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Pam, Jim and I

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A number of years ago my wife Pam and I moved to Arizona. We’d been married 10 years and I guess we just started fantasizing more in the bedroom. Actually, it was probably a lot more of me fantasizing than her. Before long I wanted to take it to the next level and actually bring another guy into the whole situation but of course there was a lot of resistance.

Finally, one evening we had a friend over and were having a few drinks and before long we were feeling no pain. Pam was getting more and more relaxed and after teasing her secretly from time to time, she started getting turned on. Poor Jim just sat on the couch watching TV as Pam and I made our way back into the bedroom. Jim’s wife was back in Nebraska for a couple weeks and I knew he’d been without for a while. Once in the bedroom, I continued to kiss and caress her breasts and neck. Before long I started to fantasize to her about her and Jim. I could tell she was getting turned on by the idea as I slowly undressed her as. I continued to play with her to see if I could get her to the point where she would not be able to resist. Her breathing was getting faster and deeper and her eyes were closed as I continued to play with her and talk to her about Jim. She was reluctant to include him but as time went on, I could see her weakening. Her pussy was getting wetter and now and then I raised my fingers to my mouth and licked off her juices.

Pam was completely naked and moving seductively on the bed, when I whispered to her, “Do you want to let Jim come in?” I could tell she did, but could also see the reluctance in her face as she shook her head no. I figured it might have something to do with me being in the room so I added, “I’ll leave the room so it will be just the two of you.” At this point, she let out a long sigh and said, “Ok.”

I was still clothed when I went back to the living room where Jim asked me, “You guys having a good time?”

“Yeah we are Jim. Would you like to go in there with Pam for a while?”

Jim’s eyes got big and I could see the surprise and excitement in his face. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, and so is Pam.”

Jim hesitated for just a few seconds before he made his way slowly to the bedroom. After a few minutes, I crept over near the door and listened. For a long time I couldn’t hear a sound. I guessed it was because they were just kissing. I wanted to open the door so bad and my cock was about to burst through my jeans as I visualized what was going on behind that door. I could almost see her with her arms around Jim, kissing him deeply as his hands caressed her breasts and pussy.

Finally, I heard movement behind the door and knew it was the sound of Jim taking off his clothes. This was followed shortly afterwards by a soft moan from Pam. I knew from experience it was the sound she makes when I first enter her. Now, my ear was pressed up against the door so I wouldn’t miss a sound. Jim made a soft moan and told her how good she felt. I visualized his cock sliding in and out of her as the sounds of passion continued on the other side of the door. This went on for about 15 minutes before I heard what I knew was the end for Jim. I could clearly hear them fucking through the door and could almost feel how hard Jim was trying to keep from cumming. Finally he lost the battle as he pounded away at her. I heard the sounds of the headboard knocking against the wall and of his release while Pam was urging him to continue, “Fuck me harder Jim. Don’t stop!”

Unfortunately, Jim couldn’t continue and I knew Pam still hadn’t gotten off. I moved back into the living room and a few minutes later, Jim came out smiling. “She is so hot I can’t believe it.” He said grinning.

I just smiled back and made my way into the bedroom. The room was lit by the dim light on the bedstand and I could see Pam lying there, covered in sweat with a smile on her face as well as an expression of concern on how I would handle the experience. I just moved over and smiled as I kissed her and she knew everything was all right. Then I noticed something else in her eyes in the dim light. It was the look of need. She really needed to be brought off. He breathing was still heavy and I watched as her breasts rose and fell. She was still on a sexual high and needed release.

Without saying anything more, I removed my clothes and entered her. She moaned and arched up to receive me. I was amazed at how wet and slick she was and how different this felt. She began her climb towards climax as I slowly sank deep inside her time after time. I could feel my own orgasm rising but knew I could not cum before getting her off so I decided to take a break and pulled out, while continuing to kiss her and play with her soaked pussy. I kissed my way down and sucked on her breasts, wanting to keep her at the level of passion she was at.

Then out of curiosity, I went lower. I wanted to see what her pussy looked like. When I got close, it was swollen and covered with cum. I guess from my fucking, it must have forced some of Jim’s cum out. It was so erotic it was intoxicating. Without thinking, I stuck one finger deep inside her and watched as her body reacted, pushing up against my finger. Before I knew it, I was kissing her stomach and around her pussy but stayed away from the wet areas.

Out of nowhere, Pam started to cum violently. She grabbed my head and pulled my mouth down on her pussy. Through clenched jaws she said “Eat me, eat me eat me.” I really didn’t have much choice at that point and soon my tongue was deep inside her and outside her, sucking and nibbling on her clit as her orgasm racked through her body. At the time, it felt like she erupted and huge amounts of her cum filled my mouth. I just drank it down, realizing finally that this was Jim’s cum that I was eating. It wasn’t too bad though and her orgasm was the most intense I ever remembered her having. Finally she quit shaking and relaxed and I went up and kissed her deeply. She said, “I loved you eating me like that.” I could also tell she was still extremely excited and wanted more. I knew the moment my cock entered her pussy, that I would not be able to hold back from cumming so I thought I better take a quick break. After resting a few minutes, we maneuvered into a 69 with her on top. She took it slowly, sucking my cock just right to keep me hard but not over the edge as I lapped on her still wet pussy.

Pam stopped sucking me and I though she’d stopped because she was afraid I’d cum. When I opened my eyes, I was a bit surprised to see Jim kneeling in front of her and she was alternately sucking our cocks. I almost lost it right then. Then Jim leaned down and kissed her deeply just before she whispered something in his ear. He stood up and moved behind her, right above me and knelt down. He was going to fuck her while I was eating her. I didn’t know how to react to that but she started to concentrate on my cock again with her lips. When she did that, all thought left my mind. I could see his cock clearly now. It was about the same size as mine but circumcised. I watched at the large head penetrated Pam’s pussy just an inch above my mouth. I continued to lick her clit as Jim rocked in and out of her. It didn’t take long before Pam was cumming again. She was moaning and bucking hard back against Jim’s cock. Her bucking became so violent that Jim’s cock slipped out of her pussy a few times onto my face. It slid right back into her pussy on the next thrust though and as Pam continued her orgasms, Jim moaned loudly and I could feel his cock pulsate as he shot another load of cum into my wife. When his cock slipped out this time, cum poured from her pussy and into my mouth. It was at this point where I lost it and shot my load into Pam’s mouth. She continued to suck me while I ate her until we were physically exhausted. Pam and I rolled onto out backs and Jim went up and planted a kiss on Pam’s mouth.

I must have dozed because when I woke later, Pam asked me to go down on her again. It seems that Jim had fucked her one last time before he went home. This time, Pam squatted over my face as I ate her to a final orgasm. She surprised me when she pushed and squirted all of Jims cum into my mouth. Then, for the first time, she actually started to squirt her own juices while in the convulsions of her orgasm. When we finally awoke, it was past noon.

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Skeet wrote

So damn hot, my wife and her favorite boytoy do this scene on a regular basis.