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“Of all the low things guys can do, this has got to be the worst!” my roommate, Heather stormed as she slammed the door of our dorm room.

I was lying across my bed, already in my pajamas, studying for a trigonometry test. Some people think I’m kind of a nerd since I’m studying to be a math teacher. I’m tall with brown hair, brown eyes, and I wear glasses.

I have a good figure but I hide it under loose shirts and baggy dresses. It’s hard to get taken seriously in a “man’s career” when you have a pair of perfect size D breasts, a slim waist and curvy hips with slender thighs tapering to trim ankles that look pretty damn good in the 3 inch stiletto heels I wear for very special occasions! I found out pretty fast after I developed that men equate breast size with IQ. Since most math teachers are men, covering up works best for me. I don’t get patronized nearly as much as some of my curvy counterparts do in class.

Now Heather is a real cutie! Short, blonde, nice figure, very outgoing and personable, she is well liked by both the girls on our floor and the guys she meets. She had a boyfriend within a week of her arrival from Indiana. I can only assume it is that same boyfriend who has her in such a lather.

Abandoning my books, I rolled over and sat up wrapping my arms around my legs as I watched her stomping around the room. Her face was flushed, her short, blonde hair looked like someone had been running their fingers through it. She kept brushing her hands down the sides of her hips as she paced back and forth between our beds.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Everything!” she fumed. “I do absolutely everything for him and he does nothing for me!” she continued to rage, still leaving me clueless as to what Greg had done.

I waited to see if she would elaborate and finally she drew in a deep calming breath and stopped pacing. She went to the end of her bed and jerked her t-shirt off. I’m shy and prefer to dress in private but Heather has no such inhibitions. She had begun parading around naked in front of me from the day we moved in. I was used to it by now and it didn’t bother me. I had checked her out, just as I’m sure she had looked me over once I got used to the idea that it was “just us girls” and the world wouldn’t end if I happened to appear naked in front of my roommate. I knew she liked guys and she knows I do to so it was never with the idea of anything happening between us. Little did I know that was all about to change.

When her shirt came off and she bent over to retrieve her pajama top from the floor, her breasts swung free. The nipples were bright red and looked moist somehow even though I knew they couldn’t be. Her nipples are normally a light pink color. They were swollen looking and hard. She unbuttoned her jeans and stepped out of them after kicking her shoes off into the corner. I couldn’t seem to stop staring at her breasts, even when she stood up and caught me looking at her.

“Yeah,” she said. “Look what he did to me,” she moved one hand across her breasts to emphasize the point, even though I still didn’t understand. Lifting the nightshirt up over her head arched her back and those twin points poked out as her shirt slid down over them. She almost seemed to moan at the delicate friction of the fabric across the erect tips. She raked her fingers through her hair and gave a little hop so she landed near the top of her bed with her legs crossed.

She patted the space beside her. “Leave your books for one damned minute and come talk to me,” she said. I was almost done studying anyway so I got up and sat cross-legged on the bed facing her.

“Does Rick satisfy you?” she asked as soon as I was settled.

“Uh, what do you mean?” I kind of stammered, a little embarassed. I was beginning to figure out what her problem was. Rick Sanchez is the gorgeous, Hispanic, 22 year-old student I had begun seeing a month ago. Everyone hears how good Latin lovers are supposed to be and Rick had the looks for it, but he didn’t have the talent, at least not yet.

“You know, does he make you climax? Has he given you an orgasm?”

“Um, I, uh, well, no,” I admitted, my head dropping as if this was my fault.

“What is it with these guys?” she asked, continuing on without waiting for me to answer. “We do everything for them. Do they think this is all about them?” She paused to look at me.

“I don’t know.” I was just going with the flow and figured she’d get to her point a lot quicker if I didn’t offer an opinion.

