredibly open brown hole. Anastasia grunted with painful pleasure with each thrust.

“I’m going to cum deep inside your ass, baby,” I whispered as I thundered well into her ass, my balls slapping audibly against her labia now.

“Yes,” she hissed, watching me again in the mirror, closing her eyes from the motion as I buried myself into her tight hole.

“Are you gonna watch me cum?”

“Yeah,” she whimpered.

Without further warning, my balls retracted firmly and my dick went into overdrive as it lurched and spewed spurt after spurt of spunk into her tight bowels. I stopped thrusting and felt the glory of my orgasm overtake my body and send wave after wave of pleasure over my aching body. I left my cock buried in her tight box until every last drop of cum had launched deep into her ass crack. When my spasms had subsided, I pulled my sensitive purple-colored cock out of her ass, delighting in the large amount of cum that followed. The white creamy load was now dripping out of her asshole, oozing down her legs and pooling on the ceramic tile below us.

“Wow,” Anastasia breathed as she pulled herself away from the vanity top.

“Yeah, you’re telling me,” I responded as I wiped the sweat from my chest and face and lowered the towel to sop up some of the latent cum on my softening dick.

“Do you think I can call you again in about a year?”

“When you’re in need of a good fuck again?”


“Sure, of course,” I smiled, “but I hope it’s sooner than a year!”

Anastasia smiled and we laughed together.

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