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Velvet Kitten

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I can smell the ocean coming in through the sliding door. A cool breeze blows up from the water, a sigh of relief for my hot skin. Raising a glass to my lips I drink deeply, eyes locked in you sitting within a halo of candlelight. Over dinner we discussed the coming evening, your expectations, my requirements. Thinking of this a slow flush comes to my cheeks and a smile to my lips. You capture this look and reflect it back and I can no longer hide behind my wineglass.

I realize that I am already drugged and heavy with the feeling of my arousal. The slow walk from counter to bed stretches out miles, my feet on the cool hardwood. As I walk past you I brush my fingertips on your shoulder and whisper, “I have something to show you.” I turn to face you, the wind chimes the only sound between us. Agonizing, I stand there for an eternity of suspended heartbeats. Waiting for courage and then finding it I will myself to seduce your gaze. Reaching up slowly, I undo the clip in my hair to let it fall, tendrils curling around my cheek. My eyes on you, a tracked prey, I know you anticipate my every move.

My hands slowly move down my neck, fingers along my pulse, brushing past a breast, and then to rest palm flat on my belly. Fingers find the cord of my dress and tugging I release it. With deliberation I smile and smooth aside the fabric of the wrap to reveal the pale pink silk slip under it. The cloth cups my breasts, the hemline brushes the tops of my thighs. Slipping the shoulders back the entire dress slips and falls with a sigh to the floor. Eyes on you, I lower so that I sit on the edge of the bed demurely. Leaning back on one elbow I catch your eyes and carefully, open my legs and with lazy fingers, pull the slip up my body. Lips parted and cheeks flushed with heat I wait for you to speak, exposed to your gaze.

“Don’t be shy baby, I know you want to show me” you croon, your eyes dark. “Wait.” It is a firm command. So I sit as still as stars for you.

Rising, you move to light more candles. I am honey skinned in their glow as the room shakes of it’s shadows. I feel more vulnerable and shy with each one lit. Turning to me you smile at my blushing and as you tell me I please you, you lean in to kiss me. Your mouth light, a flicker of tongue on my own, I moan softly and you answer it with your own, tensing I rise slightly to meet your lips. Breaking the kiss you look at me, mouth reddened I lick my bottom lip and you laugh. With agile fingers you slide the hem up so that I am more uncovered, and with a thoughtful expression you tug the bodice of my slip to reveal my nipples behind the lace trim.

“Much better” you smile.

Having you so close and knowing you see me in my entirety already, lain out for your enjoyment causes the coil of butterflies in my belly to flicker. With a mischievous grin you walk over to the table and pull a chair closer to me, your knees almost brushing my own. Suddenly self-conscious, I start to close my thighs. With a firm hand you reach down and steady them, your eyes smile at me and I return my legs with a sigh.

“What is it you wanted to show me?” Your voice is husky with want and I can see you are already aroused.

Leaning back, bold now, I make an effort to not remove my eyes from yours. It is you that breaks the embrace to look down to where my fingers lightly smooth my thigh. With fingertips so close to my aching, I can feel the throb of my clit. Knowing I am wet, knowing that my breathing grows quicker as I move closer to soothing that ache I watch you as my fingers come closer. Your eyes are hungry and devour my actions, taking in my glistening wet and the tug of nipples against silk.

“Tell me, what did you want to show me” your voice firmly pulls me back. I slip my fingers closer to the swollen lips, grazing them. Again you hand stills me, firm on my knee. “Wait, you must earn that Princess, I want you to tell me.” A slow smile sweeps your face as I blush, my eyes flickering away. Then with a renewed daring I answer back, my voice a low broken whisper. “I want to show you how I touch myself when thinking of you.” A crooked smile curls my lips.

Removing you hand, I feel the shadow of heat from where your fingers were. I lean back on my elbow, fingers finding my lips, I part them so that you can see the magenta of my arousal. Dipping my finger into the wet I slide it across the head of my clit and close my eyes as I slowly, slowly feel fire.

Soon I am swept into the dance, trying to keep controlled takes effort. The sound of the chair being scraped back startles me from my reverie. I open my eyes to you kneeling down between my knees, focused on the red gash I have opened for your eyes. My fingers still as you come close to them. Inhaling deeply, smelling my arousal and then exhaling onto my tender wet flesh causes another flood of glistening to bloom.

With a smile you reach up and press my thighs open, wide enough that my hips feel displaced and I moan under the scrutiny of your gaze. My mewing is uncontrollable as you breathe on me and say, “Keep going baby, show me.”

My entire body is aware of you. I start to rub the nib of my clit, panting softly I watch your face, see you lick your lips and then I am beyond caring, abandoned in my cravings. Laying back I use my other hand to sink two fingers into my pussy, my greedy body rocking to accommodate this torment. It is then I feel your breath on me again as you say “Squeeze”, and with a moan I comply, contracting the velvet wet around my fingers.

“I wish you could see yourself” you whisper, “You are so fucking beautiful.” And I whimper an answer with your name caught on my bruised lips.

Hungry now, I tense against your hands, the muscles in my thighs binding, arching my back, my pussy begging you to move your fingers closer. You groan at temptation and with a horse growl you say, “STOP”.

Writhing and moaning your name I do not stop, cannot stop immediately. I eventually regain myself enough to remove my hands, “Please. Please, oh god PLEASE.” I plead with you. “Please let me touch myself.” My voice is trembling, my body fighting against your hands. Whimpering I trap your eyes with mine, my voice and body animated with need. “Christopher….” With a quick movement you release my legs and stand. I know I have amused you with my slow reaction and know that here is the excuse you have been seeking.

Now my Toy, roll over and get on all fours, I want you to show me that pretty pussy.”