“I gave Greg a blowjob tonight.” She stopped and watched my face which probably turned red. I was kind of fascinated by where this conversation was going and immediately got a mental picture of her little bow of a mouth spread wide and a nice, fat, hard cock going in and out of it. I could feel my own breasts getting tight and heat gathering in the pit of my stomach at the image. I hadn’t masturbated in several days so it didn’t take much to get me going.

“We started off touching each other in the car driving out to the park. When we got there he had my pants open and he kept rubbing his fingers against me, you know?” I nodded my understanding as I pictured his hand cupping the pale blue panties currently displayed between her spread legs. “He got me so turned on. I touched him and took him out of his pants.” Another mental picture snapped in my head. The heat moved down to center in the moist core inside my own panties.

“He let me touch him and then he said he wanted to get closer. He leaned my seat back and lifted my shirt and unhooked my bra. I took it off so he could touch my tits.” Her eyes were beginning to get a faraway look as she remembered what he had done. She moved her hands down beside her on the bed and unconsciously seemed to arch her back up as her palms pressed flat against the bed. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the twin points poking against her shirt.

“He fondled them and then he leaned over and started kissing my breasts. Does Rick do that?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I answered, my tongue coming out to wet my suddenly dry lips. “He never does it for as long as I want him to though,” I admitted.

“Greg either,” she eagerly agreed, “Except tonight he did. He leaned over me and sucked my left nipple into his mouth. I grabbed his head and held it there. He licked it and sucked on it and every time he tried to stop, I wouldn’t let him. It felt so good.” I watched, completely mesmerized as her left hand lifted and cupped her breast. I don’t think she even knew what she was doing when she pinched her nipple through her shirt.

“When he tried to stop I told him it felt so good,” she went on. “I even pulled him over so he could reach the right side. Oh, Kylie, he sucked on them for so long,” she almost moaned at me.

I couldn’t help being turned on by her words. I was picturing what she was saying and at the same time, imagining my boyfriend doing that to me. I could feel my pussy getting wet, the inner folds swelling with need. My breasts were tight and my own nipples were as hard as hers.

“You saw what he did to me. Just look,” she demanded as she lifted the tail of her shirt so I could see her breasts again. They were displayed before me, the delicate veins a faint blue beneath the plump whiteness of her skin. Her nipples were still elongated and red from the suckling they received from Greg. As I watched, she lifted one out toward me and demanded I touch it as proof of what she said. My hand lifted almost of its own accord, and I touched her, but I didn’t stop. It was as if someone else were in control of my hand. I cupped her breast and brushed my thumb across the tight peak. Her hand fell away but I continued to hold her, my thumb playing across the nipple, pushing it up and then pressing it down.

“Can you imagine how hot I was, Kylie? My breasts have always been the most sensitive part of me. I was so turned on and Greg was, too.”

“Yeah, I can see how you would be,” I stammered upon realizing I was still caressing her. I quickly pulled my hand back and pressed both hands together into the space between my crossed legs, hoping she wouldn’t make a big deal out of my having touched her that way.

“Then, he moved his hand down over me, into my panties.” Her eyes were hot as she looked into mine and continued her story. “He rubbed the outside of my pussy and then he poked a couple fingers in me, you know how guys do,” she kind of laughed.

“Yes,” I agreed. I was beginning to figure out where her story was going. Greg had not satisfied her and she was not happy about it. “They think a couple of fingers shoved in us is all they have to do,” I continued. “Never mind that we have other parts that need attention.” I laughed with her.

“Have you ever come home from a date with Rick with a hard-on that won’t quit?” she asked. I must have looked a little puzzled at her word choice since we don’t have cocks. “You know what I mean,” she said watching my expression. “With your clit hard and an ache that needs satisfied right here,” she continued as she arched her back and pressed her fingers against the top of her pussy mound. When she arched her back that way, it pressed her pussy up against her panties and I saw a bump in the fabric. I wondered what it was, even as she slowly pushed her fingers down over it until she was holding herself in the palm of her hand.

My breath was coming faster as I imagined how good it would feel to touch my own pussy. There was no doubt we were both aroused, her by what Greg had done, and me by her words. The air was beginning to take on the scent of aroused womanhood. I felt my hips pressing forward so my pussy was pushing against my pajama bottoms and her bed. My hands were balled into fists just a scant inch away from the wetness of my slit.

Her hand rubbed up and down over her pussy a couple of times before she released it. I could see a damp spot between her legs and knew she must be incredibly turned on. She lifted her nightshirt all the way up and off as I stared at her crotch. She lowered herself back against her pillows and arched her hips up to a more comfortable position as she continued her story.

“He ran his fingers in and out a few times and even bumped my clit a couple of times but never touched it on purpose. Do you think they don’t know we have clits?” she asked.

“I, um, maybe not,” I answered, my embarrassment continuing as I tried not to imagine what her pussy looked like under her panties. My fingers itched with the need to touch myself.

“Greg’s gotta know I have one,” she continued rather cryptically.

“Uh, yeah,” I agreed although I wasn’t sure what she meant.

“So I stroked him while he was touching me. Then he said he wanted to try something. So he pulled me up and pulled the seat up and got out of the car.”

“Okay,” I encouraged her.

“He came around to my side of the car and opened my door. There was no one else around. He parked back from the rock, you know?”

“Yeah,” I agreed. The park is actually a state park with a historical monument to early pioneers. The monument consists of a large rock with a plaque on it. We all just call it the rock. There is a parking area and some picnic tables around it. The area is surrounded by pine trees with a couple of roads leading back into them. I figured Greg must have driven a little way down one of those roads so they were concealed from anyone in the parking area.

“He opened my door and stood there with his cock hanging out. I stroked it and played with his balls a little and he begged me to suck it. You know how they do, with that sexy moan guys use?”

I nodded as more pictures flooded my mind.

“He stood there with his ass hanging out and his pants around his ankles. He put his hands on the edge of the door frame and Kylie?”

“Yeah,” I answered kind of breathlessly.

“Oh God, Kylie, he just kind of fucked my face,” she groaned. “It was so sexy, and he just let go. He moaned and groaned and told me how good it felt. He’s never done that before.”

“Oh wow, Heather,” I breathed. “That must have been so sexy.” I moved my hands closer so they were pressed against the outside of my pajamas. It wasn’t enough but it felt good and would have to do until I could crawl into bed and satisfy myself with the lights out.

“It was. Usually Greg doesn’t last long when we have sex. He sticks it in a few times and it’s over. But tonight, he slid in and out of my mouth over and over again.”

“Oh, Heather,” I moaned. The image made me press my hands even tighter against my pussy. My pajamas were pressed inside my slit, my fists tight against my clit. I had to force myself to hold still and not rub my pelvis against my hands.

“It went on and on. Have you ever done that?” she asked.



“Not a lot but I have done it,” I answered.

“You know how they kind of get bigger when they cum?”


“Well, that’s when I usually pull it out of my mouth. I let Greg cum on my tits, or in my hand, but I sometimes gag and I don’t like that so I don’t let Greg cum in my mouth,” she explained.

“Yeah, gagging does kind of spoil the moment,” I laughed softly.

“I let him cum in my mouth tonight and I swallowed it all. I didn’t gag and it was just incredible. I don’t know if it was the position or my mood, or how turned I was or what,” Heather finished.

I could picture Greg standing beside the open door of his car. I could see his cock in Heather’s mouth and the strain of his muscles as he pumped into her, his knuckles white against the dark blue of his car as he held on. I stared at Heather’s mouth and watched the movie in my head. I saw her hands, one on his hip, the other cupping his balls. I imagined that sweet feeling of release he must have felt, that same release my own body was clamoring for. I pictured the slit on the head of his penis opening to release streams of hot cum into Heather’s mouth and wondered if the wet heat of her mouth felt as good around his cock as a wet pussy would.

When I snapped out of my reverie, Heather was reclined against her pillows with her hand rubbing softly over the outside of her panties. Her eyes were open and she was watching me, watching the hands I had pressed so tightly against my own crotch.