Doing as you request, I position myself. Then after looking over my shoulder to ensnare your eyes I lower my shoulders. Head down, cheek against bed, nipples rubbing against the coverlet, knees slightly apart I arch my back to display myself to your appraising eye.

“Oh, baby” you whisper, your hands pressing the insides of my knees further apart, “so beautiful.” Your breath faint on my skin caused me to grip handfuls of bedding and arc to meet your gaze. “Such a good girl now, but you know I have to spank you.” You smile as you say this and I answer with “Please…” grating my lips “Please what, Princess?” And with a groan of surrender I answer, “Please spank me.” My voice laden with want.

I feel your palm on my ass, your fingers digging into the soft skin and then a surprise. Your fingers slipping up onto my clit and ever so slowly into the open wet of my waiting pussy. With a sharp intake of breath I exhale a long moan and move towards your touch as you whisper down to me “Squeeze”. Trembling now, my body shivering with desire and exertion. With your name on my lips I comply. Curling your fingers, you explore my velvetiness and comment in low tones on the feel. I hardly hear you, only feel. Smearing your hand across my cheek I do not even anticipate the sting of your first swat. Not too hard but enough that my body tenses. Before I can draw another breath, there is a second sting on the other cheek. I can feel the burn of them, know that your handprint will be faint, but there. Before I can react again I feel your tongue reaching for my clit, and I growl as I curve my pussy to your mouth. Your flickering tongue tasting more that bringing me pleasure but I greedily whine for more.

“Mmmmmmm” you whisper into me. The vibration of your voice rippling through my body and I answer it with my own purr. Raising your head you whisper sweetness to me, my taste on your mouth.

It is all I can do to not roll over and pull your to my body. I tremble with the passion that is brewing in the air around us. The fire glowing on my skin.

With deliberate care you lick my pussy, then dip into my wet again, your fingers coming away nearly dripping. With that same hand you send a sting across my upturned ass, harder. Then again as you flick my clit with your thumb and finger. My body flinches but holds strong, a long shudder wracking me so I dip slightly on my shoulders. You witness this and praise me with your touch, smoothing my ass and not releasing contact of my pussy. Soon I regain myself and hear you soft voice making love to me in the candlelight. Writhing again, agonized I cry for you, but know not what I need. “Please, oh god, PLEASE.” I call for you to relieve me and you tease, watching my ass display the pink of your touch.

I know this arouses you and this adds to the heat in my bones. My ass rising up towards you, seeking your all-encompassing touch. Your voice the only thing I am aware of. I hear you tell me to touch myself and I grapple to ease my thirst, my body alive with the fire you have lit in me.

I inflamed in your adoration. Fully realized, I am burning with hunger, my body wondrously beautiful within our dance. Fully abandoned, I fall into sensation and lay my body open for the consuming ache of your touch.

I feel you rise and remove your clothing. Standing, you grip my hip with one hand and guide your cock along the wet gash you helped rouse. I push back eager for more of this touch and you give it to me, from my clit to the tender pucker of my ass, smearing my sap.

Then with a loud moan of my name you place yourself to enter me. My body tenses waiting for a fierce lunge but it does not come. Your breath is labored and you lean over me to kiss my neck, my spine through silk, leaving a trail of dark pink down my back. Tongue and teeth, you breath teasing, I turn my face to you with a soft mew and seek your mouth with my own. Mine starving for your tongued kisses, I eat of what you offer out to me. You grip my breasts and pull me back to fit the bow of your body, twisting my nipples I moan into your mouth.. Sliding your hand down my body, you seek the wet hot core of me. My pussy is begging for you, my entire body hinged on your touch I am owned by my need. You are controlled as you enter me, so slow my body feels ever pulse of you. You keep your equilibrium for the first strokes, then the hunger of your own body steals it. In time with my strangled gasps, your name a chant, my pussy clenching you in.

With a fierce quiet you remove your cock and I nearly weep your name. No longer shy I beg for it, for satiation to this loud call of my desire. My entire body shakes and throbs with a drunken pulse.

“Roll over Kitten, I want to see your face” you whisper to me. Captivated, you are beautiful in your desire. A burnished light. Your eyes reflect my own hunger, dark with your personal storm. I spread my legs, wild in lust, exposing myself to you.

“Good girl” you say breathless, a small moan escaping as you lean down to taste me in one long fluid stroke. I main and grip your hair, tangling you with my legs, pulling you in to my body full of gluttony. I feel the winding coil of my climax start of burn and I bite down on it, almost failing.

“Oh god” I pant, “I want to cum, can you see how wild you make me? Please…” my voice lit with the hundred small fires of my flesh.

Raising your head you taste your lips that glisten with me. Rising you bring your cock to me and I buck my hips to meet it, hips parted. I writhe as you rub my clit and enter me, your eyes never leaving mine. Falling onto my body, your mouth meeting mine, I kiss off my taste. Pulling back you drink in my entire being wracked with need, my orgasm beginning to grip your cock.

Strangled and desperate I cry to you, “Pease Christopher, may I cum?” My eyes so full of you, wide open to drink it in.

You meet my eyes and enjoy me, teasing you test me. “Do you NEED to cum, Princess?” Your voice filled with your own harbored need.

Your name replaces any coherent syllables I arch back and press my breasts towards your hot mouth.

“CUM” you command, and I do. Hard. My soul taking flight in a rush of your name and I cling to you, lost in the waves of feeling. And then as if to answer me, your moan my name long and hard, falling into me you cum. Your mouth trapping mine. The mewing lost in your throat and swallowed in your own.

Your kisses soften and you slow, touching my sensitive skin alive with your careful love, shivering I trace my fingers on your face, shy with you. And then with a soft look of adoration I whisper your name and hold you close to my heart, close enough to hear yours and your sweet praises.

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