“Then he bent down and kissed me and pulled his pants back up.”

“And?” I encouraged her to finish the story.

“That’s it. We came home. He didn’t do anything else to me and he had to know I was as turned on as he was!”

“You aren’t kidding?” I asked, incredulous over Greg’s selfishness.

“I wish I was. Just look at me,” she added. With that she spread her legs out on either side of me and tipped her pelvis up. I could see a round little bump and what had to be her pussy lips spread on either side of it, still covered by the baby blue panties. The wet spot I noticed earlier was bigger and the arch of her hips almost seemed to draw the cloth up into her pussy, dampening the fabric even more.

“Men are so selfish,” I whispered, staring at her crotch.

“Yeah, and Greg had to know because of my size that I was turned on.”

“Your size? What do you mean,” I asked, still looking at her panties.

“Um, I’m kind of deformed, there,” she said, motioning to her panties. “I’m bigger than most girls.”

I had no clue what she was talking about and she could tell that by the expression on my face. I watched as she hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and slowly drew them down and off her legs. She spread them out on either side of me again and I got my first close up look at her. Her pussy is shaved like mine except for a little tuft of hair on top. Her pussy lips were pink and plump looking, swollen with desire. They glistened in the harsh overhead light and I saw the moisture that had gathered in the opening of her hole. What drew my attention however was the bump that had been concealed beneath her panties.

I’ve had anatomy classes so I knew that the same flesh that forms a male penis forms the female clitoris. My clit is a small bump concealed beneath its hood and when excited, it peeks out, growing longer and harder. At its fullest, it is probably only an inch long from root to tip. Heather’s was much larger. As excited as she was, hers had come completely out of the foreskin that covers it. It must have stuck out a good inch from her body. It resembled a tiny cock and I knew it accounted for the bump I’d seen pressing against her underwear. I was fascinated and my hand lifted toward it before I stopped myself just short of actually touching it.

“See it,” she moaned, her fingers pressing her lips back so it stuck out even more. “Greg knows it gets like this. He has to know what it means, doesn’t he?” she asked me, her face pleading with me for something, understanding maybe. “Doesn’t he realize that we need to be stroked and rubbed just like they do? Doesn’t he know I need to get off too?”

“God, Heather. You look so sexy,” I groaned. I just couldn’t help it. In all my life I’d never even thought about touching another woman. I’d seen pictures of naked women but I’d never even fantasized about anything but guys. And yet, seeing her so needy and so turned on made me long to touch her. Knowing how sensitive it must be, I reached out to her. I let two fingers slide through the slippery fluid at her hole and then I ran them up over her clit, letting her feel the slickness as my fingers gently rubbed over the top. Her hips bucked up against my hand and she drew in a breath that sounded almost like a sob.

She splayed her legs even more and moaned as I dipped my thumb into the wetness all the while rubbing those two fingers around the top, being careful not to touch the very tip where I knew too much pressure could quickly turn painful. Knowing what guys liked, I wondered if I could actually jack her off like a guy. I put my thumb on one side and the fingers on the other and ran them up and down like I would do a guy if I were using my hand. Her hips began undulating in time with the rhythm of my fingers and her breathing was harsh in the quiet room. One of her hands reached up the wall to shut off the overhead light, leaving us alone in the gloom of my bedside lamp.

“Oh, Kylie,” she moaned. My fingers moved faster and her legs seemed to spread even more, her knees bent as she pulled them up higher. “I need this so bad. Please make me cum,” she begged.

“Shhhh,” I cautioned, not wanting her moans to get louder so someone next door would hear. Luckily the walls were brick so only the loudest of noises could penetrate. I knew from my own orgasms that the best ones happen when your pussy is filled as your clit is manipulated. I used my other hand to run two fingers up inside her. I spread them apart and moved my hand gently in and out as my other hand continued to rub the sides of that amazing clit.

“Oh yeah, ohhhh, please,” she panted in time to the thrusts of my hand in her pussy. “Yes, oh, right there,” she continued. “Don’t stop, I’m close,” she whispered out shakily. “I’m there, yes, ohhhh,” she moaned softly. Then she gave one more push against my hand and gave a louder groan as I felt the pulsing of her pussy around my fingers. I rubbed my top fingers further back on her clit, not stopping as her orgasm rippled through her. Her body was rigid as she thrust her hips up against my hand, groaning out her satisfaction as the waves of her climax continued.

“Oh, Kylie,” her voice had a tremor as she slowly sunk down against the bed away from my hand. I pulled my fingers out, looking at the fluid on them. My breasts were still hard and aching and my whole body throbbed with need. I knew I felt the way she must have felt when Greg zipped up and drove her home without satisfying her. I looked at her face and watched her eyes open. She smiled at me and sat up as I wondered what to do now.

“Are you as horny as I was?” she asked. I could only nod. “Can I see you?” she asked.

“You don’t have to,” I answered, suddenly embarrassed by my own body’s responses.

“Yes,” she said. “Yes I do.” With that she began to unbutton the top of my pajamas. I wear men’s flannel pajamas to bed because they are so much more comfortable than the nylon nightgowns my mother used to buy for me to sleep in. I watched rather helplessly as Heather unbuttoned every button and pushed the top off my shoulders. She scooted herself closer so I was forced to uncross my legs and spread them out on either side of her. I didn’t allow myself to think about what I was inviting when I arched my back and thrust my large breasts toward her. Maybe I wanted her to touch them, or maybe I secretly hoped she would suck on my nipples until they were as red as Greg had made hers.

She lifted one of the milky globes up and bent her head. I felt her breath across my skin and then she was drawing the nipple into the incredible moist heat of her mouth. She alternated sucking on it and blowing on the nipple as she held it in both hands. It was an exotic sight, looking down at my roommate as she made love to my breasts. They aren’t as sensitive as hers and I was already so stimulated that it wasn’t long before I needed attention lower down.

“Mmmmm, Heather, that was good,” I moaned quietly when she drew back.

“Don’t think we’re done yet,” she whispered. “Help me take these off,” she continued as one of her hands cupped my pajama-clad pussy. I couldn’t stop the involuntary arch of my hips. I was in such a state of sexual need I think I would have masturbated in front of her if she hadn’t been willing to continue. We eagerly pushed and pulled my pajama bottoms off as I lay back against the bed, my knees slightly bent with her kneeling between them.

“I’ve never touched a woman before,” she breathed as she stared at the wet folds of my sex. “I never even thought about it before… but I need to tonight,” she continued in that same quiet voice. Then her head bent and before I could stop her, she placed her mouth over me. Her hands spread my lips apart and then her tongue licked over the hard nub of my clit. I bucked and tried to stop her but she wouldn’t be deterred from her objective. Her mouth sucked and licked at my clit while I lay there helpless to prevent her from pleasuring me. The hand that had tried to stop her became entangled in her hair as I began the spiral up towards the climax I had yearned for all evening.

My hips began to move and I mashed myself up against her mouth, rubbing my hard clit against her tongue. I was careful not to force her head down, my hand in her hair only for some place to put it, not for guidance. I gripped my breast with the other hand as she pushed a couple of her fingers inside me. Much as I had done to her, she rubbed the inside walls of my pussy hole as she moved her fingers in and out, imitating the sex act as she drove me further up the spiraling curve toward my orgasm. I could feel myself trembling with the need to cum. My breath was coming in small gasps as I begged her to bring me off.

“Please, Heather, don’t stop,” I begged as I hit the top of the curve and my first orgasm tore through me. She continued to lick and suck me even though she must have known I’d cum. This was going to be one of those times when continued playing can bring on a second, even more powerful orgasm than the first. Her fingers spread even wider inside me, rubbing forcefully as her tongue became a hard point against my clit. She played it across the top pushing hard and fast at that nub and then she let it go down over the tip and back up to the top, once, twice, and then a third time. This time I didn’t even think about her. Both hands grabbed her head and I rubbed myself unashamedly against her mouth, cumming hard on her face.

My soft moans filled the room as I continued to hump my hips against her and hold her face still against me. I came down slowly feeling the extended pulsations from my toes to my head. Suddenly realizing what I had done I released her head.

“Oh God, Heather, I am so sorry,” I apologized. I was so embarrassed.

“Don’t worry about it,” she smiled softly. “That was incredible. You were incredible,” she added. “Did you enjoy that?” she asked knowing I had.

I smiled shyly at her. “Yes, I did. I’ve never had anyone put their mouth there before,” I tried to explain.

“Me either,” she acknowledged with a smile. “It must feel wonderful if that was any indication.”

I thought of that old adage “In for a penny, in for a pound” and asked her if she would like to feel it.

“Really?” she asked, anticipation evident in her voice.

I sat up and moved over on the bed. “Yeah, really,” I answered. She didn’t need to be prompted. Immediately she fell back against her pillows and eagerly spread her legs. I could see why. Her clit was hard again and had risen to poke itself out from between her spread pussy lips. I breathed in deeply and the scent of our arousal was heavy in the room. That tiny little cock waited, almost pulsing as I watched it. I licked my lips and slowly moved my tongue down over the surface of it.

Heather moaned and squirmed against the bed. Her legs seemed to tremble beside me as I licked her clit. I wanted this to be as good for her as it had been for me. I licked all around her clit as she writhed against the bed, both her hands gripping handfuls of the comforter. I tasted the fluids leaking from her pussy hole and allowed my tongue to slide inside it, licking up the juices. The taste wasn’t much different from the taste of Rick’s pre-cum. Her moans were coming faster and she had begun to hump her hips up off the bed when I turned my attention back to that wonderfully erect clit of hers. It teased and tempted me with its very size. There was just something delightful about it. I wondered briefly if its size might be a problem for her.

I licked the surface of it again and moaned as I held my mouth over it. That must have felt good to her because she moaned out a breathy “yes” when the vibrations went through her. I filled her pussy with two of my fingers as I played with her clit. I flicked it with my tongue then pressed flat against it. I ran my tongue all over and around it, flicking it faster and faster before finally closing my lips down on it. I held it in my mouth with my tongue on the tip and began moving my mouth back and forth on it. In and out that hard little nub slid, faster and faster as Heather began to pant. She brought her legs up on either side of me and as she got closer to orgasm they encircled my head, holding my face against her mound. Her hands came down to bury in my hair and she was almost sobbing as she begged me to make her cum.

“Oh Kylie, suck my clit,” she moaned. “Make me cum. Suck me til I cum, please… aahhhhh, fuck me,” she begged. “Fuck my pussy, pleeeeeeeeassee.” I couldn’t believe how vocal she was but I obliged by pushing a third finger inside her. I could feel the motions of her tight little hole, sucking my fingers in and out as I tried to give her what she needed. “Yesssss,” she groaned. “I’m cummin, I’m cummin, yes, oh yes, I’m cumming… Now!” she grunted and her legs squeezed me tight as I felt her pussy juices coat my fingers. She continued to tremble and thrust against me as I held her clit between my lips. I pulled my tongue back but maintained the grip on the base while her orgasm continued to pulse through her.

Slowly she subsided against the bed and released the stranglehold her legs had on my head. Her arms dropped to her sides and I slid down to sit on the floor beside the bed. I rested my head on the edge and she curled into a fetal position facing me with her eyes closed. She looked completely relaxed. I got up and went to the sink in the corner. I ran some warm water over a washcloth and came back, bending down to wash her face and run the cloth between her legs. She thanked me without opening her eyes. I got my own cloth and cleaned myself up, crawled into bed and snapped off the light.

“G’night Kylie,” she whispered just as I was drifting off to sleep.

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